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    Hello everyone, there have been a lot of questions about where we stand with the state of the game right now, and whether we are going to continue updating the game (Spoiler: We are). Below you will find items that we intend to have fixed with the next update to Friday the 13th: The Game. Critical Fixes: The game ending while counselors are still in play Escaping via a vehicle counts as suicide Players loading in as a character different than the one they selected Counselors stuck to repair points after initiating/completing a repair Game crashing tied to the destruction of doors Players able to clip through a wall on the Pinehurst map In this update we are prioritizing bugs that have a large impact on gameplay, though it is possible that some lower impact issues will be resolved due to a shared solution with critical issues, or as time allows. Once we launch console dedicated servers, our resources will be able to focus exclusively on player facing issues. With no content being added, we should have fewer new issues arise, which will allow us to work solely on reducing the overall list of game impacting bugs.
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    Dedicated Server Update 9/26 – All Platforms Fixed a search cancelling issue where a player could become stuck while cancelling out of a Quick Play match search Fixed an issue where server uptime could cause a handshake failure when connecting to a game server (this caused the "infinite connection" issue) Today's HotFix update should start going live for all players at approximately 4pm Eastern. Please keep in mind that the update may take a while to roll out to all players on all platforms. This hotfix represents the final update from IllFonic for Friday the 13th: The Game.
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    Your ban was for intentional bypass of anti-cheat measures.
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    Does it really matter at this point? It's not like there's anything else to read around here anymore.
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    I like the grab, You complain too much.
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    Not true. You can't just look at Steam players and ignore everyone who plays on consoles.
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    Jason is supposed to be hard, he is supposed to be OP. Jason should absolutely win the majority of the matches, killing him should be very rare and difficult. Fighting Jason should Be a last resort, running from him is the point. How is this hard to understand. I’m sorry some people don’t like losing, but somebody always has to lose and the point of the genre and the spirit of the game is Jason wins most of the time. Escaping should be a challenge
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    Magical Fetus and Rev_Bartholomew were banned as they were alternate accounts owned by you, @Freddie Mercury. This is something that is against forum rules, but I was giving you a break over it, as you can see in the PM I have already sent.
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    You guys deserve more than a standard form press release, and the man himself is working on that.
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    As discussed on BEYOND, this patch is coming in as soon as it completes the process. The patch is rolling out to certification now and should be on it's way to players soon. Keep an eye out here for the date, or on our social media channels. EDIT 1: The patch is now live on Steam, rolling out on PS4, and on the way shortly on Xbox One. PATCH NOTES: GENERAL & FINE TUNING Various Quality of Life fixes implemented to the Virtual Cabin 2.0. Removed helium from various floating objects on all maps. Resolved an issue with environmental kills not displaying on Higgins Haven Small. Fixed an issue with the Emote user interface. Dance like nobody's watching… Various Quality of Life fixes for Menu items. ENVIRONMENT AND COLLISION Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach rooftops on all maps. Resolved multiple issues that allowed players to reach areas that Jason could not reach on all maps. Made areas where players were stuck less sticky. Fixed an issue where the Shift ability would allow Jason on rooftops. Cars no longer damage players through walls. Fixes applied to prevent counselors from parking the car and blocking Jason from reaching them. INTERACTION LOCKS Corrected several scenarios that caused players to suffer an interaction lock including: COUNSELOR: During bear trap deployment or interaction. While performing blocks. While weapon swapping. While weapon swapping and entering combat stance. During small item use. While dropping items. After using the map. After aiming the flare gun or shotgun. Dodging while dropping a weapon. JASON: When shifting and interacting with items, environment, or counselors. When shifting into water. (He really wasn’t a good swimmer.) JASON SPECIFIC CHANGES Using the sweater to stun Jason while he is already down will not activate the next phase of the kill progression, and will not allow players to kneel him directly from the down state. This was an unintended effect where players were able to stun a stunned Jason, leading to the Tommy Jarvis kill on Jason. Fixed an issue where Jason shifting to avoid the sweater stun animation still allowed counselors to bring him to his knees without the stun.
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    General Changes and Bugfixes [PS4/XB1] Note: These patch notes are for both the PS4 and XB1 The patch for the PS4 and XB1 are now both live! The PS4 patch will be the only platform receiving this update today. The XB1 patch is still undergoing the certification process and we hope to have this completed as soon as possible. We’ll let you all know when the XB1 patch is ready to go and update this page with the release! Console Dedicated Servers In this patch, we are releasing the long awaited dedicated servers for the PS4 and XB1! Head over to Quick Play and check it out! General Addressed several issues that were causing players to be interaction locked Jason Fixed an issue with Part 5 Jason’s Shift Duration being lower than intended Sense is no longer automatically cancelled when Jason enters the water Jason’s pickaxe kill “Canopener” now appears as “Neck Twisted” instead of “Decapitated on the scoreboard Fixed an issue where window environment kills may temporarily become inaccessible if Jason grabs a counselor that is in the process of vaulting through the window Counselors Counselors that have been pulled out of a vehicle will now display the correct struggle animation Small items (medical sprays, firecrackers, etc.) are no longer usable for the counselor that is performing the sweater stun Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the player to become stuck if the player opened the map while vaulting through a window Vehicles Added additional countermeasures to prevent players from being able to stand on top of cars Made adjustments to the car escape volumes to prevent vehicles from falling off the map Starting a boat will once again alert Jason via sound effect Fixed an issue where the repair mini game prompt may temporarily not appear if the player is rapidly toggling the repair interact button repeatedly Fixed an issue that caused Jason to be able to walk through cars under certain conditions Fixed an issue where the reverse camera on the vehicles may sometimes not be working properly Maps General Addressed several counselor exploit locations The medical spray static spawns on the Crystal Lake Large map and the Packanack Large map will once again properly spawn medical sprays Note: The location of static spawners for medical sprays have been adjusted on each map (including Crystal Lake Large and Packanack Large) for this patch and the previous patch. Jarvis House Fixed an issue where a car battery may spawn in an unreachable location Pinehurst Fixed an issue where the boat may disappear upon exiting through any of the Pinehurst boat escape volumes Single Player Challenges Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck when activating a stalker point while entering combat stance at the same time
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    Gun doing the useless engine "upgrade" in favor of finishing and releasing Uber and Grendel was the biggest mistake in the history of big mistakes. By their own admission, an engine upgrade would fall under the technical maintenance they would still be legally allowed to do, as opposed to creating new content that would have perpetuated an original storyline set in the Friday the 13th universe. By all accounts they knew about the upcoming deadline, so it was stupid to do the engine upgrade first. So Gun exchanged new content that was very much in demand in exchange for more bugs and glitches than ever before (I love Chad's black hair and lack of eyebrows now) and dedicated console servers (that will probably never materialize). Oh, and where all these bug fixes that the devs are supposed to have all of this wonderful free time to be working on now? Where are the updates? The Communication? Anything? I've been one of the biggest defenders here of Gun and Illfonic, but my patience is pretty much gone at this point.
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    As of the announcement today, Gun and Illfonic cannot release any new content until the above lawsuit is settled. The Issue The issue at its core is whether the writer of the original movie can claim ownership over the characters of Jason and elements of the first movie; Cunningham and company claim he cannot, as he was an employee who cannot claim copyright ownership, Miller “claims to be a freelance writer who wrote the first draft ‘on spec’ prior to completing the work pursuant to a screenwriting agreement.” In other words, Miller wrote and provided a first draft to producer Sean Cunningham’s company without any contract or guarantee of payment, enabling Cunningham to raise money and attract talent to proceed with the project. The parties executed a screenwriting agreement on June 4, 1979, but newly discovered evidence suggests that Miller’s first draft was already complete prior to the date of that agreement. (ipwire) Miller claims that his work was independent of Cunningham and associates, and that he was not an employee of Cunningham or Manny at the time. The movie is 38 years old, why did Miller wait so long to file a lawsuit? In accordance with the Copyright Act of 1976, authors are allowed to terminate an existing copyright after a period of 35 years, given that they were not a work for hire. A Work for hire is a work that is created by an employee as a part of their job. Miller had between June 4, 2014 and June 4, 2019 to serve a termination of copyright. So was Miller's Screenplay a "work for hire" or not? This is really the crux of the issue. While Cunningham, Manny Company, and Horror, Inc maintain that it was a work for hire drafted under a standard WGA contract, they are not able to provide the court with a copy of a contract that states that it WAS a work for hire. Further complicating matters, Miller's May 7, 1980 sale of the screenplay from Manny and Georgetown Productions, Inc does not reference the screenplay as a work for hire AND lists Miller as the sole author of the screenplay. Why and how does this affect the game now? While the developers did get the rights to the Friday the 13th series that is owned by Sean Cunningham and the company Horror, Inc, Miller's attempt to terminate the copyright agreement means that the rights for the character of Jason and elements of the first 1980 movie are currently in limbo. Miller's notice of termination lists a date of July 15 2018, at which point he would like ownership or at least credit for all works related to the character of Jason created after that date. Miller's attorney is quoted saying ""Whereas Miller will thereby recover the U.S. copyright to his original film treatment and screenplay this does not prevent the continued exploitation by Plaintiffs or their licensees of prior derivative works, including the 1980 film and its many sequels; it solely relates to new derivative works after the effective 2018 termination date,"" (Hollywood reporter article). Presumably, this includes new Friday the 13th Game Content created post July 15, 2018. But they previously said the lawsuit wouldn't affect the game? While they did mention that in a summer 2017 article, it was also assuming that the lawsuit would be decided by fall 2017 (according to Gun's statement). According to court filings, there was a motion filed in October 2017 that was granted in May 2018. The nature of the motion is not public knowledge, so it could be that the game is enjoined as a Horror, Inc asset, or it could be that a newly unearthed memo from Tom Savini requests a copy of the completed script from BEFORE Miller entered his contract with Cunningham. Either way, this is newly discovered evidence that has extended the discovery period of the case. But what does that have to do with THE GAME?!!!! Again, any released content outside of that creation window COULD be considered a new derivative work involving Miller's creation. By stopping production on new content, Gun has decided to avoid a possible legal headache where they have to renegotiate compensation to Miller for all new content, and avoiding a separate lawsuit with Miller altogether (by my estimations). Full court docket from Court Listener: https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/4497508/horror-inc-v-miller/ Cunningham and Horror, Inc filed this 45 page summary judgement in June 2017: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3863746-Friday-Cunningham.html Here is Victor Miller's 45 page summary judgement from the same date: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3863745-Friday-Miller.html Hollywood Reporter article: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/friday-13th-producer-points-writers-union-membership-bid-hold-franchise-rights-1012930 World Intellectual Property Organization's "Navigating US Copyright Termination Rights" http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2012/04/article_0005.html IPwire's May 2018 article on Savini's memo: http://ipwire.com/stories/the-smoking-machete-that-could-break-the-friday-the-13th-lawsuit-wide-open/ Larry Zerner (Shelly from Part 3 and current entertainment lawyer) breaks it down: http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3504232/part-iii-star-larry-zerner-now-lawyer-clearly-explains-messy-friday-13th-lawsuit/ Slash 'N Cast video interview with Larry Zerner: I'll update this as it develops, and to correct errors.
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    It's really unbelievable that Wes is all over the Reddit post about this but not his own forum addressing it.
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    "PJ's delivered in an Uber". What about PJ's delivered in an Uber, by Uber Jason? I'll stop posting this now, it's still at the 'I wonder how many people like it, I hope they look and find it funny' stage lol.
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    99 bugs in the game code 99 bugs in the code Take one down, patch it around 437 bugs in the game code
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    Sure, a jab. Cause that's the first time in the history of film where Jason has been hit with a weapon but unaffected. You should make sure to stretch before you reach that hard. Don't wanna pull a hammy.
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    I told myself I wasn't going to respond but GODDAMNIT I fucking have to, because this post is just...UGH! You call him a hypocrite while doing the exact same thing you accused him of. Good job. Anyway, let's get to what I want to address. First of all. "Who were these terrible people who asked for god like powers ????" "Oh wait ....it wasn’t the player base? .It was the developers who wanted Jason to feel/seem more powerful in the game!......that’s an actual fact...no assumption.." "In all the time I have been on the forum I have never seen or read about anyone asking for God like/ insta- kill powers so.... I think you did that thing again with the assuming....😉" Are you blind? The devs did it because people were bitching and crying for months that Jason was too weak and that he got bullied by the counselors boo hoo hoo ;( I REALLY hope you're just playing ignorant but somehow I know you aren't. Next. "So then since you are such an epic Jason “main” player.... you didn’t need this “god like buff” and were already getting 7/7 or 8/8 kills huh?" "So what did the patch change for you then?" "I will tell you Nothing since you are a Jason “main” apparently And can Bulldozer these pathetic Counselor ”mains” and go 7/7 or 8/8 still hmmmm? Sounds like there is more to your issues with the patch than this..." The ISSUE with this patch, is that it makes it unfun for both parties, Jason AND Counselor. Nobody believes this apparently, but even before this buff it was EZ as piss to get 7/7 or 8/8 even with a Jason squad on your ass. But nobody wanted to actually learn how to play Jason, so the devs introduced this buff that REWARDS YOU for being bad. Gone are the days where Jason has to worry about being proficient at combat or even caring about dodging Counselor's blows. He WANTS you to hit him, so he can get rage faster and steamroll the lobby. If he hasn't steamrolled it already. This buff REWARDS JASON for being bad a combat and PUNISHES COUNSELORS for exploiting his lack of skill. I can see why so many of the whiners love this patch. It literally rewards you for being bad and punishes counselors for punishing you. It holds your hand and coddles you. And because of it, the counselors are less inclined to punish you, because it punishes them too. Which I feel is incredibly unfair and honestly stupid. It completely devalues being able to fight with Jason. There's no point in learning how to fight properly anymore when the game rewards you for losing. And because of this end game is VERY boring and just uneventful to watch. I'll get to that later though when I address another point you made. Anyways, next. "You have missed the entire purpose of this game and how it’s a love letter to The franchise and the character of Jason Voorhees....him getting beat up by teenager stereotypes is not...they aren’t the Stars of the Game." What Friday movies have you been watching? The ones I've seen either end with Jason getting his ass beat by a teenage girl or Tommy Jarvis. Everyone seems to have this deluded view of Jason, it's really weird it's like some fucking mandela effect. Everyone thinks Jason is some unstoppable god of death or something. I hate to burst your bubble but, Jason loses at the end of every movie. So, trying to bring the movies into this is a pretty terrible argument. If you want to go that route the counselors should win by default every game because that's how the movies go. Sure, some of them die, but one always wins in the end. Moreso, this patch also makes the game even LESS like the movies and I'll explain why. Remember those games before the patch where people would just ring Jason around as Vanessa without even trying to stun him? Remember how boring that was to watch? Well, now that's what you're inclined to do for the whole game, because you're punished for fighting Jason. And once he gets rage he can just M1 everyone with little resistance. (Seriously, I know alot of the community follows this dumb "No slashing" rule, but this buff makes slashing even more of a viable tactic. I never minded slashers myself but, I can't deny this update makes slashing even easier. Atleast before you could counter it by stunning Jason. Now though once he's got you stunlocked you're pretty much screwed since he can interrupt your heals and, well, if he's in rage you can't stun him. So you literally cannot stop him.) Now, this rage buff removes what I call the "Final Showdowns." You know how in the movies the movie usually ends with Jason having one final showdown with the last survivor? Ah yes, that was my favorite scene from Part 6. When Tommy ringed Jason around the table for 5 whole minutes. Best part of the movie. Or when Chris Higgins looped Jason through the main cabin multiple times. Jokes aside, those final showdowns were thrilling for me as both counselor and Jason. And this buff completely removes them. Gone are the adrenaline rushing final showdowns with Jason as the clock ticks down trying to hold out until the sun rises. Now its been replaced with just briskly jogging away from him for minutes on end. During those final showdowns I actually felt like I was the protagonist of a Friday movie having that epic final showdown with Jason. I FELT like I was actually in the movies. But now that feeling is completely gone, and it makes me sad. As for the Jason side, there's no satisfactions in it either. It's boring if my prey can't fight back AT ALL. Where's the sport in that? "Jason can still be stunned and Killed even in Rage so......" No, no he can't EXCEPT with a shotgun. I don't even need to go into how stupid that is. The only time you can stun him with any other weapon once he's in rage, is if you knock his mask off. Otherwise, yeah, hitting him does jack for shit. Overall, my main complaint is that this update needlessly removes options for counselors and devalues skill as Jason. Counselors no longer have the option of fight or flight, which makes for very boring games when the only option is to briskly jog away. As for Jason, what's the point of learning how to fight when they get punished for exploiting your lack of skill anyway? The game does it for you! I don't really have much else to say on the matter, I'll fully admit I am terrible at structuring posts but I just HAD to say something. Because this post bothered the shit out of me. Yes, it's sad and pathetic. And I probably shouldn't have even bothered typing it out but. Well, I already put the effort into it so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Too late now.
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    More like cover it up with a new annoying bug for us to fixate on. These guys just can't get it done. Lol. Oh cool. 911: How can I assist you Guy: omg my house is on fire! Please send help. An hour later... Firefighter: Yes sir it looks like your house is on fire <drives off> 911: how can i assist you? Guy: the firefighters came, but they didn't do anything about this fire. They just drove off! 911: Sir, calm down it appears based on my report that they did address that you're house is on fire. I'm sure the fire will subside... Soon.
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    I’m aware that Single Player is being discussed all over the forum. This thread is intended to keep all of our reviews in one place AND compile suggestions and feeback as well as general discussion around Single Player mode based what we experience post update. Many of us have spent the last several hours playing in SP Challenges and many more will experience it soon. So I encourage everyone to share you reviews and ideas for future updates here. My Review - First - I’m just grateful we have it. I LOVE being able to play the game as Jason with Stalk in mind. Personally, I believe Multi-Player should have always been the same. I love that counselors don’t know you’re near unless they actually see you and there is no music cue to make them aware. What I love: - Cut Scenes and great atmosphere that feel like you’re making your own little F13 movie. - multiple scenarios within each challenge that make them worth revisiting and perfecting. - Low stress gameplay - multiplayer created a lot of wasted time with sessions ending, players quitting, trolls, etc... it’s nice to just hold myself accountable for my experience (with fair amount of reliance on no bugs and glitches) - new kills - I love the variety in new kills and animations. Who can complain about that? What I don’t love - - I think they missed a big opportunity to have a mini STORY mode with these 10 challenges. Had they connected the sequences with a linear story that played out like a movie, it would have really elevated the experience. - the same counselors used a lot. We see Kenny, AJ and others in multiple challenges where some counselors are not at used all. This ties into the missed opportunity for story mode. How I hope it all evolves down the road - I hope we see Single Player become a major focus for the games future. I’d like to see a full on story mode that starts with similar sequences to Broken Down and build up to a big finale like a movie and they all tie together. - I hope someday we see Single Player as a counselor as well with survival objectives and saving others and things like that. I think the future of Single Player will highly depend on the feedback from all of us so please share your reviews and ideas too!
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    If you are referring to patch notes those will be posted when they are ready for posting. Trying to belittle someone will not make that arrive any sooner. This is about a single player release date. You are more than welcome to discuss this information. When the patch notes drop you may comment on them in the appropriate thread. Thank you.
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    Today............I was killed as Jason. I knew what they were planning. I tried to prevent it. I failed. I was not angry. I was not shocked. I did not throw a fit. I did not rage quit. I said "Well Done" Then I proceeded to murder every last motherfucker on every map when I played as Jason the rest of the day. Without mercy. Without remorse. And without..........popcorn. P.S. I'm sorry I don't have the footage. I actually happened before I started streaming today.
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    Hello campers! Let’s welcome the spookiest time of year with a whole month’s of in-game events! Week 1 - 10/2 - 10/9: 1.3 XP - ENDED Week 2 - 10/9 - 10/15: 1.7 XP - ENDED Week 3 - 10/16 - 10/22: Details on 10/16 - LIVE Week 4 - 10/23 - 10/31: Details on 10/23 Special Event - 10/12 - 10/31: 13 Days of Voorhees! https://gleam.io/r1EMb/13-days-of-voorhees
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    I'm not going to bother finding videos of Jason being bullied, as I'm sure everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about without having to see examples. When a little Asian girl with glasses can repeatedly stun Jason over and over using a fireplace poker, there is clearly a problem. Last night I saw four games in a row that ended either with Jason getting killed, or getting his ass kicked like a football, and I couldn't help but think of CharminEXSoft's video way back before the games release day that stated F13 The Game "Is not a 'Go kill Jason' game, it's a 'Run from Jason' game". Apparently, he was very wrong. As others have pointed out, killing Jason has gone from a super rare event to one that gets attempted nearly every round. Do you guys have any intention whatsoever of looking into it?
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    Yes, and Jason X IS in the game. I can hack the files and freely play as him right now. Due to the precedent set by the "Hot Coffee" scandal, anything found within the game's code/files/whatever, regardless of whether it is accessible or not, as long as it is in fact actually there, legally counts as content. Since you can hack the files and not only find him, but fully play as him, he counts as content. And not just content, but content that was delivered before the official cut off date, meaning that gun media has already given us Uber Jason as far as the law is concerned. By their own admission, they can legally modify pre-existing content, meaning they could, in fact, unlock him if they really wanted to. But they don't want to. They aren't just lazy and incompetent, but they are assholes, too.
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    It has been found that switch versions somehow have a couple unreleased emotes, including shadow box and the Egyptian that we have asked about many times on Gun Media’s Twitch streams. 1.What the fuck 2. If it’s been in switch, why can’t we have them on other platforms? 3.Considering you’ve already put them in, Please release them to the FULL public, not just one version. Because we have asked many times about these emotes on Twitch streams, and I feel like it’s always glanced over or they try to answer really quickly without giving us a full final answer.
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    So let me get this straight. You are playing Friday The 13th The Game starring Jason Voorhees the legendary antagonist of the classic slasher films of the 1980's. And yet you expect Jason not to slash? It's unfair to slash in a game based on slasher films............. Get Gud scrub.
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    I suppose its the cliche train wreck syndrome where you should look away, but you can't help but watch. I'm around a lot less than usual and did once enjoy the game. I used to cling to hope that this game would be stabilized and working at the very least, lawsuit stuff aside even when people were clamoring for the existing mode to have additions to it, when the only addition they added was the body blocker mechanic and the item UI locator for counselor. Yet there have been things that have gone on for over a year now that lead the evidence to one conclusion...not happening. The 3 things you need to make any game work. 1. First...it should actually be stable and work with very little in the way of crashing 2. Next...it should be mostly bug free. Sure some bugs will always pop up from time to time, but gamebreaking bugs should be thoroughly fixed and fixed quickly...not over 6-8 months with no results in sight or results ending up being the playerbase left with even more bugs. 3. Third...in any PVP affair, the balance argument always has its merits, yet here where its 7vs1, the skill should be placed in the hands of the Counselor. Meaning Jason should be easier to use for anyone, since you know...he's the killer, the one experienced in you know...killing off people constantly. However its clear the devs either went for the 'balanced' approach like this were 7vs7 instead of 7vs1 or just went straight Counselor should be easier. Meaning Jason should be more skillful to not only kill the counselors, but freaking save himself from being killed by armies of counselors looking to kill him, stun him into oblivion. I realize playing Counselor can be a joyless experience if the Jason player is actually good or Jason tunnels you. However against even a decent pair of counselors. Jason has very little chance. Against 7 decent counselors, he has no chance and is not fun to play regardless of a top tier Jason or a weaker, challenging one. Shouldn't be that way and they've never really addressed it other than a phantom 'speed' increase for Jason, a couple more knives and a new grab that's made his grab much more vulnerable to be stunned. I mean composure doesn't even matter as a a weaker stat, so why play as any counselor not named Chad, Vanessa, etc when you can simply out move the killer at close or far range with no real downside? Especially when a pop from a weapon refills stamina? Tripping doesn't even matter as a real offset. Now if they fell to the ground...now we're talking but nah...too op for Jason if they could fall to the ground occasionally. Rather than... - Adding invincible frames for Jason after stun - Decreasing his stun time per time he's stunned - Making him much harder to stun when demasked as a buff, instead of just the recharge on ability/door wipe that leads to stuns - Making his melee have... 1. Longer range 2. Wider hit cone 3. Knock counselors back or do SOMETHING to them so they can't just swing through his swings...like it does now Nope none of the above stuff happened over the course of a year. I mean salute to those who still enjoy this experience a year after. To me its not. The only way I'd come back is if the general consensus is the game has improved, stabilized, etc. Yet from what we've gotten from the powers that be. This game is more or less hampered by both the lawsuit (can't add a rock or a tree, but a boat sound is legit) and by Illfonic's inability to fix the game without making more issues pop up. I mean no offense to you obviously. I have no personal issue with the devs. I've just decided im done until proven otherwise and I have a feeling unless im just in the mood for nostalgia sake. I won't be reinstalling.
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    Campers, You may or may not have seen the press release circling around the internet about future content for Friday the 13th: The Game. We're still sorting through the pieces while trying to shove our hearts back into our chests. Once I have a clearer picture of what details I can discuss, I will. We CAN work on bugs, balance, performance, optimizations and of course dedicated servers. That's what ILLFONIC are doing as we speak. Sorry, I don't have more to share at this time, but I didn't want total silence on this topic. This really sucks. I need a drink. -W
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    What Gun COULD do is get the game working and get the backers what they've been waiting on BEFORE they put together more shit to sell.
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    I'd love to have more slasher horror games... Just not by Gun/Illfonic.
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    Well, @ShiftySamurai sure ignores the hell out of the rubber banding glitch that has been present for months. He literally ignored everybody asking that question to answer small pointless questions. Also, what kind of QA do you guys have working for you? How do they miss these blatantly OBVIOUS bugs? Including bugs that have been present for multiple updates? Do you guys actually have a QA team? If this update is the best you guys could put together with three months of absolute focus and priority, I don’t see how anybody should expect anything good from another update. Hire experts.
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    I think this is okay, since it shows how to combat glitchers. Jason gains no advantage by glitching onto a roof; this is actually helpful info for those who hate glitchers in my opinion.
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    EDIT: Just under 30 minutes until the gang goes live! Join Wes, Dan, and Matt tomorrow for an all new episode of BEYOND. We'll be talking the latest update to F13, with a full round of Community Q/A. Gun Media on Twitch Gun Media on Mixer
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    Bullshit, on the no money part. There was a lot of money made, and promises to keep. Edit - Who’s confused...wait never mind, I don’t care.
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    The reason any sort of 'pinata' bullshit is happening is due to bad game play mechanic choices and gun failing to address it.. Any of these things would better balance the game. - Melee attacks from Jason should instantly disarm counselors. - Jason should have a 5-10 second stun immunity after getting stunned. - RAGE mode should increase stun immunity to 15-20 seconds. And double Jason melee attack damage. - Counselors should NOT be able to hold duplicate items - Healing time should take 5-10 seconds of spray animation on loop Because constant Jason stunning is happening due to. - Being able attack Jason knowing that if Jason gets hit he gets stunned for 5-10 seconds. Even if Jason connects with a hit at the same time a counselor does. - Being able to chain stun.. -No consequence for getting melee attacked as a counselor other than loss of hit points. (Which can be altered drastically in counselor favors due to perks) - Holding duplicate items and being able to heal to many times (Also an issue due to perks) - Short healing time. (Also an issue due to perks)
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    Adding a sound is not a positive. The whole point of taking the boat is a stealth escape. In exchange for that stealth you risk nearly certain death if caught. By adding a sound you make it so only a complete fool would bother with the boat.
  40. 6 points
    Fixed that for you. Can we please not pretend that this lawsuit is the reason this game is in a shit state? Victor Miller had no part in coding, testing, releasing, or ignoring the problems associated with this game. Shift the blame all you want, but the state of the game lies with this development team, who I would definitely not throw anymore money at. So, I guess the answer to your question is "no." A resounding Michael Scott from the Office "No!" A Will Smith "Aw, hell naw!" A Bishop Bullwinkle "Hell to the naw naw naw." An Episode III "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"
  41. 6 points
    @Cokeyskunk, @TheHansonGoons, @Thatguyinktown, @The Wolf with that Toast, @Zaneygrrl, @TxJason, @HuDawg, @BrokenFattHardy, @NthnButAGoodTime, @DamonD7, @Barbara Ann, @Alien_Number_Six, @Risinggrave, @JasonSquared, @Riot_Dame, @Dr B DDS, @BionicCapo, @Kodiak Just trying to spread the word in case you haven't seen this yet. I know this section gets very little attention (especially now with all the bullshit going on) so I figured this could take your minds off the shit show for a moment.
  42. 6 points
  43. 6 points
    I think a lot of us can agree that Victoria is really pretty, and has pretty good stats. I’m extremely happy she was added. My biggest problem with her is her clothing. It looks soooo bad, the way the powersuit is designed it looks like straight up pajamas. Very poorly fitting to her body and makes her look like a blob with a pretty face. The patterns and colors don’t help much either, they don’t match and make her look even worse honestly. I’m grateful you finally created her, but please consider hooking my girl up with some DLC clothes. She needs it. ❤️
  44. 6 points
    I was pretty happy to see this tweet from Wes this morning. I'm not trying to joke around when I say this - But I'm pretty sure that's the first time they've said the words "We NEED to concentrate on bug fixes and patches at the moment". This is really great news if they truly intend to follow through on that, and we as a community have to hold them to it. I think over time the devs and Gun will start to see that with a little organization and better yet, desire on their part, to work with the community, we can eventually iron out the bigger problems. Focus on the game-breaking first. Audio/visual can be tolerated a bit more. But the root of the bigger issues (car rubberband) has to be found, and there needs to be some urgency in removing them. The player numbers are already remarkably low given how many people bought this game. And sure, this isn't the kind of game most people "main" or maybe even play on a weekly basis. But something like the 1 year anniversary, SP Challenges and an engine update should have brought back more people than it did. I'm sure many returned only to leave again just as quickly. I know everyone I killed in relation to the car yesterday ragequit immediately after dying (I was even trying to be a good sport and give them time. But it's hard to tell what's going on. They also usually just got right back in the car and tried to escape again...so I just had to stop them again). On that subject, we're also seeing how patches and bugs effect the game meta online. For example, most people know the car is a lost cause, so it's now being ignored as an objective. That's potentially 2 useless options for escape. Granted, that might mean greater teamwork in getting the cops called, I don't think this is how we wanna push teamwork...Door combat being gone is helping the flow of the match feel more natural now. You're still seeing some overly brave counselors going for the kill still (Got 2 in QP lobbies last night with randoms). But at least the tactics are a little more legitimate now. All in all, Wes is starting to say a lot of the right things again. Hopefully we don't get let down.
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    I am in love with the challenges. They are the FT13th game experience I’ve wanted for a long time. Multiplayer is the antithesis of what I want to experience, and I think it misrepresents the films to some extent. But, the single player challenges do the franchise more justice. I feel at peace when I play them and always fangirl when a painfully upclose shot of Jason appears and when he reenacts a kill from the films. I can think and act like him in multiplayer, but what lacks is feeling like the threat that he truly is. I’m thankful for this new offline mode.
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    The only Jason loss is a quitting jason. The only counselor loss is if all counselors die. Everything else is experience and a win, imo.
  47. 6 points
    There's no hard date because they have no idea when the update is happening. It probably isn't even finished yet, let alone going through their apparently month long certification process while the PC version bleeds out with fewer than 400 people playing right now in the afternoon.
  48. 5 points
    This isn't how the real world works. If any other business couldn't give you proper service after a set amount of screw ups you would not give them more support. There's a difference between legitimate complaints about the product and someone conducting personal attacks on people. The new dev team didn't come on last week, they've been here for months. At what point are they supposed to be responsible and accountable for what they do?
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    Granted... Back then, we still had plenty of people who were already on the negative bandwagon. Just not nearly as many as now. 1. The devs introduced the fuse concept after you know...actually listening to the playerbase who felt it was too easy to call the cops without it. Course, now it still is but for other reasons. 2. People had a blast with the beta. They even tried to bring it back online out from underneath Gun/Illfonic, but the warning signs of Jason being bullied by an army of shitty Vanessas was noticeable in the final days of beta. Yet we still hadn't yet seen Stalk, Knives and Traps in action. All things Jason didn't have in beta. People were so excited about those new features. In the early part of launch. These things held up. Traps were useful because 90 percent of the community wasn't loaded up on epic perks yet. Knives were useful for the same reason. Stalk was pretty useful early on, until people realized all you had to do was sit in a cabin and dance all night long and bam...stalk means nothing with the timer against Jason. 3. Then obviously...you had the horrible launch itself which frustrated quite many who didn't get to play due to all the problems right out of the gate. Yet still...exciting times. 4. Obviously Savini, but that was another fiasco, but still... Still...the hype was there...the features were there... Since then...we got the broken windows, nerfs, bugs, emotes, etc and features like the item location and the push mechanic. Still...good times...early launch and beta will be my favorite memories, plus it was nice to get Part 4/Jarvis, Roy/Pinehurst but the game never lived up to those early months again I feel. No real new features or fluidity and of course now...nothing new and just 'hope' that the mess gets fixed.
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    Can we get confirmation that rubber-banding back to the car has not been fixed with this update, please?
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