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    I think that's appropriate I'll name... @Alkavian - "The Immaculate" because his spelling and grammar is always on point (I should know because I'm always checking everyone's posts, lol) @Cokeyskunk - "Blue Ugandan Knuckles" because his skunk avatar does not know de wae out of that coke can, or "The Pea-head" because he got his head stuck in it in the first place @Truth - "The Timebomb" because the first few seconds of his avatar always make me think of a stick of dynamite with a timer on it. @NoOneK9503 - "The Learned" because despite English not being his first language, he's done a real good job of speaking it here. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow - "The Titty Twister" because his GIF avatar of the dude from Man of Steel in the tornado with Chris Evans' face on it looks like he's getting a titty twister inside a twister. @Dr. Lecter - "Houdini" because like his title says "Most likely to get banned" but actually hasn't been banned yet, lol (not actually most likely to get banned seem to be an alright fella to be honest) @bewareofbears - "The Level 200 Typer" because he's been here almost as long as me and has the most post counts of anyone on the site @Ghostboy20 - As BlitzBoy526 said, "The Human GIF" is a very appropriate one We all know of your affinity for GIF images in posts, lol. @TheHansonGoons and @Rexfellis - "The Squeeky Clean". A lot of posts and not 1 warning, respect for being a good community member @AldermachXI - "The Anti-Pap" or "Pap-Smasher". That's actually quite a lot of titles, lol. I can't remember who I haven't done but if anyone wants one, ask and I'll add one.
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    I'd like to hear how you think we made money off of it and I can assure you every last red cent we raised went into the film. If we had any left over funding we were going to donate it to the Penny Pines Reforestation Project to help with forest preservation in California. We didn't, so instead we've been traveling back to the camp and restoring it on our own dime so people won't risk getting injured if they stumbled upon in. Check out our instagram for some of the updates: https://www.instagram.com/wompstompfilms/?hl=en Here's the link, check it out when you have an hour to space. And yes, I am actually the director of the project and play Jason for a large part of the film sharing the role with a stunt actor named Bryan Forrest.
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    Yeah, I would be very surprised if it was still the whole length of a hallway, like it used to be, but it is definitely longer than how it was for those two terrible months before the last patch. As both a counselor and a Jason player, I'm pretty happy with the balance as it is now. It's nice to have escaping feel like more of an accomplishment again, and it's nice to have playing as Jason not feel like 10 - 20 minutes of pure stress.
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    I try to give my wife a "quick bump" when she needs it. She's not usually quite so receptive . . .
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    "Quick Bump" @Cokeyskunk, for always giving me that little boost when I need it. "Savage" @Dr. Lecter for not pulling his punches. "Bro" @TheHansonGoons, because it's like looking into the past. "The Pillar" @Alkavian, for being a model of consistency in the community. I trust everything he says implicitly. @stoney is "The Devoted" because she sticks to her guns. "The Professional" @Rexfellis. Like me, he tells it like it is without sugarcoating it. "The Undisputed" @Truth, because, like so many others on this list, it's hard to argue with the man. @NthnButAGoodTime, "King of 80's Pop Culture". The man knows his stuff (and the fact you knew exactly what I was talking about with Nature Valley Chewy Granola Bars). "The Dude Next Door" @Spinesplitter, because Ohio isn't as big as people think. "Smooth" @Freddie Mercury, for seamlessly meshing with so many in the community. "The Statesman" @AldermachXI. You know you've "made it" here when he deigns to look down from Mt. Olympus and grace you with his presence.
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    Okay. Here are my first thoughts. If I missed you, just let me know and I shall bestow a royal title upon thee: Sir @Alkavian, The Wise - for his gracious study sharing of knowledge. Sir @Truth, The Challenging - for providing his alternate views on any subject, no matter how correct one may believe one may be upon it. Sir @NoOneK9503, The Adaptive - for sticking with the kingdom and foraging his way with the best of us, hurdling the Great Language Barrier. Sir @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow, The Fifth - because of his great love of Part V. Sir @Dr. Lecter, The Conjoining - for having the audacity to enter an F13 forum as a different killer, and finding acceptance. Sir @bewareofbears, The Free - having apparently dedicated his very existence to this game and forum. Sir @Ghostboy20, The Animated - for always finding the perfect response to everything in a three second-long GIF image. Sir @TheHansonGoons, The Questful - for his endless pursuit of nuance discovery. Sir @AldermachXI, The Irritable - for his absolute (and vocal) disdain of ignorance. Sir @Rexfellis, The Intolerant - also known as "The Not-Quite-So-Irritable-as-Sir @AldermachXI" Sir @NthnButAGoodTime, The Jovial - in both his posts and his Jason play. ("Knock, knock!!!") Sir @hu_soldier13, The Lucky - despite the fact that luck is "for losers." Sir @RustInPeace, The Vocal - who excels in the game and tells exactly how as he does it. Sir @Vaderspupil, The Discoverer - who seemingly learns something new each time he plays. Sir @ShiftySamurai, The Bard - whom travels far and wide to bring his "Hear Ye!" of royal decree. Sir @Kodiak, The All-Seer - whose calls of "knock it off" and "cut the crap" are the stuff of legends. Sir @DamonD7, The Gracious - from whom is the first interaction most new visitors have upon entering the realm. Sir @Bropollocreed79, The Smarmy - who tells it painfully like it is, but in such a way that still makes one smile. Okay, I know I've missed MANY. Tell me if you want a title. I'm taking a break.
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    We made no profit off of Never Hike Alone. Half of our budget came out of crowdfunding and the other half was raised privately. It all went into the film. Everything we did was to pay tribute to the elements that made me fall in love with the series, not rip it off. If we did something like called our killer Mason Boorhees of Camp Diamond Pond and tried to pass it off as an original concept, then we'd be guilty as charged. The Burning, Bloody Murder, Sleepaway Camp, The Final Girls....are basically "rip offs" of Friday's original formula. We are also not an official Friday project and do not claim to be. Fans still support it and want to see our Jason in the game. If that ever happened it would blow our minds, until then we understand there are legal hurdles and a ton of other more important content / updates in the way.
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    Yeah not going to happen I'm afraid.
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    Anyone else think that they should only allow one of each character in a match? Watch the movies, the only twins are in Part 4. It also ruins it for the Jason player when there are a few people playing Bugzy or Adam and a few more playing as Vanessa. I really think you should be given a "spawn preference" choice for characters as we have between Jason and counselors. I think they should also add incentives to encourage team play, like extra xp for assists like item sharing, self sacrifice (repair the car but don't escape in it for example) and things like that.
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    Youtube gives you the option to monetize your videos based on the amount of traffic that your page generates. We are eligible for monetization, but have not activated it on any of our videos. If we activate the ad on one of our future videos, ads will play before the video begins and also every few minutes or so. In order to monetize NHA, we would need to purchase rights to do so. However in order to gain those rights one would have to pay upwards of 35K up front and then a hand over a % of dollar earned from advertising. That's not counting the legal cost that would be built on top of that as well. If we rent rogue and monetized the film without permission, I'm pretty sure I would receive a cease and desist letter immediately and possibly have to pay a fine if they wanted to take it that far. The camp was never destroyed. At a part 7 screening a few weeks ago the Director stated that the Shepard house was on the opposite shore across from the Camp and that he considered Jason to be chained at the bottom of the lake somewhere between.
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    I would like to have your toughts on this subject. When i first mentioned how it would be nice to have Jason have the ability to carry corpses,someone said it would not be a good idea because it would make Jason waste time. I call bullshit on that remark,this concept will make the game even more interesting. It doesnt matter weither Jason carry a body or not because is walking speed will not be affected at all anyway and if you dont want you can always leave the body where it is. Think about what you could do with a corpse,you can hide it in a wardrobe to scare someone or make it more difficult for a player by limiting is hiding spot. You can also throw a corpse trough a window or from a roof right at a player to scare them. Think about all the possibilities.
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    At this point you're basically just spam. All the complaining and the tons of posts you've posted, is all for the sake of getting your hands on more pocket knives. Over Half the QP lobbies i end up with people escaping.. and people working together. Hell most of the lobbies are filled with GROUPS of friends that party up and play quick match. Your complaining has also just spilled over to Game Faqs I noticed. Which people have already started grilling you. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/121841-friday-the-13th-the-game/76361585 Weeeee!
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    I'd say @Ghostboy20 would be the Human Gif.
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    I, too, have gotten momentarily excited at my local Walmart upon this discovery: "Right in yer eye socket, JASON!"
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    If you want to argue over who is the alpha, take it somewhere else please, it's boring.
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    Just seeing an image of weapon swapping being possible makes me happy.
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    Press "Pause" then "End Game" Advanced tactics
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    Guys! I just got a leak picture of the next DLC for the game!
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    Add ideas too for some fun and Ill add them too! Confirmed: - PJ Outfits (Animation Confirm) - Single Player Challenges (Video Confirm) - Uber Jason (Virtual Cabin Confirm) - Grendel Map (Virtual Cabin Confirm) - Mean Girl (Part 7) (Leaks of her clothes) - Paranoia Gamemode (Video Confirm) - Mark (Animation Confirm) - Dedicated Servers (Gun Confirm) - Interchangeable Weapons (Video Confirm) Unconfirmed: - Manhattan Map - Part 7 Map - Part 6 Map - Voorhees House Map - Crazy Ralph Counselor - Tommy Jarvis Preference - Young Jason (I know this was a hard no but still!) - Play as Pamela - Jason X - Jason from Freddy vs. Jason - Jason 2009 (Sack and Mask?) - Freddy vs. Jason Map - Jason from Never Hike Alone (This could work since the dude who worked on it made a kill ing) - Kyle from Never Hike Alone - Never Hike Alone Map - 2009 F13 Map - More bloody clothing - More Levels - Perk remaster (Space for all of them and more?) [Moderator note - this is not an official list]
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    I have seen that bug, about three times over about one hundred games. It gives you a kill credit, the counselor escapes and you get another chance to kill him or her again, for an extra kill credit. Far from game breaking if you ask me. I have yet to see all the counselors disappear off a map as a counselor (you never see the counselors on Jason's map, unless something has changed and no one told me). Yes!!! in 2018 games do have more bugs than they did 20 or 30 years ago. I can even explain why. Many bugs are due to conflicting commands within a program itself. When there is no command line directing the computer to look at another command line to tell it what to do with the conflict or... there is no such command line to tell it what to do with the conflict because it was an unforeseen conflict, strange things can happen. Some times, it can even cause a game to crash. Computers are funny that way, they can only follow the instructions given to them in a program by an imperfect human being that does, in fact, make mistakes. (except for an A.I. that can rewrite its own programming, but that is not the point here). Games are much larger programs then they were 20 or 30 years ago. Several million lines of code simply has the potential for more conflicts (causing more bugs) than a program with one million or less lines of code. The bigger they are....... you know where this is going... Just a for instance..... The game tie fighter, I can only find special edition specs.... the game requires only 406MB of disk space to install, telling us something about its size. The original game came on 4 or 5 floppy discs, long before the special edition was released and requiring much less disk space (I cannot remember the amount you could even fit on a floppy disk or the size of the original game). The special edition came out on CD. There are still a few bugs in it to this day and it is long abandoned by developers. Tie Fighter originally came out in 1994. Now let us compare tie fighter's size to this game's size (this is a rather small game in size compared to many newer games). The store page lists the required disk space as 4 gigs (somewhat noticeably larger than the aforementioned tie fighter). The folder for this game in steamapps; common is 5.61gigs (they may need to update the system requirements on the store page). I do not feel like doing any math here but you can just imagine how many millions more lines of code this game is, just compared to tie fighter. At this point, we should not have to explain how the number of bugs is exponentially larger than it was for tie fighter. A smaller (older) game is also easier to find the problematic lines of code than it would be in a much larger game. The reason for this should need no further explanation. We should not need to go into the fact that programing has become more complex than it was 20 or 30 years ago. There... I tried to keep it as simple as I could. The devs themselves could probably give you a more comprehensive answer, but they are busy fixing the problems and working on stuff. I hope I got the point across in my own, meandering way. Do you still think games today should not have a host of bugs compared to games from 20 or 30 years ago?
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    maybe, but that post got one reply and got rejected, so this one is going better than mine lol.
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    I'd say just enough time for him to morph or shift away. He shouldn't get enough "god frames" to actually kill someone. Just enough to get away from the group or get into combat stance. He doesn't need any more time than that.
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    I like the idea of helping injured counselors or emotes where you can ask for help, those ideas I dig. Ass slapping? Dude, you slap my ass in a dream and you best wake up and apologize.
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    Anyone here actually stupid trusting enough to install software that admits it's recording any and all keystrokes the user inputs? You in the back, drooling on a glue bottle? Ok...anyone else? No? Ok, cool. That's some powerful anti-douchebag technology, though. It could never be defeated unless someone...realized they could unplug their network cable.
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    No matter how much you may want it. No matter how "neat" it would be. No matter the outcry. THIS. WILL. NEVER. HAPPEN. "Dead By Daylight" has multiple franchised killers mostly because it's not called "Halloween." If it WERE called "Halloween," and incorporated Michael Myers-- --do you REALLY think they'd now also have FREDDY KRUEGER and LEATHERFACE?!! This game is not called "Summer Camp." Nor is it called, "Killing Spree," "Stay Alive," or "Let's Kill Counselors!" It is called FRIDAY THE 13TH. So no, they will not be using other franchised killers.
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    @Splatterhouse You only get money from clicks if you've monetized the video with ads.
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    That's definitely accurate lol Is it? I always feel like I end up repeating myself until I either get sick of it or get bored...
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    @tyrant666 I'm on board with grabs causing damage, but a grab should never kill a counselor. If they have 10% health left and the grab would inflict 10% or more damage, they'd be left with 1 HP if they managed to break free. Based on your idea, Normal Grip would do about 5-6 points of damage and +Grip would do 10-12 points of damage(considering counselors to have 100hp).
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    That's a great idea dude! All the mechanics already exists in the game. So it's just a matter of playing around with what's already there and adding a mask tilt animation for Jason. I guess they'd also need some kind of longer animation for counselor reactions too.. Now that you bring it up, the same thing should happen when Jason is demasked. I've always thought it was odd that the counselors around don't react to it. It would also help newer Jason players out a bit when it comes to getting killed. The only problem I see possibly arising is that Jason could also attack the counselors while stunned from it, and that could easily make things too easy for already advanced Jason players.
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    Jason would clean up here. Between the roving bands of unsupervised youths (who are, ostensibly, banned from congregating in/on private property), and abundance of impovershed folks waiting for the bus, it would take minimal effort to eclipse his Crystal Lake exploits. His lair would fit in nicely in one of the derelict buildings in and around the riverbank where the hobo camps are--Ill try and get pics later. He'd better stay out of the river though, while not a cesspool of AIDS, like in the video, it's home to something far worse: affluent rowing enthusiasts.
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    They all work pretty good. I think the main problem is all the maps have too much power light to begin with. None of the films had that sort of brightness to them even with the power on. Sure, some films had moonlight but even with that moonlight came pitch black darkness. The reality is most people would probably try to counter it by turning gamma all the way up, but at least if the maps were made darker for everybody, it would be more realistic. I almost wish all the maps started off with no power, which include no power to any of the lights.
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    Imagine investing 10,000 dollars to be in the game, and then finding out you could’ve waited a year to do so. Customizable characters are no for me.
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    I agree. Map markers should disappear when hiding. Gotta stop the trolls.
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    Thing is Jason doesn't need to hide in water. He could just morph across the map..And with sense, can see you comming.. And Just morph away again... And he can also shift away too. Funny thing is.. A few nights ago. I had a kill team hunting me and my mask was off.. And i basically morphed around the map picking up every throwing knife i could while avoiding them for 5 mins. They where sending me messages calling me "COWARD" and all kinds of nasty things. But i refuse to just let them near me. Then i morphed close enough to hit them with the knives... With stalk on.> And just kept nailing the sweater girl with Knives.. They got to close.. I shift away.. And keep throwing knives. Eventually killing the sweater girl as she tried to run to a house. . And then going in to finish off Tommy and Chad. They didn't send me any more messages after that..lol
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    I'll say this, I don't agree with suicide at all. But when I'm Jason and my mask is off, the only time I'll morph away is if there are a group of four or more that are ready to pounce. And it's only to regroup, hit stalk and come back to pick them apart. Even in part 4, when Jason was at his most ruthless and crazy. He was still smart enough not to engage a whole group without picking them apart first. I would NEVER hang out in the lake for the rest of the match, might as well grab a diaper and start sucking your thumb again! Morph out, regroup and reset to kill or be killed trying.
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    OK you voted no right so there should be no comment why you did its a poll not a chat room for opinions like you said it only asked if you would like a small pine Hurst yes or no not oh this idea makes no sense if it made no sense to you don't vote or comment
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    Well I'd have to agree there have already been many suggestion threads for new items. Searching through drawers consumes so much time of the early game and when you find nothing 80% of the time it does get dull and feel like a bore.
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    Ok dude you really need to stop rehashing the same tired argument of other kickstarted games released backer exclusive items to everyone. It get's real old. Do yourself a favor and find some other crusade that will yield no results.
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