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    If people didn’t care, then they wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t give us crap, they wouldn’t get angry, and they wouldn’t tell us that they were upset. Players only do that when they care about the game. That’s the thing I remember every time I read a “bad” post, comment, Tweet, Reddit message. If they didn’t care, then they wouldn’t care.
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    Pretty sure him having a migraine was our news for the week. Next week they will announce that Wes stubbed his toe.
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    Hi developers. I'd like to offer some options for improve the game. 1. At the moment we have a problem,when few counselors can beat Jason really long time and he can't do anything against them.I think that would be better if jason would get bonus,for example less chance to stun Jason or less damage from a weapon(It is only when few counselors are nearby with jason. 2. Also,disable opportunity choose a priority when you're in party.In this way you'll decide problem when friend of Jason helps him to kill all counselors. 3. When Jason gets a knife in his neck counselors would can't stun him few seconds 4. This game needs a Russian moderator cause Steam's management is a trash right now. 5. Opportunity for Jason. to put on the mask back if it's in the ground(It is gonna complicate kill Jason). 6. Make Subtitles/Localization of the dialogues in the SPC and in the tapes. 7.When choosing a character the option “random” applies to the clothes too. 8. Encourage people to choose the option "Random", when choosing a character. Also I can help you with the Russian localization,for free.Cause now the localization is really bad,most of the russian players are using Eng language cause of this. I'm streamer,your game is 90% of my content.Also I'm making many translations of any news in the game,I'm following your twitter.I am working for Russian audience,else I have a community in Russian social network,there is more than 1000 followers who's playing Friday,All we can try to help you with the Russian localization. If I interested you: Community: https://vk.com/babajkov My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/babajk0
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    Yeah, but leave it to GunMedia and it's community manager to get all bent out of shape with the fan base, who get bothered when they don't produce news. News that they have trained their fans to expect every Thursday until this magical update drops. I don't see how anyone who has grown impatient with them can be seen as the bad guy here? They have starved an entire playerbase almost to the point of death, and the player count backs that up.
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    There's no hard date because they have no idea when the update is happening. It probably isn't even finished yet, let alone going through their apparently month long certification process while the PC version bleeds out with fewer than 400 people playing right now in the afternoon.
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    I'd tie that to the My Dads a Cop perk. If you find the fuse, and have the perk, the phone house gets marked on your map.
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    Notice how he didn't say that we AREN'T in the matrix. Very telling... OPEN YOUR EYES, SHEEPLE!
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    Credit for this goes to HeriticExile over on reddit for bringing this up, as it's something that we've all experienced. You attempt to heal an injured teammate and end up healing yourself instead. Usually because you took some trivial damage that you forgot about. This needs to function more intelligently by giving priority to injured (limping state) counselors first.
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    If that will make you bury your copy of the game, then I hope Reggie gets added on the 27th.
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    If the update is not out by May 26th
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    Combat block basically deals with 90% of the aggressive trolls in this game. I honestly feel bad for newbie Jason players who get smashed and bagged on. BLOCK YOU EEEEEDIOT!!!! But if you do block quickly. Even Just once. The aggressive trolls know they are fucked.. On a side note. Its also a good idea to play like a dumb/newbie Jason for the 1st 4-5 mins of the game IF you're playing against aggressive/cocky players. They end up thinking you SUCK so they play more cocky. Then you flip the try hard switch on just mow them all down. For me.. i try to act dumb till Stalk kicks in.
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    Every Thursday I wonder, I ponder, I speculate and I hope the hammer falls on a release date for the new engine. If today is the day I'll take it. If it isn't I will wait patiently and do my best not to throw Gun/IllFonic under the bus. Friday the 13th The Game is much better than I thought it would be. Initially I thought it would crash and burn bright as a multiplayer experience. Mostly because I am not a big fan of such experiences. However after watching the streamer Ommwrecker have so much fun with his friends online I really wanted to get ahold of the game and start playing. Sometimes I think people here on the fourms can be too harsh on the game and it's developers. In my opinion they have done very well with an initial small budget and have so far avoided the trap of loot crates and microtransactions. This game can get better. But only if you give it time to grow. Some of it's issues could only be fixed if you redesigned the whole game. Because of that I try to remain realistic in what can be achieved. Again these are my opinions. Agree or disagree. But for me personally I think people have been way too hard on the game.
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    Why they would be worried about that. They aren't saying a release date that they don't know if it will come that day, they just would clarify the state of the patch and in what stage it is. It would be good for both sides, in one side people would hype (if they are that close as they say) and in the other side people would not be like "The update is never gonna come out" or "Im done with waiting, im leaving". It would solve all those commentaries.
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    You have to remember, they are new to all of this. They will get the information to us when they can
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    So they are just gonna treat us like magic mushrooms? Feed us shit and keep us in the dark?
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    This update needs to happen soon (no, really). Its all good for now, but people are slowly beginning to get impatient again (and rightfully so). No, April was not a date and expecting April was wishful thinking, but May is a totally reasonable expectation. June might be okay too, but after that we are getting into delay territory and after everything that has gone on with this game that just won't cut it. Loyal players deserve better than vague statements, recycled news, and apologies without results. don't get me wrong, patience is a virtue, but patience also runs out. Here's hoping we get the update before mid june. If it was April at the earliest, then May/June seems perfectly reasonable for fans and devs to expect.
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    Uh, no. If they want more money for development they can make another clothing pack.
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    I read somewhere in a recent suggestion about Jenny getting 5 minutes off the clock if she’s the final girl. That made me think of s really fun idea that if You have one girl left in the game, other players can respawn as cops with the only goal of making sure Jenny gets to the exit alive and she can only get there in close proximity to s cop. So the player playing a cop would get Negative points if they leave while Jenny is still alive, maximum points for getting her to safety and same old survival points if they survive after she’s been killed basically, the cops can leave at any point but they have consequences if they do.
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    113 is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from 44 though. thats 3 pages vs the 14 pages this one made, and after going through the entire thread literally all i see below the main poster is that everyone agrees that level 44 isnt a big deal and is even a good thing. i agree with that too. and while it didnt have a poll, im pretty sure most other people didnt care either. i never said every single person will be satisfied, just that most people are. the poll here itself already shows that around half of all the voters disagree with level 113. thats a pretty big number of people voicing against it vs the thread you send that had pretty much one guy saying level 44 is bad vs the rest of the entire thread being people who have no problem with it. because for a slasher game thats supposed to be a homage to the movies and supposed to respect jason voorhees' character, having the ability to equip part 6 jason with part 6 jasons weapons instead of being forced to play with the fence post he used to kill one person with in the entire movie is something youd expect from how much the developers boasted around that this game would be "THE" definitive friday the 13th videogame. if i play a slasher game based on a legendary slasher series thats mostly known for its creative kills with an assortment of weapons, i expect to be able to play as a legendary slasher and carry out a lot of creative kills with an assortment of weapons. this is my problem too. you didnt read my comment as "she stopped playing cause she got burnt out from the repetitive gameplay and the lack of any bug fixes and balancing and content drops" and instead took it as "she stopped leveling up and grinding xp because she chose to stop playing". i think this is already alarming to see considering videogames are supposed to be played for the fun, and not for the xp. this comment of yours makes it look like when you see "play" in this games context you immediately associate that word with grinding xp. its why the community is frowned upon and why everybody calls us salty. because so many people only care about grinding all this xp that at this point theyre not even enjoying the game anymore, and they get pissed and all loud mouthed when you do anything that hinders them from gaining their precious xp.
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    You're not following him very closely then.
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    my complaint broken down from the most infuriating point (1) to the least (3) novel inbound warning: 1, an entire leveling and xp system in a FRIDAY THE 13TH SLASHER MOVIE SERIES based game doesnt even make sense in the first place. its like taking fallout, an rpg series, then stripping all the character customization, leveling and experience elements from it and still calling it a true fallout game. granted its not the best comparison to compare a video game to a videogame vs a videogame to a movie series, but i think it still stands more or less. Friday the 13th has NEVER been about character development as an xp / leveling system would warrant it - its always been just a simple, fun, often times badly acted slasher movie where you get to see a ton of creative kills in a campy, low budget horror movie. a leveling and xp system makes absolutely no sense here. the replayability of the game shouldnt be based on a terrible leveling system, it should be based on FUN GAMEPLAY. its beyond me how people think "they need leveling and unlocks to be fun after a while and reward people" is valid. no they dont need it. they "need it" now because their game is incredibly buggy, has a quickly dying playerbase on steam and probably on the consoles as well and has had a history of unbalanced and downright laughable gameplay in multiplayer and shitty bots for singleplayer. i have nearly 200 hours logged on steam (and JUST recently reached level 80) and every single bit of those 200 hours i played and replayed this game because im a fan of slasher movies, a fan of the friday the 13th franchise, and have little problems with the alarming rate of glitches in this game. i eventually got bored by the LACK OF UPDATES for months after those 200 hours, and now im not planning to come back for leveling and xp. i planned to come back to play a game with new stuff, a new engine, and expecting a new feature (weapon swapping) which would completely change the way id play every jason. not a single hour was spent enjoying grinding or leveling, it was spent having fun. sadly, fun is no longer what the devs seem to care about. everything needs to reward grinders and needs to be unlocked with xp now. EVEN THEN, theres #2 2, it forces you to grind for ice ages in a game where grinding just isnt fun at all to even warrant this. 1 wouldn't even be a problem to me if the leveling and xp made sense for example, locking the bloody skins behind extremely high levels and making those skins increasingly bloody the higher ur level is was one of the best decisions they made for the game, id love to have them now but i understand that i havent "killed" enough people yet and played enough matches yet to get visibly worn and bloodied. its a great way to reward higher leveled people for their playtime and dedication. and its fun cause you see what jason is 100% GONNA be a dangerous jason who WILL fuck you deep in your ass because you know this bloodied motherfucker knows his jason gameplay by heart. and its fun to get destroyed by a jason covered in the blood of his previous enemies. its a little, cosmetic thing that doesnt block you from a basic feature that should be in the game from the first place. and it makes sense from a movie perspective. in none of the movies did jason ever get bloody from killing 8 counselors. but in the game youd have killed well over 1000s of em to get to the level 130 range and it would make sense that after so much slaughter in the same 5 places he would eventually get blood on his boots and hands. same thing with uber jason. you get an entire map (possibly even gamemode) based on his movie, and its locked behind level 150. nobody complains (me neither) because its perfectly fine to lock such a powerful, literal CYBORG jason behind the highest to reach level. and im completely fine with the fact ill likely NEVER get to play him. those that do, good for yall you deserve it. and its logical cause it took ages for jason to eventually get launched into space and turnt into a cyborg, same way its gonna take / took ages for people to level up and get there. but weapon swapping isnt a bloodied skin, it isnt a cyborg jason and it isnt a new map. it isnt a logical feature that says "hes killed 9000 people with this camp axe now, after exactly 9000 kills he learned how to hold a machete in his hand and can do kills with that now". its a basic feature tied to EVERY jason in the game and it should be there from the very first place. i understood theyd make it later, all cool, but now they wanna lock this basic feature behind a huge level cap? thats not fun. youre now supposed to grind like hundreds (literally hundreds) of hours into JUST playing this game without this feature just so you can eventually start actually playing the game with this feature. it just sucks in my opinion. and lastly 3, this is the least but still pissed me off a good while. and this was after a year of people asking for that basic feature. from the main post FROM APRIL, 3 MONTHS AGO: )oh cool, might aswell lock custom key binding behind level 150. only the most dedicated players should be able to bind their keys. it gives left handed people something to play the game for and get rewarded for.) "Everyone on the Friday the 13th: The Game team is excited to see the community start experimenting with different Jason & Weapon combinations!" this, too. so now only people past 113 is your community? all the others are just expendable nobodies to you? "you didnt play the game as much, so youre not worth it. fuck yourself" this post makes it sound like it. "were excited to see our community with those different jason & weapon combos" he says knowing very well it will be something that probably 5% of the playerbase at most will ever get to use. cause i dont buy this bullshit that they had to "think carefully" about what level to cap it behind FOR 3 MONTHS just to end up taking the generic 100 and slapping a generic "GeT It yALL 13 CuZ ITs FRiDaY ThE 13Th gEt iT YaLL?!?!?!?!?!?!" (how creative ?) onto it in an extremely brief, one sentence announcement especially now when the new update seems to be close to being finished. want players to grind? make roy an unlockable instead of putting him out for free. make overhauled retro jason an unlockable instead of level 0 unlock. or just overhaul ur entire leveling system in the first place and make it actually FUN and REWARDING to GRIND for basic features. people have already given good ideas to a challenge based system instead of a generic level unlock.
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    Couldnt have said it better. This might not be the right thing but there needs to be something to work towards. Crossing my fingers for an announcement today We need this update to be out within 3 weeks from today. It cannot be late June and coming out in the full swing of summer.
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    oooh for sure. Friends always ruin everything But up against random aggressive cocky trolls that know nothing about you. Its pure gold..lol
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    Jason just wants to break down the door to kill that Little shithead. He doesn´t attack a door to damage the counselor inside.
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    If you wanna talk about being cursed Chad sold half his soul
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    100% Great idea. So...don't expect it to happen or even be entertained by the devs. It'll just stay here under "free advice on how to make the game better".
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    I could maybe get on board with that. But still don't like the idea. Really shitty that so much of the game has to be dumbed down to substitute communication and proper gameplay because people are clueless. Parts being marked on the map is already irritating enough. It's ridiculous how often you see someone leave a part marked and run away from it like they're deathly allergic. What's even more annoying is 9 times out of 10 it's a Tiffany or Vanessa player. You know, the characters meant to ferry items to objectives. Nah. Don't worry. I'll trek across the map as Deb, get it all the way back, and fix the objective myself. Then they can bitch about how I didn't stop to pick them up on my way out. Fuse box really isn't that hard to find if you have map knowledge. It's in one of 3 or 4 places on the map and the placement of other objectives can help further. You can also look for a cabin with doors and windows already gone. Most Jason players will destroy that cabin after trapping it.
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    I thought about this same thing. But thinking on it more, it would be hell to have the phone house marked on the map. I wasn't too happy about item parts showing up on the map, but it's something that needed to happen. Plus, when playing with a good group, you'll be happy that the phone house isn't marked. Cooperation is huge part of the game. But I do see where you're coming from.
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    I chalk the difference up to a couple of things: 1. You're going to pull in more horror "fandoms" with DbD, because it contains entries from multiple franchises. F13, although (imo) the superior product in terms of overall presentation and mechanics, has a pretty narrow fanbase of die-hards. With DbD, you're pulling from multiple iconic franchises, not just one. 2. I hate to beat a dead horse, but the online multiplayer is what makes this game popular. The only playable content additions we've had to date have been focused on single player or offline play. Bots? Fun, but in very limited doses. Virtual Cabin? Again, fun, but low replay value. Single Player Challenges are allegedly incoming, but again, those are going to have very limited replay value and are contrary to the game's strongest selling point (apart from the license), which is the online multiplayer. They need new QP playlists with rule variants to make it interesting, or at the very least, special weekend only playlists to engage folks with limited time to play the game. Why play F13tG with it's ONE online mode when you can literally play almost any other adversarial multiplayer game online and have MULTIPLE options for how to play? Nothing else is going to help with player retention or bring back folks like myself who are on an extended sabbatical until there's something worth coming back for long term. Playing QP matches (or private ones for that matter) with the same rules, mechanics, and general gameplay ad nauseum for months on end.... frankly I"m surprised the Steam numbers are as high as they are.
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    There are people playing this game, myself included, that should be at a high level, but are at a ridiculously low level due to the huge number of hosts quitting and lag outs. You’re punishing players that have had hundreds of hours completely wasted on dropped games. Level 113 is a stupidly high requirement for a feature that should’ve been available from the get-go. Not one Jason in any of the films used only one weapon. Hell, Part VI has a damn machete on his belt.
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    So users arent allowed to post threads that speculate. So how does one interpret what a speculation is? I saw one thread that was literally all speculations about when a person thought the update would arrive. As a matter of fact, here is the link: Yet another user gets a suspension for their third point. Why did they earn that third point? A speculation thread suggesting the update was arriving soon. Remember back when Gun themselves did the trademark soon? Then a forum member has fun with it and rolls along with a joke they use themselves, and they suspended him for making an image of a t-shirt that says Soon and is trademarked. Quit having a hard on for two people and play nice next time ?
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    Now we know what happened to the punctuation in those posts that don't have any. Alternate joke: and we would like to thank William Shatner for his contribution through dead memes profile.
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    Nice knowing you, @TheHansonGoons....
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    My guess is that the devs realized their progression system sucks and isn't keeping people playing, and locking one of the biggest features of the next update behind a very high level gate is their way of trying to emulate that DbD grind. They're doing it all wrong though.
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    I'm right behind you! I'm sorry @The Gloved One, maybe it's just that I think wrestling is kind of stupid, but I don't like this... Why do we need more wrestling shit? This is f13... Not WrestleMania...
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    Couldn't it be unlocked for people who actually own Savini? Surely they could do it that way.
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    This just isn't accurate. I escape like 80% of the time, complete at least 1-2 objectives most games, and help other people all the time. My wipe-the-lobby rate as Jason is about 75%, too. I've been playing since launch and have 160 or so hours. And I'm only level 65. People that are at level 100+ play MORE than the average player, they aren't the average player. 160 hours feels like more than enough to have earned what should be a basic feature of the game. In my opinion, of course. The initial proposed level was like 130, right? I can't imagine having to play again the amount I already have just to switch my weapons around.
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    It's over. I see Steam as the canary in the coal mine. PS4 might have the largest player base (supposedly more than 50% of all copies were attributed to the PS4) but I imagine the decline rate has to be the same or worse. Overall this is pretty fascinating. It's hard to tell what people would like and why. I would've imagined that this game, with the F13 licence and game concepts and all, would have done at least half as well as DBD, even with all the bugs and busted mechanics. But no. DBD has 9000 people right now and F13, only 318.
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    Not only first person. Options are great however.
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    All I know is when there's a Savini and the boat spawns, the voice of archer comes in my head: "Well OBVIOUSLY we're going to take the boat"
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    Rumours say it's either going to be a modern shooter. Or, It's going to be set in the Vietnam war. I don't really care what era of war It's set in, either way. I'm excited for it!
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    the trailer showed several jasons with several weapons and several kills. it gave everyone the impression that, like a slasher game SHOULD be, we get to find weapons around the map and do cool kills with them or atleast have the choice to switch up our weapons regardless of the jason were playing. i love how you keep calling me a bitch and a spoiled brat and blame my generation for being entitled bitches simply because i voice my opinion about a feature on a video game on a thread that asks for opinions. i see youre doing really well at discerning whats real life from whats gaming ??‍♀️ cause complaining about a terribly communicated feature that should be an expected basis in a SLASHER game equals being a spoiled brat and expecting everything up my ass in real life? just cause your kids and the kids in california are spoiled brats doesnt mean everyone suddenly is. not everyone is as dedicated as you are mr online tough boi, some people are actually still JUST buying this game. they should have the same option to use all weapons as level 150s should have because this game is a homage to the movies and not a single jason had restricted himself to a single weapon in any of the movies. this is pretty much like locking features that should have been there since day 1 behind paid dlc. only that id even prefer that over a level cap cause atleast i can support the devs with a bit of money and get that basic feature and have fun just playing the game and not caring about grinding xp. basically ea but with level caps instead.
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    Yeah, I just got to level 70 myself yesterday after an hour and a half of bot grinding, and I've been playing from day one. 70% of my online matches end in the host quitting or connection error. This is such nonsense, gating worthwhile content behind such an absurd level so that the majority of the people who play this game will never get to use it. How many people do they really expect to make it past even level 50? Gun media knows most of it's player's have lives/other, better games, right? We can't all sit around all day everyday grinding bots til we hit level 150. This should have been gun media's way of making things up to us for all the bullshit shit that we've had to endure so far, but instead it's just another middle finger from gun media. First, the game launches in a completely unplayable state, then they start giving us content patches that fixes as many things as it breaks. Then they give us stupid costumes that no one asked for and dance emotes that increase trolling by 200 % Then they promise us that they'll turn retro Jason into a real Jason and never bother to actual deliver while they hope we all just forget. And then they tease us with paranoia mode and cancel it a month or so later. And then they tease up yet again with Jason X, only to announce a few weeks later that all current content will be put on hold for while they update their mess of a game engine, which promised to magically fix everything wrong with the game. And from then on, every thursday, like clockwork, they announce all the "great" stuff that they have been working on along the engine update, making it take three times longer than necessary and instantly betraying their word. After four months and counting of anxiously and patiently waiting, they reveal the engine update to us, and we discover it makes zero difference whatsoever, save for darkening their broken, bad joke of a game. What took them four months, capcom could have done in four minutes. They couldn't work on the Jason X content because of the engine update, but they somehow were able to work on more dance emotes for trolls to dance atop of me with after knocking me over with a bat. No one else finds it odd that busting your ass on the single player challenges unlocks dance emotes for the counselors instead of new kills for Jason? In what world does that make any damn sense? Again, weapon swapping, which would have made for a grand apology, now stands as yet another middle from gun media. Makes me wonder why they haven't revealed what level Victoria unlocks at. How many damn hours of grinding bots am I going to have to endure just for the "privilege" of playing as a damn blonde in this game?
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    I love the offline bot mode and I would really appreciate the ability to customize the experience as mentioned here. Being able to pick the counselors and their clothing would be nice. I would also love to be able to pick their perks and maybe have some kind of option for more pocket knives/health sprays to spawn to make it even more challenging. The only other thing I would like them to alter is the ability to play offline bot mode offline.
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    Grip strength is useless when there’s quick kills like choke/headpunch.
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    That's the most recent cause for me quitting as host. I watched this dude screw over the whole lobby. When it was down to Jason and his buddy I messaged the Jason player and warned him that I would quit if he didn't kill his friend. He responded with "k". They kept running around together so after a few minutes I ended it. He messaged me with "wtf" then added me for some reason. If you're going to cheat (even though it's no longer cheating) at least end it fast... There's no reason you should hold up the lobby you just fucked over...
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    I propose a compromise. Let the small maps always have 2 cars and the big maps always have a car and a boat. They can make it so the boat needs 3 parts to start just like the car.
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