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    Rule 1. Trap objectives. Remember now that even car doors can be effectively trapped. DON"T WASTE THEM ON WINDOWS Rule 2. Get to the phone box and if you spot a smart counselor nearby, kill them if you can, but if you can't run them off and burn their stamina, go to a car, trap it, return to the fuse box and spot check for counselor, go to next car and trap it. If during that time you don't encounter a genuinely problematic counselor that is carrying a vehicle part, CHECK THAT PHONE BOX AND KILL WHOEVER GETS NEAR IT. Point is, bounce around. Make the counselors afraid to venture alone after an objective because they know you'll be back before they can complete it and won't want to risk getting trapped in a mini-game. Rule 3. Give yourself a quick kill in your grab-kill list that you can easily key up. Headpunch or something super simple and quick like that is ideal. This way counselors won't have time to start a vehicle during a kill animation. This is especially important because they are simple and ready up faster, which you really need when being swarmed. Rule 4. There is NO shame in combat stance and slashing. It breaks weapons and nullifies pocket knives. If you need to clear a cluster of counselors or keep them from being able to work an objective, this is crucial. Rule 5. Learn to drum the E button. Alternate forefinger and middle finger and speed tap that button to decrease recovery time. It's perfectly legit and part of the game. Use it. Rule 6. Don't let Tommy distract you. Unless he is actively fixing an objective, don't chase him down until last. He is just there to burn time for other counselors. Just keep an eye on him as you patrol objectives. Also, he is a counselor magnet, and his increased stamina makes him prone to abandoning tired counselors without realizing it. Use that false sense of comfort to maximum effect and kill the before his helpless eyes mwhahahaha. ...pardon me. Rule 7. Don't get tunneled. Vanessa, Tiffany, and Bugsy are NOT fixers, but they will run you ragged if you let them. If you find you're spending more than 20 to 30 seconds on them, LEAVE THEM BE. If they attempt to fix something, it will take them a long time and they will probably screw it up and alert you. Find the smart counselors they are trying to keep you away from. Rule 8. Prioritize. Sometimes the RNG just feeds you the chickenbone. If you HAVE to make a choice, close off the path that leaves the widest opening. In other words, if you know both cars are about to be fixed, make sure to keep the four-seater from escaping. Rule 9. When entering a zone after Stalk comes available, enter stalk THEN morph, use sense, and shift. With luck, they won't see you coming and BAM..shift grab executed. Rule 10. Never rage-quit. Even crappy matches can teach you something about being a better Jason. Rage-quitting a match because you know your numbers will suck only deprives you of an opportunity to learn. People will respect a Jason that is still learning FAR FAR more than a rage-quitter. Rule 11. Choose a main. Playing Jason effectively means learning that Jason's rhythm. Every Jason can be effectively played once you put in the time to learn how to best utilize his strengths and mitigate the drawbacks of his weaknesses. Find one you enjoy the most, perhaps in Offline mode so you can play them one after another to compare, then set him as your guy and...as Rhianna would say..work work work work work work work. Rule 12. Be encouraging to players. It is certainly OK to goof off and make jokes at Jason during the match, it's all part of the strategy and fun of the game. But after the match, give a verbal high five or SOMETHING to show it was all in good fun and that you enjoyed the player's efforts. The trash talk should always be directed at Jason, not the player driving him. This will go a long way in building a strong playerbase community and make the game more appealing to those wanting to learn the ropes. Better Jasons just means more fun for all of us. Hope that helps.
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    Chad and Chad is best combination
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    Hello all! My name is Grif and I just joined the forums! I love everything about Friday the 13th! My favorite Friday movie is Part 6. Let us talk about one thing. I am making an App for Friday the 13th the Game news! I would like to hear your thoughts if this is a great idea. The main purpose of the app is to show you news on the game and it will help you find players on whatever console you play on! It will probably do more like have a general discussion on the game and much more. It all depends on how people would like to see how this app works. It would be nice to get ideas from fans of the game. Remember, I am doing this all by myself, so I will try to get the app out there as fast as I can. I have plans for the app to be released by the end of February for Android users, and sometime in March for Apple users. So be on the lookout, I will also post here when the app is out. Please give me any ideas for what you would like to see in the app and I will look and see what I can do. This is real, not fake; I promise. Here is the beginning of the app in Development (Is not final, work in progress): https://youtu.be/XJfw8UMAANg Hello again! I have decided that I will need some people to become "Beta" Testers for the app. Becoming a tester doesn't mean you get to use the app early. You will need to give me some feedback on the app like what bugs, glitches, and mainly anything you think should be fixed. We will discuss in a Discord server what you think needs fixing. You need an Android device to become a tester. If you want to become a tester you will need to give me a Savini Jason code for Xbox. Just kidding, just kidding. To become a tester you must tell me why you think you should become a tester in an email. The email is: f13gameapp@gmail.com By becoming a tester you promise not to show/share the App (It's in early alpha right now, come on) and You will give feedback on the app. That is all. I am very excited to see where this app will go!
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    Cool idea as far as using it to connect with other players. Bad for the "news" section though as all you will be able to put under it is "soon™". Be good to have the maps on there as well and weapon stats, counselor stats, etc.
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    Right out of the gate... SPOILER WARNING!!! I wanted to create a walkthrough, from beginning to end, for the new Virtual Cabin 2.0. This decision came through because, through streaming, I found people didn't know where to go or what to do, so I thought I would explain it. I hope this helps! You load into the Virtual Cabin 1.0 beta. In here you can look around at a large majority of the props and just explore. Your main goal is to solve the Word Guess Puzzles, on the back of all the news papers, and magazines. You can find 4 news papers and 2 magazines: Newspaper - Downstairs, next to the couch, on end stand Newspaper - Downstairs, on the kitchen counter Newspaper - Upstairs, on the end stand by the couch/TV Newspaper - Upstairs, in the "weapons room" on Tommy Jarvis desk Magazine - Downstairs, next to the computer Magazine - Downstairs, on the coffee table by the fire place. Word Guess Puzzle Solution: Word Guess: Week 1 "Furry friend with a purple bow" My Guess: MUFFIN Highlighted Letter: "M" Reasoning: Muffin is the dog from part 2 Word Guess: Week 2 "Cured meat and famous counselor" My Guess: BACON Highlighted Letter: "O" Reasoning: Kevin Bacon was in the first movie. Word Guess: Week 3 "Movies featuring T.J." My Guess: THREE Highlighted Letter: "T" Reasoning: Tommy Jarvis appears in 3 movies - parts 4, 5, & 6. Word Guess: Week 4 "Original Mask Owner" My Guess: SHELLY Highlighted Letter: "H" Reasoning: Sheldon “Shelly” Finkelstein had the hockey mask in part 3 before Jason killed him and took it. Word Guess: Week 5 "Most films in mask" My Guess: FIVE (Second Guess: Kane) Highlighted Letter: "E" Reasoning: He didn’t dawn the mask until part III, and Jason wasn’t officially in part V. So he had the mask for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. We stop counting with Jason X and on. (Second Reasoning: Kane Hodder played Jason more times than any other actor. He spent the most time in the mask.) Word Guess: Week 6 "Doomed Ocean Liner My Guess: LAZARUS Highlighted Letter: "R" Reasoning: This is the ship that took out students of Lakeview High School, bound of New York, in Part VIII Final Word: MOTHER Put this into the computer by the door, in any code section, to unlock more features. After you put this in, you unlock Virtual Cabin 1.1, with update features and options. You now have access to the basement, the "Red Door Room", Collectibles, an inventory, crouching, and restored telephone functionality. With this newly gained power, we need to start collecting thing to unlock badges, to put into the frame, on the kitchen wall. First, I recommend looking around at the newly accessed rooms, and make sure you have your barrings. When you're done dicking around there are 4 badges, there for four puzzles. There is the Pedestal Puzzle, the Mask Puzzle, the Diorama Puzzle, and the Blue Phone Number Puzzle. Pedestal Puzzle Solution: The pedestals are numbered (to the 12 days of Christmas song) from 1 to 4. Each item is a prop from films 1 to 4. 1. Pedestal One - Green Pear: Red Bandanna Location of Item: Downstairs, last room on the right (Bathroom). On the back of the toilet. Location of pedestal: Downstairs, first room on the right (Red door room). To the left of the red door. 2. Two Blue Birds: Police Badge Location of Item: Downstairs, first room on the right (Red door room). On the table, to the right of the red door. Location of pedestal: Upstairs, last room on the left (Kids room) 3. Three Chicks: Blue Yo-yo Location of Item: Upstairs, last room on the left. (Kids room) Open the wardrobe, it in the box on the shelf. Location of pedestal: Upstairs, first room on the right (Weapons room). 4. Four Birds Chirping: Blue Hat Location of Item: Downstairs, on the hat rack (Living room). Next to the front door. Location of pedestal: Downstairs, very back room (Exit room). Behind the door. Just place the items on the pedestal and the badge should pop out of a drawer, on the last placed items, pedestal. Mask Puzzle Solution: You need to find a few masks: Downstairs, first door on the right (Red Door). Behind, and to the right of, the door is a few boxes and one is open. (Mask 1) Downstairs, to the right of where you spawn in (Living room). Inside the fireplace. (Mask 7) Upstairs, last door on the left (Kids Room). Crouch inside the tent and the mask is in a wooden box. (Mask 5) Put them in order from part 3 to part 9 (7 masks all together). After you have them all in order, remove the part 5. Order is as follows: ***Damage is explained as if you’re wearing the mask*** 1. Clean mask, with the red markings still intact. (part III) 2. Has a busted left side (top) and the blood still fresh on the mask. (Part IV) 3. Clean mask, with blue markings. (Part V) 4. Dirty mask with chop taken out of the left side (top). (Part VI) 5. Waterlogged mask with the red marking now brownish black. Chop taken out of left side (top), and a missing lower section on the left. (Part VII) 6. Slightly cleaner mask, with red markings, that make it look closer to the first mask. It’s more dingy, and has a small chop taken out of the top left. (Part VIII) 7. Most destroyed mask, with a chop taken out of the left (top), a missing lower section (left), and a chop taken out of the right opening the right eye. Make sure, after you place them all, you remove the 3rd mask in, the one with blue markings, to activate the drawer to the right. It will grant you the second badge, for the plaque in the kitchen. ***My theory here is, you remove this mask because in part 5, Jason wasn’t really the killer. The killer was Roy Burns, who was trying to get revenge for his son who was killed with an axe. Diorama puzzle Solution: This puzzle is by far the easiest. First, you’ll have to find the missing diorama figure. The Chris figure is in the bathroom (with Jenny), in a box next to the toilet. I recommend just going to the diorama's and picking up all the figures, so you can quickly place things. Also, these figures are place from left to right. Voorhees House diorama (Living Room) Jessica, Jason (without machete), Steven. Higgins Haven Barn Diorama (Red Door Room, Downstairs) Ali, Jason (with machete), Chris Blue Phone Number Puzzle Solution: Items with numbers (in order): 1. Script Location: Downstairs, first room on the right (Red door room). To the left of the red door, on the desk. The number is located on the bottom right of the script located closes to the edge of the desk Number: 1 2. Potato Sack Location: In the kitchen, in a cabinet, under the microwave Number 5 3. 3D Glasses Location: In a drawer, in the kitchen, right next to the garbage can. Number: 0005 (5) 4. Forest County Sign Location: Upstairs, on the wall, opposite the TV, behind a lamp Number: 4 5. Starlacon: A New Beginning Book Location: On the bookstand, next to the couch (Living room). Number: 3rd Edition (3) 6. Moonshine Location: Under the sink, in the kitchen Number: “Bottled March 7th” (7) 7. Matches Location: Drawer, in the kitchen, next to the cabinet with moonshine in it. Number: There are two matches. (2) 8. New York Picture Location: Upstairs, at the end of the hallway, on the right. Number: #009 (9) 9. Inferno Lake Book Location: Downstairs, on the bookshelf, to the left of the fireplace. Number: This one was the hardest. It pertained to the part 9 movie I chose Chapter 2. (2) This was as far as we got before someone in the F13 forum community cracked the code. The theory could be that you move the Moonshine number (7) to the end, because of the X on the bottle (referring to Jason X) and then double it. I’m not sure where the other 5 comes in or why 3 and 4 got swapped. I’ll try to update as more information comes out. Fantastic job to the hard working minds here on the f13 forums! <3 When it’s all put together you get: 1 (555) 342-9277 Each digit corresponds to a movie item in the cabin. I found the movie items and the unique number placed on each. The phone number is the movies in chronological order. (I hope to update as an actual solution is found) Once you get the phone number, I highly suggest before putting it in, testing out a few other numbers.. Numbers to call: You'll have to call most of these several times, to hear Jason at play 911 Crystal Lake Police Department: 1 (555) 555- 0618 SS Lazarus (Free Cruise): 1 (555) SEA-2NYC Pinehurst Diner: 1 (555) 689-2344 Unger Institute of Mental Health: 1 (555) 713-1979 Tapes: These don't really do anything, to my knowledge. I thought they could correspond to the final phone number to get the last badge but I couldn't prove it. I will update if we have further information. ***Update*** The time in the tapes, match an actual scene in the real films. In those films, you'll see Jimbo's hat, a cops badge, a yo-yo, and a bandanna, if you pause it at the corresponding time. Times posted below for those that are curious. 1. Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp (00:15:51) Location: Upstairs, first door on the right (Weapon Room). On the pedestal, next to Tommy Jarvis’s Desk. 2. A Long Night at Camp Blood: Part II (00:24:19) Location: Upstairs, on the coffee table, in front of the couch. 3. Star Mummy III: Dead Heir (00:34:44) Location: Downstairs, to the right of the fireplace (Living room). You have to open the drawer, to the desk with the vase on it. 4. Roy’s Revenge: Part IV The Return of Reckless Reggie (00:45:18) Location: Upstairs, under the TV, on the TV stand. Radio Locations: You can listen to all of these, at this point, except the last one, as it's out on the dock. More on that soon. Behind the couch (Living room). Sitting on the desk behind the couch. On the left (Red door room). Sitting on a chair, on the left, as you enter the room. Back room (Exit Room). On the desk, next to the exit door (the door that’s still locked). On the left, at the bottom of the stairs (Basement). On a desk, with a bloody newspaper, as you get down the stairs. (access after you get to the basement) On the dock (Outside). Sitting on a box, with a lantern. (access once you get outside) Finally, once you put in the number, from the puzzle - 1 (555) 342-9277 - (...and you're done playing around), you'll get a creepy message from Pamela, and then the final patch. Make you're way to the kitchen to insert the four badges into the plaque, across form the model of Deborah Kim. This will unlock a hidden door, and give you access to the basement. In here you can view all the Jason character models, in the game. But two of the display cases have sheets over them, you ask? Don't fret, we'll get to that. There should be a phone ringing, in the back left corner of the room. Once you're done gazing at the models and reading the information, Answer the phone. This will give you another creepy message form Pamela, and will bring you to the end of the first major section of the Virtual Cabin! "You still with me?" With the completion of the Virtual Cabin, you'll be returned to the main screen. Just click on Offline again, and head back in. This will load you into Virtual Cabin 1.3 - New Game Plus. You're welcome to explore but the key area you want to go is the basement. Upon going to the basement, nothing has changed. No sheets removed, nothing unlocked, nothing. After some community work, and several of us chatting about what to do, we ended up back at the Computer, by the front door. We figured out that if we changed the date, you can get some interesting results. I encourage you to change the dates, to see what happens for yourself, before inputting the date June 13th, 1979. That is the date of the first events of the first film. This will cause a phone to ring. The phone in the basement. Muster your courage, and make your way to the phone. Upon answering it, you get a creepy message from Pamela. You hear glass shatter behind you, and the light cutout. when you regain control, inspect the power box to the right of the phone. You'll discover an axe has been gingerly slammed through the connecting wires, cutting the power. JASON IS ALIVE, and on the move! You'll hear footsteps moving up the stairs, so follow them! (He will leave a collection of bodies behind him, so you can check them as you go, or save them for after you have access to the outside area.) Here you'll be playing follow the leader. As you head upstairs and progress back towards the front door, you see Jason walk by. It looks like he's going up stairs! Follow him upstairs, and say hello to Chad (He's a dick/dead). There should be some commotion downstairs, somehow, so go check it out. It should be coming from the room that housed Tiffany and Kenny's "snuggle" session. You'll find that Tiffany didn't quite make it, but where is Kenny? If you enter the room, and close the door, you'll find him pinned to the back of it. He also has a key around his neck. You should have also heard the front door being broken down, as Jason makes his exit. With the key in hand, follow the hulking monster. Crouch through the doorway, to freedom. Before going too far, let's use that key. As you exit, turn right and head to the shed up the path. Use the key on the padlock, and grab the shovel from inside. This item will help you get two of the three badges needed to escape Camp Crystal Lake. This is a good time to explore. Go check out all the new character models by the fire, by the tent, and down by the dock. also, you can check out the graveyard, and Jason's cabin. I recommend staying away from the woods - it's marked with a red warning sign - as you will die, if you stray. You should notice a glass case, housing a gas can, down by the beach/dock. You should also notice that there is another plaque with three badge slots. After you're done, regroup by the fire, right outside the cabin. There are 3 badges, therefor three puzzles. You have the Radio/Mother's Return Puzzle, the Resurrection Puzzle, and the Woods Puzzle. Radio/Mother's Return Puzzle (Outside): The radio holds the key to unlocking one of the three badges outside, if you know where to look. If you leave the cabin and go right, you’ll see a radio on top of a pile of dirt. You can manipulate the dial to access different radio stations. If you head down the path further, you’ll find a graveyard on the right, and see Jason’s cabin, up the path in the distance. Just past the graveyard, there is a light shining on a downed sign. The sign is pointing to the clue. There are ten rocks, offset, with a sick between the 8th and 9th rock (closer to the 8th rock). Translate this to the radio, and you’ll find there is a code being “beeped” out for you. Morse code: 5312 Use the code from the Radio Puzzle on the fridge lock. The fridge is located in front of the car, outside the cabin. Turn left, after exiting the cabin, and left again at the car to find the fridge. Up against the house. You’ll find Jason’s mom, Pamela’s, severed head in the fridge. Not a big deal! Put that shit in your pocket and make your way up the path to Jason’s cabin. It’s passed the woods and graveyard. Once you’re in, drop it on the table, and pick up that sweet badge! Graveyard Puzzle (Outside): This one is easy. Make your way into the graveyard, with the shovel in hand, and locate Jason's grave. Use the shovel to dig up Jason, then look to the right side of the grave (it was behind me, in my play), and you’ll find a piece of a fence. Open the casket and impale Jason with this to uncover the second badge! Woods Puzzle (Outside): This is a puzzle of precision. First off, you’ll need the shovel. With the shovel and head to the woods area, just up the path, on the left, before Jason’s cabin. When you enter, keep in mind to stay on track and be quick. When you enter, you should see a machete on the ground, with a healthy amount of blood. Naturally, we will follow the blood trail in the direction the machete is pointing. Next you should find a heart, with a few initials carved in it, in a tree. Follow the arrow, going through the heart, to the next spot. The arrow should lead you to an actual arrow stuck in a tree. Who shot this arrow? To find out, head in the direction the arrow came from. This will lead you to a trio of ducks. Where are they going? Lead the pack, and swiftly move in the direction they point. This will lead you to a pile of dirt at the base of a tree. Use that shovel to dig up the final badge for the outside area! Now that you have all the badges, you can head back to the dock! On the way, make sure to check out all the character models, as everyone has died and has updated information. Once you're done checking it all out, put the badges in the plaque. Grab the gas, fill up the boat, and enjoy your ride to "freedom". You should be met with a "Completed the Virtual Cabin, Again" screen, prompting you to return to the main menu. Click on Offline and head back into the Virtual Cabin. This will load you into the Virtual Cabin 1.6 - New Game Plus Plus. It also informs us that it's launching the VirtualCabinDebug.exe program. When you load in, I encourage you to look around. The basement has uncovered a new character model, Young Jason! When you're done exploring, head back out to the docks. Remember that radio sitting on that box out there? Give it another listen? The dev describes a situation with the games development that doesn't seem to go quite right. He adds that they access an override menu by using a code all gamers know. Everyone know that's the Konami code. It might take you a few times to input it properly, as you have to be quick and precise, but enter: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, circle (B), X (A) This will unlock the “debug interface”. Here you can check out the frames per second, reload the level, mess with map collision, and show map collision. Nothing else matters here other than swapping the Map Collision to “unknownError” and toggling Show Collision to “ON”. This will highlight every edge of all the basic structures and unlock a door. Make your way to The Red Door room. It's downstairs in the cabin, first door on the right. You should notice some weirdness going on with the door. Popping in and out of being textured. Head on in and you’ll find yourself in an untextured room. Once in, you’ll notice a lot of blood, and a table that holds a radio. Interact with the radio and listen. When the dialogue is done, turn around and grab the floating bugged badge. Then turn another 180 to find another floating icon. Walk into it, and experience the glitch of a lifetime. The game will bug out and start loading again. It’ll drop you into Virtual Cabin 1.7, warning you it’s an unstable build. It starts you upstairs. Just follow the badges through the house, and don’t worry about Chuck, until you get to the basement. Here you have to find three more camp patches. Good thing all the “prop” Jason models have had their glass cases broken around them and have their hand extended. Just walk up and snag the final three badges. One of the Jason’s will choke you out, but don’t worry; nothing in the cabin is real. When you regain control, you’ll see more badges. Follow them back upstairs to the “Coming Soon” door. A small scene should play out and you should be able to view an item on the floor, of where you spawn, and a computer, in a connecting room. Access a switch to open the final door and enjoy the show. After you get the final scene, you can load back into the Virtual Cabin 2.0, where you have the ability to check out the character model for the Uber Jason, and you can walk straight through the "Coming Soon" door. Feel free to explore, as you now have everything unlock, but i still recommend staying away from the woods... I hope this helped you experience everything that the Virtual Cabin 2.0 had to offer. I'm also going to drop my lets play here so you can see this, step by step, yourself. the_real_Nightswarm on Twitch If you like this and want to keep up with me on the daily you can check me out on twitch.tvthe_real_Nightswarm! Don't forget to hit that follow button! Also, check out our news page (facebook.com/mammothgamesinc), follow us on Twitter (@mammothgamesinc), and check out our podcast (on iTunes, Google Play and podbean.com. Just search up Mammoth Games Inc.)! Until next time!
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    Fuck Freddy Kruger I want to play Friday the 13th.
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    Yeah, jason should be easy. Not too easy... but after all your in his house. The real challenge should be surviving the damn game against iconic J man. In no way whatsoever should we be talking about how easy it is to escape. We should be on here talking about how damn hard it is to survive. Telling the stories of the "few" times you have survived and what you did to do so.
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    I don't doubt it, but I bet those counselors weren't stuck running into tables, or hiding directly in front of you, going for a casual swim with you, or waiting in the car instead of actually driving it anywhere. Just a few examples of what bots do on a regular basis.
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    I understand they are a small team with a big workload and at the end of the day the bean counters will decide what makes it and what doesn't. Is it not possible for the devs to do a second wave of fan funding like what lead to the games creation? Maybe if people wanted certain features straight away a donations scheme would be set up by them to fund our own personal wants on top of their own business agenda? Is this a bad idea? Or would it kickstart them to bring out more fan oriented content?
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    Thanks to @bewareofbears, @Alkavian, and @Tattooey for helping stock crazy Ralph's doomsday emporium. If you have any crazy or weird pics that shows something that just doesnt seem right, drop them here. "Jason in Shock" this pic doesn't include Tommy's stash 4 shotguns 4 flareguns 11 medsprays 7 pocketknives 4 firecrackers "Sam's Club Membership" this pic doesn't include Tommy's stash 2 shotguns 2 flareguns 8 medsprays 6 pocketknives 3 firecrackers "Prepper" this pic does include Tommy's stash 3 shotguns 3 flareguns 8 medsprays 6 pocketknives 2 firecrackers
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    So, I really do enjoy playing this game. 100%. However, that doesn't mean there is no problem to be found. I am not talking about the bugs or glitches; instead I refer to the balance of the game. One of the things I enjoyed most about this game is that it wasn't Dead by Daylight. I have Alpha and Beta tested both games and F13 came out far ahead. One of the Dead by Daylights biggest shortcomings is that it is too balanced. When the killer becomes a joke and toyed with, you have a problem. This what is happening now with F13. This game's prime was when it first came out (again, ignoring bugs, glitches and overfull servers) and the threat that was Jason. People were complaining that Jason was too powerful. Good. He should be. So they nerfed him - too much. I hear reviews saying people play this to laugh, but play Dead by Daylight to get scared. Really? They put a damn trapdoor in the middle of a swamp. This is the issue I am having. Jason needs returned most of his "threat." I have been playing since Alpha testing and since they nerfed Jason this game hasn't been the same since. And too often am I seeing the developers acquiesce to the demands of the crowd. You think those Savini Jason releases on Xbox and PS stores were an accident? If it happened once I could understand and find it hard to believe, but twice? No, they did that on purpose. Next we see the issue with Jason being nerfed because he is "OP." He is supposed to be. I'll give you his grip REACH was too far, but his grip radius or field was just fine. People should NOT be able to dance around Jason. Now, my personal story is with Part 7. He is the best looking Jason and I play him just for that. Before they nerfed Jason, I would get 8/8 with Part 7 every match. Then they nerfed his grab. Terribly. Now, it is more than challenging but uncharacteristic of Jason to miss grabs like he does now. No, I don't play other Jason's because I don't like the way they look. Dead by Daylight should NOT be an example to the F13 developers. Jason need to be OP again. No, not his reach but his grip radius/field needs to be returned. And Part 7 needs some serious restating. Water Speed is great, Grip Strength is fantastic, but his is far too ineffective otherwise. What he needs is a Fear buff. So that while in his radius, your screen fades from fear must quicker... MUCH quicker. I am not a terrible Jason. I am a terrible camper but good Jason. I could be better and with that said, I know what I am talking about.
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    I've got to, really. Some people on there from when I was playing the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer back around...2014 or so, and haven't seen since. I did feel bad for a while that people would notice and be upset but, really, yeah, most won't notice and particularly if they have a large friends list already.
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    If you don't ever play with them, and don't ever talk to them, what is the point in keeping them on your friend's list? You also said that you don't even remember playing with or speaking to some of them. Delete 'em and be done with it. I honestly don't think they would even notice. And, it will help clean up your friend's list to the point that you just can easily find the people that you do like to game with.
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    Where do I report my posts disappearing?
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    If you haven't seen it yet, let me know in PM and I can set you up with a link to it. We can discuss further after that. Not on forums though. That's why I enjoy the game mode you suggested we do with the music off. I think Rexfellis and a few others have suggested similar things, ie, gamma way down and such. @Cokeyskunkhas a real cool suggestion going that has some momentum and support behind it. It would be cool to see these alternate modes. As for the current topic, I wonder how much they tone the weapons down in the next patch and what balance will it bring back. As for the deleted posts conversations, some interesting points had been brought up. That is all I will say on the matter and will stay out of it from there. Don't want to be considered too toxic. Fuck I am tired of hearing that word. Let's go with cancerous, malignant, or maybe make up a new word like "tumorous", that of spreading bad shit like tumors. People read two posts with disagreements and want to jump to calling them toxic.
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    Like @GeneiJin stated. It's not always intentional and it would be there fault being in the way of a moving vehicle!!! But sometimes players piss me off, so I can't say that i haven't ran over 4 people in the car by myself before...
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    In November 2017, Marcus, the film's director revealed that an overlooked plot-point of the movie is that Jason Voorhees is actually connected to the Evil Dead franchise. The filmmaker stated, “[Pamela Voorhees] makes a deal with the devil by reading from the Necronomicon to bring back her son. This is why Jason isn’t Jason. He’s Jason plus The Evil Dead, and now I can believe that he can go from a little boy that lives in a lake, to a full grown man in a couple of months, to Zombie Jason, to never being able to kill this guy. That, to me, is way more interesting as a mashup, and Raimi loved it! It’s not like I could tell New Line my plan to include The Evil Dead, because they don’t own The Evil Dead. So it had to be an Easter egg, and I did focus on it…there’s a whole scene that includes the book, and I hoped people would get it and could figure out that’s what I’m up to. So yes, in my opinion, Jason Voorhees is a Deadite. He’s one of The Evil Dead.”[ So it really just depends on if you consider JGTH canon.
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    For me, there is no other horror villain/hero better than Freddy. But I don't want Freddy in this game. This is Jason's game. What should happen (and I've said this before and I'll say it a million more times) is Gun/Illfonic need to fight....for the rights....to Freeeeeeedy! From them we need a full Nightmare On Elm Street game. Just take the brilliant F13 Game template and build, build, build! I can see already, what it could be. THIS is what we should be demanding be in the game, simply for the fact that he did all the work in the movie. All the cool kills were pre-Uber. Why can't we get him? Is it a rights issue? Will it cost too much money and manpower to make him? I'm not mad at that at all. They did a really good job with him in the movie.
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    Please do, because I find it hard to believe. Honestly, bots shouldn't be giving you any kind of hard time in the state they're in (on any difficulty, same problems in each one). More often than not, I have bots jumping out of the cabin into me before I even break the door down. Their attacks are also extremely predictable, and they can't even aim projectiles much of the time. I let Mitch call the cops too. But instead of running to the exit, he ran to my shack. I've let bots do whatever they like so many times, and I've yet to see them even escape in a car. They either constantly crash, or don't even drive the car at all.
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    Vanessa as well as Buggzy. Have Vanessa act as a part runner while Buggzy follows her around while holding a weapon (preferrably a wrench or another weapon with high stun/durability). They make a lot of noise, but they can get Jason's attention while they get parts for a major objective like the four seater or the phone whereas everyone else pushes the objectives that Vanessa/Buggzy aren't currently nearby. If the duo has only one pocket knife between the two, Buggzy should hold it since Jason won't attempt to slash/grab Vanessa while an armed Buggzy is nearby. Meanwhile, Vanessa should hold onto a firecracker if given the chance so she can free Buggzy from Jason's grab instead of forcing him to burn a pocket knife (unless he has low stamina and needs to recharge). That also gives Vanessa chance to defend herself while holding an objective part in hand if she's forced to split from Buggzy. When trying to fight Jason for his mask, Vanessa is wielding a wrench or similar weapon while Buggzy uses a machete. When the mask is popped off, Vanessa drops the wrench for Buggzy then runs off to the shack while Buggzy gets ready to repeatedly fight Jason if he tries to Morph back to his shack. Those two are basically made to work with each other. You can easily swap on the fly between transporting parts or going for the kill.
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    I'd rather have Jason's melee attacks inflict damage upon the car, eventually accumulating into stalling it. Sometimes Jason isn't in the right spot to crash it but can hit it from the sides. In cases like that inflicting damage would help.
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    What Company refuses to give their customers what they are asking for.esp when they can create it. everything doesent have to fit the base original movie story.video game world is sometimes diffrent. example people kept asking for Shelly from F13th part 3, untill he was eventually put into the game by the creators and game designers. Because everyone kept asking for that charachter. supply and demand is how american buisnesses operate. if enough people ask for it then the company gives the customer what they are asking for so that they dont go elsewhere. Im sure that Illfonic And Gunmedia dont want their customers going over to another company like Dead by Daylight.
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    I can't see how it can be anything but good for the game. We were all new players at one point. Of course, new players means new trolls, but trolls have been part of this game since the beta. I say bring on all of the new players we can get. The more people spend money on the game means more resources for the developers to fix problems. I actually spend a lot of my public lobby time trying to coach and help out new players. It really is fun, at least for me.
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    Proposal #3: Where Does that Gas Come From? Building off the second proposal, there's another proposal to make that could give Jason a much needed breather when it comes to placing limited amounts of traps. However, I will warn this is going to be another long post, so for those of you who put up with my long ideas, much appreciated for giving me your time! First off, the gas cans are all empty. Immersion wise these cans haven't been filled for a while, and since leaving gasoline for a long period of time inside a jerry can is a huge no-no safety wise, the jerry cans all need to be filled once again. But...good news! There's a new olden day self-serve gas pump on the camp! The camp people needed the extra money, and its helps the business to have a gas pump readily available near the campsite. The bad news, however, is that it needs to be fixed...and it looks like someone wearing a hockey mask (or a sack on their head) might've done something to it as well to keep pesky camp counselors from using it. The gas pump would be located outside, and it happens to be near either the two-seater car or the boat depending on what spawns in the map. Nearby is a small shack built that holds various items, one of which is always a jerry can. This jerry can is the one that spawns in the vicinity of the two-seater/boat, so there would be one more that spawns randomly in one of the cabins. The catch is this shack has no windows as well as only one way in as well as out; Jason can use a trap to block this shack off, effectively preventing the jerry can from being used without help. Once a counselor has a jerry can, they can run over to the pump. First, the pump itself is damaged, but can be fixed by means of a repair QTE (no objective part needed for this one). However, there is one more issue facing the counselors: the gas hose itself has been severely cut, shortening it so it cannot reach the ground. Furthermore, with no nozzle attachment at the end, the gasoline will spill out violently unless the counselor holds the jerry can up so the shortened hose can easily pour gasoline into the can. This would use a strength QTE since filling the metal jerry can makes it heavier. The final issue is the pump makes loud noise while its spewing out gasoline; its noise equivalent would be a counselor with one point in stealth sprinting, making it so Jason can easily detect from noise pings if sneaky counselors are trying to fill gas. (Edit: The gas only spews out while the strength QTE is going on. Otherwise no gasoline continues to spew since it's not turned on yet. But once a counselor uses the repaired gas pump to fill a jerry can...you're going to make a lot of noise.) This leads to one final big decision: what should the jerry can from the shack be used to fill up? It's near the two-seater/boat, meaning the other jerry can is far away...and who knows if a repair counselor found a battery, car keys, or a boat propeller in the mean time. Should you take the gas over to the four-seater, making it useable to save more people but screw over the people who are trying fix the lesser objective? Or should you do the easier route, but make it so fewer people can potentially escape? Finally, for immersion purposes, once a counselor uses a full jerry can to fill up an objective (by means of a strength QTE, like my previous proposal would do), they discover a leak has popped up on the jerry can. As a result, the counselor cannot re-use the same gas can to fill up a new objective. You'd have to find a new jerry can in order to fill up another objective, once again dragging it to the pump. Pros Jason can use a trap to block off the shack containing one of the two jerry cans on the map. Counselors with a full map will know the guaranteed location of one of the jerry cans located on the map even before it's dropped. The pump needs to be fixed with a repair QTE, then filling up a jerry can using a strength QTE, and someone has to make a run for the missing jerry can found in one of the cabins. In other words, teamwork is heavily encouraged to fill up the jerry cans while protecting the person filling the gas cans (did I mention the whole filling up the gas part makes a crap load of noise pings Jason can see?). By using one trap to protect the phone (along with its added security from the first proposal), using one trap to protect his mother's sweater, and finally using a trap to block off the shack that contains a jerry can, Jason will be able to lock down all key objectives with only three traps while also having more counter-play against counselors. Even Part 7 will have a much easier time preventing the counselors from using the objectives to escape. Cons This would be a serious Jason buff; could possibly need to be toned down a bit if it became too difficult for counselors to escape. Strength will be needed more than ever since you will draw an attentive Jason's attention trying to fill up a heavy jerry can. This would conclude the major proposals I've been thinking of for some time now. I'll post more in the future if I come up with anything else.
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