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    Hi developers. I'd like to offer some options for improve the game. 1. At the moment we have a problem,when few counselors can beat Jason really long time and he can't do anything against them.I think that would be better if jason would get bonus,for example less chance to stun Jason or less damage from a weapon(It is only when few counselors are nearby with jason. 2. Also,disable opportunity choose a priority when you're in party.In this way you'll decide problem when friend of Jason helps him to kill all counselors. 3. When Jason gets a knife in his neck counselors would can't stun him few seconds 4. This game needs a Russian moderator cause Steam's management is a trash right now. 5. Opportunity for Jason. to put on the mask back if it's in the ground(It is gonna complicate kill Jason). 6. Make Subtitles/Localization of the dialogues in the SPC and in the tapes. 7.When choosing a character the option “random” applies to the clothes too. 8. Encourage people to choose the option "Random", when choosing a character. Also I can help you with the Russian localization,for free.Cause now the localization is really bad,most of the russian players are using Eng language cause of this. I'm streamer,your game is 90% of my content.Also I'm making many translations of any news in the game,I'm following your twitter.I am working for Russian audience,else I have a community in Russian social network,there is more than 1000 followers who's playing Friday,All we can try to help you with the Russian localization. If I interested you: Community: https://vk.com/babajkov My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/babajk0
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    I'd tie that to the My Dads a Cop perk. If you find the fuse, and have the perk, the phone house gets marked on your map.
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    Credit for this goes to HeriticExile over on reddit for bringing this up, as it's something that we've all experienced. You attempt to heal an injured teammate and end up healing yourself instead. Usually because you took some trivial damage that you forgot about. This needs to function more intelligently by giving priority to injured (limping state) counselors first.
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    Combat block basically deals with 90% of the aggressive trolls in this game. I honestly feel bad for newbie Jason players who get smashed and bagged on. BLOCK YOU EEEEEDIOT!!!! But if you do block quickly. Even Just once. The aggressive trolls know they are fucked.. On a side note. Its also a good idea to play like a dumb/newbie Jason for the 1st 4-5 mins of the game IF you're playing against aggressive/cocky players. They end up thinking you SUCK so they play more cocky. Then you flip the try hard switch on just mow them all down. For me.. i try to act dumb till Stalk kicks in.
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    Every Thursday I wonder, I ponder, I speculate and I hope the hammer falls on a release date for the new engine. If today is the day I'll take it. If it isn't I will wait patiently and do my best not to throw Gun/IllFonic under the bus. Friday the 13th The Game is much better than I thought it would be. Initially I thought it would crash and burn bright as a multiplayer experience. Mostly because I am not a big fan of such experiences. However after watching the streamer Ommwrecker have so much fun with his friends online I really wanted to get ahold of the game and start playing. Sometimes I think people here on the fourms can be too harsh on the game and it's developers. In my opinion they have done very well with an initial small budget and have so far avoided the trap of loot crates and microtransactions. This game can get better. But only if you give it time to grow. Some of it's issues could only be fixed if you redesigned the whole game. Because of that I try to remain realistic in what can be achieved. Again these are my opinions. Agree or disagree. But for me personally I think people have been way too hard on the game.
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    oooh for sure. Friends always ruin everything But up against random aggressive cocky trolls that know nothing about you. Its pure gold..lol
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    Jason just wants to break down the door to kill that Little shithead. He doesn´t attack a door to damage the counselor inside.
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    If you wanna talk about being cursed Chad sold half his soul
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    100% Great idea. So...don't expect it to happen or even be entertained by the devs. It'll just stay here under "free advice on how to make the game better".
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    I could maybe get on board with that. But still don't like the idea. Really shitty that so much of the game has to be dumbed down to substitute communication and proper gameplay because people are clueless. Parts being marked on the map is already irritating enough. It's ridiculous how often you see someone leave a part marked and run away from it like they're deathly allergic. What's even more annoying is 9 times out of 10 it's a Tiffany or Vanessa player. You know, the characters meant to ferry items to objectives. Nah. Don't worry. I'll trek across the map as Deb, get it all the way back, and fix the objective myself. Then they can bitch about how I didn't stop to pick them up on my way out. Fuse box really isn't that hard to find if you have map knowledge. It's in one of 3 or 4 places on the map and the placement of other objectives can help further. You can also look for a cabin with doors and windows already gone. Most Jason players will destroy that cabin after trapping it.
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    I thought about this same thing. But thinking on it more, it would be hell to have the phone house marked on the map. I wasn't too happy about item parts showing up on the map, but it's something that needed to happen. Plus, when playing with a good group, you'll be happy that the phone house isn't marked. Cooperation is huge part of the game. But I do see where you're coming from.
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    I chalk the difference up to a couple of things: 1. You're going to pull in more horror "fandoms" with DbD, because it contains entries from multiple franchises. F13, although (imo) the superior product in terms of overall presentation and mechanics, has a pretty narrow fanbase of die-hards. With DbD, you're pulling from multiple iconic franchises, not just one. 2. I hate to beat a dead horse, but the online multiplayer is what makes this game popular. The only playable content additions we've had to date have been focused on single player or offline play. Bots? Fun, but in very limited doses. Virtual Cabin? Again, fun, but low replay value. Single Player Challenges are allegedly incoming, but again, those are going to have very limited replay value and are contrary to the game's strongest selling point (apart from the license), which is the online multiplayer. They need new QP playlists with rule variants to make it interesting, or at the very least, special weekend only playlists to engage folks with limited time to play the game. Why play F13tG with it's ONE online mode when you can literally play almost any other adversarial multiplayer game online and have MULTIPLE options for how to play? Nothing else is going to help with player retention or bring back folks like myself who are on an extended sabbatical until there's something worth coming back for long term. Playing QP matches (or private ones for that matter) with the same rules, mechanics, and general gameplay ad nauseum for months on end.... frankly I"m surprised the Steam numbers are as high as they are.
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    There are people playing this game, myself included, that should be at a high level, but are at a ridiculously low level due to the huge number of hosts quitting and lag outs. You’re punishing players that have had hundreds of hours completely wasted on dropped games. Level 113 is a stupidly high requirement for a feature that should’ve been available from the get-go. Not one Jason in any of the films used only one weapon. Hell, Part VI has a damn machete on his belt.
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    So users arent allowed to post threads that speculate. So how does one interpret what a speculation is? I saw one thread that was literally all speculations about when a person thought the update would arrive. As a matter of fact, here is the link: Yet another user gets a suspension for their third point. Why did they earn that third point? A speculation thread suggesting the update was arriving soon. Remember back when Gun themselves did the trademark soon? Then a forum member has fun with it and rolls along with a joke they use themselves, and they suspended him for making an image of a t-shirt that says Soon and is trademarked. Quit having a hard on for two people and play nice next time ?
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    Now we know what happened to the punctuation in those posts that don't have any. Alternate joke: and we would like to thank William Shatner for his contribution through dead memes profile.
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    Nice knowing you, @TheHansonGoons....
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    My guess is that the devs realized their progression system sucks and isn't keeping people playing, and locking one of the biggest features of the next update behind a very high level gate is their way of trying to emulate that DbD grind. They're doing it all wrong though.
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    I'm right behind you! I'm sorry @The Gloved One, maybe it's just that I think wrestling is kind of stupid, but I don't like this... Why do we need more wrestling shit? This is f13... Not WrestleMania...
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    Hello, It would be great if there is an option to select counselors we want to play against instead of randomly selected counselors. EDIT I think it would add more fun to offline bot mode if we can customize gameplay settings like one I mentioned above and some other settings like Map timing, police response time, Tommy Jarvis response time, etc. EDIT 2: @FunMonster suggested some really required changes here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17195-options-for-offline-bots/
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    Maybe it could be its own perk? That way at least you're risking something in order to see it. It would be far better than some of the existing perks...
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    Some people might consider that a good thing considering the bugs and dedicated servers. I am personally indifferent and could care less who made the game. I’m just stating people who contributed over inflate the amount of credit they should receive for this game.
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    I bought mine during the PS4 leak and I'm a nice guy. I give credit to the backers I was gonna buy him during the backer days but I missed my chance, didn't even get mad. Then the leak happened I got him and I've very nice to other players. Heck I've let players kill me lol I'm happy the show is back too. Love it
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    We did. And I didn't buy it. One wrestler is plenty for the game. If they're going to make more clothing dlc, it should be relevant. I don't want to see any other bullshit clothing packs until we AT LEAST have Crystal lake counselor clothes.
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