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    10 - 13 refers tothe status of conditions a dispatcher may ask an officer for her 10-13 to determine if everything is okay or if she/he needs help. It can also refer to weather conditions or the status of a victim or suspect. Other signal codes 13-(suspicious person) 4-(automobile crash) 0-(weapon or armed) 10-( stolen vehicle) So therefore i believe the cops said 10 -13 copy...how convenient for the game...pretty genius guys
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    Armageddon is a rip-off of Deep Impact. Big difference. A fan project can be kickstarter backed and not be a rip-off as long as it is not pretending to be a unique project and all the money earned through the kickstarter went to production and not into anyone's pockets.
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    Have you tried the Rufie perk?
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    I was able to slow the audio down to decipher each word that is said: "Meet us outside the camp entrance, if you can't make it to the entrance...too fucking bad if you're brutally murdered tonight - we're the laziest cops in New Jersey"
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    Please fix/bring back his scream that he used to make in the Jarvis House intro! This missing is just weird and makes it look weird. While I'm at it, please bring back the missing basement door on the Jarvis Guest house too!
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    Just occasionally We don't mind GIF images, just don't want GIF spam going on.
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    Here we go. Yesterday Jason is OP and the game unbalanced and too hard for counselors. Today it’s too easy and being Jason is boring and predictable. Tomorrow it will be hard again. Repeat
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    You might want to find a steady group of expert players. They'll give you a run you won't find in random quickplay.
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    He needs some kind of power move that builds up after X amount of stuns. Something that damages everyone in a certain radius, like a 'Hulk Smash!' but Jason related.
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    why the fuck would anyone want any of that in this game. never hike alone is NOT friday the 13th, it is not official, fan made film. maybe we also put in the jason from jason vs leatherface, and the map?!
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    Give Jason a full color map and make tripped traps yellow in my opinion.
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    My above joke aside, I would like to know the answer to this. To my British ears it sounds like "Copy on the road therapy". -- "10'4's 97"
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    Hi everyone, I am Angelos and I am knew to the community. I live in Greece and I signed up to learn more things about the game and the movies and to help improve what we all really enjoy playing...
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    Hehe! Thx to a nice Russian programmer, now i can play one of my personal favorite classic FPS on pc. And it look like i have a lot to go throught since not only do have the Plasma Pak and the Cryptic Passage addon chapter, but i can now try the Death Wish fan made addon who got 3 new brand chapter of over the top gore, funny horror reference and the usual tongue cheek humor ! ! ! Blood 2 isn’t too bad either but it miss something… Oh and for the record, there is a level entirely based on Crystal Lake in Episode 4: Dead Reckoning. Link for BloodGDX : http://m210.duke4.net/ Link for the Death Wish fanmade expansion pack : http://www.moddb.com/mods/death-wish-for-blood Oh and of course, you have to own Blood !
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    I'd love that. I'd swap the throwing knives button for combat stance, so you could go into combat stance with L1 and press the analogue stick to ready a throwing knife.
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    Welcome, Herbie. It's nice to have you here.
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    Honestly loving some of those Vanessa- Ehh...let’s say Vanessa is the last one left and the player decides to use the ability at the “2 Minutes Remaining” warning, kinda OP for Vanessa, but not a bad idea. Jenny- Some people may say it OP but are they forgetting who Jenny is based on? Chris Higgins, who defeated Jason with a single axe blow to the head. It would be a perfect abillity for Jenny, but for gameplay purpose it should be near impossible to pull of because everyone would play Jenny and try to defeat Jason. The idea is perfect but not sure how they would implement it withour being to OP for Jenny. Kenny- Kinda OP for Kenny, they would just sprint for the hidden phone. AJ- Love it Tiffany- Honestly made me laugh. Like the idea but she should have something that uses her perfect combo of speed/stealth/stamina. I saw somebody say if she’s the last one left her stats increase significantly...I mean she is the “Unlikely Final Girl”. Deb- She should hotwire the phone like Adam does the car but again, kinda OP. Lachappa- Love it Chad- Perfect Adam- Perfect for Adam Buggzy- Perfect for Buggzy Tommy- If you can recreate the Part 6 death and get a female counselor to help you out then it would be perfect but Jason would just avoid the water. Similar to how Jason’s will teleport to water to avoid death now but now Jason players would just stay on land, but like somebody already stated Tommy’s taunt should force Jason into the water in a cutscene similar to Part 6 and it becomes a mini-game struggle with only one of them coming out alive.
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    For those who voted for Chad, they shall be killed.
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    I got killed in the first minute of the game at the phone house, and then this happened.
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    They don't have the rights to the Freddy v. Jason stuff. It's not going to happen.
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    Hey guys, So I want to know what you guys think about the update coming out. I want to know what type of weapons you will use on each jason. Give me some examples! What do you guys think what level requirement it will be? Also, The keybinds for PC. I know im changing my push to talk key! Some examples I thought that would be good for each jason. Jason's Weapons In case You or myself forget: Part 2: Pickaxe Part 3: Axe Part 4: Pig Splitter Part 5: Shears/Garden Shears Part 6: The Spear Part 7: Machete Part 8: Fire Axe Part 9: Double-Bit Axe Savini Jason: Devil's Pitchfork Weapons for each Jason: Part 2: I think I would put the Machete or the Axe from part 3 to him. Part 3: I think I would put the Pickaxe or the spear on him. Part 4: I think I would put the axe from part 3 or keep his pig splitter weapon. Part 5: I think I would put the axe from part 8 or keeping the shears because it matches. Part 6: I think I would put the Axe from part 3 or the pickaxe. Part 7: I think I would put the axe from part 9 or the spear. Part 8: I think I would put the shears or the spear. I don't know why. Part 9: I think I would put the Pig splitter or the machete on him because it's tumor head jason. Savini Jason: Okay, So for this one I would put the Pig Splitter or Keep the pitchfork. I would put this on him if I had Savini Jason. Well that is it, tell me if you agree or disagree. Don't forget to give me some examples! Also, I can't wait any longer for single-player Challenges! Sincerley, Your one and only neighborhood jason; From James. This sounds like a letter wtf. lol
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    jason does not need perks plain and simple
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    Yes. But the game handing you 2-3 pocket knives if you know where to find them creates a false sense of security. Pro tip: On maps like Higgins, there's ALWAYS a pocket knife in one of the cabins north of Higgins House. At Blair's Cove, I seem to usually find a pocket knife in the furthest cabin north. But before the last patch, it wasn't uncommon for me to be rockin' 3 pocket knives. I doesn't matter which counselor I use at that point, I can loop Jason for 20 minutes.
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    I just want me some good old fashioned, wholesome, chocked full of family values Friday the 13th The Game PORN. Because why not? Am I right? Because who wouldn't want to see that?
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    <-----This guy. It's inexcusable they haven't put him in a FvJvA movie yet.
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