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    This thread is getting locked due to J.J. derailing it with insults and hostility towards pretty much everyone in here.
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    This is by far the dumbest statement i`ve ever seen on this forum. Claims to be beating up Jasons 1 vs 1 and doing objectives...(lies) While crying about grabs and insulting players who play as intended. And acts like the game needs to be changed to how he wants, while claiming others are entitled. lol..
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    Let me get started with saying grab should be for one counselor only and not for groups. Jason's weapon is meant to take out groups, not grabs. These are the reasons his grabs need a nerf. 1.) Can take out groups of 3+ -Meant for only 1 counselor, not entire groups 2.) The range and cone area Ridiculously high, even allows grabbing through some walls(with cone) if you position Jason correctly. 3.) No skill Because headpunch spamming is so "skillful" 4.) Almost No counters You may be like: "There's plenty of counters jackass" but, the hit detection prevents you from hitting people free, and pocket knives are too rare, hoarded by useless Tiffany and Vanessa characters. 5.) Would encourage teamwork Enough said, let's get people willing to use a knife on a trap. Did I miss any reasons? I know I made a thread about "How it would benefit the game" but these are the reasons they should be nerfed. Edit: 4/28/18 Grab is fine now and this shit is old
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    Well, here's how I go about it. I just try to complete objectives to escape by going cabin to cabin, locking the doors, setting the bear traps if there are any. I try to avoid Jason at all costs. If he does find me, and chases me, I try hopping cabin to cabin to hold him off a bit. The one and ONLY time I ever fight back at Jason is if I have absolutely no other option to get away, such as when I'm out of stamina, or I'm on a portion of the map that has maybe 3 cabins close together, and there's no more for a pretty good distance, and he's already busted down their doors and windows. Honestly, fighting Jason should always be a last resort.
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    Last night i watched a newbie Jason get t bagged, danced on for 10 mins. Man i felt bad for Jason. All the objectives where done yet no one was trying to escape. Just to busy trolling the newbie Jason. I sat and watched from a Cabin. Next thing i know.. Someone starts the car and proceeds to run over all the Counselors trolling Jason. He then pulls up to the cabin im in an honks for me to get in. Decided to try my luck and jump in, see if he was going to deliver me to Jason. But he went for the escape instead. Clearly, he wasn't a Jason helper, just didn't enjoy seeing Jason getting trolled..lol
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    I think Tommy is broken in the head.
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    Killed a Tiffany with a screwdriver, her body launched into the air, and then she was positioned like this.
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    Does anybody have any funny/brutal/weird screenshots from the game? This one always cracked me up for some reason:
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    Look at the video of this youtuber at the minute 14:27 and no, it is not the lag
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    Everyone is so uptight and rude. Just have fun. Instead of trolling others and ruining others experiences, invite others and make friends with people you meet. No need to make others hate the game for your satisfaction. If you do over time more and more will quit playing and servers will be dead. Also everyone I see hates the counselors' silly outfits. WHYYYYYY? Not everything has to be serious. Loosen up and take that stick and pull it from out your ass. If they want to make Eric a Santa skin, then laugh and have fun with it; don't go "ughhh why couldn't they just be serious BLAH BLAH BLAH". If you don't enjoy it, don't buy it simple
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    Oh right ... another "godly" player who is doing all objectives and "beating up Jason" 1v1 but yet somehow is still here, bitching about grab. Funny how all these "pros" love to talk about how great they are while bitching that Jason is too OP in the same breath. Protip: Nobody believes you. Also, I don't give a shit about your youtube channel and the games you selected to attempt to look like a badass. Protip #2: If you're going to pretend to be a gamer god, it helps if you aren't complaining that something is too OP ... ya know, like what people who AREN'T good at a game do. You want to go back to December so that you CAN 1 v 1 Jason without any fear. Not happening, ya bum. Quit bitching and learn how to play and stop asking for nerfs just because you suck. Nobody is buying your BS about being a 1 man army so yeah you can just stop embarrassing yourself.
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    Bad At Losing And Need Counselor Entitlement If you're the kind of player we lose, the game will be better off.
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    There's a ton of ways to define it, but I think a key common element is if you're doing something just to antagonize another player, that is NOT in the context of trying to win the game. Common examples (usually with inexprienced Jasons): -The cops have been called, you're at the exit, you've stunned Jason, and can easily escape. Instead, you just dance/teabag until he gets up, stun him again, dance/teabag, etc. -You start the car, but instead of escaping, you drive around the camp honking the horn, you let Jason try to approach the car, but you just keep driving off just far enough ahead of him, since the guy obviously hasn't mastered Shift yet. So instead of escaping, you just basically make fun of the guy playing Jason until he either quits or time runs out. There's a million other examples, but whenever a player could easily win, and they're sticking around and avoiding escaping...they're very likely there to troll others.
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    This topic has been done to death and will not change the approach that the moderation team takes towards naming and shaming. This is not about protecting trolls and teamers. It is about not providing a platform for internet mob justice. If even one innocent person gets swept up in someone's 'righteous retribution' it is one too many, and these forums will not be a party to it.
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    If leaving because of Jason teamers puts me in the mines, then ill just become king of the salt people
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    Thanks @pioneer67fkd! You could take really good selfies of a counselor or Jason by facing them super close toward a wall or a tree and rotating the camera in front of them (this causes the camera to zoom in on your character since the camera can't really pass those boundaries). With some good positioning and lighting you could make all sorts of cool screenshots.. Some of the other screenshots were taken while viewing players through spectator mode (spectator mode works very well in private matches since you're able to view Jason).
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    Would y’all like to see the banana girl added to the game
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    @Thatguyinktown SHOTS! http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17626-forum-drinking-game-satireparody/
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    Salt should be received for suicides. From what I've seen, suicide by accident is rare, so give low amounts of salt for suicide and it won't hurt those that suicide by accident on the odd occasion, while building up for those that do it regularly.
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    We need this emote in the game!!! With the sign!!!! For everyone!!!! Including Jason!!!... but maybe for Jason we can forego the sign.
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    Can solve suicide trolling by just giving xp kill points to Jason, the way it should have been from beginning. He is the one that forced you to climb 4 times through a broken window or take a leap of faith out 2nd floor window. Give the man his kill...
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    "Hey honey, you got a sister? Ruff ruff!" - Teddy
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    This doesn't surprise me. Hindsight's 20/20 but it's probably an announcement they should have made closer to the update. In a lot of ways, this game feels abandoned by Gun/Illphonic. It's been hijacked by trolls and griefers for 10 months. That's far too long. :/
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    Look, I don't need any kind of apology, I just don't want my friends or myself being accused of cheating when we've done nothing wrong. We all enjoy getting on and having a good time. Sometimes we get our asses kicked and sometimes we kick ass. It's just the way the game goes. Seems like you're on a quick path to the Salt mines my friend
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    @Caulus Please look at this quote from someone that was in the video you claimed as "a cheater." They were not actually exploiting in that game. I suggest you apologize to both @SeminoleSC1979 and @Pinheadlarry_13.
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    https://media.giphy.com/media/67qZ16LwpBAv5JidER/giphy.gif <---Original, much darker
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    Grab logically would be more like an inverted cone where it's easier to grab people close to you than further away. Right now counselors can dodge the grab at close range but not further away, and that's just wack!
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    Currently, this game has only one known upcoming counselor clothing pack DLC releasing with the new engine update, and that is the Pajama & Lingerie Clothing Pack (based on the leaks). But I want to propose a new idea the dev's could consider related to clothing DLC. As we all know, the Friday The 13th series features A LOT of characters, a small group of them are considered to be iconic such as Melissa (an upcoming counselor-- Presumably edit: NOW CONFIRMED), Trish Jarvis, Jimmy, Crazy Ralph (who unfortunately will not be making it in the game as a playable character--which was confirmed by Gun Media), and more. Then there's the slightly less iconic characters that ARE known, but aren't exactly popular. We all know for a fact that Gun Media cannot add every single character from the movies into the game, that's why I'm proposing an idea to allow characters to wear outfits of either the popular or "known" characters from the movies. NEW COUNSELOR OUTFITS/MODELS: Deborah Kim [The Bookish Girl] as Eva Watanabe (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Vanessa Jones [The Athletic Girl] as Julius Gaw (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Mitch Floyd [The Stoner] as Wayne Webber (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Chad Kensington [The Preppy Guy] as Robert Campbell (Part IX - Jason Goes To Hell) Jenny Myers [The Girl Next Door] as Alice Hardy (Part I) Note: Alice Hardy most likely won't be making it into the game as an individual counselor because Jenny Myers has the Final Girl Trope. *Could make use of the colors to make a reference to Laurie Strode from Halloween as a little easter egg. Tiffany Cox [The Flirty Girl] as The Moore Twins (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Note: Originally I was going to give Tiffany Terry's outfit from Part II, but we have too many carnal outfits for Tiffany, we need to change things up. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson [The Jock] as Ben MacNeal (Part VII - The New Blood) Adam Palomino [The Edgy Guy] as Eddie McCarlo (Part VII - The New Blood) Kenny Reidell [The Head Counselor] as Barry Jackson (Part I) Melissa Paur [The Mean Girl/The Catty Girl] as Robin Brown (Part V - A New Beginning) Note: Melissa is presumably coming to the game based on the leaks provided by the community, we also don't know her official trope yet because she hasn't been officially announced by the devs. I based her outfit on Robin Brown because during this scene, Robin had that preppy look almost similar to Chad. So I had to give Melissa this look. Edit: NOW CONFIRMED A.J. Mason [The Rocker Chick] as J.J. (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) -I would like to request that you guys could help give me outfit ideas for: Eric J.R. Lachappa [The Nerd] Shelly [The Prankster] And Fox [The Biker] Also, after further reviewing, I've noticed that a lot of these outfits favor Jason Takes Manhattan for the outfits. I apologize but, JTM is a pretty good movie regarding the clothing. Part 6 is the worst w/ iconic character outfits, which is the only movie I haven't touched (other than Jason X and the remake.) Tell me what you guys think about this DLC below! Would you like this to be implemented into the game? -Update 3/25/18- @bewareofbears gave me an interesting idea, which is to NOT give the counselors the clothing these characters wear, but rather give them models that look EXACTLY like these characters, which will: 1) Please the fans EVEN MORE 2) And solve problems with Counselor Clones I like this idea a lot better than my idea with just giving the counselors the outfits of these characters. Some of these models would then need new Voice Actors, because seeing a Julius running around near Jason and screaming "Help! Oh God!" in Vanessa's voice would be pretty awkward. Fox [The Biker] as Ali (Part III) Shelly [The Prankster] as Shelly (Wet Suit Attire - Part III) Note: We couldn't find anything great for Shelly, so we decided to give him his Wet Suit from Part III (the outfit he died in.) Unfortunately, this outfit will not give Shelly a model change, unless you guys can come up with something that will change that. @JasonLives86 is credited for suggesting this. -Update 3/28/18- I was trying to find a way to revive this thread somehow, because it actually took a while for me to come up with these ideas and I don't want these ideas to end up halfway lodged into the void of other threads, Until now. I came up with a few new ideas: NEW COUNSELOR WEAPONS: Large Kitchen Knife/Hunter Knife Variant (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Stats: STN - [1/4 - 2/4] (Special) DMG - 2/4 DUR - 3/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): Regular swing of knife; short lunge range. Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Counselor sprints at Jason with knife in stabbing motion at Jason's forehead; Infinite lunge range (Consumes stamina) Stun chance increases by one. Successful stun has a 1/8 chance of causing Jason to fall to the ground while stunned. -Lunge is similar to how Pamela Voorhees does it in the gif above (Of course without the murderous intent.) Spawn Location(s): - Kitchen Areas - Tents Note: Large Kitchen Knife or a Hunter Knife model can be used for this weapon. Broken Boat Oar (Part I) Stats: STN - 3/4 DMG - 1/4 DUR - 1/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): Regular swing of paddle; bat lunge range. Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Regular combat stance bat animation attack. Spawn Location(s): -Docks/Areas near water Laser-Sight Pistol (Part VI - Jason Lives) Stats: STN - INFINITE DMG - [0/4 - 1/4] (Depends if it's a head shot) DUR - One Time Use - Flare Gun and Shotgun Hybrid weapon. Laser appears on target when aimed. Hybrid Hitscan and Projectile weapon (Shot will be a REALLY fast projectile, almost acting like a Hitscan weapon.) Note: Players who get head shotted in Private Lobbies by the pistol will instantly die. Body shots will damage them to halfway of limping. (a hit from Jason would limp them) Spawn Locations(s): - Archery Range (Crystal Lake) - Main House(s) Giant Shovel (Part III & Part VI: Jason Lives) STN - 3/4 DMG - 1/4 DUR - 3/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): Side swing animation Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Overhead strike (bat combat stance animation) - Holding Animation: Counselor will wield shovel with both hands (Similar to how Part VI Jason does with his spear.) Spawn Location(s): - Barns (Higgins Haven and Pinehurst) - Outdoor Table areas - Graveyards Pitchfork (Part II) STN - 1/4 DMG - 2/4 DUR - 3/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): NEW unique Pitch Fork swinging animation; recovery after missed swing is .5 seconds slower. Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Frontal thrust of Pitch Fork (like how Part 6 and Savini Jason does in Combat Stance) @SmugDoka is credited. NEW VEHICLES: Mrs. Voorhees' Jeep (Part I) Seats Available: 2 Ginny's Car (Part II) Seats Available: 2 Note: There's a model of a car in the files very similar to Ginny's car (most likely for single player.) I pray to god this is not the final product. Higgens Haven Van (Part III) Seats Available: 6 Note: Because this is a 6 seater, there would obviously have to be nerfs to this bad boy. Nerfs/Cons: -Car starts off with two missing tires, must find two tires and install them on the van using QTE. -Car is slightly slower than a regular car. -Huge size makes it easier for Jason to stop the car. -Starting up the car will take 3 seconds longer. Overall, this would make counselors have to make a big team effort to escape using this method. NEW JASON WEAPONS: Surgical Saw (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Pole Arm-Spear/Nagatana (Part VII - A New Blood) NEW COUNSELOR ITEMS: New Hybrid Item - Hatchet [smaller version of the axe] (Part III) Description: The Hatchet is a hybrid object that has a multi-purpose use, including: - Damaging Jason - Killing Jason (Must be Tommy Jarvis and press the prompted button upon knocking him to his knees) - Destroying barricaded windows NEW - Destroying Locked Doors NEW Stats: STN - No Stun DMG - 3/4 DUR - 3/4 [Special] Spawn Location(s): - Jason's Shack (Will replace the Axe in the Shack.) - Tree Stumps Note: Only two hatchets per map. NEW FEATURE - Destroying Barricaded Windows: The hatchet will come with the ability to destroy barricaded windows. This feature is for players who unfortunately need an emergency escape for dire situations such as Jason placing a trap on all the windows and even the entrance. There are two ways to break down barricaded windows, and they both have different effects: Method 1) Skill Checks: The player can choose to break down a window by using skill checks. The skill checks are based off the score of your character's strength (Strength Skill Checks.) Using this method will generate small sound pings while your character is swinging, your character will swing for every time you successfully trigger a skill check, failing a skill check will cause a moderate sound ping to occur. Method 2) Swinging: The player can choose to break down a window by regularly swinging at the window. Swinging will cause loud pings to occur (like the pings from a radio.) Damage caused to the barricaded window is based off the character's strength. Note: Both Methods will actually drain the durability of your weapon, but will not break it. NEW FEATURE - Destroying Locked Doors: We all have those crappy moments when someone decides to lock the door and leave the room when there's a gas can or a battery (or a fuse at the worst.) SO! The hatchet will actually break down locked doors! With some catches though... 1) Breaking down a door will cause the hatchet to deplete to the lowest durability possible 2) You can ONLY break it down with Strength Skill Checks 3) Breaking down doors takes a lot more effort than Jason can (Ex: Buggzy has a 10 in strength, so he has to do 10 skill checks; Deborah has a 1 in strength, so she has to do 25 skill checks.) 4) Breaking down doors will cause moderate sound pings, finally breaking it will cause a Loud sound ping. @Cokeyskunk is credited for enlightening some ideas into my head about the hatchet without even stating them. I might actually consider giving these features to the regular axe as well... Hammer And Nails (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Description: The Hammer And Nails will provide additional defense against Jason breaking down doors. -Grants 2 additional hit points to doors, Rage mode negates the effects of the defenses. Use: Utilizes a QTE to place nails on door. Size and Speed of skill checks are based off of Composure. Jason will not be alerted if the counselor misses a skill check. A mistake will cause the skill check to go reverse by one. Spawn Location(s): - Workshop (Crystal Lake) - Tables in Cabins Misc. Jason: New Ability - "Nimrod's Hurl" (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Description: Jason has the ability to grab a counselors weapon and throw it at great force to damage a counselor. Depending on the Damage stat of the weapon, this could cause counselors to become badly wounded from the weapon throw. This could be used as an alternative to one of four of Jason's abilities that are unlocked as the match continues. The damage caused by the thrown weapons would be reduced by 40% for balancing purposes. In addition, if a counselor were to be hit in the head by a thrown High Stun weapon, they would then receive a Vertigo effect where their controls are inverted for a couple of seconds. There would also be a slight hint of aim assist when Jason throws the weapon. Cooldowns: Normal - 25 seconds Negative (-) - 40 seconds Positive (+) - 15 seconds New Ability - "Iron Cranium" (Part VI - Jason Lives) Description: Jason will have the ability to resist a lot of stun and minimum damage. This could be use as an alternative to one of the four of Jason's abilities that are unlocked as the match continues. When the ability is used, Jason will be 30% slower and receive 60% stun resistance while additionally receiving 20% damage resistance. This could be a great ability for players who struggle against medium-large groups of counselors, along with chain-stunning. Cooldowns: Normal - 30 seconds Negative (-) - 40 seconds Positive (+) - 20 seconds New Environmental Kill - Fire Poker Stab (Part III) Description: This kill is an alternative to the Fireplace (inside building) kill. In order to activate it, you must activate the prompted button and HOLD the button. New Environmental Kill - Ice Pick/Awl Stab (Part II) Description: The Ice Pick/Awl is an environmental item that can spawn like the Knife, Screwdriver, and Boombox. The item can spawn in cabins. @SmugDoka is credited. New Kill - Guillotine Filament (Part II) Description: Jason grabs a Garrote Wire and strangles a counselor. -Unlocks at Level 130- @SmugDoka is credited. New Environmental Kill - Shattered Glass Puncture (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Description: Jason breaks a glass surface and proceeds to stab the counselor with the shards. This environmental kill can be located on areas with mirrors (The bathrooms in Crystal Lake) or as an alternative with the window kill (hold the prompted button to activate the kill.) @SmugDoka is credited. New Environmental Kill - Jarvis House Window Toss (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Description: Jason tosses a counselor outside the hexagon window structure, killing them upon impacting the ground. Counselors can also use the window to jump out using their own will. Both window exits use the animation in the gif (The counselor will get up after they hit the ground if they jump out.) @SmugDoka is credit. Misc. Counselors: New Cassette Tapes - The Shepard Tapes (Part VII - The New Blood) Description: The Shepard Tapes is another collectible for counselors to explore the life of Tina during her early adolescent ages to her late teens. The tapes include commentary from Doctor Crews, along with tapes of dilemma such as the wreaking of havoc. These tapes can be found hanging on any trees during the matches (they don't spawn every match just like the other tapes.) There is a total of 15 tapes to be collected in the Shephards' Tapes. New Radio Song: Part III Opening Theme (Part III) Note: Would work well w/ Lazaurus Disco Room Model Update - Fox (A Skin Tone-Up) Comment: In the game, Fox's skin tone isn't accurate to how Gloria Charles' skin tone was in the movies. Fox and Shelly's in-game skin tones are very similar with the difference of Fox having a more tan hue to her skin. The only reason why I can understand that she's lighter in the game is because her face is the most lightest part in the films, however, looking at the skin apart from the face shows a difference in skin tone. Hopefully the devs consider slightly toning her skin to accurately represent Gloria Charles' in the movie. Some people may even find this disrespectful considering the fact that she recently died. The skin tone should be moderately lighter than the skin of Vanessa or Brandon/Buggzy. Edit: NOW I think I see why her skin tone is like that. I apologize though, but do you guys think I needs a slight tone-up? New Skill Check - Strength (Part V - A New Beginning) The Strength Skill Check is used for the current following: - Breaking down doors - Breaking down window barricades Additional Info: Strength Skill Checks will NOT take the form of the wheel-type prompts, but rather on-screen button quick time events like this: The prompts gradually get faster for each successful skill check triggered. New Combat Stance Ability - Duck! (Part I) The counselor can toggle combat stance and can press (O/B/Ctrl) to quickly dodge a horizontal slash from Jason by ducking at no stamina cost. Feel free to give suggestions and comments guys!
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    There's a lot of complaints about med sprays being too OP, ect. So I came up with a bit of ideas. When I used search I just found complaints. New Items: • Medkit -This item will heal all of your damage, at the cost of taking up 2 slots, and has a longer use time, also harder to find. (Can give 2 uses if necessary) • Painkillers -When limping allows you to run/jog. Also reduces damage taken by a small amount(No heal) for 30 seconds • Bandages Heals you for the same amount of 1 weapon strength slash. Has a medium use time. The Medspray Rework: Medsprays: - They now heal you for 1 non weapon strength slash, fastest use time of all the healing items and most common. -"Medic" and "Hypo" now affect healing in general. - Medic keeps 2 uses for med sprays and only medsprays New Perks: • Pill Pusher +Increases the duration of painkillers by (X)% -(X)% less sprint speed • Doctor +Start the game with Bandages +(X)% more healing -(X)% more damage taken • Surgeon +Allow Medkits to take up only 1 slot +(X)% Fear Resistance -(X)% more damage taken I'm curious what you all think. @Truth @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow @bewareofbears how's the idea?
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    That might be the best catch-all definition of trolling I've read yet.
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    Dude, is complaining all you ever do? I'll admit I've had my issues with this game in the past but literally every post I see from you is a negative feeling about the game. It's tiresome.
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    Sorry if this isn't where this goes, I tried looking and did not find a specific place for this. I'm just looking to meet some new people (adults like myself preferably) with mics who actually like to focus on playing the game well and completing objectives, not just trolling which has unfortunately been my experience with groups so far. If there's anyone out there like me then add me on ps4 Space_Pharaoh
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    Yeah, I'm not sure how that came up and I've never seen an issue with it. I agree, it is fair as it is.
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    I haven't seen things like this in the grab, but I would actually lean more towards this than towards the "pinata style" easy chain-stuns I've been seeing counselors getting on Jason lately. Jason needs to be strengthened, not weakened.
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    I believe Friday the 13th in April will occur in the second week of the 4th month of the year 2018 in the Gregorian calendar. The moon will be a waning crescent with 8 percent visible before the the new moon on the 15th. 103rd day of the year. There are then 262 days left in 2018. 15th Friday of 2018. on the 15th week of 2018 (using US standard week number calculation). 25th day of Spring. There are 69 days left till Summer. Birthstone for this day: Diamond and Crystal Hope this answers your question.
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    definitely grab needs a fix in the cone form, it is too OP
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    You just described what SHOULD be done instead of hiding in the water. Either way though, it's a game. It doesn't matter if you get killed as Jason. Either fight back or get it over with. You're holding up a lobby just to save your ego when you hide in the water... It's just a shitty way to play the game. Far worse than hiding in a tent the whole match.
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    It's all good as it goes by many names. I like to have fun with the wordplay. When I hit Jason with it I say things like, "you got sticked" or just plain "stick!" You are right about using the stick vs Jason. It's even better as The Chad. Also very good point about the forest and the lack of sticks lol. Yes. Make Jason fear it more! If only I could kill Jason with the Sacred Branch.
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    You play to win the game! Can we get @Bropollocreed79 in here to get some Herm Edwards going, please?
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    I don't think that Violet will be making it in the game, thanks to the trope that A.J. is positioned on. Violet and A.J. would be very similar to each other, and ultimately create Counselor Clones in the game. I actually have a BETTER idea to include violet, which is to give A.J. a skin that looks EXACTLY like Violet (Not just give her Violet's clothing, but give her the actual appearance of Violet.) This helps resolve issues with counselor clones (counselors that are essentially a waste of slots) and makes the community more happier that they get to see their favorite characters from the movies. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/18076-friday-the-13th-the-game-dlc-customization-idea-final-cut/ If you click here, you can see my idea on this. Also, be sure to post your introduction message in the forums.
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    I think players whose questions have already been answered in this thread but ask over and over because they refuse to read, should earn salt. A lot of salt.
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    Lol, getting mad because a child beat you is pretty ridiculous when you think about it for half a second. Congratulations to the seven year old, I mean killing you can't be that hard but he still deserves props.
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    ...beginning to see why you got the ban in the first place.
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    *Image deleted*
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    I think this alone would fix everyone's issues with the grab.
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    Oh yes, just like the good old days when the game first launched where it took 15 plus minutes to get into a lobby.
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