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    Does anyone else think there should be an end of round screen highlighting whose done what: top car fixer, driver, boat, phone, betrayer, trapper etc. You know in some games, the only thing that gets done for example is call the cops and it should at least give a bit of recognition as to who called or fixed something. It might, just might, encourage a little less dicking about tea bagging and to try and do objectives, bringing out a bit of competitiveness to get on the end of round podium so to speak. Other games like battlefield do it - top medic, assault, assist etc.
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    That new counselor better be Melissa, if it's not I'm snatching wigs.
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    My lordy god forbid if someone asks a simple question on these forums. I didn't even think this would be that bad but Jesus Christ it's like people on here are becoming vultures just to call out when someone are not aware if there is a pass thread about this or not.
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    F13's obsession with avoiding any duplicate threads, rather than just trying not to have the front page cluttered with multiple threads on the same subject, is...unusual to say the least. Generally speaking, mods focus on locking necroed threads due to the entirely reasonable position that a new thread will avoid relying on old posts created before the current state of the game. But volunteer mods' marching orders are whatever they are, even if the people giving them probably shouldn't be doing anything more complex than asking after our preference regarding fries with that. However, if mods intend to continue locking productive discussions because the OP failed to locate whatever existing thread(s) the mod thinks they should have used...the least they can do is include a link to what they consider an acceptable thread for the discussion being locked. If that's too much trouble for them, why the hell are they telling the OP to do it?
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    That's understandable. My PlayStation was turned on, when I typed it.
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    I vote @Brigadius personally. I would likely become drunk with power and rule with an iron bear paw glove thing.
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    This sounds borderline inappropriate.
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    I fear this amendment would achieve the opposite of it's intended result. Namely, that the behavior would increase JUST for trolls to get it on the wall of shame.
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    Sure, we'll get those notes right to you. No problem.
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    Well it still hasn't been read. So should I send him a pm? He asked me to pm him and I did, twice. A week later no response(not read) so I'm supposed to think maybe a third pm will get a response. I also enjoyed the warning point for pointing out that my message that I was asked to send was ignored.
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    There's no defense here. If he wants to be professional he has to act professionally. Who cares about being shamed online? You don't respond to your customers like that. And he didn't even respond directly for being called out, he went sideways and called him a "whiner."
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    Whining? Didn't you ask him to PM you? Don't be a dick.
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    Yeah, I did miss it, sorry for doing that as honest mistakes can indeed occur, given the volume of PMs I get a day, layered with the work I do each day and the schedules that we keep here. There's a lot going on here and publicly whining about it rather than pinging me again is absolutely the wrong way to get help.
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    Interestingly enough, I just got ran over by a car while I had the sweater by a troll. I thought he was an asshole but you guys take the cake on being pieces of shit. Go fuck yourselves.
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    Easy fix for this, really...a toggle for whether you view others' emotes or not. Toggle it off? That dancing bunny just looks like she's standing there, as far as you're concerned. Adds the gameplay benefit of dancing not hiding what weapon/item the counselor has.
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    I would like “I’M getting the hell out of here.” Something of that nature that shows she’s in it for herself. Maybe they will do an”(insert mean girl name)is a bitch” achievement. Kinda like “Chad is a dick”. Possibly have an achievement called “you’re all crazy”. Go an entire match escaping while not engaging Jason. Maybe have an extra step like you need to make the call to the cops. I know you get extra points at the end for not getting hit, “without a scratch” I think it’s called. Something along those lines.
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    Remember back when the forums elected @bewareofbears forum moderator?! My, how things would have been different. Sigh...
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    Let me guess: door was left wide fucking open while they still used a window? Seen a lot of these special ones lately.
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    I'll be the first to say that I normally do not agree with a lot of the things that @Gummybish posts. We just see things differently as far as what is fun in the game. But, is there really any need to jump all over him/her for asking a simple question? Just because you prefer it doesn't make it law. @WashingtonJones Come on bro, it's not that serious. There have been almost 125,000 threads started in The Game General Discussion section alone. I'm sure there are plenty of them that didn't include serious game affecting subjects. It was a simple question. I don't get the hate. We all have the choice to just ignore a topic if we find it "stupid".
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    You needed an entire thread to answer your own question?
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    @ShiftySamurai @GunMedia_Ben @[IllFonic]Courier Pretty please?! This is probably the best idea I’ve heard so far too. And it’s such simple addition, wait.... it is simple right? Like it’d be possible to add this? I’d imagine so but what do I kno?
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    Negative awards should be given out at the end of rounds as well. "Most Time Spent Hiding," "Most Time Spent Dancing," "Left Alone In The 4-Seater," etc.
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    This forum needs a HEART icon for posts you love. DEFINITELY. This needs to happen. Full support. Hear, hear!
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    I deeply admire this suggestion and want it inside my console.
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    That's true. The professional thing to do would be to send Brigadius a PM instead of addressing it here. I wish I wasn't such an obsessed fan. I'd rather not see shit like this.
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    They could even work additional achievements/badges into these awards.
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    I always sigh of relief because most of the Savini players on Xbox are low to mid levels ?. Pretty Ironic.
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    You're not the first person to mention this to me. I actually messaged one of the moderators to see if it can be changed, just waiting on a response.
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    Guess you just missed this one. Even though you did tell me to pm you any concerns I had. I didn't particularly require a response either but if you tell someone to pm you then you should atleast open it so it at the very least appears that you are actually reading the messages. It's just a little ironic that this pm is about bettering community relations and communication and has gone ignored. Oh, well. I'll stick to public posting concerns and ideas at least if it gets a ton of comments it will eventually be read by a dev.
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    I mean if you wanna be realistic, the type of dancing they are doing in this game literally requires little to no stamina, they aren't doing a full on routine with intricate dance moves. Literally one of the moves is grooving. I'm majoring in Dance and I am taking four dance classes this semester so until I see these counselors do pirouettes and jazz leaps as well as breakdancing, I really don't see why a stamina drain for their very, very, very simplistic dancing is needed.
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    Really hope they add a stamina drain when dancing. That should have been in from the start. To those that cry "I would ask for a refund", why would you not want the game to be more realistic? High impact dancing effects energy levels. The more realistic the better.
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    I tend to just slash dancers to death, use Jason's block (the dab), look down at their corpse and spin my left analog stick in circles really fast so I can tap dance all over their corpse since they can see me doing it for those few seconds before they go into spectate. Then I stall out killing everyone else so they can quit. I call it the 'Jason Emote Pack.'
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    Trolls are worse than glitches and bugs in my book. They completely ruin the game with either their voice or them quitting on you after you work ur ass off to catch them. A lot of people think they're funny or they watched too many YouTubers and don't know how to play without doing running commentary. Without proper boundaries set by a development team you'll have to suffer through people with "anonymity-balls".
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    Thanks for helping to kill the game.
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    How it should really read... A funny comment to distract the reader, lol. Dedicated servers - Not the slightest! Balance - Damn we better get our act together, give us a week! New Map - Am obviously hiding something so lets go with 'no comment' Challenge mode - As much chance of dedicated servers
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    I saw you perusing my profile for quite a while. I was sure you were looking for negative posts and you responded with a post of me being chewed out by gun for their screw up, not very damning and one you used before. Trouble locating something new to use? They made public the new forum theme I posted about it and Ben got pissed because I talked about a feature they already made public but because they didn't want it to be known, which is not my fault because I'm not a mind reader and it was available for all to see, I'm apparently in the wrong. How is my pointing out a new forum theme spreading false information exactly? Also the only other platform I use is reddit on occasion, where apparently I cause distractions that hold up game update progression. Which is strange because I've only ever made a handful of posts there and then are all either fan art or memes(memeish). Not sure how that is causing a breakdown in production. I already stated why I'm here. To provide feedback to improve the game and community. Of course I hope gun finds their stride and gets this game and community running smoothly why else would I provide feedback, I'm not here to rain on their parade it just looks to those who are star stuck that way because they take criticism critically and as a personal insult when it's actually there to offer insight for improvement. If they never do hopefully other companies do see where things go wrong with other companies and do their best to avoid those mistakes. You view any feedback that talks about something broken at negative feedback but how will anything get fixed it nobody mentions it. Saying the game is perfect and nothing is wrong won't get it fixed. They arent offering a platform specific option, they are offering a private community specific option. A community that can deny access to anyone they don't like. That is in no way the same as offering an interview. I can only beat this dead horse so many times. The discord is a private fan run community and should not receive premium services, interviews, updates, teasers or whatever if it is able to deny even one fan the opportunity to participate. I will also note that trolling isn't limited to disgruntled fans of those who want to watch the world burn. Derailing a topic so that it will eventually be locked is trolling and you derail any topic that has criticism you find unappealing. I don't go around derailing topics, sometimes topics get knocked off course unintentionally but mostly it's harmless. You have a habit of coming into topics to change the topic. As you are now here discussing what type of feedback one is allowed to give when we should be talking about how a "private fan run community is receiving more official support than the official site."
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    That drives me nuts. I had five "seek and destroyed" kills in one session. Last night I was trying to show my buddy the butcher knife environmental kill (the one where Jason stabs them like a madman), and every time I chased a bot into a cabin that had one they would slide under a bed three feet in front of my face (hard mode). Finally I just brought it up on YouTube for him.
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    It's hard to ignore when I have to cut through all these nonsense threads to be able to read anything with substance. Please exercise some responsibility and stop responding like a child. This is a forum and not snapchat or whatever cheap social media experience you're used to. I'm all for fun/non-serious game discussion. But there seems to be repeat offenders that ignore people that tell them where they're going wrong. Also, I'm one for keeping things in order.
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    No it’s because you contradicted yourself in another thread.
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    That's one of the best suggestions I've seen in awhile. I love it. I had a match recently as Vanessa where I did a ton of shit. I installed the battery/gas at Packaback and left the keys, fixed the fuse and called the cops nearby and if that wasn't enough, I ran across the map to grab the gas for the boat (which someone dropped way far away), ran to the boat to the install it and then escaped with someone by boat. It would be awesome to have an acknowledgment of my tasks completed.
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    Reminds me of the Goldeneye multiplayer end screen with best shooter, lemming award, etc.
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    That sums it up pretty well. You either get some form of bitterness, usually "pay 2 win" comments. Or you get players who are excited to see him.
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    Yeah. I'm a team player, first and foremost. I'll even drop pocket knives and med sprays if it'll help others out. But as a team player, I can easily identify other team players. And if you're not one, don't expect a seat. Had a game last night where I put the gas and battery in the 2-seater as Vanessa before Jason even got to it. A minute later I found the keys. I was gonna escape alone, but right as I started the car Jason Morphed and suddenly *BOOM* Tiffany shoots him with a shotgun as he's right in front of me. I let her get in, juke Jason down the road, and escape. Then I hear a girl say "thanks for the ride" over her mic. I love random teamwork. @pApA^LeGBa - Ignore him.
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    I'm on board with a half second, which is why I said a full second at max. Shift-grabbing shouldn't be neutered by any means, but a very slight tweak wouldn't hurt.
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    Those stats are good, but, again, she should have a little bit more of composure. She frozed when Jason appeared in front of her, but i'm sure if she was aware of the fact that Jason is chasing everyone, she would be more strong just to survive all by herself and leaving the rest of counselors behind while she drives the four-seater car that, by the way, she didn't help to fix.
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    The October patch may seem like the final chapter. Lets just hope the next update is a new beginning.
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    Just getting caught up on this here. A decent bit to take in. I will say I hear awful stories from friends that they have been banned on the Discord page for "negative feedback". This to me is absurd. People have a right to complain and vent about a product. You can't ban a person because they are not all sunshine and rainbows. All the people involved are adults and have heard worse in their lives. Even the people coming in this thread and knocking people for being upset over lack of communication or how it is being handled are ass-kissing, exemplifying childish behavior and antagonizing tactics. It's fine if you prefer another social media outlet. I personally have seen negativity in all of them. Also positive notes. I actually see a ton of positivity in this community. Some people have harsh words and jokes, but it's the frigging internet people, don't be so sensitive over other people's views. It's the reason for discussion. To blatantly attack another individual or group is uncalled for. I will straight call you out @NthnButAGoodTime. You have your nose so far up their asses that you attack people with negative feedback. @Brigadius goes out of his way to investigate how to assist this company in efficient and alternate ways to help the community, yet he gets treated like the black sheep. Why did you feel the need to come in here and antagonize people for being upset. Other than the PS4 chapter of Good sportsmanship club, what have been your big contributions? Brig has made avatars for people on the forums. He has messaged Shifty with notes on how to make the site read better and run more efficiently. He made Jason emoticons(which were washed under the rug) for the community. He has looked into the site running these forums and noted how this site can be improved for the community as well as the companies. What do you do other than greet people? I enjoy your sense of humor, but it seems you only speak negatively about most community members and only positive about the companies, when clearly there are issues that need addressed. If I go to an IT job where you need a couple errors fixed, but instead of communicating with you the timeframe of when a fix can be expected, or what we recognize as the general cause of the error, I am communicating with another department so the messages are not being communicated to you: how would you feel? You would have feel cheated on your product and service. A community manager should be effectively communicating issues with the community. This being the game's official forum, this should be priority. Lately we have been getting news and patch notes first, I commend the companies for this. I get what Ben is saying about finding Discord more efficient. Why not create their own official Discord then and link to it, instead of a fan run Discord for live assistance?? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate how much value Gun and Illfonic are putting into the communities. That doesn't mean some random person should have control over a person's fate for posting negatively. Negative feedback is critical in improving a product. Can some members use more tact when communicating issues? Absolutely. No argument there. Most people here complain because of the history or errors with this game. From still no Skype interviews have happened, Savini leaks and other broken promises. The report bug page is extensive yet how often do we get a reply saying "noted and being looked into this week after task 1, task 2, etc, but it will be a priority to get this taken care of". The communication has been poor. Some of us don't want other social media as we don't care about it or have hesitations against it. I for one don't use any other than this site and Twitter. Not interested. So if I report a bug, I would enjoy feedback on why it happened and when it will get fixed. Btw, fantastic collection of surplus tactical gear. Cheers!
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