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    Does anyone else think there should be an end of round screen highlighting whose done what: top car fixer, driver, boat, phone, betrayer, trapper etc. You know in some games, the only thing that gets done for example is call the cops and it should at least give a bit of recognition as to who called or fixed something. It might, just might, encourage a little less dicking about tea bagging and to try and do objectives, bringing out a bit of competitiveness to get on the end of round podium so to speak. Other games like battlefield do it - top medic, assault, assist etc.
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    That new counselor better be Melissa, if it's not I'm snatching wigs.
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    F13's obsession with avoiding any duplicate threads, rather than just trying not to have the front page cluttered with multiple threads on the same subject, is...unusual to say the least. Generally speaking, mods focus on locking necroed threads due to the entirely reasonable position that a new thread will avoid relying on old posts created before the current state of the game. But volunteer mods' marching orders are whatever they are, even if the people giving them probably shouldn't be doing anything more complex than asking after our preference regarding fries with that. However, if mods intend to continue locking productive discussions because the OP failed to locate whatever existing thread(s) the mod thinks they should have used...the least they can do is include a link to what they consider an acceptable thread for the discussion being locked. If that's too much trouble for them, why the hell are they telling the OP to do it?
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    Yeah, I did miss it, sorry for doing that as honest mistakes can indeed occur, given the volume of PMs I get a day, layered with the work I do each day and the schedules that we keep here. There's a lot going on here and publicly whining about it rather than pinging me again is absolutely the wrong way to get help.
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    I always sigh of relief because most of the Savini players on Xbox are low to mid levels ?. Pretty Ironic.
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    You're not the first person to mention this to me. I actually messaged one of the moderators to see if it can be changed, just waiting on a response.
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    Guess you just missed this one. Even though you did tell me to pm you any concerns I had. I didn't particularly require a response either but if you tell someone to pm you then you should atleast open it so it at the very least appears that you are actually reading the messages. It's just a little ironic that this pm is about bettering community relations and communication and has gone ignored. Oh, well. I'll stick to public posting concerns and ideas at least if it gets a ton of comments it will eventually be read by a dev.
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    I mean if you wanna be realistic, the type of dancing they are doing in this game literally requires little to no stamina, they aren't doing a full on routine with intricate dance moves. Literally one of the moves is grooving. I'm majoring in Dance and I am taking four dance classes this semester so until I see these counselors do pirouettes and jazz leaps as well as breakdancing, I really don't see why a stamina drain for their very, very, very simplistic dancing is needed.
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    Really hope they add a stamina drain when dancing. That should have been in from the start. To those that cry "I would ask for a refund", why would you not want the game to be more realistic? High impact dancing effects energy levels. The more realistic the better.
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    I tend to just slash dancers to death, use Jason's block (the dab), look down at their corpse and spin my left analog stick in circles really fast so I can tap dance all over their corpse since they can see me doing it for those few seconds before they go into spectate. Then I stall out killing everyone else so they can quit. I call it the 'Jason Emote Pack.'
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    Trolls are worse than glitches and bugs in my book. They completely ruin the game with either their voice or them quitting on you after you work ur ass off to catch them. A lot of people think they're funny or they watched too many YouTubers and don't know how to play without doing running commentary. Without proper boundaries set by a development team you'll have to suffer through people with "anonymity-balls".
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    Thanks for helping to kill the game.
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    These videos are trash
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    How it should really read... A funny comment to distract the reader, lol. Dedicated servers - Not the slightest! Balance - Damn we better get our act together, give us a week! New Map - Am obviously hiding something so lets go with 'no comment' Challenge mode - As much chance of dedicated servers
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    I saw you perusing my profile for quite a while. I was sure you were looking for negative posts and you responded with a post of me being chewed out by gun for their screw up, not very damning and one you used before. Trouble locating something new to use? They made public the new forum theme I posted about it and Ben got pissed because I talked about a feature they already made public but because they didn't want it to be known, which is not my fault because I'm not a mind reader and it was available for all to see, I'm apparently in the wrong. How is my pointing out a new forum theme spreading false information exactly? Also the only other platform I use is reddit on occasion, where apparently I cause distractions that hold up game update progression. Which is strange because I've only ever made a handful of posts there and then are all either fan art or memes(memeish). Not sure how that is causing a breakdown in production. I already stated why I'm here. To provide feedback to improve the game and community. Of course I hope gun finds their stride and gets this game and community running smoothly why else would I provide feedback, I'm not here to rain on their parade it just looks to those who are star stuck that way because they take criticism critically and as a personal insult when it's actually there to offer insight for improvement. If they never do hopefully other companies do see where things go wrong with other companies and do their best to avoid those mistakes. You view any feedback that talks about something broken at negative feedback but how will anything get fixed it nobody mentions it. Saying the game is perfect and nothing is wrong won't get it fixed. They arent offering a platform specific option, they are offering a private community specific option. A community that can deny access to anyone they don't like. That is in no way the same as offering an interview. I can only beat this dead horse so many times. The discord is a private fan run community and should not receive premium services, interviews, updates, teasers or whatever if it is able to deny even one fan the opportunity to participate. I will also note that trolling isn't limited to disgruntled fans of those who want to watch the world burn. Derailing a topic so that it will eventually be locked is trolling and you derail any topic that has criticism you find unappealing. I don't go around derailing topics, sometimes topics get knocked off course unintentionally but mostly it's harmless. You have a habit of coming into topics to change the topic. As you are now here discussing what type of feedback one is allowed to give when we should be talking about how a "private fan run community is receiving more official support than the official site."
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    Yeah my main is A.J I do the same if you help me we'll escape if i have to lone wolf it I'll leave everyone to die
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    I'm on PS4. I usually end up playing with @hu_soldier13 (whom I think should really change his name here to his PSN name!) and @NthnButAGoodTime when he's on. I can usually play some on Monday evenings after work (while the fam's at gymnastics for two hours), and some on the weekends. If no one's on, I'm stuck in QuickPlay.
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    If they implemented a stamina drain for these ridiculous dances, I’d come back on that first day just to watch these useless bozos get killed by Jason as they try to run away. Serves them right.
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    Absolutely no. Find another way to make strength important without destroying the fixers. They're already vulnerable enough.
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    No. The sad truth is that you cannot avoid trolls in online games. It is just a fact. The devs attempting to make trolling "impossible" is the reason the game is in the sad state that it is now. Little assholes who feel emboldened because they hide behind their keyboards, controllers, and mics is just a reality of playing online. I don't know what the trolls get out of it, but it has been around as long as I have been playing online. Well said.
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    Good luck with that. They would never do it and you know as well as I how dumb of an idea that is regardless how you feel about them. Just get the fuck over it.
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    Make English classes "more longer". That is all.
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    Oh wow so many more Germans here. Still amazes me when stuff like this actually happens to me. Were you born in Australia? My parents are from Turkey as well they themselves emigrated from Turkey to Germany as children.
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    Beautiful stats. Where is this hot blonde at anyways? I want to play her already!
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