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    "Quick Bump" @Cokeyskunk, for always giving me that little boost when I need it. "Savage" @Dr. Lecter for not pulling his punches. "Bro" @TheHansonGoons, because it's like looking into the past. "The Pillar" @Alkavian, for being a model of consistency in the community. I trust everything he says implicitly. @stoney is "The Devoted" because she sticks to her guns. "The Professional" @Rexfellis. Like me, he tells it like it is without sugarcoating it. "The Undisputed" @Truth, because, like so many others on this list, it's hard to argue with the man. @NthnButAGoodTime, "King of 80's Pop Culture". The man knows his stuff (and the fact you knew exactly what I was talking about with Nature Valley Chewy Granola Bars). "The Dude Next Door" @Spinesplitter, because Ohio isn't as big as people think. "Smooth" @Freddie Mercury, for seamlessly meshing with so many in the community. "The Statesman" @AldermachXI. You know you've "made it" here when he deigns to look down from Mt. Olympus and grace you with his presence.
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    Youtube gives you the option to monetize your videos based on the amount of traffic that your page generates. We are eligible for monetization, but have not activated it on any of our videos. If we activate the ad on one of our future videos, ads will play before the video begins and also every few minutes or so. In order to monetize NHA, we would need to purchase rights to do so. However in order to gain those rights one would have to pay upwards of 35K up front and then a hand over a % of dollar earned from advertising. That's not counting the legal cost that would be built on top of that as well. If we rent rogue and monetized the film without permission, I'm pretty sure I would receive a cease and desist letter immediately and possibly have to pay a fine if they wanted to take it that far. The camp was never destroyed. At a part 7 screening a few weeks ago the Director stated that the Shepard house was on the opposite shore across from the Camp and that he considered Jason to be chained at the bottom of the lake somewhere between.
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    THE F13 AVATAR COLLECTION This is the start of my F13 Avatar Collection. Any user is welcome to use them and I will be adding to it over time. All these meet sizing requirements for the avatar profile slot, so no need to worry if size is to big. These are also accessible on my profile page if you are looking to change in the future. Don't see what you're looking for? I take suggestions just drop a comment and I'll see what I can do. INSTRUCTIONS There are two ways to apply these avatars. You can download and re-upload to avatar slot in profile. You can simply right click image and copy image link address and paste in avatar slot in profile. (no need to download) Clicking images will make them appear in gallery view. ANIMATIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MASKS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KILLERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAME CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOVIE CHARACTERS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PETS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XAMOEL COLLECTION
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    So, I got a little Rant about a recent match that I have experienced. No I didint get my butt kicked as Jason, I was not killed, died because of an exploit.....but something much better! Playing against level 150 Seasoned Counselors! That’s right, counselors, that we have a hard time dealing with, well that’s not the case for me. So, anyways back to the topic I joined a match I was going to play as J7, but the whole lobby was in the 140’s through 150, so, I decided to use Savini Jason. And apparently that scared off half of the lobby. Well then I thought this should be much easier then....and yes, it was. One Chad, rage quits even though he had a Pocket Knife, The Host commits suicide, and to top it all off he ends the lobby. Leaving me speechless, I made Rank 140-150’s leave? Like wow, I would expect that kind of behavior from low rank Beginners. But nope it was vice-versa. Well the bottom line is to not expect much from Rank, cause in my book Rank, level or whatever doesn’t matter to me.....but how you execute, plan and work together does.
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    I'm not a gamer at all, but I'm a big fan of the film series and I saw a bunch of YouTube videos of this game, and it looks like so much fun, so I'm looking to start. What do I need, equipment-wise? I'd be using my laptop and I have just installed Steam, but what kind of controllers or mics do you recommend? I'd prefer not to spend a bunch of money because I really see this as the only game I'd be playing.
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    i am sick of it. last 3 games had 2, 4, and 3 leavers right at start. from now on i am gonna report every single one of this leaving scum. recording every match posting every leaver at jasonkillsbugs.com everyone else highly pissed about this, pls also do so. execute your own rules illfonic.# and yes, i rather have 500 fair people playing this, than 2K players with 1.5k leaving scum.
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    Played some rounds in a shitty Quick Play lobby with @Cokeyskunk and then joined him for some private matches with @malloymk, @Vaderspupil, @Shadesofjoe and maybe some other forum members. Good group, no trolling or exploiting. Went 5/8 against them.
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    Jason switching weapons makes sense. Jason switching strengths and weaknesses does not.
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    Yeah. Everytime I hear someone say that the gaming industry has "changed for the better" i'm like;
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    @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai This lobby has a death curse! We are all doomed. Looks like the car has a few bugs with it. You guys take it. I'll find another way to escape. Looking for the ''prop" to get out on the boat. Anyone know where it is? Escaping with Richard as the boat.
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    There are no weak Jasons, just weak players
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    No matter how much you may want it. No matter how "neat" it would be. No matter the outcry. THIS. WILL. NEVER. HAPPEN. "Dead By Daylight" has multiple franchised killers mostly because it's not called "Halloween." If it WERE called "Halloween," and incorporated Michael Myers-- --do you REALLY think they'd now also have FREDDY KRUEGER and LEATHERFACE?!! This game is not called "Summer Camp." Nor is it called, "Killing Spree," "Stay Alive," or "Let's Kill Counselors!" It is called FRIDAY THE 13TH. So no, they will not be using other franchised killers.
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    @Splatterhouse You only get money from clicks if you've monetized the video with ads.
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    That's definitely accurate lol Is it? I always feel like I end up repeating myself until I either get sick of it or get bored...
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    I do like the idea of Grip Strength...with a +Grip Strength you can walk around with Jarvis/Jenny they still break free super fast. I just wish that a grab from Jason doesn’t mean immediate death. Yeah Jason is supposed to be OP blah blah blah. I do believe that a QTE for a weak Grip Strength Jason would be great especially for a weak composure counselor like Chad/Tiffany. Not sure about a limping counselor simply because they hold their arm while injured and Jason is just choking them, kinda unrealistic. I wish a counselor would limp and hold their leg or possibly even their head rather then ONLY their arm. Damage modifer could possibly work and make Grip Strength a better stat.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Jason needs one more skill to burn, a mass fear/cower that can be deployed to stun counselors when he's surrounded, or more than two counselors are in his vicinity. Have it function like a slightly longer version of the sweater stun that happens when a counselor goes into the shack at first, but for everyone in line of sight to Jason when he uses it. Maybe have him tilt his mask up for the animation, and make it uninterruptable, with a LONG cooldown, or a single use in a match.
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    Well i think you're wrong because of penis envy and being stuck in anal stages of development! I think some people get discussions and arguing confused. I know some forum members come off condescending and have even seen some say "no you're wrong" about a person's opinion or playstyle. Its whatever works for the player. Are you having fun? Then you are probably playing the game correctly. As long as you arent a team-killing troll, or an exploiter looking to ruin other people's experiences in the game.
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    I've encountered some shockingly godawful level 150 players. It's like, they expect everything to go their way. And when it doesn't? They throw a little tantrum. And some of the worst trolls I've ever seen were level 150 too. And I get "trolling for fun", but this trolling was so devoid of any joy, man, it was just fucking grim. Players who quit (not random disconnects) should get a ten minute time penalty before they can play again. Hosts should get fifteen. That's pretty much how peer to peer used to keep people in line back in the day. Cause the sad fact is, you give people the opportunity to be an ass? Well, there's a pretty good chance they'll take it.
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    If you block their attack, you can immediately swing with a light attack without having to cancel combat stance. You are completely safe because they are recovering from the block swing animation as you nail them.
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    Ok how to explain this...basically think of how many pocket knives are on the maps now. 4 on average? Now consider how many med sprays there are, and then how many more sprays there are with Medic which basically everyone runs, not to mention potentially Hypochondriac and most definitely Thick Skin if they have it. That amounts to a lot of potential counselor health, and limping them for good is not going to be a quick job. Now also consider that every slash = free hit / stun, both actually since Jason can be stunned and then damaged coming out of it which can quickly drain mask HP. And this can happen every single time he commits to a slash. The counselor doesn't even need to take the full damage if they simply block the slash, and there is nothing Jason can do to stop their counter since every swing is a locked animation. Counselor can hit back before Jason can do anything. On hit, they regain 50% of their stamina which will allow them to escape or reset the fight, and safely spray if they got hit. The only way to safely slash is by baiting a whiff out of the counselor, letting them complete the swing animation at which point you punish and immediately move out of their range to evade their next hit. Against skilled counselors this can take a while though because they are trying to bait you themselves. You will spend majority of the time twirling just trying to get a whiff. So with that in mind, the grab is basically a "fuck you" to the counselor, because if they have no pocket knife and nobody to grab save, they are done. All their health and sprays amount to nothing. Block + grab is the most bread and butter tactic of them all, extremely efficient and even if you do get pocket knifed, that's one pocket knife removed from the match which can no longer be used by anyone else, or be used to remove traps. On the contrary, if you slash to death, anyone can pick up that knife again and put it to use. Even for something like protecting themselves in a car. In regards to crippling counselors, there is a very easy way to do it with just 2 throwing knives - which you can't miss and is actually unpunishable as you can't get counterhit (unlike slash). Block their hit > throw knife > interrupt knife with block. Do this twice and they are limping. Great for situations like group combat where grab can't be used, or when you really can't risk the pocket knife in which case a third throwing knife on block interrupted with slash will kill them. All that blocking also drains their weapon durability which = less weapons. Once weapon is gone, then you can slash the hell out of them if you want. Don't know if you've checked out my guides before, but it's all in there, just read the descriptions - F13 - Block + Knife F13 - Block + Grab
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    Horrible, horrible idea... We don't need to bring politics into F13.
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    I entered a lobby with my Savini and felt like I had entered a tourettes convention. I mean...they had the voices of adults, but the words of small children that hadn't quite learned how to use their words. At one point, someone literally farted into their microphone. People, please don't fart into your microphones, you have to speak into those during the game. You'll get the dysentery and die....
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    Or buy a copy of Fallout 4, go to nuka world, get the slutty outfit and be happy
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    As long as my main bitch Tiffany is dressed in something slutty I'm good.
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    I watched horror and 18 (R rated movies in the US) movies from a young age. Donald Trump is connecting video games to real violence? What's your opinion on that? I think it's bullshit.
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    Thing is Jason doesn't need to hide in water. He could just morph across the map..And with sense, can see you comming.. And Just morph away again... And he can also shift away too. Funny thing is.. A few nights ago. I had a kill team hunting me and my mask was off.. And i basically morphed around the map picking up every throwing knife i could while avoiding them for 5 mins. They where sending me messages calling me "COWARD" and all kinds of nasty things. But i refuse to just let them near me. Then i morphed close enough to hit them with the knives... With stalk on.> And just kept nailing the sweater girl with Knives.. They got to close.. I shift away.. And keep throwing knives. Eventually killing the sweater girl as she tried to run to a house. . And then going in to finish off Tommy and Chad. They didn't send me any more messages after that..lol
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    I'll say this, I don't agree with suicide at all. But when I'm Jason and my mask is off, the only time I'll morph away is if there are a group of four or more that are ready to pounce. And it's only to regroup, hit stalk and come back to pick them apart. Even in part 4, when Jason was at his most ruthless and crazy. He was still smart enough not to engage a whole group without picking them apart first. I would NEVER hang out in the lake for the rest of the match, might as well grab a diaper and start sucking your thumb again! Morph out, regroup and reset to kill or be killed trying.
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    In private matches we've had some nights when we do a counselor draft. We do it like a real draft in sports. If you died first you get the first pick, second goes second, and so forth. Jason picks last unless someone survived. If someone else comes into the room they pick last. Makes it interesting and at least if you die early you can likely get your choice of character the next round.
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    I like this idea it is what I have been thinking about because I mean when you said they didn't put specific clothes for other maps it makes sense, but this is a whole other map and the normal clothes they have including (the spring brake clothes) already match the other maps but this one is in space and you wouldn't run around a space ship in a bikini #tiffany and jenny I mean you could but I would prefer a space themed clothing pack.
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    Well I'd have to agree there have already been many suggestion threads for new items. Searching through drawers consumes so much time of the early game and when you find nothing 80% of the time it does get dull and feel like a bore.
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    There's already enough clunkyness to the Jason killing method. I don't think we need any more crap getting in the way. Jason players already run away, try to shift just as you use the sweater to waste it, try to suddenly turn and face a wall so that you can't get Jason on his knees and the sweater is wasted...
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    Yeah, I've already got my changes planned too! I like to try to get my Jasons to reflect the movies they're from, within the game restrictions of what weapons and what grab kills are available. This'll be a long one! Jason 2 - I'll keep the Pickaxe. He kills two people with a machete in the film (Scott and Mark), but does have the pickaxe when confronting Ginny at the end in his shack. And also I'll do this for variety, otherwise I'd have about 5 of my Jasons with a machete. He doesn't have any kills available that are from the film, so I went with my own preference of Throat Hack and Headbutt for weapon kills, and Choke and Jaw Rip for grabs. Jason 3 - I'll switch to the Machete. He kills Andy, Shelly and Ali with one in the film and that's what he has when pursuing Chris. He'll have Candy Dispenser (as a nod to the Shelly kill) and Dismember (Ali kill), alongside Head Squeeze (Rick kill) and then Head Stomp just because it's a fun one. I also tend to keep my 'human' (II-IV) Jason and Roy grab kills less superhuman strength than the zombie Jason choices, where I can. A pretty movie accurate Jason! Jason 4 - I'll keep the Pig Splitter. Jason actually uses a simple knife more than any other weapon in the film, but it's worth keeping the Pig Splitter as it's close to the cleaver used to kill Jimmy and also lets me use the re-enactment of Tommy's famous strike to Jason's head. There aren't any grab kills in the game that reflect the film (although there are environmental ones), so in addition to The Jarvis and for my own preference I gave him Kneecapper, Chop Suey and Up And Under. All weapons kills, only Jason like that. Roy - I'll keep the Shears. Again for the sake of variety, because Roy kills four of five people with a machete in the film. But like with Jason 2, I didn't want almost all my Jasons with a machete and the shears are something of a trademark thanks to the Tina and, arguably, George kills. I went with Hedge Trimmer and Last Breath for the weapon, then as he has no trademark grab kills in the film available I gave him Eye Gouge and Rugby Player (the headbutts) for his grab kills. Again, less superhuman strength options. Jason 6 - I'll switch to the Machete. Shame to lose the Spear, but he kills a whopping seven people with a machete in the film so it was a clear choice for me to reflect Part VI. He'll have The Pamela (nod to the triple paintballer decapitation) and Machete Stab (Steve and Annette kill), to go with Head Crush (Officer Pappas kill and attempt to murder Megan) and Heart Punch (Allen kill). I'll really like this selection, it'll be all four kills in line with the film! Jason 7 - I'll switch to Part III's Axe. He only kills Eddie with a machete in the film, but uses a similar axe to memorably kill first Russell then ultimately Melissa. That will fit more than any of the other weapons. I'll give him the full weapon kill trio of Crotch Chop, The Stunner and Head Chop (final impact fits the Melissa kill anyway) and also Neck Twist as it's the closest to how he kills Ben in appearance, even if it ends in a neck snap rather than crush. Jason 8 - I'll keep the Fire Axe. Jason's quite the versatile killer in this film, but the only other available weapon would be the machete for killing Admiral Robertson. He does kill that deck hand with this fire axe, though, and again I'll go with the option for more variety rather than Machete Jason #4/5/6. Doubletap and Chin Strike because I like them, then Two Handed Choke (Eva's death) and the famous Head Punch (Julius) to finish it off. Jason 9 - I'll switch to the Machete. Shame again to lose the double headed Axe kills, but the machete fits in with his appearance at the start of the film. And there's no shovel option from the end of the film For my own preference and with no trademark weapon kills in his actual form, I'll go with Fish Gut and Dismember again. Then for his other two I have Body Slam (for when he's throwing Steven about at the end) and Bear Hug (Duke kill). Savini Jason - I'll keep the Pitchfork. Really, if anyone's going to see him stomping around, I figure they'll want to see that thing in action too, so no problem keeping it. The trio of weapon kills then Knee Snap. Yeah, I put too much time into this But it's great when my Jason 8 punches someone's head off like Julius, or my Jason 3 crushes a head like Rick, or Jason 9 bearhugs someone to death like Duke. It reminds me of seeing it in the films, and that's always a big part of my enjoyment of this game.
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    A wheelchair MIGHT work in multiplayer if it was an item that a counselor in injured status could use to get around faster, and get pushed by others to go faster and save stamina. It would be like a mini-vehicle. You'd still have to get out to climb through windows and swim. Wheelchair speed could be influenced by the strength stat I guess.
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    Exactly we have a two parts of story about the paranoia there we have first hand will on hold and delayed after dedicated server and will get released and their another hand story paranoia might cancelled and we don’t know what dlc we gonna get in the future we just not let us guessing or predicting bcuz we don’t know everything yet and let gun media and illfonic will do their job and wait what will come next to the future and we gonna find out all of this maybe at last week of april or may or maybe summer time bcuz they focus one thing it’s to fix the dedicated server and for me just wait and be patient?? I am right or wrong?
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    Set this one as my PS4 background.
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    R.I.P I can't find you
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    You guys are mean lol????
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    Current grab range is great, if inconsistent. I was force grabbed once from outside a cabin that Jason was still inside of, behind a couch. It was about a ten foot grab or more, kind of like tbe car rubber band glitch but into Jasons grab. I also had a game last night where I grabbed at tiffany who was right square in front me and did not pick her up. She flipped on her mic right after to explain that she knee she deserved to be dead. That said, 9/10 times his grab is fantastic right now. Whif grabs are way more rare than they were last patch, and force grabs are way more rare than they were near launch. They both still happen, but this patch is pretty good and likely the best we are going to get.
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    I don't mind him using hedgeclippers to break a door, I just don't like the animation used for him breaking the door with them. He should be breaking the door while holding onto both handles in a stabbing motion, not the motion he's currently using.
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    Sure, there are awesome gameplay possibilities for Jason carrying a body, that is without question. However, the tech side of this is monumental. You have to think about the ramifications of having this type of system in place. I'm not saying this is impossible (we've discussed this for months on end) it's just a big hurdle to overcome. Let's break this down so you get a better understanding of game design systems. Let's just look at basics first. 1. We would have to motion capture Jason picking up a person and putting them on his shoulder, as well as walking, running, etc. 2. Can Jason swing his weapon while carrying? Or does he drop it first? 3. Can Jason use "Morph" while carrying a body, or does he drop it? 4. What if another player hits Jason with a weapon, say a bat, while Jason is carrying a body. Does he drop it? 5. What if Jason is carrying a body and sees an alive player? Can he grab them and perform a kill? Or does he drop the body? 6. What if Jason enters the water with a body? Does he keep carrying it while in the water? 7. What if Jason wants to open a door (not by destroying, just basic open). He has his weapon in one hand, and a body over the other shoulder. How does he open the door? Now let's discuss throwing the body. There are "states" a model can be in. To keep it simple let's just say "Alive" and "Dead". Alive players are fully animated and they have hit boxes and marked with collision. Collision means they are a "real" asset where physics of the world are applied. You step on a log, you actually step up on it instead of your foot disappearing into the log. You run into a wall, you don't go through it. This is what "collision" means. However, when you are dead you are now in a "rag-doll" state. Joints aren't rigid on the model. The collision rules are a little different. What if someone dies in a doorway and their body is blocking the door? A different set of rules need to be applied so that you, the alive player, can still gain access. So you mark that scenario as "passable" or turn off collision. Or you leave collision on, and allow the player to push the body out of the way by walking forward. But arms and legs are rag doll on the dead body. They can "clip" into walls, door frames, etc, and get hung. Now you have world physics fighting with model physics. That's when you get CRAZY stuff happening. Bodies flying through the air. Players shot into outer space, etc. With that said, you might start to see the issues of allowing Jason to throw a body anywhere. The edge cases are endless due to player choice. What if Jason throws the body into the boat? Now you have world physics, rag doll model physics and boat physics all conflicting in the same space. And then you, the alive player, try to add a part to the boat to fix it. Now you have asset physics (vehicle part) getting thrown into the mix. This would be a nightmare to work all the bugs out of. What if Jason throws a body through a window, but it doesn't clear the window. It just hangs in the window frame? Again, physics fighting against physics. You'll get bodies flipping out. Spinning, clipping, stretching, etc. You've all seen it in games before. Fallout comes to mind. But now, you have a body blocking a window. Can alive players use that window now? Probably not. This is just a teeny tiny sample of issues that come from this one feature. It's crazy how one little feature like that causes a snowball effect of issues/bugs, but it does. We've had hours and hours of meetings just about this topic. We've brainstormed, tested, failed, tested again...so on and so forth. We fear adding this one feature, will cause the overall immersion of the game to suffer dramatically. You'll spend more time laughing at the odd physics issues, and less time being scared. Tension vanishes the moment you see silly bugs like that. -W
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    It's rather unlikely we'll be incorporating Richard Simmons....as hilarious as that'd be.
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    Player should be able to create their own characters. They can change body size, hair (color), eyes, eyebrows, skin tones, choose their characters traits (like athletic, nerdy, brave, coward, determined, friendly, snitch, backstabber, selfish, etc). This would not only contribute to my other ideas for the game but it will attract more buyers. People like to make characters if you haven’t noticed. And you can keep the original ones just Incase some people just really don’t care. Also for the cut scene, all of the created characters should be sitting in the circle by the camp fire. When one of them is grabbed by Jason that player becomes Jason. Instead of showing the player’s Jason, since a lot of people play as the same Jason and are disappointed when they get their hopes up and they’re not chosen. (I know from my own personal experience). There is also a lot of glitches that prevent Jason from grabbing players or prevents player from moving. Like in the main house there’s a glitch in the bottom part of house In the Jarvis House. Players can’t move on behind the couch and neither can Jason. So either the player is trapped and gets killed or Jason is teased by the players for not being able to grab them. And another feature is multiple players on one screen. Games like Call Of Duty or Left 4 Dead branched out into multiplayer versions. Like I’m my house my friends come over and it’s so annoying to pass the controller back and forth because we each want a turn. I don’t know. There could be better ways to explain my ideas I have tons more. But here’s the less complicated ones.
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