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    Trish Jarvis: The Big Sister Yet Another Counselor Topic . Trish's Uniqueness: Trish is a fan favorite character and deserves to be in Friday The 13th The Game. Trish lasted over a 10 minute fight with Jason and won. During that fight she slammed a TV on Jason's head, cut his hand in two with a machete, jumped out a window, and out ran Jason from a house and back. Not to mention protecting Tommy while doing most of that. So she's definitely one of the strongest girls in the Friday The 13th Franchise. Which we do need more females with strength in the game. We also need more blonde females aswell. And who doesn't wanna see Trish and Tommy team up again to kill Jason. Trope: - The Sibling Yes I know, she's a Final Girl. But if I don't give her a different Trope some people will get mad and say "Weall ready have a Final Girl m8!" So, instead of the Final Girl, she can be The Sibling. It works makes sense. The sibling of Tommy Jarvis, she can also have unique dialogue about Tommy. When she's calling Tommy she can have uniue dialogue there too. Stats: Composure 4 - Does Put Up A Good Fight Against Jason But Does Not Stay Calm Luck 6 - Weapon Doesn't Break During Final Fight And Demasks Jason Repair 2 - Has To Have Rob Repair Her Car Speed 7 - Slightly Outruns Jason Stamina 8 - Outruns and fights Jason for about 10 minutes Stealth 3 - Sneaks Into Rob's Tent But That's About It Strength 5 - Puts Up A Good Fight Against Jason Outfits: From what I can remember, Trish has 4 different outfits in the movie. Jogging Outfit - One being her jogging outfit. A White Long Sleeve Shirt with Pink Shorts. Home Outfit - Another outfit she is when we see her in the Jarvis House for the first time and when she's reading with her mom. She has is a Plaid Shirt with Blue Jeans. I Couldn't Find A Image Yet, Will Soon. Casual Outfit - Another one would be her outfit that she wears when she meets Rob which is a White, Long Over-Shirt with another White Shirt underneath. Final Battle Outfit - Her last and most iconic outfit that she wore when she fought Jason would be her long Blue Shirt with A White Belt. Im adding much more to this Topic so stay tuned. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback this. - Deku Scrub
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    @Alien_Number_Six suggested we have a thread dedicated to bringing Alice Hardy (Adrienne King) to Friday the 13th: The Game. Alice is the original final girl in the Friday the 13th films. She’s the only final girl to appear in two films She killed Pamela Voorhees The ‘Girl Next Door’ trope is already filled by Jenny but I can’t think of any reason not to bring Alice (and Ginny) into the game. LaChappa and Shelly share the same “trope”.
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    Ever since Melissa’s thread was a success I have seen many threads asking for: Eva Watanabe, Alice Hardy, Megan Garris, Reggie “The Reckless” etc. So I thought I would make a thread asking for Jason Voorhees’s first ever survivor: Ginny Field. In the best part of the end of the movie she managed to run from Jason and use her brains to hide from him and attack him, this should give her high stamina, stealth and intelligence However, at the beginning of the movie she needed Paul to help her fix her car so she would need low repair. Also Jason found her under the bed but she also managed to trick him into thinking she was Pamela so this would give her average luck. In the shack, Jason realised she wasn’t Pamela and stopped her from trying to kill him. This should give her low strength since he managed to stop her. Obviously, Ginny would be a great character for the sweater and it would be stupid if she wasn’t since she used on Jason in the movie. Her trope is the “The Psychologist” since in the movie she is an aspiring psychologist which is how she tricked Jason into thinking she was Pamela. So that’s it! I personally would love to see her in the game.
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    I love Kane but I don't want every single Jason in the game to have his physic. I personally think every Jason should resemble the actor that played him to show respect to that actor. They slimmed down Part 5 a little to resemble a more human appearance so I'm sure they can slim down other Jason's to resemble their actor more but I respect your opinion. As for the mask... yea they really screwed that up ?. And I really don't understand why his eyes are visible.
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    Tamara Mason [Sophia Price] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Prom Queen @Jason Todd Voorhees is credited Stats: Composure: 5/10 (she was well composed when seeing Jason, but went in a panic and couldn't move due to fear of death) Luck: 2/10 (she had numerous of lucky incidents such as getting a kinky tape of her and her professor recorded by Wayne, and getting the lucky chance to push Rennie off the ship, but these incidents are only getting her into more trouble. She also nearly got caught doing drugs w/ Eva) Repair: 5/10 (she's a sneaky little brat who knows how to pull off rude shit and get away with it; she's smart but uses her brain for bad) Speed: 5/10 (she most likely has more running capabilities) Stamina: 8/10 (she most likely has more running capabilities) Stealth: 7/10 (she was DEAD SILENT upon seeing Jason in her room, but she isn't always that quiet) Strength: 3/10 (she most likely has more combat capabilities than Eva, she also pushed Rennie off the ship) Overview: She's that one sneaky bitch who always causes trouble everywhere she goes. She's Rude, She's Smart, And She's Bhad (i did that on purpose lmao.) Gameplay: Tamara Mason [Sophia Price] is a runner character with slight repair capabilities. She has the average speed, but her stamina is on the higher-end spectrum amongst characters such as Tiffany and Vanessa. For the most part, she's kinda smart, but she always gets herself into trouble, which is why she's a great sweater girl! Her composure, Stamina, And Stealth will cause trouble with Jason and even become an annoyance to him because she can traverse long distances in silence.Tamara doesn't have good battle capabilities because of her terrible luck and her low strength, but she could manage to fend off Jason for a while-- her weapon will easily break though, so it's best that you utilize firearms to your advantage OR use a high durability/stun weapon such as the Baseball Bat or the Wrench. Tamara's stats are almost in alliance with Eva's stats, the main differences between the two girls is that Eva is more of a repair counselor, and Tamara is more of a runner. Appearance: Tamara Mason [Sophia Price] is a blonde British-Columbian girl in Vancouver. She wears a black and red tank-top with black pants accompanied with a ring belt. She also has gold jewelry on her neck, wrist, and ears; one of her wrists has a watch on it. Her hair only goes to her shoulders, but is styled just like Eva's hair. She's also a blonde girl. Level Unlocked: 49 Note: Sophia Price is her alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Tamara Mason." See how Eva's stats aline! Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Little-Shy Girl Stats: Composure: 5/10 (For the most part, she was well composed when seeing Tamara's body AND Jason, but she started going in a panic when the chase began.) Luck: 2/10 (She nearly got caught doing drugs and she could've loss her science scholarship. She also died in Jason's hands) Repair: 9/10 (She seems to be very smart, but doesn't make very smart decisions) Speed: 4/10 (It seems like she has some experience with running, but isn't really great at running fast.) Stamina: 6/10 (Same applies with Speed) Stealth: 8/10 (Shy girls are quiet; she managed to not scream when seeing Tamara's body. However, she made a lot of noise when running from Jason though, so her stealth points went down by two.) Strength: 1/10 (She doesn't have any battle capabilities and watches Julius box along with Tamara.) Overview: She's a girl determined to make sure her scholarly studies are completed. She manages to keep her composure when witnessing her friend Tamara's dead body and encountering a mysterious masked killer (but not for long.) Gameplay: Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] is a repair character who has slightly higher-end running capabilities. Her speed and Stamina are far superior than the other repair counselors. She is well intelligent, which also gives Deborah Kim some competition because Eva is smart similarly to Deborah, but she can run much longer. Eva has terrible battle capabilities, which is why she has a One in Strength and Luck. Eva also has slightly higher composure to keep her slightly more sane when Jason is within her vicinity. Eva is a character that could change the meta of the game. Most players nowadays play as Vanessa, Buggzy, Fox, Tiffany, Chad, etc, but don't have any repair characters in the lobby because they get easily killed off. Adding Eva can solve the dilemma of no repair characters in the lobby. Eva can repair objectives by herself or with other players, but it's strongly recommended that she repairs with someone nearby because of her low-end combat abilities. Eva's main choice of weaponry should be either Firearms or High Stun weapons. Eva's weapon will easily break, so it's also recommended you use high-durability weapons like the wrench. Appearance: Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] is Chinese and has Native Hawaiian blood within her. She wears a dark olive thin breton-striped shirt with X-Shaped suspenders. Her lower body includes a pair of bright yellow shorts in coherence with a black belt. She also wears black stockings and black flats. Her hair goes past her shoulders and ends right above the back of her waist-line. Level Unlocked: 60 Note: Sabrina Lee is her alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Eva Watanabe." This Eva one was actually posted in the Eva thead, but I decided to include it here to show how the both of the girls aline. Wayne Webber [George Dyer] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Dweeb (Read the stats, he might be the most hated character) Stats: Composure: 10/10 (He fucking shot an innocent person and literally kept recording the footage. He also didn't scream upon seeing J.J.'s body and it appeared like he wanted to do something with J.J.'s dead body... Wow...) Luck: 1/10 (He shot someone [friendly fire] and died in Jason's hands, he also got rejected by Tamara. AND he witnessed J.J.'s body, what an unlucky dude.) Repair: 6/10 (He's attending film school, so he must have a little bit of knowledge with technology.) Speed: 4/10 (He can't run fast.) Stamina: 6/10 (He might have some running experience) Stealth: 7/10 (Sneakily recorded Tamera getting it on with the professor. He also made no startled noises when shooting that guy...) Strength: 1/10 (Cannot fight for shit, only seen using a gun. ) -Special Ability- Wayne doesn't scream when he encounters a body. Overview: He's that one dickhead nobody likes, quite frankly he's more worse than Chad. Gameplay: Wayne Webber [George Dyer] is that one dickhead nobody likes. He's a hybrid character who has slight running capabilities, slight repair capabilities, and high composure and stealth. He has the WORST combat ability ever, he should only stay on weapons with long range, any melee weapon with instantly break upon impacting Jason unless it's high durability. He's great at hiding, but if he ever gets noticed by Jason, you can be sure he's dead because NOBODY likes a Wayne around. Wayne may appear like some sort of normal and typical dork on the outside, but there lies a true evil residing within him. Appearance: Wayne Webber [George Dyer] wears a mustard yellow shirt with red and green patterns engraved on it. He has nerdy glasses with a nerdy and untamed hairstyle. He wears blue jeans with brown boots (He's almost dressed like the stereotypical 90s nerd.) Level Unlocked: 25 Note: George Dyer is his alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Wayne Webber." Sean Robertson [Kevin Fowler] (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: The Nice Guy Stats: Composure: 8/10 (He managed not to scream when seeing his father's dead body, but he started breathing hard after witnessing it. He also drop kicked Jason into getting electrocuted like a beast!) Luck: 3/10 (His father died on their trip, but there were a few minor lucky incidents such as kicking Jason onto the train tracks and getting a kiss on Rennie.) Repair: 5/10 (He seems to know how to operate radio stations, plus he's a senior student.) Speed: 6/10 (Same applies to Stamina.) Stamina: 7/10 (He might have some running experience) Stealth: 2/10 (No signs of him being stealthy were present.) Strength: 4/10 (He's a nice guy, but he can put up just a little fight.) Overview: He's that one nice guy who's always there to comfort you and try his best to protect you. He has some hints of badass vibes to him similar to Sydney from Scream. Gameplay: Sean Robertson [Kevin Fowler] is a Hybrid character who is mainly a runner, but has minor capabilities such as repairing and doing a little bit of combat. His gameplay style is similar to Kenny in some aspects, but not quite. He's meant to be a character who can protect someone temporarily, but can also help out with objectives in some cases. Think of him as a "mini bodyguard." Adam and Brandon are the big bodyguards, Sean is a mini bodyguard. Sean has slight combat capabilities, but he still shouldn't take on Jason face on, it's recommended that you have at least someone else by your side if the worse were to occur. He can use long ranged weapons, but he shouldn't completely shy out with any high damage melee weapons such as Machetes. Appearance: Sean Robertson [Kevin Fowler] is an American (his race isn't shown.) He wears a green two-toned mockneck shirt under a beigey-grey marine jacket. He wears baggy olive green pants/sweats with brown work shoes. Level Unlocked: 72 Note: Kevin Fowler is his alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Sean Robertson." Misc. NEW PART 8 CLOTHING PACK - Disco Party DLC Description: This clothing pack is available for ALL counselors! Want to look like those unspecified characters? Want to look like you're ready for a party at sea!? Then this clothing pack is for you! New Emote - The Gorgeous Guy (NOW IN THE GAME!) "Gorgeous guy at 10 o'clock, look sensual..." New Jason Combat Ability - Forceful Shove This ability is used to temporarily stun counselors as Jason; useful against large crowds of people. [More is coming soon..! Hopefully] @Chetork @IcrazyKid855 @Barbara Ann @Flyin_J @Gummybish @TiffanyIsBae @FinalBoy @StripMonopoly @Yoshman2523 @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow @Im A Deku Scrub Strawpolls created! http://www.strawpoll.me/15571739/r (Eva and Tamara) https://www.strawpoll.me/15593645/r (Disco Party DLC)
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    The aesthetic value of the game is nice. The rest of it is subpar to SUCKS. From the controls to the choppiness of the gameplay to the hosts etc. to the incessant hit detection issues (Cant tell you how many times Ive swung completely THROUGH Jason with no registering ) . Aesthetic value is only one aspect of a game. Gameplay is even more important. . . So in that sense, yea someone else getting a hold of the game would have been better choice. I would sell the rights off to someone that can fix these things. After a year, the current developers have already shown they aren't capable. Theres no excuse to be having these types of a issues ONE YEAR after the fact.
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    No...not unless you make it like DBD where you run just as fast while injured that you do when healthy. I’m fine with taking a while to heal yourself but you need some kind of balance. If you are injured after jumping out of a second story window then Jason will simply morph and catch you. If we are talking about realism then Jason wouldn’t shift or morph and would have to catch his victims on foot. But that would make counselors OP obviously. For gameplays purposes you have to make the counselors have somewhat of a fighting chance while injured. The way the game is played now, counselors would just be sitting ducks while injured if it took a long time to heal yourself. Of course it isn’t realistic but nothing in this game is 100% realistic. There is no need to nerf sprays when there is only 3-5 knives MAX per round.
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    I am really surprised no one has mentioned how many hundred thousand players were lost in the first 3 months. This game sold nearly 2million copies in the first few months. How many of those people quit because of bullshit like game crashes and dashboarding every 2 or 3 games? Phone fuses dropping in the ground if a counselor died with it? There were so many game breaking glitches and bugs in the first few months and a lot of people saw this game as unplayable or a joke. You fought the game more than you fought players. Had a AAA devloper had it, they could have kept a solid playerbase for longer. Updates would have passed certification and Xbox users wouldnt have had to wait extra time for their game to be playable. Not to mention updates would be released more frequently. Hell even DbD gets one every week or two. Also, dedicated servers or host migration would have been implemented initially. However, there are reasons why its great indie has it. Wes, Randy and Ron's passion for the movies and devotion to implementing moments, art, characters, etc from the films. The bigger reason, free added content. AAA devs would charge for each new Jason or map. Some have argued AAA devs dont listen, and to them I say look at the life cycle of Star Wars Battlefront 2. It was the epitome of lootcrate, p2w, and at launch they got rid of paying for loot crates. Now they have gotten rid of loot crates altogether, though they will come back containing only cosmetic things and emotes. They revamped the entire progression system to be meaningful from what hero, character, ship you play as. If these devs truly listened to us(not just read but do what they want) then they would revamp the level progression system to be more relevant to the player and less about RNG as @AldermachXI, private matches would have customizable games with toggle options so players can make their own game types, and the devs would once a week answer 5 questions as @Brigadius and @bewareofbears both suggested, and the entire community agreed. All developers, AAA and indie, listen. We give them jobs by purchasing and playing their games. Its their actions and reactions to the feedback that define them. They dont even keep up on the community section of their own website so how are we supposed to think they care about the community at all?? Where are the challenges?
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    Right here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
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    So why players no let me stop car and so kill easily? I always demand to 8/8 every sexy time. They must force eyes to shuts increasing the OP of JaSOON to never see coming. All the speedos of the chads are belong to mother's shack. Sorry, google translator was broken or drunk again. ?
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    @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz Shavar may not voice the character, but he isn't going to be a kid in the game. #Fact I don't know what's so hard about making a Reggie "The Reckless" counselor a few years older since he was 14 in the movie, and still maintaining his facial resemblance. It's really not that hard. They can't even get Roy's clothes color right, but aging a character 3 years is supposedly near impossible. Lol
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    This is why I want Alice in the game and why I won't stop rallying for Pamela to be added. Get Ginny from part 2 as well.
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    No, because it would have been made with money instead of love like this game was. All they care about are making games that they KNOW will make money like COD and shit. I mean yeah they updates and bug fixes would come a hell of a lot faster but overall the game would not be the same, it would be some generic garbage they spent maybe a month making. I am glad we have indie studies like IllFonic that can give us games like this.
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    Everyone bought it with the thought that it worked properly. Many of the issues, we have ENDURED since release. Blue screen being one of them. Opinions are kinda like buttholes, everyone has one and some stink! I honestly don’t care if you agree or disagree. And your static of 99% of R&D companies don’t share info with the players is total bullshit! Most all companies share progress via social media or forums when they are having a major release. At a minimum, they at least have update info release via game media sites and outlets. Now, you would be more correct for games that are still in the development stage, not much is released then. But for crying out loud, F13 has been released for almost a year!
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    Well, he was the original author of this thread. Hmm, wonder if he got “hate” mail for the thread! Really? I bought the game for $30. I think I am at least entitled to some news updates from time to time. The devs do not owe me an exact date for release, but since it has been a while since they said “earliest, April..” I think ALL the players and fans are at least owed some type of update on the progress being made, and possibly, a more realistic time frame. After all, we have endured a glitchy game and enough trolls to fill the underside of every bridge in the world!
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    As long as we keep throwing money at him, Jason will never die.
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    Replied in topics started by DorianRo.
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    The game is fine. Emotes and clothing are awesome! ?
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    You guys that want team killing back do you remember those times? It was a trollfest. Minutes and minutes waiting for the match to start only to see stupid bugsy killing all the way around other counselors and no game at all. The next game you were lucky not to find such lowlife people but the host left. No thanks, I don't want that back.
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    There's nothing wrong with slashing. Some people deserve it
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    I'm starting to feel like playing with people who don't try to complete any objectives is more toxic than any other encounters while playing. Almost every QP game, I'm a lone Wolf traversing the map by myself. Just played a game where I installed every car part on the four seater and fixed the fuse/called the cops. I'm the only one that escaped (not a very good Jason either mind you). Two people hid the entire time and I have no clue what the others that died were doing.
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    Why can't there be any more window entering animations? Like I'm tired of looking at Vanessa stick her leg inside, grunt, then submerge herself inside, completely. I want this animation, it looks good and much more different than the current one we have now.
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    Quick Play is a mixed bag most of the time. As a counselor the odds are stacked against you. You can still win but the experience leaves you feeling like the counselors need a buff. Then you jump on a Private Match with a bunch of 150's with microphones. If your Jason your lucky if you get three people and as a counselor it's incredible how fast and easy you can complete objectives with proper tactics and communication. This experience will leave you with the feeling that Jason needs a buff. So what is the answer? Adding more items seemed to make Quick Play a more balanced experience but made Jason useless in a Private Match. Buffing Jason and taking away the item increase only made Quick Play a flustrating experience and only helped Private Match's Jason issues a little. I think that the melee system needs an overhaul. Remove Combat Stance and improve hit detection. Give Jason needs an attack that can hit more then one counselor to make ganging up on him less inviting. Ultimately a Normal/Hardcore setting like Call of Duty could go a long way to balance Quick Play.
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    Exactly! Maybe scaring a babysitter into a trap that he has planned for them?
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    I feel ya! Maybe this might be a little bit too similar to Last Year, but maybe it could be like "doing objectives without getting killed". Hah, but I like your suggestions
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    We're going to be waiting like 3 or 4 more months if this happens at best.
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    You're totally right. Im sorry. I didnt mean to trigger on your bitch nerve again
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    Wow thats a very good point! Stats have been changed.
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    Creative to say the least. Another way this could work is in one of those big cabins with several beds. Jason can destroy a bed after each round.
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    I’ve been saying this forever now. I have a small channel myself, and here’s what I found: 1. Many Youtubers “report” what they hear, not what they know. 2. Not all Youtubers want to make quality videos. First and foremost, they’re after “views”. 3. Because of #2, many Youtubers say stupid shit, or title their videos to purposefully deceive the viewer. Remember, they’re after hits; they don’t need you to view the video. While watch time is important, a click is all it takes to get their video into Youtube’s algorithm, which leads to their video being spread to a bigger audience, which leads to more clicks, subscribers, etc. I do videos on this game, but if I say something that has not been confirmed, I make sure the viewer KNOWS that what I just said is only a rumor. And if it’s actual NEWS, I post the words coming straight from Gun/Illfonic, so no one can blame me for spreading false information. I see videos all the time with titles like, “[insert counselor here] IS COMING TO THE GAME!”, and as soon as you click on the video, they say, “So like, wouldn’t it be cool if...?” It was just a “theory video”. Nothing wrong with those types of videos, but there’s no reason to lie to the audience in the process.
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    Ayyyeee lmao
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    Welcome to the forums! Glad you're enjoying the game I don't think the new counselor Victoria will be out with the next patch, but there's a lot of stuff that will be on there and I hope you like that as well. In the meantime, as well as that Gamertag thread, there are also some groups around the place such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General or Player-Run Challenges and so on, if any of them catch your eye.
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    I agree with this as well. @wes @GunMedia_Ben Can we get Alice's home as a new map too? That way, we can save her from Part 2 Jason lol.
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    No, unless you want it to turn out like the tons of other games, with all the bugs comes more artistic freedom. this game has gotten 1000x more gameplay than almost all my games and is on top of the few i used to be hooked on. Bugs i mean seriously, they aren't that bad, the only real bad ones are the lobby killing ones like players dashboarding and connectivity timeouts. aside from all that i don't really mind letting them work with it, in fact some can be quite funny. leave it to the guys with the vision please not a corporation with nothing but the bottom line. big devs would probably turn their back on it once they milked it for all the cash they could. this way its an evolving game with people who actually care about it. you can see this in the maps. the detail and attention to being pretty damn movie accurate
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    I disagree, for the faults it may have, conceptually F13 the game is kinda genius. Take each slasher archetype character and have them play against someone playing as the killer. Its elegant in its simplicity and has made for some of my funnest gaming moments in recent history. Also I hated until dawn.
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    No, Jason's skeleton rig and hitboxes can be the same and the model be different with no issues. Look at the slimmer Roy; he plays the same as any Jason. Part 2: Roy's build Part 3: Perhaps a teeny bit slimmer. Part 4: Definitely needs to lose the TREN-enhanced deltoids Part 6: like the OP said. Part 7 & 8: Fine as-is Part 9: Maybe more robust in the midsection.
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    Are you a bitch? Id say yes.
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    I think you're blabbering about nothing. F13th was never a HUGE Franchise. Jason being dangerous comes down to the player playing as Jason. Team killing never added any suspense other then squeakers shooting players in the back for the fun of it.
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    Once you're in stalk you remain slient until: A- You run out of stalk on your meter B- Are visible by another player on their screen. Keep in mind, you could be Jason and I can spot you and the music will come on for me, but another counselor nearby may still not hear you. I've had a lot of situations where a fellow nearby counselor has told me they can't hear Jason's music when I can.
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    It's possible. Sometimes I call out to Jason telling them I can see them stalking lol
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    @Jdt827 If you don't want to get slashed... its pretty simple... Don't attack Jason in groups or he WILL slash you. When you die.... you die.... dead is dead. That IS fair. It is already 7 vs 1 in a timed match, this is not Left 4 Dead. Reviving counselors is WAY TOO BIG OF A BUFF. A group of experienced battle Chads could extend a fight out for the entire length of the match with the ability to revive slashed counselors. That is beyond ridiculous. If you do not want to die.... run AWAY from the psychotic zombie slasher.... This is an extremely simple strategy that works more often then ANY other strategy.... but it amazes me how many people need this pointed out to them. If you bought this game expecting to live through every match and beat the crap out of Jason frickin' Voorhees then you bought the wrong game. Please explain your logic as to how it is a 'shifty strategy' for the "slasher" to slash. Those that want to fight me get slashed.... those that cry about me slashing... get slashed. It is simply the most effective way to deal with groups that want to fight or people that try to tell you how to play. Also great for slowing down hard to catch counselors, which is already made difficult enough with the quantities of med sprays..... there are MANY extremely skilled counselor players out there. Try playing Jason and fighting a group that knows what they are doing without slashing, let me know how that goes for you... keep in mind, I have done it more times then I care to count. Slashing is Jason's only viable strategy when fighting groups, particularly if the group actually knows what they are doing. If this needs to be explained to you, then you are VERY new to this game. You risk death getting in Jason's face and there are a great many med sprays in the game even without anyone using the medic perk.... I often find six med sprays myself in one match. I have fought groups that took seemingly 80 to 100 slashes to bring them all down with all of the med sprays that are in game as it is now. I didn't count each slash, but how many times do you think Jason can slash over 12 minutes? I have had fights with the battle Chads that lasted that long..... your suggestion will double, triple, quadruple the number of slashes required, quite possibly even more... but the match only lasts twenty minutes. How is that fair exactly? And Just how many times do you think Jason should have to kill one counselor? The only people I have EVER seen complain about getting slashed are the same people that roam in groups trying to beat the crap out of Jason and are damned good at striking him before he can perform a grab kill and freeing their friend.... hence why slashing is the ONLY viable tactic when fighting them. Anyone complaining about a Jason player that slashes at all is acting like a spoiled rotten whiny little child. If some one wants to slash under ANY circumstances.... they will slash. No amount of crying is ever going to change that. @Qcici If a 'douchebag' Jason camps ANY objective... he runs the risk of every other objective being completed and losing pretty much every potential kill in the game. When you see this, the counselors are camping the objective waiting for Jason to leave, he is just trying to kill them. That is how it works from Jason's side of play EVERY time people have said I was camping an objective. Why would I leave the area if half (or more) of the counselors are nearly within my grasp? Should I just leave and take a chance that some one might be on some random spot of the map, or try to kill the counselors that I know are nearby?
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    Every thread from the OP: So what the fuck shit this why?
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    The way to do it is to leave QP on the low end. People can speak if they wish to. If they all want to be silent and die, that is a choice. I think splitting the player base is the wrong answer. All you'll do is have trolls go play easy mode and ruin being Jason for anybody who isn't top tier. As it stands, I don't quite agree with your take on private. I know a lot of guys who can go 6-8/8. A lot of how successful Jason is depends on objective placement and how fast objectives can be fixed. I do agree with hit detection needing to be refined.
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    Mine, personally, is (just barely) Halloween. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a VERY close second, and I honestly think that franchise would make for more entertaining (and frightening) gameplay. BUT, I think they should make Halloween first because it has such a larger fanbase, which will translate to the game having more popularity, and popularity = sales. THEN, once they have two great franchise games under their belts, I'd LOVE to see their take on Leatherface's chainsaw and his Texas house.
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