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    Whenever the next patch comes, it really needs to be a quality of life patch. Multiplayer's balance is fucked up. Hit detection is fucked up. All sorts of stuff is fucked up...
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    Could we add a Taunt where he lifts his mask briefly and maxes out the counselors fear?
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    Okay, so I know we just got Offline Bots and we're all anticipating Paranoia, but here's a proposal for a third idea for a game mode: The Stalker If you think about the F13 franchise, almost never did Jason or his mother (or Roy, for that matter) just charge into a large group of people and kill one. Why? Because that would make all the rest scatter -- which is exactly what happens in the game. No, they used secrecy and stealth to pick their victims off one . . . by one . . . by one. Honestly, no one was really scared in those movies until either: The seconds before they were killed. They survived until the final battle. So I propose a game mode where the entire objective (as Jason) is stealth kills. The game mode itself has two mini-modes: Tranquil and Alert. In Tranquil mode: There is no warning "Jason Music". There is no first cinematic death. All is calm at the camp. It begins with someone realizing the car(s)/boat are not working and they need to be repaired. Counselors begin spreading out to find objective parts. The phone ALREADY WORKS, but you have no reason to use it. (However, Jason CAN sabotage the phone -- if he can do so without attracting attention) Doors cannot be locked in this mode. Tommy Jarvis cannot be summoned in this mode. Running is disabled in this mode. Jason can HIDE, just as counselors can, and he is in permanent Stalk mode in Tranquil mode. Jason can also PICK UP, DROP, and HIDE/STASH/HANG bodies that others may or may not later discover. In Tranquil mode, Counselors are singularly focused on getting all the transport modes fixed and, once the items are fixed, counselors can get in them and "leave", rather than "escape". ALL THE WHILE, Jason is watching. He stays in the shadows and waits for the perfect time to strike. When one counselor is alone, he secretly picks them off, then disposes of the bodies by stashing them in hiding places or in the lake. One . . . by one . . . by one. All while in Tranquil mode. HOWEVER, the game immediately shifts to Alert mode if any of the following happen: A counselor sees Jason approaching and screams within range of others A counselor is attacked and escapes death, and is allowed to warn the others A dead/stashed body is discovered, and the discoverer is allowed to warn the others A counselor witnesses Jason killing another counselor, and is allowed to warn the others In Alert mode: The police can be immediately called (if Jason has not sabotaged the phone box) Running is re-enabled "Jason's music" is re-enabled Doors can be locked Tommy Jarvis CAN be summoned in this mode Jason's Stalk immediately drops off and must recharge as normal Jason will receive more XP for every kill he performs in Tranquil mode than he will in Alert mode. Counselors receive more XP for every repair performed/assisted in Tranquil mode than they will in Alert mode. Obviously, this promotes stealth and keeping the round in "tranquil mode" for as long as possible. Escape is possible in either mode, but more points are awarded for expediency. I just feel like this game mode would be more true to the films' style, plus create a great deal of "jump scares". This needs to be more developed as a whole, but what are your initial thoughts? - Skunk
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    I’d accept him lifting him mask briefly to max out fear like he did to Chris and those delinquents from Manhattan.
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    Nope, I never slash counselors until they die ( well maybe Tommy, haha). I thinks it's way too boring. I enjoy seeing the cool kill animations. ?
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    So apparently if I'm in a lobby with 7 other people who are set to counselor preference and I'm set on Jason preference I will not be Jason every round. It chooses one of the counselors for the next round. What's the point of having a preference of it is ignored. Those others don't want to be Jason and it is being forced upon them. I don't want to be a counselor and it's being forced upon me. If I or any of them wanted to be both we would chose no preference. This seems like a very simple concept and still can't be executed correctly. It says in the patch notes that if no other option is available a counselor will be chosen but there is an option, the person set to Jason preference. Come on guys, get it together.
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    I love the environmental kills you guys have in the game. However one famous one is missing. Jason has killed a few people by electrocuting them throwing them into power boxes or outlets. Please add this environmental kill it would look pretty awesome seeing Jason fry some counselors!
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    bruh id shit myself if I walked into a cabin and saw Jason doing the Pennywise jig
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    Exclusive footage of the additions coming in the next update!
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    Slash. Slash. Grab. Pocket Knifed. Heal. Slash. Slash. Grab. Kill. Thats how I play Jason.
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    Mostly slash to death these days. They want to teabag and dance, that's fine by me...just makes hacking them down eventually that much better. If it's someone who's played a respectful game and there's no risk of them escaping, I'll put in the effort to get a nice environmental or at least a Part 4 grab kill.
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    Unlockables for Levels 1-150: NOTE: Unlocked characters are in bold. Bloody Jason skins are italicized. Unlocked during the match: Tommy Jarvis Unlocked from the start at Level 1: Part 3 Jason (with Retro Jason skin), Part 5 Jason (with both green and blue jumpsuit skins), Vanessa, Chad, Jenny, Kenny, Shelly Level 2: Clothing update #1 for Kenny 3: Part 6 Jason unlocked 4: A.J. unlocked 5: Clothing update #1 for A.J. 6: Deborah unlocked 7: Part 7 Jason unlocked 8: Buggzy unlocked 9: Clothing update #1 for Buggzy 10: Eric unlocked 11: Clothing update #1 for Eric 12: Clothing update #1 for Vanessa 13: Part 2 Jason unlocked, Clothing update #1 for Chad 14: Adam unlocked 15: Clothing update #1 for Adam 16: Clothing update #1 for Deborah 17: Clothing update #2 for Buggzy 18: Tiffany unlocked 19: Clothing update #1 for Tiffany 20: Part 8 Jason unlocked 21: Clothing update #1 for Jenny 22: Clothing update #2 for Vanessa 23: Clothing update #2 for Chad 24: Mitch unlocked, Clothing update #2 for A.J. 25: Clothing update #2 for Deborah 26: Clothing update #3 for Buggzy 27: Clothing update #2 for Eric 28: Clothing update #2 for Adam 29: Clothing update #2 for Tiffany 30: Clothing update #2 for Kenny 31: Part 9 Jason unlocked 32: Fox unlocked 33: Clothing update #3 for Vanessa, Clothing update #3 for Chad 34: Clothing update #3 for A.J. 35: Clothing update #3 for Deborah 36: Clothing update #4 for Buggzy 37: Clothing update #3 for Eric 38: Clothing update #3 for Adam 39: Clothing update #3 for Tiffany 40: Clothing update #3 for Kenny 41: Clothing update #2 for Jenny 42: Victoria unlocked, Clothing update #4 for Vanessa 43: Clothing update #4 for Chad 44: Part 4 Jason unlocked, Clothing update #4 for A.J. 45: Clothing update #4 for Deborah 46: Clothing update #5 for Buggzy 47: Clothing update #4 for Eric 48: Clothing update #4 for Adam 49: Clothing update #4 for Tiffany 50: Clothing update #4 for Kenny 51: Clothing update #3 for Jenny 52: Clothing update #5 for Vanessa 53: Clothing update #5 for Chad 54: Clothing update #5 for A.J. 55: Clothing update #5 for Deborah 56: Clothing update #6 for Buggzy 57: Clothing update #5 for Eric 58: Clothing update #5 for Adam 59: Clothing update #5 for Tiffany 60: Clothing update #5 for Kenny 61: Clothing update #4 for Jenny 62: Clothing update #6 for Vanessa 63: Clothing update #6 for Chad 64: Clothing update #6 for A.J. 65: Clothing update #6 for Deborah 66: Clothing update #7 for Buggzy 67: Clothing update #6 for Eric 68: Clothing update #6 for Adam 69: Clothing update #6 for Tiffany 70: Clothing update #6 for Kenny 71: Clothing update #5 for Jenny 72: Clothing update #7 for Vanessa 73: Clothing update #7 for Chad 74: Clothing update #7 for A.J. 75: Clothing update #7 for Deborah 76: Clothing update #8 for Buggzy 77: Clothing update #7 for Eric 78: Clothing update #7 for Adam 79: Clothing update #7 for Tiffany 80: Clothing update #7 for Kenny 81: Clothing update #6 for Jenny 82: Clothing update #8 for Vanessa 83: Clothing update #8 for Chad 84: Clothing update #8 for A.J. 85: Clothing update #8 for Deborah 86: Clothing update #9 for Buggzy 87: Clothing update #8 for Eric 88: Clothing update #8 for Adam 89: Clothing update #8 for Tiffany 90: Clothing update #9 for Vanessa 91: Clothing update #9 for Chad 92: Clothing update #8 for Kenny 93: Clothing update #7 for Jenny 94: Clothing update #9 for A.J. 95: Clothing update #9 for Eric 96: Clothing update #8 for Jenny 97: Clothing update #9 for Kenny 98: Clothing update #9 for Adam 99: Clothing update #9 for Deborah 100: Clothing update #9 for Jenny 101: Clothing update #9 for Tiffany 102: Clothing update #1 for Mitch 103: Light Bloody Skin, Part 3 Jason 104: Clothing update #1 for Fox 105: None 106: None 107: Light Bloody Skin, Part 6 Jason 108: New Grab Kill can be bought with CP “Rugby Player” 109: Clothing update #1 for Shelly 110: Light Bloody Skin, Part 7 Jason 111: Clothing update #1 for Victoria 112: None 113: Weapon Swapping Feature for all Jason’s unlocked 114: None 115: Light Bloody Skin, Part 2 Jason 116: Clothing update #2 for Mitch 117: None 118: New Grab Kill can be bought with CP “Disarm” 119: Light Bloody Skin, Part 8 Jason 120: Clothing update #2 for Fox 121: None 122: Light Bloody Skin, Part 9 Jason 123: None 124: Clothing update #2 for Shelly 125: New Grab Kill can be bought with CP “Free Kick” 126: Light Bloody Skin, Part 4 Jason 127: Clothing update #2 for Victoria 128: None 129: None 130: Light Bloody Skin, Part 5 Jason 131: None 132: Clothing update #3 for Mitch 133: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 3 Jason 134: None 135: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 6 Jason 136: None 137: Clothing update #3 for Fox 138: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 7 Jason 139: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 2 Jason 140: None 141: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 8 Jason 142: Clothing update #3 for Shelly 143: None 144: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 9 Jason 145: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 4 Jason 146: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 5 Jason 147: None 148: Clothing update #3 for Victoria 149: None 150: None Skull Challenges Emote Unlockables: Challenge One (Broken Down): No Survivors: Hurry XP Score: Check Pockets Undetected: The Cabin Boogie Challenge Two (Power Struggle): No Survivors: Take a bow XP Score: Melbourne Shuffle Undetected: Pelvic Thrust  Challenge Three (Lights Out): No Survivors: Scatter XP Score: Air Guitar Undetected: The Mia Challenge Four (Stargazing): No Survivors: Apologize XP Score: What Was That? Undetected: The Pumpkin Patch Challenge Five (Packanack Party): No Survivors: Victory! XP Score: Gun Show Undetected: Sexy Sway Challenge Six (Snuggle by the Fire): No Survivors: Getting Silly XP Score: Friday Night Fever Undetected: How Rude! Challenge Seven (Strip Poker): No Survivors: Yawn XP Score: Feelin’ It Undetected: The Vincent Challenge Eight (Escaping): No Survivors: Flirt XP Score: Freaky Friday Undetected: Flip Off Challenge Nine (JASON IS HERE): No Survivors: Temper Tantrum XP Score: The Low Down Undetected: The Bel-Air Challenge Ten (Vacation Party): No Survivors: Threaten XP Score: Bouncin’ and Boppin’ Undetected: The Running Man I believe this list to be complete, please post if you see something I missed or if you think I have something at the wrong level.
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    Hello, It would be great if there is an option to select counselors we want to play against instead of randomly selected counselors. EDIT I think it would add more fun to offline bot mode if we can customize gameplay settings like one I mentioned above and some other settings like Map timing, police response time, Tommy Jarvis response time, etc. EDIT 2: @FunMonster suggested some really required changes here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17195-options-for-offline-bots/
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    Hey guys i think it would be pretty cool if you could make Jason's rage level increase faster every time a player taunts Jason. That might keep the trolling to a minimum if people know Jason is really getting stronger and pissed off at their trolling attempts!
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    That's the thing, there is nothing really new. Just reskins . Jarvis map is all that's new since game launched pretty much, and pt.4 and few councilors. Small maps are blah, same stuff. Add some new weapons for councilors and Jason. Add a new escape method. Add new feature to Jason ? Theese are things im perplexed why they aren't being implemented. A generic map at least would help keep things fresh a little bit, and seems would be the least amount of work . The game is multiplayer and has been getting pretty old. Single player and vc are whatever, not going to keep people coming back to play.
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    It now the new year. 4 months since I have posted this thread, 7 months since I orginally gave the suggestion, and there is Nothing new on Dedicated servers. Yet you keep pushing out content and coming out with patches and fixes for other things and not fixing the main game. I play on PS4, we NEED dedicated servers. 7/10 matches the host leaves and the wait time in between....there is no point. You spend mroe tiem waiting for matches than playing for them.I tried to get a full refund for the game and got no luck. You NEED To do these servers. You NEED To give the player base what you said you where working on. This is getting ridiculous. Or are you like Square Enix, The Promise has been made and it will be years before we see anything else on it.
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    Except those times that he did in fact "do that." Reacting to getting hit with a paintball in VI Taunting Chris in the barn after being hung in III The look and body language he gives Tina at the end of VII Kicking the boom box in VIII and taunting the street punks
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    At any rate it's broken. @Truth if your buddy is in a lobby with 7 other who are set to counselor preference and it chooses one of them it's broken. They chose counselor preference for a reason and it wasn't to be Jason. If only one person wants to be Jason let them be Jason. We have Jason's Quiting because people don't want to be him and it's being forced upon them when there is a player in the lobby who actually wants to be him. At this point it would be easier to suck a golf ball through a garden hose than to play as Jason and when people are forced to play as him when they specifically choose not to they quit. The only reason a counselor preference player should be chosen as Jason is if every player is set to counselor preference.
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    You've been playing for a week and you're Roy's #1 fan. You and your opinion have zero credibility!! I'm joking of course. Roy is underappreciated. But seriously a lot of the complaints are coming from people that have seen the shift first hand and the game has been pushed way outside the bounds of what it was supposed to be. If you've only been playing a week then the best I can suggest, if your able, is to imagine not having the pocket knives and shot guns, imagine not having items show on the map, imagine not being able to avoid Jason's grabs and slashes so easily. Changes everything.
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    Id say calling the Game a joke now is better then calling Jason a joke.I mean.. Why are counselors able to melee attack stun Jason... SOoooo Much? So easily.. (Jason melee attacks a counselor and they can keep running.. Jason gets love tapped by a weak melee attack.. Falls down or stand there?) Why so many damn pocket knives? Why so many weapons? Why does meds sprays use happen so fast? You telling me getting chopped in the back twice and then using a quick med spray for a second instantly heals you? Fact is the real joke is the camp counselors. I mean.. Im not even trying here and these changes i have listed would basically make this game more enjoyable for both sides. -Jason should only be stunned for 1 second on melee hits.. Not this 5-10 second thing where he just stands there like an idiot. -He should only fall down for gunshots. . (Weak ass campers just ain't that strong) -Med sprays should take 10 seconds to use. ( No more using med sprays in the middle of a chase like hair spray) -100% fear should cause the counselors to drop their weapons and only Tommy should be exempt for this. ( no more Jason Bully Beat downs) -Fuse box and cars should be a ONE time thing. Car crashes or gets stopped (That car is done) Phone fuse gets broken by Jason after being repaired (Its done) - Pocket knives should actually require a button push to use.. Make it like repairs circles. Where FEAR actually increase the speed of how fast the aimer moves. (NO MORE insta get out of jail free bullshit)
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    Yep Those campsites in particular are the counselors one stop shop to evade death. You get a shotty, a pocket knife and a first aid absolutely free!
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    How all children should be when playing this game:
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    I could send you a picture of my office, right now, from the PlayStation app on my phone. Edit: Well, not literally "right now", as I typed this from the men's room on my floor, but you get the picture.
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    Wow re-reading those old posts of @AldermachXI reminded me of how much I used to disagree with everything he said. Regarding the topic at hand, it's not like these demands for a patch are new. This game has been broken since October. We then had to wait two months I think for the next patch which you could argue fucked up Jason even further. The launch gamers that are still around have an incredible amount of patience, but everyone has a breaking point.
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    Hard to have patience for a patch when every patch adds game breaking glitches, balance breaking nerfs, and crappy new mechanics like those window prompts and map icons. They can only screw up their own game so many times till they kill its playerbase.
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    I try not to slash as often as possible! It's lame, and yet every so often its funny slashing a kid slightly who thinks he is everything. Pocket knives really have little impact on game play, though for 5 seconds.
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    I used to only use grab kills. They are just so epic looking, but now I only slash. It’s just too much of a pain in the ass to chase a counselor, grab them, only to be hit with a PK then have to start the process all over and have it repeated with every other f’ing counselor because every single one of em has knives. Iv even stopped shift grabbing and have gone into shift slashing. I know it’s boring, but I’m sorry, until the devs fix the game they are constantly breaking, I’m going to use the techniques that are high percentage. Getting hit with 5, 6 or 7 PKs just wastes too much damn time. It’s just more efficient to whack ppl down.
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    Nope and as I mentioned before knives mean nothing I'll grab you to waste them or hack you to hobbling then grab to make you use it, I like more points and slashing is boring af
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    Yea, where is that patch? I want that SP Challenge Demo NOW!!! I have a really good feeling about it. I can wait though, cause I'm having way too much fun with the Bots. I guess I'm one of only 3 or 4 people here that are really enjoying them, and don't get it twisted; I am no slouch Jason! I've also been enjoying my online matches too (when they work). As Jason I haven't had too many challenging lobbies, but the few tough lobbies I've been up against haven't been much of a problem. I never intended to use the Bots as practice, but playing them so much has really sharpened my online rounds. And I've been teaching my nephew how to play this whole time and teaching someone always helps sharpen your own skills. This game is a little busted in places (a couple being severe) but nowhere near as bad, overall, as most say. Maybe I've been lucky, idk. Either way I want those SP Challenges, hurry up!!!!
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    What about a Hell map for Savini Jason? The lake would be a lake of fire, and instead of Jason coming out of a shack, he comes out of a volcano
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    I digress, but you've come such a long way in the Resident Curmudgeon department @AldermachXI
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    I get it. I’ve been part of ‘gaymer’ groups for other games because sometimes I just want to play without having to be called or hear others being called ‘gay’, ‘f****ot’, etc. and I’ve had a bunch of straight people on other message boards ‘explain’ to me how wrong it is to do that. So I feel your pain in this thread.
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    ... The fact that we just got a patch like 3 weeks ago and people are already expecting/demanding for more proves that this community needs to be certified, you guys are rushing an indie company to move faster than larger companies like Sledgehammer, and Ubisoft. Instead of demanding the patches to come quicker maybe you should demand for them to take their time and make sure everything is good to go before launching it.
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    I identify as an attack helicopter, am I eligible?
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    Yeah...you guys are right. But that's Eli Roth and he's a moron. I fully expect it from him.
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    I honestly don't like the mini-game. I think it should just be if your repair is lower it takes longer, if it is higher it doesn't take as long.
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    Playing 1000 matches as Jason is insanely difficult. I've been playing since the game came out, and I haven't even hit 500. With hosts quitting, getting timed out, and just the rarity of being Jason, it is way harder than it should be. That's why playing in offline mode should count towards the final chapter trophy.
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    To be fair though,you could say that about all of the DLC besides the kill packs. And if during a mo-cap session they take 10 minutes to have Kane do some signature Jason moves for emotes,there isn't much harm in it especially if the money made off of the emote pack funds better stuff like new Jasons/maps. Not something I would do a lot of in quickplay,but in games with friends I could see us having fun with Jason emotes.
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    Yeah, that is the reason I said that I was going to be the douche. It was funny in my head, but my head is pretty messed up! I welcome the backlash. Come at me bro!
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    Come on! Somebody was going to eventually do it. I'll stand up and be that douche.
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    It's not that people want a new patch right away or every month all the time, they just want a working patch that doesn't break more than it fixes or ruins the balance of the game. We are often times left with a broken patch which needs issues being addressed ASAP rather than later so people want a patch to address those issue ASAP. Biggest one I have seen from people across the board right now is the balance(Not including dedicated servers).
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    If you are on Xbox One, do not go after unlocking those last two Achievements if you want to keep playing this game! If you are on Xbox One, the last thing you want to do is unlock all the achievements for 100% completion 1000G as you will NEVER be able to play the game again due to the persistent crashing bug that prevents you from completing a single game in every mode except for walking around in the VC 2.0. The game literally crashes to the dashboard after playing a very loud error noise that sounds like someone running a chainsaw. Illfonic claims to have figured out the cause of the bug and that they are working on a fix for an upcoming patch and that was two weeks ago. I just feel really bad for those hardcore Achievement hunters who posted about this problem on these forums and elsewhere back in September - October - November of last year. Their pleas for help were shrugged off as an isolated incident since most players don't have all Achievements and that it turns out to only affect Xbox players. Had those thread(s) from some of the very first affected Xbox players been stickied instead of LOCKED or an Official dev/mod announcement made earlier than December 22, 2017 with a clear and defined warning about this bug and what it does to prevent you from playing then a bunch of us could have avoided this issue by simply no longer playing as Jason. The Spawn Preference change in the last update makes it so if you set yourself as Counselor you won't spawn in as Jason unless everyone else is doing the same and then who is chosen is random. I would suggest setting your Spawn Preference to Counselor if you are anywhere near getting the last Achievement(s) on Xbox One. I look at the F13 Xbox completionists page on TrueAchievements.com and it keeps going up one by one every few weeks. I feel really bad for those people and everyone else that is experiencing this problem. I keep bringing this problem up whenever I see someone talking about getting all the Achievements because there is no clear announcement about this bug and what it does to prevent you from playing other than threads that have been LOCKED or pushed off the first page. The official announcement from Illfonic on their twitter and in the thread that I linked to below does not even mention that this 100% Achievement bug crashes your game 100% of the time no matter what you do which prevents you from playing and isn't stickied either. If it's not fixed then the problem is only going to increase in the size of the Xbox player base that plays enough to get to 1000G in 2018 and the years to come. WARNING: There is a very loud noise that plays during these videos which is the game crashing bug noise. Please lower your volume so you don't blow out your eardrums like those of us who have experienced this bug first hand in our own games.
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    I thought everyone knew that the boats name was Bátrsvaða and was forged in the heart of a dying star. Only he who's worthy can lift the boat.
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    Wait were you the guy who drove the car into the lake!? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/159821499
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    When this game was launched, Jason was an intimidating presence. Escaping was an exhilarating experience. If you succeeded, you had actually accomplished something. Forgive me for wanting a challenge in my horror survival game. The point of playing when you were a couselor was to hone your skills, and find a way to escape knowing that most of the time you probably wouldn't. Like I said, your initial comment is part of the reason for the sad state of Jason now. He's not scary, counselors run at him, looking for a fight. Fighting Jason is supposed to be the last thing on your mind in this game. Before Jason started getting nerfed, the only time I took a swing at him was when I was cornered and had no other choice. We are not going to agree on this, so I will just leave it here.
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    I have an older dog who is turning 11 this year. She's in good health apart from her arthritis. She'll always be my pup no matter how old she gets.
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    Jordan B Peterson has excellent lectures on the Bible on YouTube. I highly recommend them for both believers and atheists. Also, everybody should read the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.
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