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    How to fix: waiting at the cop exit will cause the cops to leave. "Ma'am, are you in need of assistance? Ma'am, please approach the police vehicle. Ma'am? Jesus Christ, I don't get paid enough for this." *leaves* Or have the cops be NPCs that wait at the exit and can be killed by Jason, removing that escape option.
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    Congrats. Maybe now you realise how pointless all of it was.
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    And for lvl 150 players, this is cool to win more CP and spend 1 hour to roll Aquanaut Perks 10 times in a row.
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    Nobody thinks that's cool anymore. That all ended in the 90s. Yes of course but you're missing the point. Having different views and not getting along with someone is one thing, but blatantly attacking someone's sexuality or race is categorically bad for today's modus operandi. But that has nothing to do with this thread anyway. It's about how Gun dismisses abuse reports if it's too difficult for them to translate.
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    Its not about getting hurt. These guys broke the rules and aren't getting punished just because they speak a different language... ?
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    Hey, I'm cool with it. Although personally I'd prefer another increased epic perk chance event. I have tons of CP and I really don't even want to roll it with the crappy standard payouts.
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    I love the single-player challenge where you drown Tiffiny and her body is left to float face-down in the lake. I'd love for them to incorporate this into the multiplayer, so when you observe "your body", you see yourself floating. It would also make sense for other counselors to react to a body they can see floating and lifeless.
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    Pause right at 1:07. She is literally RIGHT THERE and the grab misses. The grab needs a radius increase for sure. And we need to be able to keep turning while the grab is mid-animation. Getting locked into the forward lunge is very punishing to Jason.
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    Title says it all... The game is a buggy mess when it comes to the single player so sometimes I can get away with just shift grabbing a counselor and other times I have to use stalk on the same one on subsequent play throughs. This entire mode is trial and error and memorization and the biggest punishment is having to watch the same damn cut scenes EVERY FUCKING TIME you play the mission. The fact that you had to add a skip feature for the game developer logos should have been some kind of indication that people don't want to waste their time watching pointless shit they've seen 10 times already. PLEASE, ALLOW US TO SKIP THE CUT SCENES... takes one press of the start button and could potentially save us an hour of wasted time.
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    The pitchfork should be added to the pool of weapons. They could just rename Savini's weapon as a 'trident' to keep it exclusive to him, but have them share the same kills (They could do pretty much the same with the spear and fence pole) Having a pitchfork available to more players would also make it more justifiable to give it a kill pack DLC down the line. That trident has one of the worst set of kills in the game, but I don't see them selling new kills for a weapon few people even have. You can still see the spear and pitchfork in the Virtual Cabin, so both are still in the game. Hell if you walk out into the woods you can see Part 3 use that pitchfork to kill you.
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    Title says it all. This slot machine system they have implemented for rolling perks is just soooo repetitive and just not fun. ESPECIALLY when you have to roll 300K worth of perks. The tedious repetition is just mind blowing.
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    First off thank you for an awesome game and a dream come true, I've been playing it consistently since launch! I know you all may be aware or may not be, but Jason needs to have the dominant feel back, people love and play this game all the time, they also figure out over time all the little tricks to consistently escape, troll, and evade our beloved killer! I'm not sure how it can be done, but I have a few ideas. First let's start with a higher hp or whatever it is to make it harder to get the mask off, some Jason's it's as easy as 2 hits, which ultimately ends in a kill for the counselors usually! Secondly, once in rage you should have a much quicker recharge have of abilities, or eliminate being stunned once your in rage, whats the benefit of rage once you instantly bust through a door just to be stunned by the awaiting counselor, these alone would be an awesome experience as Jason and help eliminate some of the late game trolling for those that constantly do it towards the end of the match while the dead or escaped counselors are forced to watch it! Third, Everytime Jason swings and makes contact with a counselor, they can swing back instantly before you can even block it and constantly stun Jason as well, this is something that needs fixed as well. Forth, The new grab is awesome, but there is too much of a delay with it which results in a counselor coming back to rescue their buddy before you can even perform a special kill because of the delay. There are many of us who love the game and our killer, but it's no fun and hasn't really been for awhile now because counselors have so much more chances to play, figuring out all these little tricks and ganging up on Jason making his life miserable or resulting in death! I've only died once against a Jason killing crew, so this isn't complaining by no means, just some suggestions so people will want to be Jason again! Because honestly, getting trolled by someone Everytime you get stunned, or they sit by the cop exit dancing is frustrating!
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    This needs to stop being killed and betrayed in matches by other counselors we were killing Jason when two counlors ran us over in the car my friend hasn’t got the secret achievement yet for killing Jason yet as Tommy and our friend was Jason had his mask off was about to kill him when were betrayed ran over it wasn’t just us two they ran over any living counselors
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    Obviously we need bug fixes and dedicated servers and such first, but it'd be nice to see these two weapons added to the game now that Gun has the means to do it via weapon swapping. Both weapons can be seen in the PAX West trailer from 2016: Both weapons are also featured in the Virtual Cabin.
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    The salt mines idea is an objective failure. Hosts are still quitting at a 1/3 match ratio. I just had three matches where different level 150 Hosts quit as soon as they were killed with no shame at all. The infraction system in place is shockingly not working. Infraction points for quitting as a host should NOT deteriorate over time. Also, quitting as a host should automatically mean getting placed into a low priority queue indefinitely. I’m just so sorry. This is not a ban but what was presented with the idea of the salt mines. Since dedicated servers—as promised in October 2017–are not coming, this is the only way to appropriately separate players. Players who quit will play together separate from players who actually have an ounce of sportsmanship and integrity. Done. Don’t talk all badass with smack about “salt mines” and cracking down on salty players... only to backtrack on the entire idea and allow these quitters to quickly return to the population after a few games. With this formula, it could take several games for quitters to be penalized and and just as many to be “free.” This means that these quitters can ruin lobbies for a day’s worth of matches, be punished for a day, and then come back, repeat. Talk about leniency and light sentencing. Infractions need to be on a player’s permanent record for that account, again, sorryboutit. This whole “well it takes X amount of quits to get out and then after playing a certain amount of...” No. Full stop. Don’t use the term “salt mines” for something that people can get out of easily. What it takes to actually get put in and all it takes to be released is not what was promised. Point blank period. Quitters were ASSURED to be quarantined in the new system but they are alive and well, still quitting left and right. The other infractions such as quitting before dying or escaping should take a dozen times and also should NOT decay ever. These players are lucky they aren’t getting banned so this is the best outcome. The fact that the majority of the fanbase still has to put up with this a year after launch is egregious. We are so used to hosts quitting and wasting our time that it’s excused the wait for dedicated servers. Seasoned players don’t want XP or CP we just want to play the game. However, for newer players, gaining XP has been painstaking with all the host quits and that’s just sad. What do you think?
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    Racist and homophobic words, sure. I’m african american, and I don’t think it’s nice being called the N-word. I find it very offensive and upsetting. It’s demeaning. And if you have an ounce of self-respect, you call out people who spout such sick and vile words.
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    Has it occurred to you that perhaps you've got....gasp... outplayed by better players? Being Jason shouldn't be a free cakewalk ether. Instead of complaining, why not reflect on what happened, and how you could better deal with it next time.
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    You guys spend the day trying to make the game easy for Jason and terrible for counselors. THANK GOD the Devs won't listen
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    Yea but to a bunch of uneducated morons that want nothing to do with advancing themselves. They're the skin tags of society. Being cool is recognized as being your own genuine person. 13 year olds (and adults that never advanced out of an adolescent mindset) think that being a dick is cool because they are only capable of understanding the surface of things. They are also very angry because they're stuck in a way of life they can't figure out how to get out of. The lowest common denominator is fun to visit but tragic to live in.
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    Unless you have crack, don't bring me into this.
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    I didnt see any missed grabs. I saw a close call in the main house, but you were about half a second too slow. I also saw you missed with the shift grab after too (you only need to get right behind them now, the grab does the rest).
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    Wow, you're really bad at the new grab
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    Sometimes a 'glitch' isn't a glitch. So I was Jason, chasing a couple of counselors into Packanack lodge. As I'm climbing the steps, I see one of them stoop to set a trap in the open doorway. Unfortunately for him, the trap-set animation is interrupted, allowing me to enter unimpeded. This guy starts swearing and complaining about how many glitches there are in this game and how the last update sucked, yadda yadda. The real reason the animation was interrupted while he set the trap? I hit him with a knife.
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    Not if he caught her first... Regardless, is it really so bad that ONE PLAYER was able survive? You guys are acting like EVERYONE is running medic on all their counselors. I honestly can't say I've encountered more than one person in a lobby using it (while playing as Jason, obviously). Does a few counselors escaping once in a while due to a perk justify removing said perk? I sure don't think so. And (in case you didn't see my first post here) this is coming from someone who has never used the perk. I've never rolled higher than an uncommon so I always just sold it.
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    If this is actually all true, then how come I'm not in the salt mines? I've had crashes, host quits, disconnects, etc. and I'm still not getting low priority. Until I see it happen myself, I'm not going to believe that everyone is getting salt for everything. I call bullshit.
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    Don't be a Debbie Downer, it's pretty cool that someone's played enough to get all the achievements. Congrats, sir!
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    I believe the introduction of emotes play a HUGE part in this. I don’t remember this happening one time while playing last summer. Why? There were no stupid fucking emotes. This is NOT the damn game I paid for.
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    Soon, maybe, once they figure out how to alter our emotions at will with some type of chip embedded in our brain. But until then, normal human beings don't like to be exposed to that type of trash. It's psychological filth. Do you like to wallow in filth? They put it in their rules for a reason. It's a QOL measure. They shouldn't simply brush it off as being too much work to enforce, outside of the English language.
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    When someone hangs out right next to the cops I just leave the area as Jason. I’m sure they have a knife and sit 1 foot from the exit so why bother. I won’t feed into this trolling and they usually get bored and exit.
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    Not sure if others on here have had this happen before the patch or after it was implemented but it is the first i have encountered this. I have reported it to JasonKillsBugs but thought i would share it on here. I also added a small clip of a song over it as it makes it funny.
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    Even worse; we are so ignorant that we think it even matters who our president is.
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    Missing a throwing knife. Can you do me a favor and change the thread title to "What do you consider a loss as Jason?" Thank you
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    Someone should HAVE to escape to earn the privilege of being TJ. I’m sick of seeing the same two players who die early in EVERY match playing as Tommy like clockwork. It’s outrageous that shitty players who suck asshole and die early always get to come back and run amuck as the most powerful counselor for 15+ minutes. These players died early because they suck and when they’re Tommy they’re selfish and contribute nothing to the team. It’s very rare that a player chosen to be Tommy is a real hero. I haven’t played as TJ in... months. It never happens because I don’t die early. I’m usually the last chick standing after the player who died and came back as Tommy died yet again with their second pocket knife. Smh. Another mechanic that needs to be overhauled but won’t.
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    These aren't opinions. These are straight up insults that are against the rules and against the rules for a reason.
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    @GhostWolfViking I will amend my observation slightly after reading your transcript (I was going on memory). Cort's dad was still a philanderer (this is the subtext of Cort believing this was a relatable premise to a standard group of kids), but Cort wasn't complicit in his dad's secrecy so much as projecting his wish that he hadn't been cut out of his dad's life.
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    I placed a trap down at the phone. it goes off early match before I have shift and discover a vanessa running full speed away. This indicates she either had a super high end thick skin or used a spray. I don't bother following and re-trap the phone. Not two minutes later, she tanks it again. I go there and as soon as I do, the cops are called, meaning someone else fixed the phone, and oh look, it's Tommy while a chad inside made the call. Must have also had "my dad is a cop" because they showed up pretty damn fast. I managed to get two kills (one earlier the match ,hence the tommy) and now had to do the usual follow-everyone-to-the-cops- bit. I wasn't shy about using shift and stalk or slashing, but at this point, I'm being abused because there are 3 people at the exit. I slash, I knife, I slash, and I grab. The vanessa heals herself no less than three times and stabs me with two knives the times I CAN grab her. on top of that, I know I can't grab the tommy because of knife, but he keeps healing as well from my slashes. Then, the best part, is that my mask came off from their stun parties and they made a move for my cabin, but thanks to the FUCKED melee combat on Jason's side, I can slash at them and not hit them, but they can swing a wrench and score a knockdown. Before I know it, they are in my cabin, have the sweater, and because I can't do jack against a vanessa and tommy because they just heal and knife and stun non stop without my ability to do anything in return, I get killed. Until you are pressured to the limits of your sanity by this shit, you don't know what you're talking about. Jason was feared and you needed no less than 4 people to kill him. Now? Any vanessa and tommy can take out any Jason because of the medic and thick skin perks, Jasons' fucked melee, the fact that chain stunning Jason is even a thing, and the list fucking goes on and on. I'm done apologizing for someone else's fuckup, and as it stands, there are 80+ people on this forum I'd likely punch for thinking medic in the game as it is now should stay.
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    It's jsut that Vanessa is the hardest to catch, so that's the counselor everyone bitches about. It has little to do with the perk itself, and more to do with spending 5 minutes to get her limping and watching her spray it off like nothing happened. Really it's just salty players.
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    When you're Jason and you're about to kill someone, a lot of times they'll say "I'll help you find the others" "So and so is there" "someone's hiding in here" and so on. Many times Jason will team up with the would be victim and cheat his way to his kills. It's safe to say everyone on this forum, well, almost everyone, hates Jason teamers. So when you get to be Jason and someone approaches you asking to team up, how do you handle it? Me, I flat out tell them no and that Jason teamers ruin the game. Then I kill the fuck out of them. It's one of the most satisfying kills you can do in this game. They actually think you will say yes and when they realize you won't, their reactions are priceless.
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    I'm sure this has been mentioned before. I used the search function, but pardon me as I didn't find anything on this. @ShiftySamurai, can you clarify if you're working on or at least know of the bug that exists with Tommy Jarvis. On PS4 (maybe PC or Xbox too) if you die or escape as a counselor and you never found a walkie, when you come back as Tommy you have no walkie. You can't pick one up from the drawer since somewhere in the programming it's seeing a walkie selected, but you definitely can't be heard from or hear from people across the map that have a walkie. It's been like this since launch and it really sucks. Obviously, it's not as game breaking as interaction locks and vehicle rubber-banding, but I'd argue that it's just a step below that. Thanks for any feedback on this.
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    ...Its weird because. While i don't insult people based on race. This..language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable. Basically describes how I talk.. D I break all those so called rules.. Like a millions times a day without even trying. To those that i offend.. This is the only way i can say sorry.
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    @Ahab I want to see you play as Part 4 Jason then. I'm sure I'll love it!
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    I'm betting that if we do somehow get Brodski, he'll just be a Tommy reskin and nothing special. That and there will be a glitch were Brodski completely replaces Tommy on all the small maps and Pinehurst, and another where Tommy will sometimes spawn on the Grendal map instead of Brodski, and that despite numerous complaints about these bugs, they won't even be acknowledged for at least half a year.
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    I guess both of you would be surprised to find out the majority of people have their preferences set to counselor or none with the minority are set to Jason. Want a good example? Look how often you see people leave the game when some players that don’t want to play as Jason are selected to be him. Also the game keeps track of how often people are selected as Jason. You probably played Jason more than the random and your friend, which is why they was selected over you.
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    They need to implement dedicated servers. Not this “salt mine” bullshit. It DOES NOT WORK.
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    Before opening the game (with it highlighted) press start. Go to "manage game". You can uninstall and delete the game and save file separately from there. I feel like I might be missing a step there, but I'm not at my xbox... PM me if this doesn't make sense to you so I remember to look into it.
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