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    Being useless is being useless. Id rather you not even take up a space in my lobby if youre attitude is to not even try. Does it suck when someone rages out? Sure. Does that mean you should be able to sit their like a lump while others try? Fuck no. Get out of here with that kind of attitude.
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    This sounds like something you think you remembered but really never heard. For example I heard that this would be a fully fuctional game, must of been my imagination
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    Its like how everybody remembers Nelson Mandela died in prison when in reality his tail is purely yellow. It's called the Mandella effect.
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    I believe the developers did a poll to ask the fans whether or not they should switch the bad eye to make Part IX canon. Most fans voted for the devs to fix it; and I'm personally glad they did. From what I remember reading somewhere, even Kane Hodder was bothered by it.
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    or you could choose not be an ass and just level with offline bots if you care that much about getting 150, it´s really fast. "but others started to be asses" isn´t a reason to be an ass aswell,.
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    Even if the game is in a bad state that really does not give you the right to be a dick to the other players that are trying to enjoy the game. I can tell you right now that you are no more important than any other person that paid their hard earned money for this game, even if you think you are. Feel free to AFK or rubberband and ruin the experience for everyone else, just know that players like I and many others are recording and happily sending in evidence of cheaters, hackers and just plain douchebags on a daily basis in many games. We may not be the heroes the gaming industry needs but we are the ones it deserves and we will happily shove that "LOL" down your throat by lending our force to the inevitable ban hammer coming your way. Good day.
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    This is exactly what is happening. I never thought about it in those broad yet specific terms but that is exactly what’s going on. A single person or even up to 4 people are literally holding the game hostage. I was just in a lobby and I died what I personally felt was suspiciously early and coincidental. Jason showed up at the boat somehow as I ran past someone while I had the gas. I made no sound and suddenly Jason decided it was a perfect time to snatch me at the boat. As I observed, that person was ratting people out and, AND at the very end when she was finally killed by her friend, she was holding the propeller, had the key and the phone fuse in her inventory. Basically nobody could escape because they had access to everything that would allow us to escape. Not only that, they were working with their buddy. This person had completely hijacked the game and we were held hostage. As the host, I closed the lobby no effs given and hosted a new one. This would have been the perfect situation in which I should have been able to exercise my right of booting both these people from the lobby. They ruined the match and tried to make me and others feel powerless, helpless, and like suckers. So everyone in the lobby was expected to just tolerate this for however long they were in my lobby? I don’t suffer fools, I move along.
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    I have a list of reasons why I'm disappointed in how and why it's become not fun and almost a chore to take on the role of Jason and how this inadvertently created a trolling culture in the sessions 1) GRABBING IS USELESS there's almost no reason to try and use any of the grab kills you buy with the xp points anymore because there's so many pocket knives available. I've completely stopped trying to grab victims because they'll have two sometimes 3 pocket knives on their person. Which brings me to the next point. 2) MELEE IS ALMOST USELESS Jason's swing animations are so slow and jerky that more then 90 percent of the time if you swing at the same time as a counselor, the game will show favor to the counselors action and "stun" Jason every time leaving the counselor unharmed. Maylee kills only work if you are directly on top of a counselor from behind, DIRECTLY ON TOP and if they are directly in front of you because if they are even slightly adjacent, it'll miss, every time. 3) THE CLOSER YOU STAY TO JASON THE SAFER YOU ARE. The troll culture in the sessions have found out about the extremely slow tank like functionality of Jason controls and have saw fit to making a game of running around Jason in circles because the reaction time to anything Jason does is extremely slow you almost certainly will not be able to swing or grab them. 4) TRANSITION ANIMATIONS ARE SLOW. I just don't understand why it takes almost a minute with no control over the character whenever he grabs a projectile. This makes me not want to grab projectiles sometimes, the sessions are only but so long to go through this Everytime you pick one up one up and it's a little annoying. I understand the choppng of the door motions is supposed to give the counselors time to leave but why does swinging individually without seeing the R2 icon result in several jerky unsuccessful swing attempts that take far too long to regain control of his swing. STUNNED JASON IS DISORIENTING whenever Jason is stunned the camera forcibly changes, breaks into a cutscene animation then changes the angle you were probably in completely. So temporally you don't know if the person you dropped was in front back or to the side of you until you reorient the left joy stick. In these short sessions, time is of the essence and that seems very unnecessary to me. 5)TELEPORT AND GRAB IMPOSSIBLE Seems perfectly logical that if you can successfully control the teleport morph to land directly behind or even in front if you're skilled enough, that you should be able to grab them coming directly out of a morph. I've never seen this successfully done by any player. I believe this is because of the impracticality of the slow transition animations and jerky grab options. It seems these two functions should be seamless but they work completely against each other which is odd because we've literally seen him do this in the movies. ALL THE FAN FAVORITE JASON'S ARE USELESS. I respect and like the fact that each Jason's weaknesses and strengths are taken from his evolution from alive to walking zombie but you guys were WAY to literal about this and it whereas the later Jason's I'm there movies were considerably more powerful and unstoppable, their functionality in the games make them way more harmless. You shouldn't have to pick Part 2 Jason if you want to successfully kill skilled players as counselors simply because he's the fastest and most human. I'm noticing Everytime a seemingly new player gets chosen to play Jason and they pick THEIR favorite Jason from a film they find out quickly that what he was in the movie and what it translates to in the game are two different things and they wind up quitting the session after discovering that they are completely useless .
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    Gotta love seeing players give up their pocket knives and martyr themselves over a girl on mic. I can't bicker over it very much since groups of friends do this kind of thing daily whenever they join QP lobbies together, especially when Jason is involved with the bunch.
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    A suggestion, since getting to lvl 150 is pretty lengthily and labor-some, I will suggest that those who get lvl 150 get rewarded the option to purchase at the cost of 200,000 CP the ability to equip a 4th perk for counselors. If the devs think that is too OP, then how about the 4th perk only provides half the effect, that will not be too OP and will set apart those who are 150 from the rest. Please provide feedback.
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    Yes, all of the problems you stated do need to be addressed by the developers. The discussion here is not about the issues plaguing the game, it is about someone being a selfish brat on purpose.
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    Let me get this straight, you hate 'wasting time' playing the game legit, but it's totally fine to waste other people's time waiting for your AFK dumbass to get found because 'hey, it will eventually'! If I ever see you in my lobby, I know to shut it down straight away, so your post wasn't entirely useless. ?
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    One of the most notable sections for me from the alpha to final release (Current state) is the outdoor enviroment, especially the forest/wooded areas. The trees look far more realistic and there are more trees and bushes in the alpha than the final release which gives it the realistic look. When playing the final release the wooded areas don't look as realistic as it should and texture quality also plays a part in that. As of now the trees look scaled down in terms of graphics and we have more giant rock formations that take the spot of where more dense sections of trees and bushes would help to give it a better feel. Just my opinion.
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    It's like that time when everyone thought they remembered a movie, that doesn't exist, where Sinbad played a genie.
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    Others enjoying the game? So they and I can get a bunch of shit done, and have the host quit, and lose the XP? That's sure enjoyable for everyone. I don't quit games, never have, as I want the XP. That alone makes me better than 90% of the online players of this game. If I die, I have other shit to do until match starts. You've got a screw loose if you think this makes ME bad. I've been on this shit since maybe 2 weeks after launch, and am at LV 127. You BEST believe that I've EASILY lost enough XP to be at 150. When they lock stuff behind levels and it's as easy to lose your work as it is, Gun can't dare ban anyone, lest they want to reinstate everyone's lost XP. Cause and effect. The fact that I've only just now decided to do this after so long, is a testament to my patience. Also, as I said, I'll play as normal IF I'M HOST. That means outside of a random dashboard, the god damn match will actually finish. Being a host last night for 10+ matches was great and smooth, until the POS dashboards, then guess what, not host, and get like 4 host rages in a fucking row. This isn't on me.
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    Exactly right. JGTH was the first film to reverse the damaged eye for whatever reason, which made it chronologically wrong. Hence the devs asked the fans if they wanted to have the issue corrected for the model, and the fans said yes. Nothing more to say about it really, it didn't make sense to keep it 100% movie accurate, because that particular movie got it wrong. The damaged eye should've always been the other way around in JGTH. TL;DR the in-game model is the correct one, based on Jason's history.
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    If he's in the game, they need to make him scream "You gonna get it bitch!" whenever he stuns Jason.
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    The window bubble is my most hated mechanic by far. It's so fucking bad, and I can't understand why the problem still hasn't been addressed yet. Even after clear explanation, even through video. Constantly brought up. There's many issues the playerbase is split on, but this window mechanic is universally hated by everyone. If it's one thing you don't want in your game, it's a character running into invisible walls. It looks extremely amateurish and is frustrating for the player.
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    Part 2 is stupidly big compared to the films.
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    I dont know, max fear is pretty crippling, and you light up like beacon for Jason to put an end to your grief.
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    Then my suggestion is you go into 100 fear mode for 10 mins if you kill someone. It shall be renamed guilt/remorse mode.
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    But team killing is still in the game. Anyone who wants to be part of it should just jog on to a private match.
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    As a throwback ( And since their already redoing Retro Jason anyway) I was thinking it'd be an interesting and funny idea to do a replica of the NES Friday the 13th map. I can imagine it having nuances such as the map is flipped from what the game actually portrays, so if you followed the map and went in a direction, you'd actually be going in the opposite direction like in the original game. I'd be interested to see what the GunMedia people would do to make a map like this interesting, like if everything had bit crushed sound effects for instance while on the map. Albeit it'd be ambitious, but it'd be a pretty funny throwback to the hockey-mask wearing killers' gaming roots.
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    If only Chad face would kick a turd down his pant leg now.
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    Dude, that’s messed up. Funny or not, it’s racist. What, only white girls are allowed to make it to the end? Smh.
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    You'd have a point here, except that going AFK doesn't involve actually playing the game. In fact, it's the opposite of actually playing the game. If he wants his lvl 150 so badly, he should just grind XP with bots. That'll give him exactly what he wants without having to be a douche to anyone else.
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    New holiday players are definitely doing some toxic things in QP right now. I’ve resorted to just playing with Jenny and doing my own thing....keeping to myself, taking items to objectives if they wanna use them, collecting items for myself to survive, and just ready to survive long as I can. Sadly, I’ve also learned if I’m not the host, and I’m the last one alive...I just have let myself die, because if I don’t, they will just close the lobby.
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    This is exactly why people are pissed, you're wasting OUR time by being willfully useless and potentially running up the 20 minute timer.
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    I honestly hope so! Thinking about it, part vii map should be easy to do in comparison to say Grendel. It would be one of the smaller maps but equally fun and challenging - a fine addition to the mean girl were it to happen. Maybe- just maybe telekinetic Tina would should be the hero you can call.
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    It makes perfect sense. They screwed it up in the movie. So they actually fixed it for the game.
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    At least play Vanessa and rubber band your analog stick to make noise
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    The wrong eye was damaged in part 9. In the films leading up to it the left eye was the damaged eye so they fixed it in the game because it was wrong in the movie.
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    Oh wow! Never thought about that! Thank you! That totally helps with the scenario.
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    A tutorial? Nah,the devs wanted everyone to just dive in and discover how to play the game...... I'm not being sarcastic,they literally preached "player discovery" up until they gave streamers early access and they got to discover everything like how to kill Jason,before the backers.
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    I agree with a timer, but a minute isn't enough. 2-3 minutes would be more reasonable. If you happen to be on the wrong side of the map when the cops show up, it can take a while to make it across the larger maps. My opinion is that the counselors should be given an adequate amount of time to make it, but not be able to troll Jason for 5-10 minutes at the exit. I know if I was a cop that was called to a crime scene and I just saw a bunch of dipshits dancing and teabagging, I would think it was a prank call and head back to the station.
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    Riiiight....... over 2,000 matches as Jason (public/private), and I've never once played against a good team. Geez, kid. Do these ignorant assumptions just fall out of your ass on their own, or do you have to work on it? The whole premise of this thread is beyond idiotic, and you keep adding to it with your phony internet bravado that isn't impressing anyone. Drop the you vs the world thing, because I can assure you the other way around doesn't give two shits. I'm the guy leaving the gym after an hour of cardio and snickering at all the juice-headed narcissists who can't think of anything better to do than look at themselves in the mirror all day. Let me guess, you fall more into the latter?
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    I'm starting to notice this is catching on. On PC, at least. Seeing more and more slashers by the day. It's definitely swinging things back in Jason's favor.
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    Thank you Bomber for doing all that boring work to the benefit of everyone!!!
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    There is definitely something wrong with the car. I experienced the car going “normal” speed I was used to and suddenly it was clunking along and the screen shaking violently for no reason. It made no sense at all. This was when I was driving to pick people up and I had no perks that affected car speed. I’m also noticing that the default centered view in a car sometimes is crooked or completely sideways. If making the car a jalopy was intentional I would understand but they clearly tried to change something with the car and broke it like they did the traps.
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    It’s not really a challenge. It’s a stupid change that makes the car even more hard, literally off-road driving which I was super good at, isn’t even worth it. The car is slow and clumpy, it’s doesnt feel good driving anymore. This wasn’t the nerf to counselors that was needed.
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    Yeah, apparently it’s much slower, Jason’s like part 4 and 2 can easily stop the car now ??
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    That's what I got on my mic and said at the end. I said "Only a noob would bother grabbing at this point in the game. Devs gave everyone a pocket knife". It was definitely a pleasure to kill that cocky Scott Malkinson sounding kid though. "This is my play style. I fuck with Jason to no end". Hehe...you sure do. The best part is how close they BOTH were to escaping. I just couldn't let that happen though. I was literally on the edge of my seat hunting them in that last stretch.
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    Most people are stupid as shit. There's much more fat on the steak of humanity than good meat. When I hear conspiracy theories about the government engaging in population control, sometimes I think it's not that bad of an idea.
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    Played 4 matches online today. All resulted in disconnection. Played about 10 matches offline. All games completed and gain XP. I will be staying offline for good until dedicated servers comes in 2020.
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    Part 2 is too big, and too tall.
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    Understood. Yep, just too big built. He was definitely skinnier in the film. Maybe he has an extra couple of lumberjacks on in the game?
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    Yes, a win is a win when you call someones bullshit and they haven't got a leg to stand on in reply. Bit rich isn't it, coming from someone who cant answer a simple question?Just don't get it do you? Carry on with your imaginary experiences in this game.
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    What? I'll take your completely nothing to do with my comment answer as a win then. I never made a comment on how much weaker Jason is, which I actually think he is.
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    So you only play as Jason not against your group of friends? When you're Jason hardly anyone escapes, but when you're a a counsellor with the same group of people everyone escapes? Makes perfect sense.
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