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    Fixing the bug that causes the wrong counselors voice to be heard would be nice.
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    He would be best used as a pre-match intro animation" sequence.
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    Awww ? That must be why he looks unhappy in the game. She is the fire to his ganja?
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    Christmas Clothing pack would be cool...have tiff in a slutty Santa costume Jenny a sexy elf costume or something along those lines
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    My main hope is that they hired a new voice actor to do her lines, versus having one of the existing actors alter their tone, ala Chad/Lachappa and Vanessa/Fox. Actually, I can't find any clarification that Fox is Noveen Crumbie, but it certainly sounds like her. I hope the character is completely fresh and distinct, and not a Tiffany version 2.
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    This whole thread:
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    Only as long as when I'm Jason I can punt that bitch across the map.
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    Okay, I guess I'm confused. Are we voting on "The Best Counselor" or "The Best All-Around Counselor"? There's quite a large difference: One is the one you enjoy playing with the most and their particular skill-sets best complement what you want to accomplish in the game. The other is the counselor who is the best to have IN ANY SITUATION. (e.g., juking, shuttling parts, repair, killing Jason, etc.) Saying Vanessa or Chad is the best ALL-AROUND counselor just isn't true. While you may be able to do some important things much better than others, you cannot hope to compete with other counselors in many other areas. In truth -- the best overall COUNSELOR is Kenny, because he's average at everything. The best all-around CHARACTER is Tommy, because he has 10 across the board. If we want to discuss who the best counselor to play as is, that's fine. I just wanted to clarify since the OP did ask for the best "all-around." So there. EDIT: In hindsight, I see the OP actually asked for the "Best All ROUND Counselor." That counselor would be OL&S LaChappa, as he's quite round and pleasantly plump.
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    STATS: Pimpin': 10 Rhymin': 10 Stylin': 10 Slaying Dem Hos: 10 Swimming: 2 PERKS: Bulletproof Vest: Reduces damage, protects against bullet wounds from white racist sheriffs Kung-Fu: Mastery of the Martial Arts Ass-Shakin': Advanced Dancing Emotes
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    Jason primarily way of killing is by grabbing. So you shouldn't have any problems with how many med sprays they have. If they have 3 med sprays in their pocket, its wasted by a simple grab kill. In Crystal Lake small, I counted 37 throwing knives that could be picked up. If you were using P5 or P6 you have 43 knives to waste on a map like that. So assuming your goal is to deplete med sprays and not even go for grabs, you can still do that. You just need to be a good shot and pick all of them up.
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    There aren't too many medsprays. The Medic perk is just overpowered and shouldn't do what it does. Almost everyone runs that perk and it effectively doubles the number of medsprays on the map.
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    Every thread from the OP: So what the fuck shit this why?
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    1. I would love to be able to choose my counselors in the offline matches. 2. I’d love to be able to play as a counselor in an offline matches. Maybe have Jason target all the other counselors first.
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    I enjoy the Jason teamers lobbies. It makes escaping or surviving that much more gratifying or if I'm the one to get the car, running them over while laughing.
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    The Jasons on the road map are new Jasons.
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    Hello Campers! I would like to introduce Victoria Sterling, Camp Crystal Lake’s newest counselor. Similar to Chad, Victoria comes from money and she is used to getting her way. So much so that she often is perceived as “bitchy” and manipulative. She doesn’t mean any physical harm, but it’s safe to say that in a pinch, she’s looking out for herself first. Victoria has low repair and strength, so she will need to rely on her above average stamina pool and stealth skills. It would be ill-advised for Victoria to square up to Jason without some additional help from another counselor. In a 1v1 situation you’ll find Victoria doing less fighting, and more yelling for her Dad...the Dean of an Ivy League junior college. Getting a better picture now of Victoria? She’s the worst, in the best possible way! Victoria will be added at no additional cost in the next update. Note; Victoria will not have access to the premium DLC clothing packs (Spring Break and Halloween).
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    Hello, It would be great if there is an option to select counselors we want to play against instead of randomly selected counselors. EDIT I think it would add more fun to offline bot mode if we can customize gameplay settings like one I mentioned above and some other settings like Map timing, police response time, Tommy Jarvis response time, etc. EDIT 2: @FunMonster suggested some really required changes here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17195-options-for-offline-bots/
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    This is mostly about the propane tanks that are all through out the camps. (I also couldn't help but read it in a hank hill voice) ANYWAY have you guys seen the tanks? Wouldn't it be interesting if we could interact with them and use them? Catch some cabins on fire maybe Jason...maybe get chased by said Jason that is on fire ? It just seemed interesting and wanted to share with y'all and get your ideas and thoughts❤
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    If they did this, then what about Rob? I guess it could be random from game to game whether the intro will either have Rob or crazy Ralph be killed.
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    As long as he's using his full repertoire of kills, it's all good. Unless he's surrounded or fighting around objectives then I totally understand. If you're playing as The Chad or Tiffany then of course Jason's gonna be grabby
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    Are Vanessa’s & Buggzy’s stats in the game not stereotypical enough for ya?
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    Well Victoria is a sneaky, manipulative bitch
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    Jason's that have another friend in lobby playing as counselor feeding the Jason info on what the other counselors are doing or telling the Jason exactly where the other counselors are. In other words, cheating scum.
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    @J.J. I have actually seen this happen a lot. Tommy starts to spawn just as the last surviving counselors leave in the car.... but game ends and... no Tommy spawn. From what I have seen.... Tommy will not spawn if no one else is in the match. When I have seen this happen, Tommy was called not long before the car left with the remaining one to four counselors. I am not sure what determines how long it takes Tommy to spawn, but he does not always spawn right away unless called later in the match and one or more people are waiting in the afterlife club. At the end of a match I usually hit the button to see how everyone was killed and who escaped. Quite a few times I have noticed that Tommy was just starting to spawn... but the game ends because there is no one left to save. I do not think this is a bug or a glitch, but rather it is intended.... Tommy is there to save people, not wander around alone. This can happen much more often if everyone who dies leaves the game before Tommy can spawn. Also.... not really a big deal.... if everyone is gone, the game is over and anyone who has been waiting a while gets to start a new game with everyone else instead of waiting for a Tommy player to run Jason around the map for another ten minutes.
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    As a Scientologist I’m strongly against taking any psychosomatic drugs.
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    I think this idea would work better in a alternate game mode. The devs aren't going to add a dog to general multiplayer gameplay.
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    Agreed. I logged over 14 hours per day, and didn’t find one Tommy tape. I have all Pamela tapes, but I did see three of those. This tape drop was bullshit. Can’t wait to see your video. Hopefully, you will quote me and post a link so I will know when it’s online! Edit: Futhermore, I can help you in Private match if you want while your doing a video and maybe we can determine the ratio near exact. My PSN name is also kepps-66.
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    Gained about 10 levels and met some cool new people. Not a single damn tape though.
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    In terms of best overall Counselor when it comes to surviving for as long as possible without bothering with objectives, it would be Vanessa, followed by Chad. In terms of most versatile Counselor that can jump from one role to another in a pinch, it would be Kenny, followed by Fox, and perhaps Adam. In terms of best suited in working behind the scenes tackling objectives without attracting Jason's attention, it would be A.J, followed by Deborah. I rank A.J. above Deborah due to her ability to sprint silently with a Lightfoot perk, which means she is able to make repairs more quickly and quietly than Deborah can, so as long as the player manage their stamina gauge well. In terms of planning to de-mask Jason and help other prepare to kill Jason, it would be Brandon, followed by Adam, and Fox. Fox is notable as she is the one Counselor to have high Strength and wear Pamela's Sweater at the same time. In terms of most efficient in fetching Pamela's Sweater and helping Tommy kill Jason, Vanessa is the best choice, followed by Tiffany. Please keep in mind that these results I've listed are based on the Counselor's general play-style, as more experience players are likely to do well in any role with any Counselor.
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    Bumping this thread, as they announced many moons ago that they were revamping Retro Jason into his own character, but we've heard almost nothing about it in months. Are there any updates at all on this? (Not opinions on how much you like the character, just updates on if/when it's happening, etc.)
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    What are you doing back there? Taking a dump?
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    I wouldn't be so sure. They haven't given any status updates since they first told us about this engine upgrade back in early February. The update could come any month as far as I know.
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    Sometimes i'll leave traps by unlocked doors just for the shits n giggles. If i have a petrol can/battery/fuse/key, i'll drop them to attract counselors to come in and then get caught in the trap. Then i crouch/flashlight repeatedly at them while they do so. It's hilarious
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    Adam and A.J is canon. Buggzy and Vanessa. Tiffany and Kenny. Fox has a biker boyfriend, remember she's only here to troll them kids. Eric and Shelly are friendzoned. Mitch needs his stoner girlfriend counterpart. Jenny is the girl next door, which means she's single, available and yet unrechable for the male protagonist...! Deborah is probably crushing hard on someone like Adam or Chad, maybe Kenny. And last but not least, the newest flaming couple, Chad and Victoria.
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    You activate Stalk before you Morph to where the counselors are. That way, they get no sort of indicator that you're around.
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    While I'm still thinking about it, I say dont stop there. Include Kenny, Eric, Deborah, and maybe Mitch and Victoria too! The whole crew should be there, each character introduced in F13 the game. Course Jenny survives as the final girl. And personally, I think maaaaybe Kenny should survive as well. Im not sure, saw him as a male counterpart to Jenny. Or we could kill him. Either or.
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    Games are 20 mins long.. Surely if you can't find the fuse you got other ways of filling your time for 20 mins. Cars, Boats, Surviving the 20 mins. (Or Just die) Besides, you don't even know if the person holding the Fuse was intentionally trying to screw people over. Why is the player an 'idiot'.? Best mindset is.. Don't bother even thinking about phoning for the cops unless you find the fuse yourself.
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    You're underestimating her fandom haha.
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    Fire Axe since it always gets caught hitting the top of doors when using combat stance to break doors. The spear at least keeps you from getting stunned through the door if you combat stance from max distance.
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    Day 1 is gonna be the absolute worst. I am one of those who hate to see counselor triplets, quadruplets, etc. I'll wait till the honeymoon stage is over before I give her a go.
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    Nope. The unknown is what brings on the intensity. Damage and RNG need to have a greater range, not less. You should never be sure how close you are to dying.
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    Changes: 23 FEB 2018 Corrected Shift+/Shift Neutral speed, duration, and range values in the Jason guides.
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