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    Hello Campers! I would like to introduce Victoria Sterling, Camp Crystal Lake’s newest counselor. Similar to Chad, Victoria comes from money and she is used to getting her way. So much so that she often is perceived as “bitchy” and manipulative. She doesn’t mean any physical harm, but it’s safe to say that in a pinch, she’s looking out for herself first. Victoria has low repair and strength, so she will need to rely on her above average stamina pool and stealth skills. It would be ill-advised for Victoria to square up to Jason without some additional help from another counselor. In a 1v1 situation you’ll find Victoria doing less fighting, and more yelling for her Dad...the Dean of an Ivy League junior college. Getting a better picture now of Victoria? She’s the worst, in the best possible way! Victoria will be added at no additional cost in the next update. Note; Victoria will not have access to the premium DLC clothing packs (Spring Break and Halloween).
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    Happy F-13 people!
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    Well. This has been fun hasn't it? We've gone from users that don't read announcements to enlightning discussions on ways to earn extra cash. As the original discussion is no longer relevant, and we have derailed beyond all recognizable similarity, I will be locking this thread... ...and then washing my hands.
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    In honor of the first Day of Jason, 2018, we will be running a 130% increase in XP, CP, and Tape drop rates (Jarvis and Pamela) from 1pm EDT Friday, April 13th, until 1pm EDT on Monday, April 16th.
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    Lol Since when is "it's not ready yet" an unjustified reason to not release something on a date that nobody promised?
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    Well fella, I'm a backer and I've had to wait just as long and if not longer, and I don't feel any sense of entitlement to be nasty to another person online.
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    I think the timing of the Victoria reveal was poor management/planning too. I understand they want info to give people, especially this weekend. But most of the counselor reveals have come within days of their release. I doubt that's the case this time. Revealing Victoria potentially a full month before people are able to play her is just a silly thing to do at this point.
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    Well then maybe you aren't feeding your "patients" enough. They really should be eating more! *Ba Dum Tss*
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    Happy birthday Jason, I got you a pocket knife.
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    Gonna slap on Medic, Thick Skin, and Marathon on her, I'm so excited.
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    Me for the first time in months entering a F13 lobby because of Victoria the Head Bitch In Charge coming.
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    @gyaaft nailed it. But I think it's also important to acknowledge, as this engine update is doing, that the game's current engine clearly isn't up to the standard anyone wants for the game, and that's why OP is even in a position to ask this very valid question. But no, online should not have come second. It should have always been priority #1. More importantly - gameplay should have been a higher priority. The gameplay has always been clunky and buggy. Sometimes game-breakingly so. Then you add the fact that console players can't complete 90% of their matches in QP because the host has the power to take his ball and go home - and PC has low numbers and a hardcore contingent of hackers..I hope the engine update is meant to address these issues, otherwise I really don't see the point. But at its core, this has always been a multiplayer game. It still has the potential to be a very good one. I always thought that by now we'd have a relatively bug free game (minor bugs, sure) and that all we would need is new maps, with some new escape methods, and the odd counselor peppered in...That's all the game would really need for longevity, if it wasn't for all the bugs that still need fixing.
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    No update? What the fuck. Those of us who have been playing since the beginning don't need XP we want content, god damn it.
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    They aren't related, but they do attend the same country club...
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    Honey did just read what I just said? So is Shelly, and he's one of the worst looking counselors. He looks so unfinished, look at his face. There's no definition to his textures.
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    Can we just take a moment to let it sink in that we actually got what we wanted.... I am so Shook that we finally have our skinny legend. Now we can out skinny the other skinnies and be the skinniest of them all.
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    Especially for getting up close with her "hairy turn!"
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    For star wars fans you can have : grooming the Wookie, scratching yoda behind the ears and lightsabre practice with captain solo.
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    No I... Ok I did, But I did those things with a man I had known for more than 5 mins my dear. Plus, i died being known for my music, not my sex life.
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    YOU MEAN PAPPUS!?!?! lol
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    Closing due to duplicate topic of much discussed questions. While we know you are clamoring for more information, please stay tuned for news directly from ShiftySamurai! He will be the first to let you guys know of upcoming items!
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    Then a $30 hand shanty should cover the cost ?
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    Oh please I’ve made $300 in one night for pleasing a certain gentleman who’s got a lot of dough
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    Nah I just ignored it lol That's on all platforms. I believe @lHeartBreakerl is in control of the xbox club. @BrokenFattHardy I can send you an invite to the club when I get home later. Or you could just drop your gt in "the Good Sportsmanship Club" thread and someone might get around to it sooner. @GunMedia_Ben You should get some of the guys to join us!
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    Cool, maybe you should go play it. As nothing was promised to be released today. Pure speculation by a group of folks on the forums.
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    People should stop comparing this game with Dead by Daylight.
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    Quite well done, though @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow will lambaste you for the color selection of Roy's coveralls . . .
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    I'm 150, so are alot of my friends here. New clothing, hair styles and accessories for counselors. For Jason, new kills and some kind of skins or accessories would be cool. Cosmetics are always good, shows individuality but is not game breaking. New maps, obviously. But, as long as I'm still playing with the people I've met. And we're still meeting new players, I'm good. 150 is just a number, the stuff we get is minimal compared to the fun we have getting there. That's the thing about this game, as long as I'm having fun I'm good.
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    you only get salt for leaving before death (unless you are host) so you can leave after death whenever you want. But I do agree that there should be something to do as a spectator. I would love a free roaming camera, to see all the cool shots that can happen. Maybe you could get sent to the virtual cabin with the Jason room open (but counselors are still alive) and the computer can be where you spectate.
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    I was HOPEFUL that the update would be release today but... oh well. I think we can expect the engine upgrade and everything else they've announced so far on the games 1 year anniversary. I still remember when they announced the launch date. I was pretty hyped. Hoping the update will capture some of that magic they had 11 months ago.
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    How it would work.... 1. Female hero (Ginny, Trish, Tina, etc) 2. Heroes are not shown to clients in lobby, so you don't know what people pick as their preferred hero, unlike Jason and Counselor. Clients can pick which hero they want to be if they are chosen. 2A. People who don't like coming back as the hero can set their preference to not come back, but if everybody has that set, a hero will be chosen regardless 3. If Tommy is present, a female character is needed for the sweater 4. If the female hero is present, a male character is needed, by shaving his head to trick Jason like in Part 4, just like the sweater. The shaving tools are located in only one of the many bathrooms in any of the buildings on the map. Just like the female, the male only gets one chance to trick Jason. Though I realize what im suggesting would seem like a hercules type effort on the part of these devs. On paper, it would be an easy way to add more diversity in what is otherwise a STALE affair. If the female hero character wasn't Tina, you could just easily give her the same stats as Tommy. If it was Tina, I would make her a female Kenny, but with constant offensive ability unlike Tommy that works better the longer the cooldown is. No pocket knife, no first aid but plenty of offense to make up for it. But Tina would require a ton of coding and these guys have shown they'll take the easy way out most often, so a female hero with the same stats and some other loadout would probably work best.
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    If you're only coming here to vent loudly how much you hate it, really you're better off just going ahead and deleting it right now and saving everyone a lot of time and effort. Repeatedly doing something you hate doing is supremely pointless.
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    It's a missed opportunity. And that is a big deal.
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    Sooooo.... ...locking this.
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    This is great. This will help on my quest for 1 million CP. When I reach it I'll post a thread about it so everyone will see that I have 1 million CP. And they'll wish they had some of that CP....even just 100k of it....but I'll have 1 million!!! and get all the likes for that day.
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    No need to be so hostile. The content is coming, just wait for it.
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    For everyone asking. Victoria unlocks at level 42.
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    A LOT! Hahahahaa. I think all of us are happy with Victoria! At this point I don't even mind the power suit. Oh my god, we did it guys. While I'm ecstatic we can lower our arms I'm also a little sad, most of us play in different platforms and I'm really going to miss you guys! Now it's time to have our well deserved celebration. And then... Find a new thing to campaign for! Starting with ALL COUNSELORS DESERVE CLOTHING PACKS Absolutely!
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    She is Victoria! I did NOT lie to anyone.
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    I. CAN'T. BREATHE. @Barbara Ann WE DID IT!
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    I’m trying for my seventh game of the morning. So far out of 6 games, I was able to finish 1. All host quits. The glitches and what not are just trivial bullshit. This host problem is by far what needs to be fixed first.
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    New main? Never touch? Or don't care? Personally the more counselors the better in my opinion. I do like her luck factor and stamina ratings.
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    I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to...felt I owed it to them.
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    Stop talking about *Censorships* please! It's making me uncomfortable.
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    No, my post was explaining how it works offline on Xbox. @RKSDooM might have explained it better.
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    I think you should include a rare purple sausage in a drawer maybe one on each map and when Jason tries to get you you shove it down his throat and he chokes on it giving twice the stun time as a pocket knife.
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    @Ahab You're good! No need for an apology! Mistakes happen. On topic, just call the cops and escape if Jason becomes a fish. Being able to kill him in water will just make Jasons morph around map and use sense to keep their distance from Tommy and the sweater girl.
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    Good thing that's already been done for you: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10137-kill-list-updated/?tab=comments#comment-129090 @Erik13E On xbox it resets every match. You do 2 new kills and get credit for them, but once you start a new match it goes back to where it was. YOU CAN get it to pop if you do all remaining kills in the same match though. That's how I finally got it.
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