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    I already threw down the gauntlet. I named myself and I believe 9 other people who could easily take up his challenge, yet his rebuttal was a lack of reading comprehension. He challenged anyone to a quick play match with randoms against him as Jason, so I list names to answer the call. He reads it as me and everyone I listed as a group against him instead. Between this guy and his ego, to the people like J.J. who do nothing but complain... I'm not saying people shouldn't have an opinion... I'm saying some people shouldn't have hands.
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    ^^I agree with this. But, let's look at another option. Maybe Jason should have no arms, a broken leg, glaucoma and erectile dysfunction. Would that work for you @SmartestJew?
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    Reduce? Are you serious? Jason speed isn't even a matter of balance, it's simply a matter of fun character control or not. I rarely post here these days, but when I do it is typically to help people specifically with Jason's character control which has always been his biggest issue. The counselor experience is far smoother, and other than stumbles and phase hits it is superior to the Jason experience which is plagued with many issues which must be circumvented for enjoyable gameplay. On the topic of speed, if Jason had the authority of distance at all times, you would find that many ridiculous things about the game would disappear. There would have to be a lot of changes made in tandem to accommodate for that, but I guarantee it would be a better experience for the Jason player in the end. He certainly doesn't need less speed than he does now. The better solution for balancing between QP and PM would be solid in-game guidance for the newcomers / inexperienced players, and adequate information for them to be able to learn, progress and play to full potential. A few basic changes to encourage teamwork, and strong focus on combat and strategy. Otherwise no wonder there are clueless players running around in most matches with barely any understanding. For those who don't know or don't realise, withholding information from players was a deliberate decision by Gun. Hence you have the great divide of random lobbies getting wiped by Jason, but knowledgeable players killing Jason in approx 4 mins with the "Cosby sweater" strat for example.
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    Jesus fuck Dorian. Quit fucking whining in every thread about how you still cant survive this patch. Get some fucking skill and get over it. Sorry for my lack of tact, but you are becoming monotonous. As for this thread, simple answer to your problems: private match toggable options. Sliders to increase or descrease speed, weapon counts, item counts, etc. You can change it based off group you are playing with.
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    @Nougat I disagree about reducing Jason's speed. I won't play walking Jasons because I have no urge to be looped around a table. I only ever play A.J. and I'm escaping fairly often lately. The goal isn't to beat Jason in a race, the goal is to outwit him. If all you are doing is trying to outrun Jason, you're going to die.
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    I fucking HATE this stupid map. 90% games i play its ALWAYS packanack small. Everybody always requests it in the lobbys, nobody ever wants to put on jarvis house or pinhurst when i ask, it's always fucking packanack small. How many months can you play on one dumb map?! It would be OK to play once in a while, but every fucking time? It's so boring that i disconnect at least 10 times to play on a different map.
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    I doubt I'm the first to think of this. I did a quick search but found nothing. Crime Scene Variants of Existing Maps Similar to the bloody skin variants of Jason, I suggest variants of the existing maps that would represent what the maps would look after the films end and the police have left. No body parts, they've been taken away at this point Blood stains where film kills took place Windows and doors that were smashed in the films are smashed on these maps Police tape throughout the map Occasional chalk outlines Some generic cabins covered in blood, similar to the blood soaked cabin in Part 6 Random murder scene remnants throughout the woods and generic cabins The match intro would be the counselors approaching a portion of the map only to find police tape, then green shirt guy gets killed and they run into woods. Etc.
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    @Gummybish You're left reusing random unrelated gifs? @Tommy86 I agree. Even improving the loading screen tips would make a positive difference.
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    Engine upgrade definitely. New content can fuck off until they fix the horrendous optimization issues this game has.
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    Weapon selection > Single player > Green clothing for Roy > Unnecessary perk update Didn't list the engine upgrade because I have no way to expect what it will bring. Will it fix all the bugs? Improve the performance? Enable new content? Or just make everything even worse? I don't know, it's a wildcard. Weapon selection will render certain Jasons more fun to play and allow me to use good kills without playing as a Jason I don't want to play. It will add the most value to general gameplay, and even enable new DLC possibilities. Single player challenges will probably be fun but even if they're really well done they'll probably only be good for an afternoon or two just like the Virtual Cabin. Even the bot mode will probably have more replay value. New clothes for Roy is just new clothes, appreciated but not amazing. And the perk update is unnecessary and frankly a wasted opportunity to fix one of the worst systems in the game. Oh, and like I've said before, if the developers actually played the game they wouldn't be nerfing Quiet Swimmer and Man-At-Arms.
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    People who main counselor are under the dillusion that it favors them because of the size and layout, not realising that having all the objectives in walking distance favors Jason. Also they know where everything spawns so it's easy for the simple minded.
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    There are three key problems that make killing Jason a cakewalk for an organized group. 1. All it takes is one or two hits from Jarvis or bugsy and mask is off. 2. There is no escaping the sweater stun outside of using a macro. 3. Jason's house comes equipped with the killing weapon. I just encountered a group of assholes who demasked me as Jason and taunted me the entire time as they killed me so easily that you'd wonder if I even knew how to play the game as Jason. This aspect of the game needs a major overhaul. Killing Jason shouldn't be as easy as defeating a trash mob in an MMO.
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    Hi guys. I recently decided to create myself an animated signature for the forums using some of the footage I'd captured from playing the game. I quite enjoy making things like this so if anyone wants an animated signature, send me a message. Here's the rules: I cannot guarantee a specific time frame when your signature will get done. 1 signature per forum member. Members must have been an active community member for a while. Anyone who has 200+ posts can request a signature, but priority may be given to those forum members who have been with us for longer. Each signature must be unique enough to be distinguishable from other signatures. I'd prefer to make signatures that don't look too similar. I will not create excessively complex signatures. They take a fair amount of time to do normally, and even though I am able to create complex pieces of artwork in Photoshop, I don't have the time available to invest hours and hours into individual signatures. I will not create anything that is in poor taste or contains content which is against the rules. The file size cannot exceed 4.5mb, so no long clips. The signature canvas has a maximum of 450x150 pixels to work with. I reserve the right to revoke access to any signatures or art I have created. Each signature created by me is my own intellectual property, and any signatures created will permanently remain as such. When I create a signature for you, I am giving you access to it and allowing you to display it and I reserve the right to revoke access at any time. These signatures are fan made by me and are non-profit. Let me know if you're interested! Here's a gallery of my work. Signatures @Kodiak @NthnButAGoodTime @JPops - non-animated @TheHansonGoons @NoOneK9503 @Alkavian @Rexfellis @Trident77 @Cokeyskunk Profile banners Kodiak - Non-animated This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. I've had to put this here because someone thought they'd try and be clever and modify my work and pass it off as their own.
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    @Nougat I got my ass kicked in a private lobby full of experienced counselors on Packanack but nothing close to that in Quick Play. That said, I think a highly skilled group if counselors could kick my ass on any map. If a group of counselors works together, as in all 7, they're unstoppable for the average or even above average player on any map.
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    I voted yes in the sense that you already can use counselors as a meat shield. You can block counselor attacks using a grabbed victim, something that's necessary if you grab someone when fighting a group. But if damage could happen to the grabbed counselor, it would have to implemented as a private match option only. As in a private match could disable friendly fire except when Jason grabs someone. I can't imagine this idea floating in QP, especially since people have very sour memories of when friendly fire was possible back then. Now, if we're talking a brand new mechanic involving a Jason with a gimped attack range, punching the grabbed victim could be interesting. But..then people would probably also complain that "Jason one punched a guy's head off in the movies," and that would be immersion breaking. Cool, but not a likely idea to happen either. I voted yes, but it would require a crapload of balancing, so I don't expect it to happen in any case. Edit: Forgot to mention this earlier, but the punching/grabbing mechanics I voted yes on is for single player mode. A lot of those ideas wouldn't work well in multiplayer, but it could be an interesting mixup when doing the single player challenges. Reducing them to limp status wouldn't really solve the issue if you're trying to make the idea work better. Imagine a Jason-helping Vanessa/Buggzy going around, striking all the grabbed people on purpose with a machete/shotgun. So not only can the troll help Jason find victims quicker, now the troll can make Jason's job even easier. Even worse, because it only happens when the counselor is grabbed, it's more difficult for the victim to know the Vanessa/Buggzy is dealing damage on purpose since the troll could lie that they were trying to help them. Essentially speaking a troll could help guarantee that Jason will murder the victim even if they escape the grab (presumably using a macehte) since now they're limping, and even if the victim has a med spray this would only repeat when Jason grabs said victim again. Though the idea that smacking a counselor resets their struggle mechanic when grabbed does sound pretty interesting. I can definitely see that working as a private match option for sure, but probably not QP for similar reasons as above.
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    @RichWalk9891 I have had to point this out to way too many people already. What you are asking for here are ninjas with superpowers. Nothing in this game is 100%. It is like that for a great many reasons. Balance being the number one consideration. No one.... not even a ninja can run without ANY noise. In a forest setting.... not even a super powered ninja could pull this off. Have you ever tried walking in a forest? At any time of year? This is FAR more unbelievable than a psychotic zombie slasher. A stealth above 6 will not show up on Jason's sense? That is so ridiculously overpowered I feel my head trying to explode. Did you steal a ring from a scrawny little guy named Gollum? Stealth has nothing to do with sense, only sound pings anyway. Stealth is about being quiet, not totally silent for the entire game. With sense avoidance perks this pretty much makes you invisible unless you are standing in front of Jason. And yes... sense avoidance perks do work, within their stated percentages. I think the biggest reason why people do not think they work is that they assume Jason cannot see them.... Jason is not blind, he can see counselors without sense too, they just do not light up with sense. They still give off sound pings as they would normally as well. Any Jason player that has ever encountered this knows this player will be hard to find later and if they do see someone who is not lighting up with sense, they will tunnel them until they kill them. This can easily make it seem like sense avoidance perks do not work to the counselor player. I once chased a Fox counselor invisible to sense for ten full minutes, but I do not care to go into that story right now... again. And yes, I was spamming sense a lot during that time, even 45% can work a great many times in a row, just not every time. Sense working with fear is one thing, not a bad idea and has been discussed before.... with far more balance than you suggest. Even a super powered ninja cannot open a door with squeaky hinges in silence. Or a window, or a drawer. These things make noise of their own, independently of the person opening or closing them. Even attempting to do it quietly takes much more time and still makes noise. Please do not make me explain the physics to you..... it would be a very, very long post. Stealth also works fine. Jason has to be looking in the direction of the sound ping to see it, so it is a 50 / 50 chance whether or not he will see it any time that any one makes a sound ping. The more often you make a ping, the more chance Jason will see it. No one stands there looking around for sound pings, turning the camera around constantly... just in case the missing stealth counselor makes a ping. If the counselor was standing still, Jason would never find them this way and they would run the clock out. Leaving things as you suggest until rage mode, ten minutes or more into a match, unless the counselors have been beating on poor Jason (then rage can come quicker), is simply way too overpowered. Have you never seen a car or boat moving in the first two minutes? I have... many times. How about the police being called in the first minute, this also happens a lot. I know because I do it at least once almost on a daily basis, sometimes several times in a day. You are simply asking for a "Get Out of Crystal Lake Free Card" here. Many players know fully well how to manage their fear already. If what you suggest was implemented, sense avoidance perks and stealth counselors would be the norm for everyone. Making Jason work for his kills is one thing but that is beyond ridiculous..... more like redonculus. Stealth and sense avoidance perks do work, adjust your tactics.... they do help. But they are not there to make the game a cake walk for you. We all die in this game, a lot. In game death is just something we all have to deal with. I try to come up with original last words every time to see if I can make the Jason player laugh as he or she kills me..... its just my way of dealing with in game death.
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    Why nerf Packanack Small in particular? I rarely find anything major over any other map. If I spawn on the porch of Packanack then I follow to campsites all the way to the boathouse (if there is a boathouse) and 90% of the time I’ll find a knife or at least a med spray. There isn’t a reason to nerf one singular map in particular when it’s not like it has an abundance of knives/sprays/guns/weapons over any other map. It’s all just in one tight area because it is smaller. Adding water to map I can agree with although the large Packanack map doesn’t have any water going through it either.
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    Xbox because I'm on it, and @Cokeyskunk is not.
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    Part 4 Jason FTW! I'm a "The Final Chapter" fan and his theme reminds me of the movie. What I really liked about Ted White's Jason is that he gives me a unique type of fear. The one that makes me run and cry in despair. And his in-game theme gives me this same exact feeling!
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    Counselors should have a cool down for hopping in and out of windows too. And locking doors. And if you mess up on a skill check, you have to start over, but only after a cool down.
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    That's, uhh . . . yeah. . . . creative.
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    Part 2 Jason was already undead, you can tell this by the part of the thumbnail where it is black. This indicates there is not living blood cells because in a live person, that area is white on the thumb due to living blood cells. As discussed on another F13 website, Jason is a revenant, a spirit whose unfinished business is so strong, that they are stuck on earth (due to Pamela's death).
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    Jason worships in the church of the holy machete. 3 hail marys and 4 dead teens every night.
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