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    It saddens me to say this because I really do love this game and what it has brought to the table. I have been an advocate for this game since I heard it's announcment. I backed the game and i have been playing since day one. It kills me to say that I have finally had enough. Patience is something i have granted this game and there is no way i can spare any more. This game is an absolute MESS right now and it somehow keeps getting worse with each patch and hotfix. The game was in a better state during beta by far. How does this happen? I just cannot overlook how utterly unplayable this game is right now. Car rubberbanding, med spray not working, escape suicide, jerky and awful looking animations during a kill as Jason, and now i cant stop the car while its in reverse when I perfectly shift behind it? What the actual f is the point in a hotfix that fixes absolutely NOTHING and breaks even more mechanics than before?! You would have been better off making yourselves out to be liars (we are used to that) than to have pushed out this abomination of a "hotfix" today. I think maybe it is time to fire Illfonic and hire a REAL team of developers who have an actual passion for this game. Clearly it is not that joke of a team. But hey do what you want Gun, its your baby and you need to take better care of it. This is coming from the heart of a diehard fan. Call it tough love or call me an asshole but please prove me wrong in thinking that this game is doomed. Much love to everyone in this community. Easily the best I have ever been a part of.
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    99 bugs in the game code 99 bugs in the code Take one down, patch it around 437 bugs in the game code
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    More like cover it up with a new annoying bug for us to fixate on. These guys just can't get it done. Lol. Oh cool. 911: How can I assist you Guy: omg my house is on fire! Please send help. An hour later... Firefighter: Yes sir it looks like your house is on fire <drives off> 911: how can i assist you? Guy: the firefighters came, but they didn't do anything about this fire. They just drove off! 911: Sir, calm down it appears based on my report that they did address that you're house is on fire. I'm sure the fire will subside... Soon.
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    From what I've seen and read, this recent patch broke the game even more then it already was. Personally, as an Xbox player I was anticipating this patch. But not anymore. Is there any way it can maybe not be released until a proper hotfix is re-established? I don't want Monday to come and have to forcefully download a broken patch.
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    It wasn’t an upgrade. It was a downgrade. Game looks worse then it ever has. It sounds worse than it ever has. And it plays worse than it ever has. This “upgrade” was shit.
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    Illfonic should step down. Each fix makes the game more broken. It's ridiculous
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    This game needs new developers. This game could use more maps.
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    I wonder how much of that is because people have just thrown up their hands and uninstalled. I mean, god forbid they have to work a weekend. I've been a project manager for almost ten years. I've worked nights, weekends, even scheduled holidays to keep projects rolling and customers happy. Which I guess is why I still have a job and clients after ten years. To leave this game in such a flaming turd state simply demonstrates they are not committed to their customers or product, and it speaks volumes to the integrity and dedication of the development team as a whole.
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    Don't forget that part 6 Jason's mask strap is now the correct color!
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    Guys - who cares if the car isn’t usable and matches randomly end when people are still alive. Who cares that we can’t see kills because all the counselors turn into vibrators. The dances now loop. Let us rejoice.
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    Hey may be new to this super cool forum but he makes all valid points
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    I'm sorry, but people mindlessly dick riding the developers is how the game got to this point. They need to hear the harsh truth. An apology doesn't mean a damn thing without any actual sincerity behind it, and there hasn't been any. If they were truly sorry about what they have been doing to us, then they would stop doing it and actually live up to their words. Every new patch makes the game worse instead of better, and every time they "apologize" and totally swear the next patch will be the one that fixes the game. This game has reached the point where it is LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE. We have every damn right to be angry. Remember, the much hyped engine update, the one they took an almost 5 month break from fixing the game for, was suppose to solve everything, but all it did was make the game unseeable. I still can't over how shifty told us they have lives and families and don't do weekends. What an asshole response.
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    A full list of bugs I have experienced today, I posted originally in general discussion but will post here as well. After this patch I have noticed a dramatic increase in bugs, enough to make my new account just to post this and report them at Jason Kills Bugs. Some are new, but old bugs seem to happen much more frequently now. I play on PS4. Here is the list of bugs I have experienced in only 2-3 hours of playing today (completely new ones will have an *): Matches ending early* (seems to happen after Tommy dies), Suicide when escaping*, Jason fell through the map one game (happened before but not for a long time), As Jason I broke through a door in rage mode and the unbroken door was there but possible to walk through* (I was spectating someone as well and I was shocked when a Jason walked through a seemingly unbroken door and killed someone), I walked into a trap as Jason holding a counselor and the counselor took trap damage* (bug I think), Kills as Jason stutter and glitch leaving bodies flying (seemed fixed after patch but started up again randomly), When killing someone as Jason I suddenly appeared by an old body I killed really far away (happened only once pre-patch), After Jason slashed me I was unable to swing my weapon out of combat stance even after he hit me again*, I couldn't go through windows for some reason (happened before), Throwing knives rarely hit target and sometimes just spin in midair or gets stuck on Jason's hand (seems slightly better than pre-patch but of course still occurs), Two med sprays spawned on top of each other* (medic + hypochondriac gave me 6 meds right off the bat), A player left while I was holding her as Jason and her body made choking sounds the entire game*, I saw Jason part 3 Jason turn purple briefly when spectating someone* (changed right back, didn't seem like a hack- didn't happen again), Watched a Bugzzy run on top of the map way above Jason (was spectating and it just happened randomly to him when he was running, seen it before), After 2 people escaped in the car they were back in the map making noises way under the map (match still ended when everyone died/escaped), Jason not being able to hit his command prompts properly (used to really only be grabbing throwing knives with X but I couldn't use R2 to break down a door today), When grabbing a new weapon the old one floats in a random spot in the air (one cabin had weapons everywhere in the air from people swapping, I understand not much of a bug and it is so weapons are not in a hard to grab spot but this was crazy and distracting), I duped a battery somehow from repairing a car and was still holding the battery when finished (I've seen dupes before, first time it happened to me though), When Jason was grabbing someone out of the car an Adam was trying to attack him but was just glitching through him and appearing on the other side of Jason* (missing every hit and his teammate died), Fire crackers still appear on the complete other side of the car if you throw them to close (happens frequently now), Unable to shift an entire game as Jason (seemingly no reason, has happened before but not for a long time), After hitting a counselor as Jason I was unable to run as Jason anymore until I used morph or shift* (very annoying when attacking fast counselors) After taking an item out of drawers the drawer will close for no reason (used to only happen to me when finding tapes) Seemingly more lighting issues and blood is much more shiny (first time I noticed it this bad- sometimes the blood on Jason is so bright it is blinding) Sometimes when playing as counselor or Jason walls and doors will appear broken even though they are not, they fix right away but it can be really distracting and trippy If running and trying to barricade a door or opening a drawer you might jump through a window even if not that close or looking at it (annoying if you see Jason coming and are trying to be quick, it still happens really bad) Again this is after only 2-3 hours of playing. Only 2 matches as Jason. This is crazy I have been playing for a long time on multiple accounts and even though the game has been buggy this is the craziest it has been in awhile. What gives? I'm glad patches are more frequent but come on
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    From the social media interactions on Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and this forum I can deduce that the working environment at both Gun and Illfonic is an unstructured, unprofessional nightmare. I also don’t appreciate the hypocritical ‘roasting’ and teasing that goes on between members of the development team but the civility they demand from fans/customers. It’s clear with it being some 2 years since backers put up money that the gratitude of our contributions has worn off. I have buddies and acquaintances at Kinnser, TrendKite, Blizzard, Shopgate, MutualMobile, and other software and IT companies so I have my own understanding of the environments that these places operate under. I’ve visited offices and spoken with teams at all these places and more often than not there is a need for improved structure and discipline in the work environment, not to mention with the employees themselves. There are huge opportunities for improving productivity lost on bratty men who behave like little boys needing to be diapered throughout the work day. Every single department manager and team leader I consult with for restructuring have 1-3 toxic members on their teams that bring down morale and productivity by not taking directive emails seriously, not adhering to deadlines, taking too long of breaks and lunches while arriving late AND leaving early, and yet still demanding a lax or even lazy schedule. Too often do toxic IT and software employees claim to be working 12 hour days but their actual productivity for the day amounts to a solid 2-3 hours. And this is at major companies. With all this being said, I can only imagine the overly lax and unprofessional environment that gives us perpetual game-breaking glitches and embarrassing excuses. This from a team that boasted about how many downloads the game has while still making excuses for how small their indie team is. Ok. It’s a real shame because the fanbase alone has presented untold ideas for improvement, some of them brilliant. Le sigh as I’m dragged along next to the car
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    This game needs to be hot fixed and patched until everything is working as intended. I love new content as much as the next person. However Illfonic needs to prioritize bugs, glitchs and exploits more then we need new content right now. It would be great to get Uber Jason and the Grendel map tomorrow but I would rather settle for more fixes to current content today. Rubberbanding, kill stutter, interaction locks all this stuff has to go before we start slaying beyond the stars. And we need better communication on what is getting fixed and how long it's going to take. "We addressed rubberbanding" is cryptic. How about "we worked on it but it's going to take more time" trust me you guys at Illfonic and GunMedia will get less headaches if you were more clear. And lastly were is the quality assurance? Did this last update even get playtested? We now have a match ending bug and car escape suicide. Seriously WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. This was supposed to be a bug fix patch and you were successful for the most part but damm. Creating more work for yourselves is of course counter productive.
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    Yeah. I'm sure these guys are nice and they mean well. But they've really hurt the success of this game long term. This game is in bad shape. Yep. Literally everything he said has merit.
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    After a year I feel burnt out by Crystal Lake, Packanack and Higgins Haven, While I'm not burnt out by Jarvis Residence or Pinehurst, they need improvement. This game imo should have about 15-20 maps, I know we are getting grendal but perhaps custom maps could be map on top of canon maps. Canon maps not released yet: --Camp Forest Green -Shepard Residence -Manhattan(Times Square, subway, diner, etc) -Lazarus ship Custom maps that can be made: -Multi floored hospital/clinic -Multi floored apartment -Suburban Neighborhood with houses, streets, backyards etc no cabins Settings for all maps to be added: -Snow -Daylight
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    Just played a match where I was driving, then Jason stopped the car and I went out. I had a lot of time to get out and I started running away and Jason grabbed me. This was supposed to be fixed and it isn't.
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    Playing Friday the 13th after the patch....
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    If I were with Activision, I would approach Illfonic and/or Gun and make an offer. Hand the game over to them or whoever else and spend an accelerated 10 months with a huge team overhauling the game for re-release Friday the 13th of September 2019. Soft launch would be early October with a patch and re-release that following month as mentioned. The re-release would include complete match customizations in multiplayer for time, item spawns, etc., multiple game modes, four more maps, and just about anything else you could conceive for a survival horror game. Players would now create and name their own unique counselor. I’d use the current Call of Duty *eye roll* structure to have players meet in a large ‘camp’ lobby to be able to run around, chat, form parties, and enjoy a F13th sandbox camp with its own interactions, secrets, and challenges. I could go on. I would have this game completely overhauled and the fans would cream themselves and hurl money at it. A man can dream
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    Right now the Xbox version seems to be the most stable version of the game only due to the fact we haven't had the patch drop on us yet...
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    You beat me to it! You've earned yourself a boom GIF I even titled it 'NthnButAGoodBoom' for the file name.
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    Throwing in the towel for this game. Gonna stick to dead by daylight
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    I was expecting to use this GIF on this thread: ...but it's actually something completely different this time, lol. That is pretty funny though, I like it
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    I know. Some dude has started like 4 threads in the last hour. Thought crosses your mind? Start a thread! Probably not necessary.
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    It needs a new company working on it or it will die altogether sooner rather than later. Ill tried. They can't get it right. Time is up.
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    Yay! Another of these threads! And the OP joined the site just to make the boohoo thread! Priceless!
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    Why are people surprised? This has been the MO since release. Say one thing and then never live up to it. Butter up the community with a bunch of promises when they need you to buy something, then release awful patches that break more than they fix. Rinse and repeat. People still give them money so there is no incentive to fix anything or do better. Even now people are trying to defend/spin why they didnt properly address the rubberbanding issues. I dont know who to feel sorry for. The people who blindly believe in Gun/Illfonic can do no wrong and keep shelling out money for kill packs and dress up DLC or the rest of the player base who has been suffering for the last year with bad patch after bad patch
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    It is nine days in but I would like to say Happy Pride month to all my fellow members on here who are part of the LGBT+ community! May the rest of your June be full of peace and happiness!❤
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    The same players should not be able to come back as Tommy Jarvis match after match. I just had 5 consecutive matches in a lobby where the same person who kept dying MOMENTS into the match was selected as Tommy each and every time. This has happened untold times but not nearly this bad. The mechanics are rewarding shitty players for dying early by letting then come back and... die again or escape while counselors are still alive. When should we expect this to be improved along the lines of the new Jason ‘ticket’ selection?
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    Yeah, this patch sounds like a total train wreck. I don't want to deal with that shit on Xbox that PC and PS4 are currently dealing with.
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    LUL, you mean the retro jason, that they promised kills for, then took that back, then said they were going to make him a separate jason, and make his music louder. Their say sorry means nothing, they game is more broken than it ever has been, and the we have families line is just a weak ass excuse to not fix the game. If they can't be bothered to get their gaming actually working, they need different jobs. There is no excuse at all for them to have let a patch this bad come out, how the hell do you not notice escaping counts a suicide?
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    This popped into mind with that statement...
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    Lol! I think these guys should stop making video games, and become politicians.
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    I sure hope there's a some type of reply from the developers soon. I'm even scared to drive outta my driveway, in fear of "suiciding" on my way to get beer
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    Well remember it’s the weekend and remember they “have families,” and remember that they are “working on it” so it’ll be fixed “soon.” I’m sorry, I just experienced time-displaced déjà vu. This exact conversation may or may not have occurred on June 9, 2017.
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    So I am correct. They do not play test. They play simulate. Everyone at GunMedia/IllFonic need to just go stand in the corner. All of you get up and go stand in the corner. And don't come out unless you have to go to the bathroom. Your not idiots you just need to learn a lesson.
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    Illfonic are the devs... lol ouch.
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    Honestly, it would make little difference. People can buy the DLCs if they wish, but not doing so will just hasten the end for the life-cycle of the game. Everyone keeps demanding Dedicated Servers, but they are also not the core problem. PC has had them since launch and that hasn't kept players in-game. Thinking they would help consoles stay more viable is naive. The biggest issue is the continued inability for the Dev team to reliably fix bugs/exploits/glitches and push patches in a timely manner. If they can't fix the game, nobody will play it. If they can't patch issues without creating a slew of new problems, people will leave. Servers won't change that. Boycotts won't change that. Money won't change that. New maps won't change that. An upgraded game engine won't change that. You get the idea. Priority #1: Fix bugs Priority #2: Fix bugs Priority #3: Fix bugs Priority #4: Whatever else needs to be done to get players interested if they hang around long enough to deal with the other priority issues.
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    You know I think people can be too hard on this game. But the matches ending prematurely is something no one should have to tolerate. People may be whining but at least this time it's justified.
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    If the patch is this bad, please don't release it for Xbox until it's fixed. Take your time.
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    I don’t believe there are any actual perks on the bots. They are just randomly assigned OP stats. For example the “thick skin” people think they are seeing on the bots is actually just 200 health.
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    She got to see her kittens (they're weaned, but still only 13 weeks). They cuddled up to peep, our other fixed mother cat who HATES the cat who got fixed. I guess she took pity on them.
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    Then why even put it in the patch notes? ? You wouldn’t put something in there if it hasn’t actually been patched. “Addressed” makes no sense in this context, since changes are implied in patch notes so it is the same as saying “Fixed”. But if there’s no change, then there’s no fix is there? Maybe “attempted to fix” would be better. ?
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    So how may I ask did you guys manage to screw the cars up so bad, first up with a patch to change the handling of the car that literally no one asked for (And damn near made the car pretty close to uncontrollable, I think just about anyone who's ever driven the cars have had to learn how to drive all over again from scratch, kind of like how the majority of 150 level Jasons have had to learn how to grab all over again...), and now as of the last and first match I played today, you guys have screwed the cars up to when you try to drive out of an exit with the car, you suicide, it just happened to me, and I watched it happen to the two seater as well, I get that you guys have a lot on your plate with this title, but at this point, you guys break more shit than you fix with each of these patches, hire some competent programmers to do damage control, or let this title just die, seriously, this is beyond absurd at this point, if you want to fix something wrong with the car, fix the rubber banding, don't acknowledge it, people have not only been acknowledging it for quite some time, but literally been begging you guys to FIX. I don't usually get on these boards or that cess pool that is Reddit, but you guys have a great title with great potential, and it just seems at this point, that you guys have no f*#&$%* idea what you are doing, or how to fix it. Your patch releases resemble the comedian Gallaghers 'Now I have a lap, Now I don't have a lap' routine as he stands up and then squats and then stands up again. Regards. ✌️
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