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    @Alien_Number_Six suggested we have a thread dedicated to bringing Alice Hardy (Adrienne King) to Friday the 13th: The Game. Alice is the original final girl in the Friday the 13th films. She’s the only final girl to appear in two films She killed Pamela Voorhees The ‘Girl Next Door’ trope is already filled by Jenny but I can’t think of any reason not to bring Alice (and Ginny) into the game. LaChappa and Shelly share the same “trope”.
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    I love Kane but I don't want every single Jason in the game to have his physic. I personally think every Jason should resemble the actor that played him to show respect to that actor. They slimmed down Part 5 a little to resemble a more human appearance so I'm sure they can slim down other Jason's to resemble their actor more but I respect your opinion. As for the mask... yea they really screwed that up ?. And I really don't understand why his eyes are visible.
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    @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz Shavar may not voice the character, but he isn't going to be a kid in the game. #Fact I don't know what's so hard about making a Reggie "The Reckless" counselor a few years older since he was 14 in the movie, and still maintaining his facial resemblance. It's really not that hard. They can't even get Roy's clothes color right, but aging a character 3 years is supposedly near impossible. Lol
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    This is why I want Alice in the game and why I won't stop rallying for Pamela to be added. Get Ginny from part 2 as well.
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    No, because it would have been made with money instead of love like this game was. All they care about are making games that they KNOW will make money like COD and shit. I mean yeah they updates and bug fixes would come a hell of a lot faster but overall the game would not be the same, it would be some generic garbage they spent maybe a month making. I am glad we have indie studies like IllFonic that can give us games like this.
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    Everyone bought it with the thought that it worked properly. Many of the issues, we have ENDURED since release. Blue screen being one of them. Opinions are kinda like buttholes, everyone has one and some stink! I honestly don’t care if you agree or disagree. And your static of 99% of R&D companies don’t share info with the players is total bullshit! Most all companies share progress via social media or forums when they are having a major release. At a minimum, they at least have update info release via game media sites and outlets. Now, you would be more correct for games that are still in the development stage, not much is released then. But for crying out loud, F13 has been released for almost a year!
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    Well, he was the original author of this thread. Hmm, wonder if he got “hate” mail for the thread! Really? I bought the game for $30. I think I am at least entitled to some news updates from time to time. The devs do not owe me an exact date for release, but since it has been a while since they said “earliest, April..” I think ALL the players and fans are at least owed some type of update on the progress being made, and possibly, a more realistic time frame. After all, we have endured a glitchy game and enough trolls to fill the underside of every bridge in the world!
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    As long as we keep throwing money at him, Jason will never die.
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    Replied in topics started by DorianRo.
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    The game is fine. Emotes and clothing are awesome! ?
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    You guys that want team killing back do you remember those times? It was a trollfest. Minutes and minutes waiting for the match to start only to see stupid bugsy killing all the way around other counselors and no game at all. The next game you were lucky not to find such lowlife people but the host left. No thanks, I don't want that back.
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    There's nothing wrong with slashing. Some people deserve it
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    So I got to thinking about little ways the game could change in order to change the difficulty. Some people believe that it's too easy to be Jason now, which I also agree with. So what if we could choose whether or not we start with our mask on at the start of a game? This could make it more difficult to be Jason because now counselors could immediately go to Jason's shack without alerting him, and not have to worry about getting his mask off before killing him. Just an idea!
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    I'm starting to feel like playing with people who don't try to complete any objectives is more toxic than any other encounters while playing. Almost every QP game, I'm a lone Wolf traversing the map by myself. Just played a game where I installed every car part on the four seater and fixed the fuse/called the cops. I'm the only one that escaped (not a very good Jason either mind you). Two people hid the entire time and I have no clue what the others that died were doing.
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    No, unless you want it to turn out like the tons of other games, with all the bugs comes more artistic freedom. this game has gotten 1000x more gameplay than almost all my games and is on top of the few i used to be hooked on. Bugs i mean seriously, they aren't that bad, the only real bad ones are the lobby killing ones like players dashboarding and connectivity timeouts. aside from all that i don't really mind letting them work with it, in fact some can be quite funny. leave it to the guys with the vision please not a corporation with nothing but the bottom line. big devs would probably turn their back on it once they milked it for all the cash they could. this way its an evolving game with people who actually care about it. you can see this in the maps. the detail and attention to being pretty damn movie accurate
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    Oh yea I can defiantly tell when I'm playing against some b.s. killers and ones who actually knows how to play correctly!! Game's are ao much more fun!
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    Human Jasons from Part 2, 3, and 4 and also Roy is probably not gonna come back from two machete slashes to the head. A zombie Jason from Part 6, 7, 8, 9, and Savini will have no problem coming back from two machete slashes to the head.
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    I've bought this game for tons of family members, friends and some co-workers. I've spent so much money on this game i lost count. They all love playing it and so do i. Whats your point besides your opinion of this game being BAD.. (Which i 100% disagree with) And looking for 'backers' sit down and sing Kumbitchya with... People like you need to get over yourself. I know misery loves company. But isn't that what porn hub is for. I think theres a special category just for you.
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    It's possible. Sometimes I call out to Jason telling them I can see them stalking lol
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    To quote the great Tommy Jarvis, "Come on, ya pussy!" ?
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    Absolutely not. An AAA dev would've delivered a game with far less technical issues, sure. But, the love-letter product we've been enjoying for most of the past year could've only been the brainchild of a group of avid Friday fans who love and respect the franchise with the kind of passion that only diehard fans can have. Would an AAA studio taken the time to hire Kane Hodder for mo-cap? Would they have tracked down Harry Manfredini to do the music and Tom Savini to design the kills? Would they have hired Thom Mathews to voice Tommy Jarvis and Larry Zerner/Shelly? Would all of those cool artifacts from the films been scattered about in an environment that was painstakingly recreated from the movies themselves? None of this happens in the hands of a bigger studio looking to make a few bucks off a movie license. You would've had zombies of Jason's past victims rising out of the ground every two seconds and have to race across Crystal Lake every five minutes to stop Jason from killing a bunch of kids, armed with rocks that sail over the heads of intended targets unless you remember to kneel, all the while using counselors who half of them couldn't be bothered to run faster than my grandmother walks, when KIDS are about to be KILLED. There would've been angry crows who swoop down on you for no reason and a pack of possessed, demon-sounding wolves hunting you should you decide to step ten feet away from the camp and enter the woods. Instead of spending your time trying to repair a vehicle to escape or a phone box to call the police, like any real person would do, you'd be running around lighting fireplaces in certain cabins to earn a magic flashlight to find your way through a cave in search of Mrs. Voorhees' hidden chamber, a place you could've still found in the dark if you simply had a key to get in there. Her sweater would've been pink, and the only way to access it would've been to fight her floating head while she swoops down and hurts you simply by touching you. Putting the sweater on would've changed nothing about your game experience and merely left you flashing stupid random colors. And oh yeah, Jason himself would've been wearing a purple jumpsuit with a mask that glows in the dark and he'd try to kill you with a giant toothbrush. Oh wait. This really DID happen when the license got into the hands of a "legit" video game developer. But hey, there weren't any technical issues at all and the game never crashed... No thanks. I'll take our game.
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    Yes, I'd very much like us to respect her privacy on this. But I'm also glad if she's still among the land of the living.
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    Hey guys, I am the guy who wrote the article on F13thfilms.com´s message board and other boards.As stated in my post: There is more evidence that I do not want to publish ( current adresses etc) because for privacy reasons. Since her mother stopped answering me I guess it is safe to say that she does not want to have anything to to with the movie anymore. Considering her recent history that is understandable. What happened in the meantime: The Crystal Lake Memories facebook-page took down the report that she died (it is still on f13thfranchise.com though) after I contacted them. They said "We aren't sure who posted the incorrect obituary for Ms. Sullivan at the time but it was not someone directly associated with the creative team behind the show". She was severly ill during he making of Peter Bracke´s book in 2003 (see also the timeline on her webpage) so she could noit participate. CLM (the DVD/blue-ray documenary) said that their production manager was infomred by a relative that she died. As stated with the evidence that I have found it seems that it was a cover up in order for her to be left alone. I saw people doubting that she is alive because "I only showed pics of her from 2002". If you have read my article you would have understoods that I just used those pics from 2002 to connect her to Andrew Niccoll and that she is therefore indeed the mother of Mia (who posted on f13franchise.com in 2013 and claimed that her mother is still alive) and therfore proofing that the graceandletters-hompegae is the page of "our" SJS (and according to the info on that page she died not die as well!) There ARE RECENT pics of her on private facebook-pages and her alma-mater reunions. HOWEVER: Those pics are from private sources and therfore I will not link them anywhere in public because I sure would not want that some strangers woud publish private pictures of me in public without my permission. The SJS Facebook-fanpage however released SOME of those pics. I have stopped my contact with the owner of that facebook-page and reported him to facebook for using private pics without permission, (unfortunately Facebook won´t do anything about it). Sure, I would love to hear a statement from her, but she seems to have her reasons to stay quite. That is something we have to respect.
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    Every thread from the OP: So what the fuck shit this why?
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