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    Well the one person who thinks the grab range is perfect has spoken. No more complaining guys, this person is right and everyone else is wrong, including the devs who already said they made his grab range to short. Case closed.
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    Jason's grab needs work too. The hit detection is messed up along the grab edges due the flat-plane design of the counselor hit boxes. You can be stand shoulder to shoulder with Jason facing one direction and be safe. You can pivot a little bit, while staying in the same spot, and be grabbed. The hit detection for melee is not the only problem.
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    I see people complaining about the grab (probably because they were used to the pre-nerf grab). Remember how the game was before the grab nerf? Most Jasons were spamming the grab constantly behind you, because they knew sooner or later they would succesfully abuse the grab range and force grab you (at times he would even grab you from a 90 degree angle, because the cone of the grab was unrealistic and comparable to that of an aimbot.). We don't want to return to that state of the game. The grab is perfect as it is, and there is no problems with the detection of it. Only his swings are messed up.
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    Says "grab is perfect!" Refuses to change counselor preference.
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    Welcome back? But, since your last post was about a week ago I'm not sure that qualifies as stepping away for a bit. Especially since you've only made 12 posts in 7 months. If anything between your last post and now you would be considered to be posting more frequently, but whatevs. Welcome back.
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    The Baseball Bat is the melee weapon with the highest stun chance and the base stats on the Baseball Bat do not give it a 100% chance to stun. There are no factors that affect the stun chance of a weapon, outside of a weapon's base stats and the Sucker Punch perk. The weapons stats picture that you have posted is not the updated version that is listed in the How To Play section. All of the melee weapons have been tested and reviewed to accurately reflect the values listed on the updated "Weapons" page. That said, we have been in discussion about the balance of melee weapons and adjustments for the stun chances, durability, etc. As always, all feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration.
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    What Jason trying to grab feels like:
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    Telling anyone with a concern to "stop whining" is a great way to get people to turn away from your viewpoint. Furthermore, yes, Jason's grab is broken currently. One of the reasons that people aren't as afraid as they should be is because it's incredibly easy to zig-zag out of a grab. In real life, such a motion would not prevent getting grabbed. THAT kind of mechanic abuse is what breaks immersion, not being chased down and grabbed by a living wrecking machine. Stand up for a second and look around the room you're in. Without moving, what objects can you grab by just turning at the waist and leaning a little bit. The distance you can reach will likely surprise you. That range of arch and reach should be the MINIMUM that Jason is able to function at. As it stands, you almost have to be his lap telling him what you want for Christmas for him to grab you. I say this as a person who LOVES playing as a counselor and as a Jason player who typically clears the board. That grab needs to be fixed to encourage kills outside of hacking and slashing.
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    Who is this? Are we supposed to know? I'm lost...
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    In 2018: I expect change to occur within the game. I expect I will have to adapt. I expect I will be content with the change. I expect others will not. I expect that if I express my contentment or try to present a case for supporting the development team, like @Manny1985, I will be told that I am "bootlicking" or that I am "up the developers ass". I expect such comments will briefly bother me, but then I will recalibrate and move on. I expect that those who have been unhappy since launch will remain so. I expect that others who have become unhappy will slide closer to the happy column. I expect @Cokeyskunk will make me laugh. I expect @Truth will once again bother his co-workers by involuntarily laughing.
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    Ditto! Same thing as the so called vader-grab. That issue had also been way overblown. Most people who say Jason is fine or his grab is fine are preferenced counselors who are a bit scared that soon they might not get off so easily...
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    That is an impressive display of bootlicking.
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    Wish we could get Tom Savini to give us some details on his creation process. Would love to know how "Savini" Jason was created.
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    I expect the next patch, which probably won't even be out this month, to fix some balance issues. It will remove so many guns and knives. Maybe help slightly with hit detection. I expect Paranoia to come out. It will be an interesting concept, full of bugs and gets boring quickly so it rarely has players. People to come on the forums and say they hate it. Then Wes gets his feelings hurt and no one at the office is allowed to talk to the forums again. I expect Day one bugs to still hang around. It's called keeping it real.... status quo. Who doesnt love a good, old fashioned dashboard gag?! Eh! I expect we won't ever get dedicated servers. I expect a level cap increase complete with 2 two counselor outfits for each counselor so you can keep playing Counselor Sims 5. I expect lack of communication fro. The dev team. I expect good ideas to be ignored. Same progression syste.. no private match options. I expect Grendel to come out. Maybe 1 or 2 more maps before they give up on the game and you see 500 players online at peak time. I expect JPops to lock 2626 threads and delete 666 posts, unlocking an achievement. Then has a melt down and calls us ungrateful and toxic. I expect Ben to buy 5 gallons worth of expensive scotch, 4 more guns, 3 watches, 2 tactical vests and 1 Cuban. The person not the cigar. He needs the person to roll his cigars. Overall, I will still have fun with a buggy game during the times I am not screaming at my tv for bugs or connection errors.
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    Thing is, as we can see, the bat is 4/4 Stun. But 4/4 SHOULD NOT represent a 100% chance at a stun. That's just wrong. No weapon should be a guaranteed stun on Jason. That's what shotguns, and to an extent, flares are supposed to be for - When you need a guaranteed stun. That's why at launch, you saved the shotgun for when Jason was around the car. Because I'm not sure if you guys remember launch, but the bat wasn't a guaranteed stun then. Nothing was. Even with a perk, NO WEAPON should be a guaranteed stun (except shotguns and flares) 4/4 Stun rating should give you maybe a 75% chance at a stun, max. A perk could boost it maybe as high as 90%. You can tell, in the design, Jason was never intended to be stunned quite this much. I'm pretty sure some stuff is still buggy and that's why nearly EVERY hit (regardless of weapon) seems to stun Jason these days. The machete is 1/4 Stun...still stuns him most of the time.
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    What to expect in 2018? Bugs, Glitches, and Trolling, that is all I expect.
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    Okay, so I know we just got Offline Bots and we're all anticipating Paranoia, but here's a proposal for a third idea for a game mode: The Stalker If you think about the F13 franchise, almost never did Jason or his mother (or Roy, for that matter) just charge into a large group of people and kill one. Why? Because that would make all the rest scatter -- which is exactly what happens in the game. No, they used secrecy and stealth to pick their victims off one . . . by one . . . by one. Honestly, no one was really scared in those movies until either: The seconds before they were killed. They survived until the final battle. So I propose a game mode where the entire objective (as Jason) is stealth kills. The game mode itself has two mini-modes: Tranquil and Alert. In Tranquil mode: There is no warning "Jason Music". There is no first cinematic death. All is calm at the camp. It begins with someone realizing the car(s)/boat are not working and they need to be repaired. Counselors begin spreading out to find objective parts. The phone ALREADY WORKS, but you have no reason to use it. (However, Jason CAN sabotage the phone -- if he can do so without attracting attention) Doors cannot be locked in this mode. Tommy Jarvis cannot be summoned in this mode. Running is disabled in this mode. Jason can HIDE, just as counselors can, and he is in permanent Stalk mode in Tranquil mode. Jason can also PICK UP, DROP, and HIDE/STASH/HANG bodies that others may or may not later discover. In Tranquil mode, Counselors are singularly focused on getting all the transport modes fixed and, once the items are fixed, counselors can get in them and "leave", rather than "escape". ALL THE WHILE, Jason is watching. He stays in the shadows and waits for the perfect time to strike. When one counselor is alone, he secretly picks them off, then disposes of the bodies by stashing them in hiding places or in the lake. One . . . by one . . . by one. All while in Tranquil mode. HOWEVER, the game immediately shifts to Alert mode if any of the following happen: A counselor sees Jason approaching and screams within range of others A counselor is attacked and escapes death, and is allowed to warn the others A dead/stashed body is discovered, and the discoverer is allowed to warn the others A counselor witnesses Jason killing another counselor, and is allowed to warn the others In Alert mode: The police can be immediately called (if Jason has not sabotaged the phone box) Running is re-enabled "Jason's music" is re-enabled Doors can be locked Tommy Jarvis CAN be summoned in this mode Jason's Stalk immediately drops off and must recharge as normal Jason will receive more XP for every kill he performs in Tranquil mode than he will in Alert mode. Counselors receive more XP for every repair performed/assisted in Tranquil mode than they will in Alert mode. Obviously, this promotes stealth and keeping the round in "tranquil mode" for as long as possible. Escape is possible in either mode, but more points are awarded for expediency. I just feel like this game mode would be more true to the films' style, plus create a great deal of "jump scares". This needs to be more developed as a whole, but what are your initial thoughts? - Skunk
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    We'll I stepped away from the forums for a bit, and come back to several people whining about me being so "angry"! So I decided to post a new topic because I know how so many of you miss hearing my angry rants. Odds are the "forum na**s" will lock this thread claiming "made up rules", but at least I will have said my piece! As far as Im concerned everyone in this community has a right to be angry and express that anger because of how sh**ty the game has been ran by its creators, not to mention the forums are just as bad with "made up rules" by power hungry no bodies. Im hear to stay so you better get use to me being angry and saying my piece as long as the devs continue to beat around the bush and waste the money I spent for the game, a game I wish to enjoy but cant because everytime they do an update, they f*** it up even more. Now that 'thats' over with, feel free to say what you want.
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    Yea I agree I never understood why they show Jason on the mini map (besides flaregun marking) and it’s actually a huge weakness because it makes predicting Jasons movements really easy. I wish they’d get rid of the mini map and have counselors rely on opening the map.
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    Don't sprain your neck looking down on us plebians from your high horse.
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    Rant: tl;dr Without fail, nearly every lobby I host is immediately filled with really subpar players. Low level CHILDREN breathing into their mics IWANNABEJASONMYMOMSAYSIHAVETOBUTCLEANANDRHENWHENIWANTTOPLAYIGET” People BLARRING rap music and saying nothing. I constistantly have to mute 3-4 players in every lobby. This ruins communication and makes playing a pain. I end up having to close the lobby and just join another where I can at least dip out when I’m over it. Otherwise, the majority of players are mid-level garbage that contribute nothing to the game. Finding a decent group is truly rare. Now, onto gameplay. 9/10 lobbies are GARBAGE now. Absolute skilless filth. People who utterly refuse to contribute to the game. Players higher than level 30 that intentionally don’t do anything, Anything, ANYTHING I suppose out of fear they’ll die. I’m having to repair 2-3 items every. Single. Match while others are held up in cabins just WAITING to bounce at the car the moment it’s repaired and leave everyone. I’ve said before, I’ve never died so much as I have this past month because I’m pulling slack for at least 3 other people. I’m finding, running, and repairing multiple items and having to sacrifice any pocket knives to disarm traps and any med sprays to tank other traps. This tactic is dangerous, especially when players refuse to cover or help. Meanwhile other players are hoarding their defensive items and not sharing or utilizing them. I’ve also noticed a trend in players that are just roaming around ransacking cabins sojourning for pocket knives and med sprays and overlooking repair items. I’m having to double check and search every single cabin these days because multiple cabins are searched but key items are just left there. It’s dragging matches out and not utilizing the communication aspect of the game. Newer players can’t be trusted to search properly or communicate at all. These players only hop on their mics when they hear you calling them out for their selfish behaviour then suddenly they know how to use their mics. This is an online multiplayer game, get into it or play single player. It’s despicable anymore. The old guard of players I used to do private matches do not play anymore, they’ve never on. Playing a private match is an impossibility anymore unless you want to contend with other peoples’ party chat and clique shenanigans. The players who used to make the game fun are MIA. They’ve moved on. Finding a DECENT lobby is very rare. The player base has truly deteriorated and been replaced with passive players with no tact or skill who are selfish cunts who wait around for someone else to do all the work. The direction the game is trending is the only thing scary about it anymore because the playerbase is no longer hardcore F13th and horror fans, it’s... everyone else.
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    It was clearly a depiction of F13's course of progress since the October patch.
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    Too bad. I wonder why it was scrapped? "Savini" Jason has been such a hot topic, you'd think they'd jump at filling people in on the creative side given his exclusive release.
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    Fruity Pebbles....mmmm ....so good. So good.?
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    This is getting really ridiculous. Every match today "connection timed out". Wtf? I was seriously just under 30 seconds to survive the night and.... "Connection timed out". What gives? Why does it constantly do this? My internet was good. Ping was around 100-125. This is really annoying.
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    And when someone charges $40 for that post of top ten reasons, you'll have something approaching a point.
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    That's a terrible party. Here I livened it up for you. it will do for now. Well when he lets us know of his return next week at least everyone will know who he is and realize he missed this awesome party we threw him.
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    Hey don't you be talking shit about duct tape! That shit fixes everything!
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    You don't thinking coding and creating a game is hard? I can tell you it's much harder then posting top ten reasons why the game is terrible. I never said mediocre should be praised, I'm saying complaining about the game on this forum makes people come across as spoiled and entitled. There is a difference between offering suggestions and just being a cry baby. At the end of the day this is just a video game no one forces you to play.
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    You're right. We should paint mediocrity with glitter and praise it without acknowledging day one issues such as dashboarding still existing. I am glad you seem to know how the company works and how much they work.
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    What do I expect from posters? More crying after the next update, more forums complaining about developers, calling people out, and claiming this game is unplayable. Everyone knows the game is far from prefect, however developers put in all the hard work creating the game, they can make the game in anyway they chose. Don't like it? Play another game or make your own slasher game.
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    He has a silent minion now in @[IllFonic]Courier. He is always lurking, waiting, watching, reporting back... The Eye of Gurtz...
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    Jason grabbing you to kill you ruins immersion? (Lol?) Im not Darth Vader and i can grab people at 5.5 feet away from me.. By simply leaning forward and grabbing. Again the problem was not the grab range it was the animation. Only reason you sit there and say "DurtH Vadurh" is because Jasons animation for grabs is not a lunge grab.. Its a 1 foot swipe with no lean.
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    Before the grab nerf people where using grabs and pulling off cool kills. Like it supposed to be. Spamming? THATS what Jason is supposed to do. Abuse grab range.. ? A 6 foot tall guy grabbing people at a normal range is not abuse of grab range.. The animations where wrong not the range. The range was always perfect. (well not anymore) Now Jason has a grab range of a little girl and you sit their acting like the people complaining about it need to stop complaining? Yes i WANT that game to return to that STATE of the game.. I don't see a FORCE grab.. I see a bad choice of animation.
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    I didn't want to tag to many people. Might be considered spamming and I have to watch out for the man. He's always trying to keep me down. Also, had to leave room so others could do some tagging of their own, sadly that did not happen.
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    Just read the OP. Saw it has -Destruction for Myers. That's not actually accurate because in Halloween H20 Michael stabbed a door to death in about 5 hits lol, so he'd have normal destruction. Plus I don't think any killer in this game needs to suffer taking more than 6 hits to destroy doors.
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    One of these days, *I* will make Brig's list of "Important F13 Forum Names Which Must Be Tagged." Until then, I sit in sorrow -- while my keyboard gently weeps . . .
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    I don't know what started it, but back when Jason was a little more powerful slashing was a considered a cheap tactic. When I first started playing I slashed out of ignorance to this self imposed sanction on a standard game mechanic. I was called a "Halloween Sale Newb" and a "Garbage Jason" so I regretfully switched to only grabs thinking slashing was broken in some way. The only thing that was broken was the mindset of those players. It makes no sense to leave an entire aspect of the game unused and untested. That's part of the reason there are so many issues with the hitboxes. This is F13 in 2018. This is our game now, and we use every tool available to win, including slashing. Stop being a scrub and play to win.
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    OMG OMG OMG!! Yay! Its.... wait... who are You? At least you are here with a purpose. Give 'm Hell little buddy. Let's Party!
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    I just did. They were shocked I tell you. SHOCKED! @AldermachXI @lHeartBreakerl @Alkavian @Tattooey @TheHansonGoons @bewareofbears @GhostWolfViking P. S. Guys don't forget to spread the word, tag your fellow members. Party will be in off topic. Let's get everyone together for the welcome back party.
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    I think he's that purple dragon who saved a bunch of other dragons. Or he's the love child of the spy and the pyro.
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    IF the devs push the balance back to Jason, where it belongs, this debate will be moot as people will move away from slashing and back to grabbing. The amount of slashers were fairly minuscule in the early stages of the game, it’s changed as of late due to the meta shifting whole heartily in favor of the counselors. I’d be willing to bet most Jason users who are forced to slash now, rather not play that way. I know I don’t(save for rare occasions). This is why the game balance is so DESPERATELY needed, it’s hurting both sides of the community. Counselors are seeing more Jason’s slash because those Jason’s have to use that technique to remain competitive. Having the balance fully towards Jason makes for a better all around experience. Counselors get a tense, dread filled match and Jason’s get that power trip that comes from being one of the most prolific killers in cinema history.
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    No idea why people have such a hard time wrapping their heads around this. Cops = Call Transport Ship. End result is the same. Transport appears after countdown at one of two air locks on opposite sides. Escape through it to win. Cars = Escape Pods. Find repair parts to power up a pod. Still need to manually startup Pod. This can be lengthened in place of actually driving them. Jason can still stop you from this and break them, requiring you to repair and startup again. Limited seating or one person per pod with limited pods available. -KM-14 in place of Tommy. Use the cockpit transceiver to call in KM. -Tighter Corridors also mean harsher shifting for Jason and more doors to shut in his face. -3rd person makes the cooridors and map in general a non-issue. -Morph still works identically as before. Nothing changes or impedes Jason from using it just the same. Certain areas of the ship would simply be the equivalant of cabins where Jason can't just morph inside of them, that's all. So a commons area, restroom, cockpit, engine room, crews quarters etc would all be treated like cabins with airlock doors Jason had to break down while the hallways and cooridors are treated like open terrain and morphable. -Uber Jason can essentially get Savini stats and appease all the people who complained about an exclusive stats Jason. Nothing about the map requires the existing gameplay to truly change at all other than Escape Pods potentially simply requiring more parts than a car and a longer startup to give Jason ample time to sabotage escape attempts in lieu of not being able to chase a pod after it gets started like a car can be. Or Pods can be housed in a large open Docking Bay and need to physically cross the bay into an air chute before Launching into space, thus giving Jason time to stop the pod before it launches like he does a car. I really don't see the issue at all why Grendel or Uber need a seperate mode. As far as Uber in Crystal Lake or Spacesuit Chad, you already have Bunny Debbie and Karate chad yet spacesuit Chad is what would kill it for you? And you have Savini Jason from post p9 hell on P2 Packanack, part 7 Jason killing Adult Tommy in child Tommy's room on a part 4 map, using the kill Alice used on Pamela in part 1, but Uber Jason on Higgins is where you draw the line? I think some of you are just blowing hot air over nothing.
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    Solid points. But if all I ever had to look forward to playing counselor was slashing deaths i'd toss the game into the wastebin and play something else. I'm fairly confident that is universal across the community. You're only looking at the mechanical/competitive aspect. A game however has to be entertaining to keep a playerbase. Your slash-fest isn't. It's not even occasionally visually satisfying to watch.
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    People definitely being way too harsh on Illfonic here Don't get me wrong they've made their fair share of mistakes and deserve criticism but i'm honestly excited for what's to come and I think all Friday fans should be as well (after all it's probably the biggest thing to happen to this franchise in almost a decade)
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    We can expect a group of Dunning-Kruger exemplars to continue driving an excellent concept/AAA IP gift into the ground.
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    I expect them to continue pushing out underwhelming content at the expense of quality, stability, functionality and performance. I expect another level that plays as well as Jarvis House. I expect Paranoia to divide an already small community. I expect patches that will introduce more problems than they correct. I expect the playerbase to continue to shrink. I expect more excuses, and overall just more of the same. I really hope I'm wrong though.
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    At this point i'd put forth removing sense and pocket knives would be a good move. Or perhaps making sense far less precise, only showing a general area and removing knives. Perhaps a large red circle in game which would light up the entire area including buildings. You'd have to do a lot more searching which makes stealth more viable but when you found a counselor you would know a grab means death sans a break out.
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