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    Games like Fortnite record game data and not video in order to play back a round; similar to how MIDI works in music. This is what F13 needs for its in-game report system. All of a round's data gets recorded and then it can be recompiled, replayed and analyzed from every angle and at every level by the devs. All you'd do is see someone cheating, you hit a report button on their name, and the match data gets sent to the devs. They'll be able to figure out exactly what's going on way better than if it was video footage.
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    Well here we are again around the Crystal Lake campfire roasting Devs over the fire and telling horror stories about a game that supposedly died because they weren’t watching it… If you’ve been on the forums, these are the typical tales of woe and despair we have come to associate with each patch/update. I’m not intent on making that kind of post. I will simply, as I’ve done before, provide some completely unsolicited observations. The new engine is out, running Unreal 4.18, and she isn’t exactly purring like a kitten. Sputtering and backfiring like a jalopy is a bit more apt. Now this is not to say that the game is unplayable; that would be a rather crude assessment and more driven by frustration than fact. It is probably better to say that, given the time frame, most people expected a level of polish at least equivalent to what was replaced. Things that I personally like: 1. The lighting is quite well done. The dark and foreboding atmosphere is most welcome. You really feel like you’d better turn on that flashlight when alone in the woods. I know a few folks are not thrilled with the change, but overall, I think it is for the betterment of the game. 2. The SP Challenges are fun and a nice little tribute to the movies. They are also mostly bug free. 3. The new grab looks good and gives a little “umph” to Jason’s overall feel. You definitely have to be more on point to tag a counselor though. The sloppy wobble catches don’t fly. If you do change it at all, I’d suggest slightly widening the end of the cone; no wider than Jason’s shoulders. 4. Getting rid of door combat is a good choice for the overall feel of what the game is about. 5. Improved AI on SP bots matches. It’s not great, but it has improved. Keep working on it and I’m sure they will get to be respectable soon enough. Then maybe you won’t have to give them extra pocket knives to survive. 6. The game seems to be a bit smoother (at least on Xbox where I play). Glad to see the rain back for us Xbox bottom-dwellers as well. 7. Weapon swapping and key binding for PC are great. Not going to get into the unlock level debate with this, but know that bad choices were made. Things that I’m less than thrilled with: 1. For the love of all that is holy, why do we still have bugs from launch? 2. Why do we still have the rubber-band glitch? It wasn’t a launch bug and was introduced with a later content update. Can you not find the line(s) of code that cause the issue and remedy it? Did you not save older builds of the game for reference? I’m not a programmer myself, so I would hope you don’t have to sacrifice a chicken over the server and read portends in the entrails. That would be my solution since I lack coding know-how… 3. I find your lack of play-testing disturbing. Seriously, if myself and a couple buddies can find a bunch of new bugs in about 3 hours of online MP games, how the hell can you not have noticed them in-house and sorted the issue after months with the game update in hand? There have to be more than 7-8 of you guys playing the game (the amount of folks we have in a MP lobby). I also suspect they have less hair and eat less bananas than the average monkey…so communication and intelligence shouldn’t be a problem. Even 6 shots of vodka in the other night, I still had enough brain cells firing to have it occur to me, “hey, something’s not right here! :::takes another shot::: Well wadda ya know….looks so much better now! *hic*” Come on guys, this is the most heartbreaking thing you keep doing. Not fixing old bugs and adding new bugs. You consistently provide amazing new additions (i.e. cool maps, Jasons, and whatnot), then promptly sully the mood by not using polish to clean up what you’ve already got going for you. Stop it! Other thoughts: We are a year into this now. The “we’re a small team” excuse doesn’t fly (though counselors still do sometimes). Wes’ statement that there are a bunch of armchair developers out there doesn’t fly. The players (your customers) know what they want. The developers (i.e. programmers/engineers) should figure out how to make stuff work regardless of whose idea it was. We pitch ideas your way that might be cool or improve the game (like armchair designers – Wes’ job). Perhaps we should buy a couch so we can all sit on it and pitch ideas at the wall? Nah, we’d never agree on where it should be in the room to have the best possible view of the TV. I’m sure Wes is partial to his spot… The game is generally good. It has potential. It has dedicated fans. It needs TLC…and dedicated servers on consoles. That brings me to the whole question of why the wait for dedicated servers? PC ran with dedicated servers since launch on the old engine (Unreal 4.14). The excuse that the engine needed an upgrade to get them is a bit “weak”. The excuse that the engine needed to be upgraded to fix certain bugs is also a bit “weak”. What bugs did you fix that we haven’t already been discussing on the forums? Nobody has really noticed; just saying. Door combat also doesn’t count since you guys previously said it wasn’t an exploit so not really a bug of note eh? Perhaps Illfonic just figured it would wrangle a new version of Unreal to support its expansion efforts? Nice little pad in Tacoma guys. Please don’t let whoever chose the color patterns for Victoria’s clothing pick out the drapes or paint the place. I’ll close with this. 1. You need to be getting hot fixes out to patch bugs. Fix a few (for sure) and patch. Don’t wait for some damn major content to push with it. Do the best you can and SEND IT. If this has to happen a couple of times to make everything better; that is totally cool – do it. Save big content (i.e. maps, Jasons, modes, challenges, etc.) until you iron out other issues with the existing content complex. 2. Keep up the good communication. Shifty you the man. Thanks for dealing with us. 3. Play test. Granted all of us hairless chimps are here, but I’d prefer we find the minor or extremely rare stuff. Not fling poo at you because of all the obvious stuff. I’ll sign off with this. I love the game. I love my dog. If I can’t stop my dog from suffering, I’d put her down. You need to decide if you can stop the game from suffering…
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    I think it would be a good idea to use a high amount of CP to upgrade to next level of a selected perk
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    The devs probably don’t even know the answer to this question tbh.
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    Well, that's a pretty shitty thing to do.
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    Soooo..... then nobody on Xbox or PS4 should host? Because EVERYONE is subject to dashboard for no reason on Xbox and PS4. It’s the game. Not the connection.
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    I’d like to take a moment to address the Devs directly. @Gertz@GunMedia_Ben@[IllFonic]Courier For those who are not aware, I have spent the better part of 20 years working in various fields in some form of analytical role or as a developer for training related materials for the military. I have spent, literally, days at a time doing trends analysis, statistical assessments, and developing courses of action based on changes made within a given “system”. I provide feedback, suggest changes, and develop workable changes to improve performance. I’m going keep this brief, but I’d like to suggest a couple things: 1. If you are working with a system that has a ton of consequential interplay between mechanics, don’t change too much at one time. Before you make any changes, assess what implication that change will bring. Figure out what other factors within the system will be affected and forecast the most likely outcomes. Make the change and observe. Keep the change modest. 2. Adjust that single change as needed until you get the desired result. (the extremes on both sides of the coin quit being the only voices that ring loudest) 3. Make the next change. I will say I generally don’t have much issue with this last patch in regards to the changes, though I’m still developing an opinion on the grab mechanics as they are now. There has been a lot of negative and positive feedback regarding the implementation of grab reach/area changes, traps changes, Jason’s melee hit detection, and posting icons on the map. The one mistake that I think you have made is that you are tweaking too many things in a single instance without finding that “sweet spot” with your players. It is much easier to do this kind of work when you are not beholden to pleasing a rabid fan base. For that, you have my sympathy, because it is a battle you cannot win…completely. I would suggest the changes you should focus on are those that were complained about most. I get that is why you tackled the grab reach debate. That is fine. You should have singled that mechanic out and fully sorted it before addressing anything else. Using the method of tossing enough stuff at a wall and finding out what will stick will end up costing you more time than just methodically fixing one key issue, then moving on to the next. As it is now, you are creating tons of different feedback trains, with each one focusing on a different change. Plus, there are a few other trains still rolling in regards to previous adjustments (or lack thereof). As you’ve told us before, you are a small team. Please be cautious about how many fires you light at once regarding game mechanics hot buttons. It creates a very fluid dynamic and a ripple effect in gameplay. More importantly, it makes it harder to figure out exactly what you NEED to fix when so many different factors are altered regarding gameplay. Just some food for thought. The new DLC’s are nice. Thank you. Keep up the hard work. TL;DR Don’t make too many changes to gameplay mechanics at one time. It makes it harder to sort out issues and fine tune functionality. You’ll also get less backlash from the players.
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    Spoiler: They don't care. I know it sucks, but at least I'm being honest with you. Right?
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    When I read that tweet, I laughed pretty hard. It just further reinforces what we have been saying and what the few people who visited Gun said a while back. They do not care what we have to say, what our ideas are, or what they promised to backers when they begged for funding. They got their money, bought a bunch of fancy watches, gave each other a circle jerk, and pretty much forgot about the people who made/make it possible for them to even do this. In the end, this is a big reason why F13 never became the game it should have been
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    Lol. Hey @wes, simple truth. If you're going to beg for donations for your "dream project" maybe you should be a little more beholden to the people that helped make this game happen.
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    I've seen a lot of people on here who would disagree with you, including myself. Besides, once multiplayer dies for good, the single-player stuff will be all we have. Why shouldn't it be as good as it could be?
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    I'm sure it'll be anything except fixing the glitches.
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    Also forgot to include number 1 rule of being a developer... "Don't listen or give in to the mass amount of cry babies". And you guys gave in to all the complainers and whiners about "JASON IS OP, NERF PLS!" And now look what we're left with many nerfs later... A bunch of Jason is under-powered and weak threads (because he is) and you guys dropped the ball hard with many of F13'rs hearts in keeping this game "similar to the movies".
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    After Part 7's rework, I really feel Part 4 are worst then Part 7 right now (still better then Part 2 in my opinion though). Developer don't want to make Part 4 too similar to Savini Jason, I got it. But the negative shift combine with less traps really makes him a cripple, originally I thought developer should change his negative shift to grip strength to be more accurate to the movie's plot(in the final climax, Trish almost broken Jason's left hand), but if this happen Part 4 really become too similar to Savini, although I still think they should make the change, not all of us have the rights to us Savini, but at least have someone similar to him, well, guess it's not the case in dev's point of view. But I really hope they adjust either shift or traps to other trait as weakness, maybe morph? after all, Part 4 has some of the best kills in the game, really feel bad that Part 4 didn't get the attention it deserved.
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    I think a lot of us can agree that Victoria is really pretty, and has pretty good stats. I’m extremely happy she was added. My biggest problem with her is her clothing. It looks soooo bad, the way the powersuit is designed it looks like straight up pajamas. Very poorly fitting to her body and makes her look like a blob with a pretty face. The patterns and colors don’t help much either, they don’t match and make her look even worse honestly. I’m grateful you finally created her, but please consider hooking my girl up with some DLC clothes. She needs it. ❤️
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    Since the update breaking down doors as Jason is glitched. I'll go up to a door, hold R2, and after 2 or 3 swings Jason suddenly glitches and stops swinging. Then I have to re-position myself and start swinging again. It doesn't really matter if I'm using a high-damage Jason like Savini who can kill the door in 3 hits, but Part 6 normally takes 6 hits and due to this glitch he can have his swing interrupted at least once, if not twice, making the process take forever. Meanwhile, the counselors are long gone by the time I've finally knocked the door down. I'm on PC, BTW. Anyone else encountering this issue?
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    It was clearly foolish to expect otherwise. I guess we should have known that since the patch included SP Challenges, that it was the only thing that was likely getting any real attention for the update. The only improvement to MP was removing door hitting for counselors. Now the game flows a bit more like it should. But it's ruined by the glitches that still remain, and the car rubber banding actually got worse. The fact that drawer animations are basically cut in half and sounds dropping all over sucks too. Not game breaking by any means. But still disheartening. Negatives still outweigh the positives by a wide margin.
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    It's not just from the weapon swap. I still have all Jasons with their base weapons and I get the "Parkinsons" kills as well.
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    (Somebody's gonna understand this, I promise)
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    I disagree. Part 3 is vastly superior in every way, especially with the shift. Negative sense is almost pointless since you can recharge it constantly. i think you also overestimate can run. Last i checked it was around 12% faster than the fast walk, and it was bumped about 1% when it was buffed- you’re still not catching vanessa, chad, or bugzy. Even repair characters do fine with good stamina management. I play against competent groups with all jasons, and it’s always hardest with part 4. It’s a shame because part 4 is my favorite film and I think he looks the coolest, but he struggles.
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    Not until this game has dedicated servers and all the bugs introduced from the previous 3 patches are fixed.
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    I think Wes may have forgotten that although "Creators make what they want to make" and "It's their vision"..........when they campaign thru crowdfunding, it's OUR MONEY. Without US, his "vision" is just in his imagination and his wallet is still empty. How would he be able to buy all that mustache wax to upkeep his ridiculous hipster persona?? ? It's must be so great to be a big shot, tweeting shit that only makes him look like an asshole. I'm guessing it makes him feel..........presidential. Next thing you know he'll be tweeting "Look at all those dumbasses that I took money from. They think I owe them something." Well........You do!! Edit: I just figured out what BFV meant. BFV= Broke Fucking Videogames Edit #2: If that was him that put the "Like" on this because he thinks it's funny.............let me say thanks. At least I know when I try to do something, I can actually accomplish it properly.
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    Supposedly she's a possible addict too judging from those syringes found in her bedroom. They seem to be taking a dark turn now.
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    ...Called it! I've said it one hundred times. The devs are always going on and on about how A.J is the best, and oh so awesome, and she's always being promoted in the social media. I'm surprised that they've decided to show that love by turning her into a slut, but, uh... Okay, I guess.
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    @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier @Gertz @GunMedia_Ben 1. Game now crashes at launch on Xbox One. Requires multiple restarts to get it working correctly. If I exited the game and launch it again the problem happens all over again. 2. Car ''rubber band'' bug. Jason stops the car. Driver gets out and runs away. Jason sees the driver standing by the car door or ''frozen''. Gets a free kill. 3. Items are glitching into the ground and can't be picked back up. This happens with any item. Objective items too. 4. Health sprays are not working correctly. Use a spray and it is removed from your inventory but, does not heal you. 5. Dead bodies flying, jumping, or being thrown around after death animation. 6. Lights randomly turning on and off. Lighting issues. Texture issues. Draw distance effecting lights that ''turn on'' as you get closer and ''turn off'' as you get further away. 7. Pinehurst new colorful blood bugs for counselors at the main white house. Savini Jason has green eyes that change different colors and different colorful blood. 8. Can't skip the intro cut scenes in SP Challenges. Repeating a level over and over forced to watch the cut scenes gets old fast. 9. Offline bots spawning in with shotguns, melee weapons, pocket knives, firecrackers, med sprays, objective parts. I morphed to trap a car and was aimbotted with a shotgun by sniper Tiffany less than 10 seconds into the match. ? 10. Issues with perks, clothing, emotes not saving after selecting what I want in the menu for counselors. Jason kills are not saving correctly and are resetting too. 11. New ticket system for Jason is not working correctly. Same players keep getting Jason every other match. Jason preference not saving. Reverting to default on exit of the game. 12. Issues with weapon swapping animations. Jason or counselors start to ''shake'', start glitching out during kills. It happens while using new weapons that are not the default weapon for each Jason. 13. Counselors sometimes not able to swing a weapon or interact with anything after exiting a vehicle that Jason stopped. 14. Sound issues. Delay in audio in general from actions on screen. No sound sometimes.
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    Hopefully the new engine provides the opportunity for them to push out hotfixes and updates more frequently. At the very least, once a month. I don't care about content; I know it's coming. What they really should do is start cranking out frequent hotfixes on PC on a weekly basis and then bundle it all up for the consoles for their expensive monthly updates. We shouldn't have to wait for those under-performing household appliances, even if they are the majority. That's not how Apple thinks and look how well they're doing.
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    They are gonna rename Offline Bots and officially call it "DorianRo Mode". It's where councilors get unlimited resources and make Jason look like a regular ol' bitch.
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    Almost everything in singleplayer is fine, I don't know what the fuck happened to MP in the process but they fucked up.
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    @WashingtonJones As Jason 2,050. 4710 with the extra xp. As counselor best I can figure would be 2,180. 5,014 with the extra xp. That includes everything I can think of. Including a Jason kill.
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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Max level gives you nothing but cosmetics, it doesn't give anyone an advantage. And who cares if they didn't "earn it"? They earned the money they're willing to pay for it. I'm surprised this hasn't been added already.
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    You are full of crap, I’m sure there is a laundry list of cheats/hacks etc... on you, with tons of people reporting you, it must be really bad for Gunn to ban you because for the most part they don’t care about toxic players like you... again good riddance. Go away, and stop whining
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    You should change your new to BrokenGrabJasonWasOP
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    My money is on dedicated servers.
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    Out of all the outfits Melissa wore, why were they inspired to use that one for Victoria? The turquoise and all white outfits were better in every way possible and she wore both of those outfits for longer than one scene of the movie.
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    How about Pete from Deadpool 2 he saw the ad.
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    Part IV Jason is still viable regardless of the Trap weakness. He's meant to be played as a super-aggresive Jason to give counselors very little time to adjust to their surroundings. He can easily limp counselors with ease and break through doors. His play-style isn't meant for the purpose of defending objectives. If you want to defend objectives better, play Part 2 or any other Jason that doesn't have a trap weakness. The removal of the shift weakness would further benefit the intended play-style for him, but it may be too op due to the +Destruction and the ability to run, but we'll see what the community as a whole has to say about that. All in all, Part IV Jason is still a viable and really good Jason to play as. He just doesn't support the defensive play-style, he's mainly all offensive.
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    I know, ain't it awesome!!!
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    I still say a medical saw should be one of the weapons. Amusingly, the argument against it was "he'd look weird knocking doors down". And then Part 5 came in swinging sheers one handed.
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    Yeah , kinda. I only tried Jason and it's a little bit awkward. But you can definitely get stuck more often , which is really annoying in my opinion. And also welcome to the Forum! Don't forget to introduce yourself (Sadly I can't link it now)! We are happy to welcome you!.......atleast most of us.
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    I want them to focus on fixing these bugs first before worrying about adding more childish emotes to appease the trolls.
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    Every scene is its own story, in my eyes. In one scene, AJ was only ever with Kenny. In the next scene, AJ was only ever with Adam. Just my perception. Even if she was a slut, wouldn't change my perception of her because she's just a teenager in a video game. Off topic, did anybody think it was weird that Chad actually seemed like such a nice guy during his and AJ's chat on the bridge? The complete opposite of his typical "douchebag" perception. He reminded me a lot of Paul Holt in Part II.
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    This is the one I use the most.
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    Tiffany's ability to run fast while still remaining quiet is her unique strength.
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    Challenges for a single player should be continued. Good work of voice actors. Good audiovisual setting. Interesting scenarios. Very well prepared and effective kill scenes. I did not notice any bug/exploid that would prevent me from completing the challenge. I miss the map of parts: 7, 8, 9. The challenges of these parts of movies would definitely be great.
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    I appreciate everything, I am a fighter as we all have seen from time to time around here lol. I am trying to stay as positive as possible and I appreciate the kind words and wisdom.
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    I loved everything about the single player challenges. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of the F13 experience of the movies. I do wish some of them could have been a bit longer and involved more counselors, but, all in all, I think they did a good job. I don't know how much they cost to make, but if they want to make more and offer them in DLC packs I would gladly give some cash for them. I would be far more willing to spend real money on a SP challenge DLC pack of 5 or so additional challenges than something like another emote pack. It could be a good way of monetizing something people are willing to pay for. If they do make more challenges in the future, I hope they use packanack, Crystal Lake, and any currently unreleased maps we may be getting in the future, as well as counselors who didn't get much screen time in the released challenges. The only other thing I would change about these challenges is the amount of objectives. The number they offered is great, but I would welcome even more objectives in the future that continually award some type of CP and XP. Other than the wonky AI detection in them, I think Gun hit the nail on the head with these challenges and I really hope to see more in the future. Oh- I went off on a tangent-- the reason I initially responded to you was this: I got chad by hiding in the kitchen and waiting for him to go to the fireplace then I just used stalk and shift to get behind him and grab him to throw him into the fire. Then I headed out for Jenny. And yes, I noticed AJ's promiscuity too. lol. This whole time we all thought Tiffany was the slut character. Wow, AJ really seemed to steal that title from her after these challenges. lol. I know each challenges has nothing to do with the others, but through them all AJ seemed to be screwing the entire cast.
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    I very much enjoyed single player challenges, A relaxed gaming session that I took at my own pace. No trolls to contend with nor annoying squeakers. I loved the movie references liberally sprinkled through out the challenges. My favorite things were stalking the counselors, listening to their dialogue, and maximizing my objective kills in a single go. Things I really felt they could improve were the ability to skip cut scenes, subtitles for the dialogue so I didn’t have to worry about mis hearing the counselors, and to use more of the cast of counselors in more challenges. After completeing all the challenges 100% tonight the only thing I wanted was more challenges, I’m really hoping they will add more in the future referencing more of the films.
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    Dayum bruh, even after all this time you still haven't gotten a tape? Alright, this confirms it: you somehow pissed off RNGesus, and now you ain't collecting. Or you need to start maining Vanessa if you haven't already, and start doing some speed runs.
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    I finally get to play as Victoria and not feel bad being the selfish player I was destined to be. God is good.
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