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    Hello Camp Slashers, We’ve talked about grab animations, Single Player Challenges, Weapon Switching, Changes to Part 7 Jason, Grab Animation reworking, Roy’s Coveralls, the Salt Mines, and Key-binding, and today we’re going to talk about some of the improvements coming to the counselor AI in Friday the 13th: The Game’s Offline Bots game mode. AI will now be equipped with Perks that better match the selected difficulty level. Playing on Hard? The counselors might be packing a Perk that starts them out with a defensive item, just like their human counterparts. AI will be better at choosing a hiding spot, and what cabins they should enter based on the number of other counselors in the cabin. At higher difficulties, counselors will more carefully select and use weapons, especially weighing their chance to stun. They’ll probably ditch that stick for something that packs a bit more punch. AI might not be able to appreciate music, but higher difficulty AI will use the radios located in the cabins as a means of distraction. Higher difficulty AI can shoot more accurately, place traps, and will attempt to open Jason’s traps with pocket knives. They have become better at repairing vehicles and letting friends into a repaired car before they take off, as well as getting back onto the road in case they wreck. Counselors will react more realistically to sounds – broken windows, doors, walls – and depending on difficulty and the counselor you snatch up, they may have an easier time of breaking free of Jason’s grasp. We believe that these changes will allow our Jason players to face a greater challenge against the Offline Bot AI.
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    I was thinking it would be cool to be able to read threads without listening to beggars asking for Savini Jason.
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    trōl gerund or present participle: trolling - inflammatory or inappropriate (actions) ...for the purpose of upsetting other users and provoking a response.
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    We all know how excruciating it is to play a match, snatch up a counselor, and – BAM! – “the host has left” pops up on the screen. It’s annoying. It’s INFURIATING. It’s an issue that players have been experiencing, and telling us about, for a while now. But what do we do about salty players who can’t take the fact that they are losing? We give them Salt, with a Capital S. “Huh?!” Salt is a currency, only instead of being able to buy something cool with it, you buy an express ticket to the Salt Mines. More on that in a minute. Earning Salt is EASY! Just do any of the following: Leave a match early, like a jerk Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk “WTF are the Salt Mines?!” Great question, it’s almost like you’re reading my mind and asking exactly what I need you to, so I can explain the system. The Salt Mines are where Salty players go to play with their equally Sodium-soaked peers. They are kept to their own matchmaking queue where Salty souls only play against other Salty game quitters, locked away from players who know that, sometimes, losing is a part of playing In Quick Play, Salty players will play together, but they can play with anyone in Private Matches. “How much Salt do you get for each of the things listed above? Does Salt go away? How fast?” We aren’t saying, that would be like a "how to" for trolls Yes See 1 “When does this happen?” We’ll be rolling out this change with the engine upgrade update. Happy Matchmaking.
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    How excited do you or did you get when finally finding a Pamela Tape? Well wouldn’t it be cool if every once in a while you open a draw and find a poster from one of the films? They might be rolled up in a draw so they fit and very hard to find! Every poster you find goes to your progression wall where you can zoom in on it! It would be cool and easy to add and give more anticipation to the game and the reason I say poster is that it isn’t changing the gameplay it’s just a fun collectible!
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    eddie was the name and its one of my favorites
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    @Barbara Ann We going camping?
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    We need roap map with name of the dlc and maybe release date but before creating roadmap they should allowed themselves to announce it if paranoia mode is coming or get cancelled because if you the paranoia said game mode and we are really hyped and excited cause we saw paranoia in game mode but the owner gonna said the paranoia will not coming or cancelled a lot people will get mad or pissed and sad because we are waiting so long and they will cancelled it that is mess up!!
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    These reactions are to be expected, as the memory of the pre-February patch is still all too fresh in our minds. Of course, it wasn't just a surplus of pocket knives then, but I guess people don't want to go back to a time when you would slash a counselor to death and they would spray pocket knives all over the floor. Don't take it personally.
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    No, we know becuse having 7 pocket knives per match in last game ruined it. Now having 7 counselors start we ith one, add 3 in drawers, add 1 for tommy and no Jason will grab anyone, ever. I would quit playing the game on the spot if they ever did something that dumb. You and @DorianRo should play together. Also, starting with a weapon that takes skill to defend himself vs an inventory item that is basically a "get out of jail free" card are very different. Especially since weapon count had been decreased. People shouldnt depend on pocket knives.
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    Every 4 or 5 matches, restart your game. There is still a memory leak which has been around since launch. It's much better than it used to be, but it's still there. I know it's a hassle to quit and restart but I've been doing that since July and it's the only way I've found to not have the game crash on a nightly basis. Good luck.
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    Nice! This really is turning into a game that you don't have to play online anymore. I like that! Thanks.
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    How about adding boats to offline bots?
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    Yeah, I stopped playing the game altogether around the time of the Jason X leak...Especially when the hotfix didn't stop them. I knew the game was gonna be the Wild West on PC at that point. There just wasn't (isn't) any reason to play until the new engine releases. Now it seems like things have gotten progressively more and more out of hand over the last few weeks. So I guess it's good to see I'm not missing anything good. This game has probably had one of the weirdest life spans I've seen in 25+ years as a gamer. Can't remember any games ever doing a full engine update mid-cycle (in Alpha/Beta, sure). I think that's a first in my experience. This whole thing has been a huge experiment since Day 1. Comes with the territory of being such a high profile kickstarter project, I'm sure. But I just feel like the devs have always been a little too far behind - to the point that they eventually had to say "Ok...We've hit a wall with what we're capable of doing with this engine. We need to upgrade. In the meantime, please try to tolerate the still-lingering game breaking bugs." I guess they didn't realize the cheaters would see this as open season. They know the devs aren't watching, since all attention is on the new update. They've been really lucky that people have stuck around through these lulls between updates. But this one is just too long, and too many other (good) games are coming out. Even Wes seems to be stoked about just about everything that isn't F13 lately...I'm sure people will pop their heads back in to check out the new update. But if it doesn't solve just about every current issue, the game has run its course and won't recover. I'm just waiting for people's reaction to the news that the update won't come in April...
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    @BrokenFattHardy go back and read the forum rules, and pay particular attention to this one: "Attempts to Circumvent Rules: Simply put, this forum is run by the administrative team with moderators placed to help as well. This team is trusted to perform their job, and will do so at their discretion, with administrative oversight. While we can give you a general idea of following the rules, every now and then something happens that simply is not accounted for. This team will follow guidelines to ensure as fair a user experience as possible is offered." If you want to post, then post. If your thread got locked then you should simply realize that it was closed for a reason, and these reasons are not disclosed if we don't want them to be, but no thread is closed without a valid reason. If you have a problem with the forum rules then take some time away and return later, but don't post in a huff because your thread got locked. It's disrespectful to us.
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    The focus give us the ability to see through The_Minotaurs BS
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    I hope your grammar doesn't make it into the game. I wouldn't be able to read ANYTHING in-game properly.
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    Enjoy the mines. Based on your posting, you are EXACTLY the type of player they were created for.
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    I'm fine with it. The desperation of not finding items leads to a dread this game needs. It's bad news when you're in your second cabin, you've found nothing of use and Jason music pipes up. Sometimes you just win the shit lottery, and need to rely on your wits to survive.
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    Loomis: "Michael was something disturbing. Cold lifeless eyes behind which something evil lurked. There was no reaching him or the hope of eliciting compassion...or remorse. Jason was something altogether different. A child-like brute with the demeanor of a caged predator. Savage, unrelenting, and calculating. There may have been a time when Jason could have been treated and guided, but he is quite beyond that now. He is beyond my help. The contempt for all but his mother, even with her death, has left him reliving a cycle of death and waiting. Like a spider waits for something to be trapped in it's web; Jason waits for intruders consume...figuratively of course...to satiate his bloodlust. After which, he patiently waits until more prey venture into his reach. Honestly, Michael terrifies me for what he represents. Jason scares the hell out of me because of what he is."
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    Wouldn't it be cool if they held a contest where people could submit their own custom Jason designs, and the winner actually made it into the game?
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    He doesn't understand why they would add a purple Jason to the game and expect it to be fearsome. He is obviously too young to have played F13 in the late '80s and early '90s. Edit: I was playing the old game around my 18 year old niece, and she was clowning it. She wondered why I thought it was an awesome game, until Jason appeared and she legit jumped out of her seat. lmao!
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