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    You make me sad. I get you're a "positive person" and all that jazzy stuff you kids are into these days. But you're into such frivolous bullshit. Emotes and clothing should be pretty low priority, especially when so many things that effect good GAME PLAY are broken and it's anyone's guess what will actually get fixed (let alone what might break). Clothes and emotes seem to be your top priority. It's people like you that actually make the devs think people want this stuff. I know people do, to a degree. But I also think it's funny most of it comes from the -18 demographic, and this game is stepping further and further away from a "true" Friday the 13th experience (something the devs are big on) because of it. I get it though...You guys are the loudest, you're probably the majority of the player base at this point, and it's easy/cheap work for the devs. Fixing stuff like Jason glitching out and only being able to grab isn't nearly as important as middle finger emotes. Priorities...
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    And better graphics than Super Mario Bros. for NES but Super Mario is a much better game. Not sure why we’re arguing about Dead by Daylight vs. Friday the 13th in another thread. Fuck emotes Dead by Daylight is a good game Friday the 13th is a good game when it works/stars align One of these games is bleeding out players like a stuck pig Done.
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    Yes... I do. And can easily say that F13th does everything better then DBD. F13th Has better maps. F13th Better sound/music F13th Better Gore F13th Has better Characters F13th Has Better Objectives. F13th actually has a KILLER that KILLS (Most important aspect of the game) People can say that DBD is better polished.. Il say its much easier to polish something when you have less shit to actually polish. DBD is 1/4 of the game that F13th is.. And thats being nice about it.
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    For anything these developers put out cause most of it has been shit!! Other then the cool new maps new jasons and campers and bot mode. Instead of expanding the survival horror aspect no lets add stupid dance emotes, instead of adding weekly game modes no lets add skull challenges to unlock bullshit dance emotes!! Clothing might be cool if they put thought behind it!!! I know the cool-aid drinkers on here will back this game right into the grave with a franchise that is dead already!! But hey it all new content right?, it shit content but it something 😉 and as long as they stay TRUE to what killed the franchise you all are happy!! It sucks a game I loved and still wanna play is so watered down and for little kids now, It sucks cause Jason is my favorite but I have had to find new outlets like Dead by Daylight witch I used to think was a down grade to FT13 I also been playing White Noise 2 to get my fix!! I try to stay away from the abomination that this game has become if I do play it only me as Jason destroying AI!!
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    So it's may now guys!!! May 26th is is the first year anniversary of the game you know what else is in May? Prom!! So I was thinking that maybe a prom dlc, like big dresses and cute tuxes, and big hair (maybe)!!!! The style of a 80s dress is just very big, very poofy, and just loud in general. The tux isnt really much different from now, maybe some more ruffles on the shirt, maybe a powder blue tux. Very small thread I know, but I think this would be pretty cool to release for the game, also Deborah in a Cheongsam would be amazing!!! It would be a lovely addition to the game!! Tell me what you guys think!!!
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    This thread made by a player who don't knows how to block.
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    What Should Be Graphically Improved @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben UPDATE: Added a New Intro Video for comparison. FUTURE UPDATE: Adding more Jason animation GIFS and adding Counselor animation GIFS. I am happy to say that Friday The 13th The Game will be getting upgraded to the latest version of the Unreal Engine. This means a lot for the game, such as... - Potential for physics improvements and fixes for vehicles, ragdolls, hair, and more - Better performance on all platforms - Required support for Dedicated Servers on Xbox One and Playstation 4 - Fixes for long standing issues that will automatically be resolved by moving to the new engine version (Keep in mind that they will have more specifics closer to release) When asked about "Will this update improve the game graphically" ShiftySamurai said, "We'll have more info on the update throughout the process." "We cannot give answers for specific questions right now." While he didn't say yes yet, I'm sure that the game will most definitely get a bit of a graphical improvement from the April Update. Here's a couple things that I would like graphically improved or things brought back from older builds. Note they haven't said anything on the graphics improving so this could be a complete waste of time. 1. Making the game look ATLEAST half as good as the Beta (Atleast on PC) Okay lets be real here, the game will never look as good as the Pre-Aplha . The Pre-Alpha would be way too hard on consoles AND most PC's. But I think since the engine is getting an upgrade we could get a similar if not an exact look from the Beta. Personally I thought the Beta was gorgeous. There were so many more trees, bushes, and grass was everywhere! The sky looked great and the clouds stood out SO MUCH! The lighting was absolutely phenomenal. Plus there were so many little details like when the car was driving there was dust coming from the wheels. Anyway... I hope we can get the game to look atleast as half as good as the Beta. If you can't make it happen on all platforms then atleast do it for the PC players. I don't even own a gaming PC. I play on Xbox One but I atleast want one platform to have a gorgeous version of the game that looks like the Beta. 2. Bring Back HD Character Models From The Original Virtual Cabin (Jason And Counselors) The character models in this game a very good. Every counselors looks and feels very unique so good job on that F13 Devs. However if the April Update is going to affect the game graphically I feel like we can get them to look closer to the original Virtual Cabin models. - Look At The Shirt, The Hair, The EVERYTHING! - Tommy Looks So Much More Badass And His Hair Didn't Glow! - Look At How Much Better Jenny's Outfit Is In The Original Virtual Cabin! - The White Collar Is Way Better! And The Stripes Look So Good! Those Eyes And Lips Too! Everyone looks so much better in the original Virtual Cabin! Their skin, their eyes and eyebrows, their lips, and ESPECIALLY their hair and clothes looked absolutely stunning! Please Devs, you gotta give us these HD counselors back. Yes I know, These images are in 4K. but if you look at videos of the original Virtual Cabin then you know that the models looked way better even without 4K. Even The Jason's looked way better. Especially Part 6 Jason. - The More Subtle / Lighter Colors On Part 2 Jason Looks Way Better! - I Like The Lighter Colors On This Jason. It would Separate Him More From Part 4 Jason. - This Is Straight Up Photo Realistic! Absolutely Amazing! Part 6 Jason has the biggest difference from the Virtual Cabin to the Final Release. He looks incredible! The mask shape looks just like the movie unlike the mask he has in the Final Release. He's also normal sized. His shoulders and traps look normal and he was leaner just like CJ Graham. I cant get over how good the shape of the mask looks. The Final Release Part 6 Mask looks like crap but the Virtual Cabin 1.0 Mask looks insane. The color and weathering is still off though, Please Devs, bring back the Virtual Cabin 1.0 Part 6 Jason Model. It looks so much better. We need these gorgeous HD models back in the game Devs. Please make it happen guys. 3. Bring Back The HD Hair From The Original Virtual Cabin You wanna know what most of the hair looks like to me in Friday The 13th The Game. You don't? Well I tell you anyway. It straight up looks like most counselors took the end of the mop, smeared it in dog shit, left it out in the sun for 5 days, and then used that as a wig... especially on Adam. (No Offense Devs) - Straight Up Looks Like A Mop But in the original Virtual Cabin the hair looked SO GOOD! - Just Look At How Good It Looks! Please Devs, Bring This Hair Back. - AJ Had Way More Highlights In Her Hair! - Jenny Had Much Darker Hair In The Original Virtual Cabin. It Looks So Good It's Crazy! It looked very natural and soft and... like hair. I really hate the way the hair looks in the game right now and I hope they'll go back to these. They said that the hair would be fixed in the April Update. I don't know if they mean that they're fixing it to look like the original Virtual Cabin hair or if they're fixing all the hair glitches in the game. Hopefully both. 4. Bring Back Beta Animations (Jason And Counselors) I know, I know, I've said this a thousand different times... BUT C'MON! These are so sexy it's unreal! We gotta have these back. I know they're such a small detail but they make Jason and Counselors look and feel so much more real! I didn't include the counselor beta animations below because... I'm too lazy. We gotta have these back Devs. With this new engine I'm sure you can add these back into the game ATLEAST on PC. Make it happen guys. It you would like to see the Beta Animations in a actual match, then click the links below. The Part 3 Jason video is a MUST WATCH! Part 7 Jason Beta Gameplay: https://youtu.be/qpIhC4eqWZE Part 3 Jason Beta gameplay: https://youtu.be/EakKqy5ArPk (MUST WATCH) 5. Fix Neck Seams And Glitches On Character Models If you look closely when selecting a counselor you can see the following on some of them: - Neck Seams - White Dots around the chin / jaw area - Jenny's Neck has a line around it There are many more but I don't wanna go in depth into it because I'm positive these will be fixed in the April Update. 6. Bring Back And Add New HD Intros And Outros I don't know why or how the super amazing HD intros and outros that we had at the launch of the game are now gone. Like seriously, one of the only things that looked better than the Beta... is now gone. But If you're going to add back the old HD Intros and Outros you'll have to add new ones for the New Maps and Small Maps. If you haven't seen the original HD intros here's a video. Intros We Had Before: Intros We Have Now: 7. Bring Back Original Tommy Calling Animation And Original Tommy Cutscene The calling Tommy animation in the game right now is laughable. Counselor's hands aren't even in the right spot half the time. But the reveal trailer for Tommy showed a much more dramatic and realistic animation to call Tommy. And The Tommy Intro cutscene was way more badass. Here's the video. I'm sure everyone would love to see that calling Tommy animation back. 8. Bring Back Original Gun Holding Animation As you saw in the trailer, Tommy actually was holding the gun instead having it float on his back. This gun holding animation looks way better and makes more sense if the gun is on my back then I should be able to pick up other items. This detail is really cool but it's not much of a big deal. I'm sure a lot of us would love to see it back though F13 Devs. And F13 Devs, I'm not trying to be harsh. I love Friday the 13th The Game. It's one of the most fun online games I've ever played. I just wanna see a stunning Friday The 13th Game. We had that game in the Beta but due to consoles and many other reasons, the animations and graphics took a huge hit. But with this new engine I have hope that we can get that beautiful game again. Thank you guys for listening to feedback. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
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    So this has been talked about slightly and been made into threads before but I thought it could benefit more here and possibly get more attention. I would love for the next (not leaked) clothing pack, to be uniforms for the counselors. They could be from the movies or something completely different. I always imagined yellow t-shirts with "Crystal Lake Counselor" on the back of it, and some blue jeans or just pants in general. Some shorts would look nice too. When making the character unique, you can add little details to add some flavor. Adam could have his sleeves cut off, Tiffany could have the end of her shirt tied in a bow, AJ could have ripped jeans, ect. I've seen this type of clothing pack get lots of positive reactions and thought it would be a cool clothing pack to add to the game. Definitely brings in that mood and atmosphere to the game that the Swimsuits and Halloween costumes just didn't have. Here are some examples: What are your guys thoughts on something like this? @GunMedia_Ben @wes @ShiftySamurai Just a nice little idea that you guys might like for a future clothing pack. ☺
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    I really love the idea that fixes can not happen because emotes are added. I assure you the entire team is not working on emotes. Some gripes are it lacks "content" the game has always been sold as a 7v1 asymmetrical multi-player game. Not sure what what you consider content. Fixing bugs is also not "content" so you are completely undermining Your gripes here. Complaining about the player base plays the game is not something that can be controlled by the devs. "They used emotes to troll me" kind of a personal issue there. Teaming with Jason can happen, is it annoying? Yes. However due to party chat and other 3rd party programs there is virtually nothing you can do about it. Can you ban people who help Jason. Sure could, but if it is as wide spread as you are complaining it is, then there's really no one left to play now is there? Things that can be controlled like trolls who team kill had a response of having that ability removed. It was a qualify of life change for the game. Generally what I gather from complaints here is you want content and are not sure what content you want but just want content and things that are added are not content. People don't want to be trolled with emotes. People do not want people teaming with Jason. Think the playerbase is bad. Well most can be resolved with private matches as the problem stems from people not playing the game the way you would like. That is really the only thing that will solve your woes. The bug fixes is a valid complaint and they are always working on fixing bugs, this engine will help solve some of the persistent ones. So it is being worked on. Emotes are also being worked on as well. Multi-tasking is an amazing ability
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    I don't belong here because I like the emotes? Get over it, lol. I'm not going anywhere.
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    The RNG gods are going to turn that 2 million CP into 7 Legendary Perks. The only problem is that it'll take 20 hours to roll through it all. Have fun with that.
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    Developer #1: "People have been rubber-banding back to the car since December. Maybe we should fix it?" Developer #2: "Yea, but Generation Z really wants more counselors and emotes." Developer #1: "Okay, emotes it is!"
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    Do you even own Dead by Daylight? If you do, have you put more than 10 hours into it? Unlike you I can speak from legitimate experience. I have 774 hours invested into Friday the 13th and 469 hours invested into Dead by Daylight. I can tell you without question that Dead by Daylight is a better game in almost every conceivable way. I'm a huge fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and nobody wants this game to succeed more than I do. However, Friday the 13th: The Game is flawed on a fundamental level. The core mechanics and game design need MAJOR reworking if this game ever hopes to compete. In order for that to happen, the developers need to take off their rose colored glasses and expose their fragile egos to a healthy dose of the TRUTH. This game, in its current state, is like the class clown of the survival horror genre. It's good for a laugh or two, but at the end of the day nobody is taking it seriously.
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    I have to agree. They seem to be adding all the wrong things. I dont know who theyre listening to, but it's not the right people. I love the game, but right now I can't play it anymore. The bugs, lack of content and worst of all, the player base, is ruining the game. Until they fix teaming and cheaters I can't play solo anymore.
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    OUR ROLLERCOASTER RIDE OF REDEMPTION Alright, so there were some complications due to the merging of multiple topics but we have gotten most of it ironed out. Two Muffin topics were merged and in the process the original poll was lost. We attempted to re-add the poll but first needed to get the ownership of the topic back to me since it was transferred to @Culpin the merger. Needless to say it required some fancy finger work from @NthnButAGoodTime and a sacrifice of one of my old topics to get this to happen. Once we got control worked out I was able to recreate the poll and have it merged again into this topic. The poll lost all of its data so we will have to get that back the old fashion way(voting). As a result of the the mergers the topic now appears to be created on January 4th but the real creation date is April 24th as seen in the recommended post above. The original post was saved and is the first post in this thread and is marked as recommended. If you wish to show your support for Muffin with a like please do it there, so we can keep the tally accurate and simple for seeing the support you have for Muffin. COPY OF THE ORIGINAL POST Hell since everyone is suggesting every character in the series I suggest Muffin. Yup, that's right you play as a dog. Speed and stamina are maxed and you get a heightened sense at locating the keys. You can carry any item but you cant attack with weapons, you can bite. No driving either sadly. You are there to fetch items for others and survive. It's basically a better version of Vanessa. PER REQUEST: STATS Composure: 3 Luck: 5 Repair: 0 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 Stealth: 4 Strength: 3 CLOTHING OPTIONS:
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    It’s gotten out of control lately the amount of players, particularly hosts, that are AFK. Players are so obvious with trying to let the game run while they farm XP for doing nothing. Many people go AFK during a match to eat, use the bathroom, or tend to something but eventually come back. Players that are never playing and have the game running while they try to farm XP is unacceptable. Another reason to have a boot system, but furthermore a great example why these players should time out. I actually just entered a new lobby as the second person and the host had a mic and said he was going to go to work and leave the game running and good luck. WTF. No, I’m ever so sorry. Please institute a timer that boots inactive people, including hosts on console. Being boot for inactivity should also earn salt points as these players are definitively contributing nothing to the team in any way.
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    Well obviously they are doing something right, that shack is doing better than the faulty mansion.
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    You’re tired of getting hit through doors so not only do you not want this to be possible but you also want Jason to be invulnerable when crashing through doors ... y’all really hate not winning and having no councilors get the best of you .No it doesn’t be make sense to hit Jason through doors but getting killed by being thrown out of open windows doesn’t make sense either . Again another person who wants Jason unstoppable ..if we aren’t able to hit Jason through the door then he needs to be easier to hit otherwise..It takes waaay too long to connect with Jason and y’all are grabbing people when you should have obviously been hit. I don’t know how much more they will need to buff jason in order for most of you to be happy .Now we want Jason invulnerable after busting through doors ALSO with him not being able to be hit through doors.YOU also want more HP before his mask comes off .They took away pocket knives ,extra health sprays , made you silent when you stalk , they gave you the screen distortion to stalk to help you fake out councilors , they took out some of the weapons for you,They even made Jason slightly faster , They nerfed thick skin , They start you out with Throwing knives AND you’re probably about to get your grab buffed...Just enjoy the game. one or two councilors on average escapes Jason and those are the few experienced and smart councilors .
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    Thanks for the mention. 😃 I would really like to be able to select the options in this thread. The offline bots are getting some upgrades in the update, hopefully that includes selection options. I think the perks they get will be random, it would be cool if you could select them for each counselor individually though.
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    Yeah kinda in the same boat.
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    The dances suck. And anyone who likes them is part of the problem. It's unfortunate that gaming has stooped to such a low point that emotes are considered "content". I'll stick to calling them shitty cosmetics.
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    You don't belong here then.
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    The emotes are awesome!
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    Hard answer for Uber Jason is that he isn’t in the next update, so there’s nothing to say about it yet. We’re focused on getting this update out the door, and we aren’t talking about stuff coming after the update until it’s released. Also, I’m not a fan of content road maps. They ruin surprises and don’t take the real world into account. Could there be an updated road map? Maybe, but I would argue against putting all planned content on it. I typically post news (not Chad rain GIF) to the forums, reddit, Twitter, and Facebook in the same minute. The F13: The Game Twitter won’t give you a better answer about Uber Jason than I just did. ;)
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