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    Yeah not going to happen I'm afraid.
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    Anyone else think that they should only allow one of each character in a match? Watch the movies, the only twins are in Part 4. It also ruins it for the Jason player when there are a few people playing Bugzy or Adam and a few more playing as Vanessa. I really think you should be given a "spawn preference" choice for characters as we have between Jason and counselors. I think they should also add incentives to encourage team play, like extra xp for assists like item sharing, self sacrifice (repair the car but don't escape in it for example) and things like that.
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    I would like to have your toughts on this subject. When i first mentioned how it would be nice to have Jason have the ability to carry corpses,someone said it would not be a good idea because it would make Jason waste time. I call bullshit on that remark,this concept will make the game even more interesting. It doesnt matter weither Jason carry a body or not because is walking speed will not be affected at all anyway and if you dont want you can always leave the body where it is. Think about what you could do with a corpse,you can hide it in a wardrobe to scare someone or make it more difficult for a player by limiting is hiding spot. You can also throw a corpse trough a window or from a roof right at a player to scare them. Think about all the possibilities.
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    If you want to argue over who is the alpha, take it somewhere else please, it's boring.
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    Just seeing an image of weapon swapping being possible makes me happy.
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    Press "Pause" then "End Game" Advanced tactics
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    Guys! I just got a leak picture of the next DLC for the game!
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    Hello, slashers! Today we wanted to show you something that will be important to our fans who prefer to play as Jason. In the next update, and when you reach a sufficient progression level, you will be able to switch Jason’s weapon. Jason Part VII with a machete? Sure. Roy with a pig splitter? Go for it. Everyone on the Friday the 13th: The Game team is excited to see the community start experimenting with different Jason & Weapon combinations! With Jason being able to switch up his arsenal, we’re happy to let players know that custom key-binding is on the way for our PC players. We know that this is something that you have wanted for a while now, and our left-handed players have certainly been asking us about, and we’re happy to implement this highly requested feature.
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    So, I got a little Rant about a recent match that I have experienced. No I didint get my butt kicked as Jason, I was not killed, died because of an exploit.....but something much better! Playing against level 150 Seasoned Counselors! That’s right, counselors, that we have a hard time dealing with, well that’s not the case for me. So, anyways back to the topic I joined a match I was going to play as J7, but the whole lobby was in the 140’s through 150, so, I decided to use Savini Jason. And apparently that scared off half of the lobby. Well then I thought this should be much easier then....and yes, it was. One Chad, rage quits even though he had a Pocket Knife, The Host commits suicide, and to top it all off he ends the lobby. Leaving me speechless, I made Rank 140-150’s leave? Like wow, I would expect that kind of behavior from low rank Beginners. But nope it was vice-versa. Well the bottom line is to not expect much from Rank, cause in my book Rank, level or whatever doesn’t matter to me.....but how you execute, plan and work together does.
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    I think when the host leaves a new leader should be chosen so the match doesn't end ~|}ecep~
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    They all work pretty good. I think the main problem is all the maps have too much power light to begin with. None of the films had that sort of brightness to them even with the power on. Sure, some films had moonlight but even with that moonlight came pitch black darkness. The reality is most people would probably try to counter it by turning gamma all the way up, but at least if the maps were made darker for everybody, it would be more realistic. I almost wish all the maps started off with no power, which include no power to any of the lights.
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    I'll say this, I don't agree with suicide at all. But when I'm Jason and my mask is off, the only time I'll morph away is if there are a group of four or more that are ready to pounce. And it's only to regroup, hit stalk and come back to pick them apart. Even in part 4, when Jason was at his most ruthless and crazy. He was still smart enough not to engage a whole group without picking them apart first. I would NEVER hang out in the lake for the rest of the match, might as well grab a diaper and start sucking your thumb again! Morph out, regroup and reset to kill or be killed trying.
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    I defend the suicide, if a player wants to kill themselves so be it, I'll kill another. Jason players can refuse the kills to players, some Jason players wait for an opening so they can kill Tommy or the girl with the sweater. Or sometimes they have the right to not die, I won't lie I did this a couple nights ago but I was trying to them to move away from each other but they kept staying together, they all were trash talkers so I wasn't gonna let them get the kill.
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    And QP is like the Independent League- most of the good players are already squadded up by now, so maybe you find a diamond in the rough, but it's mostly new players or people who weren't personable enough to now have a consistent group to run with. I get to mop in QP, I have to earn once I party up.
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    Armageddon is a rip-off of Deep Impact. Big difference. A fan project can be kickstarter backed and not be a rip-off as long as it is not pretending to be a unique project and all the money earned through the kickstarter went to production and not into anyone's pockets.
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    Yeah, I've already got my changes planned too! I like to try to get my Jasons to reflect the movies they're from, within the game restrictions of what weapons and what grab kills are available. This'll be a long one! Jason 2 - I'll keep the Pickaxe. He kills two people with a machete in the film (Scott and Mark), but does have the pickaxe when confronting Ginny at the end in his shack. And also I'll do this for variety, otherwise I'd have about 5 of my Jasons with a machete. He doesn't have any kills available that are from the film, so I went with my own preference of Throat Hack and Headbutt for weapon kills, and Choke and Jaw Rip for grabs. Jason 3 - I'll switch to the Machete. He kills Andy, Shelly and Ali with one in the film and that's what he has when pursuing Chris. He'll have Candy Dispenser (as a nod to the Shelly kill) and Dismember (Ali kill), alongside Head Squeeze (Rick kill) and then Head Stomp just because it's a fun one. I also tend to keep my 'human' (II-IV) Jason and Roy grab kills less superhuman strength than the zombie Jason choices, where I can. A pretty movie accurate Jason! Jason 4 - I'll keep the Pig Splitter. Jason actually uses a simple knife more than any other weapon in the film, but it's worth keeping the Pig Splitter as it's close to the cleaver used to kill Jimmy and also lets me use the re-enactment of Tommy's famous strike to Jason's head. There aren't any grab kills in the game that reflect the film (although there are environmental ones), so in addition to The Jarvis and for my own preference I gave him Kneecapper, Chop Suey and Up And Under. All weapons kills, only Jason like that. Roy - I'll keep the Shears. Again for the sake of variety, because Roy kills four of five people with a machete in the film. But like with Jason 2, I didn't want almost all my Jasons with a machete and the shears are something of a trademark thanks to the Tina and, arguably, George kills. I went with Hedge Trimmer and Last Breath for the weapon, then as he has no trademark grab kills in the film available I gave him Eye Gouge and Rugby Player (the headbutts) for his grab kills. Again, less superhuman strength options. Jason 6 - I'll switch to the Machete. Shame to lose the Spear, but he kills a whopping seven people with a machete in the film so it was a clear choice for me to reflect Part VI. He'll have The Pamela (nod to the triple paintballer decapitation) and Machete Stab (Steve and Annette kill), to go with Head Crush (Officer Pappas kill and attempt to murder Megan) and Heart Punch (Allen kill). I'll really like this selection, it'll be all four kills in line with the film! Jason 7 - I'll switch to Part III's Axe. He only kills Eddie with a machete in the film, but uses a similar axe to memorably kill first Russell then ultimately Melissa. That will fit more than any of the other weapons. I'll give him the full weapon kill trio of Crotch Chop, The Stunner and Head Chop (final impact fits the Melissa kill anyway) and also Neck Twist as it's the closest to how he kills Ben in appearance, even if it ends in a neck snap rather than crush. Jason 8 - I'll keep the Fire Axe. Jason's quite the versatile killer in this film, but the only other available weapon would be the machete for killing Admiral Robertson. He does kill that deck hand with this fire axe, though, and again I'll go with the option for more variety rather than Machete Jason #4/5/6. Doubletap and Chin Strike because I like them, then Two Handed Choke (Eva's death) and the famous Head Punch (Julius) to finish it off. Jason 9 - I'll switch to the Machete. Shame again to lose the double headed Axe kills, but the machete fits in with his appearance at the start of the film. And there's no shovel option from the end of the film For my own preference and with no trademark weapon kills in his actual form, I'll go with Fish Gut and Dismember again. Then for his other two I have Body Slam (for when he's throwing Steven about at the end) and Bear Hug (Duke kill). Savini Jason - I'll keep the Pitchfork. Really, if anyone's going to see him stomping around, I figure they'll want to see that thing in action too, so no problem keeping it. The trio of weapon kills then Knee Snap. Yeah, I put too much time into this But it's great when my Jason 8 punches someone's head off like Julius, or my Jason 3 crushes a head like Rick, or Jason 9 bearhugs someone to death like Duke. It reminds me of seeing it in the films, and that's always a big part of my enjoyment of this game.
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    So, did these other Kickstarter funded games also tell their backers from the very beginning that they would receive an exclusive skin that the devs would "never release to anyone else ever, for any reason"? And then did those developers go ahead and release it "for a fee"? Because if they did, then those game developers were lying jerks who are not to be trusted ever again. Gun and Illfonic, however, have quite a bit more integrity than that. They have said from the very get-go they will never release the Savini Jason to anyone else except the backers. They have stayed true to that, and because of their honesty, loyalty, and dedication, the only ones who are angry about it are people like you who are angry simply due to the fact that they did not turn out to be backstabbing asshats like you want them to be. Oops. Double-post.
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    Making the game better over the long run. Hey I’m all for it. Thanks to this latest patch I feel the game is in a good state for the team to focus on these major updates. Can’t wait to see the improvements the updated Unreal adds.
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    Good evening, counselors and slashers. We’ve seen your reports; our Jason characters aren’t scary. We’ve seen the videos of counselors running circles around Jason and smacking him upside the head, repeatedly, while he quietly resigns himself to his fate. We’ve even seen videos of Jason being forced to run away while being chased by 4 Chads with baseball bats. That’s not cool, and Chad is a dick. As such, we will be implementing the following changes to Jason characters. Each Jason will be gaining a small speed increase - this is not so fast as to make it impossible for counselors to escape from a Jason player, but it is enough to make Jason feel more relentless. Each Jason will start with 2 additional throwing knives. Jason’s grab reach and radius have been looked at and reworked - this should help alleviate the issues players are reporting of counselors slipping through Jason’s fingers, while still retaining a fair grab range for counselor players. We feel that these changes will do quite a bit to bring a proper balance to the game. Please continue submitting your feedback for Friday the 13th: The Game!
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