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    For anything these developers put out cause most of it has been shit!! Other then the cool new maps new jasons and campers and bot mode. Instead of expanding the survival horror aspect no lets add stupid dance emotes, instead of adding weekly game modes no lets add skull challenges to unlock bullshit dance emotes!! Clothing might be cool if they put thought behind it!!! I know the cool-aid drinkers on here will back this game right into the grave with a franchise that is dead already!! But hey it all new content right?, it shit content but it something 😉 and as long as they stay TRUE to what killed the franchise you all are happy!! It sucks a game I loved and still wanna play is so watered down and for little kids now, It sucks cause Jason is my favorite but I have had to find new outlets like Dead by Daylight witch I used to think was a down grade to FT13 I also been playing White Noise 2 to get my fix!! I try to stay away from the abomination that this game has become if I do play it only me as Jason destroying AI!!
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    OUR ROLLERCOASTER RIDE OF REDEMPTION Alright, so there were some complications due to the merging of multiple topics but we have gotten most of it ironed out. Two Muffin topics were merged and in the process the original poll was lost. We attempted to re-add the poll but first needed to get the ownership of the topic back to me since it was transferred to @Culpin the merger. Needless to say it required some fancy finger work from @NthnButAGoodTime and a sacrifice of one of my old topics to get this to happen. Once we got control worked out I was able to recreate the poll and have it merged again into this topic. The poll lost all of its data so we will have to get that back the old fashion way(voting). As a result of the the mergers the topic now appears to be created on January 4th but the real creation date is April 24th as seen in the recommended post above. The original post was saved and is the first post in this thread and is marked as recommended. If you wish to show your support for Muffin with a like please do it there, so we can keep the tally accurate and simple for seeing the support you have for Muffin. COPY OF THE ORIGINAL POST Hell since everyone is suggesting every character in the series I suggest Muffin. Yup, that's right you play as a dog. Speed and stamina are maxed and you get a heightened sense at locating the keys. You can carry any item but you cant attack with weapons, you can bite. No driving either sadly. You are there to fetch items for others and survive. It's basically a better version of Vanessa. PER REQUEST: STATS Composure: 3 Luck: 5 Repair: 0 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 Stealth: 4 Strength: 3 CLOTHING OPTIONS:
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    You don't belong here then.
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    I have to agree. They seem to be adding all the wrong things. I dont know who theyre listening to, but it's not the right people. I love the game, but right now I can't play it anymore. The bugs, lack of content and worst of all, the player base, is ruining the game. Until they fix teaming and cheaters I can't play solo anymore.
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    Jason tunnels people in the movies. Once he sets his sights on you he is gonna do whatever it takes to kill you. I look at it as more of a badge of honor that Jason thinks I am worth the time to tunnel in the first place. And hey...if keeping him occupied allows others to escape - that is a win in my book - especially if I am playing Tommy Jarvis.
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    Do you even own Dead by Daylight? If you do, have you put more than 10 hours into it? Unlike you I can speak from legitimate experience. I have 774 hours invested into Friday the 13th and 469 hours invested into Dead by Daylight. I can tell you without question that Dead by Daylight is a better game in almost every conceivable way. I'm a huge fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and nobody wants this game to succeed more than I do. However, Friday the 13th: The Game is flawed on a fundamental level. The core mechanics and game design need MAJOR reworking if this game ever hopes to compete. In order for that to happen, the developers need to take off their rose colored glasses and expose their fragile egos to a healthy dose of the TRUTH. This game, in its current state, is like the class clown of the survival horror genre. It's good for a laugh or two, but at the end of the day nobody is taking it seriously.
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    THIS^ is the problem tho. You should NOT have to use 'non issue techniques' to use basic core game play mechanics. Whats the point of having actual door breaking animations for Jason if the best/safest way to break down a door is by NOT using it? Im just gonna assume the only people who think hitting Jason through doors is fine are players that like to beat on lesser experienced Jason and Dance.. behind the door. (I see these videos on the F13th club feed all the time) Because experienced Jason players are more aware and won't use the door break down animation..if they see a door bugger. But its also annoying to tippy toe around breaking down doors.. If anything Jason should be able to shove his arm through the hole and just rip a counselors face off.
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    If you are in the fuse box house when I get there I tend to try to take you out first. You have seen too much and you must die.
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    Hard answer for Uber Jason is that he isn’t in the next update, so there’s nothing to say about it yet. We’re focused on getting this update out the door, and we aren’t talking about stuff coming after the update until it’s released. Also, I’m not a fan of content road maps. They ruin surprises and don’t take the real world into account. Could there be an updated road map? Maybe, but I would argue against putting all planned content on it. I typically post news (not Chad rain GIF) to the forums, reddit, Twitter, and Facebook in the same minute. The F13: The Game Twitter won’t give you a better answer about Uber Jason than I just did. ;)
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    Posted 5/1/2017: Have you ever came up with a genius idea only to have someone either literally steal it or just coincidentally come up with something similar? I made the mistake of pitching a movie idea in a horror chat room one time and I swear to you, the movie A Cabin in the Woods ended up being so close to my idea that it legit made me paranoid. The only other encounter I have ever had like this was on Facebook. I was messaging a guy that was supposedly just a fake profile pretending to be Andy Biersack of the band Black Veil Brides who has claimed numerous times in interviews that he doesn't have a Facebook. To test this theory, I sent the guy some lyrics and told him he could use them, and low and behold, lyrics very similar to mine ended up as the chorus for one of their bonus tracks off their third album. These were probably both coincidences, but it was identical enough to make me feel paranoid. ~Thatguyinktown
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    The second. THE. VERY. SECOND. a Dr. Crews player is killed, I will lose sight of all objectives in the game and just reenact Weekend at Bernie's AND Weekend at Bernie's 2 for the duration of the 20 minutes. This does not mean that I would merely kick the body around or prop it up. I would certainly do that, but that's not the end of it. I would insist on pretending that the Dr. Crews player is still alive, and attempt to convince other players of this. I would do this weather I was Jason, or any counselor player. This would continue to occur in every match moving forward, until the point just after which I stop giggling.... .... sooo... indefinitely.
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    So this has been talked about slightly and been made into threads before but I thought it could benefit more here and possibly get more attention. I would love for the next (not leaked) clothing pack, to be uniforms for the counselors. They could be from the movies or something completely different. I always imagined yellow t-shirts with "Crystal Lake Counselor" on the back of it, and some blue jeans or just pants in general. Some shorts would look nice too. When making the character unique, you can add little details to add some flavor. Adam could have his sleeves cut off, Tiffany could have the end of her shirt tied in a bow, AJ could have ripped jeans, ect. I've seen this type of clothing pack get lots of positive reactions and thought it would be a cool clothing pack to add to the game. Definitely brings in that mood and atmosphere to the game that the Swimsuits and Halloween costumes just didn't have. Here are some examples: What are your guys thoughts on something like this? @GunMedia_Ben @wes @ShiftySamurai Just a nice little idea that you guys might like for a future clothing pack. ☺
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    Good afternoon slashers & campers! We’ve talked about Single Player Challenges a couple of times now, as well as some of the basics of Skull Objectives. Today we're going to discuss what exactly Skull Objectives are, and how you can unlock sweet new emotes within the Challenges. Each of our 10 Single Player Challenges give players an opportunity to unlock 3 emotes. Players who complete all of the Skull Objectives in Single Player Challenges will have earned a total of 30 new emotes for their counselors. Skull Objectives come in three flavors: No Survivors Skull: Simply enough, you complete this Skull Objective by killing all counselors. No one gets out alive, except for Jason. Mother’s special, special boy. XP Score Skull: Jason players must hit an XP requirement to complete the Score Objective. Players will earn points for performing certain actions such as; using Stalker Points, executing special kills, regular kills, and more. Not sure if you’ve hit the XP score? Don't worry, you will be able to track your progress in the tab menu during each Challenge. Undetected Skull: Simultaneously as simple, yet difficult, as it sounds. Save Crystal Lake from the filthy teenagers without being seen. Not sure if AJ saw you? Don’t worry, a pop up will occur if this Skull has been lost due to Jason being detected. Missed a popup and unsure whether you completed an Objective? Each Skull Objective will be displayed at the end of the Challenge to let players know how they performed. We’re listing the Challenges by their unlock order, so we don’t spoil anything before they drop for everyone. Challenge One is unlocked for everyone, but after that players will need to unlock each Challenge by completing two Skull Objectives in the previous Challenge. Each completed Skull Objective will unlock an emote reward. Let’s take a look at the emotes you can unlock for every Skull Objective in each Challenge. Challenge One (Broken Down): No Survivors: Hurry! XP Score: Check Pockets Undetected: The Cabin Boogie Challenge Two: No Survivors: Praise XP Score: Melbourne Shuffle Undetected: Pelvis Thrust Challenge Three: No Survivors: Scatter XP Score: Air Guitar Undetected: The Mia Challenge Four: No Survivors: Apologize XP Score: What was that? Undetected: The Pumpkin Patch Challenge Five: No Survivors: Victory Celebration XP Score: Gun Show Undetected: The Sexy Sway Challenge Six: No Survivors: Silly Gestures XP Score: Friday Night Fever Undetected: Crotch Grab Challenge Seven: No Survivors: Yawn XP Score: Feelin’ It Undetected: The Vincent Challenge Eight: No Survivors: Flirt XP Score: The Freaky Friday Undetected: Flip Off Challenge Nine: No Survivors: Temper Tantrum XP Score: The Low Down Undetected: The Bel-Air Challenge Ten: No Survivors: Threaten XP Score: Bouncin and Boppin Undetected: The Running Man Some of the emotes are different based on the gender of the counselor, but each emote unlocks an action for both female and male counselors.
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    Safe to assume Dr. Crews would get "The Bernie" as one of his emotes? Great. NOW I want to start my own campaign to get Dr. Crews added. --but with a mustache. --and round sunglasses.
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    Oh yes they do, but it's the kind you go to jail for. Ask the subway guy.
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    You know, I am pretty certain Terry Kiser would be thrilled to come back to voice/motion capture Dr. Crews again . . .
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    I'd also like to see them add his weed whacker kill from the movie in all it's glory (maybe in a future sp challenges?). It was heavily censored in the movie so it'd be cool to see it play out in the game. Prefereably done on him.
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    I like the idea. What's with all the Vanessa hate lol?
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    How is that trolling...? So he saw you and was set on killing you, big deal. That's not trolling...
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    I told them about the situation the moment the news was released. Salt mines is a bad idea, and it is a bad idea in general to punish your playerbase. It is simply a bandaid for lack of dedicated servers because the only time it really matters is when host quits, and I truly believe this temp solution will do more harm than good. Majority of counselors quit because of teaming, majority of Jasons quit because they are relentlessly bullied. A good Jason will put up a fight but a newbie Jason has absolutely no chance, and the punishment is compounded when you have low level Jason vs high level counselors. Same hopeless situation if you are in a lobby where a counselor is aim blocking you in a room with no other exit (you can’t actually do anything other than quit). IMO it is truly a stupid idea to dish out salt points for quitting, that won’t solve the root of the problems for either side. They keep saying that this won’t impact the general player except they are ignoring the fact that players experience problems like these far more than they think. Jason is in no way disadvantaged by a counselor quitting except if it is host, so why is that any incentive to punish at all.
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    This trope isn't really popular but I'd like to see this character! Maybe not Crews (I'd prefer McCulloch from part 8) but it's be cool to get this trope in-game regardless. The only stats I'd really change are maybe luck and repair. I'd give him 6 luck and 4 repair. 6 luck because like Melissa he survived right until the end, and because he was manipulating Tina and her mother for some time without any repercussions.
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    Would love to have the original final girl added to the game.
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    This has come up before and this is rather typical in most games. Basically we build a highly polished section for show and then start to build out and create more content and so forth. The more content you make, the more memory and resources that are being allocated to run the game. The more you run, the less fidelity you get overall. The way that our game works in Unreal as an online title with a lot of interactive parts (characters controlling vehicles, interacting with one another, a ton of spawned items on the map, etc...) all cause a lot of memory to be used. So; the game does look really darn good, especially on PC with Epic settings, but depending on where you run your game on what platform might cause you to see just a little less. Single player on the other hand, is all loaded in locally for you, which is why games tend to look better in single player, or maps are larger, or various ways to help boost fidelity without losing much.
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    Its just that I'm sick and tired of people crying about EVERY change, "Jason is nerfed, go back to old window breaking, when will this come out, Jason is too strong, how do you find pamela tapes, I hate team killing, I want team killing back", There is no pleasing people.
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