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    Long post incoming, because I nerd about this stuff hard. So beware... If you guys remember, back in the early days Jason had, essentially, a cooldown on being stunned again after someone landed a stun on him. This was ANY type of stun. From a weapon, from firecrackers, whatever...It was a brief period of about 5 seconds of invulnerability where he was free to slash at you or grab you in order to get people off his back and regain control of the situation. I'm wondering if it was a massive mistake taking it out? It's my opinion that this cooldown was the single biggest important thing to making Jason a legit threat. It meant that if you were lucky enough to get a stun on him then you had to either wait another moment or two before you were getting that lucky again, or that you needed to BUG THE FUCK OUT of there and use the brief moment of time you gained to try and escape. But ever since it was removed it's been Chain-Stun-O-Rama for any coordinated group tight knit enough to keep wailing him with weapons. I'm usually the last person to complain, as I'm a pretty competent Jason player, even against large scale groups of experienced Jukers, Tankers, and Fixers. But when you've got a group intent on going for a kill and they're plan is to basically bitz Jason full stop with no regard to their safety, it kind of seems against the spirit of the game. I've had it turn out a number of different ways. Sometimes it ends badly for them...hell most of the time it does in fact. Worst case scenario was where I was once killed as Jason, and this was mostly because there's just nothing you can do against that kind of chain stunning where they form a circle and basically play "Jason the Pinata". His only option is to morph away and hope to pick them off with Stalk, but a good group knows better than that. Or y'know....hide like a bitch and run the timer out. Which ain't Jason in any way, whatsoever. I refuse to play that way. The other problem that was alleviated by the cooldown back in the olden days *adjusts old man pipe* was that, well...Jason's slashing mechanics have always been trash. The combat stance was once upon a time at least SOMEWHAT responsive, but nowadays it's practically a gamble as if to whether or not you can trigger a block and punish with a slash. Then there's how his slash is practically unsafe even on hit depending on the weapon and the speed of it. If you land the slash the counselor can STILL attack you before you recover from the slashing animation....for the uninitiated, tell any fighting game aficionado that a move is unsafe on hit, and they will tell you that is a trash fucking move. But in a large group it's practically his only option. You get a hit, they don't care, they hit you back before you're able to slash again, and then they heal up or worse yet, they knock your mask off and set you up for the Jason kill. Then there's the OTHER big annoying feature....Jason's annoying auto-lock on. No Jason, let's ignore the player right in front of me trying to wack me with a bat and lock onto fucking Chad who's 10 feet away and spamming a Crispin Glover dance emote, you fucking Hockey masked baffoon. It's all too much of an unwieldy mess, and I say that as someone who has learned to tame the crazy shit that is Jason's combat mechanics and learned to use them semi effectively. But man...that stun cooldown. That was what REALLY put the fear of God into 'em. Those blissful 4 or 5 seconds of absolute ass-wreckage that I was free to take part in even with the wonky combat physics and unreliable hitboxes, gleefully nabbing a counselor or two and proceeding to take them to an all expenses paid trip to pound-town. Ahhh, those were the days. But enough of MY nostalgia. What say you all? I'd much rather they just give him that brief window of absolute freedom to make an example of anyone who DARED get close to an undead 7 foot tall murder machine.
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    Hey everyone, we’ve been a bit quiet since the last update, as we’ve been focused on getting fixes completed and wrapped up for patching. We’re looking at early-to-mid next week to push patches out on all three platforms, but they likely will not occur at the same time, or even the same day, as different platforms are facing some different issues. There are still things that need to be worked on, but here is what should be going live early next week: Xbox One Crash at start – This was one of the highest priority issues for us. We’ve fixed two separate issues that could be causing Xbox Ones to crash at the “Press A to Start” screen. Vehicle Rubber-banding – This was another high priority issue for us. There are two Rubber-banding bugs that have been a problem over this past year. The first is the bug that appeared after the December patch and is a different issue than the one that is currently in the live build. While we had fixed the first Rubber-banding bug during our work for the May patch, the engine upgrade had also consequently created a new Rubber-banding issue. Both of these issues are very different, but look nearly identical to players. This has understandably caused a lot of confusion. We have made a fix for this newest rubber-banding bug and we hope that this upcoming patch will resolve the Rubber-banding issue once and for all. Numerous Gameplay Crashes – We’ve fixed a bunch of issues that could cause game crashing. This was another high priority issue. Missed or Missing Audio Queues – This includes door, window, and barricading sounds not playing. They should play now. Jason Car Physics - Jason should no longer be able to kick cars across the map. Jason Shininess Reduction – Jason shouldn’t be so shiny now. Savini Skin Pixelation – Savini Jason’s textures should look much better now. Speed Demon Objective – This objective should complete correctly for players now. Tiffany Swimsuit – Players can now correctly choose both the top and bottom of Tiffany’s swimsuit. Non-selectable Emotes – PC players should now be able to select any emote that they have unlocked. Key Binding – Added throwing knife functionality to key bindings. We fixed Roy’s orange hands. Emote Loop – The new dance emotes loop. Have fun dancing. Part 6 Jason Skin – Fixed some discoloration on his mask straps. Victoria Clothing Change - Victoria no longer quick changes her pants when she puts on the sweater. Muting Players - Addressed an issue to make muting players more consistent We are still working on a number of high priority items, including the following: Character Randomization – This has caused a number of other issues including the wrong skin, wrong weapons, wrong Jason in intro/outro, etc. We are still working on this. Counselors not being able to pick up items – May occur when swapping an equipped item with an item on the floor Stun/Grab Floating – Occurs when Jason is stunned at the same time as a grab lands. Violent Shaking during kills – Counselor bodies violently shake back and forth during the kill animation. Grab Insta-kill – we’ve only seen this reported 2 times. If this has happened to you, or in a match that you have played, let us know. If you have a video of the match, even better. We have a lot more work to do, but this patch should address most of the high priority issues that are keeping people from being able to play.
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    After seeing the kills that were created for single player challenges, I want them in the regular game. I want to be able to hang a counselor in the Higgins barn, and smash someone's head in with the hood of the car. They should replace this weak ass electric box kill with the one form the SPCs.
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    So me and my friend just gotten off of smite and decided to play Friday the 13th and we were both counselors doing whatever we can do to survive and out of nowhere we both somehow lost internet connection at the same time... But I think it was just me who lost internet connection, I don't know how he lost internet connection as well...? But, from my point of view, I actually did lost internet connection, because I had my laptop in front of me and I had no internet connection on my computer... But it came back on and everything was connected again. So me and my friend gets back on Friday and we did another match, we all died and once we were back in the lobby we decided to leave to go to a new lobby, but we ended up back in the same lobby!!! We left again and then came back to the same hell hole, over and over and over again, and that's when we found out we were in the salt mines. So lets say if your power cuts off or you lose connection or you get blue screened or a error from Friday the 13th pop up, YOU ARE GOING INTO THE SALT MINES! I love the idea for having the salt mines for rage quitters, but not to put anybody that loses connection in the game and have done nothing wrong. This issue needs to be resolved, A-S-A-P!!! PLEASE!
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    I have a suggestion that might be a good one, in the customize option in the main menu, for both counselors and Jason, you should be able to select as many counselors or Jason as “favorites” then when you select in the lobby to be random Jason or random counselor, it should cycle between all your “favorite” counselors or Jason so whenever you get selected as Jason or you become a counselor, you don’t get selected as any one that you don’t like, for example you cant be La Chappa and die fast because he doesn’t have that much stamina, Or be Buggzy and get found because he doesn’t have almost any stealth. My point is that you can only choose between you play styles, and not have to get to use somebody that doesn’t fit your play style. So you would just cycle between your good Jason’s and counselors, or cycle between the ones you feel the most comfortable using. Also I think that being able to create your own counselor for 10,000 or 20,000 CP, but first be unlocked at level 70 or some level that isn’t too high but somewhat high. You can choose any counselor of your choice, and have as many as you want but that’s going to cost 10 or 20k CP for every counselor and then add or take away any points for any skills, like stamina or strength, and you can only have a max of 35 points, just like any other counselor, so it’s just a custom counselor with the 35 statistics on any skills you choose, you can max out stamina, strength, repair, or anything you choose but the other stats have to be at 1 or just have all stats at 5 just like Kenny. It isn’t a game changer(except for maybe the custom counselor part) but I think that a lot of people would like to see this in the game. If you agree with this post, like it so it can be seen! Thanks!
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    It´s riddiculous tough. When going outside you look for the car first to not get run over, then you look where the big deadite serial killer is. Kinda not the point of the game.
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    The med spray not working and rubber banding have been rhe most annoying. Most amusing, probably the car rolling along after it's been stopped. A Vanessa earlier tonight was circling it while it was still moving and ended up getting run over.
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    I don't notice any mention of the medspray bug, or the bug that I consider the worst, worse than car rubberbanding, which is that any significant use of combat stance as a counselor will inevitably glitch the counselor and render them unable to interact with anything or do much of anything.
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    What a thoughtful, intelligent response. Glad to see you are as arrogant as you are egotistical. Have fun with that sinking number of players while us peasants fill lobbies quickly. So far, the only mistake Gun has made as far as platform support goes is putting dedicated servers on PC. Lol. They obviously should have put that on console first since that is where the strongest player base is. Hahaha. Just keep looking down from your high horse though. It serves you well.
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    At the suggestion of a few people I decided to join here and share our trailer for the fan film we're making. Always love feedback and always love meeting new fans and old. Firstly here's the trailer: Thirdly a behind the scenes interview Fourthly a sneak peek at a kill made just for fans to see our work: Fifthly and this one is just for fun: Finally our campaign: Mythos - A Friday the 13th Fan Film Indiegog
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    THE F13 AVATAR COLLECTION This is the start of my F13 Avatar Collection. Any user is welcome to use them and I will be adding to it over time. All these meet sizing requirements for the avatar profile slot, so no need to worry if size is to big. These are also accessible on my profile page if you are looking to change in the future. Don't see what you're looking for? I take suggestions just drop a comment and I'll see what I can do. INSTRUCTIONS There are two ways to apply these avatars. You can download and re-upload to avatar slot in profile. You can simply right click image and copy image link address and paste in avatar slot in profile. (no need to download) Clicking images will make them appear in gallery view. ANIMATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MASKS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KILLERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOVIE CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PETS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XAMOEL COLLECTION
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    Not only do I think TJ will be on the Grendel but I also predict that there will be a campground on the Grendel as well. Holodeck. Sure , it may be a bit of a cop out, but it makes the most sense in a few different ways.
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    They just need to bring back the ability to block without delay and block swings with a grabbed counselor (you could grab, turn around and they would hit the grabbed counselor. Those hits wouldn't connect before this patch, now they do, making it impossible to grab and quick kill someone in a group)
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    Also we do not need to be penalized and thrown into the salt mines because a host leaves the game...taking us all with them, this is happening a lot on the Xbox one version of the game, hosts are leaving a lot in my experience and it put me in the salt mines for quite a good bit and in a lobby with no players saying I was "low priority." I never rage quit, leave in the middle of a match etc, but I can not control other public match hosts that do and we should not be penalized for them leaving, migrates to another host is a solution or possibly bringing the salt mines down entirely until the issue can be resolved. Thanks. I wasted hours tonight of time that could have been used for game play time on this sillyness...
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    While we are at it, why haven't there been anymore Dev diaries? That was a great addition that seemed like they were going to continue but it just fell through.
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    You are on PC. Everything is hackable anyway (Master race and all....). I've been lvl 150 for a long long time. If for some reason I didn't have internet access, I would like to still be able to use everything I have worked for.
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    so you still ignore the morph bug where the cursor wont show on the map on xbox one even though i clearly sent in a video to you guys showing it and people comment on your last patch notes having the same issue. and no mention about it? shake my head honestly. priority issues from keeping us playing. the morph bug is a priority ISSUE! you cant play as jason on xbox one because of it
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    I absolutely hate when people quit as they're being killed, it ruins it for whoever is playing as Jason. Now you're in the salt mines and complaining about it, hilarious. Seems like the system works.
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    Another reason why it was foolish to make level swapping restricted to a high level. The only people who will buy this DLC are the high levels and the people who really like playing as Part 2. They'd be making more money if not for the asinine level requirement.
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    My hype aside, it makes absolutely 0 sense to be able to escape via car on the map. If the devs do that, I would be severely disappointed and definitely question their thought process. The idea of confusing Jason doesn't work in this instance because Jason is being played by a sentient being, not a CPU that can be tricked by the holodeck.
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    Of the 12 posts in this thread before I responded, none were about car rubberbanding. However, we are currently investigating vehicle rubberbanding issues.
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    The possibility of spawning as Uber without selecting him is very small, but fear not, the people being banned right now are done because there is definitive proof that the character was accessed by other means.
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    Thats my problem with it. They will ban people for utilizing glitches that they are aware of yet do not fix. So why are these shitty rulebreakers these "Hackers" being rewarded by being able to play with and use unreleased content. Look you can fill the universe with what I do not know about game development or player tracking but there has to be a way to both find and ban these players. At least penalize them in any way shape or form. I feel like by not taking action they are pissing down our backs and telling us its raining. They need to make it right.
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    Metacitic average across all platforms: 86.3. If 86.3 means it sucks then please invite me to your upper-class country club where you and the other monocle-clad aristocrats play only the greatest of games while chowing down on the finest sheep's bladders. Jokes aside, go ahead and have your opinion.
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    Sorry but Tommy could never be Ashley Williams.
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