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    Hello slashers, today we’re going to take a quick look at improvements coming to Jason’s grab animation. As you can see, Jason’s new grab feels more powerful as Jason carries momentum from movement while executing the grab. We are also introducing a sound stinger, which we believe makes it even more unsettling for counselor players who find themselves being scooped up by Jason. In the last update we reworked the area and distance of Jason’s grab, and now the improved grab animation makes them look more powerful as well. Let us know what you think!
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    “HEEEYY GUYZZZZ U GUYZ WANNA TEAM UP AN KILL JAYSUNN?” “OMG U GOT SAVANI! HOWD U GET SAVANI” “NOOO I HATE THAT MAP PICK PACKANACK SMALL!” If I hear any of these I leave immediately. Most kids just aren’t worth putting up with.
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    That's your mistake, having pride. Me? I shit my pants at work one time as an adult. The concept of "pride" is no longer applicable to me.
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    10 - 13 refers tothe status of conditions a dispatcher may ask an officer for her 10-13 to determine if everything is okay or if she/he needs help. It can also refer to weather conditions or the status of a victim or suspect. Other signal codes 13-(suspicious person) 4-(automobile crash) 0-(weapon or armed) 10-( stolen vehicle) So therefore i believe the cops said 10 -13 copy...how convenient for the game...pretty genius guys
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    I guess you cant do anything right on this forum! Im getting rid of my account. Back to dbd. I guess i should sit 24 hours a day and watch every little post that has already been made. I work! I see people complain and fight over opinions or threads they dont like! This community has some nice people! But is infected with some straight up rancid assholes!
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    Another page full of GIFs. Everyone on this page who posted a GIF image, go back and read my previous post (yes I know there's only 2 of you). Also, the arguing is still on-going even when I asked people to stop. Going to lock this thread as it's degenerated into arguing and back and forth GIF spamming.
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    So, now since Jason’s Grab, is now a much more realistic grab motion. This should remove the illusion of Jason, being able to grab a Counselor, from 5 feet away.
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    Yes, I really hope so! If they add the beta animations, the game will feel much more immersive again!
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    Armageddon is a rip-off of Deep Impact. Big difference. A fan project can be kickstarter backed and not be a rip-off as long as it is not pretending to be a unique project and all the money earned through the kickstarter went to production and not into anyone's pockets.
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    I was able to slow the audio down to decipher each word that is said: "Meet us outside the camp entrance, if you can't make it to the entrance...too fucking bad if you're brutally murdered tonight - we're the laziest cops in New Jersey"
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    Please fix/bring back his scream that he used to make in the Jarvis House intro! This missing is just weird and makes it look weird. While I'm at it, please bring back the missing basement door on the Jarvis Guest house too!
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    54. 54 counselors are too many.
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    This is Chad: Chad is a selfish elitist dick who will allow his co-workers to die so that he can escape. Be like Chad. Be a dick and look out for #1.
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    #1 Benefit: If everyone gets mad that you leave in the 4 seater by yourself even though you didn't fix it, you can blame it on "being in character".
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    Cop 1: Wait, was it my kid that called? I can get there between 3:30-5 minutes.
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    Oh, I am SO that guy in one very specific condition: in a theater with stadium seating, I tend to sit in the back because in addition to being a cranky old bastard, I'm tall, so people are always bitching if I'm in front of them, even when there's no reason to. Anyways, I tend to notice who's on their phone during the previews. Once the main feature starts, you have five minutes to turn off your phone before I stand up, point, and say in a voice that "projects", "STOP LOOKING AT PORN ON YOUR PHONE, THERE ARE CHILDREN IN THE THEATER, YOU PERVERT!" Works every time.
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    @makeamericagreatagain94 you literally posted the exact same thread here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16949-jason-gets-stuck-cannot-do-anything-but-move/?tab=comments#comment-233980 Closing this thread. Don't post duplicate topics, especially if you're the one who posted the original.
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    If only my radio station was web streaming (it's in the works, i promise!) The playlist is based on college party music over the last 60 years and when you get a period accurate song that matches up, it's awesome. Last night I was running away from Jason when Blondie's One Way or Another came on. I've also been playing as a counselor when A Flock of Seagulls' I Ran (So Far Away) popped up. My favorite, though, is when I was Adam, cops are at the exit, I have a bat, I have firecrackers, I have a knife, I have a spray and the outgoing guitar solo to Black Sabbath's Iron Man comes up as Im running. All I can think is "Where's that Vorhees boy?" @Ghostboy20 Pat Benatar - Love Is A Battlefield Billy Idol - Rebel Yell Men At Work - Down Under All are on my station @PlayerAgainstTheMachine Whip it from DEVO and I melt with you by Modern English. IMWY is on it, and you won't have to twist my arm to add Whip It. @Goodgodman Jessie’s girl - yep! @TiffanyxAJ I think we're alone now - Tiffany - Have it, both that and the Tommy James & The Shondells version @WashingtonJones Let It Be - The Beatles Crazy - Knarls Barkley - yep @Blaisy-Bas Africa from Toto - Mmmhmm @Survivor11 The Cars - Heartbeat City (I have plenty from The Cars, not sure if this one's in there) Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Alphaville - Forever Young - all yes.
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    I had a kid try to tell me he'd squeal on the other players *Me, as Jason finishing up my work on the fuse house* Kid: Hey, i'll tell you where the others are Me: *swings at him, misses* Kid: HEY, I'll let you know where the others are so you can get them Me: *Swings at him again, saying nothing* Kid: I'll tell you where they are! Me: *grabs him and executes the longest kill I have equipped on that Jason* I believe he quit shortly thereafter.
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    Just occasionally We don't mind GIF images, just don't want GIF spam going on.
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    Here we go. Yesterday Jason is OP and the game unbalanced and too hard for counselors. Today it’s too easy and being Jason is boring and predictable. Tomorrow it will be hard again. Repeat
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    You might want to find a steady group of expert players. They'll give you a run you won't find in random quickplay.
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    He needs some kind of power move that builds up after X amount of stuns. Something that damages everyone in a certain radius, like a 'Hulk Smash!' but Jason related.
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    why the fuck would anyone want any of that in this game. never hike alone is NOT friday the 13th, it is not official, fan made film. maybe we also put in the jason from jason vs leatherface, and the map?!
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    Give Jason a full color map and make tripped traps yellow in my opinion.
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    My above joke aside, I would like to know the answer to this. To my British ears it sounds like "Copy on the road therapy". -- "10'4's 97"
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    Currently disarmed traps do show up differently on the map but its so similar its like whats the point?
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    How is ' Chad is a momma 's boy._.' a tip ? LOL
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    Yeah. Took my wife to her first slayer show last year to kick our honeymoon off. Got front and center and got a couple of kerry king and gary holt guitar picks. Made her love slayer that much more. Just wish she could have seen them when hanneman was still up there, she just doesn't know what she missed.
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    For those wondering what a stinger is, here is an existing one from the game as captured by a random YouTuber. This is NOT the one used for the grab animation change:
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    This is played before every show at the Alamo Draft house.
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    I agree with all of these. Realistically, they all should've been there from the start.
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    So, wouldn't "10-4, 37" just be the cop confirming? "Understood. Aggravated Assault"?
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    @Chunkyblaq, I'd like to take a moment to personally and publicly thank you, as a newbie, for following forum rules and using the search function to find an existing thread before posting a new topic, and to encourage you to make the circle complete by swinging over to the introduce yourself section to post the obligatory introduction.
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    @Ghostboy20 That'll be you, take heed and grow up. Agreed. I've stopped arguing. As you probably read. The ignore button is a thing of genius. Numerous notifications of tags and nothing to see.
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    I see nothing sad of a human being because horror is one of the best genres to date.
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    Why are you still bragging about this? Do you really think it is something to be proud of? Go get some sleep so you will be well rested for "med school" tomorrow.
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    I just want "His Eyes" and "I think we're alone now" added and I will be a happy camper!
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    I hate Tiffany’s one tbh, in my opinion Tiffany should have “The Unlucky Final Girl” what her ability does if she’s the last counsellor alive she can use her ability and she gets 10 stamina 10 composure 10 speed for 3.5 minuets so it would be best to use if Jason after her
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    Some gameplay problem, friendly-fire was removed but auto-aim to counselors wasn't. Please remove auto-aim to counselors, when Jason and counselors is near it's hard to hit Jason with pressing "c".
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    jason does not need perks plain and simple
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    I just want me some good old fashioned, wholesome, chocked full of family values Friday the 13th The Game PORN. Because why not? Am I right? Because who wouldn't want to see that?
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    <-----This guy. It's inexcusable they haven't put him in a FvJvA movie yet.
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    Roy was human, so of course he can run.
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