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    When you are playing Vanessa or Buzzy and are being chased by Jason please for the love of Christ stop leading them to other counselors especially fixers. You have 8-9 stamina I have 3. Your speed is above 7, mine is 4. Just played 2 games in a row where a Vanessa and Buzzy led Jason to my cabin before running off as Jason changed his priority to me (Deborah Kim) and tunneled me as they left me in the dust to die. If you are playing Buggzy or Vanessa your entire purpose is to be the distraction so fixers can do their jobs and get the objectives ready for you. Use the stats you were given to do your job and I will use the stats I've been given to do mine.
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    Well. Usually as a Vanessa I'm trying to run from Jason. I can't tell by looking at the map or minimap who is by me. I've found the bigger issue is that while Vanessa is kiting Jason that the repair characters aren't doing their job. Nothing like eating a bunch of time running from Jason just to look at the objective screen seeing Jack and shit getting done.
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    Nope. Summer of Heat is the best song in the game, and it does play when male characters turn on a radio or crank the car too. And it was around long before the Jarvis map.
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    The butthurt is real with this one.
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    *Walks in and looks around* Yep, looks like this is under control. I think I've run out of my "antagonize stupid troll" points for the day. Carry on gentlemen. *Walks back out* @AldermachXI I do need to make one comment to you. Listen noob, you obviously don't know what the hell you are talking about since you just got this game. skallapat, skullfucked, pitty-pat, or whatever his name is was right. Jason is too OP We killers of Jason are getting our asses kicked when we try to fight him Maybe after you've played a match or two you will understand our pain!
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    Awww, game too hard for you now? Since you're a "good player" you shouldn't be having problems. Unless it was an overabundance of weapons and a weak as hell Jason that made you "good".
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    Hahahahaha. Just git gud as a counselor. The game is about Jason. Jason is supernatural powerhouse and should be in the game. It's not about killing Jason it's about surviving. Killing Jason is something that should take skill and hard work. Not something handed out on a silver platter. You are whinning because you can't get easy Jason kills anymore as opposed to everyone who is an actual fan of the franchise complaining about how Jason was softer than a teddy bear. This thread should not even exist.
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    Sense spamming is broken and cheesy. It's even more cheesy than Jason being able to arm block a bear trap. It needs to be changed, and here's why. 1) Sense Avoidance Perks. Sense spamming makes Sense avoidance perks near useless. Best case scenario, you have 65% Sense Avoidance with three perks, AND you must stay indoors to get that 65%, it drops to 45% while you are outside. That means a Counselor is using ALL THREE perk slots to slightly counter ONE of Jason's abilities. Three perks slots that just gives Jason a 1 in 3 chance to find you with Sense anyways. 2) Stealth. Sense spamming makes Stealth a very weak stat. It may even be THE WORST stat in the game. Some players still like, and use it. But it doesn't really change the fact that it's not a good stat. Jason players aren't looking for noise pings, they rely on Wallhack- I mean, Sense spamming to find Counselors. And if Sense isn't picking up any nearby Counselors, then Jason just moves closer to an objective and he is bound to find someone. 3) Not intended. I believe that Sense spamming was NOT intended for the game. Not only is it unhealthy, but just by looking at some of Jason's perks, you can clearly see that Sense wasn't meant to be spammed. +/- Sense Jasons are what I'm referring to. Having Sense as a Strength OR Weakness ONLY affects the Duration and the Cooldown. Spamming Sense bypasses both of these effects. Why need a longer Duration, when you only keep the ability on for 2-3 seconds? Why need a shorter Cooldown when you can retain a LARGE portion of the cooldown by cancelling it early? Solution. It's actually very simple, really. Change Sense so it CANNOT be spammed. Make Sense act like all of Jason's other abilities. You have to wait for the full Cooldown, even if you cancel it early. You don't see Jason being able to Shift more often because he stopped it early, and you don't see him using Stalk more by cancelling it early. So why should Sense be any different?
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    @ShiftySamurai With no updates coming for a minimum of 2 months it would be a great time for a contest or giveaway. The prize doesn't even have to be anything extraordinary. A clothing or kill pack or even just player recognition would probably suffice. This section is completely under utilized. Give the fans something to look forward to while they wait for this long off update. You could do a giveaway or a contest of some sort with a prize to the winner. A contest would get the community involved more rather than a random drawing of submitted names. Example fan art contest: Members submit their best fan art privately to a gun email account. Gun chooses their top 3 and posts a poll with the 3 pieces displayed for the members to vote on. Winner gets prize. There's like a ton of contest ideas you could run with in addition to random drawings. Would like to see this section get some action in the near future.
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    You're right. People do kill him regularly. I got 3 kills in two days and would have been more had quick play players known what they were doing or had mics. Have about 30 this year now, give or take a couple. What I am confused about, is you made a thread about people cried to make Jason stronger. Yet you say you still kill him. Sounds like everything is fine to me. Sorry you are now being challenged? Sorry escaping every time is boring? Sorry the game catered to trolls before this current patch? Considering I still see several Jason beatings a day, I don't think it is bad as you want it to seem. Then again, maybe you need to take your own advice and "git gud". Most have adapted since the patch. Hopefully you try new strategies and see what works for you. His grab range isn't that bad unless running around the car, which collision does lead to vacuum grabs. Otherwise, find the sweet spot and how you can still avoid his grab right next to him. Good luck.
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    Trust me, there's nothing "accidental" about it. When I'm Lachappa and Jason is on me like white on rice, I'm like a homing missile for the nearest counselor.
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    Hence why I never thought he needed a pocketknife and med spray in the first place. Maybe a med spray with this new item spawn, but never before. I disagree with him having a pocketknife as most Tommy's misuse their items in the first place. Sad, but true. Harhar i came back as jarvis!!!1!! Now im gonna' shoot jason and miss then let him grab me and scurry away!
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    And this thread is why the game is in a shitty state and why suicides should be credited to Jason as a kill. Sure, you get to leave early, it helps Jason by making it one less asshole troll to chase, Jason gets the win. SCUM OF THE EARTH. UNINSTALL.
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    I'll keep mentioning the group in my welcome messages. If it helps even two people get together to enjoying playing games, I think it's worthwhile.
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    The OP question has been answered - you can't get those two via Offline Bots - and this thread is far too cool and awesome to remain open to us mere mortals.
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    All the killers are supposed to represent horror tropes of the killer being beyond normal human capabilities. Roy appeared in multiple places quickly despite never running, so thematically he can teleport. Think of it as what a movie looks like rather than what logically should happen based on realism.
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    @ShiftySamurai @Gertz @Randygbk I color corrected Roy's coveralls to be the correct screen-accurate green color. Now tell me, which of the following things is not like the other? First image in higher quality here. EDIT: Found another shot, this time in the DAYTIME, of Roy's sleeves. They're green. Below is a behind-the-scenes photo taken from an entirely different camera with absolutely no blue lighting or post-process filtering to skew the image. There is only natural lighting, and it is definitely dark green.
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    Well, Tommy gets bonus XP for helping others escape and dying to save counselors. You helped him earn a little extra.
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    Inane, not insane. Inane means silly or stupid. Insane means: a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill. Although, maybe both apply here.
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    You didn't mention me in this thread. You mentioned me in the other thread, that was merged with this one. Keep doing what your doing man, I'm just telling you that it is not going to end well with your campaign. People are going to get sick of your redundant shit.
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    1. Persist non-stop(Vanessa may have a lot of stamina but it runs out eventually) 2. Make sure you break all windows to prevent juking. 3. Try to use throwing more often specifically against fast characters. When they are in the middle of an action like climbing through a window, opening a door etc. The animation will give you ample time to get an easy hit. 4. Don’t focus on Vanessa’s until all repair type characters are either dead or unable to repair to due to trap placement or lack of actual items. 5. Work on your shift grab. Realistically this is most likely way you’ll catch up to a Vanessa. For the shift grab try to anticipate their direction and press the grab button as soon as you exit the state.
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    My advice is to not tunnel Vanessa early in the game. It will waste your time and allow other counselors to achieve objectives. If you get a chance to stick a knife in Vanessa's behind or get a quick shift/slash or grab on her, do it. Otherwise, she is best left until after you take care of other counselors. I have, unfortunately, wasted entirely too much time in matches focusing on Vanessa, and it resulted in the cops getting called or cars getting fixed. Med sprays run out, so my advice is to take advantage of any chance you get to injure her. Chad and Vanessa can be the most problematic counselors to deal with as Jason. Breaking windows and doors of the cabins they are in, and killing the lights are both good strategies. Let them injure themselves. Be patient, don't tunnel for too long, and take the opportunities to get some smacks in when you can. That's the best I can give you. Good luck.
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    reggie will never be in the game im sorry unless they make him older, but a child being killed that brutally will never be allowed.
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    Regardless of the state of anyone's panties (mine are surprisingly breathable, despite being stitched together from the hides of my enemies), I did, in fact, merge a newer thread into the existing thread. I didn't alter anyone's conversation up to that point, so it would appear that someone was worried that the original thread would be closed. T'was in fact the new thread that might have been closed, had I not merged. Hence @Gacys Clown's confusion, hence this diversion into discussion the fit of everyone's unmentionables. Further in @Gacys Clown's defense, it is not easy to identify a mod if you are looking at this page from a mobile phone browser. Now that we're all uncomfortably familiar with the fit and positioning of each other's undergarments, let's all return to the topic of whether or not suicide is "being abuse".
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    Normally when people post “am I the only one” type threads people would state the obvious - that of course at last someone else out there agrees with OP. But in this case I really feel OPs dislike of Summer of a Heat is unique, and he should seek mental help. Preferably at Pinehurst.
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    Because Tommy needs more buffs than being 10/10 in everything.
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    I can sympathize here. Or when you are see someone nearby and ask them to help with the trap or guarding the box so you can do everything, and they run away from you. You spend the next 5 minutes window hopping and table dancing to distract Jason as you already know you're fate. Thanks for the help micless guy that runs away. I feel like these two go together real well with the experience I was thinking of. You have circled Packanack small twice and not found a single item. One car needs keys, you know where the fuse box is but know every cabin nearby is searched. You know Jason has rage mode and time is running out. You have been calling out fuse box location since the beginning of the game. Have been asking for keys for the past 5 minutes. Two of you left. He dies and both drop, far away from either point. All you can do is wonder wtf they were thinking or trying to do, and accept death.
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    Great reference. Too bad Jason wasn't high on meth, had a sex scheduler, got caught trying to hook up for gay sex with an undercover cop in the bathroom of an LA movie theater, nor can kill himself at the end. Makes Jason seem boring now. As for some of the other comments here, if only you guys could do us all a favor and actually follow your "sweet tactics".
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    I do that after giving people a long chase if they keep chasing me even while my co-counselors are fixing everything, and it feels great to know that I punked them for like 7 minutes and then took their kill away.
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    How desperate is one's social life that you go for a hookup with a gaming system? This whole thread is an exercise in futility...right down to the justification for buying a console.😜 If you don't like bots, that's cool. Let's just leave the elitism at the door shall we?
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    Even though I am a skilled Jason player and regularly clear out matches, I still want this implemented as it would be more suspenseful and feel more scary, getting "better" at playing Jason has nothing to do with this.
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    That feeling when you have "My Dad's a Cop" Perk, you're repairing the fuse fox and someone is taking the phone before you. Then you see on top of the screen 5:00 to wait for cops.
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    Why is it suddenly goofy for Uber Jason to appear on Packanack? Did 8-bit Retro Jason suddenly have an excuse? Why is it suddenly goofy for the characters to appear in the Grendel? Did Tommy suddenly have an excuse to show up as an adult in 1979 Crystal Lake? Make the Grendel and Uber part of the main multiplayer mode. Most people are going to want that.
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    2 minutes and 40 seconds. Give them a try and post your results.
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    What in the actual fuck does that even have to do with the relevancy of this thread? Your acting like an immature child & taking shots because you have no valid argument for your trivial complaining about something that’s completely pointless.
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    That moment when you've installed the battery and poured the gas into the 4 seater and some dickhead Chad shows up with the keys and hauls ass by himself to the exit, honking and attempting to run over people all the way out. Kiss my Chad!!!
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    You have to drop the spray that Tommy spawns with and pick it back up. Then it'll give you two sprays.
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    Summer of Heat by Mitch Murder It's about a chick picking up a crush and uhh "having some fun". I like this song, synthwave is an awesome genre. It was added to the game because actual 80s songs would cost exorbitant royalties. As for the claim of sexism, gtfo with that sjw identity political crap!!!
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    Suck it up, buttercup. If someone wants to deny Jason the kill and is willing to shorten the match to do so, then I applaud that person's act of selflessness.
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    I feel bad for the guy. He has to die in every intro. Instead every counselor should take a turn and die by Jason's hand in the intro. So say your Jason. The counselor you selected in the lobby will die in the intro. Sounds better and more creative.
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    Hah a if not the system then possibly my brain would have exploded. I was so baffles when I went back to look for the propeller to see my body still holding it. In game out of body experience.
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    Welcome, sir! We look forward to your input on the nifty discussions we have going on right now!
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    Part 3's whole chase sequence. Its epic.
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    We need Melissa i absolutely love this idea.
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    And they should make a menu "When called CB Radio, Prefer Rob Dier or Tommy Jarvis?"
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