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    Howdy Campers, long time no see. Sorry about that, been head down, working with the team on this upcoming patch. They have busted hump and I'm proud of this content patch dropping on Tuesday, Jan 30th. But let's cut to the chase. J5 STATS!! First off, he unlocks at level 0, meaning you get him instantly. OK, now the pros and cons. PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Stalk - Grip Strength + Can Run - Stun Resistance I know there's a lot of questions about Paranoia as well. I will be doing a write-up next week to update everyone here on the forums as to the current status of Paranoia. Look for that post mid-next week. -W
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    I don’t like to run. Also, -defense? I got hit by a tractor! I got cut across my stomach! For the love of Joey, please put my name up there. There are enough Jasons.
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    New poster here, but long time reader. Do you think there will be another kill pack for one of the Jason’s? They have released one on the last 2 updates, I for one would like new kills for part 2 or part 6
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    I've handed down more than my fair share of criticism towards Gun and Illfonic at the way the game has been handled since launch. However, any time someone puts their time and energy into a product or project and gives you that thing for free, I see nothing wrong with showing a little appreciation. So to both companies, I say thank you for all of the free content, past, and future that you have provided. It has not gone unappreciated!
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    FINE! But I want you to know that I think you're really outta line!
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    As someone who pushed hard for Roy as a playable Jason, this is a good news. Roy's stats: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/16087-jason-v-roy-stats/
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    Don't get me wrong. Getting new content is never a bad thing at face value. It's great to have a new map, and it's great that we're gonna finally have Roy in the game. But looking at the track record, it very well could be a bad thing. Every bit of new content released so far has brought along new bugs with it. If they can break that cycle, great. I guess we'll have to wait and see. What IS really irritating about this, at least for me, is that it proves what I've always said about this dev team - They don't release a patch unless it includes content. Bug and balance fixes that COULD be released on a weekly or bi-weekly basis are held off in order to wait for new content. They insist on lumping as much as possible into every patch. I'm not sure why they insist on patching this way. I don't know if there's some cost associated with each and every patch submitted, so they do it to reduce costs...I really don't know. But I do know that this is being done intentionally. I'm really tired of bug fixes being held hostage by the new content. They say they'll release things as soon as they're ready and they don't want to make us wait. But this proves the exact opposite. A lot of these fixes have had to have been in the pipeline since OCTOBER (fucking October! The last time we got a new map/counselor)...Skip November for Thanksgiving, give us some "Shut up" content in December (VC, bots, no fixes, added more items, fucking the game worse than it already was), and now, we've been waiting over a month for fixes, and surprise surprise, they lump in content again. If they can pull it off, fine. If they can fix what's been wrong since October (some stuff from before that), and there's no new bugs this time around, I'll eat crow. But if this isn't perfect, I'm dropping this game and walking away ashamed of everyone involved with making it. So next time you're wondering "When are we getting a patch to fix things?" just remember the answer is "Whenever the new content is ready too."
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    A FREE map and Jason! A Jason BUFF. It's time to stock up on rum and cigarettes for next week!
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    Oh shit, Joey talking to you the entire game could be hilarious. "Dad, they killed me. I could have done a lot of things and helped people." "Gee, I never chopped wood before. Now I never will 'cause I'm dead." "I loved chocolate bars, but thanks to them I'll never eat another one. They're really outta line!"
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    Wow, I reread it and it sounds even more dumb! Let them tweak the balance a bit and see how that goes. Jason doesn't need to be sniping people.
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    Is this the line for waffle omelettes?
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    I really want a part 6 map, but also part 7 and Part 8 maps as well. I'd love for each movie to get a map, that way we can basically have a game of each film.
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    My gratitude came when I laid 60 bucks down with nothing to show from it for months in 2016. Nothing we are getting here is free. We paid for it a long time ago. Great that it's here, still much to go in terms of fixing this game. I'm really not trying to be antagonistic but I have less hours in this title than free games and not because i don't like the genre. The patches have been painfully slow, well beyond reasonable, and at this point it can be argued the game isn't better than it was. You have force field windows that often lead to Jason losing access to abilities for the rest of the match. You have a mute button that flat out doesn't work. I can mute a squeaker in lobby and have that same person talk again while muted without ever going into game a few seconds later. The list could go much longer. I didn't have these issues even in beta.
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    I just called my local news station and informed them that humans can run. Some of you guys need to relax. There is no “lore” in Friday that says anything about running. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t run in the movie. Roy is like all other humans; he runs. The only reason he did the whole walk thing is because that’s what the director of the film wanted. The idea had gotten really popular at one point. This was still a popular time for slashers, and tons of movies were being made, where all killers started following the same trends. But there was never any storyline involving Jason’s ability (or lack thereof) to run, nor was there any explanation in part 5 on why Roy walked. This isn’t one of those moments where you can say, “If I didn’t see it onscreen, it didn’t happen.” Roy being a normal human means he can run — because common sense rules over what you see onscreen with the naked eye. This is a game. And just like movies, you have to suspend your disbelief at times, and this is one of them. The Jarvis House map has cabins; the movie didn’t. The Jarvis property wasn’t a camp. The cabins were placed for gameplay’s sake. In fact, there’s lots of geography in the game that isn’t real because the movies used a very tiny handful of locations. Most of part 4 centered around the Jarvis and kids’ house. Can you imagine playing a map that only contains the amount of environment geography you saw onscreen?
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    No one in the list. We need Melissa. Nobody else more than M E L I S S A.
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    Jason Part 5 has no level requirement
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    You're wrong. The game is heavily in the counselors favor at the moment with all the items, stamina, objectives on the map, stun locking Jason, traps range being nerfed, Jasons horrible hit boxes, etc.
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    Yup. This is what makes me think (hope) we will get a Lazurus map. If they can do a space ship map and make it work, Lazarus shouldn't be a problem.
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    Oh shit I forgot that. Edited my post lol
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    The Lazarus is what I'd prefer. New York (Vancouver) has no real appeal to me outside of a change of scenery.
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    lol people in this community... Devs confirm Pamela will never be a playable character. Community: I dunno...I think she might.
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    Yeah, the old timey ambulance with the dead co-worker sprawled across the seats, and Joey's chopped up corpse in the back. Roy isn't supernatural so instead of some voice in his head alerting him when a counselor finds it, the back of the ambulance would set of a car alarm when opened to get at Joey's corpse to find the "stun item." Tossing out some ideas, Roy should be the "weakest" killer physically but say he has really good abilities like a powerful Stalk that lasts the longest even while moving. Regular Jasons' Stalks run out after about 20 seconds while moving so Roy's should be like 40 seconds or more with a fast recharge time. Now, Roy is human and should have the ability to run himself but he didn't actually run while in costume in Part V. So how about his base "walk" speed is the "fast-walk" of Zombie Jasons and he CAN run, but let's say he generates more fear while NOT running. So it would kind of be like what I suspect Roy was doing in Part V: He was running while off camera and just walked when near victims. It would be neat to see players intentionally play this way with a killer that could run. I also want to see Roy(and really, Jason as well) be able to crouch because he was crouched behind the ambulance when Reggie the Reckless found it and popped up to scare the bujesus out of him. Stats: Weapon: Meat Cleaver or Curved Machete +Can Run(more fear when walking) +Bleed damage(attacks drain health over time for a certain period but still take about 5 hits of raw damage to kill) If not this then +Destruction +Stalk(long duration and short recharge time) -Shift -Water Speed -Less Hit Points EDIT: I changed my mind. I don't think Roy should run. Replace -Shift for -Can't Run. Replace +Can Run with something else. I can't think of it yet.
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