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    Quick Play is full of stupid. I have little time for Private Match. I got other stuff to play. Sick of the trolls and the Jason teamers. Tired of people hosting just to fuck everyone over when they die. I'm bored of it all. If this game dies it will because of it's player base. They slowly killed the game with bad behavior. This game has lost some features and had others added because of trolling and it's been slowly killing the game since launch. I'm not quitting the game. I do like it but it's just become a chore to play. We'll see if the new engine can fix some of this stuff but at this point if someone told me the game was going to be completely dead in a few months I would believe them.
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    TL;DR Exactly. In 4 months the demographic for the game completely changed and it has ruined the game. Finding adults to play with is rare now as lobbies are filled to the brim, brink, and beyond with children. Children, not teens. Elementary school kids. Don’t bother playing on your day off during the day smh or in the evening after work (after school) I guess either. Basically you have a window of 1am-4am to play. Furthermore, to your point, there has been no boot system, no report system that gives an update on the report, and trolls have been enabled to run free and hold the game hostage with no consequences. There may be no way to prevent children from playing, but there are plenty of ways to prevent toxic players from ruining matches. The argument has been “but, but people might take advantage of a boot system to boot trolls and that would be unfair sad face!1” Really? With that lapse in logic there would be no laws or regulations because somewhere something might be exploited by a fringe population. Trolls flock to this game thanks to streamers and semi-viral videos of glitches, hacks, and exploits that are geared toward kids to reproduce and try on their own. Let’s face it, when the game launched it was 30 and 40 something guys who loved the films and survival horror that were playing, now it’s elementary and middle school kids who love to juke jukeee I jukedddd himmm. I for one am tired of being run out of communities, channels, and games that get overrun by children and trolls. We were here first and invested in the game and it’s not been properly monitored. This is what happens when there’s no commitment to the players past beta and once you get their money. It’s been almost a year of lip service with no report button, no boot button, and no way for the players to know who is a POS. There should have been a hall of shame for players to post the name of hackers, exploiters, bigots, trolls, rage quitters, and lobby closers on THIS forum but no, that would be “shaming” people... who deserve to be shamed for their behaviour. We should be able to post a screen cap and a small description with a name, date, and a tag for that person: “GamerTroll666 - 02/16/2018 tagged for closing a lobby as host” oh look it’s GamerTroll666 on 02/28/2018 tagged again for closing a lobby as host. Oh look it’s GamerTroll666 on 03/10/2018 rage quitting as Jason. This person should receive a soft ban for 24 hours with a message saying why. Players deserve to know who they are playing with and people who are toxic should be quarantined from the game. Of course that would be asking too much and any irritation from players asking for action or accountability is labeled as “hostile or “aggressive” meanwhile we have bigoted players insulting and threatening people in lobbies ok. Having a boot or report button is apparently controversial on this forum as people run to defend toxic claiming report or boot options might be abused.... yet the game is already being abused. Because there’s been little to no effort in quarantining toxic players, the player base has gotten younger, more toxic, and overall more insufferable. Anyway, it sucks because the only thing that keeps many of us coming back is our love of the IP and the fact that the game is part of our routine for unwinding after work etc.
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    They will not give an exact date. If they do and miss it all hell will break loose. Could be April 1st, April 13th, may 26th, December 4th.... Who knows. The only thing I would probably count on for April 13th is double xp/CP.
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    I have been reading posts about this game "being on it's last legs" since July of last year. Amazingly, it's still around and people are still talking about it, so the Devs are obviously doing something right. Trust me, I know this game has problems...many problems. But, I have been having more fun playing this game in the last couple of months than I have in a very long time, and I have counselor picked as my preference. You obviously disagree, and that is fine. I'm not going to argue with you, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in on the subject.
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    Kick system is bad because groups of players will create rooms with rules like "no grab kills or "no slashing" and boot people for just playing the game, much like how you would see in COD games with servers that said "grenade launcher=kick!!!" Kick system is a good idea on paper, but a terrible idea in execution due to abuse by trolls who want to force others to play how they want to.
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    If you're getting bored looking for health spray, don't look for it. Problem solved. It'll also make the game more tense because you can't afford to get slashed or run your ass over every broken window you come across. Now you're even less bored.
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    Do you like this steady stream of fixes/content, constantly altering the game? Or would you rather have waited until everything is finished (SP challenges, dedicated servers, Grendel, Paranoia, etc) and get the complete package once it's perfected? I can see the points for both sides. To continue receiving updates keeps things exciting...at the same time, I can understand how some are frustrated over buying a flawed and unfinished project.
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    Lol haha, Zodiac. I can edit that to a K if you prefer. Yeah of course I have a sense of humor But I try to be fair and level when it comes to moderating.
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    Yes that was what I was thinking, I suppose a long slit might make it look convincing in Unreal 4. We also have the option submitted from @Culp which would turn the dress into a Jumpsuit to avoid clipping and stretch issues. If I may add a third suggestion, how about cutting the skirt into a pencil skirt above the knee to avoid 3d problems or simply copy the AJ's mini skirt that we know works. I know none of you want a big compromise but compromises might have to be made on long dresses in Unreal 4 (Who knows!). What is surprising, or should that be expected is another suggestion from @Barbara Ann is a unanimous hit! We seem to be doing a lot of creative development work for the devs at the minute - lets hope they look, listen and provide the results.
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    I'm expecting this: Shifty: We are terribly sorry, but the soonest date we can release the update is in summer of 2018! Don't get your hopes up, it might be released later! -sigh- ^to the person that laughed at my topic: ty, at least it wasn't a "confused" reaction
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    This was about the dumbest retort I've read on the forums so far. Just because someone doesn't own a game, but is able to play on a friend's account does NOT mean that they cannot see the issues this game has. Especially with hit detection. Players do not have to be backers or need to have played this game since launch like some of us to immediately see the numerous problems the game has. They may not have a full understanding of some of the mechanics and work arounds, but it doesn't mean they cannot have an opinion. To dismiss them as a casual is about as close minded and arrogant as it gets.
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    Personally I'd say no. One of the main strategies for Jason is to tunnel the sweater wearer and kill them before they can get Tommy to them, or get the mask off, etc. If we take away one of the strategies for Jason to prevent himself from being killed it would become easier to kill Jason with less risk. The kill Jason option is supposed to be a last resort effort when no other objectives can really be done and there are only a few people left in the match. The process is supposed to be very risky because if one of the two essential people dies the entire plan falls apart.
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    Get there and set your trap first.
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    You guys have really delivered on the goods! ? THIS.GAME.IS.UNPLAYABLE. It takes literally almost 11 minutes to FIND a game and we have gotten this now FIVE times in a row. UN??PLAY??ABLE.
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    I don't feel like running from Brandon instead of Jason. No thanks.
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    What Jason teamers look like on the inside lol.
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    We all know about the hosting issues. It has been discussed about 1000 times on here. Did you just join to bitch and complain? Sorry for being rude, but this is just old news. You've made 5 posts, and they have all been negative. Why don't you go here. It will hook you up with many like-minded people. Well, there are going to be a few additions besides the green coveralls. But, the coveralls were a change that was asked for by quite a few players due to the fact that Roy did wear green coveralls. But, who cares about that? Let's all just dance!!
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    It's still shit and probably will continue to be shit after the next patch. It doesn't seem to be a top priority.
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    ...Nice to meet you, Grendel / Jason X!
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    There are two peeves I have with public lobbies. First is marking items, but not taking them to the objectives. Its like wtf? Take the battery to the car. Even if you don't have the repair for it, don't make others run across the map to get it. I mean is the a thing now? Mark items, but don't move them to the objective? The same players are yelling for you to stop the car when it is repaired. GTFO. My biggest one is the encounter with Jason. Here is a scenario: PACK Lodge. 4+ players spawn there, I'm on other side of map. Jason spawns there first. Maybe the phone or 4 seater is there. For the next 3-4 minutes, the blips for the counselors are stuck at the lodge because no one knows how to run away and split up. They are literally like a deer in head lights. RUN AWAY. Help me repair things. I've seen 5 or 6 players scrambling at one house for minutes.
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    If anything, it should slow down repair speed.
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    Hellllll no, especially not with how toxic the community is on top of the amount of shotguns there are in a map; private matches exist if you want friendly fire. You seriously think cars, shotguns, and the like putting counselors into a crippled state won't be abused by trolls? At the very least you're able to run away from Jason unharmed when the Vanessa teaming up with Jason runs next to you. Now imagine what happens when she's able to cripple you with the shotgun while running next to you. That makes the problem even worse. There are many ways that Jason can be buffed, or counselor gameplay being changed for the better, but reinstating friendly fire on QP is going to cause headaches when you consider how many squeakers are online these days. It's not even the squeakers to worry about alone; many people are assholes online in general.
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    Friendly fire was one of the most underrated core reasons that indirectly made Jason a stronger threat when he arrived and it also made playing counselors more challenging. During the friendly fire era, you couldn't just gather up like a pack of sardines and start mindlessly swinging with no care for the direction of your fire like you can currently in this botched up version of 'Friday the 13th: The Pinata'. Friendly Fire being an element of the game forced you to play better as the counselor, it forced you to have better aim, it forced you to have stronger team mate awareness, and it forced you to create and play off better positioning as a team. And in the same playing field, Jason could also utilize friendly fire by swerving in a defensive direction towards other counselors to create bait & panic situations, which sometimes would fluster counselors into accidentally hitting one another. Split moments like these would often give the Jason player the opportunity to strike or make a move that he could capitalize on when up against groups. The problem was never Friendly Fire on it's own, the problem was the way that Gunmedia executed it that made it not fun to play against. It wasn't fun when you had a bitter troll trying to kill the team secretly one by one, and it also most definitely wasn't fun on the Jason side of things when your kills were stolen from grievers with shotguns and the likes. So here is the proposal of how Gunmedia can re-introduce Friendly Fire to the game, while also severely limiting the troll and anti-Jason kill steals. Friendly Fire: Counselors can no longer be killed by another counselor with a melee weapon (the finishing blow can only be performed by Jason) Shotguns no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Counselor placed bear traps no longer can kill a counselor, they will just leave them in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Cars no longer instantly kill a counselor, they will just knock them down and then when they get up, they will be in a crippled state of movement with lowest health. Suicide can no longer be performed by windows or second story jumps. It will just whittle your health down to lowest possible number. Any counselor who makes another counselor enter "cripple" state (except for bear traps) will receive the -500 penalty that "Betrayal" currently has at the end of the match.
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    The last week I've seen more and more people selecting small maps. I'm just wondering why. They are so skewed towards Counselors, it iss ridiculous. Jason can still do well on these maps IF he gets a couple quick kills and the first 2 teleports gets him where people are, otherwise a group will easily get away in the other car Jason doesn't get to quick enough. By Jasons second Port I see a car moving 50% of games. (75% chance at higgins) To be fair. I have seen more and people join games. group up and just dance the game away, so when 3 to 4 people aren't helping, then Jasons winning regardless of the map, but maybe that is just another weekend thing as well. Main point - small maps are boring, because if people try, its so easy to get 4 to 6 people to escape.
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    Oh! Now I understand! I agree about the light attack hiitbox. About the heavy attack, I think it should pick up he entire body of a counselor. From head to feet. You'll never know how hard it is to live in a third-world country...
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    I don't understand this. Why is a counselor "in your opinion" not allowed to put a trap in front of an objective because Jason might want to put his there? That's exactly why I am doing it. It's like telling me not to say something because it might offend someone. Hell, maybe I am saying it to offend someone. I really don't see how your logic makes any kind of sense. Of course, that's just my opinion.
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    It seems like many of the “experts” here don’t not even have a copy of their own game, they watch YouTube videos and play at heir friends house.... some people just feel the need to argue about anything on the internet. No , I just dismiss people who don’t even have their own copy of the game and base their opinions from watching a YouTube video , I think that is more than fair, and you know I am right even if you don’t admit it.
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    ^ Yeah, for sure @Barbara Ann is very creative and clever, and brings some very interesting and cool ideas to the table. It's one of the great things about a forum compared to social media, the positive creativity it can foster in a community.
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    ok im fine that there not giving a concrete date but they said april or early may as timetable if it go's past that people have a right to upset
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    I'm going to lock this thread; it is a prime example of how NOT to treat someone asking for information. Either answer the question amicably or don't post.
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    ... but will Gun Media ever release Savini Jason... Wait... no, that's not what I meant to ask. Sorry bout that. What I'm curious about is if Gun has made any plans known if they'll be releasing the Counselor Clothing Pack, which those who bought the retail (Physical) version of the game received for those who have the game digitally? We already have the 'Bloody' Jason skins (I think only the 'Light Bloody skin' is available on the physical... not 100% sure though) which the physical offered alongside the Counselor pack, so does anyone have any information about when/if we'll get the counselor clothing, or at least something similar?
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    Hey man, check out the recommended players thread here. You'll find lots of players on all 3 platforms you can add as friends/play with.
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    DO people really expect most players to stick around for a potential 15-18 minutes AFTER they killed quickly in QP? I mean what game does that anyways? Of course most people are going to quit and move on These are COMMON SENSE things, the developers should have thought of before they threw it out to the public before it was even HALF completed
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    I like this idea. I've always been kind of annoyed how certain stats (Stamina,Luck) are required to survive frequently whereas other stats (Stealth,Composure, and Strength) are borderline useless outside of certain strategies.
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    I'm burned out on the game in general. I still like it but I'm bored of it. It's balance is so off that I believe it's a design issue. Yeah it's great to have a powerful Jason and all but if the councilors have zero chance what is the point of playing. As far as Private Match goes I don't have the time to schedule it. Everyone plays at night to avoid the kids and I'm at work 80 percent of the time. So I play quick play to get some time on the game because I don't have another option. And quick play is worse than it has ever been. Your fucking doomed because everyone wants to hold parts instead of actually escaping. At present your there to die. I'm simply not having fun with it right now. So I'm putting it down for awhile to tackle Monster Hunter World. Yep the game is currently being abused. It's being abused so hard it may not last. We need a kick and report system before the game is dust. Not everyone who plays the game has the time to assemble seven other players to play it. Most people play quick play. And quick play is worthless because of the insane amount of trolling. But bothering to even have a kick option isn't worth it? Why because the host who nine times out of ten is myself can kick trolls and Jason teamers out of the lobby? That is a stupid reason. It works just fine in other games. This game is in deep shit. It was released too early and the development team dosen't have the know how to polish it. It's a shame because it's a tweek or two away from being something good if they just gave us some options to deal with the trolls and learned how to make Jason a ligit threat without taking away the counselors survivability. The lack of overall balance and the trolls are murdering this game.
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    The Whole Stat System and Perk System needs a rework to be honest
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    There are a few solutions, but the simplest one I can think of is as follows - Remove keys and fuse as drawer items. Because they are the only reason you would search drawers if you either had no need or no inclination to find other items. Keys and fuse could be placed in certain areas like the other obj items, or even like the med sprays found in bathrooms. Players who are after pocket knife or firecrackers could then loot if they wanted to, but it would no longer be a necessary function. Cutting down on the amount of drawers would be the sensible next step for this change. Regarding map and walkie - Either make counselors start with both map and walkie, or just walkie since there is a map stand available. This would encourage people to stay in game chat rather than party chat, and encourage teamwork for the newbies. People can go on about the survival aspect all they like, but not starting with communication readily available simply encourages party chat rather than the built in system. The walkie perk is a waste of a useful slot. 666 likes \m/
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    @Voorhees Residence 13 Why hello there! Welcome to our community here! Glad to have you here with us! Be sure to check out the rules and regulations for these forums.
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    @The Gunslinger Mmmmm I want a Savini Jason to chase me with the Dora the Explorer opening song, That would be perfect The intense part would be the "DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DORA"
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    That statement is just empirically incorrect. How is trapping an objective before Jason does an exploit? Just because you think it is "frowned upon and unsportsmanlike" does not make it true. Sure, you can host games and try to enforce certain rules as you see fit, but calling trap setting an exploit is just wrong. You seem to be trying to push your own "morals" onto other people. I'll set a goddamned trap wherever the hell I want to. Do you even understand what competition means? I'm not forced to look up definitions on dictionary.com because I am not an idiot. If you are competing, you use every advantage at your disposal to win said competition. I'm not sure how you came up with this argument. As far as the door-clipping issue goes, I hope they fix that on both sides. If the door is almost broken down, it is feasible for both Jason and the counselors to hit each other. But, if the door is intact, it shouldn't happen at all.
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    @NoOneK9503 1.Do you own a copy of Friday The 13th? 2. Have you ever played the copy you own? 3. What platform do you play on? To answer your question...hit detection is terrible in this game. Combat stance with the aim assist needs to ge reworked. Remove aim assit when other counselors are close to you. Jason and counselors twirl around until someone gets lucky and lands an awkward hit. Savini Jason can't hit anything to save his life with a pitchfork. Good thing Jason can't die. ?
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    Again.. with the lone wolfing and bullshit about 'new' players. Fuck the lone wolves.. And fuck the newbies. They want to learn how to play? Learn how everyone else did... Want to lone wolf, go nuts.. get caught and die, well toooo bad.. Its as simple as that. Theres tons of videos and topics about how to play this game. There's offline mode to play as Jason. Learning how to play Jason will teach players how to deal with Jason. Friend of mine thats under lvl 20 knows full well how to play this game. Hes not that good at it, but knows the basics. I don't hear him complaining about anything
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    We're having discussions about the possibility of a new roadmap.
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    Why not just make Tommy an opt in? I know they love that cutscene, would be devastating to have to run it two, three times in a match... but, really, just making Tommy press any button within 5-10 seconds to become "active" would solve 99% of the AFK Tommy issues I've seen.
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    The problem, in my opinion, with that approach, is that the mystery is never emphasised AS a mystery. It's a Friday the 13th movie. Somebody is killing people. He's in a hockey mask. There's no reason to think it's NOT Jason for you to begin compiling a list of suspects. There is no 'mystery' introduced. Even the Sheriff says right away that it's Jason Voorhees. For a mystery to work, the audience have to know there IS a mystery. To make matters worse, when the film DOES introduce suspects, like Junior or Raymond, they get killed off SO quickly it's long before you can consider either of them as the killer. Really this film needed to reveal the fake-Jason earlier, and establish that it's NOT Jason Voorhees to have audiences guessing. And I agree, Tommy is meant to be the prime suspect, but since as an audience we don't have any reason to think it's not Jason at that point, it doesn't really work. (And sure, they say Jason is dead, but this is a slasher movie, nobody's buying that!).
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    I think you absolutely hit the nail on the head, that it's just a case the movies weren't taken seriously. They were cheaply churned out with, as you said, just for violence and boobs. But that's kind of my point (and the one that you make too), that it had the potential to actually tell a really good story, if it had been made with a bit more professionalism. It could be done, even in that error. The original Halloween is one of my favourite movies, with barely any budget, or story for that matter, but it managed to make something really compelling and exciting without feeling like it was just going for cheap thrills. Part V felt like it had even more potential, it just... didn't reach it.
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    He is only easy to kill if he is a new player not seeing it coming. But what this game does need is a “sequel” of sorts. What I mean is, Jason doesn’t die in the same way every movie. I think the devs should come up with a patch every year featuring a new way to kill Jason, but keep it a deeply held secret. When that happens the current technique won’t work, but the sweater could still be kept around for stun purposes.
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    Its not hard to understand, the action is meant to humiliate and show dominance over someone. Its just like hearing someone tell you that your trash at the game on the mic, over, and over. People going out of their way trying to make me feel bad about how I'm playing the game makes me just want to stop playing altogether. I find it very disrespectful.
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    That fits your avatar too!
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    Alien Isolation. Love this game! But one wrong move and you're dead. Spent so much time hiding. Just when you think the alien has gone away, it drops right out of a vent. Perfect survival horror in my opinion though ????
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