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    Welcome to the Patch Notes for the upcoming patch that will be released Tomorrow, May 24th New Game Mode: Single Player Challenges Single Player Challenges, Friday the 13th: The Game’s newest playable game mode, is now available! Test your skills as Jason Voorhees by clearing out all of the counselors in Camp Crystal Lake in each of the 10 unique scenarios. Each level contains special cinematic kills that are available only in Single Player Challenges. There are also multiple challenge objectives that are available in each level that can only be completed through proper planning and preparation. Play as Jason in any way you like. You may choose to be slow and sneaky for that suspenseful cinematic experience, or you may choose to brute force your way through, hacking and slashing! There are also 30 new unlockable emotes that can be obtained in the Single Player Challenges! Each Challenge has a reward of 3 unique emotes through the collection of these following skulls: No Survivors Skull, XP Score Skull, and the Undetected Skull. Good Luck and Happy Hunting! New Playable Counselor: Victoria Sterling Introducing Victoria Sterling, the newest counselor to arrive at Camp Crystal Lake! Victoria has a level requirement of 42 and her stats are the following: Composure - 4 Luck - 8 Repair - 3 Speed - 4 Stamina - 7 Stealth - 7 Strength - 2 Legendary Perks & Perk Changes Legendary Perks A new perk rarity tier has been introduced! Legendary perks! Legendary perks are now the rarest perks that can be obtained. The perk values and traits are identical to Epic perks, but there is one big difference between the two rarities. All Legendary perks come equipped with one extra positive trait! These traits are predetermined and work in addition to the perk’s original traits. Here are the traits that are tied to each Legendary perk: [Adrenaline Rush] Total Stamina [Aquanaut] Avoid Sense While Swimming [Controlled Breathing] Overall Fear Reduction [Easy Listening] Total Stamina [Escape Artist] Avoid Sense [Evasion] Avoid Sense [Firecracker] Melee Attack Speed [Friendship] XP Gain [Grease Monkey] Car Top Speed [Grinder] Overall Fear Reduction [Heavy Hitter] Weapon Damage [Heavy Mover] Weapon Damage [Heavy Sleeper] Decreased Sprint Noise [Home Body] First Aid Healing [Hypochondriac] Police Response Time [Ice Cold] Overall Fear Reduction [Lead Foot] Car Start Speed [Level Headed] Overall Fear Reduction [Lightfoot] Reduced Fear Penalites from Darkness [Lone Wolf] Break From Grab Easier [Low Profile] Increased Crouching Stamina Regen [Man At Arms] Weapon Damage [Marathon] Swim Speed [Medic] Repair Speed [Motorboating] Swim Speed [My Dad’s a Cop] Increased Weapon Damage as Tommy [Nerves of Steel] Less Fear From Dead Body [Night Owl] Less Fear Indoors [Potent Ranger] Avoid Stumble [Preparedness] Crouch Speed [Psychic] Hiding Spot Fear Reduced [Pyro] Firecrackers Stun Radius [Quiet Swimmer] Swim Speed [Restful] Break Grab Stamina Boost [Scout] Reduced Sprint Noise [Slugger] Melee Attack Speed [Sneaky] Stumble Reduced [Spatial Awareness] Voip Distance [Speed Demon] Sprint Speed [Sucker Punch] Increased Melee Damage [Swift Attacker] Increased Stun Time [Teamwork] Police Response Time [Thick Skinned] Ecscape From Traps Quicker [Thrasher] Reduced Weapon Damage Taken [Tinker] Boat Start Time Reduced Perk Values Adjusted The following perks have had their possible values adjusted: [Easy Listening] - Increases the Radio proximity recharge rate by 10% - 40% (was 1% - 10%) [Motorboating] - Increases the Boat movement speed by 5% - 35% (was 1% - 15%) [Man at Arms] - Increases Weapon durability by 5% - 15% (was 5% - 25%) [My Dad’s a Cop] - Reduces the Police arrival time by 5% - 25% (was 5% - 30%) [Quiet Swimmer] - Reduces the Sense detection chance by 5% - 20% (was 1% - 25%) [Lead Foot] - Increases the Car movement speed by 5% - 20% (was 1% - 25%) [Aquanaut] Increases the Counselor’s swimming speed by 5% - 35% (was 1% - 15%) Perk Selection Screen Updated Perk rarity can now also be distinguished by a numbering system added to the perk graphic in order to assist players with color blindness Combat Update Weapon Swapping Feature A new option is now available in the Jason selection screen! Players will now be able to equip different weapons on each Jason. This feature unlocks for players at level 113 and will allow the swapping of the following weapons: Pickaxe Machete Axe Fire Axe Battle Axe Spear Pig Splitter Shears All the grab kills tied to the weapons (including the DLC kills) will also be available through the swap. Jason’s Swing Animation All of Jason’s weapons have had their swinging animations adjusted to swing lower towards the ground. This change should help prevent Jason’s swings from missing players that are on uneven terrain or crouching. Jason’s Grab Changes Jason’s grab has been updated with a new animation and sound effect. These changes should more accurately represent the distance of Jason’s grab and also feel more gratifying when landing a grab on a counselor. Doorway Combat Changes We have made some adjustments to the way that combat works when there is a door in between Jason and a counselor. Originally, players were able to initiate combat from both sides of a closed door. This allowed counselors to time their swings and safely interrupt/damage Jason during his process of breaking down the door. Because of the way that combat works, there was little counterplay to these occurrences. In order to combat this one-sided exchange, counselors will no longer be able to hit Jason through doors. However, Jason will still have the ability to damage counselors that are standing extremely close to the door. Counselor Weapon Stats Adjusted The pips that represent the weapon stats in the How to Play section have had their values per pip adjusted to be more consistent. In addition, The following weapons have had their stats adjusted: 2X4 Frying Pan Fallen Tree Branch Baseball Bat Metal Pipe Wrench Cooking Pot Matchmaking Changes Infraction System An infraction system has been added in order to combat issues with players prematurely leaving matches. Players will now gain infraction points by performing any of the following actions in a Quickplay match: Leaving the match as Jason Leaving the match as the Host Leaving the match while still alive as a Counselor Leaving the match while in the process of being killed Accumulating too many infractions points will place you in a low priority queue in matchmaking with other similar players. These Infraction points are not permanent and will decay over time. Spawn Preference System In the December patch of last year, we introduced a “ticketing” system to the Spawn Preferences to combat some of the issues players were having with the Jason selection process. To improve on this system, we have made multiple changes to the Spawn Preferences this patch. The most noteworthy improvement is that this system is now tied to each individual player’s account. This means that a player’s chance to be selected as Jason will now persist even after changing lobbies. In addition, we have also made adjustments to the values in the preference system in order to provide players a fairer distribution of chances to become Jason. The probability of a player being chosen as Jason is affected by their preference settings and also their recent amount of Jason games. Playing as Jason too many times in a small time frame will cause the player to no longer be considered as a candidate to play as Jason. However, the player’s chance to be selected as Jason rapidly “recharges” over time and this system will have no long lasting effects on players. The Spawn Preference system only affects Private Matches only when a Jason has not been picked manually. Keybinding Support Keybinding Support is now available on the PC for players using a keyboard and mouse This feature may be accessed through Settings > Keybindings General Changes and Bugfixes General New Free Emote added! The Poppin’ Robot Intro/Outro cinematic cutscenes will now show the weapons/skins that the Jason player has equipped Rain has been re-enabled [XB1] Fixed multiple issues related to the Sweater Added countermeasures to several character selection exploits [PC] Jason Part 5 Jason has a new color variant for his default skin available! Note: Bloody skins for both the blue and green color variants have identical level requirements Part 7 Jason: Replaced +Grip Strength with +Weapon Strength Part 7 Jason: Replaced -Shift with -Stun Resistance Fixed an issue where stun damage would not cause Jason’s mask to fall off even after Jason has hit the HP threshold Reworded the tooltip for the Strength “Throwing Knives” to reflect previous changes made to Jason Fixed a bug where the throwing knife crosshair would sometimes become stuck on the screen Fixed a bug where the player could sometimes become unable to move after being hit during the grab animation Adjusted the animation for Part 4 Jason’s weapon to properly align with his hands during door / wall destruction animations Fixed an issue that was causing some of Jason’s weapons to not become bloody Fixed a bug with Part 5 Jason’s Shift ability having an incorrect recharge rate Fixed a bug where Jason would have the incorrect stun animation when shot by a flare gun Fixed a bug that prevented Jason from breaking a phone box that has been repaired multiple times Counselors Killing Jason will now grant XP when the Jason player quits after the kill sequence has been initiated Bear Traps are no longer able to be placed inside tents An equipped item that is being swapped out with another item will now attempt to locate the best available spot to be placed (i.e., the ground) Note: This was to address the issue with players being able to stack items infinitely on top of each other until an item becomes unreachable Fixed a bug where the Bear Trap arming animation would continue to play when the Bear Trap is triggered prematurely Fixed a bug that was giving counselors too many attempts at triggering Jason’s vulnerable state during the sweater stun kill sequence Fixed a bug where the phone calling animation would continue to play when the player has stepped into a Bear Trap at the same time Fixed a bug where if a Counselor starts calling the police and steps into a Bear Trap at the same time, the phone would continue to fly around like a spooky ghost while the Counselor attempts to escape the Bear Trap Fixed a bug where the emote wheel persist on the screen after the player has been killed Fixed a bug where the player could become interaction locked by spamming the interact button on the phone while Jason is destroying the phone box Fixed a bug where placing Bear Traps in certain locations would sometimes launch the player into the sky Fixed a bug that caused the player’s fear effect to persist during the outro cinematic Fixed an issue that caused the map to drop as an item when the player is killed in certain hiding spots Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect animation to play when certain Counselors would direct hit a wall with the Baseball Bat Perks Fixed an issue with the Slugger perk that caused the spawned baseball bat to have incorrect stats Fixed a bug with the Teamwork perk that caused the attack strength decreased to not work properly Vehicles Improvements have been made to the way that cars are affected by physics Improved car handling by changing the cars to front wheel drive (instead of rear wheel drive) Added an small invincibility frame for the brief period when a counselor is exiting a car Fixed an issue with cars becoming “jittery” or unstable after reaching top speeds Cars have had their brakes improved. Cars can now come to a full stop more quickly and using the hand brakes allows a player to “drift”. Added countermeasures to prevent Counselors from standing on top of cars The rear view camera that is available while driving in reverse can now be accessed at any time while driving by holding down the Rear View button (Default: R, Triangle, or Y) Fixed an issue that was causing the vehicle starting animations to not play Maps General Repair Parts dropped into the lake should now respawn by the shore more consistently across all maps Regular doors (that do not have a barricade attached) can now be locked/unlocked from both sides Added blockers to the cemeteries to prevent cars from traveling through Addressed several exploit locations across all maps Addressed several locations across all maps in which the environmental kills were inaccessible or not working properly Drawers will no longer have an extended collision volume once they have been opened Adjusted lighting throughout the multiplayer maps Jarvis House Made adjustments to several cabins to prevent Repair Parts from spawning in an inaccessible location The lights in the Vacation House will now be properly disabled when the corresponding power box has been destroyed Pinehurst Fixed an issue where one of the doors in the Halfway House could only be opened by Jason from the outside Addressed an issue that caused some of the shorelines to have an incorrect collision which prevented players from exiting the water in those locations Fixed a bed that was missing an interaction button Changed the date that appears in the opening cinematic cutscene from 1986 to 1989 Crystal Lake Fixed a bug where Rob would sometimes appear bloody in the opening cinematic cutscene Packanack Fixed a bug that prevented Bear Traps from being placeable in two of the cabins Bots General improvements made to AI behavior Improvements with AI interaction with vehicles AI will now make an attempt to interact or avoid Jason’s traps AI will now be able to place Bear Traps AI will now turn on radios as a distraction The difficulty setting in Offline Bots will now affect the bots in the following ways: Ranged accuracy Weapon pickup preferences Item location awareness Starting items and preset perks Sound Fixed an issue that was causing the vehicle starting sounds to not play Fixed an issue that was causing the car braking sounds to not play for the driver Cars braking in reverse will now play the appropriate sound UI The Controller Bumpers should now scroll in the right direction when in the Jason selection screen The How To Play section has been updated to include the Single Player Challenges
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    I think there should be an option to pass on playing as Tommy Jarvis. Sometimes, you just want to do other things until the match is done or sometimes you just want to spectate. For example, if you are chosen to be Tommy Jarvis, you should first get a message with a Yes/No option for you decide what you want to do. If you decide 'No', next eligible player should get that chance. What do you guys think?
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    We get it, she's fast, she can run circles around Jason, but please for the sake of our sanity STOP looping him around for 10 minutes when you are the last person alive! I am host 90% of my games, I want to level up the normal way by having fun and meeting people in multiplayer, I don't want to end the game early so we can all get our xp instead of farming bots. You running around in circles like a jackass and talking shit to Jason while the rest of us who have played in the same match for 5 rounds do not want to watch this stupid cat and mouse game for 10 minutes, ESPECIALLY when the cops aren't coming! I get it, bullying Jason is fun and exploiting his animations must be a hoot, jumping out of the same window a hundred times and getting 2 uses out of your medspray as-well, but please for the sake of everyone else, play as Lachappa and just die. Sure you no-lifed the game for 2000 hours or whatever other ridiculous number and consider yourself a "real" fan of the series. Then please if you see a new player as Jason, either a kid, or someones friend who is trying out the game, let him get a kill, let him walk away from the experience saying he had a good time, not that he frustratingly got ran circles around for 20 minutes by one person. YOU ARE THE REASON THE GAME IS DYING on PC. REMEMBER THAT, this game isn't about what's meta, about trapping the phone first, it's about having fun and getting scared with friends, not about being a jackass abusing the games mechanics. I understand it comes with the territory, people can't leave there ego's at the door when they enter a cabin. They have to SURVIVE! They have to 8/8 as Jason! How about having some fun for once, and not your twisted bastardization of the concept. That's all, yours truly a salty Jason and Counselor player.
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    Exactly. What a boob. "Wahhh. Play the video game the way I like it. Wahhh." Crybaby.
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    How is fixing the car rubber-banding glitch related to host? It was not in the game until the December patch, meaning it was one of the many glitches accidentally patched into the game. I can see how dedicated servers would make fixing it easier, but saying that dedicted servers are the only way to fix it is clearly false. If that were the case, the glitch would have been here since release. Also, what does this mean for private matches? Will rubber-banding just never be fixed for people playing private matches? I'm excited for the update, but I am not buying the whole 'dedicated servers are the only fix for car rubber-banding' when that just isn't true. It's an excuse to buy more time on the issue. Again, if it were purely related to host, the glitch would have existed since release, not since the December patch.
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    Interesting seeing as the problem is omnipresent on PC too. About the patch: Negative: "This allowed counselors to time their swings and safely interrupt/damage Jason during his process of breaking down the door. Because of the way that combat works, there was little counterplay to these occurrences." Blatantly wrong. The changes make logically sense. Base the reasoning on that, not on a lie. Infraction system is a bad idea JUST because the game doesn't have a great Report system. Trolls, Teamers and Cheaters can do whatever the fuck they want. If you try to avoid them you get punished for it. Additionally the game had dozens of game breaking bugs that led to frustrations or situations where leaving was the only option. I hope those are gone because I can't see them in the patch notes. Positive: Everything else
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    Can we get confirmation that rubber-banding back to the car has not been fixed with this update, please?
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    I guess it's just lucky for us that we don't require your respect to enjoy the game.
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    ...Sure, sort of like the leveling system in F13th and the weapon swap level lock.
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    Getting a message from the other side....its from @Brigadius. He says, "invulnerability frames won't fix rubberbanding...because it is a desync issue. Check your coding....check yoooouuuurrr coooodding....." Dammit. I've lost him. He also says to say "hi" to Ben. Overall. I'm glad to see they've made some forward progress. Looking forward to seeing how the update plays.
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    Here's a small list of things that I'll be looking for in the patch. Will people still be rubber-banding back to the car? Will people still be walking in the sky? Will Jason still get interaction locked and ability locked while interacting with windows? Will people still get stuck if they try to enter the car immediately after stepping in a trap? Will exploiters still be running around stamina free, giving themselves unlimited CP, and using med spray cancels to warp? Will hit detection still be atrocious? Will people still be able to slide around while aiming weapons by emote canceling? Will the car battery still spawn in an inaccessible location on Jarvis House? Will Jason still have no tools to deal with groups of counselors? Will people still be stunning Jason after he eats a pocket knife or rages through a door \ wall? Will people still have glitched clothing for counselors and skins for Jason? Will Jason X still be appearing in multiplayer matches? Will people still be dashboarding? Will Packanack and Higgins Haven Small still crash when selected in a private match? Will Offline bots still not function while offline? Will morphing to the exit bridge on Jarvis House still put Jason in the water?
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    Launch Anniversary Event! We're more than doubling the chances of Tapes spawning into games (the highest drop rate it has ever been!) and bringing back the seemingly universally loved 2.3x XP for 5 days to celebrate one year of Friday the 13th: The Game. Thank you all for playing, and make sure to accumulate that sweet, sweet XP and those cassette tapes! This event starts at 4pm Eastern on May 24th and ends at 4pm Eastern on the 29th.
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    Melissa was garbage imo she wasn't even hot just a mean dumb blonde with the look of an office temp. Tamara Mason is the real mean girl she almost killed the main girl on purpose seduced the professor recorded it and held it against him to pass school denied the nerd guy hard did coke with the foreign innocent girl and she had a rocking 80s style. Again Melissa was a tame girl compared to Tamara
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    Well Wes is once again full of shit then, if he actually said that. Because PC has dedicated servers and the issue still exists there. They like to buy time. Just like the salt mines will buy them enough time for the game to die, thus curbing the need for any dedicated servers. It's smart, in a crooked way...
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    Is that a valid fix? A few free frames is nothing. If the game runs at 60 frames per second, and it takes 3 seconds to rubber-band back to the car, you'd need 180 frames to protect the player. I'll reserve my judgement until I see this masterpiece in action. I must say that we're a little light on impactful multiplayer bug fixes for 3 months worth of work. It looks like people will still be walking in the sky and Jason will still be getting interaction locked. That's unfortunate.
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    By making statements like "we require 100% proof" or "team killing isn't against the rules" GM protects itself from backlash. It may not protect it's game though. There is no "100% proof". You can't monitor other players constantly, therefore you can't record them 100% of the time. If you aren't a "Content Creator" for social media platforms, you don't own capture devices, and there's a good chance you aren't able to record Xbox or PS4 dash content (that could show Teamers in Private Chats) or record the verbal harassments from players because the record features built into consoles do not record those things. They only record the gameplay. (I don't know about Steam but I do know you can run a screen capture software on a computer so I'm not arguing for PC players) Not to mention the amount of people who aren't "tech savvy". The ones who simply don't record (or can't record) full sessions (including spectating after death) or know how to upload/share/host video footage. As far as team killing not being against the rules, that's probably to ensure that there it's more activity. They know banning team killers would hit the playerbase even harder and numbers are already low because of those that have moved on for other reasons. It isn't fair to say the playerbase and the developers are on sperate pages on these issues......... It's more like they're in different books.
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    Nobody cares that you can now unlock unbarricaded doors from the outside? This is a major improvement
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    Only buffs for Jason and nerfs for survivors hooray
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    These are patch notes. The engine update is not a patch it's an engine upgrade therefore it does not appear in the patch notes. Thursday will deliver the new engine when the update goes live.
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    It isn’t policed even a fraction as much as this message board is, THAT’S for sure.
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    Lol. Maybe at that point Jason should just go to his shack and let the Vanessa repair parts so they can leave without having to kite. Yes. That comes off as idiotic. Just like saying the counselor should just give up. It's a multiplayer video game. Both sides should be trying.
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    Well you need to take into concideration: What makes a good mean girl? we can break this down in categories 1 Mean: Melissa is selfish and wants the goodguy for herself while using people around her, shes not actively hurting anyone shes simply just someone who wants what she can not have and feels like she can uphold her image by pushing down Tina to show ''whos boss'' people also miss out on other girls in the same movie being as mean as melissa with Robin and Sandra being horrible people making Melissa someone who hangs around other mean girls to a degree. Tamara is a psychpath, she tried to actually actively KILL someone who she simply didn't like, unlike Melissa who goes for cheap shots Tamara tried to actually let someone drown and shows no remourse, she like Melissa goes for manipulations and tries to persuade a teacher into giving higher grades with blackmail which would result in his carees ending and his life being ruined, she also took the guy from JJ resulting in her death as well. More mean - Melissa, Tamara is simply a psychopath 2 Friends!: Melissa is seen being somewhat of a proud host, shes proud of her place and invites her friends over to party with her and lets them spend the summer with her in the huge house as well as letting the people bring their own friends, Melissa hardly invited all the boyfriends/side friends but didnt mind having them over as she spent more quality time with her friends anyway, she even had Maddie there who was a shy girl with no ''friends'' meaning wether Melissa is caring for Maddie or not it sure would make her summer if she wasnt killed in the barn. Tamara have no ''friends'' she used goodgirl Eva as a way to look better on her own without changing her attitude, Eva looked shocked and horrified when Reggie was pushed over the edge and was pressured into taking cocain with her. Other than Eva Tamara isnt seen hanging with anyone except Wayne who she made think he had a shot with her before dropping him like he was nothing, kind of like when Melissa stole a guy to lead him on as well. Better friend: Melissa 3 Style Melissa wears 3 outfits and her pearls are one of the most memorable things in the entire movie Tamara have some style but fails to leave a memorable details such as the pearls Best Style: Melissa 4 future? In events that she would not have died Melissa would remain high society and selfless as a way to make herself look good, she hardly care for the lower class people like Maddie but shes helping them to look good herself Tamara was a drug addict slut blackmailing people, if Jason had not killed her someone else would have eventually due to her pure evil manipulations 5 Death Melissas death is censored, you dont get to see the original more brutal death Tamara did not even had a scene recorded, there is no ''deleted scene'' with her death in it. 6 Catchphrases Melissa: There goes the neighborhood Tamara Mason: I hear the crew members are cute guys in their twenties. Eva Watanabe: Really? Tamara Mason: I'm sure we'll have no problem getting them to party with us... especially with this. [unzips her purse revealing a packet of cocaine] Tamara Mason: It's a graduation gift from Daddy. It cost a thousand bucks but it's the best. Better Quote: Melissa
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    Then add pitchfork + kill pack for said pitchfork. Problem solved. Then Savini could also use those new kills, effectively giving "Savini" a kill pack without releasing an exclusive one no one else would be able to get. (Gun really should hire me. They couldn't afford me, though. )
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    I call bullshit on that- then why hasn't this always been an issue?? This didn't start till the last patch. They modified something which caused this effect.
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    I'm throwing my money at the screen right now.
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    10/10, would buy that clothing pack just to piss the purists off.
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    And I have reached level 150 on 3 seperate accounts and it has only happened to me 4 or 5 times. Our personal experiences with the glitch doesn't make it any less of gamebreaking glitch. It also directly ties into two other glitches. One where the counselor affected by rubber banding gets extra pocket knives, and the other being a teleportation glitch that sends you under the map.
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    Rubber banding hasn't been fixed. If it had, it would be in the patch notes and the devs and community managers wouldn't answering all sorts of other questions but avoiding that one.
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    So about the salt mines, if someone is teaming with Jason and we leave, how long will it count against us, until the next teamer we encounter. Cause it’s been about every other lobby in quick play. Watching Jason tunnel you as their friend flashes their light on you, closes doors to trap you and tries to run you over, can only withstand so much patience.
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    Here: Now they can add the doors back to the basement of the blue vacation main house in the Jarvis map, as you won't be locked out.
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    100% agree!! especially on that one stilt cabin in Packanak
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    Ya gotta find the fuse and fix the phone box first.
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    @LordxSesshomaru I have had 3 games in a row as Jason many times.... have to back out and change preference for a while after that. I have had stretches of 20 games or more in which I did not get to play Jason at all with his preference turned on. The ticket system may help, it may not... we will have to wait and see. I think it may actually help. Rage quiters are still a rather large problem... quitting during the kill... quitting immediately after the game starts for whatever reason. This can make for some pretty small game lobbies that started as full lobbies. After a few days... maybe a week of the Salt Mine being active, they will cut down on people in regular lobbies that do this often. Sure some people that disappear from a game actually had a connection failure or the game crashed, but hopefully the update helps with this problem too.... we will have to wait and see. For those that quit on purpose during a kill... it may teach them some patience. 4 seconds out of your life (well maybe and entire 10 seconds) before you join the afterlife club and can quit without salt is too much? Patience... it is a virtue.... I would hate to see the road rage on these people when 10 seconds of their lives are wasted at a stop light. See a hacker... start filming and send in a report. Take note of their name... if you continue to see them in lobbies afterwards, leave before the match starts up... There are quite a few I can remember off the top of my head and if I see them in the lobby, I just leave.... give it a minute for his lobby to fill with other players and try again, or you may just end up in the same lobby again. Hopefully, if they are in need of a legitimate ban, they will receive one... but do not expect it to happen overnight. If you have friends to play with, gather as many as you can and play with them... even a group of 3 or 4 friends cuts down on the number of randoms in quick play, which cuts down the odds of seeing hackers. You can always leave the match afterwards and hope for a better lobby. They are and will remain a problem... but have some patience, you will not see a hacker in every lobby.
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    I'm a jason main, yet I dislike the map. Not because it's hard for counselors, but because it's simply boring for both jason players and counselor players. You stay in one section of the map, the main houses are useless as the phone box doesn't spawn at the main houses, there's hardly any items and objectives in the main houses, the long travels due to mountains. It's very boring and repetitive for both jason and counselor players, that's why people don't want to play it. The phone box should spawn in the main houses, there should either be more trails on the mountains or replacement of some mountains with woods, items should be more spread out in the map, the main houses should have more items
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    Maybe you should watch so you learn how to stay alive.
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    Yup, I for one enjoy watching anyone try to elude Jason at the end. I'll go make some coffee and watch the show.
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    As per the title? I don't give a fuck. This depends on context. I've had games where I was the last alive, and even with the police called, on Pinehurst I wasn't going to be able to make it across the map. I had to die or loop Jason across some cabins. Granted, I was Adam in that game, but the point stands. If a player is drawing out the game needlessly, I agree with you. If they are doing it because the alternative is to lose? Not so much. Eh? Sounds like you need to deal. People are not expected to give up and die. If nobody got the police called, if the cars are off the map or not fixed, and I can outlast Jason, I'm going to do my best to do so. Deal with it. Nope. If cabin tag is what it takes to live, I'm going to try. Personal insults. Nice. But moving onto the helping newbies out. You can do that by how you play. I've given tips to Jason's in pursuit at times. It has a lot to do if they come off as dicks, or are cheating or whatnot vs being somebody I'd like to see do better. If you come into a game and expect to jump to the top of the heap in a day? Grow up. Practice. Play. Learn the meta. Play with that in mind. Research a bit. The internet is there on your phone, PC, laptop. Or continue to suck. It's your decision, metaphoric new guy. Oh, Noes! It's in caps so it has to be true! Sure it is. If you want to win, you need to know how. A player who decides to hide in a closet, doesn't get vehicles moving and dies once rage sets in. A character who runs in the woods aimlessly, runs out of stamina and dies. A player who doesn't play the game toward an end doesn't do as good as those who do. With that said, I still have fun with friends, get scared when I screw up or Jason pulls a fast one, and love playing a game of wits on both sides of the hockey mask. If I can go 8/8, Fuck Yeah! If not, better luck next time. I'm not going to go less than that unless my opponents are good enough to escape. Well, you got this part right at least.
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    If you are the last one alive with no objectives completed, what else are you suppose to do? Let him kill you?
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    I have another Halloween suggestion for Victoria! This time, Jackie Kennedy's chanel. She was wearing this dress at the moment her husband was assassinated by a sniper. Morbid detail, his blood and brain matter splashed all over her.
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    FUCK YES! Spectating is a great time for a smoke break, but I don't want to be that AFK Tommy that everyone hates... I usually have to wait until Tommy has spawned, but by then the match is usually almost over... Great suggestion @tHr33
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    Your power ups are your perks and different weapons are your different Jasons. As far as the tied to levels people have gotten way better since the beginning and part of that is they have found better perks and such. Might not be in depth like a FF or even tabletop D&D, but it does have the basic requirements for an RPG. Is it what I traditionally think of when I think RPG but I find your whining funny when you mention RPG because it does have the basic elements of an RPG. You take a role in a narative (either a counselor or a killer) and play your roles. Think skin = Amour Medic = Stronger healing 'magic' Ax perk, slugger, melee = stronger weapon damage. How do you get perks? By playing doing objectives and leveling up which gives you more CP (gold) to spend on said amour amd such.
  44. 2 points
    They changed the code of conduct to allow Jason helping because it was to hard to deal with, that should tell you all you need to know.
  45. 2 points
    The phone spawning at the main houses.
  46. 2 points
    I'm not trying to sound pessimistic, just realistic. I am a big supporter of this game and I do know that the devs are putting a lot into it. Not just from forum jockies, but from meeting them in person on multiple occasions and checking in on via DM's every once and a while. I mean, after all they did let me design a kill for the game. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing on this issue. In the end, I don't think it is enough to entice people to put in the work if the servers are not working and there is absolutely nothing worthwhile to earn between level 44 and 113. I'm now up to 110, but with all the issues in the last few days I would probably be 112 or 113. Sucks because many of those games were heavy in XP earnings. At this rate I am not sure I am going to hit 113 before Thursday, but certainly before the weekend. Single player is also probably going to help a lot because at least it will feel fresh, although, I wish they weren't spoiling all the kills in the trailer. And like clockwork, we're filming Never Hike Alone BTS interviews all day Thursday so of course that is the day they choose for the release. I swear, every release and double XP in the last 6 months has come on a weekend where I am traveling or working.
  47. 2 points
    I'll spend most of the day with the singleplayer challenges trying to unlock all the stuff before I touch the multiplayer again.
  48. 2 points
    I finally get to play as Victoria and not feel bad being the selfish player I was destined to be. God is good.
  49. 2 points
    There is one thing we must understand Jason is and always will be trollable whatever the devs will change , but there is a solution somewhere which is to remove weapons for counselors but we don't want that. But like i told some of my friends , there always a way to counter every counselors actions , same goes for Jason block is your best friend here.
  50. 2 points
    Community still likes Melissa more.
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