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    Rather than dish out warnings and lock this thread, I'm going to say something and I want people to remember this. Yes, you're all entitled to your opinion - no problem with that - but be adults about it. Calling the developers 'shit bags' and similar names is childish. You can leave such phrases out of your personal 'reviews'; you can express your displeasure but don't throw your toys out of the pram about it. Put it across in a way that's constructive and useful to read. How is insulting the developers going to help better the game, and who would want to read your opinion if it's mostly angry insults? These are people you are talking about. People have feelings and emotions, and these people have been working hard for a long time for us. It's so easy to complain about little things and forget everything else. I don't want to see any more of these hate filled 'opinions' (mostly just anger fueled insults). Remember when you say 'the devs are <profanity>, <profanity> and <profanity>', they are people just as we are and the forum rules state no flaming or antagonising. Post sensibly and reasonably.
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    I just saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geico.
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    Between the forums, YouTube, Reddit, and in-game players, I think it’s safe to say slash killing is comes with a lot of stigma when you’re playing as Jason. Players gripe that it’s a shitty strategy for Jason. While I don’t fully agree, I understand everyone’s frustration. It can be very disappointing when you don’t get to use the supplies you’ve worked hard to find and it decreases your chance of fighting Jason back. So I have an idea to balance this. Jason’s should be able to kill you however they want. BUT if he slash kills you, I think it would be awesome to allow another player to find you and revive you and patch you up before bleeding to death. This makes it a little more risky for Jason to use this strategy. The dying counselor would have to rely on the luck of someone stumbling upon them as they lay unmovable or they would have to rely on the luck of having previously found a walkie to call for help before they bleed to death. Maybe even give it a 3 minute time limit so that it’s fair. This allows a small window for a second chance to survive the game and may even be very rewarding for situations in which a player is killed early on. I just What do you guys think?
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    A Lot of people are giving you grief for this post but i completely agree. I totally had patience for the devs the first year. But now that one year later I’m still getting “You were kicked: host quit the match” my patience is starting to wear thin.
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    Would you blame them? People waited all day for something of substance, only to be told something of zero substance that was assumed to be coming anyway. GUN are complete clowns, lol. This is embarrassingly bad. Any other company would have, at the very least, given a progress update - just so people knew at least a general idea how far along the update actually was. As silly as it is - this stupid tweet pretty much sums up this company. Like if I wasn't done before, I am now. We're going to cross the 1-year anniversary threshold and the game will still be busted. To leave it in this state for over a year is, like I said, embarrassing on their part. It isn't "butthurt" - at this point any anger towards the devs is both reasonable and justified. They've got a complete lack of transparency, and a complete lack of professionalism. I can't think of any other game dev that acts like this. Like, if you want to brownnose and let them bend you over, be my guest - but I don't kiss the butt of people who disappoint me on a daily basis.
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    Considering the game is technically unfinished, yeah, I'd say they kinda are owed something.
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    Well, like I said - if you guys want to get down on your knees for a company that hasn't earned it, go for it. I've never understood dev fellating. Kiss the butt of someone who deserves it. I paid money for a broken product. I have a right to a functional product. I do not need to sit here and take a drought of information and say "Thank you sir, may I have another". The fact that the big Thursday information is a bloody BUG FIX is laughably disappointing. It also shows they're probably nowhere even CLOSE to done with this patch (as I predicted back in Feb, late June will be the actual "at the earliest") and that they're desperate to find ANYTHING to share on Thursday now. They probably fully believed they'd be releasing the patch by now - and had exactly enough "content info drops" to get us to today. We get to today, and it's "Oh crap we're nowhere near ready, ummmmm TEASE A BUG FIX! That'll satisfy them!" Yeahhhhhnope. Cokey - I highly doubt they'll be announcing anything else.
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    Adding Original Music Into The Game The reason I haven't posted anything here lately is because I've been working on this for the past week. I've been editing original Friday The 13th Music into small clips of gameplay from Friday The 13th The Game. And also, the people who have seen my older account posts will know that I've done this topic before. I was not pleased with that account or that post so I erased all my posts on it and asked the Devs to delete that older account. If you missed that post I basically said the best way to add original F13 music into the game is to choose 3 themes from a movie and add them to it's map as background music. For example, Friday The 13th Part 2 background music would only play on Packanack Lodge or Friday The 13th Part 5 background music would only play on Pinehurst. The original music would be in rotation with the regular background music we already have. As for Jason's themes, every Jason would be able to choose either their current theme they have now or their main theme from their movie. I've been working really hard on this so I hope you guys enjoy. BTW I had to use the trial mode on a editing software so you'll see it's logo pop up all the time during the videos but they're still watchable. Also I used Camp Crystal Lake Small as Map Placeholders for the maps we don't have yet. So just pretend that Camp Crystal Lake Small is Manhattan, Forest Green, Etc. Packanack Lodge and Part 2 Jason Music - Higgins Haven and Part 3 Jason Music - Jarvis House and Part 4 Jason Music - Pinehurst and Part 5 Jason Music - Forest Green and Part 6 Jason Music - Shepard House and Part 7 Jason Music - Manhattan and Part 8 Jason Music - Voorhees House and Part 9 Jason Music - Thanks for watching these. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub
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    I see. The only thing I can tell you is that this team doesn't announce a release date until it is very close. This has been true for most of the game's life cycle. They learned the hard way about announcing projected dates after circumstances prevented cross-platform release of some early patches, causing users who didn't get the update to push back. I recognize that since you only joined the forums about in March, you haven't bore witness to all of this, so it may not be the expectation for you. Keep in mind we were not guaranteed an April release. We were told "April at the earliest", meaning that April was the soonest that an update could be delivered in a best-case scenario.
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    I play for the thrill of the chase on both ends. I love playing as a counselor doing my best to evade, outlast and sometimes fight and kill Jason. As Jason I enjoy chasing the counselors and wiping them out in awesome Friday the 13th style. As far as those who dislike the game lurking here on the fourms perhaps I can provide some insight. My wife and I bought Destiny when it came out years ago. It too was a flawed product. I joined the Destiny fourms in an attempt to improve the game by suggesting changes that really needed implementation. I won't go into them all here but my main gripe with the game revolved around every DLC expansion made the one before it obsolete. In an attempt to make all the content in the game that I bought twice worth something I endlessly suggested that they simply implement a system they had actually used before to bring all the old gear to current DLC standards. But alas my pleas fell on deaf ears. After I quit playing the game and visiting the fourms Bungie finally implemented the system I had asked for when the game's life cycle was over and Destiny 2 was about to be released. But it was too late. My wife and I had moved on and we didn't appreciate learning the game had been developed then hacked up into DLC "expansions." We spent a lot of money on content torn from the game at launch and each one we bought trivialized the rest of the game. But for a time I had hope for Destiny to turn itself around. And those here on the fourms who are openly critical have hope Friday will free itself from the bug filled mire it currently resides in. If it dosen't they will eventually move on just like I did with Destiny.
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    Lmao same. Wife bitches at me when she sees me do it.
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    I guess I still need a better understanding of forum etiquette. I would disagree. The game is playable, and it can be considered complete irregardless of promised dlc. Everything else is just icing on the cake.
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    Quick side note the whole “Chad joke” is so overplayed honestly it was slightly funny only a year ago during the beta.
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    How do you continously resort to this? To continue to push and shove all the people's opinions who are getting tired of waiting and shit like this aside because 'Oh wElL mAJoRitY'. How do you even know that and what majority? Who are you speaking for? I'm all for not attacking these devs either, but this? This almost did feel like a slap in the face. "HEY, UPDATE TIME. RAIN ON ONE CONSOLE." Come on! AT LEAST, give us weapon swapping.
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    @Trident77 No idea is completely bullet proof.... there are mitigating circumstances to everything and one person cannot always see each of these circumstances. This is why we throw ideas back and forth in the hope of coming up with something that will work. More than one pair of eye helps with solving any problem, considering that those eyes can acknowledge that there is a problem. Stunning from behind should always be allowed... also possible to avoid if you can keep your back to a wall or tree or something... Cheap shots work on any one, no matter how big they are. It just adds a bit of realism. But having the ability to block while coming out of a stun could be extremely useful... just not 100% effective. Any change in the mechanics on one side will alter the tactics of the opposing side, sometimes in unforeseen ways. Blocks should also fail now and again for everyone, just as a hit should not be 100% either for anyone... this is just realistic. I have never been able to hit a counselor that is blocking with a throwing knife... this seems rather unbelievable as it would take years of training to be so successful at blocking a knife that is thrown at you. The training also sounds dangerous for that one... maybe use wooden knives to train. Swinging a weapon at someone... whether completely untrained in any form of melee combat or a master swordsman... is not a guaranteed hit.... but neither can the master swordsman block every single incoming attack either. No one is perfect... but some people are just better at it then others, this is just realistic.... although Jason may be well practiced at swinging a weapon, non of our beloved counselors have a backstory of being trained by ninjas. Jason's HP does seem very weak and I am not saying that it should not be buffed.... I think it should be, but how much is too much or too little... a good number of hits could be reached through consensus of people that actually care about the balance that was intended by the devs.... there are a few videos I have seen in which they talk about the intended game balance. The best I can describe it is: Jason being overpowered enough that he can kill everybody in game... but the counselors are powerful enough that they have a chance for at least several escapes in each match, neither being a guaranteed win, but something the players on both sides have to work for. If I am interpreting their idea of balance correctly, then I think it makes sense toward the spirit of what Friday the 13th is as a series of movies and a video game. No one should have it too easy... a challenge is just more rewarding when successful then it is to win at something a first time player that is four years old could pull off with ease. It should never be the intent to make Jason unkillable, just a challenge to do it... for anyone of any skill level. A block coming out of a stun could help make it harder to do and also help with the piñata Jason problem, but I never expected that it would completely solve either problem. This and some extra HP for Jason could be very effective though. Playtesting would give us some answers beyond the problems that we can foresee. If it were more of a challenge to kill Jason, I would even try it more often.... even though it could just lead to dying a lot. We all die a lot in this game anyway. As a counter point to those that think Jason does not need any more buffs and to those that think counselors need more buffs.... I am no slouch at playing Jason... but once again last night, on Higgins Small map this time, both cars were moving and the cops were called just after I got my second shift active. I missed one car (when this happens, that means you missed both cars) and only one counselor was left to kill. Tommy escaped to the police. My friends and I have been able to pull this off many times, and quite a few times we can do it before Jason gets his first shift activated... even against very skilled Jason players. I am not saying Jason should be buffed towards catching cars... I am saying that counselors sure as hell do not sound like they need any more buffs at all while this is possible.... and we wonder why so many people want to play small maps.... you will take note here that NO ONE took even one swing at Jason in these games. I do not see small maps being a challenge for counselors at all, considering there is ANYTHING resembling teamwork in the match. When there is no teamwork, counselors stand little chance of escape on any map... as it should be... but the lone wolves.... in the case of no teamwork at least... have a greater chance of escaping (or at least being the reason someone else that did nothing in the game could escape) on any map. I cannot see how it would be possible to balance this out without totally screwing over players of all levels of experience. There are many things to consider for balance with any aspect and how it will affect every other aspect of the game. What exactly is too easy or too hard? I doubt they thought it would be as easy to kill Jason as it is now... I also doubt that they could foresee piñata Jason. It can be very difficult to come up with solutions that work and still keep the balance. Whichever way they take the game, not everyone will be happy with it either. Hopefully an idea that works can be found and implemented.... even though I have very few issues with how the game is now... there are still issues that need to be addressed. Some changes are coming in the next update and we will need to see these changes from both sides before judging them. Anyone that only plays one side of the game cannot be a good judge of these things at all, can they? @HateMe please explain how you can magically control other player's minds to force them into a tactic in which they do not gang up on you. Other players, whether in groups or not, will play how they will play... you have no control over this at all. If a group wants to gang up on you... guess what.... they are going to gang up on you. How exactly is this the Jason player's fault in any way? How exactly did he or she "let them do it"? How can you tell which is the important counselor and which is not? That person playing Chad could really suck at every aspect of the game, or he could be one of the best players in the game... this can be said about any player, playing any counselor in any match that anyone plays... so long as you do not know that player. How long would you spend finding a specific counselor without bothering with anyone else because you think that player should be your first target? If that player is such a big threat that you think you should go after him first, then you may spend half the match chasing him before you catch him. How did you know exactly where he or she was to start this chase in an acceptable amount of time into the match? If you do manage to kill the best player in the game first and he becomes Tommy... you better hope the group is in no way co-ordinated or skilled at killing Jason or you are done like dinner. Your suggested tactic might work on a bunch of noobs, but not on any players that have even a fair level of experience. Setting a trap in front of the shack is no where near 100% effective. They are pretty easy to get around actually....try it some time yourself if you do not believe me. You will only ever catch a counselor who was not paying attention with that. If you do not agree that this is a problem, chances are you only play as a counselor or you just have not seen a skilled Jason hunter yet... but don't worry... you will. Note I said hunter... not plural. There are people out there that can do this with a first time player to help them with ease.... just not necessarily every time. Sorry again for the length of the post... but there were many points I wanted to try to get across..
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    Ah, I see. Couldn't of said it better myself.
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    I wouldn’t call it getting on my knees. My attitude is more along the lines of understanding video games are entertainment and not worth getting upset over. Just sayin....
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    That would honestly make me giggle a bit. There would be enough salt to keep the Titanic buoyant if they did that.
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    Also, moar counselors please. Up the number of counselors to 10 or 12 (or more).
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    Like I'm really tempted to reinstall just so you can see how bad I am ?
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    A vote kick system could also work by assigning salt for yes votes. The premise being that a few salt will not put you in the mines, so occasional use of a vote-kick to deal with trolls won't put you under. But, if you are frequently using it, you wind up in the mines with other abusive players. The net effect would be the ability to kick trolls on occasion without risking yourself as a fair player while the bad players in the mines continue to do whatever somewhere else. The kicked player should also get salt to push them closer to the mines if they continue to not get the hint. Meanwhile, the victim of an occasional troll kick wouldn't earn enough to endanger them. Serial abusers should be accruing points much faster than genteel players.
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    J7 doesn't just have the worst mobility, he also has bad map control due to having fewer traps and no real strengths. Things like water speed and sense and grip strength, they are convenience features, not strengths. He's a Jason without any strengths but with the worst possible combination of weaknesses. He was scientifically designed to suck as much as possible, he literally couldn't be any worse. Maybe if you swapped his -traps with -morph, but I'm not even sure on that.
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