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    I think we should get futuristic clothing for all counselors, with the Jason x content: Bugzy ...space suit Tiffany ..... Janessa cleavage shirt and pants. Jenny .... Rowan’s outfit Kenny .... space Marines outfit Deborah.... Adrianne ( science chick who gets her face dipped and smashed) outfit Adam .... Stoney outfit Fox .... space Marines outfit Vanessa....Kinsa outfit Chad .... Professor Lowe’s suit( since he’s is a dick too.) Shelly.... Dead planet earth searching gear.( goggles and trench coat) Lachapa .... Crutch outfit Mitch ..... Azrael outfit AJ .......space suit outfit and 2 hero character options Sgt. Brodski or Kay-em
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    The Mean girl will most likely be high luck and speed or stamina, or at least that's what I'm hoping for. I'm sorry @Armani? but you're not going to push Reggie without -ME- coming and trying to hinder your spam with our spam, LOL. Back to topic...! I've been calling it, they'll probably release a dlc of both swimming and halloween costumes together to set the scales even. Maybe when there are enough counselors to make a balancing pack, say for instance; Mitch, Fox, Shelly and whomever comes next. I do agree that they should receive just the same love than the rest of the characters.
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    @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @wes We gave you eight pages of inspiration and we have flooded countless threads. And we aren't going to stop!
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    Brokeback Mountain 2?
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    1. Car/boat speed seems like it was cut in half on the PS4 version but PC version the car seems the same speed. Any clarification?... Part 4 Jason was able to morph back and forth to the exits at the top of Higgins Haven to cut me off and didn't have rage activated. The car also seems to shake on screen quite often while driving now on PS4. 2. Repairing seems easier. The bar doesn't move as fast while completing successful QTE actions. I was hitting most of my repairs flawless with Vanessa. 3. Increased amount of shotguns. Is this intended?... I know the pocket knives + sprays are being placed but didn't realize about the shotguns at first. 4. Part 2 Jason's run speed seems decreased, a Deborah nearly out of stam jogging was outpacing him. This wasn't an issue in the past for me. 5. Trap placement has been tinkered with again. I use to setup 3 traps in the barn with a counselor in a stall so Jason would hit one after the other. Can no longer place 3 bear traps like this now. 6. The phone box has more possible buildings now. Before on Jarvis House, it'd only be along the bottom. Today, I noticed the phone was at the house closest to Jason's shack at the top of the map. 7. Was Jason's grab altered?... Seems a bit harder to grab people when they exit a vehicle when you are standing there waiting for them to step out. 8. Pamela's sweater is seeming to have issues on PS4. I knocked Jason's mask off with Tommy, a Vanessa used the sweater on Jason and he ran off without being stunned while the sweater animation was going. It was a waste of the sweater there and screwed me out of a kill on Jason. Also, the sweater seemed to not activate at times pressing triangle while in Jason's proximity. These weren't lag issues either as a heads up. This is in no way a complaint nor a dig at the developers. Just things I've noticed. I appreciate the effort put into the game and the attempt to try to spice up gameplay. Thanks for taking time to respond if anyone with insight can clarify any of these points. Thank you for all that you guys do and for producing a game I crave to play daily.
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    I’m really not here to knock other people’s wants. I’m honestly open to ANY new characters/counselors being added because I love variety. The more playable characters we have, the more variety we have, and the more enjoyable the game can be, in my opinion. But, since you asked, the reason I find him a little silly is because, well, he’s a kid... Making him 18 wouldn’t really be canon and it’s not like there’s plenty of adult counselors/characters to choose from that are canon!
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    I feel this game should have alternate options for when you call on the CB Radio. One of the things I feel is Tina Shepard should have a chance of showing up. Now, unlike Tommy, she isn't all 10's, instead she can be all 7's. Second, she doesn't show up with a Shotgun like Tommy. Instead, she shows up with Psychic powers! Her powers would work like Jason's powers do. She would start with 1 basic power, and as the match goes on she would get access to more & more powers. Her powers would have a cool down like Jason's does. So she couldn't spam powers at Jason. Her powers could be: Stun - it hits Jason with a ranged stun attack that dazes him for a moment. Push - it pushes Jason back a considerable distance. Interact - she can open doors (even locked), windows, etc... from a distance, this one would have a fast recharge. Telekinesis - she can bring the closest object in her field of view within a certain distance right to her. So for example if a bat is a room over and Jason is on her heels, she can use this to bring the bat to her hands. Maelstrom - she can cause things (weapons, items, random debris they make for the animation) to fly around like a cyclone. This does damage to Jason but doesn't stun him, it also slows him down, and prevents him from using his powers while in the cyclone. Special Tina to Jason Kill: If you have Tina on the docks with Jason and his mask is off, she can do a Stun/Push combo with her powers to knock him in the lake. Once she does that her dad comes up with chains and wraps them around Jason, killing him. Let me know what you think, folks!
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    I don't own the car, I'm looking for a 67 to fix up. and I don't live in the potato state, I live in the land of Lincoln Illinois lol
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    Double XP / CP it will work with offline bots.
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    You can play it offline without an internet connection, it just won't count for leveling up.
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    Thanks guys! I recently picked the game up since Steam offered it for roughly 20 USD. I am amazed by the attention to detail to the 80s slasher genre and its well known clichees.
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    Using exploits isn't meta. It's just using exploits. Kodiak is definitely a solid player. Plays the objective well and uses teamwork and coordination to confuse Jason. Kodiak and I have killed Jason together. He's pretty damn good at the game. Just because most of us don't rely on exploits to carry us through the game doesn't mean we're not still doing well. Even these annoying "swing cancelling" counselors are easy to kill eventually because all they try to do is run away with counselors who can't repair for shit. So late game, when they're the only ones left, they're screwed.
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    Reggie! He'll be a marketable choice. They fucked up Shelly. Mitch is meh. Fox is decent I hope they don't mess up Reggie's stats (Composure, Speed, Stamina, Luck)
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    I'd like an older cop character too. Or an older "Steve Christy" type. Or even a Crazy Ralph type. I get why people are excited about the "Mean Girl" type, but given that I found both Melissa and Tamara insufferable, I'm not thrilled for it to happen. Meh.
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    Would love a Monica Keena/Lori counselor lol. A.J. is our butt girl, all the others are the medium girls, so now let's get a busty girl to balance the equation, shall we?
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    I dont get a word in this thread so i'm going to pick a random option and hope for the best.
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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the devs need to implement some match options for people that don’t want the annoying counselor handicaps. The one thing that ruined this game completely for me was the parts icons. It really makes counselor play way too easy. I think putting an option to toggle parts icons on and off would bring back some semblance of fun in the game. You should be able to have options for item spawns, escape methods, etc. as well. I honestly don’t even know if the devs would know how to do that, though. You’re actually 100% right; quickplay ruined this game.
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    Def. It should be the “Camp Blood” map. It should be based on a dilapidated version of the current Crystal Lake map but with one road blocked off, cabins in disrepair and should favor Jason. If they just tweak the current Crystal Lake map and make the power out by default and some cabins already with windows broken out and doors busted. It should be half the current map and then more woods and just one road in or out. I’d like to see a map itself that’s harder and has more woods and camps and less cabin area. Someone draw up a potential map idea based off one of the Crystal Lake variation maps. Someone map that awesome map that was mostly water so I’d love to see a fan prototype of a Camp Blood map
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    I've seen scratches done a few ways. One is to have a black or dark grey base coat, then paint your main colour on top of that and then use an Exacto knife to scrape the main colour to reveal the black/dark grey. I also see people using pencil to draw their scratches and wear but the lines and wear on Part 7 are black so maybe finding a fine art pen that's permanent (even a fine sharpie?) may work? I'm no expert here, I'm still learning also. You've got a good start. Also, I think BigHush is the name of a guy who does tutorials on YouTube and they're good.
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    Well said. I laughed at "Except for the Xenomorph of course!" I wanted to like this post but am out of reactions for the day!
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    XB1 I have noticed these issues since patch release: - Confirmed as bug- Disarming counselor placed traps results in the trap disappearing. - Sluggish control of the car while driving - Abundance of Shotguns - Number of Pocket knives still seems high but that observation is subjective -Window destruct prompt not allowing the window to be destroyed as Jason. Prompt appears and button is pressed but the prompt flashes with each press of the button and Jason stands there shimmying in place or doing nothing. Similar issue with picking up throwing knives. - Grabbed a counselor and proceeded to attempt execution. Points tally showed on bottom of screen but nothing happened. Execution animation did not start nor did the counselor die. They were freed from the grab by another counselor. - Clipping on obstacles as counselor causing the counselor to become stuck or immobile. -Jason Morph causes odd camera slide to Jason upon arriving at morph destination Issues that remain a problem in my own opinion: ——————- -Numerous connection issues despite zero packet loss and optimal connection speeds/ NAT configuration -Jason and counselor swinging and registering damage/stuns through undamaged doors -Window hopping invulnerability/ inability to damage window until after counselor has completed transition animation -Window/ Door destruct interaction requiring prompts unlike earlier in release where swings damaged doors/windows without prompt (better than it was but most out of prompt swings do not yield damage or result in weapon getting stuck every time) -Inconsistent hitbox registry for Jason grab, weapon melee, throwing knife -Jason morph location relative to selected morph location on map -Registering a stun from a counselor when outside weapon swing arc (could be related to connection issues) -Inability to free grabbed counselor’s due to unregistered hits (has improved greatly but still occurs) -Cannot grab, strike, or deliver damage from throwing knife to counselor in the middle of break free from bear trap animation -Shift around front of car does not stop vehicle as it does with the rear or vice-versa. Inconsistent register of shift into vehicle
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    What did you guys do to counselor traps? I can't place them anymore by the doors either inside or outside of the house, pretty much they are useless now. I do not see anywhere in the patch notes that counselor trap placement was modified.
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    Speak for yourself. I've always done just fine and surpassed 103 by playing fair. Good players don't need to do stupid shit like 'sliding' or 'car surfing' to have a good time.
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    UPDATE: It is the part 7 kill pack that is apparently causing this problem. You can reinstall the disc DLC but you will have to keep the disc in the drive before starting up the game and will need to keep it in the drive. Otherwise, the disc DLC will delete itself again. If you keep the disc in at all times then you can have all the Xbox DLC installed and usable. _____________________ The Part 7 Machete Kills keeps deleting the disc clothing pack and disc bloody skins don't show up in game and for whatever reason the Halloween clothing pack is listed as retail disc clothing. As long as you keep the disc in the drive and reinstall the deleted disc DLC you should be able to keep everything in game. However, if you remove the disc and load up the game (digital) then the disc DLC will auto-delete and your character outfits will reset to the default original outfit if you were waring any of the disc DLC. The only solution right now to play without the disc in the drive is to uninstall the Part 7 Machete kills. I just keep the disc in but right now I am dealing with the 100% Achievement game crashing bug so I cannot even play anymore anyway. Previously you could keep the disc DLC in the same Manage Game folder on the same drive as the digital copy of the game without the disc needing to be in the drive. I am on Xbox One and that's what I've figured out so far.
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    Very well structured, respectful post. i hope it gets some answers.
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    If you don't care about playing as Jason, and you're not a fan of the movies and characters, over the videogame, then nobody cares how well you do. Getting majority kills or all kills is not the point. Playing as Jason used to be akin to driving a nice new Mercedes E-class. Now he's like driving a 1989 Toyota Corolla. They'll both be able to get you where you need to go, but goddamn, you're gonna feel pretty shitty with the latter.
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    *loud snorting noise* but what does someone with a JENNY *chortles* icon know anyway?! *labored breath* Just kidding - cannot agree more with what you've said.
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    [sigh] Yeah, I know...which is but one reason I'm sure it won't happen. My suggestion would be as soon as Jason grabs/hits him, Reggie performs some canned animation in which he escapes and runs away, and your contribution is done.
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    A mandatory tutorial, for example in the form of a mini-game, how to play Tommy Jarvis. Too often, the choice for Tommy Jarvis is simply hopeless. How a new player can know how to kill Jason with Tommy. Maybe it's worth introducing a tutorial.
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    I still usually kill everyone or almost everyone too, but I feel incredibly weak while doing it because everyone has at least one pocket knife, a million heals and shotguns out the wazoo. It's a boring battle of attrition where I have 20 minutes to whittle their resources down. I don't actually feel strong.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome Clayton. Thank you Chole. Thanks for the recommendations DamonD7. I have been a fan of the movies since I was a kid. Jason Voorhees is my favorite slasher of all time. Completely addicted to the game, its pretty much all I play.
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    Sounds like the devs just keep making bad decision after bad decision and not learning from their mistakes. Idk if i'm grateful or not that I can't even play online this patch. When this game launched it ran almost flawlessly, maintaining an easy 50-65fps even on my lower end rig and now I can barely hit 5-10 on my dedicated gaming pc. What. The. Fuck.
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    Many Jason players can tear through a lobby with ease. The average scmo playing Jason should not always go 8/8. He should be hovering about 5/8, which he is. Weak players do even worse. Good players get 7 or 8/8. Then add in that everyone has a good or bad game every once in a while. That's the ebb and flow of an online multiplayer game. In the films, counsellors never all knew about Jason at once. They rarely had time to prepare. In this game, they do. They have the option of working together to hold Jason off. Although that may work for a while, it will usually result in some members of the group being cut down if the Jason player is half-competent at all. Yes, seeing your icon getting teabagged is frustrating... But the reality is this is an online multiplayer game. People do things like that. It happened to my beloved xenomorphs in Aliens Colonial Marines too (awful game with decent multiplayer). The best thing to do is punish those players by slaughtering them. If you can't then keep practicing. If this were a single player game I would 100% agree with you. I would. But its online. Jason and the counsellors are controlled by other thinking, breathing human beings with various levels of experience. Its what the players do that impact the game and there is no getting around that. PS: I concur that Jason needs some work. He needs some fine tuning. But needing a tune up is not the same as the overdramatic complaining you are doing in your post. If you were a bit more reasonable in your argument and not just ranting based on personal bias, i'd be right there with you. Added PS: I'd love a single player Friday the 13th Game in the vien of Alien: Isolation where Jason is purely a walking destroyer of lives, but that would be a different kind of game altogether. I also love the multiplayer game we got.
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    The clever part was how the title was a spoiler and nobody realized it until the ending had been figured out ("Virtual Cabin")= holodeck simulation of Camp Crystal Lake aboard the Grendel!
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    Pre Uber > Uber Uber only show up the last 15 minutes of the movie and killed zero. Virtual girls don't count.
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    @Randygbk@GunMedia_Ben@Gertz@wes The majority of people in this thread WANT pre-Uber Jason in the game. If you are not including pre-Uber Jason, we need to know why. Hopefully Hobbs mis-read the question.
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    Back in May/June this game was the funnest game I played in years. It scared the shit out of me a few times you know that zing you get in your gut like when you seen the movies for the first time back in the day. I even tweeted to them how great it was and that I was all in and would be buying all DLC and a season pass or add on stuff to support them and how do they thank me they fuck up the core game play. Thanks
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    Having it be tough(and needing a bit of luck) to survive a night at Camp Crystal Lake IS the fun. Escaping isn’t the fun part, it’s the lead up to said escape that’s fun. Those moments of extreme tension, hoping, praying Jason doesn’t come to your area as you repair the phone etc. There absolutely does NOT need to be balance. The game should HEAVILY favor Jason. It’s better for BOTH sides if that’s the case. At launch, escaping was a true accomplishment and killing Jason was euphoric. Now, escaping Jason is all but routine for even avg skilled Jason’s and killing Jason has now become simplistic with just the least amount of skill and communication. Remember when the devs themselves said they’d be able to kill Jason every 1 in 75 matches? Now you have people on THIS VERY FORUM, that can kill Jason, 5, 10 times IN A ROW. THAT is all the evidence you need that the pendulum has swung too far towards the counselors.
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    If they are going to have all these knives and make it harder to grab people they should make it so once you are grabbed you can't escape if you don't have a knife. One cool thing about the game when you play as Jason is the environment kill. You really have never been able to fully enjoy them because you are always trying to do a grab kill asap in case they get away since it can be time consuming to catch them when you have others to catch before they escape or reach the time limit. If you could grab someone and know you have time to look around for cool kills, it would make it far more enjoyable imo.
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    Easy coming from someone that can log on the game they paid for and play it anytime. As for boosting, what people do in private matches is up to them. Its not getting old complaining about it, especially for the people who have not been able to play since SEPTEMBER.
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    Awwww. Another one of your favourite glitches has gone? Learn to play properly.
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    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for joining in here. I hope you find a format (and a price) for the game soon so you can join in with playing it, too. This won't be useful for you at the moment, then, but for future reference if you're looking for new players you could start with the Steam ID and Gamertag thread. Lots of tags to browse through there. There are groups such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum as well, if you like the sound of them, whenever you're ready to get playing. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/
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    I personally play as a random counselor, and I think most people put way too much stock into "main" counselors and stats. There's basically 3 different counselor types, and different skins for them. Don't fool yourselves.
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    And when new players stop coming back, and the game slowly dies...will it still be fun? Especially when you end up waiting console lengths of time for a match?
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