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    Hello Fellow Preferred Jasons! So I'm finally Jason and I'm Part 4. There's a boat. I'm "Merc"ing EVERYONE, no one's going for the boat, I'm checking map every three seconds like a boss pimp Jason who knows he has -Water Speed. I get to the LAST kill for that SWEET 7/7 (Better than 8/8 since you prevented Jarvis). Sore loser and last survivor begins scraping their taint over a broken window until they die to death (Yes, die to death). In other words, they commit suicide on purpose because they can't handle the idea of being the last to die at Jason's hand, and in doing so, rob a performance-Jason of his last kill. SUGGESTION: Climbing over windows makes counselors LIMP as normal, but it doesn't KILL them. This would discourage "rage-quit-via-suicide". Thoughts? -Espionage Cosmo
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    So I went to the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention yesterday to have my picture made with 6 of the Jason actors. Tom Morga and C.J. Graham decided to grab my ponytails at the same time, which threw me off, and they also had REAL MACHETES as props. So when Steve Dash put that blade up to my throat I froze. All thoughts of posing left my mind because I didn’t want to move and have geriatric Bag Head accidentally slit my throat. I also ran into 8-Bit Jason and had to have him almost murder me.
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    It'll be more of a blooper reel, actually.
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    When I get back to the states, I'll take that as a friendly Challenge , as I don't think I've ever came across your Jason. I don't consider myself "the best", but I'm quite skilled and I do consider myself at least among the top players in the PC community. I'll bring 2-3 other players, I consider each one at my level, and I'd like to test your Jason if you up to my challenge.
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    This was amazing.
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    Waiting on @JasonSquared's end of the year highlight reel.
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    I took a long break too and now I'm playing it daily. I stream it on twitch all the time now. Doesn't seem to be dying here..I find matches quick.
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    Give counselors descriptions on what they’re playstyle are. For example, counselor name, backstory, playstyle and purpose. Deborah Kim - Smart and Ability to be stealthy, Deborah can fix objectives much faster than others. Tiffany Cox - Energetic cheerleader, able to easily escape and hide. Tiffany can bring items with her stealth without being any attention. Vanessa Jones - Fast Athlete, able to distant Jason and distract him. Jenny Myers - Girl next door, Jenny sucks, Tiffany is best girl. Chad Kensington - Preppy rich boy, ability to bring distance to him and Jason, able to protect others with his luck. Its really annoying seeing Vanessa hiding and Deborah’s fighting. Though it might help new players get a better understanding of the counselors.
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    No joke, I know this has probably been said over and over again... But host leaving really kills everything! ! Twice in a row that's happened to me as Jason! And it really annoys me... I'm sure I'm not alone in this... it's getting old quick... I hope yall are checking this lol for real...
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    Featuring Heather and Josh as The Community And introducing Gun Media as Mike
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    It does look like a terrible idea. But who knows, we'll have to wait and see if it comes with any other changes. @bewareofbears I love all the songs you post, lol
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    @F134Ever86 I believe 4 eastern is 1 Pacific.
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    No wonder they all look right!! I looked at your picture before reading it, so I didn't know those are the ACTUAL Jasons! And props for the counselor garb, it's great. What a great pic and experience. I'm jealous. So is that Kane as J8? I might. I need a new real Freddy glove and a real J7 (and/or 6 or 8 ) mask. The guest list doesn't seem that hot but I've met everyone I'd be interested in already. Either way these conventions are great.
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    lol so much pissing back and forth about "tech" when it's all redundant anyways. Unless you have a speed hack or know how to skywalk, a good Jason player will figure out how to kill you. Pocket knives won't save you. Hitting through doors sure as shit won't save you...Even all this combat "tech" we go back and forth on (blocking, baiting, etc)...Who the fuck cares? Tommy can't do anything he's showing in his videos against REAL players (most videos are made vs bots). At least not reliably and in the heat of the moment. I've played against all the best fighting counselors PC has to offer (including Pappus and his minions) and still managed to kill 7-8 counselors nearly every time. Sure, they get some easy stuns in, some chain stuns...but all of that counts for DICK unless you actually know how to work together, fix things, escape. Never met a counselor I couldn't kill. Tommy's "knowledge" is hardly needed. But hey, if it helps him feel fulfilled...
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    Thank you! Always the voice of reason.
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    Counselors should also have specific objectives associated with their character. Bugzy and Adam. for example, should have a random character objective that says “stun Jason twice” or “rescue a counselor from Jason’s grab” or “stun Jason with an axe” which will reward 100xp for that specific objective once it’s complete. Deborah and LaChappa can have “perform two repairs” or “perform a boat repair” for 100xp. Jenny or Chad might have completely random objectives, etc. Players need more objectives with higher point values that can steer gameplay. Why do the fans consistently have more and better ideas than the devs? Smh
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    Well, I really hope you are right. The stream that Wes did seems pretty polished and finished, at least from my point of view, I didn't noticed any bug.
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    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here...until anyone actually experiences it for themselves, it is a little early to start jumping to conclusions like these. Anyone who completely relies on succ grabs is probably not great at the game to begin with.
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    ( @Kodiak no autocorrect fail this time!!) Go ahead and give me the warning cause I can't be soft this time.) @DorianRo What the fuck, man?? Is there ANYTHING about this game you like? Every fucking post & every fucking comment from you is a complaint about this game. "The devs need to blah, blah, blah", "The players are blah, blah, blah", "Jason is too blah, blah, blah", "I think it should be blah, blah, blah".........and now you think they need to make mics mandatory for gameplay?? Really?? Have you considered the reason why you get in rooms where people refuse to talk is simply because they don't want to talk to someone that's constantly whining? Let's consider the guys (or girls) who play late at night with their spouse sleeping in bed next to them. Should they be banned from playing too? What about people who have a hearing disability or a bad speech impediment? We gonna ban them for not being able to communicate with you? Jesus Christ on a rubber cross!! Quit complaining about EVERYTHING and start trying to appreciate SOMETHING.............or quit playing the game.
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    Let's see...one of my favorite iconic serial Slashers going up against one of my favorite modern brutal killers? ? What a conundrum! Let me think...Hell yeah! You could definitely sign me up for that. The only problem is...is Jason gonna come to Nola for Mardi Gras, or is Crowley planning on visiting New Jersey to kill the douchebags from "The Jersey Shore"? Either way it sounds like gory, slashing mayhem to me. I'm in! ?
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