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    I usually tank most traps. Knives are too precious to waste on a trap unless it's just one.
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    And that really is the core issue is it not? You shouldn't have to bait people to invest time in a game. You shouldn't put highly desired features out of the reach of all but the most diehard players. It demotivates the player base when they should be energizing it. They can't afford to keep taking the losses they are on their player base. Yet, here we continue with this self-licking ice cream cone.
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    For every post I have seen like this since the announcement you can all sincerely GO FUCK YOURSELVES. You're playing a fucking video game and earning imaginary points, not curing cancer you self important pricks. That out of the way, there is a way better system that could be put in place for this. The console version of this game has issues, lots of them. It makes it not only tough to build XP, but just to play the game in general. Host quits, random disconnections, laggy play, and long, long, long wait times in between matches. Even when you do finish a match, the XP handed out for counselors is probably a fraction of what it should be worth, this coming from a player who tries to fix everything on the map and get a shot in on Jason before going for an escape. Switching to offline mode is no better. At this time, the bots are fun for maybe 2-3 rounds before things just get tedious because they pose absolutely no challenge. And since it's become an XP mining expedition, I find myself repeatedly throwing bots through windows and crushing their heads in doors for the extra nugget of pointage. This is NOT how I, or anyone for that matter, wants to play the game and that is a big issue. Complaints about the "grind" aside, a full package unlock of weapons at such a high level to "reward the dedicated players" is a well intentioned, but ill-conceived plan. It would make more sense for weapons to unlock as you go, just like how it works for Jason. Once the last Jason is unlocked at 44, a player can then start unlocking the weapons of other Jasons as you level up. This not only gives players short term goals to strive for, but it also allows devs to establish a pattern for future weapon releases with unique kills since they are about to run out of Jasons to build anyway. Weapons do not give players any sort of statistical boost, so it makes little to no sense for the goal to be so high. This feature more breaks up the repetition of the gameplay and make the overall experience more enjoyable. That is something players of ALL LEVELS could use right now, not just the hard core gamers. That said, I would be all the more willing to grind for things that actually help like a +1 Trap, +1 Throwing Knife for Jason and + Stamina, + Health for counselors. I am all for a world where higher level Jasons are harder to survive against and counselors harder to kill. It would make a lot sense for stat boosts to be in the 100+ range because of what those features could ultimately do your ability to play the game. For context, I am a KS backer who has had the game since launch, but because I spent so much time creating Never Hike Alone, I am only sitting at a level 108. I was even lucky enough to co-design the Free Kick kill and have no problem earning my stripes to get to level 125 before I can use it because the price seems fair. I'm certainly not concerned with being a high enough level by the time the weapons are released, but even I can see how detrimental of a blow this could be for players still sitting under 100. Working from level 44 to 113 is going to feel like an eternity for casual players and that's not worth it for something most of us thought was going to be a no-brainer standard feature 3 years ago when we backed the game. I know some of the devs are fiercely holding their ground on this decision, but there is a vastly better way to do this as outlined in the countless posts in this forum and through out social media. The only argument 113+ players seem to be making is "WE DESERVE THIS MORE THAN U, NOT OUR FAULT U SUCK AT THE GAME" which is selfishly pathetic and the type of attitude that should never be rewarded. As the old saying goes "If enough people tell you that you are drunk, lay down." That time is now. Do the right thing.
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    It comes down to two problems. 1, The mountains in the Jarvis map. The mountains in the Javis map make it where you can only walk via the trails to get around the map, unlike packanack, higgins and Pinehurst where there is woods where you can run through. My suggestion for this problem? Replace the mountains with the woods, offering more space and easier travel, the same way packanack and Pinehurst work 2. The phone box doesn't spawn at either of the main houses of the Jarvis map. This is an even bigger problem, probably the main reason this map isnt well received. In packanack, Higgins and Pinehurst the phone box can spawn at the main house, allowing for fun chases and interesting Dynamics. The phone doesn't spawn at either of the main houses, if it did this map would be more dynamic than any of the other maps, because this map is the only map with two main houses and the only one that contains a basement. My solution? Have the phone box spawn at the main houses, they can switch it up even, they could have the phone box be on the outside of the house like the other maps, or in the basements. If they can update the map with those solutions it would be better than any map currently in the game, it would be like the other maps where travel is ease through the woods, and offer variety, similarity to other maps and more challenge by having the phone box spawn at the main houses. Another thing would be to put locks on all basement doors and to add the basement door back to the vacation house, in other maps you could lock the whole house, this map either doesn't have the basement door or when it did it had no lock. With these simple fixes the map probably wouldn't even need a small version that's been highly requested.
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    ::face palm:: Well, now that issue is cleared up, who wants cake?
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    "the rewards leveling xp system is there to encourage players to play this game for longer" is a stupid argument at this point. if you want people to play your game for a long time and if you want a healthy community for a long time and you want players to improve and get better - then just make a game thats fun to play. its that simple the devs are just doing one bad thing after another and you guys defending them like this are the reason why the game is dying in the first place. "why add fun features that extend gameplay life and make the game funnier and more varied when we can just lock these features everyones waited for behind huge level caps and give people something to work and play for" is cancer. make the game fun. there you have your healthy playerbase that sticks around for a long while. clothing colors and maybe different types of clothing and skins should be the furthest you should go with leveling and xp in a game like this. were talking about a slasher game. how the hell can people think that locking the fundamental basics of a slasher - creative kills with an assortment of weapons - behind a huge enormous level cap is a good idea on the devs part? pt6 jason literally has a fucking machete on his toolbelt ffs honestly, i stopped taking your input seriously after you started talking about how buyable unlocks are the exact same thing as gambling because both involve paying money for something. your logic simply doesnt work here or anywhere for that matter. theres a reason why we as a society put clear differences in things. theres a difference why we have hundreds of different types of crimes. but according to your logic, stealing a candy bar and straight up murdering an entire family are the same thing because both break the law. please just stop and realize that just because 2 things are rewards, doesnt mean 2 rewards are the exact same thing.
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    You don't choose LaChappa, he chooses you.
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    Ah too bad. You're on that other console. LOL. I won't hold it against you. @tyrant666 Honestly, there was never any hype on my part for Jason have a unique weapon for each iteration. Jason killed with whatever was at hand in the movies. The various weapons should have been scattered around the map from the start (like the environmental kills) allowing him to pick up whatever he felt like using during the match (or swapping/dropping weapons on a whim). Would still love to see something like that be implemented in the game. It would be fun (IMO) if Jason entered the match unarmed (grab kills only) and dynamically changed his killing method throughout the match.
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    If you were an officer on the Titanic, your advice would sound something like "Iceberg dead ahead, let's blast through that sucker!"
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    ? thank you! Not everyone is on this site day in and day out and know every little step before speaking their mind. They bitch about a post but contribute nothing to it. I find it hilarious that I got a “warning” (as if I give a shit, you know who you are) for replying to people in multiple posts yet it’s fine and dandy for people to just derail your topic by nitpicking the fact that somewhere at some point someone else talked about this. Point is - if you don’t want to engage in my topic, don’t fucking engage.
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    Gee, there already haven't been 2,000 thread about this! Enjoy having your thread locked!
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    Yeah...they "caved" and removed major issues with the game because of "crying". What a bunch of morons...
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    @Ghostboy20 well yeah I was looking for a response from the cool kids not the nerds
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    We've all had games before where you're playing as Jason and you see several people standing at the police exit because they know they've won but just want to troll Jason by either setting off firecrackers, ganging up on him, or have several knives and just want to use them on Jason. It's annoying not just for the guy playing as Jason but for all the other players that just want to get on to the next match and don't want to watch Jason get trolled for 10 minutes. I think a good counter for this would be for there to be 1 speargun somewhere on the map that Jason has to find. It would only have 1 shot so he couldn't use it over and over, but it would be a long range one hit kill with it's own kill animation. Having this would be a good way to prevent trolls from just standing at the exit dancing because then one of them would run the risk of dying from a spear flying into their head.
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    I think a lot of things like this could be done for counselors if there was an AI Jason. Playing as Jason in these scenarios seems like it would either be too easy or too boring. But come to think of it....maybe they can make 2 - 4 vs 1 mini missions like this, where both Jason and the counselors have to accumulate things to be effective at their tasks at hand. Counselors obviously have to find repair parts , weapons and perks; they shouldn't start with perks. Jason has to find weapons and do or find certain things to gain his abilities. Nothing should turn on passively. If Jason has to be active in making himself stronger and more effective, it'll remove the boredom of just walking around looking for people. As counselors and as Jason, both don't have to do anything but the basics to be effective, it's just that if they don't, their effectiveness will be very low. That will make it fun for newbs and skilled players. But a good matchmaking algorithm will be essential for it. If both Jason and the counselor players are good, then the whole thing should crescendo into violence and blood and tears.
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    See this is why there needs to be a kid's section of the forum. New members start in the kids section, where they can double post, shit post, create the same thread over and over again. And, over time, if they can prove themselves to be high functioning human beings then they can come over to the grown-up section. Don't let your hurt feelings cloud your judgment. You got some backlash; just apologize, ask for the thread to be locked, and find the most recent thread about the subject (which is probably 2 threads under this), and continue there to write the same thing that's been written here 1000s of times already. No, I love you, but I'm beginning to hate your posting style
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    And most of them are too lazy and inconsiderate to take 30 seconds to do a search or look down this list on the 1st page. The ones that are here day in and day out are tired of being subjected to that stupidity.
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    I think everyone needs to stop acting like nazis on here lol. Friday the 13th wooooooooo
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    I agree. When you define characters by their sexual orientation you're literally just turning them into crass stereotypes and caricatures. I mean, imagine someone asking for a "straight male" trope, it's kinda silly.
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    Pointless redundant thread gets pointless redundant answers...
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    The main problem I see with Jarvis is the repair parts are so far from the objective it's extremely difficult to complete an objective. The second is that you sometimes get a two seater instead of the four seater. The phone not being at Jarvis or the vacation house is weird but not really a big deal to me.
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    I noticed this too, and you have a point. I 100% agree.
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    Well said. The reality is that unlocks are fine. The progression should be attainable in a reasonable amount of time for the average player (or a player who hasn't owned the game since digital launch). I had suggested they unlock the weapon for a given Jason +10 levels after that Jason unlocks. I think that would be reasonable and allow players to have something to shoot for which doesn't involve endless hours of grinding. I also say this as a level 150 myself who has nothing left to gain in terms of unlocks. I have no idea why the Devs thought level 113 would be a great idea for unlock level given that the weapon swapping feature is so desired by many (since the game first launched).
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    Hundreds of hours to unlock a very basic feature like weapon swapping is ridiculous no matter how you like to put it.
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    - Traps wouldn't be nearly the weakness it is if Jason could simply pickup or fix his traps once used, just like counselors can continuously re use bear traps. With the only way counselors could potentially stop Jason from reusing his traps is if they were willing to give up a pocket knife to wreck it. The only difference between negative, neutral and Part 2 would be the ability to have the least, good and best objective control. Just that small change alone would pretty much make the -Trap weakness much less of a crippler for all the Jasons. In terms of Part 4 himself. I don't feel his strengths/weaknesses really match the film. That's my number one problem with him. His look is fine for me, besides the size the mask, when it was literally the SAME mask he had in Part 3. + Can Run + Shift (He was super aggressive in this film, making him the only +Shift Human Jason) + Destruction (See above) - Less Hit Points (He was killed here, makes the most sense) - Stun Resistance (Trish knocked him out with the TV) - Defense (He was in the most weakened state in this film) Water Speed should've been neutral for me. He killed two people in the water here, caught up with the boyfriend in the water like no big deal. If you wanna replace the Stun Resistance or Defense for Traps, then fine. He needs one of the two to be film accurate.
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    The devs haven't spoke about any of the counsellors sexuality, I'm just assuming that Kenny's either bisexual or straight. I don't think Kenny would mind being called gay, after all. Hes got bigger problems to deal with. Like... Not getting killed by a 6 foot tall deformed man child. Plus, all the kid's he has to look after. Man, Kenny must be under a lot of pressure...
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    Because it’s pretty boring having to wait ingame for exp... “dedicated servers” that you’ve been talking about for almost a year still haven’t come. the fans have made you guys a lot of money and it seems like you don’t work on the game at all. God of war has had like 15 updates since its launch a month ago. Not to mention the “connection lost to host”, literally the only game I’ve ever played where I had this issue. 1gb/s connection every multiplayer game in the ps store has never had an issue. Devs didn’t get enough money to maintain the game or improve? I bought the game preordered and didn’t play it for almost a year because of bugs/hosting... fix your shit
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    Would be cool. One of the Stretch Goals was a rework of the NES Friday the 13th , so maybe that.
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    Chad is already the gay counselor and I have the evidence. Poor LaChappa! Chad was so into it that even Jason walking into the room could not distract him. A few minutes later was when LaChappa started to enjoy it. And here's a pic of the closest anyone's ever morphed to the phone
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    I've discovered that I play better when I'm sober. But that was for a brief period a few months ago. Otherwise I'm probably always high when I play. It's dawned on me that it's not good. It dulls me down too much. It magnifies the importance of small shit. I can have a whole night of no survivors but because I was terrible with knives or missed a lot of shift grabs, I would think I suck and the night was bad. Sometimes I'd record some of these and when I'd watch them back, for some of them, I couldn't figure out what made me upset. But I know it was some stupid, small mistake I made. However for the two weeks of playing this game sober, things would bother me but it would only last for a second; nothing snowballed. I also started becoming a better player but I thought it was just me naturally transitioning into ultra instinct. When I got back home and finally smoked again, all of that went away and there was a very noticeable change, especially once the initial high started to taper off. It lowers the ceiling on me, but pretty much only with this game. I can't think of anything else that I do that being high causes me any trouble, including my job as an engineer, and also when I have to talk to cops, but we don't need to get into that. Basically what I'm saying is that if I was to stay sober I would become unstoppable. I would then for sure be the world's greatest F13 player!!! But I love getting high so I guess I'll just have to settle for super amazing top-tier.
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    I have played drunk many times. My inner troll comes out in full force for some magical moments vs Jason. ? Lots of mistakes too of course but that’s part of the fun.
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    They said paranoia is indefinitely delayed, I'm sorry but here in the real world that is the devs softening the blow of cancelling it. Tell you what I'll honor this, if 6 months or 1 year from now paranoia gets released then I'll pay you $100 on PayPal, I give my word, but I'm telling you it's not gonna happen. You gotta learn the jargon of devs, the words they threw around in the post about paranoia being delayed were all red flags for it actually being cancelled. Others agree with this, but kudos on ignoring my last reply. It's like even though the devs have said they've known about and been working on engine update since late 2017 they still teased Jason x content knowing they'd be delaying it a month later, this is obviously shitty on their part, an obvious hype building ploy, yet no one wants to open their eyes and see the deception and call them on it. Instead people just kiss their ass, I love this game and buy every dlc to support it but what they did with Uber/Grendel reveal was a cheap stunt and at the very least considering it's been almost half a year since vc 2.0 dropped with Uber reveal they could give us some kind of updated info on it! Even just to say hey it's still coming soon! The whole point of this post is because the comparison to paranoia, how the paranoia reveal that stated coming soon was followed by months of silence then being told it was indefinitely delayed, now December 2017 we get told Jason x content is coming soon which has been followed by 5 months of silence.... Seems likely it may get "indefinitely delayed", and that would be a very disappointing scenario.
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    Disagree. Go away. This place has got a death curse. Youre all doomed.
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    Quick Update: Jason Weapon Selection unlocks at level 113. Jason Strengths and Weaknesses are tied to Jason and not weapons.
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    Well, there also is a hack that can instantly break you out, but that's only on PC. Consolers can feel the effects of macros though.
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    I like this idea a lot. Judging how Michael is a "strong silent type", having a dramatic theme everytime he comes within a 10 meter radius would be a buzzkill. I think it should correspond to how much power he has at the moment. At the beginning of the match, you wouldn't be alerted if he was around. Instead, he could stalk you without your knowledge, and build up his power gradually. It'd also scary as hell to turn a corner and see Michael standing in a dark hallway. Later in the match, when most of the players are dead, I think should music should come into play. For example, all players have escaped and its just one or two survivors left. When Michael comes around and discovers you, it should play something like "The Shape Stalks" or the Halloween theme. It'd also be intense to be trying to reach the police as Loomis while the Halloween theme plays, sort of a cinematic feel if you will.
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    Buying loot boxes is the same as buying in game items, both offer items, one is random the other isn't you buy what you want but both are still the same in the fact your giving money for nothing
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    None of these “fundamental basics “are locked from players the kills and weapons are available to all players once you have leveled up and unlocked that particular Jason. unfortunately the ability to have any Jason perform all the kills with the various weapons is. but why are all of you so surprised this game has from the beginning has had players need to level up just to unlock characters, clothes, skins and Jasons with a locked weapon. Having to level up to swap them shouldn’t be that surprising at this point.
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    Jason X content is definitely coming. We've already seen most of the assets. But what I do wonder is if Uber Jason and the Grendel map are even MP content? Maybe Uber and Grendel were always intended as SP content, like with the upcoming SP challenges...it might just be the final challenge. Was there ever any confirmation from Gun that Uber and Grendel were ever MP content? All we've ever done is speculate how the mechanics and escaping would work. But there's no way of knowing if it was ever actually coming to MP modes. Something to think about.
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    "i dont care if everyone disagreees"? I disagree, its up to personal choice in which counsellor that person wants to play as. I dont think that should be taken out because you have a problem with it. Having a higher repaif skill just decreases the amount of buttons you have to match up. Yes, its faster. But a tiffany is perfectly capable of repairing an objective. Even though it takes longer. I know that you dont care about my or anybody eles opinions, but. This is what i think.
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    I excluded them not for lack of entertainment value, but more because they ventured a little too far from the canon I believe the Friday universe to exist in. I think most fans would agree that when New Line took over there was an extreme deviation from the Paramount era and we've sort of been waiting for the franchise to re-establish itself in a more familiar world. Never Hike Alone was meant to be a look into a world where the Paramount era was allowed to continue without interference from New Line. The best compliment we get from old school fans is when they say this is the first Jason film in 30+ years that's felt like a true Friday.
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    No, then his stats would exceed 35 points. I reworked them a bit so they could be more viable.
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    I also found this one pretty funny. I made this the background on my xbox. They were standing there waiting for a few minutes before Jason showed up in stalk.
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