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    Hey everyone, we’ve been a bit quiet since the last update, as we’ve been focused on getting fixes completed and wrapped up for patching. We’re looking at early-to-mid next week to push patches out on all three platforms, but they likely will not occur at the same time, or even the same day, as different platforms are facing some different issues. There are still things that need to be worked on, but here is what should be going live early next week: Xbox One Crash at start – This was one of the highest priority issues for us. We’ve fixed two separate issues that could be causing Xbox Ones to crash at the “Press A to Start” screen. Vehicle Rubber-banding – This was another high priority issue for us. There are two Rubber-banding bugs that have been a problem over this past year. The first is the bug that appeared after the December patch and is a different issue than the one that is currently in the live build. While we had fixed the first Rubber-banding bug during our work for the May patch, the engine upgrade had also consequently created a new Rubber-banding issue. Both of these issues are very different, but look nearly identical to players. This has understandably caused a lot of confusion. We have made a fix for this newest rubber-banding bug and we hope that this upcoming patch will resolve the Rubber-banding issue once and for all. Numerous Gameplay Crashes – We’ve fixed a bunch of issues that could cause game crashing. This was another high priority issue. Missed or Missing Audio Queues – This includes door, window, and barricading sounds not playing. They should play now. Jason Car Physics - Jason should no longer be able to kick cars across the map. Jason Shininess Reduction – Jason shouldn’t be so shiny now. Savini Skin Pixelation – Savini Jason’s textures should look much better now. Speed Demon Objective – This objective should complete correctly for players now. Tiffany Swimsuit – Players can now correctly choose both the top and bottom of Tiffany’s swimsuit. Non-selectable Emotes – PC players should now be able to select any emote that they have unlocked. Key Binding – Added throwing knife functionality to key bindings. We fixed Roy’s orange hands. Emote Loop – The new dance emotes loop. Have fun dancing. Part 6 Jason Skin – Fixed some discoloration on his mask straps. Victoria Clothing Change - Victoria no longer quick changes her pants when she puts on the sweater. Muting Players - Addressed an issue to make muting players more consistent We are still working on a number of high priority items, including the following: Character Randomization – This has caused a number of other issues including the wrong skin, wrong weapons, wrong Jason in intro/outro, etc. We are still working on this. Counselors not being able to pick up items – May occur when swapping an equipped item with an item on the floor Stun/Grab Floating – Occurs when Jason is stunned at the same time as a grab lands. Violent Shaking during kills – Counselor bodies violently shake back and forth during the kill animation. Grab Insta-kill – we’ve only seen this reported 2 times. If this has happened to you, or in a match that you have played, let us know. If you have a video of the match, even better. We have a lot more work to do, but this patch should address most of the high priority issues that are keeping people from being able to play.
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    We aren't ignoring it, but this is the list of currently confirmed fixes coming in the next patch.
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    Should the Perk ,,Medic´´ get removed? Yes or no ? I voted for Yes. (There are many reasons for yes and I am being lazy to search the best) I am wondering how you guys feel about the perk , so I made a poll. Well , Shift-Grabbing can be easily countered with an unpredictable pattern of running unless that Jason is a god. Well , Juking Vanessas at Level 150 with 4 Sprays and thick skinned and most of the time is a true nightmare and costs a ton of time to be catched and she will most likely tank all throwing knives. Nerfing it so , that only the first spray gives 2 uses will probably result in the same but now she got 3 sprays...........yeah , that won't help much. She is literally uncatchable without +Shift or +Throwing knives and a lot of hoarded throwing knives. And then again , this perk gets affected by it's rarity to nearly no extend and fulfills it's purpose at poor rarity as good as epic. You can use it with any rarity and it will still be the best perk.......Or one of the best if you can't think of it otherwise. If it would use up two perk slots , it would help a lot but still , medic + thick skinned is still there , you just have to give up the repair perk (As if those jukers goal is to repair things) or Swift attacker (which is mainly used to troll and smack Jason) or Marathon. But since you guys think , nerfing it would solve all problems , I am going to add it as an option. *sigh* And remember , perks weren't meant to give a huge improvement to survive , just a bit easier like my Dads a cop or starting with a map. Thanks for voting!
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    Looks like your post needs a patch too. ?
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    You did it to your self. You knew about the salt mines and yet you still quit because you lost. People like you are the reason the salt mines exist.
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    I absolutely hate when people quit as they're being killed, it ruins it for whoever is playing as Jason. Now you're in the salt mines and complaining about it, hilarious. Seems like the system works.
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    I think a lot of us can agree that Victoria is really pretty, and has pretty good stats. I’m extremely happy she was added. My biggest problem with her is her clothing. It looks soooo bad, the way the powersuit is designed it looks like straight up pajamas. Very poorly fitting to her body and makes her look like a blob with a pretty face. The patterns and colors don’t help much either, they don’t match and make her look even worse honestly. I’m grateful you finally created her, but please consider hooking my girl up with some DLC clothes. She needs it. ❤️
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    Come on, Gun Media. You know you want to. @ShiftySamurai @Randygbk
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    You're talking about a company that employees over 350 people vs gun media and illfonic that are in the single and double digits. Something tells me Hi-Rez has a little more time available to do things that gun/illfonic just don't have the manpower for. I'm a day 1 player too and instead of crying like a little baby, I'm able to shake off the shitty parts of the game development along the way and enjoy what's there while the other shit is being worked out. So yeah, fuck you too. You won't be missed in the player community.
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    I know it may not be of major importance but I know we would all love it if you’d create summer dlc and Halloween dlc for all of the new counselors that have arrived after the dlc launched. I love Victoria but sadly there’s no dlc content for her to spice up her look!
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    I think that you guys should reduce the level for unlocking the weapon change, because I've been playing since the game's launch and I'm level 90, and it's something that should have been from the beginning in the game and I don't see that's fair, because you have to spend so much time in the game to get level 113
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    The important question is....if they did say that was part of the fix....what would you have complained about instead?
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    I voted “no” but feel it needs a nerf. The perk is a bit ridiculous when someone can carry three sprays and get six uses. My thought on a nerf would be the player only gets two uses on their first medspray that they pickup, so if they pick up a 2nd spray it will only give you one use, but they would still get the extra healing benefit.
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    The most difficult challenge for me is sitting through the cutscenes over an over again after failing or redoing a challenge because I missed one thing.
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    Another reason why it was foolish to make level swapping restricted to a high level. The only people who will buy this DLC are the high levels and the people who really like playing as Part 2. They'd be making more money if not for the asinine level requirement.
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    Tamara Mason [Sophia Price] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Prom Queen @Jason Todd Voorhees is credited Stats: Composure: 5/10 (she was well composed when seeing Jason, but went in a panic and couldn't move due to fear of death) Luck: 2/10 (she had numerous of lucky incidents such as getting a kinky tape of her and her professor recorded by Wayne, and getting the lucky chance to push Rennie off the ship, but these incidents are only getting her into more trouble. She also nearly got caught doing drugs w/ Eva) Repair: 5/10 (she's a sneaky little brat who knows how to pull off rude shit and get away with it; she's smart but uses her brain for bad) Speed: 5/10 (she most likely has more running capabilities) Stamina: 8/10 (she most likely has more running capabilities) Stealth: 7/10 (she was DEAD SILENT upon seeing Jason in her room, but she isn't always that quiet) Strength: 3/10 (she most likely has more combat capabilities than Eva, she also pushed Rennie off the ship) Overview: She's that one sneaky bitch who always causes trouble everywhere she goes. She's Rude, She's Smart, And She's Bhad (i did that on purpose lmao.) Gameplay: Tamara Mason [Sophia Price] is a runner character with slight repair capabilities. She has the average speed, but her stamina is on the higher-end spectrum amongst characters such as Tiffany and Vanessa. For the most part, she's kinda smart, but she always gets herself into trouble, which is why she's a great sweater girl! Her composure, Stamina, And Stealth will cause trouble with Jason and even become an annoyance to him because she can traverse long distances in silence.Tamara doesn't have good battle capabilities because of her terrible luck and her low strength, but she could manage to fend off Jason for a while-- her weapon will easily break though, so it's best that you utilize firearms to your advantage OR use a high durability/stun weapon such as the Baseball Bat or the Wrench. Tamara's stats are almost in alliance with Eva's stats, the main differences between the two girls is that Eva is more of a repair counselor, and Tamara is more of a runner. Appearance: Tamara Mason [Sophia Price] is a blonde British-Columbian girl in Vancouver. She wears a black and red tank-top with black pants accompanied with a ring belt. She also has gold jewelry on her neck, wrist, and ears; one of her wrists has a watch on it. Her hair only goes to her shoulders, but is styled just like Eva's hair. She's also a blonde girl. Level Unlocked: 49 Note: Sophia Price is her alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Tamara Mason." See how Eva's stats aline! Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Little-Shy Girl Stats: Composure: 5/10 (For the most part, she was well composed when seeing Tamara's body AND Jason, but she started going in a panic when the chase began.) Luck: 2/10 (She nearly got caught doing drugs and she could've loss her science scholarship. She also died in Jason's hands) Repair: 9/10 (She seems to be very smart, but doesn't make very smart decisions) Speed: 4/10 (It seems like she has some experience with running, but isn't really great at running fast.) Stamina: 6/10 (Same applies with Speed) Stealth: 8/10 (Shy girls are quiet; she managed to not scream when seeing Tamara's body. However, she made a lot of noise when running from Jason though, so her stealth points went down by two.) Strength: 1/10 (She doesn't have any battle capabilities and watches Julius box along with Tamara.) Overview: She's a girl determined to make sure her scholarly studies are completed. She manages to keep her composure when witnessing her friend Tamara's dead body and encountering a mysterious masked killer (but not for long.) Gameplay: Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] is a repair character who has slightly higher-end running capabilities. Her speed and Stamina are far superior than the other repair counselors. She is well intelligent, which also gives Deborah Kim some competition because Eva is smart similarly to Deborah, but she can run much longer. Eva has terrible battle capabilities, which is why she has a One in Strength and Luck. Eva also has slightly higher composure to keep her slightly more sane when Jason is within her vicinity. Eva is a character that could change the meta of the game. Most players nowadays play as Vanessa, Buggzy, Fox, Tiffany, Chad, etc, but don't have any repair characters in the lobby because they get easily killed off. Adding Eva can solve the dilemma of no repair characters in the lobby. Eva can repair objectives by herself or with other players, but it's strongly recommended that she repairs with someone nearby because of her low-end combat abilities. Eva's main choice of weaponry should be either Firearms or High Stun weapons. Eva's weapon will easily break, so it's also recommended you use high-durability weapons like the wrench. Appearance: Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] is Chinese and has Native Hawaiian blood within her. She wears a dark olive thin breton-striped shirt with X-Shaped suspenders. Her lower body includes a pair of bright yellow shorts in coherence with a black belt. She also wears black stockings and black flats. Her hair goes past her shoulders and ends right above the back of her waist-line. Level Unlocked: 60 Note: Sabrina Lee is her alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Eva Watanabe." This Eva one was actually posted in the Eva thead, but I decided to include it here to show how the both of the girls aline. Wayne Webber [George Dyer] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Dweeb (Read the stats, he might be the most hated character) Stats: Composure: 10/10 (He fucking shot an innocent person and literally kept recording the footage. He also didn't scream upon seeing J.J.'s body and it appeared like he wanted to do something with J.J.'s dead body... Wow...) Luck: 1/10 (He shot someone [friendly fire] and died in Jason's hands, he also got rejected by Tamara. AND he witnessed J.J.'s body, what an unlucky dude.) Repair: 6/10 (He's attending film school, so he must have a little bit of knowledge with technology.) Speed: 4/10 (He can't run fast.) Stamina: 6/10 (He might have some running experience) Stealth: 7/10 (Sneakily recorded Tamera getting it on with the professor. He also made no startled noises when shooting that guy...) Strength: 1/10 (Cannot fight for shit, only seen using a gun. ) -Special Ability- Wayne doesn't scream when he encounters a body. Overview: He's that one dickhead nobody likes, quite frankly he's more worse than Chad. Gameplay: Wayne Webber [George Dyer] is that one dickhead nobody likes. He's a hybrid character who has slight running capabilities, slight repair capabilities, and high composure and stealth. He has the WORST combat ability ever, he should only stay on weapons with long range, any melee weapon with instantly break upon impacting Jason unless it's high durability. He's great at hiding, but if he ever gets noticed by Jason, you can be sure he's dead because NOBODY likes a Wayne around. Wayne may appear like some sort of normal and typical dork on the outside, but there lies a true evil residing within him. Appearance: Wayne Webber [George Dyer] wears a mustard yellow shirt with red and green patterns engraved on it. He has nerdy glasses with a nerdy and untamed hairstyle. He wears blue jeans with brown boots (He's almost dressed like the stereotypical 90s nerd.) Level Unlocked: 25 Note: George Dyer is his alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Wayne Webber." Sean Robertson [Kevin Fowler] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Nice Guy Stats: Composure: 8/10 (He managed not to scream when seeing his father's dead body, but he started breathing hard after witnessing it. He also drop kicked Jason into getting electrocuted like a beast!) Luck: 3/10 (His father died on their trip, but there were a few minor lucky incidents such as kicking Jason onto the train tracks and getting a kiss on Rennie.) Repair: 5/10 (He seems to know how to operate radio stations, plus he's a senior student.) Speed: 6/10 (Same applies to Stamina.) Stamina: 7/10 (He might have some running experience) Stealth: 2/10 (No signs of him being stealthy were present.) Strength: 4/10 (He's a nice guy, but he can put up just a little fight.) Overview: He's that one nice guy who's always there to comfort you and try his best to protect you. He has some hints of badass vibes to him similar to Sydney from Scream. Gameplay: Sean Robertson [Kevin Fowler] is a Hybrid character who is mainly a runner, but has minor capabilities such as repairing and doing a little bit of combat. His gameplay style is similar to Kenny in some aspects, but not quite. He's meant to be a character who can protect someone temporarily, but can also help out with objectives in some cases. Think of him as a "mini bodyguard." Adam and Brandon are the big bodyguards, Sean is a mini bodyguard. Sean has slight combat capabilities, but he still shouldn't take on Jason face on, it's recommended that you have at least someone else by your side if the worse were to occur. He can use long ranged weapons, but he shouldn't completely shy out with any high damage melee weapons such as Machetes. Appearance: Sean Robertson [Kevin Fowler] is an American (his race isn't shown.) He wears a green two-toned mockneck shirt under a beigey-grey marine jacket. He wears baggy olive green pants/sweats with brown work shoes. Level Unlocked: 72 Note: Kevin Fowler is his alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Sean Robertson." Misc. NEW PART 8 CLOTHING PACK - Disco Party DLC Description: This clothing pack is available for ALL counselors! Want to look like those unspecified characters? Want to look like you're ready for a party at sea!? Then this clothing pack is for you! New Emote - The Gorgeous Guy (NOW IN THE GAME!) "Gorgeous guy at 10 o'clock, look sensual..." New Jason Combat Ability - Forceful Shove This ability is used to temporarily stun counselors as Jason; useful against large crowds of people. [More is coming soon..! Hopefully] @Chetork @IcrazyKid855 @Barbara Ann @Flyin_J @Gummybish @TiffanyIsBae @FinalBoy @StripMonopoly @Yoshman2523 @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow @Im A Deku Scrub Strawpolls created! http://www.strawpoll.me/15571739/r (Eva and Tamara) https://www.strawpoll.me/15593645/r (Disco Party DLC)
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    Feel free to cry, complain, argue about stuff not related to the game and tell the developers things they already know.
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    please fix medic perk bugs...its so annoying....
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    No. Like @NScarlato said, Medic is one of the only good perks, in a sea of shitty perks. Medic can get countered by grab, it’s not hard to do that. Especially since most matches, I can’t even find a damn spray unless there’s a cabin with a bathroom. Jason’s traps aren’t a instant death like some people want, they notify him of counselors trying to fix objectives. @Revolt Frenzy not every counselor is OP, because if a Deborah or Eric triggered the trap you easily kill them, if they’re alone. People are defending the perk because it’s one of the 6 perks that are worth getting. Removing the perk won’t fix trolling, you’ll get trolled no matter what.
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    Yeah, you can’t body block anymore. A counselor, can now easily save their team mate, effortlessly.
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    Number 10 was probably my hardest. The undetected skulls where what I usually had to do over.
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    Weapon swapping should be unlocked at the same time you unlock the Jason with that weapon. I mean I don't think you should get Pig Splitter before you unlock Part 4, for example. Does anyone really care if more people can weapon swap earlier? Just leave colors and emotes or something for high levels.
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    I've found a way around that. Water speed is borderline useless, even when it's a weakness. If you see the boat leaving, pop on stalk, morph to the exit, and wait. It's satisfying whenever you hear then talking shit as they're about to escape. Only to ruin their excitement and give some massive blue balls.
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    All I know is when there's a Savini and the boat spawns, the voice of archer comes in my head: "Well OBVIOUSLY we're going to take the boat"
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    As long as Tommy yells Meeegan Noooo when she does something stupid haha. I'd be for it. She might just be my fav last girl. She didn't beat on Jason as much as others but she's got that smart ass attitude and showed more personality than the others. And on top of that she's better looking too in my opinion. But anyways, I'm down with them adding as many counselors as they want. More victims for the slaughter muhahaha.
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