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    I don't understand why? So many other multiplayer games have unique character passives that makes things more interesting and allows individual characters to bring more to the game than just basic stats. Someone explain why Friday the 13th developers didn't add the same diversity to their characters and why this should not be added in the next patch? Buggzy - One Man Army - After 30 seconds of Buggzy holding a melee weapon, the next strike will automatically stun Jason with 100% success rate. When Jason is stunned by this effect, the timer will reset back to zero and Buggzy will be able to automatically generate a 100% successful stun again in 30 seconds. (this does not affect the general stun ratio and RNG of how stunning normally works and it does not stack with multiple Buggzy counselors) AJ - Ghost - AJ cannot be detected by Sense and she is completely immune to it unless she is in full stage of fear. Deborah - Escape Artist - When in a hiding spot, Deborah's breath can be held to last twice as long. Vanessa - Professional School Athlete - Vanessa does not trip when jogging or running unless she is in full stage of fear. Jenny - Final Girl - When Jenny becomes the last counselor alive, the remaining time to survive the night gets reduced by half. Lachappa - Last Will - Any time that Lachappa's health drops low enough for him to enter the "limping" state, the limping effect will be delayed by 15 seconds. Chad - Luckster - Empty drawers have a 50% chance to spawn an item when opened by Chad. (excluding pocket knives) Fox - Rebuilder - Fox can fully repair any broken radios back to brand new. Adam - Fighter - Adam's weapon cannot break when guarding against Jason's attacks. Tiffany - Beach Star - Tiffany's swimming does not create any noise pings at all. Shelly - Quiet As A Mouse - Shelly is completely muted when crouching and cannot make any noises or shriek sounds. Kenny - Secure Seal - Doors barricaded or locked by Kenny take one extra hit for all Jason's before they break down. Mitch - Master Disguise - Bear traps placed by Mitch are invisible to the Jason player only. Victoria - Privileged - Victoria enters and exists any of the passenger seats to a vehicle (cars or boat) 50% faster than all other counselors.
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    It’s going to happen. Especially against any group who is knowledgeable enough to Cosby sweater you. My advice is to just deal with it and move on, the devs decided mask should have pitiful HP so you just have to accept it. At the very least you should just take it on the chin and don’t turn into Jason fish. That’s no fun for either side. PS: For anyone who thinks they can avoid being killed by standing against a wall - surprise, I will kill you through the wall. Or activate sweater at just the right moment to disable your Shift for the rest of the match, and kneel hit at a time of my choosing. Make no mistake, Jason is designed to die in this game.
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    Pretty pointless thread. Just your useless opinion on a game feature that hasn't even been added yet.
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    Pretty fucking tired of stuns, to be honest... Playing as Jason is basically walking from one inescapable animation to another.
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    Here's yet another example of spoiled and entitled children. Because it's not a reward YOU like, they suck. God forbid you enjoy the single player challenges in of themselves instead of NEEDING a reward CATERED specifically to you. I mean holy fuck, before today, no one even EXPECTED a "reward" for beating single player. They never implied there would be. So everyone was ready to play it just to enjoy it. Now that they reveal there is a reward, you're sitting here bitching about how "unfair" it is because it's not a reward "you" care about. News flash, YOU aren't the only ones who play the game. Get off the high horse with your "playing the game as intended" nonsense. If you don't like emotes, don't use them. If they had revealed the reward was a new counselor named Fatty McBeal who I personally had zero interest in playing as, do you know what I'd do? Nothing. I wouldn't care. Not everything is about ME. When they added Mitch and Shelly, I to date still have yet to touch either one. I have zero interest. I didn't bitch though that there was content included that didn't appeal to me. Why? Because NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ME. Get over it.
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    I hate it when I almost kill Jason in a public match with my friends all because some Kenny main always decides to hit Jason when he is on his knees
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    This has been something getting under my skin for quite a while now. So i have got to ask, because it seems there is nothing being done in anyway shape nor form. Number one : THIEVES When i seen people with Savini Jason, i would be glad to say to them thank you for backing Friday the 13th. How ever that has completely changed. Now when i see them i find myself going to there profile and seeing level 6 or level 70 etc i know your getting the point here. What I am saying is now when i see them I go yep, another thief because i know they are using the hacked dll file in order to trick the system into thinking Savini is legit, of course i will not go into the specifics. It is so sad to see there are people dishonestly using something they have not paid for and disgracing those wonderful people that where so kind to offer financial support by now stealing the content. As well i know Tom Savini is fed up with people stealing something he created. So my first question is, why have you not been banning these people instantly or putting time into the Anti hack program to make sure these people are automatically dealt with and the true backers vindicated ? Because once people start having the consequences to face the thieves will no longer be a problem but you have got to take the initiative and show the people this community is no longer going to tolerate thieves. Number two : Exploiters I used to enjoy being the most prolific serial killer to hit the big screen, and now to hit the gaming world. Kane Hodder has been so wonderful over the years. From smashing his way into our hearts on the big screen as our favorite mommy loving angered goalie to making his way into our virtual worlds. I used to enjoy hoping on to put myself in his shoes and kill some camp counselors. How ever the exploiting has became so bad, that i cringe when i find myself in his shack with his lovely mother of course. The exploiting that we will say 80% for the sake of those wonderful people i do run across and play with on a daily bases that enjoy the game and find playing fairly a for-filling experience and for those i applaud you. How ever the masses have taken to bullying Jason and exploiting bugs in the system. Let me explain Hitting threw doors, and yes people say Jason hits threw doors. Correct he is a massive Psychopathic killer that has the strength of several men combined and to add to it a very large assortment of some very large and sharp weapons that would easily find there way through wood. Have you ever tried taking a machete a axe or my favorite a baseball bat and swinging it through a very closed door ? It wont end well for ya i promise. Then people go, that's not a bug.. Your supposed to be able to swing a baseball bat through a closed door and hit Jason.. Or use a axe through doors to knock off his mask going for the cheap kill. Then there is the pocket knife bug, people have unlimited pocket knifes. Sure you should be able to use 7 knifes when you only have 1 why not ?. Or the swinging teleport glitch, people swing there weapon and teleport a hundred feet ahead. The mask still on Jason kill, that's a great one. The aim your weapon and glide across the map glitch, oh boy i could go on and on.. We know this stuff is part of the engine issues which is being updated, but it has became toxic to the community, when people know these things are a glitch and they exploit them over and over and seem to feel as though it is fun and fair to take advantage of these bugs and with no consequences in sight why wouldn't they ? It gives them a very cheap advantage in which they have no remorse for taking and driving good fair decent people away from the community and bringing other scum that see there is no consequences when you cheat in F13, so why not come over here after watching youtube and try out those glitches on people trying to have a good time. Guys we know you are working on the engine and that is fine. But my question is, you know this is happening even Kane Hodder has raged about the way things have been let go and Jason has been made a punk so to speak. So why do you guys not hand out Bans ? I am not talking perm bans for exploiting. Simply a 2 or 3 day ban for repeat offenders of course with proper evidence such as a video or photo's. If they want to play, then they pay. We the fans and backers, and fair players deserve to have a decent community to play in. We have been patient, we have waited for Game modes, and bugs to be release and fixed the salt mines coming for those that leave the game and so on. Which if the exploits are left unfixed is going to drive out the rest of what good people we have left, because they will be forced to deal with the exploiters and give them kills or be punished for leaving in which i have one time in the 2007 hours I have played. But these people having no consequences have ruined our community and tainted the Friday the 13th's name. We are glad to be patient while you work on things, but we ask that you help us out as well by enforcing the community rules. Thanks guys Number 3 Hackers The above mentioned has killed the community to the point where we have less than a thousand people playing this wonderful game at a given time. Now we touch on the hackers that have made it even worse than it should have ever gotten and still no consequences to be found. The first two topics have made the community dwindle below that thousand player mark, but then because nothing was enforced in any way for those people, now we face a new tragedy which is Uber Jason Hackers. This Jason has no hit box, and is only stunnable in one of three ways "Firecrackers, Knife, Shotgun" On top of that, these people also feel that Jason should be wearing a utility belt full of all his various characters weapons in which, They have altered the save files and the death moves as well. One to give themselves something we have all been patient and waited for which is not even finished. They have given themselves Jason X other wise known as Uber Jason. As the honest people we have waited patiently for the developers to release the content in which they are continuing to work on before its release. How ever Hackers have decided to give themselves the advantage by enabling Uber Jason in the save files and taking on the role of a invincible Jason Voorhees, in which counselors can do nothing against and yet it still continues to be allowed and has even had mentions from developers on how to fix your game if you have used this content after the patches that where supposed to fix this hack but of course did not, basically giving the hackers and cheaters the go ahead by saying hey guys if your game is broke from you cheating in the game all you need to do to fix it is this. Really ? As well people have hacked the save file by re arranging the saved move sets for Jason and allowing all kills in the game to be used, in which i spoke about Jason having a utility belt full of his weapons. Well that is what i am talking about. I would love to be able to use all kills in Friday the 13th but you have got to also realize this makes no sense in any way shape nor form for Jason to be carrying lets say, his spear, then when you go to kill the counselor he switches to his fictitious weapon which now is no longer the spear in which he was carrying, but now has magically transformed itself into a pair of sheers and uses the Roy kills .I have been part of discords that offer these files and i have removed myself from there presents "I mean really they are not that hard to do yourself" and I have removed them as friends and refuse to play with them. Now i would have no issue in any way shape nor form with this, if instead of being weapon locked Jason had to find various weapons on the map in which to perform his kill, but that is not the case. As well they are using content that is locked such as clothes that are not meant for release at the current moment. But we the honest and fair people are made to endure these things as people laugh at us and make fun when we try and say something about what they are doing they try and make it sound as if what they are doing is fair, right and in no way wrong. So my final questions comes down to this.. Why would you allow these people to disgrace the good name of decent people whom have offered financial support to your project ? This makes kick starter and yourself look bad, and allows no one to distinguish a proper backer from a common thief. as well you where super quick to throw out a story about someone doing a temp job and stealing Savini keys and selling them and quick to offer bans up when it came to profits, for those involved in purchasing those keys, but when someone again steals the skin by altering files and making not only your company name look horrible, but as well taking away from those that offered to help you with financial support you turn a blind eye and deafen your ears to the community. For the people exploiting known bugs in the game, i can understand why you would not want to simply perma ban them if it was something that was not there fault and is something you are working on updating, how ever that is not the case. You are updating the bugged engine in which i am proud of you for doing, but with people accidentally finding a bug, well that has long passed.. People know they exist and they just continue trolling the already very small population in which is killing the community. You may be afraid to start throwing bans out to people because there is not many people left to ban. But I hope you realize if you take the needed initiative and start banning these people that have caused all these issues I assure you the community will rebuild itself with proper, fair and a appreciative respectful player base. Or you if you do not want to do the right thing then release the server files in which i can promise you have already been stolen because i know of underground servers that exist and they themselves will not tolerate cheaters. So give us the people the right to govern our own communities if you are not going to govern the only legit one you have created, so that we can have a fair place to play. As for the hackers.. I am appalled at the fact this has been allowed to go on and feel as if there is no cure in sight. I mean i have sat threw some very bad things since May 26, 2017 in which bugs have caused issues and have not received proper hot fixes and nearly broke the game. I have waited nearly two months at a time for issues that where caused by other patches to be addressed. I have played every day missing maybe 3 weeks since May 26th of last year of this game. I have been along for the journey and I have now 2007 hours in the game to date all the achievements and all of the tapes with over 600,000 cp saved for legendary perk releases. I am saddened and sickened by the actions that are allowed to plague what could be a great community player base of fans and simple players alike for this wonderful horror film classic. Please take time to address the issues that need to be addressed and please stop allowing these trolls to ruin our experiences, you guys are on to something here that could break the records, or continue to go down in flames. Please extinguish the disasters flames and salvage and rebuild this wonderful community. Some may say it is to late, but with faith and hard work we can make this community strong and full of some wonderful people. it is up to you whether you decide to allow this wonderful iconic franchise to die or choose to breath life back into it. Or wait until the fans give it a proper home on a proper governed server made by us, the people. Good luck and Pamela speed my friends.
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    Pretty much the same; mostly pm with friends. Sometimes while waiting for friends I go a few games in qp. A little practice before the real challenges begin
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    When I was mentioning myself as being a troll, it wasn't the normal type of trolling where you're being a dick just for the fun of it and trying to completely ruin the gaming experience. It was more of a "tactical" sort of thing. You see, I like to play Deborah on PS4, and we all know that most Jasons like to target the repair players because they have low stamina (which virtually makes them easier to catch) and they have high repair, meaning they MUST be eliminated. They usually take low stamina players for granted believing that "If I chase them, this will be an easy kill." Over the course of many hours in the game, numerous Jasons had literally chased me down to the ends of the earth. They will literally ignore counselors fixing up a car just to attempt to kill me. I thought it was pretty crazy that they would sacrifice their number of kills just to kill me. The reason WHY they chase me to death in a pissy state isn't mainly because of the emoting, it's because I manage to juke them a lot, which kinda gradually triggers them as they chase me down. The emoting however DOES play a role, which is to add the extra grain of salt or "That extra 1 degree into 100 degrees" to allow them to chase me the whole match. The reason why I do it is so that the counselors can repair the objectives and escape, while I deal with Jason. It's a pretty tactical use of playing the game, because if you take advantage of people's emotions, that can override their actions and could ultimately cause the demise of their game as Jason. What I said to you and @Redcat345 was pretty rude after looking at it now, And I truly apologize. But I just wanted to state that the trolling DOES have some fun aspects to it and purposely utilizes some strategy with it. The fun aspect of it has to do with anger. I remember seeing a Savini Jason once when I played a match as Tiffany (this was around like July and August,) I was pretty terrified of him and I wasn't even emoting (Because emotes weren't a thing back then.) Savini had a mic and he kept name calling me as I kept juking him whilst in fear. I slammed a lot of doors in his face in one single cabin. He even began screaming at me and calling me words such as a "Faggot" or a "Cunt." He did manage to kill me at the end, but unfortunately the area where you can cheat near the cop spawns wasn't patched, so he didn't get to kill the cheaters at the end of the match, which is pretty unfortunate at the end, but it emphasizes how emotion can play a key role on how games can operate. Thank you for reading this @jameson87 and @Redcat345 (if you read this.) Hopefully we can stay on good terms. It was just a crappy day for some of us y'know?
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    Another idea w/ the weapon update is to give Jason complete new weapons rather than Part 8's fire axe or Part 4's Meat Cleaver Sword (That's not a regular cleaver if it's that fucking big lmao, who the hell breaks down a door with a regular cleaver.. Let's not forget the Garden Shears too.)
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    Usually once a week with offline bots. I've given up QP. Everybody seems to have a different story for why they don't enjoy QP anymore. Whethers its OP Jason, stunathons against troll counselors, teamers/do nothings/glitchers. For me, its the teamers/do nothings. I find myself having my preference to Jason less because he's actually fun and more because its the only real way to prevent teamers from being on both sides. If singleplayer challenges delivers/offline bots are better. I might not touch QP again until Grendel/Uber/Paranoia/Whatever new mode and we all know that's NOT COMING in the next update and will probably be a summer thing. I doubt its even a May thing.
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    Hopefully for the sake of QP. Its on its death bed at the moment (At least on the PS4 it is) If this update doesn't deliver I think it will reach the levels of PC
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    Beautifully put. You deserve a drink! Cheers
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    He is right, there is coherent sentence structure unless he has changed.
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    Because the counselors are supposed to be the VICTIMS!!!!! This is not "Bully on Jason The Game".
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    Everyone is forced to play as counselors 90% of the time they play this game. No one cares if you are a this Jason myth main because you cannot 'main' something you cannot play all of the time. Counselor mains exist in this game. Jason mains? No.
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    This dude may be civil enough to not say anything to you. But if your messing with texture files, that is not a option in the game and that is not a massive hack but it is considered a hack none the less. There is a set of clothes for each counselor and there is no options nor has there ever been a option to switch clothes in game from any character. I am not exactly sure but it sounds like to me you are doing the same thing i have seen others do in game which is, use other clothes on other counselors. Like using bugz's clothes on lachappa etc.. That is not a intended option for interchangeable clothes, which means your hacking the files in order to change the textures. So yeah your hacking. Not as bad as Jason X, or Savini but still hacking none the less which has no place here. This is what we are trying to get past, which is stopping all the hacks and crap, because i am done dealing with this childish bs. So please stop..
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    You need to find something new to bitch about, you're constant complaining about the same shit that only you seem to be so strongly affected by is getting tired. If you think every aspect of this game is so fucking bad do yourself a favour and find something else to play.
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    I love this idea @bewareofbears! The only thing i would change is the whole having to be on the beach to kill her. Like @Truth said: any smart pl'ayer would just stay off the beach, i think it would be better if you needed Alice to kill Pamel.
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    I have come to the conclusion that people just find meaningless things to bitch about for the sake of bitching.
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    @Alkavian @bewareofbears Cause ALL counselors to be limping before killing any of them. This gets difficult if they suicide on you before you get all of them appropriately slashed.
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    @uberXJoshua it's pretty obvious that the hashtag was a tease for Roy as well as the blue hockey mask, yes. He wasn't official announced until a week before he was released. But he had been speculated and rumoured for months about his inclusion in the game. So, yeah. He was technically teased for several months ago. Gun\Illfonic has always used "Coming soon" in every announcement (apart from Roy). They can't always give a date on when new content is being released, if they did give a date. And had to delay the content, then. The player base would be unhappy and have a tantrum over it. It's better to say coming soon, because. It gives illfonic more time to develop and look over the content, making sure its perfect. Than to just rush it to try to met a deadline they set and it being bug ridden and broken. They'll release the content once their happy with it, just be paitence and wait.
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    I see no stigma. I have never died as Jason but shit happens.
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