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    Good morning, counselors. We have received multiple reports that many of you are bringing more pocket knives than could possibly be necessary to camp. In addition to pocket knives, there is an abundance of sharp-edged and blunt instruments that can be used as weaponry. The following changes will be made to acceptable behavior when we next open the camp: Pocket knives will be far less available throughout the camp, though special visitors will still be allowed to bring a personal pocket knife. We have limited access to some pieces of hardware that can be used as weaponry, including an abundance of machetes and wrenches, that have later been found left around the camp. – These items will still be at the camp, but there will be less available. Special note: Due to the abandonment of expensive medical inventory – Med Sprays - all over the grounds, we have been forced to reduce the amount available. Please remember to do your part to eliminate the wasting of expensive and necessary camp supplies.
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    No it won’t. Those complaining weren’t going to stick around any way. This is what the true F13 fan wanted. They wanted a tough night at Crystal Lake. These changes will save the game, not the opposite. The real fans are finally being listened to. Making it tough to survive as a counselor IS THE FUN. It’s akin to a game like Dark Souls, the challenge leads to a far more euphoric feeling when overcome. Same here. Surviving against cinemas most prolific killer is a true achievement. At least it used to be and hopefully will be again. Sorry, to those who don’t like that idea, well, buzz off. This games community doesn’t need nor want you around.
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    If "fun" for counselors is teabagging Jason and beating him up, then yeah, we can lose those guys. The game as intended is supposed to be scary for counselors, not a dance party. If you want to be a superhero, maybe you should find another game more suitable to your interests.
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    That's not an issue. You were banned and you know why you were. No idea why you emailed, PMed, DMed and Tweeted how we should all get fucked and how you are somehow smart for breaking terms of service for the game...but judging by your ability to write, I'd wager education hasn't been a priority in your life. Maybe next time don't break the rules and then flaunt the fact you did by sending us emote-riddled emails that involve more cussing than actual discussion. Oh, and the folks at Xbox are well aware of your activities now. Enjoy.
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    The current state of weapons is that there are enough to demask Jason 5x over. What the weapon reduction will do is reduce trolling. It will require counselors to only attack Jason when they HAVE to, not when they WANT to.
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    Me, reading all the counselor-preference players in this thread:
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    Good to know Jason has a good chance of becoming feared again.
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    I wonder what it’s going to feel like to die as a counselor again. I can’t wait to have our game back.
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    Jason isn't supposed to be someone you can go toe to toe with. That's the reason they're making him harder. If he gets near you, you should, in most cases, die.
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    Can we have AJ's booty embiggened in her swimsuit now? This is the important change the game needs, obviously.
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    Thank you for going back to killing all counselors and making it impossible to escape and fight back. Love it!
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    I'm fairly sure it's not a crime, but I will make sure that people know that Jason X (Pre-Uber) is wanted.
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    With Uber coming soon to this amazing game I wanted to bring up something that just blows my mind, I'm a hardcore f13 fan whose fav installments would be in order: X, 4, 6, 1, 7, 2, 3, fvj, 5, remake, 8, 9 but I hear X getting so much crap. I think this movie was one of the most original and refreshing installments to the franchise. I grew up in the 80s and the f13 series was my fav I enjoyed every f13 movie besides jgth. Jason x was well acted, tongue in cheek funny and was awesome to see the Uber reveal in theatres, the only reason it bombed is because it leaked online over a year before hitting theatres! I see the f13 game fanbase bashing this movie usually by saying Jason in space was just dumb, I honestly believe most people saying this are newbies brought to the franchise by the game who haven't even seen Jason x and just assume because Jason x is in space it must be dumb, but if they'd actually watch it maybe they'd see how much fun the film actually was....besides he just wants his machete back after all! I can't wait to run from or hunt as uber Jason on the Grendel soon...only wish one day we get pre Uber Jason X.
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    I don't like the choices for the vote. Theyre too specific and not enough options
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    I think even a lot of the new players are aware of the misrepresentation. I don't think anyone will be too upset to see Jason get a much needed boost. Some might be upset about it. But we can afford to lose those types.
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    Anyone who uses the phrase "GIT GUD" in anything other than a joking or ironic manner is a giant, giant dildo.
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    @uberXJoshua my favorite scene was the end credits. My least favorite scene was everything that happened after he got frozen.
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    How about we wait and see just how much less there is before freaking out about it? There's an over abundance of just about everything on maps right now, except for teamwork. Wait til tomorrow and see how things play out. I'm getting more excited...If they can manage to squash some of the major bugs, we could be back in business.
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    So basically you guys just nerfed the hell outta counselors to the point where we can’t do anything. Niceeee guess I’m switching to last year a game that’s gonna be more balanced than this will be
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    The faster ones tend to have lower intelligence, so they’re going to have to rely on those slower, higher intelligence characters and with the lack of weapons they’re going to need to be a little more mindful of their weapon breaking. It should force more team play within the game. If not, well then, no survivors.
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    I think you'll find that it's a perfectly cromulent word.
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    No one cares bud. Like I said, you aren’t needed.
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    No, Jason can take enough damage and abuse from scrawny little counselors as it is. Absolutely no changes are needed to improve the combat on the counselors side. Don’t get grabbed. Problem solved.
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    The issue is that the devs allowed the game to get to the point where Counselors could easily fuck with Jason and they were loaded with weapons, meds, knives etc. So they felt super comfortable every match to not even worry. Now taking it all away is going to piss them off because they're used to this being the game. Totally changing the game back to its ORIGINAL intention where they need to be AFRAID of Jason is like giving a spoiled child $500 every week then realizing they're spoiled and taking it away. So of course now you have all the spoiled children flipping out and demanding their $500 back. So while the child is certainly a spoiled piece of shit who NEEDS to learn he can't have that $500 every week and to grow the fuck up, the devs are the bad parents who now have to accept they're gonna have to deal with their spoiled, tantrum throwing piece of shit kids now that they finally decided to cut them off and force them to grow up, because they're the ones who spoiled those kids in the first place. Long story short, when you spoil your children, this is what happens. Spoiled, entitled brats will be.....spoiled entitled brats.
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    Part 7 will still be the worse since every Jason gets the same buffs no one moves up in the pecking order
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    I love these Forums. For every 100 stupid threads, there’s a gem like this.
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    Wrong. The game was NEVER intended to be “balanced”. It was always intended to simulate the films, which means most counselors don’t make it out alive. It was only after the constant whining from your crowd that they changed it and realized they f***ed up something fierce. The real community, the community that made this game possible wants an extremely powerful Jason and a tough as s**t to escape counselor experience. Sorry, if you want an experience that caters to the survivors, go play Dead By Daylight and leave this community the hell alone.
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    No.. they don't. This maybe a multiplayer game but this is not a competitive sports/pvp game so balance goes out the window. This is a game of hide and go seek, run for your life and.. escape if you can game. And if the hunter (Jason, the STAR) is getting bullied and stomped by its prey (counselors) then the game backwards. Jason cannot be everywhere at once. This means that no matter how unbalanced you think it is.. you will always have a chance and 7 kills is not a given. But if Jason isn't a OP menace that game has no soul. So ya.. screw balance..
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    No kidding. I really hope that sense of dread returns. I love this line though “can’t wait to have our game back”. That’s just, spot on man.
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    None of the people in the poll This community wants Melissa & Reggie Those characters in the poll won't add anything to the game
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    This is nice and all, but how about next time you just fix everything that's already broken? It was very annoying constantly getting stuck in cars or running around the map with half your body under the map Etc. I love new things but they just add more trouble when you don't fix the old things.
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    It's supposed to be a camp for kids. I think the elimination of several sharp instruments and medications is probably advisable. We don't want adolescents running with scissors and huffing aerosols, now do we? Thanks for the update, Shifty.
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    I'd rather have it be the other way around. Counselors are already too over powered. Gas kill: Jason grabs the gas can and pours gas all over the counselor, then lights them on fire Battery kill: Jason beats you to death with a car battery. Pretty self explanatory Car hood kill: Jason repeatedly slams the car hood down on your head until it decapitates you while you are fixing the battery
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    Howdy Campers, long time no see. Sorry about that, been head down, working with the team on this upcoming patch. They have busted hump and I'm proud of this content patch dropping on Tuesday, Jan 30th. But let's cut to the chase. J5 STATS!! First off, he unlocks at level 0, meaning you get him instantly. OK, now the pros and cons. PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Stalk - Grip Strength + Can Run - Stun Resistance I know there's a lot of questions about Paranoia as well. I will be doing a write-up next week to update everyone here on the forums as to the current status of Paranoia. Look for that post mid-next week. -W
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    Adding Back Beta Animations @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @wes @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben The beta of Friday The 13th The Game looked really good. Much more trees and bushes. Characters looked better. Houses and lighting were much better as well. I don't know the reason why the beta looked so good and the release looked pretty bad and I'm hoping one day the game will look as good as the beta. But the thing that makes me really mad is why some of the animations from the beta are gone. Especially the Jason ones. Here take a look down below: Look at how good these look! These look so amazing! I don't understand why these aren't in the final release. They said they are trying to make Jason Scarier. If they add these animations back from the beta Jason would look and feel so much scarier. They make Jason feel more alive and relentless. Especially that last clip of Part 3 Jason. Imagine you saw him running at you like that after trying to break down a door. Don't lie, that would be so much scarier. I know we can get this back in the game guys. If enough people ask for it back then we'll get it. Thanks for reading this. And please, fill free to comment your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear your guy's feedback on this. - Deku Scrub Friday The 13th The Game Twitter: https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame BTW if you can't add these back because of consoles then just add them back to PC. I don't even play on PC but i still would like one version of the game to at least have it.
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    This has been discussed a million times already my friend. In the alpha photos and videos there used to be an option to choose your weapon but they got rid of it. Maybe we will see it in the future maybe we won't, only time will tell.
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    Damn, that's public shaming on a level that hasn't existed since the Salem witch trials... Someone keep an eye on that kid and make sure he applies cooling pressure to the burn areas.
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    Well that turned out like many of us expected. Thank you @GunMedia_Ben Don't cheat people...it's not worth it.
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    It was VERY SILLY when all 7 counselors could literally constantly break weapons over Jason, only to hop over to two cabins and replenish. You shouldn't be wanting to do that. You shouldn't be wanting to solo dolo. You don't want to play together, then Jason wins. It'll be interesting to see how the pendelum swings. A lot of people have not wanted to play as Jason for a while now. That could change for counselor, but 7 is greater than 1. If you have nobody who wants to play as Jason, you have no game, you have no F13. The greater number will still allow for people to want to play counselor, but now the good, easy times won't be as good unless your more coordinated.
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    YES! Finally people will have to actually work together to survive and use skill and their brain and all sorts of shit that you rarely see now.
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    Cause the movie flat out sucks.
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    A counselor main is upset that he can't beat the shit out of Jason anymore and use his stupid pocket knife, I think it's time you git gud. Also it's clear you're a noob, this how the game was since the beta. The game is back on the right track again. It's time to stop catering to casuals like you.
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    For those complaining, it's not supposed to be easy to survive as a counselor! Have you all watched the movies where only 1 or 2 at the most escape?! Jason is supposed to be scary and have a high chance of killing all the counselors. Reduced weapons and pocket knives will make the game great again.
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    Tommy still spawns with a knife. That's all that means.
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    Thank God for the pocket knife change!
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    Randy confirmed that this was a mistake. Phew.
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    Already been lots of threads on this. The main houses are great, the environment looks good, and the islands are a cool design. Unfortunately there is also a huge amount of unnecessary space which makes for boring gameplay, without much counselor or Jason interaction until you get tunnelled. At which point you cabin loop and play ring around the Rosie until timeout or death. Pointless. Objectives typically don't get completed, since no one can be bothered to travel to the opposite side and back for one part. Police call or nothing pretty much. Some people will make the argument that the large map size / sparse design adds more tension, but I disagree. There's nothing exciting about running around on your own for the majority of the match in a drawer-simulator. Majority of lobbies do not play this map in my experience.
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