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    Long post incoming, because I nerd about this stuff hard. So beware... If you guys remember, back in the early days Jason had, essentially, a cooldown on being stunned again after someone landed a stun on him. This was ANY type of stun. From a weapon, from firecrackers, whatever...It was a brief period of about 5 seconds of invulnerability where he was free to slash at you or grab you in order to get people off his back and regain control of the situation. I'm wondering if it was a massive mistake taking it out? It's my opinion that this cooldown was the single biggest important thing to making Jason a legit threat. It meant that if you were lucky enough to get a stun on him then you had to either wait another moment or two before you were getting that lucky again, or that you needed to BUG THE FUCK OUT of there and use the brief moment of time you gained to try and escape. But ever since it was removed it's been Chain-Stun-O-Rama for any coordinated group tight knit enough to keep wailing him with weapons. I'm usually the last person to complain, as I'm a pretty competent Jason player, even against large scale groups of experienced Jukers, Tankers, and Fixers. But when you've got a group intent on going for a kill and they're plan is to basically bitz Jason full stop with no regard to their safety, it kind of seems against the spirit of the game. I've had it turn out a number of different ways. Sometimes it ends badly for them...hell most of the time it does in fact. Worst case scenario was where I was once killed as Jason, and this was mostly because there's just nothing you can do against that kind of chain stunning where they form a circle and basically play "Jason the Pinata". His only option is to morph away and hope to pick them off with Stalk, but a good group knows better than that. Or y'know....hide like a bitch and run the timer out. Which ain't Jason in any way, whatsoever. I refuse to play that way. The other problem that was alleviated by the cooldown back in the olden days *adjusts old man pipe* was that, well...Jason's slashing mechanics have always been trash. The combat stance was once upon a time at least SOMEWHAT responsive, but nowadays it's practically a gamble as if to whether or not you can trigger a block and punish with a slash. Then there's how his slash is practically unsafe even on hit depending on the weapon and the speed of it. If you land the slash the counselor can STILL attack you before you recover from the slashing animation....for the uninitiated, tell any fighting game aficionado that a move is unsafe on hit, and they will tell you that is a trash fucking move. But in a large group it's practically his only option. You get a hit, they don't care, they hit you back before you're able to slash again, and then they heal up or worse yet, they knock your mask off and set you up for the Jason kill. Then there's the OTHER big annoying feature....Jason's annoying auto-lock on. No Jason, let's ignore the player right in front of me trying to wack me with a bat and lock onto fucking Chad who's 10 feet away and spamming a Crispin Glover dance emote, you fucking Hockey masked baffoon. It's all too much of an unwieldy mess, and I say that as someone who has learned to tame the crazy shit that is Jason's combat mechanics and learned to use them semi effectively. But man...that stun cooldown. That was what REALLY put the fear of God into 'em. Those blissful 4 or 5 seconds of absolute ass-wreckage that I was free to take part in even with the wonky combat physics and unreliable hitboxes, gleefully nabbing a counselor or two and proceeding to take them to an all expenses paid trip to pound-town. Ahhh, those were the days. But enough of MY nostalgia. What say you all? I'd much rather they just give him that brief window of absolute freedom to make an example of anyone who DARED get close to an undead 7 foot tall murder machine.
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    Is that irresponsible or extremely irresponsible? I mean, they set the rule, right? I hate it when I see shit like this, because I have to put a lot of effort into my work, and I have to think outside the box and go the extra mile as a daily mandatory thing. There's no way they can find someone they trust to translate for them? They can't pay some friggin college student per diem? These answers are really disappointing. Again, a situation like this needs a corporate BS answer. They need to stop telling us the truth with how they operate in situations like this (because it's gross) and start revealing more on how the game is being developed instead. Sometimes they give off too much of an impression that their operation is being run out of some college student's basement.
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    No thank you! I just played a match where the cops arrived before the 10-minute mark and I had to sit through watching a Battle Chad piñata Jason with every weapon in the game, dance and then flick his flashlight on and off for the remaining 10 minutes. That time was long enough, so imagine if there was no time limit!
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    Title says it all. This slot machine system they have implemented for rolling perks is just soooo repetitive and just not fun. ESPECIALLY when you have to roll 300K worth of perks. The tedious repetition is just mind blowing.
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    Hey everyone, we’ve been a bit quiet since the last update, as we’ve been focused on getting fixes completed and wrapped up for patching. We’re looking at early-to-mid next week to push patches out on all three platforms, but they likely will not occur at the same time, or even the same day, as different platforms are facing some different issues. There are still things that need to be worked on, but here is what should be going live early next week: Xbox One Crash at start – This was one of the highest priority issues for us. We’ve fixed two separate issues that could be causing Xbox Ones to crash at the “Press A to Start” screen. Vehicle Rubber-banding – This was another high priority issue for us. There are two Rubber-banding bugs that have been a problem over this past year. The first is the bug that appeared after the December patch and is a different issue than the one that is currently in the live build. While we had fixed the first Rubber-banding bug during our work for the May patch, the engine upgrade had also consequently created a new Rubber-banding issue. Both of these issues are very different, but look nearly identical to players. This has understandably caused a lot of confusion. We have made a fix for this newest rubber-banding bug and we hope that this upcoming patch will resolve the Rubber-banding issue once and for all. Numerous Gameplay Crashes – We’ve fixed a bunch of issues that could cause game crashing. This was another high priority issue. Missed or Missing Audio Queues – This includes door, window, and barricading sounds not playing. They should play now. Jason Car Physics - Jason should no longer be able to kick cars across the map. Jason Shininess Reduction – Jason shouldn’t be so shiny now. Savini Skin Pixelation – Savini Jason’s textures should look much better now. Speed Demon Objective – This objective should complete correctly for players now. Tiffany Swimsuit – Players can now correctly choose both the top and bottom of Tiffany’s swimsuit. Non-selectable Emotes – PC players should now be able to select any emote that they have unlocked. Key Binding – Added throwing knife functionality to key bindings. We fixed Roy’s orange hands. Emote Loop – The new dance emotes loop. Have fun dancing. Part 6 Jason Skin – Fixed some discoloration on his mask straps. Victoria Clothing Change - Victoria no longer quick changes her pants when she puts on the sweater. Muting Players - Addressed an issue to make muting players more consistent We are still working on a number of high priority items, including the following: Character Randomization – This has caused a number of other issues including the wrong skin, wrong weapons, wrong Jason in intro/outro, etc. We are still working on this. Counselors not being able to pick up items – May occur when swapping an equipped item with an item on the floor Stun/Grab Floating – Occurs when Jason is stunned at the same time as a grab lands. Violent Shaking during kills – Counselor bodies violently shake back and forth during the kill animation. Grab Insta-kill – we’ve only seen this reported 2 times. If this has happened to you, or in a match that you have played, let us know. If you have a video of the match, even better. We have a lot more work to do, but this patch should address most of the high priority issues that are keeping people from being able to play.
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    If any stat is overrated it is speed, you don’t need speed to survive the night. Stamina is a lot better than speed which Jenny has better stamina than Chad does. Her composure keeps her stamina regeneration steady, especially if you run a “No Fear” build while Chad and Victoria’s stamina will cripple if the Jason player is competent and doesn’t allow you to stun him. Playing a luck build with Jenny can work wonders because her maxed out composure keeps stamina regeneration at a steady pace. Chad and Victoria can run faster for sure but their stamina pool will cripple under a tunneling while Jenny’s will not.
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    First of all i want to quote this: Specific Bannable Offenses and In-Game Guidelines (vi) Transmitting or communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of GMH, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable; Ok, base on this quote, i would like to say that none of this applies if u speak a foreign language. There's this guy on Friday the 13th the game, he is a brazilian, like me, unfortunately i played with him. First of all, i realized that he was using Uber and Savini Dll, i spoke with him in portuguese (native brazilian language), i warned him that this was banish, and he could be banned at any time. Investigating his profile on steam, i notice some nick that he used earlier, nick in portuguese like: "Chola pro meu Jason X" that means "Cry against my Jason X" and other nicknames like: "Esperando ser banido" and "Procura-se Ban" that means "Waiting for my Ban" and "Looking for Ban", there aren't his nick anymore, he has changed. Another thing i noticed, is that he already had a ban by VAC from a year ago. Ok, with all this information i came to the conclusion that he actually was using a dll hack, and didn't mind to being banned, his preivous nicks begged to be banned, but of course all in portuguese. I asked here in the forum what i could do to help devs to ban peopel using Fake Savini/Uber, and what came up is that i just have to wait, bc they are working on it. Thats ok by me. The story does not end here. The problem is, that i played a match with him, and besides the fact that he was using dll, he commited other bannable offenses just because i asked him to remove the dll from exclusive content, and content that were not released yet. I was playing with Bugzy, and i was in a group with two homosexual friends. [Omitted by moderators - We get it, but you don't need to publicly post exactly what he was saying] Later, my friend are complained that he was being homophobic with them too. It turns out that it came to my attetion that i can't report him, because he was speak in Portuguese, and even if do the translations is not enough because according to the staff, i could translation to my own understanding. I The question at the end of the day is, how do i report a person who keep saying horrible things to ppl in a differente language? Does this mean that the rule number vi is allowed if i speak Russian, Portuguese, German, or any langauge other than English? How do we foreigners handle with this? Are we going to be obligated to accept prejudiced ppl in our own native language?
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    I was having some thoughts in regards to the general profiles of various Jasons in the game. With the current imbalance between Jason stats, we do have quite a specific meta established (which I think needs to be addressed) in regards to what abilities are prime and which ones are throwaway. Assuming Gun/Illfonic won't be adjusting Jason's stats and what they do anytime soon, lets look at some profiles for Jason that could be used without resorting to the +Destruction, +Shift, no -Traps concept. IDEA #1 (Undead Objective Controller): This Jason would be able to teleport often, interdict well in the water, and ambush his prey effectively. Taking no penalty to traps and Shift (while not handing out Shift+) would make for a very good guard dog and ambush killer without resorting to Destruction buffs, Traps, and Shift to make him effective. Stunning slightly longer, not being able to run, and having a few less hit points blunt the profile without making it ineffective in an objective controller role. STRENGTHS: +Morph +Water Speed + Stalk WEAKNESSES: - Can Run - Stun Resistance - Hit Points IDEA #2 (Utilitarian): More traps and more knives. A hop in his step for evening jogs and no penalty to swim. Nothing too offensive and nothing too defensive. STRENGTHS: +Traps +Throwing Knives +Can Run WEAKNESSES: - Sense - Defense - Grip Strength Do you guys have any ideas for Jason profiles that don't fall into the typical meta wish list?
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    After seeing the kills that were created for single player challenges, I want them in the regular game. I want to be able to hang a counselor in the Higgins barn, and smash someone's head in with the hood of the car. They should replace this weak ass electric box kill with the one form the SPCs.
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    So me and my friend just gotten off of smite and decided to play Friday the 13th and we were both counselors doing whatever we can do to survive and out of nowhere we both somehow lost internet connection at the same time... But I think it was just me who lost internet connection, I don't know how he lost internet connection as well...? But, from my point of view, I actually did lost internet connection, because I had my laptop in front of me and I had no internet connection on my computer... But it came back on and everything was connected again. So me and my friend gets back on Friday and we did another match, we all died and once we were back in the lobby we decided to leave to go to a new lobby, but we ended up back in the same lobby!!! We left again and then came back to the same hell hole, over and over and over again, and that's when we found out we were in the salt mines. So lets say if your power cuts off or you lose connection or you get blue screened or a error from Friday the 13th pop up, YOU ARE GOING INTO THE SALT MINES! I love the idea for having the salt mines for rage quitters, but not to put anybody that loses connection in the game and have done nothing wrong. This issue needs to be resolved, A-S-A-P!!! PLEASE!
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    How does running away from a killer the entire game make you a bad player? I'd say that player is a GOOD player because they know how to juke Shift Grabs and conserve their stamina. Just because they don't fight back, doesn't mean that they're a bad player. You do also know that the stun chances in this game have decreased for the counselors, so their best bet is to avoid attacking Jason unless it is critical to do so.
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    Yeah. "Guys! I found the space boat. All we need to do is, repair it with the space propeller and space sail out of here". "Guys! I have an extra space pocket knife if anyone wants one?". "Guys! I found Jasons Space shack. Quick! get the Pamelas space Sweater and call space Tommy with the space CB radio!". "Guys! I found the space map stand. If anyone is looking for a space map?".
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    I'm surprised it wasn't in the game to begin with...
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    Just make it ultra ridiculous and add "Space" to everything "I found the space fuse. I need to install it so I can call the space cops" "I found the space gas. Let's put it in the space car and fly out of here."
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    That'd be a good one! I think I'd change mine to "Musical Prostitute".
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    I know right? The main objective in this game is escape and for some reason is the last thing people try to do. That's why most of QP lobbies almost everyone dies in every match.
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    I have a suggestion that might be a good one, in the customize option in the main menu, for both counselors and Jason, you should be able to select as many counselors or Jason as “favorites” then when you select in the lobby to be random Jason or random counselor, it should cycle between all your “favorite” counselors or Jason so whenever you get selected as Jason or you become a counselor, you don’t get selected as any one that you don’t like, for example you cant be La Chappa and die fast because he doesn’t have that much stamina, Or be Buggzy and get found because he doesn’t have almost any stealth. My point is that you can only choose between you play styles, and not have to get to use somebody that doesn’t fit your play style. So you would just cycle between your good Jason’s and counselors, or cycle between the ones you feel the most comfortable using. Also I think that being able to create your own counselor for 10,000 or 20,000 CP, but first be unlocked at level 70 or some level that isn’t too high but somewhat high. You can choose any counselor of your choice, and have as many as you want but that’s going to cost 10 or 20k CP for every counselor and then add or take away any points for any skills, like stamina or strength, and you can only have a max of 35 points, just like any other counselor, so it’s just a custom counselor with the 35 statistics on any skills you choose, you can max out stamina, strength, repair, or anything you choose but the other stats have to be at 1 or just have all stats at 5 just like Kenny. It isn’t a game changer(except for maybe the custom counselor part) but I think that a lot of people would like to see this in the game. If you agree with this post, like it so it can be seen! Thanks!
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    Most people refuse to see this from both sides of the fence. And for good reason. They are against any thing altering Medic. Because thats all they use when it comes to perks, and they only play as counselor. So they have a BIAS view. And will always DEFEND it no matter what. Because they rely on the perk heavily to get away with half the crap they do. Sort of like the idiots that like hitting Jason through a door. Getting angry when it got fixed and saying anyone who wanted it fixed SUCKED at Jason.
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    It´s riddiculous tough. When going outside you look for the car first to not get run over, then you look where the big deadite serial killer is. Kinda not the point of the game.
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    The med spray not working and rubber banding have been rhe most annoying. Most amusing, probably the car rolling along after it's been stopped. A Vanessa earlier tonight was circling it while it was still moving and ended up getting run over.
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    I don't notice any mention of the medspray bug, or the bug that I consider the worst, worse than car rubberbanding, which is that any significant use of combat stance as a counselor will inevitably glitch the counselor and render them unable to interact with anything or do much of anything.
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    What a thoughtful, intelligent response. Glad to see you are as arrogant as you are egotistical. Have fun with that sinking number of players while us peasants fill lobbies quickly. So far, the only mistake Gun has made as far as platform support goes is putting dedicated servers on PC. Lol. They obviously should have put that on console first since that is where the strongest player base is. Hahaha. Just keep looking down from your high horse though. It serves you well.
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    Anyone else feel like she doesn't really feel like a mean girl? First of all her clothing, which has already been discussed here. Gameplay wise, she plays more like a final girl to me..I've been more often the last survivor with her than I've been with Jenny, hell they could as well have added "Tina" instead. What do you think?
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    Should the Perk ,,Medic´´ get removed? Yes or no ? I voted for Yes. (There are many reasons for yes and I am being lazy to search the best) I am wondering how you guys feel about the perk , so I made a poll. Well , Shift-Grabbing can be easily countered with an unpredictable pattern of running unless that Jason is a god. Well , Juking Vanessas at Level 150 with 4 Sprays and thick skinned and most of the time is a true nightmare and costs a ton of time to be catched and she will most likely tank all throwing knives. Nerfing it so , that only the first spray gives 2 uses will probably result in the same but now she got 3 sprays...........yeah , that won't help much. She is literally uncatchable without +Shift or +Throwing knives and a lot of hoarded throwing knives. And then again , this perk gets affected by it's rarity to nearly no extend and fulfills it's purpose at poor rarity as good as epic. You can use it with any rarity and it will still be the best perk.......Or one of the best if you can't think of it otherwise. If it would use up two perk slots , it would help a lot but still , medic + thick skinned is still there , you just have to give up the repair perk (As if those jukers goal is to repair things) or Swift attacker (which is mainly used to troll and smack Jason) or Marathon. But since you guys think , nerfing it would solve all problems , I am going to add it as an option. *sigh* And remember , perks weren't meant to give a huge improvement to survive , just a bit easier like my Dads a cop or starting with a map. Thanks for voting!
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    Ah. Don't touch thick skin myself. Unfortunately sucker punch is about the only thing that'll help your stun chance.
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    I would never know that someone is offering this because when I play as Jason the first thing Indo is mute everyone in the lobby.
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    When someone hangs out right next to the cops I just leave the area as Jason. I’m sure they have a knife and sit 1 foot from the exit so why bother. I won’t feed into this trolling and they usually get bored and exit.
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    You think like this because you never heard of a politician called Jair Bolsonaro... More Info Just PM me. Now let's stop talking about this because we're breaking the rules.
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    Yeah, I'm not one to get reporting about things like this, but the response is inadequate given the stated rules; it's not hard at all to find someone to listen to something and translate. Just because its beyond your abilities is no reason to ignore proof, just find someone who can inform you, a very simple option.
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    @HuDawg if you're not looking at it from Jasons perspective then who cares if you have 6 med sprays or not. Are you jealous if another counselor lives and you don't? Do you stop them from stepping in a trap and using one of those 6 med sprays you're so worried about? You have no argument from a counselor only perspective...
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    This is why I always say to stay away from my country. Most people here aren't worth meeting...
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    I like Part 2, Part 3, Part IV, and Part VI the most. IV is my favorite followed by Part 3, then Part 2, then VI. @Freddie Mercury Part IV = The Final Chapter, I think you meant Part VI. VI = 6, IV = 4.
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    That's a really good idea! I would enjoy a mode like this.
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    Oh Yeah, That's also What I meant with Clutter, Well then Looks like we agree on this!
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    My favorites are the final chapter and part VI... I love all the movies, but. These two are the ones i watch the most. @Yoshman2523 Yes, i did mean part 6... God damn! I'm dumb...
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    Yes. I guess I just get lucky. I don't doubt it's a problem/am not discrediting other's experiences. I know A LOT of kids play this game, so nothing surprises me.
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    Wolf, Don’t let these guys beat you down, I’m very good at the game to put it bluntly, I have the Sequel 500 match trophy for Jason (just to give an idea of how much I play), and I agree with you 100%, a really good Vanessa running that perk and kiting is damn near impossible to catch, especially near the end of a match when you don’t have a ton of throwing knives left. Medic should be removed or nerfed.
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    I guess both of you would be surprised to find out the majority of people have their preferences set to counselor or none with the minority are set to Jason. Want a good example? Look how often you see people leave the game when some players that don’t want to play as Jason are selected to be him. Also the game keeps track of how often people are selected as Jason. You probably played Jason more than the random and your friend, which is why they was selected over you.
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    I've seen it happen to other people, but. I haven't experienced it myself yet.
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    Please do something about the game breaking interaction locks. Numerous games I get stuck in cabins because I can't open windows or doors. Can't just leave the match either because of salt mines. Pretty fucking boring standing in a locked cabin for 10+ minutes now.
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    everyone spends money how they please. you want to buy dlc to f13, go for it. but remember that by doing that you also support one of the worst developers in gaming industry. latest update basically brought back all old bugs and glitches and added some new ones. those guys are completley irresponsible. so if you give them money remember that.
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    You were, but Ashton and the crew were too busy watching your reactions on the monitors to notice the heavy-breathing soggy dude in dated sports equipment standing behind them, so they won't be coming out to guffaw at whatever the joke was. This was a really flimsy setup for a topic. Please post with clarity and a purpose in the future, @FrenchFriedPotaters.
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    I’m with ya on this. I drop the keys buy the nearest car and hope for the best. It boggles my mind why anyone would even want to run around with a set taking up an inventory slot. If someone escapes in a car I assisted with, then I did my part. I am 150 though, so XP doesn’t really concern me anymore. I always try to remind myself that others may be worried about the trolls or just not familiar with the team gameplay dynamic for F13th.
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    @wes sometimes when climbing out a window, the cousellor gets stuck in a falling animation. Heres a video that shows this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVd4Awzag4I Skip to 2:52 to see the glitch. If link doesn't work, i'll fix it later.
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    Please tell me there is someone here who can help this guy. I don't want to try and Google Translate myself into a mess.
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    Part 4 the Final Chapter or Part 6 Jason Lives...They both are equal in my book.
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