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    Hell since everyone is suggesting every character in the series I suggest Muffin. Yup, that's right you play as a dog. Speed and stamina are maxed and you get a heightened sense at locating the keys. You can carry any item but you cant attack with weapons, you can bite. No driving either sadly. You are there to fetch items for others and survive. It's basically a better version of Vanessa. PER REQUEST: STATS Composure: 3 Luck: 5 Repair: 0 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 Stealth: 4 Strength: 3 CLOTHING OPTIONS:
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    Something I'd love to be able to do is close doors when I am Jason to allow better chance for those Stalk mode jumpscares. Open doors can be a sign you've been there as Jason, being able to close them could allow you to cover your tracks better and remain undiscovered. Having a counselor open a bathroom door to find you standing there would be an amazing jumpscare opportunity!
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    As the fans of this community already know that Victoria is basically a better Jenny Myers! The mains with Jenny will likely be picking Victoria once she is added into the game this May update.
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    Example Lobby: One Player could be chosen randomly, like Jason is, to become an animal.
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    My thoughts are... BITCHES, GATHER 'ROUND. @ProfessionalBeefcake @Impactedmedal38 @IronKnight55 @TiffanyxAJ @tyrant666 @FrenchFriedPotaters @Flyin_J @IcrazyKid855 @kitcat @BFizzle @TiffanyIsBae @PrincessTiffany @Gummybish @FinalBoy @mandixmx @SmugDoka @StripMonopoly @JennyMyers1984 @Turtle @Veevleigh @Lexandremon @Culp @Elias Voorhees @ElusiveGamer We are claiming Muffin for our Glamorous Pink Campsite and we are not going back empty handed. I hereby ask for your support by giving the main post of this topic a big like.
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    Part 2: choke. Part 3: choke. Part 4: choke. Part 5 ( Roy ): choke. Part 6: choke. Part 7: choke. Part 8: choke. part 9: choke. Savini: head punch. My job here is done.
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    Calling a lot of people clowns however Isn't joker the clown prince of crime? ;) anyways this isn't a discussion piece please if you create a thread make it a discussion piece and not a personal rant. Thanks.
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    How will rain work indoors...in space? Chace you're killing me smalls.
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    We need an electric box kill for one there's a few in the series. Where Jason throws the counselors into the generator and it shocks them too death
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    See, I'd just tell my friend: "It's a kickstarter game, it has bugs now and then but it's still a unique, awesome time with the right group of friends. Also, if you're so bothered about it, maybe you shouldn't let people influence you so much regarding what you choose to spend your money on, you weak-willed, blubbering little manbitch." Problem solved and no shame felt!
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    1. April 26th - Improved In-Game Fonts! 2. May 3th - New Clothing Varieties including 3(!) new Tie-Dye shirts for Mitch! 3. May 10th - All hail Glor, our supreme celestial commander who will vanquish the wicked and non-believers! 4. May 17th - New garbage assets for the vehicles! (empty drive through soda cup on the dash, garbage on the floor, etc) 5. May 24th - New weapon "wooshing" sound effects for weapon swings! 6. May 31st - Glor is dead 7. June 7th - Update will not be ready for release this month.
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    Hello Friday the 13th: The Game players and fans, As many of you are aware, we have been targeting an April release for the next major update to Friday the 13th: The Game since our announcement that the game would be moving to an updated version of the Unreal game engine. We have known that hitting a date in April was ambitious, and a best case scenario, but we believe that people should strive for their best. Today we have been forced to accept that the update will not be able to be released in April. The update is shaping up nicely, but there are still a few issues that we need to iron out to ensure the best gameplay experience for our players, and we still need to pass the patch through console certification. Our goal is to make sure the work is done right, and that meant we needed some extra time with it. Why didn’t you release on Friday the 13th of April? This update has been a massive endeavor. The game engine upgrade alone means that the team at IllFonic has had to go over every system in the game and check, tweak, or recreate it. They have been doing amazing work at an intense pace throughout the update process. We are incredibly proud of their progress and everyone at Illfonic and Gun are anxious to get the update out and into the hands of our players. However, setting a hard release date, with the amount of features and upgrades included, would have only served to undermine IllFonic’s work for the sake of hitting a specific day. The game, and our players, would have suffered from it. When is the update coming? We are in the later stages of finalizing, but we are not yet at a place in the process where we can state a specific date with certainty. All of our major reworks and new features - updated game engine, Single Player Challenges, Victoria, Bot AI Improvements, Weapon Switching, Legendary Perks, etc. - are in place in our development builds. However, we are at least weeks away from release, and if major issues are found we will work to solve them before release. What we do know is that there is no longer a possibility of hitting a release date in April, and we felt that we should let Friday the 13th: The Game players know. Why is it taking so long? This is, by far, the largest technical update to release for Friday the 13th: The Game. In addition to the implementation of our new and reworked major features, everything in the game needed to be checked over due to the engine revision change. That said, we realize that our players are used to an update every month or two, and we understand the disappointment of the update not being released in April. What is “done”? Every piece of “Thursday News” that we have released since February 9th, 2018 is finalized in the update. The engine upgrade is complete (there’s a comparison video lower in this post), Single Player Challenges are finished, as are Weapon Swapping, Keybinding, the altered Jason Grab, Legendary Perks, AI Improvements, the Salt Mines, Part 7 Jason rework, and Victoria Sterling. All of these features are in our development builds and are working well. Right now, we’re buttoning up the build. Are you going to “surprise drop” this update? No, the next update is a massive milestone for us and we will not be silent about its release date. We will be releasing communications about the update’s release before it comes out, and we will communicate the date as soon as it is certain.
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    Corpse Grabbing would be a unique mechanic in the game itself! why? it would feel like the hitman/splinter cell games where hiding corpses mean no evidence or even to jumpscare and increase the fear for counselors since Jason did in fact do these things in the movies as well so it would be realistic to his character as well.
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    Hey humans, i made a signature of Jason Part 2, feel free to use If u wish, i can make other similar to this one (just choose ur Jason or Counselor from the game) in my spare time, just ask and wait https://i.imgur.com/LRqWgQc.png https://i.imgur.com/w0i5GBu.png (Url: https://i.imgur.com/3k5ueNy.gif) https://i.imgur.com/p96uGSr.png https://i.imgur.com/x4t8SDW.png https://i.imgur.com/sUtuMKW.gif https://i.imgur.com/ctmjM26.png https://i.imgur.com/qXN3Z0q.png https://i.imgur.com/R5IY6YW.png
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    I like that we can kill or incapacitate Jason as is. However, I wish there was more variety in killing him. So far the only way to kill him is through Tommy. But there is another way we should kill him in my opinion that is underrated. The final girl should be able to kill him. There are many specifications for this to happen, so it's not as easy as 1-2-3. The only female counselors that can kill Jason are those with 5+ composure stat. To kill Jason: The mask needs to be off. Tommy needs to be called, arrive on the scene, and then defeated! There needs to be only one girl left in the match, with the exception of only 1 other guy( due to the nice guy trope). Jason must be stunned first, and brought to his knees. you don't need the sweater. The counselor has to be well composed, meaning that cannot kill him if they are hysterical with fear. Only the frightened stage and above. The prompt is randomized and only appears once in the match, signaling when Jason is vulnerable. If you miss it, you miss your chance. You must use a bladed weapon. The Final Girls were also a force to incapacitate Jason. I feel this should be an alternative way to killing Jason that is not only very specific, but different, refreshing, and also makes sense.
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    These moderators are so sensitive no wonder the game is turning into a joke cause these clowns don’t know anything!!! Bunch of clowns developers and moderators don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground!!! Lmao
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    I really can't wait for the update. Then all the stupid threads can stop and we can all just go back to bitching about problems in the game - like the good ol' days.
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    That's cause he keeps coming back from the dead! But seriously, it doesn't even have to be a kill, just a defeat. Like the movies.
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    I don't think it will be included on the map. If it will, it will be in the virtual camp section. Otherwise, no, raining indoors would be silly.
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    "For a head of lettuce... I am ancient. For a mountain..... I have not yet begun in years. For a man.... I am just right." Chiun.... Master of Sinanju I wonder if anyone gets the reference..... I will not necessarily say how old I am, but if bacon takes off one minute of your life for each slice you eat.... I should have died in 1746.
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    "DIGITAL ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS, TOO!!" Clone Rider - a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man-- who wants to add a dog to a game. @Slasher_Clone - a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of adding the fluffy, the snub-nosed, the irrelevant to the plotline-- to the world of a killer who operates above the law. (Try getting this theme song out of your head all morning! )
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    Some good posts similar to what I’ve posted before on this topic, but need to clear up a couple things on here - Luck is not tied to repair QTEs, the QTEs are simply tied to repair stat. Each number has a range of skill checks, eg. For 2 Repair you have a range of 5-10 checks, and by re-rolling you can get it down to the minimum 5 (though sometimes it can take a while). It is random. Incorrect, all counselors get the same amount of stamina on hit which is 50%. Yet another thing which is not tied to Luck stat. Out of all the stats it is the one with the most false claims, it doesn’t do nearly as much as people think it does - although it’s still a #1 stat purely for weapon durability (and car start time). One other thing to mention. If you don’t have the perks for No Fear build, you can still create a “budget” version by simply equipping Night Owl on Jenny. She will still gain Fear, and gain it at the same rate, but she will never stumble. Anyway it’s already been pretty well explained why Jenny (No Fear or generic) is the much better pick. Victoria is just trying to fill a role that’s already been filled, I don’t see any point in choosing her from a gameplay-perspective. Literally her only real advantage is 2 extra points in stam, 1 extra point in speed. And that is absolutely not worth going down from 10 Composure to 4, which will cripple the stam regen when Fear kicks in (ironically making those bonus mobility points less useful).
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    Using Rydog's calculations when he was data mining the game, the composure testing results by @Alkavian, and the weapon durability guide created by @ThePunkPirate (with additional input from @BomberBuddy who did further weapon durability calculation on Alkavian's guide), I would sum the comparisons down to the following: Composure: Jenny's composure is by far much better. Rydog's fear calucations revealed a vanilla build Jenny (no perks) would reach full panic mode when roughly 3:21 minutes/seconds had gone by. At 4 composure, Victoria will start panicking around 0:56 seconds, and unlike Jenny she has no chance of setting herself up with a "No Fear" build. Victoria's stamina regeneration would be heavily penalized more quickly while running from Jason, and even a Jenny who doesn't use a "No Fear" build would still last roughly over 3 minutes before going to panic mode. The deal maker here is the part where counselors stumble more frequently the more terrified they are. Stumbling is dangerous when you're fighting Jason, because a random stumble right when you were about to hit Jason with a melee weapon essentially gives him a free chance to slash/grab you, regardless of your skill level against him. Jenny simply has all the cards here: she is much better at minimalizing her chance to stumble, and since both of these counselors aren't fast, they'll eventually have to fight Jason for the stamina refill, so naturally the person with the less chance to stumble between the two has the clear advantage. And even if Jenny had to contend with a larger fear pool slowing down her chance to recover (while not using a "No Fear" build), it would still take Jason a considerable amount of time before she reached that stage. If Jason allows 3 minutes to go by without checking up on the objectives, many counselors will easily abuse that time to escape and/or prepare for the "Kill Jason" objective, making it well worth it for Jenny to distract Jason that long. Victoria will have many problems if she gets tunneled by Jason, and Jason can even justify it because it doesn't take very long for Victoria to panic. Edge: Jenny, large lead. Luck: No Difference between the two, both are 8. Edge: Neither, both are tied. Repair: Jenny has a 2, Victoria has a 3. Edge: Victoria with slight lead, but ultimately both of them are going to suck at this. At least they have high luck, so they can reset the repair QTEs until the devs finally realize luck shouldn't play a factor at all when repairing an objective. Speed: Jenny has a 3, Victoria has a 4. Jenny can only match a running Jason's speed whereas Victoria can run a wee bit faster. However, because Victoria will panic fast, she will have to worry about stumbling frequently when trying to escape. With enough bad luck, a running Jason could theoretically catch Victoria just by slowly following her (albeit he will probably just go for the Shift/Grab combo as well as chuck knives at her to save on time). Edge: Neither, both have their own issues that affects this stat, and neither of them can really outpace a running Jason. Stamina: Jenny has a 5, Victoria has a 7. A counselor with 5 stamina can jog for roughly 2:00 minutes according to Rydog's calucations, and while a 7 stamina doesn't exist, 8 stamina counselors can jog for 2:16, so Victoria will roughly have stamina between 2:16 and 2:00. The major catch is that Victoria will panic much faster than Jenny, so after being chased for a while Jenny would eventually win in this category due to better stamina regeneration (especially with a "No Fear" build). It really comes down to how long Jason would chase each counselor. Edge: Victoria while not being chased as well as maintaining her fear well enough, "No Fear" Jenny when Jason tunnel visions (either intentionally, or because you're literately the last counselor alive that Jason can find). Stealth: Jenny has a hidden value of 8.5 thanks to Rydog's calculations, Victoria has a 7. Both will not matter because you need at least 9-10 points to jog silently. Edge: Neither, this stat really need more relevance like QTEs directly tied to it. Strength: Jenny has a 1, Victoria has a 2. However, because neither of these counselor are prime picks for demasking Jason, the extra strength Victoria has can actually be a weakness. Dealing more damage with hits further increases Jason's Rage, so if the team isn't coordinated enough to demask Jason then you really want to avoid dealing damage at all costs. And even when demasking Jason, it won't really matter since so many other counselors are better at this, but at that point Victoria's extra strength could help put in a little extra help when she doesn't have access to a shotgun. Edge: Neither. Once again, this stat needs QTEs directly tied to it for better relevance. Conclusion: Both of these counselors have ties as well as slight, unnoticeable leads in a lot of categories. The main difference between the two is that Victoria is more athletic whereas Jenny can handle fear better. Victoria will have roughly a quarter of a minute more time to jog compared to Jenny if we go by Rydog's stats, and she does has a very slight edge in speed. However, Jenny is much better at fighting Jason. A "No Fear" build is very useful for minimalizing your chances to stumble, and as mentioned above stumbling while fighting Jason is effectively a death sentence. While Victoria's athelticism is better, ultimately her low composure will cripple her stamina regeneration, forcing her to fight Jason, and the mere fact she's much more likely to stumble clearly sets the two apart in this category. And even if Jenny didn't use a "No Fear" build, she still would last 2+ minutes longer than Victoria before completely freaking out. Both will have to fight Jason eventually; they're simply not fast enough to outpace a running Jason, and many walking Jasons have advantages to offset their weaknesses, so it doesn't really matter how athletic the two counselors are. But Jenny is the better fighter, and since one of her main goals is to get Jason's attention away from her teammates, her strengths are very helpful to the team, whereas Victoria is nothing more than an opportunist like Chad. Ultimate Edge: Jenny. Edit: Props to @Tommy86 for correcting me on the part about the repair stat. Also, did a bit of proofreading.
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    If I grab someone near enough the water I want to carry them out to where it's knee deep and drown them. I'd like to be able to pick up a chair and beat Lachapa with it when he's in his wrestling costume.
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    @Jason Todd Voorhees It is actually incredible that not a single sentence you’ve posted in this entire thread is correct.
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    Don't you mean your mom's basement floor?
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    I find it add more to the atmosfear.
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    The point of rain and thunder is to make it harder on both sides .As for voting ,i don't want to know when it will rain.
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    I would love for Trish to be added to the game! She was gorgeous. ?
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    #1 Reggie (An iconic character from the franchise despite being from the arguably least liked movie. Pitched to be older in the game, he will fill in the role of the male luck counselor with composure. And who doesn't love that red jogging suit, perhaps we'll get to hit Roy with the tractor as well.) #2 Tina ( Although hard to implement, Tina is special. She has the ability to hit Jason with objects with her telekenesis. If not a hero, a seperate game mode would still be successful.) #3 KM or Brodski (Let's be honest, who wants to see Tommy Jarvis in space. We need another hero character to be released alongside the Grendel map. And why not the bad ass heroes from Jason X.) #4 A Repair counselor with better stamina and speed. Okay, the Devs aren't going to overkill it, but a 6 in each stat is feasible and fair. #5 Mark, he's going to be in the game someway anyways, so why does my opinion matter
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    Trope/Role - "The Daredevil" Gender - Male *Age - 17/18 * I mean, this is pretty obvious. Does it need a explanation? Reggie was 14 in the film, so buff his age a few years for the game. Reggie was also supposed to come back for part 6, but it didn't happen because Shavar declined. This could kind of be a tribute to that as well. Stats @[IllFonic]Courier @wes These are our final stats. No more tweaks or edits. Finally, I can relax. Composure - 8 Speed - 7 Luck - 7 Stamina - 5 Repair - 3 Stealth -3 Strength - 2 Explanation on Stats Composure - 8 - His highest stat. When people think of Reggie, the first thing they think about is his speed. His bravery in the film was much underrated, as he nearly killed Roy twice by being composed. He planned what he was going to do and didn't go completely hysterical. Let's not forget he says, "where I come from, you learn to be afraid of nothing." Sure he screamed, but what final victim doesn't? Luck - 7 He survived the film, and as a Black brotha as well. Truly puts a kick to the stereotype. Lucky Speed - 7 - What most people remember Reggie for. God, he bolted the scene, leaving Pam behind in the dust. Fast. Stamina - 5 An odd anomaly. Due to balancing, there's no way Reggie can be fast, have stamina, be lucky and composed. It's safest bet in the game is average. Reggie's speed was much more notable than his stamina. Repair - 3 - As a kid in the film, he was able to start the tractor and drive it. It's clear he knows a little bit about vehicles to support someone. (Pam) Stealth - 3 Although he survived the film, he failed to have any notable good stealth. Roy discovered him in the barn because he made noise. He also kind of gave up his position anyways cheering for Pam using the chainsaw. Strength - 2 Reggie wasn't interested in weight lifting or sports, but more in reckless/dangerous things. He'd have generally low strength. He was also skinny and a young teen in the film. Character Background - This counselor is known for being reckless. Being in semi dangerous situations, they never seem to hurt themselves, but is capable of putting other people's lives in jeapordy. They don't mean to and usually mean well to the people around them, but their actions interfene. In a few cases, they may end up helping the others around them because of their brave and daring instincts. This character comes from a inner city neighborhood and has been forced by his parents to go to a camp for the summer after being involved in too much negative actvity in the neighborhood. Model - Could be based off the actor, Shavar Ross as a homage to his character Reggie "The Reckless". *If you're attempting to keep Reggie's face the same as in the film, I suppose you'd have to buff his body up just a little bit to avoid looking like a kid. Clothing Styles Ideas - Game Add Ons - pitched by @Liquid Swordsman Like being chosen to be Jason, except, the game will randomly handpick a counselor player on the Pinehurst map with the special privilege of driving the tractor. I've been speculating a title of what to call this system. A couple of names I came up with so far: "Reckless Mode" or "They call you Reggie The Reckless" Once that happens, the game will automatically spawn you at the barn on Pinehurst while remaining in the tractor. There could be a tagline above the screen reading something like: Reckless Mode: "They call you Reggie The Reckless" "Because no spider will scare you. The other counselors are in danger, luckily your reckless thinking might come in good use for them. You've been given the opportunity to drive the tractor. Use it wisely!" From here on out, the Reggie player has the option to either drive the tractor now or save it for another time. This gif can be something like a intro cut scene for a Jason stun:
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    Hey campers! I hope you all had a great weekend and that this Monday isn’t being too rough on you. I heard that Mitch is still recovering from having too much fun this past Friday. So, seems to be a lot of chatter about our pal Reggie, huh? It is true that Shavar Ross AKA Reggie “The Reckless” Winter reached out to us about being a character in the game. We’re fans of Mr. Ross and loved him as Reggie in Part V. Let’s not forget that scream he has! Man, he could beach dolphins with those pipes! However, as you guys are fully aware, adding a new character to the lineup isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. A lot of thought would need to go into a new counselor and their stats. Let’s not forget that Reggis was a kid in the film, and Mr. Ross is a little older now. I’m not sure he can hit that high note scream anymore. It would be cool to see Reggie back at Pinehurst again, but adding new content to the game isn’t always our call to make. Especially with the uncertainty of the on-going Miller case with respect to the license. There are other characters we have on our internal wish list as well. Maybe someday we will get to bring them back to Crystal Lake. But in the interim, under the circumstances, we can’t commit to them. It sucks, I know. Trust me...I’m a fan just like you guys, and I want to see more familiar faces at camp. Wes Keltner CEO Gun Media
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    Adding Back Beta Animations The beta of Friday The 13th The Game looked really good. Much more trees and bushes. Characters looked better. Houses and lighting were much better as well. I don't know the reason why the beta looked so good and the release looked pretty bad and I'm hoping one day the game will look as good as the beta. But the thing that makes me really mad is why some of the animations from the beta are gone. Especially the Jason ones. Here take a look down below: Look at how good these look! These look so amazing! I don't understand why these aren't in the final release. They said they are trying to make Jason Scarier. If they add these animations back from the beta Jason would look and feel so much scarier. They make Jason feel more alive and relentless. Especially that last clip of Part 3 Jason. Imagine you saw him running at you like that after trying to break down a door. Don't lie, that would be so much scarier. I know we can get this back in the game guys. If enough people ask for it back then we'll get it. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub BTW if you can't add these back because of consoles then just add them back to PC. I don't even play on PC but i still would like one version of the game to at least have it.
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    The Earth is not flat.......it’s a cube.
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    I nominate you to present metrics and percentages.
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    I proposed this very thing in the new game mode I came up with. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14697-new-game-mode-idea-more-like-the-films/
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    Yup. Youtube is very helpful in situations like this. I found the clip @Cokeyskunk, @DasMurich. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8n1TBS--gE @Qcici You're thinking of the wrong movie/person. This is what @FinalBoy was referring to.
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    Hey, I only accept the challenge on your behalf, lol. (I know how much you like cute animals, then again who doesn't.) Muffin is the gateway drug, to having Gordon or an original Dog. I actually think it would promote team work, and show a willingness in the Devs to make this game truly triple A. Dogs have been apart of the series and if they do a story then players who die need to be occupied, till the next chapter, a single dog per match isn't going to Troll Jason to hard. (No packs of flea bags, that would be silly) Don't tell me Boomer isn't the greatest, and being given a chance to comeback after death and save someone as a dog like him wouldn't be awesome. If your only option to escape and get XP for being the dog is helping, and you can't escape, the worst that would happen is a single item gets carried around, Salt could be awarded for attempts to troll like this. How cool would it be when you're limping around the map, desperately looking for a med. spray, to have a dog run up and drop one at your feet? Think of the Emotes a dog could have ie. growl, wag tail, sit, or more complex ones like.. - Roll over, ending in a laying down, head up position - Take a piss, Not quite Buggsy levels - Shake off after swimming, water could fly it would be neat - Sitting up begging, with the front legs pawing at the air, I'm a sucker for the whine and paws grabbing at the air. I think even as a project done in the spirit of fun, it could be valuable to the game. It's been good seeing most of the forum with a new purpose, and while I'd like them to add all the characters that have been suggested lately Muffin is by far my favourite. edit, just saw the poll, voted for the dogs. The cats could be bots, trained in the art of the jump scare.
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    We ABSOLUTELY should. The creators (and the original Gatekeeper) want to do another one. Look: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/bnp5b5/we-called-up-the-gatekeeper-to-ask-if-theyll-ever-remake-atmosfear I nominate you to spearhead this, @TheHansonGoons
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    Actually making the window kill seem legit...it needs to be way more brutal. A counselor can jump through a window by themselves yet when Jason throws them through one they die instantly? Especially an open window, “how did you die?” “Oh I just got thrown through an OPEN window.”
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    Not sure how you gathered that. He said they were a fan but they had other characters on their internal wish list. The chances of seeing Reggie as a counselor or a counselor inspired by him are next to zero for the time being.
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    i made a little animation of fire in his eyes
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    But I said Gordon did Muffin before she was famous! That is just natural! Sorry guy.... I would give up an escape for a dog any day of the week. Dogs are way better people than people. @Slasher_Clone you are friggin' nailing her here bud! #JeffGordon
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    The season/series finale will air April 29. I'm hoping they filmed a fitting end to it, just in case they didn't get picked up for another season. I guess we can find out Sunday.
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    I don’t think I trust your call on who may or may not be added.
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