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    Interestingly enough, I just got ran over by a car while I had the sweater by a troll. I thought he was an asshole but you guys take the cake on being pieces of shit. Go fuck yourselves.
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    I'm not that good at the game (I'm learning!), and I get "Spawn Killed" a lot. Sometimes it's random, sometimes I'm just running around like an idiot thinking "what are the chances that Jason will be close enough to see ME?" The odds seem pretty high for me. Yeah, it sucks to feel like a chump getting killed 30 seconds into a match, but it happens. When I play as a counselor I don't expect Jason to say "Oh, sorry, guy. Go about your business for a minute". When I play as Jason, I'm going for that kill. As far as I am concerned, Jason's job isn't to give people a chance, it's to kill as many counselors as possible.
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    If I had to list the top 10 ten things this game needs to fix balance issues, I'd probably suggest this to the Devs (no particular order of importance): 1. Fix the abusive perks. EDIT: Fix the damn perk system in general. No more lottery of useless crap. Let us buy (relevant and balanced perks), then level them up through gameplay and spending the CP that has little real use right now. 2. Reduce the number of spawned pocket knives to 3 (+1 if Tommy shows up). 3. Reduce the number of med sprays to 4 (+1 of Tommy shows up or you can take Hypochondriac to start with one). Combined with fixing abusive perks (medic I'm looking at you), it would go a long ways to helping. 4. Add more item types and vary what they can do in terms of in-game effect. We don't want an empty drawer simulator, but we also don't need a million items that essentially do the same thing. 5. Fix Jason's hit detection with melee. 6. Fix Jason's hit detection along the edges of the grab AoE and extend the reach slightly (maybe +1ft). Most of the issue seems to be hitbox related. 7. Fix the immunity bubble around windows. I don't care if they remove the prompt option to break or not, but fix the issue preventing Jason from getting in close and engaging effectively while the counselor is stuck in an animation. 8. Fix the chain stunning issue with Jason and him taking damage while stunned and unable to defend himself. 9. Fix Jason's combat stance or get rid of it. If Jason blocks, he should be able to counter swing against a counselor fighting him. 10. Fix the issue with Jason getting auto-stunned when raging through a door or wall if hit by a counselor. Rage is the most powerful ability. It shouldn't be blunted by making him super easy to stop in every doorway. You want him slowed down, you should have to set a damn bear trap. I'm fine with a counselor smacking Jason and stunning him after breaking down a door pre-Rage, assuming they pull off that ambush hit, but the specific Rage animation to break-in should be complete stun immunity. I didn't really bother with mentioning bugs/glitches, because they know and those things aren't necessarily balance related.
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    Well here is the thought on that, at least from my perspective. If it's an obscure thread that may have been brought up last year I'll take the time to link it. However if it's a thread that has been brought up every day, well there is no need to go through the trouble of linking it again and again. also it gives the OP practice with the search function so a win / win. also I don't take kindly to the fact you pointed out I will never be able to achieve my dream job. For so long I've only dreamed of having the privilege of asking if you "would you like fries with that?" I mean how cool would that be?! I get to utter one of the most famous phrases ever made! Plus I get to wear a neat headset! But alas, I have applied and they told me I was over qualified for the position so now I must volunteer here day dreaming of what my life could have been.
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    I just wanted to say fuck you, fuck you for not having dedicated servers, all the erratic random pings, disconnects and bugs that are a result. Fuck you for all the crashes that I've tolerated. Fuck you for not having a system that discourages the host quiting. Fuck you for when Jason is glitched and can't hit or break doors. Fuck you for when your Jason and trying to stop the car and it pushes Jason instead of stopping it. Fuck you, for when Jason activates a kill and the counselor breaks free. Fuck you, for when a counselor drops keys or other items and they become glitched so other counselors can't pick them up. Fuck you, for when I wait 20 games to play Jason, and everyone leaves at the start of the round. We all understand that shit happens, if it happens infrequently that is tolerable, but all this shit happens ALL the fucking time. So Fuck You...
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    This really isn't going to go anywhere good, just annoy people. Shelly was a responsible driver, too, he only tried to run over motorbikes. Also, please make a post in the Introduce Yourself! forum so we can give you a proper hello, hopefully while not speeding towards you in a car.
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    The emotes aren't the problem. The problem is that counselors feel they have time to screw around because Jason is a joke. Make Jason as badass as he should be, and no one is gonna have time to stop and dance.
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    I think rage should increase faster and one way to do that is to have significant increases for game events like if some one escaped or if someome got the cops called. It shouldn't automatically put you in rage, but it should be a significant increment towards rage mode. I'd also consider betrayals adding towards rage. Jason wouldn't want to be short changed on his kills afterall.
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    According to steamspy.com stats: Dead by Daylight's peak concurrent players yesterday: 16,587 Friday the 13th's peak concurrent players yesterday: 1,257 This game is absolutely dying. We get minor boosts in player count during steam sales and after new content is added, but they are unable to retain those players due to an extremely buggy, unbalanced game with poor performance. On top of that, there's missing functionality that should be standard. No amount of content is going to fix that, yet they cling to their road map like it's a winning strategy. You have to build the foundation before you put the roof on fellas. You can still turn this thing around if you get honest with yourselves about where we are and what needs to happen going forward.
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    Denial is one of the five stages of grief.
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    Balance shouldn't be factored around players that don't know how to play the game.
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    Sense doesn't need a nerf. You need a personal skill buff with playing as counselor.
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    While I find his commentary absolutely hilarious, I do feel like it is important to remember that in both of the scenarios he is describing, it is all boiling down to the players fault. The emotes themselves are not forcing anyone to start dancing like an asshole near the exit. It is all up to the players choice.
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    If they implemented a stamina drain for these ridiculous dances, I’d come back on that first day just to watch these useless bozos get killed by Jason as they try to run away. Serves them right.
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    Proposed new improvements to RAGE: During Rage, Jason now receives diminishing stun immunity against all weapons except Shotguns. What this means: When Jason has Rage, each time he is stunned by a melee weapon, firecracker, bear tap, or a flare gun, his stun timer is permanently reduced by 1% for the rest of the match. This stacks and means that if you were stunned ten times during rage, you now have a 10% timer decrease on your next stun. Shotguns are not affected by this and always stun for the same amount of time no matter what. During Rage, Jason now heavily damages the car when he performs the "E" action prompt. What this means: When Jason has Rage active, he can damage the car far greater than he normally would when performing the "E" action prompt smash. After this happens, a counselor will have to perform a small QTE repair in the front of the car before it will be able to start again with the keys. During Rage, pocket knives are now weaker. What this means: Once Jason has his Rage active, a counselor who stabs him with a pocket knife will only render Jason stunned for half of the time period that it would normally stun him. During Rage, fear is now amplified. What this means: While in Rage mode, Jason now amplifies the level of fear around him much greater than he normally would. Counselors get scared easier and their fear increases faster the longer they are near Jason. The max level of fear when the counselor has a dark screen will not go away until they get away from the vicinity of Jason. Additionally, there are two new ways for Jason to acquire Rage: Jason now instantly enters Rage Mode if cops are successfully called. Jason now instantly enters Rage Mode if he is demasked.
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    Well, you didn't read my post closely enough to see that was directed at those giving you mods your marching orders...so maybe there's hope for you yet!
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    Maybe some of those players have no other choice but to repair because the actual repairers are too busy trying to make Jason catch their fade?
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    You're not required to play as a team, but you'd better be good enough to either evade or fend off Jason solo. Heaven forbid the team with 7(+1) counselors have to do a little teamwork every now and again.
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    You must really have trouble surviving these days with counselor. Maybe instead of lone wolfing and getting caught in the woods you should, I don't know, maybe be working with the team and doing objectives instead? The only reason Jason got nerfed in F13 was because the massive amount of counselor crying. Now you expect all the Jason players that post their two cents on the current horrendous balance of the game to not receive the proper treatment?
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    Yep. You're pretty naive. I thought it would be common knowledge by now that Jason is severely under-powered and gets wrecked vs competent teams of counselors that know how to play properly. Apparently it's not and Jason is just as 'good' as the counselors.
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    We say this with every patch that comes, new players join... last patch the game had a spike for 2 days on steam and that was it. It didn’t even pass 3,000 players either.
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    They'd stay broken if pocket knives were used on them.
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    You can play however you want. Hence why the people who "lone wolf" and don't play as a "team" often get killed on their own, and should be. Balance should be factored around what-if seven smart players decide to play counselor, can a Jason who knows what they are doing handle it? Balance should not be factored around little Timmy who goes on his own in QP because he doesn't care about team work and his Mom bought him the game for Christmas. (which he will stop playing in a couple months anyway as soon as another shiny new game releases)
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    Ah. That lines up with my expectations of your communications. My original statement stands. Servers are coming. You are not owed transparency. A lawsuit will not gain that for you. There is no need to get this worked up about all of this.
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    I get car started with counselors literally every match. Sometimes two of them get started in one match. . .
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    I like where you're going with this. It helps to add more balance. Not sure how easy it would be to set Jason's rage to automatically hasten when certain events occur, but if it is easy enough to do so, I'm in agreement that he should get angrier the more progress the counselors make. As for betrayals, I've always felt that anyone who "betrays" more than once in a session should ALWAYS glow red for Jason (like in Sense, but it doesn't shut off), and they're given a big speed penalty and stun chance penalty. Basically making it easy for Jason to off them.
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    Does anyone else think there should be an end of round screen highlighting whose done what: top car fixer, driver, boat, phone, betrayer, trapper etc. You know in some games, the only thing that gets done for example is call the cops and it should at least give a bit of recognition as to who called or fixed something. It might, just might, encourage a little less dicking about tea bagging and to try and do objectives, bringing out a bit of competitiveness to get on the end of round podium so to speak. Other games like battlefield do it - top medic, assault, assist etc.
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    I've been critical at some points stemming from server to balance issues. Aside from that, the game still works. All you have to do is join a good community group that host private lobbies, that's a temporary solution to an ongoing problem that the developers are closely monitoring. I don't defend them much as it might seem, but sometimes you have to stop and draw the line somewhere. It's just really not worth the lawsuit, even if it might qualify for one, it makes no sense for something that's a work in progress. We're trying to solve a problem, not make it worse. Also, I don't care how much anyone want to hurt them financially, at the end of the day, they're only affecting myelf and many others use of the product. Which is all over because of what? Their impatience for updates over a $40 game? Seriously? Either find another game to hold you over or get a life outside of gaming if it's really that serious. Considering others like @Truth provided you with factual information and you refused to read into it, I'm not surprised. I can't think of anything else useful you would add.
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    No kidding, the devs are already doing an excellent job of killing the game themselves, they don't need your help Unmuting.
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    The devs already know they need to reduce the number of items. They've even alluded to the fact that the current tuning was not intended. Something got rushed and they overlooked something in the drop rates. My guess is, a camp fire was meant to add a pocket knife, OR med spray, OR shotgun. But somehow the "or" part of the code was ignored and the result is the game dropping everything instead. I think it's pretty safe to assume item drops will be addressed in the next patch.
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    I saw the f13 fan movie "Never hike alone" on Youtube the other day and was blown away by how much they nailed the f13 feeling in it. A really good movie plain and simple, and great nods to the other films! Imo it makes a better job keeping within the f13 franchise then part 8-10 (despite the Jason actor maybe being a bit to small compared with the other movies). It would be awesome seeing him in the game (same size as the other Jasons though), as well as a great reward to the filmmakers who did the movie without any monetary gains!
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    Even though the emotes themselves does nothing (players have to use them), its like adding ballon swords and farting clown music in a DLC. All these options are being used by a lot of people simply because they can, and when they are used, they kill immersion for a lot of people who bought the game for the horror gameplay. I'm all for using emotes that are made to fit the setting, and if there is ever going to be a sandbox mode where players can hang around and use the furniture and socializing without Jason, then dancing would fit perfect into that setting.
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    There's been a significant uptick in the amount of grown men playing and acting like children lately. Ironically, all the kids in my games don't act as poorly as most of the adults I encounter. After taking a long break I came back to acquire level 150. Since playing, I've noticed that the primary complaint has shifted from: "that grab is so broken, you suck" to "quit slashing me, you're bad" Am I slashing you? Yes, but I'm playing as a Jason with a weapon strength for a reason; It's to counter all of the pocket knife spam. Try utilizing your brain to create some distance which will allow you to use one of the many easily acquirable medical sprays you pick up every game. It's called strategy people. Even if I only slash kill one person the entire game that's all I'll hear for the rest of the game. Sorry for not playing in such a way that will increase your survival chances. Is there anything a Jason player can do to win that will appease you cry babies? Should I sit in the corner of a cabin for the first 10 minutes of the game to give myself an additional handicap or will you still find something to complain about when you die? TDLR: Realize that in the current version of the game, as a counselor, it's my strongly held opinion that you have a significant advantage via and overabundance of survivability items and bugs that affect Jason. Quit whining when a Jason player doesn't play the way you think he should. If you have a problem with the game, post about it on the forums, but keep the constant whining out of the game because you're degrading the enjoyment of the game for other people who're trying to have fun.
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    As a counselor, I have had someone stand in front of a door dancing when I was attempting to go through it. I have tried communicating about repairs and had someone just stand there dancing, not doing anything else and not replying. I have been killed while people with weapons have danced in front of Jason. To me, that impacts gameplay. It's like the saying "if you have time to lean you have time to clean" If you have time to dance, there is probably something more constructive to be doing. I agree with your points for the most part, but I just don't ever see emotes other than the dancing. It's like they were made specifically to troll and the people who are prone to that type of behavior abuse it in excess. The way I see it, the trolls are the gun, the emotes are the bullets, and the devs basically just loaded the gun. If I saw people ever use emotes effectively or for any reason other than to troll, I wouldn't see the two so much as one in the same.
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    Theoretically Uber Jason could stomp around the campground just fine and it would fit. It could either be because the camp is a hologram, like was used in the film, or his mask did land in a lake on Earth 2. Could easily be hunting the camp ground on that planet
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    I picked these because of: The high compsure will still make regaining stamina faster during fear. Lots of Stamina and pretty good run speed to make Jason have a very hard time catching her while she regains her stamina back pretty quickly. 2 repair is pretty decent.
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    Don't worry. Jason is hiding from the other scary counselors too.
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    I think you missed the point. It's the I-have-a-shotgun-and-three-knives-and-sweater-so-I-better-win-or-I'll-rage-quit mentality. A counselor arming themselves to the teeth with the abundance of offensive weaponry and running around like an idiot isn't a skill, and it's ruining the game. If you want to be good then outsmart Jason, avoid him, get the objectives solved without letting him know it's being done and get the fuck out.
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    Between Jason being nerfed and the ridiculous amount of pocket knives, shotguns, and med sprays on maps, people are no longer afraid of Jason, and troll him super hard as a result. It’s gotten to the point where I actually feel bad for new players playing as Jason, because they end up being trolled by counselors the entire match. That’s the exact opposite of what a Friday the 13th game should be.
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    This was posted on IGN 3 months ago by a user called Darkside_Hazuki. I hear this guy . . . Before swimsuit DLC and these emotes, you mostly had to deal with...--obnoxious children playing Adam or Buggzy sprinting around like morons, screaming on their mic that they "GOT THE KEYS, BRUH", and yelling at their friends playing Jason to not kill them.--AJ players hiding in the woods somewhere not doing anything to help until someone fetches them a part, otherwise they specialize in slow reactions to Jason appearing and letting teammates get grab-killed five feet away from them.--Tiffany players just sprinting around with Flare Guns begin generally worthless with no clear objective other then to find more drawers. Bonus points if the Tiffany player is someone on the mic that's very inarticulate, mumbles, and is blaring bad rap music.--Kenny players having a 5% survival rate. If they're wearing the camo pattern, that rate drops to 0%.--people just generally being (un)funny by locking themselves in a cabin with several others and having parties where they just crouch & stand rapidly.Now, with this new content, speedo Chad has emerged, and the AJs have come out of the woods and into plain site...--people playing male counselors in swimsuits just sprint around and go up to people saying "BRUH LOOK HOW FUNNY MY CHAD IS, BRUH, LOOK".Sidenote: I thought they added Stewart from Beavis and Butthead as a new counselor, but it was actually just swimsuit Adam.--no exaggeration here: people playing female counselors in swimsuits are just standing around out in the open, not doing nothing but looking at other people, and then Jason appears out of nowhere with the shift & grab = dead swimsuit girl. Absolutely, pointless, death. I had to witness this happen three times in three separate games before deciding to post this. What are people DOING?--emotes...now when these first got announced I was thinking they'd be a bit more subtle. F13 already has enough cheese-factor peppered on it (mostly from the facial models, voices, and ragdoll mechanics making hitting people with a car way too fun), but geez...these emotes are bad. Not 'Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode' bad, but pretty bad. Now this has given the "cabin party" community a lot more toys to play with (which means less people trying to help you survive), or inspires people trying to be cute when Jason appears by giving a thumbs-up while you're busy fighting for your life or being grab-killed. Yep, it's really cute dying while people emote to be funny...and afterwards you have to sit-out and watch these idiots play for 10 more minutes.Watching Jason interrupt an emote tea party between four players using AJ and Tiffany in bathing suits and seeing them all scatter just looks more like some dork's harem fantasy invading a somewhat-immersive survival game. If the game was even taken seriously by at LEAST half of the people that played it, well, it's probably down to one-fourth of that now. And I thought Street Fighter V was good at killing its own vibe with stupid, pandering DLC.
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    I really hope they're not under the impression Paranoia will magically save the game. :/ And you're right, they don't need any help at all.
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    I would think around level 75 would be good. Halfway point of levels (for now), halfway between 50 and 100 is satisfying as well, encourages people to stick around and earn xp. A good deal of time to have earned it, but not too extreme. Either that or hes exclusive to Grendel map and always available on that map...which I could understand, but it would suck only being available on 1 map. Slightly off topic thought process> That would be cushioned if the Grendel map itself is very modular, in the sense that I assume parts of the map are ship and parts are VR camp, and it would be nice that the map (although its a single map) had more variance in the spawn points and cabin/room. For instance, all the current maps have basically the same layouts with variation in spawn points of objectives and rarely an extra or missing building here or there. I hope that Grendel the ship remains this way, and Grendel the VR simulation is different each time by having very different configurations. It would add alot more variety and replay-ability if the map sometimes had 3 big cabins, and sometimes 5 smaller ones, and sometimes 1 big and 3 small...etc, because there really is no "hero building" like in the other maps, there isnt a need to showcase anything specifically, so let the randomness of the VR allow for different situations. Slightly more on topic > I saw a post elsewhere on Uber's stats and it got me thinking and I think I can kill several birds with one stone. Lots of people bitch about Savini and his stats being so OP. *I know they are strong, but not night and day strong as some people would have you believe, and that damn pitchfork gets stuck all the time and whiffs on everything else, but I digress. Let Uber have the same strengths and weaknesses as Savini, and with a machete as a weapon. This would technically make Uber even stronger because of faster swing time. This gives everyone essentially access to a Savini clone, while keeping the look, music and uniqueness as a backer exclusive which, as a backer, I think would appease most people that clamor about him being OP and P2W. Alternately, if Uber *is* exclusive to just the Grendel map, I would even go a step further and give him a fourth strength, stun resistance. Since he cant be used elsewhere it wouldn't create a situation where everyone has him set to default, its just if you get picked as Jason on Grendel, no matter which Jason you have selected, you're Uber. That said, I hope Uber is available on all maps, and same goes for other Jasons on Grendel, I just want his stats to really speak to his character.
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    Basically what you said in your OP...People used to play high repair characters more. Now the meta has shifted to "battle" loadouts. It's a shame. Hoping the next couple of patches makes people shift back to an objective-minded loadout by giving Jason the necessary buffs.
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    How is it even a fathomable thought that someone would defend these guys at this point? They promised a fix by September to late October. It's now mid January. Do I need to explain why this is a problem? I personally don't enjoy purchasing products that don't work. I'm not referencing host quits, that's hardly an issue as far as I'm concerned. This is specifically a problem with servers - precisely the same issue we were discussing months ago. There is still no fix and no word about what is being done. "We are working on it" is not nearly enough at this point. The fact that they are remaining silent to avoid a lawsuit speaks volumes to the real and present potential for legal action from consumers. I can't imagine how this is difficult to grasp after the Gearbox debacle. Do I want Gun to fall apart and leave it's employees jobless? Of course not. Should they be required to answer for releasing a game that was and is in no way ready for public consumption, you bet. Before you attempt to create a dialogue with me here @Cokeyskunk, do know I have zero interest in discussing the matter with someone who has offered nothing but snarky, rude, comments to the people trying to actually talk about what can be done from a consumer standpoint.
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    @IronKnight55 Dance emotes don’t kill the game they kill the immersion. The imbalances are like setting someone on fire & the emotes are like pissing on him. Someone said earlier on this forum that it is split between two groups of people when it comes to feelings about emotes. They are right. You have the adults who are against & the children who are for. Only the mind of a child will be so entertained at something as simple as dancing in a horror video game. The excitement relates to something like receiving crayons & a coloring book when you sit down at a restaurant or recess time at school. Us adults don’t care for these useless emotes we really don’t.
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    If they didn't make Jason a bitch, there'd be more players. No matter how many teabagging, dancing emote trolls you have, they can't have a game if there is no Jason. They've catered to these kinds of players, so you have no Jasons. No Jasons = no game.
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    Ugh, I'm too weak and nice. I'm a girl, I'm not into girls, and still I let them live, or at least save them for last if they've not accomplished anything. Same goes with kids. Unless they scream too much. ...Actually I let anyone nice enough to live for a while if he begs a little.
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    Gun here is the vision: Pinehurst Halfway House as a new map. The basic rules of the multiplayer remain the same... Buildings include: -Upstairs rooms showcasing different personalities of the troubled residents, like Violet's room, covered in 80s type posters/ Tommy's room, with masks in drawers and medication bottles on the dresser. Bunkbeds... -A mess-hall where they eat at, with giant windows.(hint,hint) -Barn with upstairs areas and roll-able bails of hay. -Woods, fields and dirt roads. -Small Trailer Park area (where Demon was at) -Ethel's farmhouse with chickencoops and sheds. (clean out the chickenshit) -Admin offices with patient files scattered inside, med-kits, adrenaline shots... -Small Diner on the edge of map. -No lake, but Intermittent periods of heavy rainfall. -Numerous metal outhouses throughout.*** If you go inside for longer than 5 minutes, counselor will begin to sing "ohh baby, hey baby" which could cue Jason by the noise. -Damn Enchiladas could be written on the inside of one of the outhouses, lol. Gameplay Features: -A phone system to be repaired at the PineHurst admin offices and in the Diner. -Vehicles to be repaired are: *Pam's pickup truck (seats 5 only- 2 in front,3 in back) *Unger Institute of Mental Health Transport Van (seats EVERYONE, But HARDEST to fix-more parts needed) *Junior's motorcycle (seats 2 only) *Pete & Vinnie's broken down car in woods (seats 5) / Multiple flares on the ground area. DLCs: -Roy skin for Jason Player. -Hallucination Jason skin for Jason Player. -Sexy Director/Counselor skin for counselors (Pam) -Punker skins for counselors (Violet) New Environment kills for this map: -Tree eyeball strap kill. -Ethel soup cleaver face kill. -Flare mouth kill. -Spiked to tree through forehead kill. -Spiked trailer kill. (For counselors or Jason) -Outhouse spike kill. -Tractor kill (For counselors to do to Jason) Come on...Who wouldn't want this???
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