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    The fatal funnel can be used to great effect against Jason with flare guns and shotguns. Basically when Jason is moving through a doorway aim for the center of the doorway and open fire. The doorway frames your target. If Jason is in the doorway your not going to miss. As Jason basic breaching tactics can work also. Don't breach a cabin were the counselors expect you to. The enemy will most likely have defenses set up for you. Instead try the back door especially if no one is guarding it. It may not even be locked. Try to know where the enemy is inside the cabin so you don't get ambushed and check the corners of each room. Jason's traps can be utilized like land mines. Sometimes I use all the traps on the phone box cabin. I will trap the approches, the box, the windows. Sometimes if there is a bush near the phone box I will drop one in the bush especially if it is on the path to the box. Basically think about the way you would approach the phone box and trap accordingly. Try to anticipate where the enemy will be. As a counselor I will always run a part where it needs to go for the good of the team. If playing with friends I try to keep my team alive. Traveling in groups is safer then trying to be a one man army. A group of people have multiple skills. One person has one skill set. In general when I play the game and I am on the attack I try to take the enemy by suprise and keep up the pressure. This tactic is especially true as Jason. I like to hit Stalk then Morph to an area and hit Sense. If I observe any targets I attack with a long range Shift. Jason part 3 is perfect for this because if you miss your grab or slash you can keep the pressure on with your run. Suprises the hell out of your target too because they went from hearing zero chase music to having Jason bearing down on them after blinking into existence. As a counselor having two groups of people challenging the objectives forces Jason to split his attention and causes a ton of stress and pressure for the Jason player. Keeping your ears open and eyes on movement is key. Windows opening, footsteps, latches closing, traps being set all of this stuff tells you without seeing it that it's happening if you just listen. And that's just some of what I use in game.
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    Allowing counselors to run around the map completing objectives & finding items because of some agreement of no killing until Jason has shift is ignorant. Jason has one objective & one only. Kill everyone. Now I know some are going to get super offended & say you don’t always have to get 8/8. Well that’s your opinion it doesn’t change the fact that Jason objective is to kill everyone. As Jason you play against the clock. The less time you have the worse off you will be. Where on the contrary the more time the counselors have the worse off they will be. So don’t be foolish & waste time. I for one didn’t spend $40 on the game plus other expenses to have some random stranger I’m never going to meet tell me how to play a game he didn’t buy me. Just because he’s garbage at the game & needs a handicap. Playing as Jason has become a very difficult embarrassing chore that not to many people enjoy. It’s absolutely humiliating. What’s even more harsh is that you must ignore other players & rely on slashing but the hit detection is completely broken even more than before. Any counselors standing near the car or any wall/object Jason misses every single swing. If it isn’t bad enough Jason has been nerfed insanely & counselors buffed tremendously. Now people want to enforce no killing for the first couple minutes of the session which is plenty of time to fix the car, boat, or even call the police. People will shame you regardless of how you play. They will complain if you slash, complain if you grab, & complain if you even shift. Most the people that play this game lack the basic intelligence level to comprehend that you’re not suppose to survive every single session. This is the exact reason why Jason has been nerfed so much. People should not be struggling playing as Jason. People should not have a difficult time killing counselors. It’s every Counselors job to protect themselves at all times. Not Jasons job to look out for their safety by making promises not to kill too early. It doesn’t work that way. If you can’t run away from Jason while being chased before he has shift then leave the area of interest that you know he’s teleporting to for trap placement.
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    Kill them immediately. If you don't they'll be stocked up on pocketknives and teabagging you later.
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    Jason should be able to unlock and unbar doors from the inside. It's just bad that he can't, period. Jason is not that stupid.
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    Does campus cop count? “run and call the real cops to handle it”
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    Since the update and Christmas, the amount of betrayals/car trolling has increased EXPONENTIALLY. I’ve now been run over more times this past week than all other times combined. And at least two times before this week were truly accidental. These have all been intentional. It needs to be addressed. We all know why. Kids. Children that run over entire lobbies with the car. Someone had the nerve to run me over as the host and honestly thought I wasn’t going to close the lobby. Like I was just going to sit there and watch this kid and his friends play my game for 15 minute. If the devs added the ability for counselors to “nudge” each other due to people blocking, then the car should simply nudge counselors out of the way in public matches. These kids can’t be trusted. Also, spare me any “use the search blah blah” No. I’m creating a topic for an issue that is happening right now and not at any other time before it so spare me. This game has been officially gifted to children both literally and figuratively. Suffer the children.
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    I used to permit someone to leave the phone house while I was demolishing it. Now, I don't let that happen. I catch someone alone, they die. They taunt, they die. They brag about knives, they die. I will slash you, I will knife you, I will end you without mercy. I will choke you, I will headpunch, and I'll make you have a miserable time all while not saying a word. Don't want it to happen? DON'T FUCKING GET CAUGHT. Gif related; me as I intentionally eat all the pocket knives with grabbing, because you'll eventually run out and I'll kill you.
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    There, fixed it for you bro. LOL. Rising knows I love Repair characters with low Stamina. It's like waving a red cape in front of a bull. Rising be at the phone all like:
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    The window bubble is my most hated mechanic by far. It's so fucking bad, and I can't understand why the problem still hasn't been addressed yet. Even after clear explanation, even through video. Constantly brought up. There's many issues the playerbase is split on, but this window mechanic is universally hated by everyone. If it's one thing you don't want in your game, it's a character running into invisible walls. It looks extremely amateurish and is frustrating for the player.
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    Any counselor can outrun Jason pre-Shift. All they have to do is actually run away. There's no such thing as "spawn killing" in this game. Anyone who says otherwise just shouldn't bother playing at all.
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    It's not just about the difficulty increase that comes with constantly getting cockblocked by knives. The problem is that you have to catch everyone multiple times. Everyone gets at least one get out of jail free card. It's not fun knowing that the first or even second time I catch someone isn't even going to count.
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    Played 4 matches online today. All resulted in disconnection. Played about 10 matches offline. All games completed and gain XP. I will be staying offline for good until dedicated servers comes in 2020.
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    I don't know how it is on the other platforms, but with the decreasing number of LFG posts on Xbox One, I've dabbled in playing quick play more often recently, and I have never reported more people for unsporting behavior in my life. In the past 24 hours, I've had over 7 different lobbies that have been hosted by someone with Jason preference, and are partied up with a counselor that is helping feed them information or sabotaging the game (hijacking cars/boats, running people over, withholding necessary items for escape). Literally 5 minutes prior to this I had reached my breaking point because I watched someone steal the car that I had repaired, picked up people, and lead them to Jason so that he could kill the other people in the car. In Dead by Daylight, this is a reportable offense ("holding the game hostage"), but there is no in-game reporting system for F13, and I doubt Microsoft does anything with their reports anyways. What are other people's experiences with QP? What are ways that we can stop this kind of play style from continuing?
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    Lol I has a good reeding comprehensions! That's cute. I appreciate your sarcastic exaggeration. Clearly you were around for the tirades of the OP Jason when his grab range was only a meter longer. Here are some thoughts when you guys complain about staying canon, keeping to movies: Here is my thought track: though everyone here, including myself would like this game to have features that stay on par with the movies, it isn't feasible. There are features that simply don't allow it. 1) from day one Pamela is dead and Jason is killing on Camp Crystal Lake, Part 1 movie map. Yet her head and sweater are already on a mantle in a shack not created until Part 2. 2) Tommy Jarvis doesn't appear until part 4. Jarvis map came out a few months ago. Before then, it was maps from the first 3 movies that Tommy appeared on. 3) you want shift and morph eliminated. In the movies Jason has all night, we watch for an hour and a half, yet we play for 20 minutes. Enjoy trying to catch anyone on Jarvis map without shift. 4) so you want no shift of morph, but costumes, bikinis and regular clothes are all cool together?? An option that doesn't allow Halloween costumes or even a match search feature that picks all Halloween costumes could be implemented. That way it makes sense for how people look together. Do you like the Halloween party at the lake feel? Cool. Keep it without ruining the feel for other people. Besides, they say they want movie feel but when was there a Halloween party at Crystal Lake? Learn to enjoy what homage paid to the films and 80s horror in general, and to separate out for game purposes to appreciate this as it's own entity.
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    Before the ridiculous increase to pocket knives my main form of attack was grab kills and stalk kills. Now with a constant 7 pocket knives per match i will slash kill 50% of the counselors to avoid dealing with a ring around the rosie chase after being knifed 2 and sometimes 3 times by one counselor. It is currently a good go to tactic as it will cut down time wasted on killing each counselor and listening to them bitch because they didn't get to taint and teabag you after using their pocket knife emporium stash to use. I have had more matches then i can count where arrogant players would spout off saying "You ain't gonna catch me" or "You suck: yet when you catch them and slash them to death and you see 2 or 3 pocket knives drop to the floor and they start saying "your a slasher bitch" i get mass enjoyment. Most counselor players talk big because of all the item increases that favor them but when you slash them making their main bragging weapon null and void they go ape shit. While i will agree with many on here that pocket knives are not just the sole issue, the massively increased amounts of health sprays and shotguns is out of control as well. So if you pile that on top of Jason's poor melee detection, being able to be stunned easily and sometimes for insane lengths in duration, counselors invisible bubble protection through windows it makes for an uphill battle most of the time even for a skilled Jason player. Any person who does like playing Jason or even in my case where i prefer to play as Jason you are forced to resort to slashing because of the guarantee that you are going to get a knife to the neck over and over and over again. The devs need to take a hard look at all the issues that have been laid out by the community and bring matches back to where when being a counselor it should be a fight for survival. Not a walk in the park where counselor players go into a game saying "Let's go get Jason or Let's fuck with Jason". However i have no doubt that even if/when the devs correct the amount of Knives/Shotguns/Med sprays they counselor player base that revel in the current state where there is no challenge and they can be trash talking/teabaging arrogant players to cry babies when they get slash killed to people who will start crying and complaining that their precious pocket knife emporium, health spray pharmacy and shotgun dealer have all left town. Anyone who doesn't think that the amount of pocket knives, med sprays and shotgun spawns since the last patch is a problem is just deluding themselves.
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    When I play Vanessa, that’s how I roleplay. If I fix the car, I’m OUT of there and not stopping for nobody. If the cops come, I’m not dancing around the exit. I’m GONE.
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    Your english made it very difficult to understand what you meant. I figured it out. You want an indicator on the HUD to show who is in the car. Good suggestion. Personally I'd rather see the players in the back in the rear-view mirror.
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    I had a player ask me why I keep my flashlight off when Jason is near. I told them that it gives away my position, and he can tell what direction i'm facing. So on average if I was to run, I would run that way. Anybody else get where I'm coming from with that? As Jason, I get kills like that often. They move, and I toss a knife, shift, or run where their flashlight is pointing. Also, someone said sound blips are useless to track and I beg to differ. I know there are ALOT of variables here, like objective locations and electrical boxes. What I mean is basic tracking 101, everything as a whole. 1. Sound blips give me a direction to head to on my map, Stalk if I have it, then Morph. If no Morph then run or fast walk. Note: You can walk/run as Jason with your map up. 2. A quick sense spam hones in on prey. Note: If sound is determined as a radio, destroy and repeat step 1. 3. Hopefully by step 3 you have a nice red Christmas tree to kill, so now you judge distance. If they are close enough to successfully Shift/Slash, attack. If they are too far away, turn off senses and start over at step one. At this point I rely on sound, flashlights and just commonsense areas they would go. With so many new players lately, I had some ask me these things. I use flashlights and sound alot for tracking, while I wait on senses. Apparently that's not something people do, from what I've been told (In quickplay, mind you.) As a new player (In a quickplay) said "That's stupid, Jason can't see your flashlight in here. Or, stealth is useless because no one tracks with sound." In the ps4 community I'm in, I'm up against some VERY talented opponents and I picked up alot from playing against and with them. I looked around and didn't see anything to this extent already created, so I started this. What do you think? What works for you, and any other tips on how to hunt down your prey?
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    So I've logged a ton of hours in the last couple days and the lobbies are imbued with new blood. A lot, and I mean a lot, of players level 1-25. The problems (for lack of a better word) I'm seeing are: 1. Players going bat-shit crazy trying to kill Jason. Many players scatter to find the sweater at the start because many of these people are under the impression that all you need to kill Jason is the sweater. To the point that players aren't even calling Tommy. 2. No one, and I mean no one, takes objective parts to objectives. They pick them up, drop them, and then run off to the next cabin. This is not helpful. 3. No one works towards escape or really knows to try to escape. I have repaired and started more cars than I can count and when that "car repaired" pops up and it's started there is no one to be found. They're all over the damn map. Or the police are called and when there's a minute left on the clock no one is trying to group up and position themselves to leave. 4. The doors, oh the open doors. 'Nuff said. 5. Where things go. FFS. On the off chance players are taking parts to an objective it is the 4 seater. The 4 seater is apparently the only valid means of escape and God forbid you dare put gas in the 2 seater even if you find it in a cabin directly next to the damn thing. Oh no, you better take that shit across the map to the 4 seater. The game needs a cheesy, required tutorial. Well maybe not required. Something as simple as spawning the player in, alone, and making them complete objectives. Fortify 6 doors in 90 seconds with some little blurb about how it buys them time. 60 seconds to deliver a battery to a car. Find the radio and call Tommy. Just something that gives them an objective against a timer and then they win a badge or something. Just something. Tried on many occasions to explain this but most of these new players are just not having it. So they get salty and leave and then in comes the next batch. There needs to be a tutorial. The game is getting flooded by new players that are running around with this frantic bloodlust and if you don't nip it in the ass this is going to become the base you'll be pressured by for changes that are bad for the game and probably make. If you can give them some idea of how they ought to approach it you maybe able to reign in the madness that's already driven you to making decisions like nerfing Jason's grab to requiring pin-point accuracy and spawn 4 or 5 shotguns.
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    On the last day of 2017, I just want to make a positivity thread for Gun Media and everyone here at the forums. These past seven months of the game’s release has been a journey full of ups and downs for the game and the players, and hopefully it’s a series of ups for Friday The 13th for the years to come. Thank you guys at Gun Media and Illfonic for having the idea to give Friday The 13th a tribute game in the first place. Thank you Sean Cunningham for giving them the license to the series , and Tom Savini, Kane Hodder, and Harry Manfredi for providing your best talents for a Friday The 13th product again. I have been battling depression for years, and in my sad moments I can still say that this game has been one of the brightest moments of my life. Everytime I play or think about this game, it comes to my mind and heart that my favorite horror franchise has come to life in one of the funnest games I have played. No doubt that Friday The 13th: The Game will remain one of the most special experiences in my life and made me an even bigger fan of the series. To everyone here at the forums, thank y’all for being an active community that continuously gives your input on the game and how it could even be better. I know that it seems that there are some members that are seen as being too harsh on the game, but sometimes fans criticize things because they know their creators can do better. And I don’t think the game could have gotten as far as it could if you guys didn’t make your voices heard. I’m glad to be surrounded by so many fans of Friday The 13th and I’ve met so many great players on PS4 through the forums and through here. I can tell that y’all are some great people in real life. So may you all have a safe and happy new year! Cheers! So pretty much post whatever positive or thankful thoughts you have towards this game, Gun Media and Illfonic, or to this forum community. Let’s all end the year here on a positive note!
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    A serial killer... with etiquette. "No, it's okay. Go ahead and run a little. Nice to meet you. Okay, sounds great! Catch up later". Back when this game favored Jason more, a lot of people would be kind of enough to not spawn kill because no one wants to spectate for 19 minutes. Now several strategies have been laid out on these very forums for you to read how to avoid it. Also, balance has favored counselors tremendously for the past couple months. At this point, run out of there and window hop until he gets distracted. Or run to a campfire and get a pocket knife or shot gun. Typically getting spawn killed now shows lack of experience. We all have to go through these growing pains and learn how best to avoid it.
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    1: free update for those with Savini. 2: "Farm Pitchfork" weapon that can be used with any Jason that includes all 6 kills (opens the door for the weapon swap that everyone agrees is needed).
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    As Jason, little bunny foo foo does not go hopping through the Crystal Lake woods for long....
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    If they make Jason a threat again, there won’t be any dancing around. The dancing around is a DIRECT result of Jason being completely neutered. They were goofy little additions that were never supposed to mean much, but have become a trolling mating call due to the fact Jason is now the hunted. Fix Jason, make him the threat he’s supposed to be and the emotes will sort themselves out.
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    ☝️ This. Although to expand on it a bit, I would say: Know your role. Take action as needed. Don't be where the enemy expects you to be. Know what the rest of your team is doing. And work together.
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    Excellent topic! I use everything at all times. Most things have become second nature, like spotting flashlights. I would love to see a scan of my brain while I play. I bet all the threat recognition areas are lighting up like crazy. As a counselor I often turn my flashlight off as well, especially when in a house that Jason is near and when I'm flanking my way to an objective. As Jason I look for sound pings all the time, especially to help know what part of a cabin I need to focus on when I'm busting a door down. I'm still shift-grabbing. I can't help it. I've developed a taste for pocket knives at this point. I eat them for breakfast.
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    Worst change made in game so far . I see this pretty much as a councilor exploit, i dont think it was intended , but hey it was put in game so why not abuse it .i do it all the time...just wait until jason is in the room coming toward you then climb out , your invincible once 1 leg gets over. Not only is this cheap, but it looks so stupid with Jason just running in place on the bubble swinging through you . You can hit them if you combat stance and do the downward chop , but you need time to enable stance and swing and the hit has to be perfect to connect. Original window system needs to be reverted. It was smoother , looks better and was BALANCED.
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    Less than 7 pocketknives = basically free kills Damn dude, stay away from that megabong.
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    Sounds like someone has been getting trolled as Jason a lot lately and is a little sour grapes tbh
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    Plays an undead Jason on one of the small maps Car starts in 30 seconds. Oops...no shift or morph to catch them...I guess I'll fast walk to one of the two exits. Oh wait... Well maybe as a human running Jason...but he only jogs... Bad ideas all around.
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    I was thinking maybe putting a hammer in a drawer or camp site have it take up an item space and give it the ability to repair x amount of broken doors and windows would be a good idea
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    no time to fix it. the cars needs rocket launchers and the boats need to fly. everyone starts with 3 (2) use pocket knives... i agree i hope they fix it also
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    To be honest the final girl or boy is the only one able to outrun and fight Jason. All the others are pretty much instant kills. Keeping that in mind Vanessa might technically be the true final girl, lol.
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    This is the reason why I don't get mad anymore when Jason's slash me to death.
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    I'm coming to the conclusion it isn't just pocket knives but they're a huge issue right now. It's more like too many pocket knives + too many shot guns + stealth is an almost unused mechanic + fear is virtually worthless + ability to escape in less than 4 minutes in + borderline invincibility for counselors + obscenely bad hit detection + etc. The whole package has taken a big fucking wrong turn and addressing 1 single problem, I think, results in wild suggestions because players still have to deal with the rest of it.
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    Part 4 Jason's chase theme doesn't work sometimes and when I play as that Jason, Part 6 chase theme should use this theme - Part 7 chase theme should use this theme at 0:40 -
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    This isnt a 1 hr 30 minutes movie...
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    a jason morphing into the water when getting trolled. your kind goes batshitcrazy about that when you can´t dance into his face anymore. i saw one doing that. he was like "k, i am in the lake if you need me, getting a coffee" man, the rage of the trolls was hilarious.
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    For true die hard F13 fans, there should be an additional extra gore option adding a much more grotesque look. (Ex. Organs spilling out onto the floor, eyeballs popping out of the skull and onto the floor and they explode into a small gush of blood when stepped on, bloody footprints, bloodier looking wounds). It would be completely optional free DLC that would keep the base game M rated, but AO rated for the DLC. Thus allowing the base game to be played in various countries and keeps the gore DLC out of the countries with stricter gaming boards. I'm sure many fans would appreciate this and think of it as an excellent idea.
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    I think the bunny outfit would look better in black than white, but I personally just don't like Debs in the current bunny outfit. It just looks so distracting out of place like a telly tubby! If there was any change to the bunny costume, I think it would have been more fitting to go along the lines of the playboy bunny outfit. I mean adult counsellors just wouldn't wear the kids bunny onesie to a party in my opinion.
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    I'm always against the grain of complaining to gun about things. I see the words "dedicated servers" on reddit one more time im going to scream but this time its...like..ya...as you said, a straight lie. Because if its just a lack of it being done right, thats one thing but then how do they not know about it by now?
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    Welcome to a discussion forum where people discuss different issues pertaining to the game. Discussion forums can contain whole series of topics that can encompass a whole range of varied discussion points of which you won't always find everything interesting or agreeable. You might also find that that something so vast and complex as the human mind will mean a collection of those human minds which will consist of different generations and backgrounds - and thus won't always share the same priorities. Sometimes, people will post their opinions across the forum on a wide spectrum of issues - and it may seem as though only the one topic you are reading is their absolute priority - but that would be a fallacy.
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    I remember my very first match. I was a counselor and the Jason was high level and badass. When I saw him, I was terrified. I did my best running and trying to escape, but he outwitted me and I got snatched. The rush I had was truly a drug because I wanted more. To see Jason meant certain death and to survive meant something. If you were lucky you had another counselor close, weapons, and in a blue moon a pocket knife. Now... gangs of shotgun-wielding, pocket knife hoarding, dancing medical experts are hunting Jason. It’s... an embarrassment. Jason should’t stun as easily, he should get rage as soon as his mask comes off OR someone takes the sweater, should get STALK second as his powers, and the amount of pocket knives and med sprays need to be cut in 3/4. Period. If someone finds either, it should be a miracle to them, another chance. Now we got people spritzing themselves the moment they get any sort of damage because they know they’ll just find another med spray. It’s truly pathetic.
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    It's a major thing lately, I've encountered it a ton on PC... At this point it's better to slash and not grab at all.
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    The top three things that I have heard about game balance from here, reddit, and our social channels would likely be: 1. It’s easy to grief/troll Jason players due to recent-ish changes (Jason’s grab & hit detection/range, throwing knife hit detection, etc). - this one actually contains a lot of other “smaller” community complaints as well, such as items spawn counts, weapon counts, and other gameplay features that favor counselors over Jason. 2. Jason 7 is highly underpowered compared to other Jasons. 3. Counselor perks are useless/specific counselors are useless. There are other complaints that don’t fall under these three general headings, but the majority do.
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    This is for all the dancers out there
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    @lazerus_86 I agree. In the films, there is only one comparable to a round in this game where a bunch of teenagers are aware of Jason's presence and arm themselves. It happens in Part 8 on the ship. Kelly Hu runs into a fucking disco and still does not take the time to dance. Lights, music, disco ball- no dancing. There were also no bunny costumes or togas.
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