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    Can we get confirmation that rubber-banding back to the car has not been fixed with this update, please?
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    By making statements like "we require 100% proof" or "team killing isn't against the rules" GM protects itself from backlash. It may not protect it's game though. There is no "100% proof". You can't monitor other players constantly, therefore you can't record them 100% of the time. If you aren't a "Content Creator" for social media platforms, you don't own capture devices, and there's a good chance you aren't able to record Xbox or PS4 dash content (that could show Teamers in Private Chats) or record the verbal harassments from players because the record features built into consoles do not record those things. They only record the gameplay. (I don't know about Steam but I do know you can run a screen capture software on a computer so I'm not arguing for PC players) Not to mention the amount of people who aren't "tech savvy". The ones who simply don't record (or can't record) full sessions (including spectating after death) or know how to upload/share/host video footage. As far as team killing not being against the rules, that's probably to ensure that there it's more activity. They know banning team killers would hit the playerbase even harder and numbers are already low because of those that have moved on for other reasons. It isn't fair to say the playerbase and the developers are on sperate pages on these issues......... It's more like they're in different books.
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    It isn’t policed even a fraction as much as this message board is, THAT’S for sure.
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    Then add pitchfork + kill pack for said pitchfork. Problem solved. Then Savini could also use those new kills, effectively giving "Savini" a kill pack without releasing an exclusive one no one else would be able to get. (Gun really should hire me. They couldn't afford me, though. )
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    I'm throwing my money at the screen right now.
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    Yup, I for one enjoy watching anyone try to elude Jason at the end. I'll go make some coffee and watch the show.
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    They will be posted when ready. Please stop asking that in every thread. This is the 3rd thread I've seen you ask for them.
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    The phone spawning at the main houses.
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    I'm not trying to sound pessimistic, just realistic. I am a big supporter of this game and I do know that the devs are putting a lot into it. Not just from forum jockies, but from meeting them in person on multiple occasions and checking in on via DM's every once and a while. I mean, after all they did let me design a kill for the game. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing on this issue. In the end, I don't think it is enough to entice people to put in the work if the servers are not working and there is absolutely nothing worthwhile to earn between level 44 and 113. I'm now up to 110, but with all the issues in the last few days I would probably be 112 or 113. Sucks because many of those games were heavy in XP earnings. At this rate I am not sure I am going to hit 113 before Thursday, but certainly before the weekend. Single player is also probably going to help a lot because at least it will feel fresh, although, I wish they weren't spoiling all the kills in the trailer. And like clockwork, we're filming Never Hike Alone BTS interviews all day Thursday so of course that is the day they choose for the release. I swear, every release and double XP in the last 6 months has come on a weekend where I am traveling or working.
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    There is one thing we must understand Jason is and always will be trollable whatever the devs will change , but there is a solution somewhere which is to remove weapons for counselors but we don't want that. But like i told some of my friends , there always a way to counter every counselors actions , same goes for Jason block is your best friend here.
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    Hello, It would be great if there is an option to select counselors we want to play against instead of randomly selected counselors. EDIT I think it would add more fun to offline bot mode if we can customize gameplay settings like one I mentioned above and some other settings like Map timing, police response time, Tommy Jarvis response time, etc. EDIT 2: @FunMonster suggested some really required changes here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17195-options-for-offline-bots/
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    For those interested, this is the new song for the game that was featured in the recent trailer.
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    Just curious, will everyone be trying out the challenges on Thursday and leaving a ghost town in multiplayer? I probably will, I'm curious as to the length of time the challenges will take to complete before people start returning if they do disappear into single player for a bit.
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    Teamers dont care about being subtle, and even if they were I bet they slip up a lot when they don’t think they’re being watched.
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    This would be sort of an ideal take on the VHS filter. Notice how the 2nd image highlights the greys and the shadows emerge more-- there's some blues present in the greys now. The reds and yellows are also highlighted, which is similar to the original movie. The browns in the image have a slight boost of color. This of course would have to be adjusted since Deborah looks kinda weird lol, but this is just some ideas. I honestly think that filter would actually make the game quite scarier. Notice how you can see through the window with ease in the first image, look at the window in the second image. That would be so spooky! I would love this!
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    I have plenty of video of counselors running side by side with Jason after counselors. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that they are a team. If they wanted to ban teamers then all that you would really need to do is die or escape and then watch and record the suspected teamer’s feed. Easy peasy.
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    Did you just say what I think you said about Eric "Our Lord And Savior" LaChappa?
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    We could just lock them up in the Jason cell. He'll have a nice time killing them till they learn not to quit anymore.
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    It's an extremely common bug that happens all the time when the driver exits a car.
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    More importantly, the bug is present on PC which has dedicated servers. It obviously has nothing to do with hosting.
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    Melissa matches the mean girl personality. Tamara is more than a bitch, she’s like psychotic.
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    Wow, nice memory (unless you just looked it up lol) @Treymaker @ShiftySamurai any word on bloody skins showing up when Jason is set to random?
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    Has there been any word on a fix for the bug where Jason can't swing/slash attack after interacting with a window until he gets hit or something again? I don't see it on the list, but I was just wondering if it might've been mentioned elsewhere. Excited for the new stuff, either way!
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    Quick Update: Jason Weapon Selection unlocks at level 113. Jason Strengths and Weaknesses are tied to Jason and not weapons.
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    Yes! Any confirmation on this? @ShiftySamurai
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    It "works", you just have to understand how it is bugged. Anyone joining your game will un-mute all players, forcing you to un-mute and then re-mute them. And it seems like once muted you can't un-mute them during that match, it just won't have any effect. Another thing that almost certainly won't be fixed with this update.
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    That was all Ben. He had the crazy notion that forums were archaic(his exact word) and Twitter, Reddit et all was the new beez neez. Even thought this is the Official forum for the company. I'm glad Shifty was hired. He's been a vast improvement as community manager.
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    They have yet to release the patch notes... But, guess i'll try... Patch notes: Update 1.25: - Update unreal engine from 1.14-1.18? -Added SP Challenges. -Added alternate Roy skin. -Added weapon swapping(level 113 unlock). -Made changes too P7 Jason. -Added new counsellor: Victoria Sterling( level 42 unlock). -Added legendary perks. -Salt Mines added. - possibly new kills? - added Violets dance emote(Free of charge). -Various bug/Glitch fixes? -Added Rain back too xbox. -Jason tickets added. And thats it... i think?
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    Yes and no. We have a few house rules we generally play with. As counselors, close and lock doors, don't tell Jason stuff that fucks over others, stuff like that. As Jason, don't make it boring. Jason has many advantages. Quick kills over and over just to ensure nobody has any chance to escape is something we dislike. Sure, you can tell us to fuck off, but you won't play long or be invited back. It works for the majority and we have a thriving lobby week to week. In QP, anything goes. this is where people need to realize that how they want the game to be played doesn't matter. I'm gonna try to get our Thursday group to try this out sometime. You should join in sometime, ninja.
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    If the Jason killed everyone within 10 minutes except for one person, and that chase lasts 10 minutes....that is pretty much exactly how the movies played out. Also, if the Jason has killed everyone in 10 minutes, I would hardly say the Jason needs any help in killing 1 more.
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    Most of you will prob binge the single-player challenges in one day and then complain you want another update. I'll be slow playing the single-player challenges so I can get more enjoyment out of them.
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    I disagree completely. The greater good? People don't play video games so others can be entertained. If I am the last one alive, I am not going to let Jason kill me. In maps like Higgens Haven and Packanack, people can easily run out the timers if they are the last one alive. I mean how else are people suppose to get the survive the night badge? I do agree with one point though, the shit talking is annoying.
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    Yes, they do. I’ve explained why in various other threads, so I won’t do that here, that way this thread doesn’t devolve into yet another argument about emotes. I’ll just say that I’m happy for those that want them that they’re getting them, and leave it at that.
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    i gotcha, yeah, I have managed to get the majority of perks rare/epic too. IThere are a few I am still trying to top out though. So I continue to throw away cp. I'll get them one day though.
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    Do the emotes seriously bother you so much that you won’t even play QP? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the dancing idiots either, but it would never stop me from playing the game.
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    lol Thanks but that makes me feel uneasy ? He isn't Jason is he?
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    #SaveCrystalLake has to be a cheeky wink to the player count dying off. Right? They couldn't possibly come up with that and expect people not to make that connection.
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    @TheHansonGoons sent you an invite. Unfortunately, he's observing from shadowy realms so he couldn't tell you himself.
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    It should not be such a chore to play as Jason.
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    For that matter I'm surprised he's not outraged that the phones, or any of the repair parts never spawn in Jason's shack.
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    I’ll be playing both. I’m looking forward to checking out the single player, but I just wish the rewards for completing challenges were better. Emotes as rewards doesn’t cut it for me. The rewards should’ve been new clothing for counselors, alternate outfits for some of the Jasons, new kills, etc. I wish they would’ve taken a page from HITMAN, where you get new gadgets, weapons, and outfits after completing challenges. That would have been a better approach.
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    There are players that don't play within the rules. Rather than harass Gun or Illfonic about implementing such a system, I just keep a log of bad players myself. This list I share with those I regularly play with, and we avoid troublemakers. It's not perfect, but it's gotten the job done for me and mine so far.
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    Hundreds of hours to unlock a very basic feature like weapon swapping is ridiculous no matter how you like to put it.
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    It's high. Would have made more sense to do it like this. If you have "x" Jason unlocked you can swap weapon with any other Jason you have unlocked. Level 44 would give you all options.
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    I had the councilors beat the shit out of me yesterday. I still killed 5 out of 8. And if @RustInPeace hadn't been in the lobby to get in my way and drive someone out as Tommy the death toll would be higher.
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    I honestly think they should make a ''twin'' for Tiffany like Tiffany is Terri(tomboy)+Tina(Flirty girl), they should easily make one mixing Terri Moore(non flirty twin) and another female from the movies like Samantha in part 4 or possibly Marcie from part?
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