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    Hello Camp Slashers, We’ve talked about grab animations, Single Player Challenges, Weapon Switching, Changes to Part 7 Jason, Grab Animation reworking, Roy’s Coveralls, the Salt Mines, and Key-binding, and today we’re going to talk about some of the improvements coming to the counselor AI in Friday the 13th: The Game’s Offline Bots game mode. AI will now be equipped with Perks that better match the selected difficulty level. Playing on Hard? The counselors might be packing a Perk that starts them out with a defensive item, just like their human counterparts. AI will be better at choosing a hiding spot, and what cabins they should enter based on the number of other counselors in the cabin. At higher difficulties, counselors will more carefully select and use weapons, especially weighing their chance to stun. They’ll probably ditch that stick for something that packs a bit more punch. AI might not be able to appreciate music, but higher difficulty AI will use the radios located in the cabins as a means of distraction. Higher difficulty AI can shoot more accurately, place traps, and will attempt to open Jason’s traps with pocket knives. They have become better at repairing vehicles and letting friends into a repaired car before they take off, as well as getting back onto the road in case they wreck. Counselors will react more realistically to sounds – broken windows, doors, walls – and depending on difficulty and the counselor you snatch up, they may have an easier time of breaking free of Jason’s grasp. We believe that these changes will allow our Jason players to face a greater challenge against the Offline Bot AI.
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    I can already see the countless complaints from the bots about the salty Jasons that quit during the kill animation.
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    Call me a unicorn then because I am pretty much what you described. I am a daily smoker. I do not smoke and go to work but I do smoke everyday fairly soon after returning home. I have been with my significant other for 8 years this spring. I have 2 kids , a 6 year old and a 15 month old. The 6 year old is very well adjusted and is doing well in school. She is thoughtful and caring and rats out anyone that uses foul language around her. She covers her eyes when she sees people kissing on tv because she feels it is inappropriate. She doenst mind the violence though, and we talk about the differences in fantasy and reality. I have 2 jobs, one is an assistant manager position that Ive had for almost 6 years and my part time job I've had for 3 1/2 years. At one point about 3 years ago I worked 3 jobs steadily. I am always the last one to go to bed and the first one out of it. I have never been late on a house payment, never had any utilities turned off for nonpayment. I don't like depending on anyone for anything other than myself and have been that way for 20 years. I am 38 btw. I have smoked daily for about 22 years. The longest Ive been without was when I went to Vegas in 2003 , that was Monday through Friday that I went without. I stopped drinking about 10 years ago. I dont like taking pills even for headaches. Toot , Toot !! ( That's me tooting my own horn btw )
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    I don't play high. I have played drunk, but not in a long while. I played terribly while drunk. Since there are so many angry people out there playing this game who say some really nasty shit, I don't mind playing with high people. At least they're mellow & tend not to fly off the handle.
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    Totally understandable for you to form that opinion based off of what you've experienced. I'm not trying to change your opinion, but I'd like to share this. I was totally against pot back in high school. My brother started being a piece of shit when he started, and I assumed pot was the cause. I never wanted to end up being like him, so I refused to do it. Then I met a few people that smoked fairly regularly, and they seemed totally normal other than them obviously having more fun in school than I was. After a couple years of hanging out with them (sometimes WHILE they smoked) I decided I should form an opinion on it based off my own experience instead of my brother's. That was the day I realized how wrong I really was. It wasn't the pot that made him a shithead, he was just a shithead. Since then I've smoked fairly regularly. I've really only stopped because I had to fly somewhere and couldn't bring it, or because I had a drug test to take. I've met some amazing people who smoke constantly, and I've met some shitty people that do too. It truly does effect everyone differently, but a shitty person will always be a shitty person, regardless of what they're doing. I've held a steady position at my job for almost 7 years now, and was just trained last week to repair a line of industrial robots that we sell. I've never had it effect my job, and I don't let anyone know that I smoke. I look the part, but I don't act it. If you get anything out of this and what @Sweenmasheen shared, I want you to understand that not EVERYONE who does it fits the negative stereotype. Some of the smartest people I've met are regular smokers.
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    Great news. Will they still jump in and out of the same window even with Jason standing by that window?
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    Why should college kids get special consideration? Entitlement?
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    @Liquid_Aluminum What do you call these? I play with 2 of the best kiters in the game. I don't catch them that often, but I don't call for a cool down for climbing through the window as a result. I view it as good practice for stopping kiters. I want to get better at it.
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    I don't drink or smoke and if I come across someone that I can tell is drunk or high, I leave that lobby.
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    *Big Bang occurs* @Redrum138: "Keep it down out there!"
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    Now we're voting ON THE WEATHER??!!! Gahh! Cloudy with a chance of INSANITY!!!
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    On some random date, but not soon enough... Hopefully before May!
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    Invisible Shotgun!
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    I just didn't agree with his assumption that college "kids" (we're not all fresh out of high school...) are/feel entitled to anything extra. @TADAARAIS's suggestion had nothing to do with entitlement, it was about a potential opportunity to generate more players due to a planned (large-scale) break. Of course, this is just in the US as far as I know. It wouldn't do much anywhere else. I'll still be at work, and I'm sure many others will be too. I do feel that (for the Friday the 13th) they should have some sort of event, but that's because of the game and not any external reason. Sorry to hear about your potatoes. Are you a farmer, or is it a home garden?
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    As someone who's played since the day one release I can attest to this. Other than a few people who are using macros to break grabs or get Jason out stun, each match tends to be normal. Other than the fact that you have the "do nothing" team mates, or the occasional maniac driver killers the Devs have put in measures to counteract trolls. 1. Took out team killing for QP 2. Blocked or removed the glitches that allow you to get into an unlikeable spot. 3. Revealed the objective items once they are picked up. 4. They've blocked/banned players caught using the JasonX hack and even rolled out a patch to block people from using it. 5. They are implementing the salt mines to punish the hosts who leave. Not to mention the 5 maps and new counselors and Jason's that were given to everyone for Free You can't force people to stay in the game, and leaving shouldn't be considered a broken or missing feature. It's crazy that so people in here feel they are entitled to so much. As a gamer for the last 30 plus years I can easily rank this is one of one favorite games and I never seen a movie franchise get such love on in its translation into a video gsme.
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    You know, @Truth, my friend -- I have learned there are people in this world to whom you could hand a million dollars in cash . . . . . . and the first thing they would do is complain about the denomination in which you presented it to them.
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    Sweet, so play your game in the salt mines away from me...
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    Actually, your analogy works a lot better if you look at it this way: Say there's an incredible car from your favorite TV show. An amazing, awesome car. And one day, a company announces it has the license to make and sell that car to the public. You, along with many others, get really jazzed and communicate often with the company about how excited you are. You beg daily for updates and then start to get a bit grumpy when things don't go as quickly as you'd hoped. Then, they release it -- it's very good, but not perfect. However, the company states that they will continually upgrade the car for you at no cost so that it can become as perfect as the on-screen car, but you can still enjoy driving it now. Then, they ask their customers, "What updates would you like to see for your new car? What problems have you found? How is this car different from the one from the show? Please help us learn what we can do to improve your product." Would your response then be, "You charged $20,000 for an unfinished piece of crap and now we should do your work? No. As much as i want this car to be good, there is a line that i am not going to cross." If that logic is correct, and everyone else responded similarly -- then the car would likely not improve to your standards. You would be stuck with a purchase you'll never be happy with because you refused to help when you easily could have. Your response to my last comment was so quick, I doubt you read the whole thing. I doubt even more that you'll read all of this. But hey, I needed to have my say.
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    Can solve suicide trolling by just giving xp kill points to Jason, the way it should have been from beginning. He is the one that forced you to climb 4 times through a broken window or take a leap of faith out 2nd floor window. Give the man his kill...
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    https://media.giphy.com/media/67qZ16LwpBAv5JidER/giphy.gif <---Original, much darker
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    This is for The Development Team to see Illfonic and Gunmedia guys. Can you guys get togeather and make a New Road map Plans For The Summer and fall. With specific Details of Maps and Counselors,Clothing Packs etc. Can you add The Names and Details on the next map On The New Road Map Maps that are in the Movies that havent Been put into The Game yet are. Grendel,Manhattan, Camp Forest Green,Shepherds House Map
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    It would add an element to the hunt if Jason could burn down a cabin. Like he can find a pack of matches, or a blow torch, or something. Then councilors could use the fire extinguishers inside some of the cabins to put it out. I played for the first time today. After several hours of play, I found that players sometimes will hide together, killing time inside cabins. It would be just crazy if 3 or 4 players were trapped inside a burning cabin and were forced to escape or die. Then Jason could wait outside and go after them as they scatter.
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    They could also include the space station that was blown up midway through the film. Since the developers are going to create soooo many new assets for the Jason X map, they might as well recycle them in multiple maps and get more bang for their buck.
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    I wouldn't go that far, I just think now (almost a year on from release) would be the perfect time to start shaking things up a little. Would really give the game a freshen up.
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    But they might... they just might.
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    Eh, you're just jealous because when you were a kid, they hadn't invented stone yet.
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    It’s always funny when they do. The other night I trapped Shelly in a house and he shot me in the face with a flare gun and he took off running. When I went caught up to him a few minutes later inside another house he shot me in the face again! I remember saying out loud “oh you mother .....!”
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    New playable maps from the films would fun also.
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    This next update is gonna be awesome!! I'm sooo excited!
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    This could get interesting if you could also choose which bots you're playing against. 7 Chads equipped with epic sucker punch, man at arms and slugger might be something to try.
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    Sweet. Keep up the good work.
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    Well of course im going to lunge forward/step into a grab ., Thats you how grab things you want to grab. Im not going to stand there and GRAB something while trying to maintain perfect posture. (Thats not how you grab people trying to run away from you) Therefore, your math is wrong.. bud. 2.5 feet.. lol? Hell, i would bet you thousands of dollars i can grab 5 feet away from me. Any day, anytime anyplace
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    I think the circle icon in jason selection with weapon i think you gonna select the weapon over there and they will change all kill but i will try all jason with machete on
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    Luke Skywalker for being the quintessential hero and an absolute sweetheart full of love and hope. Finn for the same reasons, and pretty much the reason I got into Star Wars.
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    Yeah, ‘cause so many people use boat perks...
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    Players will suicide in windows and quit after they die. No salt for leaving after you have been killed or commit suicide. RIP salt mines. Need dedicated servers. Players quitting will never stop.
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    Salt should be received for suicides. From what I've seen, suicide by accident is rare, so give low amounts of salt for suicide and it won't hurt those that suicide by accident on the odd occasion, while building up for those that do it regularly.
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    Well, here's how I go about it. I just try to complete objectives to escape by going cabin to cabin, locking the doors, setting the bear traps if there are any. I try to avoid Jason at all costs. If he does find me, and chases me, I try hopping cabin to cabin to hold him off a bit. The one and ONLY time I ever fight back at Jason is if I have absolutely no other option to get away, such as when I'm out of stamina, or I'm on a portion of the map that has maybe 3 cabins close together, and there's no more for a pretty good distance, and he's already busted down their doors and windows. Honestly, fighting Jason should always be a last resort.
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    Considering they stated that occasional disconnects and things of that nature would not be enough to be sent to the mines, I think a salt penalty for suicides would be just fine. I do like your idea of suicides/idle players getting salt in the first half of the match though. That would probably work pretty well. Again though, I think this will be more of a steam issue. We all know you guys have the smallest player base and also the most trolls. That makes for a horrible combination...
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    Well Tiffany used to die in the beta intro. I suggest making it any counselor that wasn't selected from the lobby to be killed by Jason.
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    One kid on his own usually isn't too bad. It's when you get stuck in a lobby with several of them that sucks. They just build off each other and the squeaks get exponentially worse... One kid in a lobby will generally just be quiet from what I've seen.
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    OP, I love the sound of this! Fingers crossed they eventually add a part 6 map.
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    Telling kids to get off my lawn is literally the only reason I would buy a house.
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    Its more of an ethical thing for me as this is an adult game(and prob cuz I'm a parent). Kinda like how I like to throw back some beers on the front porch. If a young kid came over and tried popping one open with me id prob tell him to get off my lawn. Just my opinion...
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    Private matches - You win, play with the people you want. Public is for anyone. I am always amazed when some 40ish person gets such attitude when someone young person shows up. I'm also an old man, I find so many adults to be so worse then a kid. Maybe the kids chat more, but way more adults are rude to others in game then kids, and at least the kids has an excuse of being a kid while saying something dumb, and all the adults are just sad and pathetic for it.
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    My biggest complaint was Rennie's backstory with Jason and the ending. It wasn't until much later that I realized kid Jason was us seeing Jason through her eyes. It's pretty obvious she is a psychic, though an empath in this case. It's the only logical reason why Jason would be afraid of the toxic waste/water at the end, and the only way she could have seen Jason in the lake as a kid. He was a grown man by that point in time. Movies shouldn't make you do backflips to understand just what is going on. @bewareofbears Anything you want to say about Manhattan?
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    Slumber Party Massacre (1982). Think there were a few sequels also..
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    Eh, you know what, I was going to post something long here but screw it. I said my idea was a theory, not fact, so I was doing my best to say an idea that minimized personal bias. But who cares, we both don't like bias; we don't like toxicity; and whatever, we'll do our best to fight it, so all's good in the world.
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