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    Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] (Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Trope: "The Little-Shy Girl" Overview: She's a girl determined to make sure her scholarly studies are completed. She manages to keep her composure when witnessing her friend Tamara's dead body and encountering a mysterious masked killer (but not for long.) Gender: Female Composure: 6/10 (For the most part, she was well composed when seeing Tamara's body AND Jason, but she started going in a panic when the chase began.) Luck: 2/10 (She nearly got caught doing drugs and she could've loss her science scholarship. She also died in Jason's hands) Repair: 8/10 (She seems to be very smart, but doesn't make very smart decisions) Speed: 4/10 (It seems like she has some experience with running, but isn't really great at running fast.) Stamina: 6/10 (Same applies with Speed) Stealth: 8/10 (Shy girls are quiet; she managed to not scream when seeing Tamara's body. However, she made a lot of noise when running from Jason though, so her stealth points went down by two.) Strength: 1/10 (She doesn't have any battle capabilities and watches Julius box along with Tamara.) -Gameplay- Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] is a repair character who has slightly higher-end running capabilities. Her speed and Stamina are far superior than the other repair counselors. She is well intelligent, which also gives Deborah Kim some competition because Eva is smart similarly to Deborah, but she can run much longer. Eva has terrible battle capabilities, which is why she has a One in Strength and Luck. Eva also has slightly higher composure to keep her slightly more sane when Jason is within her vicinity. Eva is a character that could change the meta of the game. Most players nowadays play as Vanessa, Buggzy, Fox, Tiffany, Chad, etc, but don't have any repair characters in the lobby because they get easily killed off. Adding Eva can solve the dilemma of no repair characters in the lobby. Eva can repair objectives by herself or with other players, but it's strongly recommended that she repairs with someone nearby because of her low-end combat abilities. Eva's main choice of weaponry should be either Firearms or High Stun weapons. Eva's weapon will easily break, so it's also recommended you use high-durability weapons like the wrench. -Appearance- Eva Watanabe [Sabrina Lee] is Chinese and has Native Hawaiian blood within her. She wears a dark olive thin breton-striped shirt with X-Shaped suspenders. Her lower body includes a pair of bright yellow shorts in coherence with a black belt. She also wears black stockings and black flats. Her hair goes past her shoulders and ends right above the back of her waist-line. Note: Sabrina Lee is her alternative name in the event that they cannot use the name "Eva Watanabe." @Chetork what do ya' think! @IcrazyKid855 @Barbara Ann @Flyin_J @Gummybish @TiffanyIsBae @FinalBoy @StripMonopoly @Yoshman2523 @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I tagged everyone here who agrees to add Eva in : ) @TiffanyIsBae if you want a high stamina and repair counselor, Eva is ya' girl!
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    The survives. Everyone else dies. The final showdown goes down at Jason's shack where The Chad just so happened to come across while fleeing for his life---I mean strategically went to as everybody else was being slaughtered. And with the help the Sacred Branch he tripped on---I mean willingly picked up on the way there and let the powers of it awaken the long forgotten lineage of heroes that is in the Kensington line, The Chad vanquishes Jason. And for good measure he wallops the Sacred Branch into Pamela's head knocking that hideous looking thing off of it's shrine. He then takes her ratty sweater and throws it in Jason's poop bucket by the non-functioning toilet mocking its quality in comparison to his sweaters. Finally, he looks back at the shack one last time outside and scoffs for good measure before leaving to do Chad stuff. Jason twitches a few times later on to show there will be another movie.
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    You could have exited the cabin through a window, you could have picked up the keys and stayed in the cabin, you could have ignored the keys... I don't see how you were baited into dying here.
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    Hello everyone! So watching through some of the Friday the 13th's one of my favorite characters has got to be Eva Watanabe, she is a pretty simple character from part 8 who is a pretty nice person going to school with a scholarship and has some bad luck when she finally encounters Jason. Eva Watanabe "The Loyal Friend" 1. Counselor Model Here are two pictures of what she looks like in the movie, something I noticed is she has hair longer then her shoulders which currently does not happen with any female counselors. 2. Counselor Stats So one thing I noticed doesn't exist in the game that I always thought would be a cool stat distribution is a runner/fixer mix, this kind of fits with Eva as she looks youthful enough to have a good physique along with a scholarship proving she is smart enough to make her way through education. However she's not bulky or particularly lucky in the movie which also goes into my personal thoughts on her stat distribution. Composure: 6/10 Luck: 2/10 Repair: 8/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 8/10 Strength: 1/10 --------------- Total : 35 So as you can see Eva would excel in actually finding the parts herself and take them to objectives to fix them herself. She has a great stamina pool and average speed to help her move around the map. Her repair will also allow her to do objectives very nicely with little chance to fail. Her tradeoffs are definitely her luck and strength which will pretty much guarantee she has little fight to put up against Jason, and even if she does her weapons will be gone within a matter of time. Tell me what you guys think of having Eva Watanabe in the game and what her stats would play out like if you disagree with my own! Also make sure to like this post if you guys want to see Eva Watanabe as a playable counselor! Credits: RexFellis : Stat Distribution Slasher_Clone : Trope name Qcici: Revised Stat Distribution
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    This has been on my mind for awhile but have yet to get the consensus out on it. With the new update and new engine, will the console version run as smooth as the PC version? I've been playing on PS4 since it first came out and the frame rate is less than perfect. It's supposed to be 30 fps, but it isn't stable. The PC version is a solid 60 fps and watching videos of it makes me wish I could play the game the way it was intended to be played. The graphics are obviously superior on the PC version, but will the console version get a graphical upgrade with the new engine? And will it run at 60 fps? It would be great if this was answered by someone from Gun or Illfonic. I have a Mac, so I won't be able to experience the PC version. I only hope I can get something as close to the PC version as possible with this new engine.
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    The ultimate troll counselor. There would be nothing better than a drive-by shotgun in a wheelchair. Make it happen or I quit the game. PS: Must have (minimum) 6 Luck.
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    Because, again, I am against any balance change, or buff to counselors. They played with the abilities in development and realized obviously that it negated Jason having that OP feeling. Something they wanted to keep in game. Jason is supposed to be OP in some regards and leave a counselor feeling hopeless in a one on one or when being chased down. Those special abilities listed negate that and give more confidence to the counselor. Something we don't need to exacerbate any further, seeing how we have hunt squads already who play solely to go for the kill right out of the gate.
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    I want to think the engine upgrade will fix that and we will have something like the alpha footage in graphics
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    As I understand it, the only difference between Epic and Legendary is that Legendary perks have an additional benefit. The core benefit of the perk won't change. Swift Attacker won't become even more swift when you get the Legendary version, and Medic won't give you three heals per medspray. My guess is one of the meta perks will get a Legendary version with a really good benefit that makes it twice as good, and that will become the most sought-after perk. With all this said, you'd be a fool to roll for perks until the update hits.
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    Just spent a game as Deborah running around trying to get the phone fuse when it turn out some fucking asshole was in the car with the fuse. This person was in the car for quite a long while trying to avoid Jason. So here am I trying to phone the cops and I have no fucking chance cause some prick is in the car with the fuse. I found out when the phone fuse appeared at an exit as this idiot got killed. I am at the opposite end of the map and the fuse house was at the other far end of the map. So there needs to be a change made so that no one can enter the car or the boat with the phone fuse. This is so obvious why has it not been the case since launch?
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    With the possibility that he's the next counselor, I thought it would be fun to predict his stats. Stamina - 10 Stealth - 8 Composure - 6 Strength - 5 Repair - 3 Speed - 2 Luck - 1 These are my predictions
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    Still waiting for a busty blonde councillor so I can watch her boobs jiggle while I'm running around fixing stuff and being a hero etc.....
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    So you couldn’t do both by picking up the keys and staying in the cabin? Serious question- how old are you?
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    It's just because the poor optimization, I really hope this game get a graphics upgrade aswell as more optimization in both platforms with the engine upgrade.
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    I lover her stats! She would be amazing when it comes to being a quick repairer.
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    I got 13 Jason kills with a group of friends, not much else since we had our preference set to counselor. I was quite bored after the 15 or 16 matches it took to get the 13 kills, so I stopped once we hit 13.
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    I feel that Jenny would have to live. That is a given. And I think the fireplace and boiling water kills are a must have too. Just for how cool and easy to set up they are.
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    We are ALL counselor mains and 80% of your experience with F13 will be geared toward counselor gameplay. Making counselors play better and more fluidly and make them unique so when you play Adam and Fox you don’t feel like you’re playing the same character because they have a little personality and character unique to them would he nice. Nobody is saying flat out “buff counselors with abilities and nerf Jason”. People have suggested so many things and they make excuses like “people will just play 7 Buggzy’s” but yet they still say that about every character like “7 Jenny’s” and “7 AJ’s”, point is that people aren’t going to leave their main for another character simply because of an ability trait. The abilities should be unique to a counselor and that isn’t saying to make counselors win all the time. What people are also failing to realize is that in pretty much every horror movie ever made (F13 especially) is that the bad guy never wins and ends up defeated in the end, Jason was designed to die in a group of coordinated counselors...but the best of all Jason’s will find a way to kill everybody. No, Jason does not need a nerf and counselors do not need a buff, but have the counselors have uniqueness to their characters would be nice and I don’t understand why anybody is against it.
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    What players are even using doors? I only use doors if they are busted down and Jason is on my ass. You need to be using windows unless they are already broken and/or you don’t have health spray. So if someone set a trap on an unbarred door and you stepped in it... why weren’t you using the windows anyway? If you are using doors, it takes twice as much time to open and close and barricade than to open a window and jump in. Also, Jason can follow you inside cabins with shift whereas he can only hope to grab you or swing just as you climb in a window. I’m baffled at how some people play then went to blame others. You used the door, you stepped in the trap, it was nobody’s fault but yours
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    chad doesn't need any perks
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    Jenny and Victoria should be like Tina and Melissa. Victoria: Hi! I'm Victoriaaaahhh. Jenny: Hi, i'm Jenny, the girl next door. Victoria: I know *bitch stare*
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    Or instead of a waiting lobby have this idea
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    It wasn't. The OP just likes to discuss the most unlikely characters to add to the game. As for Mark's stats.... His speed should be 1 because the uneven ground will defeat his wheelchair. His stealth should be 1 because it's hard to be sneaky in a wheelchair. His stamina should be 1 because it's a lot easier to walk and run on big legs than pushing yourself with small arms in a wheelchair. His strength should be 1 because all the leverage he'd have from being able to effectively reposition himself with his legs would be gone due to him being in a wheelchair. His composure should be 1 because he's completely vulnerable being in a wheelchair. His repair could be high because I would imagine he's gotten good with his hands over time, but I'll give him a 3 because it would be very difficult for him to reach the battery being in a wheelchair. And his luck should be 1.
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    Dude that sucks to hear! I hooe you get to recover a bit and everyone starts feeling better bud! Spicy gumbo to knock it all out! What?! That sucks! I was hoping to get a few rounds with you at least Fuck life. Getting in the way of your downtime to play games. Stupid life. This is great to hear! I definitely noticed a lot of people going for kills yesterday. I know I had to trap my house a couple of times. Had my mask knocked off once. Killed a couple Tommy's and sweater girls though. Nothing too intense while I was Jason. Saw a couple kills, a lot of close ones. Definitely good to play with you again! By the time most got on, my girlfriend got home and wanted to get ready to watch playoff hockey. It was good to hang out with everyone here, regroup with a few and even meet a couple new faces and club members. Hope everyone enjoys their 2.3X experience and finding extra tapes!
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    Yeah. If Sheriff Garris had his way, he'd have to cops show up to iron that punk. I wish when Tommy was calling the cops he would say his line from Jason Lives, "I tried to destroy him, but I fucked up!"
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