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    A little late to the party, but I'll give it a go! Five pages in, its quite hard to come up with new names. *Drum Roll!* (In no particular order) @Rexfellis 'The Pragmatist' - Says things how they are and doesn't take any B.S. @ShiftySamurai 'The Diplomat' - Playing the double edge sword of giving people information they want and sometimes the information they didn't want. A tough job. @Kodiak 'Judge, Jury and Executioner' Self explanatory, always shuts down the bad threads. Fun fact, one 'i' too many off being called a camera. @Ghostboy20 'The Fool/Jester' If an image is worth a thousand words then he can say a lot more than I can write posting a GIF. @Truth 'Always Right' I haven't caught him out lying yet. @AldermachXI 'The Stalwart Veteran' Well versed and experienced. @deathbat96777 'The Spiritual Enlightener' The most knowledgeable in theology a guru in the making, a pillar of the community. @Maddogg_8121 'Mr Consistent' Always pleasant and courteous. @bewareofbears 'The Grafter' A hard worker who puts the extra effort into finding things out. @Barbara Ann 'The Goddess of the Mean Girl trope' She started the ball rolling @Culp @Elias Voorhees @Santi_Lee @kitcat @Slasher_Clone @Veevleigh @BangkokHard @Gummybish @Liquid Swordsman @TiffanyIsBae @mandixmx @FinalBoy ^ You are her 13 disciples! - Sorry to anyone who I haven't mentioned, it is very difficult to put a name on everyone, particularly when many people have already given you such good ones before me.
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    Dorian is so far into mindlessly broken record territory now that he's just a cute little amusement.
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    Hope you guys like my parody if the film's were more like the game.
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    Drop icons was a horrible idea.
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    I was killed last night as Jason against a good group of counselors in a private lobby. I took my death like a man and went down fighting trying to eliminate Tommy. Had him in my grasp several times only to have him be freed by his fellow counselors. Just didn't have the space to pull off a quick kill. I even almost broke out of the sweater stun in time. They did a good job. Got to give credit where credit is due.
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    Have you made one post on here that wasn't whining about Jason being OP? I don't care enough to look through your posts to find out, but I am curious. You are like a broken record. You look for every chance you can to say the same shit. "Jason is too OP" "QP sucks" "7 year old kids" yadda yadda yadda. Maybe try to find a few people to get into a private game with? There are plenty of PS4 players on here who seem to really know what they are doing, maybe that is a better option for you.
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    A lot of rude people in this thread. There is my comment for the next few months. Back to lurking.
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    Hilarious, as your own quote sums you up quite perfectly. Also, stop trying to act like you speak for the majority that play this game.
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    Loomis: "Michael was something disturbing. Cold lifeless eyes behind which something evil lurked. There was no reaching him or the hope of eliciting compassion...or remorse. Jason was something altogether different. A child-like brute with the demeanor of a caged predator. Savage, unrelenting, and calculating. There may have been a time when Jason could have been treated and guided, but he is quite beyond that now. He is beyond my help. The contempt for all but his mother, even with her death, has left him reliving a cycle of death and waiting. Like a spider waits for something to be trapped in it's web; Jason waits for intruders consume...figuratively of course...to satiate his bloodlust. After which, he patiently waits until more prey venture into his reach. Honestly, Michael terrifies me for what he represents. Jason scares the hell out of me because of what he is."
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    I know it's nearly an impossibility but it'd be cool if for private games there were a series of tick boxes so you could toggle on or off things like item icons, what vehicles spawn and how many. That way the match could be tailored to the difficulty the players want.
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    Well, duh, play more matches and less complaining on the forum. Well, duh, the devs have said Savini Jason will NOT be released to the public, regardless of the leaks that occurred, no matter the amount of hope you or all the other parrots have. We all had an ample amount of time (plus the leak) to get him. If you missed it, there is nothing to really tell you other than "Sorry, but you're shit out of luck". Well, duh, we could all use a lot less snarkey responses when trying to talk to you.
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    I like that perspective. I mean, who can say how Jason would have turned out if certain events had gone differently in his life? The hereditary elements for "crazy as hell" are there. I understand that Pamela was a grieving mother, but most grieving mothers do not go on a killing spree. There is also the element of Elias, whether or not he was Jason's biological father. But, let's say Jason never drowned, Pamela never killed anyone, and Elias wasn't a violent, abusive drunk. In that scenario, it is plausible that Jason would have had a fairly normal life and a loving mother that would help him cope with his mental illness. Personally, I'm thankful that those counselors weren't paying attention, and that the other campers were little shitheads. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the glorious killer that is Jason Voorhees. I was intrigued too. It was honestly something I had never thought about. If we think about it, Jason doesn't believe he is doing evil things, he thinks he is protecting his home and exacting revenge on the people that murdered his mother. Of course, his first (that we saw, anyway) victim was the one that killed Mom, but he may have a warped sense of reality due to grief coupled with his mental illness. I would have loved to have seen Dr. Loomis' diagnosis of Jason. It would have definitely been interesting.
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    Yeah, Mark is just a bit of fun. No disrespect to wheelchair users or people with disabilities but in this game where you need to be able to climb stairs, windows, run and enter cars he is a little game breaking. Apart from distracting Jason or being a quick fixer he hasn't got much of a survival chance. At least in single player in specific designed scenarios he can fit in and work the same as any other counsellor. The Mean Girl being as popular and important as she is must be for online because that's what we all want. There would be a big community backlash if this wasn't the case. I'd be expecting an announcement like that of Shelly with hopefully a little trailer too. I would be deeply annoyed too if she only came in SP because that isn't what we all want and there would be no justification to do so - I really doubt this would happen. The biggest question now is how much longer do you think we will have to wait? Since she has missed her chance in this next presumably early April date do you think she'll be a separate release afterwards or bundled in a bigger but sadly much later update?
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    You might want to find a steady group of expert players. They'll give you a run you won't find in random quickplay.
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    Problem is, if we get offline councillor mode, I will probably never touch online ever again.
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    - "Jason is OP": take a shot -"We want Savini Jason: take a shot -"Add Pamela Voorhees/Reggie/other counselor": take a shot -"We want Pocket knives back": take a shot "(Random) counselor is useless now": take a shot -"Thread where they're directly angry at something that happened in 1 game that's a player problem and isn't a glitch": take a shot -"Host quit/when are dedicated servers coming?": take a shot -"I enjoy this game despite its flaws and, aside from some bugs think it's still pretty fun": finish your drink Any that I'm missing?
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    Exactly ,since the beginning of this this game , I have never used a Mic to communicate .I use either flashes or Emotes to communicate with other counsellors.
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    This is my last reply to you, I starting to believe you're trolling for the attention here since you never talk about anything else except "Jason is OP in QP. This is a survival game. When we were all new, we died a lot and often. As we continue playing, we are continuously sharpening our survival techniques and strategies. Of course Jason is going to benefit from "lone wolfing", "uncommunicative" and "selfish" play. Each game in QP is different, and while I do enjoy playing with a crew, the varieties and challenges QP gives me keeping the game interesting. If you cannot (or unwilling to) improve, make changes, and adapt to improve your survival chances, well then, you are just stubborn and prefer to cry about it rather than doing something about it. BTW, just because a lobby has no one on mic doesn't mean players aren't commuincating with each other. There are other ways to read and respond to others than though voice. Heck, some games with players with mics can be MORE USELESS then those without.
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    I've been gone for so long, what did I miss.
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    I call dibs on his reputation points. Anyhoo, although the game does still favor counselors a little (guess that makes sense, there's seven players that need to feel like they have a chance), the balance is a whole lot better than the shotgun/PK fest we had before. I actually find it fairly easy (though still strangely satisfying :D) to just shift grab in stalk and kill. Feels good.
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    Is Dorian still spouting the same dribble? Ugh please @Riot_Dame show this fool how to really Lone Wolf. Its not hard. Literally had no walkie or map on pinehurst last night and managed to fix the car and boat by myself before escaping. Was out in 5 mins. And before you say "O it was a noob Jason" it wasnt. It was someone that knows how I play, I just had to adapt my strats
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    @Riot_Dameas tiffany with an axe and a long table vs @DorianRo as a running Jason with 8 minutes left on the clock? This has to happen.
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    There was a thread a while back suggesting some original Jason skins, Swamp Jason, Winter Jason, some pretty cool ideas. You should check that out. Honestly, I appreciate you're putting these ideas out there, I'm just not onboard with this one.
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    A few days ago, we had Jason killed in a lobby, death animation, post murder dance... everything. Then a Fox backed over Tommy with the two seater, and that was that. No kill points, even though the "dead Jason" icon was activated on the scoreboard after.
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    @RKSDooM @TheHansonGoons @lHeartBreakerl @DamonD7 @bewareofbears @Alkavian @Brigadius @BionicCapo @ColdArmy13 @Corkenstein @GhostWolfViking @JTDestroyer5900 @Risinggrave @Slapnuts840 @AldermachXI @Thatguyinktown @a kamikaze man @Rabid Anteater @BrokenFattHardy @Super Ty Anyone else playing right now??
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    For quick play it's kind of a necessity, how many times have you seen someone knowingly escape with the fuse in there pocket. Without the drop icon you would still be searching drawers when it was laying on the shore. Also trolls loved to carry parts to the middle of no where to hide them. For private matches and groups that communicate, they're really not needed.
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    I've played against him on occasion since a few of the people I play with in private have him. Once you've played against him a few times, he becomes no different than any other Jason.
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    I mean getting killed while Jason is still very rare. I want it to happen when i'm Jason at least once yaknow just to experience how it looks on the receiving end. What's pathetic is that in the previous match the host actually killed Jason. I don't understand why he's so pissed I mean the fact is every single person playing this game is going to die regularly regardless of "skill level" so if you get owned just accept it.
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    Yeah there’s lots of crybaby losers out there. The other day I had the same thing happen, we actually got the kill animation, but he rage quit, unfortunately there’s no points awarded until the kill is completed. They gotta fix that. I’ve been killed twice, and I’ll never run away as Jason. I don’t care if I’m out numbered and running towards my death, Jason should never run away and hide. I’ll go out hacking till the end.
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    Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. On the optimistic side, it happens to all of us around the world together! We can all unite to hate rage quitters, trolls, and Jason helpers!
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    A fast killer is more thrilling, it gets the adrenaline going more. A slow killer is more foreboding, like that deep sinking feeling. It's like getting eaten by a lion vs slowly dying from a snake bite. One is more immediately frightening, the other is more horrifying in that it makes you ponder all your life choices up until you die.
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    There is no double standard kid, what you and many casual non Friday the 13th movie watchers don’t seem to realize is that Jason is supposed to slaughter people with ease, counselors are there to die, only the ones who do everything perfect survive, this isn’t a combat game and if you try to make it that and go 1 on 1 with Jason you are going to lose as you should.
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    Fixing Jason's speed to where Jasons who run at full speed actually close the gap on troll-joggers is all I ask for. Not because they're particularly hard to catch or anything. A good supply of knives work wonders. But, it's illogically stupid that he can't get his feet moving fast enough to catch a power-walker without having to use shift.
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    Theyre like rats, for every one you see there's 100 hiding in the walls.
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    We need more pictures from multiple angles to get a proper assessment.
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    No, I also think the mean girl will come in both parts online player option and addition to single player. I can see the addition to single player challenges taking longer due to voice recording and further animation, but I'd like to assume the mean girl is almost ready on the development side in 3d form. I can't see them releasing her in single player without at the same time or before announcing her for online. The one big positive in our favour from the upcoming release is Roy's Green Overalls. They have been watching and listening carefully to public opinion in this forum, if something as trivial ( I think ) as changing a colour skin can get attention and reaction from the developers, then it should be a safe bet the Mean Girl has to be the next counsellor released due to how long and popular this thread is.
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    An odd one, two Tommys spawned. Someone must have left while spawning as Tommy and the game chose to spawn another Tommy. Skip to 7:00. Anyone else seen this before? Edit: @Gertz and @[IllFonic]Courier may want to see this.
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    Chris Higgins is my fav. Followed by Ginny. They both held their own against Jason, were both likable, and had awesome chase sequences.
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    Just thought up a statistic for Mean Girl in the name of fun and boredom: Composure: 5/10 Luck: 9/10 Repair: 2/10 Speed: 5/10 Stamina: 8/10 Stealth: 3/10 Strength: 3/10 There aren't that many Counselors with high Luck, and there's definitely an abundance of those with high or above-average Stealth, hence why I distributed a high Luck, low Stealth for the Mean Girl. Looking at the stats, she's basically a slower and louder Chad, but with higher Stamina and Composure to compensate.
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    I'd say @AldermachXI is "the judge". Observes and then tells it like it is. I appreciate that. @Tommy86 "the alien". Has different tactics than the norm, but shows how they can be useful even if he some don't agree. I can respect that. @ShiftySamurai "big balls". Who in their right mind would have taken that position of dealing with us? @Cokeyskunk "the cat". Still can't believe we had you dead and you survived. You have 9 lives, brother. Lol. @Vaderspupil "Mr machismo". One cool dude to play with. Laid back, never gets riled up. @Bewitched "bottle rocket". A blast to play with. Once she gets fired up, look out! Lol. Seriously, she's been my best friend from the forums since she joined.
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    Since you're making a few cosmetic changes, @ShiftySamurai, why not go ahead and rename him as "Roy" as apposed to Jason or at least list him as "Imposter Jason"
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    Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules!
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    Welcome to the forums, Richie! I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Changes: 23 FEB 2018 Corrected Shift+/Shift Neutral speed, duration, and range values in the Jason guides.
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    Okay I registered an account here just to reply to this thread, First thing's first, this game may not be perfect at all, but it's like life wish fulfillment as an eternal nut for this franchise. I've been desperate to play this ever since I saw the kickstarter, but only just last week grabbed a PS4. Immediately got the game, and for the past 4 days, I've been binging so hard. I feel like level 26 in 4 days is a little unhealthy. But I'm content with my life choices. ANYWAY, yesterday gave me the most stressful bit of gaming I've had in a very long time. Did a QL with AJ. Spawned right next to the phone box cabin. Knew my doom was coming because of course whoever this Jason was, they'd make a play for the box because I have the luck of Al Bundy. And literally before I could sprint inside the nearest cabin, there's mah boi from Part 8 morphing right next to me. "He knows to go to the phone box, he has his strategy already mapped out, he's not new to Jason, I'm screwed." But I barely secure the doors, set a bear trap at one, have a flare gun ready to stun. I'm making it clear to him that he's got more important shit to do than bother with me for what's going to be at least a couple of minutes. But then he does something very wrong. He makes it his life's mission to murder me. He doesn't bother with other objectives. He doesn't chase after anyone else. It's like I pissed him right the fuck off and something snapped in his head. So. He proceeded to try to kill me. And only me. For 9 straight minutes. He hacks his way into that cabin and I race for the next. And the next. And the next. And the next. Barely recovering stamina. Occasionally not even having time to fortify both entrances, and when I do, he combat stances his hits so the doors go down fast. Surviving the damage from diving through closed windows by being lucky enough to find a spray. I have no map, no walkie, no pocket knives, almost no real time to check drawers (but when I do they're empty anyway), one machete, and a lot of fear. One moment came where he was about to grab, and I was lucky enough that my machete slash actually stunned him (because, I mean, AJ with a machete). This entire match was the game giving me a gigantic middle finger. But I kept surviving. I kept barely getting away. And it just pissed Jason off more and more. And then the sound of the four seater starting up pissed him off eeeeeven more. Because he realized how badly he tunnel visioned. So he starts going for the car. For the first time in, like, 7 minutes, I can breathe for a second. But not really. Because I want to get in that goddamn car and get the hell out. So after running from Jason for the entire game, this time I run FOR him. Another flare gun in hand. It's 3 counselors trying to make the car happen again but Jason's grabbing, getting knifed, getting stunned, but always keeping the car in place. I show up. Aim the flare gun. He's already been stunned by firecrackers, and they see that I'm there to stun again while they start the car. So I save their asses with the flare stun before he can reach through the window again and they're able to drive. He gives chase. I look at my map and see which main road exit they're more likely to take if they make it. SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT. Jason may get the car stopped again and again and it'll be for nothing, but maybe he won't. Maybe they'll just barely get by if his morph isn't precise enough or his shift is just short or if they make the hairpin turns well without hitting anything. The car starts approaching the main road from one direction. I'm running for them from the other. "Please repay the favor and give me a chance to jump in, please don't be dicks like so many other counselors in cars, pleeeease." Jason pops up on the map right on top of the car before they get to the road. I'm terrified his morph was spot on and he stopped it. NOPE. JUST MISSED. I've now almost hit the road as they turn onto it. As I run down the hill to the road, the car starts to go past me... AND STOPS. THEY'RE GOING TO LET ME IN. And thanks to sweet baby Jesus, the back door closer to me is the one that's empty. I hop in. Before the door can finish closing, JASON APPEARS RIGHT ALONG SIDE. His shift got him a step and a button hit away from stopping all four of us. We're all gonna die-- NOPE. The driver floors it and Jason's ability to stop the car was literally a split second away. But he couldn't hit it. He had just morphed, he had just shifted, his rage was still a good minute away, and we successfully escaped. Sure, you can say Jason played poorly by focusing on me so damn much because he was just asking for trouble from everyone else. But as the one person he focused on so damn much, it was a non-stop adrenaline rush from start to finish in a way no other match had been, and I'm still astonished that I could keep him at bay completely on my own without time to take a breath AND still help out the others when they needed it AND still escape. I already loved the game, but after that? I'm proposing marriage to it.
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