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    @Charlie Chainsaw Guess you discovered which counselors are really a bot.
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    I've mostly been messing around with the offline stuff since the patch came out. But last night I got my first true taste of being Jason after this patch. After 2 consecutive rounds of the person being selected as Jason quitting at the beginning because they were Jason, I had my shot, and played him 3 out of five rounds. I was never the greatest Jason, but I always managed to kill more than half. Not last night, not a single time. The amount of items at campsites is just insane, and it's now mob rule. Game starts, counselors rush to camp sites, load up on items, and the hunt for Jason is on. Traps are completely ineffective. In fact, some folks even set them off to use them as bait to lure Jason in, and like a pack of wolves, they start attacking. This was consistently happening to ALL Jason's, well, the one's that didn't rage quit anyway. The game in this state is not what it was intended to be, and the only way I can express my dissatisfaction with it, is with my dollars. I'm not buying the J7 kill pack until he gets a major over haul, and I don't think I'll be playing MP as much anymore until Jason is playable again. I'll just play MP when I'm in the mood to be counselor. I want to fear Jason when I’m a counselor, and he should ALWAYS be the hunter, not the hunted. Undoubtedly there are those who will disagree with what I'm saying, and that's fine. This is just my feeling about the current state of the game.
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    I refuse to believe it's anything other than a mixture of incompetence and lack of giving a shit. Every single patch there's been entirey avoidable game-breaking issues introduced. Not obscure things either. Stuff that most people have realised literally one match into the patch, meaning it had to have been noticed by QA. They just didn't care. Let me repeat that. They just didn't care. This cannot be argued at this point. Gun do not give a shit. After the 5th or so time in a row this has happened, and the 7th month of release, you start to see a pattern and stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. All I know is that this game ran in a stable manner, had great atmosphere, and was a blast to play on release. Now it's an utterly fucking joyless experience to play, doesn't feel scary or like anything like the films, and has an often crippling FPS. Every single patch has made the game worse in some way on either a technical or balance level, or both. Heads should fucking roll. Now. Not "Soon".
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    So you dropped a new patch with new content, and some hints at what future content is to come. Congratulations, nobody cares. We were promised a game that would be a Friday The 13th experience, and originally that is what we had.. No longer do we have that and therefore, whatever content you release is absolutely irrelevant and nothing more than your attempt at as passover. The CONSTANT in Friday the 13th films is that Jason is a killing machine and his victims are dumb counselors who only care about drugs, booze and sex. One of your OWN people flat out said, these aren't soldiers, they're not trained combat fighters. They are kids who went to camp. Yet in this game, the counselors seem like military trained fighters whereas Jason is a bumbling idiot and somehow you don't see anything wrong with this picture. Jason has been killing for YEARS, these teens just showed up to HIS camp. So why the hell is it easier for them to beat down Jason than it is for him to tear them apart? Obviously you have decided that your campaign is now targeted at people who don't actually wanna play, but have a 7 vs 1 handed to them. You list a title that is tied to one of the greatest slasher franchises in movie history, but when we load up the game that is no longer what we get. If you or anyone here went to a Friday The 13th movie and it was 2 hours of Jason being beaten with baseball bats and having people drop their nuts in his face, that movie would fail and nobody would watch it. Reviews would mock how a once great slasher franchise is now so far dead in the water that the latest installment needs to be shelved in the comedy section with something from the Wayans Bros. That is exactly the case with this game. It is NOT survival horror, and it is NOT Friday The 13th. And if you can look yourselves in the mirror and still claim that it is, you're simply lying to yourselves because it most certainly is not. If your idea of "balance" is giving more advantage to a team of SEVEN and taking it away from the team of ONE then you have no business making video games. And you sure as hell have no business making a Friday The 13th game.
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    What's funny is for as much as I don't like playing La Choppa, when the random select gods choose him, it always seems like he gets away with a carload of women.
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    Expanding on some thoughts in another thread... Lets look at some entries into the Alien Franchise as an example of film to game transitions and how they compare to Friday the 13th: the game. We have Alien Isolation, a fantastic terror-drenched love letter to the first film. Most (not all) hardcore fans love this game, myself included. Then we have Aliens: Colonial Marines, a horrible game if you are referring to its campaign, but its online multiplayer was pretty well-received and still has communities that play today. It's a blast online. Aliens Colonial Marines: There are some lobbies where the marines defeat the Aliens 20 - 2 or vice versa, which would never happen in the movies... but its not possible (or fun) to have every game play out exactly like it did in the film with the marines freaking out and getting sliced and diced round after round. I am a huge Alien and Aliens fan, a HUUUGEE fan. It pisses me off a bit every time someone teabags my beloved xenomorphs, but I can get over that because I recognize that every medium is different. Player versus player environments can bring out the worst in people (gasp!). That said, it's really satisfying to pounce on players and tear them to shreds, and to enact kills from the films against other players. There are some boring lobbies, some lopsided lobbies, and some really close or intense moments born out of almost every match. The goal of the multiplayer was to drop the player into the Alien universe for a chaotic twenty minute match against other people from all over the world. Alien Isolation: This is literally a VR sequel/spinoff to the first film. It's incredibly detailed and the Alien behaves almost perfectly like in the movie. The xenomorph is deadly, its the perfect organism that hardcore fans came to respect so much. This was much easier to achieve with a single player game because the only goal was to completely immerse fans into the Alien universe, and to tell an in-depth, over ten-hour long story using the beloved beast every step of the way. Being as the game was single player, it was also easier for players to change settings and difficulties based exclusively on their personal preferences. Examining both: If I want an awe-inspiring xenomorph that will never get teabagged I can play Alien Isolation, but if I want to put my feet up and play online against people for some Aliens inspired chaos, I pop in Colonial Marines. And just like Jason in Friday the 13th, the xenos are no slouch in colonial marines. They aren't as badass as they were in the original films or as scary as they are in Isolation, but in the hands of good players they can still hack through marines pretty well. Jason is similar, and Friday the 13th The Game is much more similar to Colonial Marines multiplayer... because it is also an online asymmetrical multiplayer game. And once again... this game is not just a Jason kill sim or movie simulator. It's Colonial Marines, not Isolation. There are far more variables with online games, including skill level, teamwork, selfishness, selflessness, intelligence, willpower, bravery, cowardice... micro versions of all of these contribute to the in game experience from people playing as both Jason and counsellors. In the offline bots mode it is easy to kill everyone as Jason. Online multiplayer? There's way more variables but it can still be done. If people don't want to play a game with these variables, then a Friday the 13th game like Alien Isolation might be for them. It's not fair, though, to demand that type of experience from a game like this where all players have different skills and expectations... variables, folks. That said, one day I hope this community gets its Alien Isolation, I really do... but to demand that from this game is not realistic thinking.
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    You are missing a number of things as well that would contradict the agenda you're pushing. 9/21 - Jason received a "fix" to his stun timer, making it easier to recover from stuns 9/21 - Jason's melee attacks can now hit multiple objects (counselors) 10/11 - Stun timer adjusted again 10/11 - Grease Monkey perk nerfed to a useless state 10/11 - Trap damage increased to immediately wound a counselor 10/11 - Jason's footsteps are silent in stalk 10/25 - (QoL change) Jason receives credit for a kill at the start of the animation Current Patch - Medic perk no longer holds charges if dropped Current Patch - Heavy Hitter perk nerfed to a useless state Current Patch - Escape vehicles are now slower (even a -Shift Jason can stop a car, or -Water Speed for the boat)
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    Easy fix, get into a dev game with one of the developers, get a counselor mob against the dev if they are Jason and show them why Jason is broken. Use all the knives and shotguns on the map in game, juke,etc.
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    Counselor: 1. Mean Girl. 2. Mean Girl. 3. Mean Girl. Hero Character: 1. KM! 2. KM! 3. KM! I have to admit I really liked Janessa too from that movie. She and the android KM were the only characters I liked. Her death sucked on so many levels.
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    So, I've figured out that the early Jason skins we can unlock for each Jason starting at 103 are the mild bloody skins, the physical exclusive skins are the medium bloody skins, and the later Jason skins we can unlock starting at 133 are blood drenched Jason skins. Check out the 3 skins for part 3 side by side below.
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    We've identified the cause of the issue that players are experiencing after earning “The Final Chapter” achievement Our team is working quickly to resolve this issue for the upcoming patch We apologize to all users affected and appreciate your patience and understanding
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    Everyone seems to agree we need Melissa or "the bitch" added. After adding her or a generic version of her, I think they should stop adding unique counselors. There are only so many variations of the point totals that can be achieved and there's already people saying there are useless counselors. Instead of adding counselors with unique stats I suggest adding new character skins for existing counselors. This would do two things: 1. Yay, technically more variety for counselors. 2. Meaningful cosmetic DLC as opposed to crap like the Halloween pack. Examples would be as such: Jenny: Alice Hardy skin, or generic version of Alice Hardy similar to how Jenny is basically no-name Chris A.J.: Rocker girl J.J.-type skin. A.J. is currently more Violet from Part 5 but would work as J.J./Rocker Chick And so on... If the new counselors were no-name versions, the same voice lines could be used.
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    There is no question Jason is completely underpowered. Counselors were meant to die. You were lucky to survive. Fighting Jason per the devs was NOT advised. It was supposed to be a last ditch effort to escape. Just like it is in the movies. Getting beat on and stunlocked and skated ...cmon. And not being able to stop the car going backward?? No. This is why I like singleplayer for now. Its not as much fun as the beta was but its less annoying than online play.
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    Personally I would like to play Muffin. A character who can’t be sensed ever but can only pick up and move items around lol.
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    I think we should get futuristic clothing for all counselors, with the Jason x content: Bugzy ...space suit Tiffany ..... Janessa cleavage shirt and pants. Jenny .... Rowan’s outfit Kenny .... space Marines outfit Deborah.... Adrianne ( science chick who gets her face dipped and smashed) outfit Adam .... Stoney outfit Fox .... space Marines outfit Vanessa....Kinsa outfit Chad .... Professor Lowe’s suit( since he’s is a dick too.) Shelly.... Dead planet earth searching gear.( goggles and trench coat) Lachapa .... Crutch outfit Mitch ..... Azrael outfit AJ .......space suit outfit and 2 hero character options Sgt. Brodski or Kay-em
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    I've updated this topic with information from the current patch. Come see how much the game's swung wildly and directionlessly back and forth like an oversteering drunk driver since release!
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    Ok I’m gonna go yell at my friend now she told me that and I was like TF is this true and she said yes so blame her
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    Can't it be both? In all seriousness, I think the devs, like the vast majority of game devs, are probably terrible at their own game and thus cannot accurately gauge the game's balance. I think this happens because developers create elaborate fantasies as to how a game should be played, try to design the game around that (as is their job) and then some player who didn't spend years harbouring those fantasies comes in and finds a more efficient strategy that quickly becomes the well known meta. The developer rejects this, or can't even see it. It seems to happen with most games.
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    It’s a good idea I think and Tiffany can look like That girl in the booty shorts in part 2 i think it was
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    So far I've found out that this is how the Jason skins unlock: level 103 unlocks Mild Bloody part 3 Jason level 107 unlocks Mild Bloody part 6 Jason level 110 unlocks Mild Bloody part 7 Jason level 115 unlocks Mild Bloody part 2 Jason level 119 unlocks Mild Bloody part 8 Jason level 122 unlocks Mild Bloody part 9 Jason level 126 unlocks Mild Bloody part 4 Jason level 130 unlocks Mild Bloody part 5 Roy level 133 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 3 Jason level 135 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 6 Jason level 138 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 7 Jason level 139 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 2 Jason level 141 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 8 Jason level 144 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 9 Jason level 145 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 4 Jason level 148 unlocks Heavy Bloody part 5 Roy (just a guess) I'll update this list with the numbers of the others when I find out what they are. If anybody can verify whether I'm right or wrong on my guesses, let me know.
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    The car has been slowed down on Xbox One. I noticed it after picking up 3 counselors and driving off road to the exit.
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    Well said, guys. I agree 1000% This kind of shit is what killed the game for me. I used to play this game everyday. Now, I get pissed off just looking at the Main Menu screen. I agree 1000% That last patch in October put an end to one of the best experiences in video games. Hopefully we get some part of it back. If not, then my backlog has gotten out of hand, anyway.
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    The Mean girl will most likely be high luck and speed or stamina, or at least that's what I'm hoping for. I'm sorry @Armani? but you're not going to push Reggie without -ME- coming and trying to hinder your spam with our spam, LOL. Back to topic...! I've been calling it, they'll probably release a dlc of both swimming and halloween costumes together to set the scales even. Maybe when there are enough counselors to make a balancing pack, say for instance; Mitch, Fox, Shelly and whomever comes next. I do agree that they should receive just the same love than the rest of the characters.
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    I believe there can be a way that the multiplayer can work for everybody. I don't want Jason to be easy to play as and I don't want playing as a counselor to be a fruitless effort. And I don't believe that making static adjustments to attributes will fix it. I also don't mind having people escape, as long as i don't feel cheated or that it's cheap. Before the Oct patch I used to play mostly in parties of hardcore players, and it would frustrate me to no end at times, but it never turned me off to the game like it can now.
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    You have no idea what you're talking about, buddy. I've been playing this game since launch and I loved the fuck out of it then; whether I was dying every match or not. I actually stopped playing when counselors got their buff at the end of October. Playing as a counselor became way too easy and started boring the fuck out of me. Jason is a little bitch now. This game is about Jason Voorhees, we should be afraid to be near him. Why exactly shouldn't Jason be "overpowered" when there's one of him versus seven/eight other players? Makes no sense.
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    Listen, if you're not gonna take this seriously... I understand, I really do. The October 25th patch hit and along with it came your sudden influx of skill. But some of us have been here back when the game actually had a little challenge, and we'd like a little bit of that back. But don't worry, you'll get there.
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    The Community: "Jason feels nerfed and definitely not as powerful. This isn't the same game anymore." The Devs: "We'll look into this." **adds more shotguns and items** It's trolling at this point. Trolling.
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    You say its a video game and boring if its too easy yet you defend the current state of the game where its easy to play as a counselor and win, not to mention more times than not you are playing a counselor....what??? lol You contradicted yourself. And luck very much should play a part in it, if you get a bad spawn and or Jason happens to target you out of the other handful of people on the map that all comes down to luck, especially if you have no way of cabin hopping or way to escape/kill time so your team can collect stuff to escape. I guess we are different in the sense I like a challenge and not have wins handed to me. I would rather play a high tension cat and mouse game as a mouse not knowing if am going to escape or not and every so often get to play as the cat to relax and have fun chasing and killing.
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    Since my survival rate is at an all time high now, I'm willing to start helping Jason out. Run to all the campfires and waste all the shotguns. Collect all med sprays and pocket knives and dump them in a corner where no one will find them. Then proceed to play the game normally. I am that pisses about the state of this game.
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    Yeah the developers ruined Jason and destroyed the balance, so they could cater to the casual player who wants to survive every single match. People will tell you to adapt, or how they still get 8/8 but to the average Jason player they are screwed. They turned this into a safari hunter game, and the prey is Jason. The casual players the developers are now taking sides with won’t stick with this game for the long run. They will get bored and move on. The dedicated fans are overall pissed at this balance, and are leaving because of it. I’ve been a strong fan and supporter of this game, but with these recent changes I’m about ready to move on and play something else.
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    The top three things that I have heard about game balance from here, reddit, and our social channels would likely be: 1. It’s easy to grief/troll Jason players due to recent-ish changes (Jason’s grab & hit detection/range, throwing knife hit detection, etc). - this one actually contains a lot of other “smaller” community complaints as well, such as items spawn counts, weapon counts, and other gameplay features that favor counselors over Jason. 2. Jason 7 is highly underpowered compared to other Jasons. 3. Counselor perks are useless/specific counselors are useless. There are other complaints that don’t fall under these three general headings, but the majority do.
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    @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @wes We gave you eight pages of inspiration and we have flooded countless threads. And we aren't going to stop!
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    Been playing since launch and didn't know this was even a thing. Mostly because people used to be afraid of Jason and ran from him instead of attacking. Glad it's gone. Sounds stupid and cheap.
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    Brokeback Mountain 2?
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    We already have Shelly So we're likely getting one more, also likely a female. I think we'll get the requested mean girl trope. It was posted in August, so hopefully the Devs love us enough for that. Maybe we'll get Melissa? Reggie was also teased in the virtual cabin with a title featuring the words, "the return of" on the video tape, but I doubt it tbh. But who knows?
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    You can play it offline without an internet connection, it just won't count for leveling up.
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    Yeah, I've noticed it too. Was gonna say something, but I've learned my lesson about trying to start a topic or trying to converse in a meaningful manner on this forum.
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    I've seen scratches done a few ways. One is to have a black or dark grey base coat, then paint your main colour on top of that and then use an Exacto knife to scrape the main colour to reveal the black/dark grey. I also see people using pencil to draw their scratches and wear but the lines and wear on Part 7 are black so maybe finding a fine art pen that's permanent (even a fine sharpie?) may work? I'm no expert here, I'm still learning also. You've got a good start. Also, I think BigHush is the name of a guy who does tutorials on YouTube and they're good.
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    Saaaame! When i got the game I rolled a marathon perk and it was a bad common so i scrapped it for cp. I had been rolling for another marathon perk ever since and never even got one. I only just got another marathon perk a month ago! It happened to be an epic too I don't think it matters but, I was on Vanessa trying to roll for it, but then again I had been trying for it on Vanessa since I scrapped it so I really don't think rolling on a specific counselor, for a specific perk works like that.
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    [sigh] Yeah, I know...which is but one reason I'm sure it won't happen. My suggestion would be as soon as Jason grabs/hits him, Reggie performs some canned animation in which he escapes and runs away, and your contribution is done.
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    The clever part was how the title was a spoiler and nobody realized it until the ending had been figured out ("Virtual Cabin")= holodeck simulation of Camp Crystal Lake aboard the Grendel!
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    Awwww. Another one of your favourite glitches has gone? Learn to play properly.
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    There's a lot of people who enjoy feeling helpless and having to make clutch plays, as that's a core trope of survival horror. If I wanted a simplified objective mode, I'd play a different game. I would never have bought the game (or recommended it to friends) if this had been in from the start, so it's incredibly frustrating that you chose to drastically change the way the game plays without giving us the option to change things back. Why can't you just make this toggleable for hosts for public matches too? We can choose the map. Why not the ruleset? Other games allow hardcore modes in both private and public. Simply class this as a hardcore mode, and give players the choice. Why restrict it to just one group? I understand you may be worried about splitting your playerbase if you put this option in public matches, but guess what? You already have. Only now, the game's split between people who play, and people who have no interest in playing anymore due to item marking. Not everyone has 7 other people to play with, or want to play the game with people they know due to how quickly a metagame develops within a group, and how predictably games turn out. It's not great design to give private match players options that quick match players can't access like this. Especially when item marking impacts quick match far more than private, because a private match is more likely to have everyone communicating, meaning part location information is likely to be communicated regardless. I, and everyone I play with (or used to, item marking made them all quit), loved the limited information and panic and stress of the game. I mean, genuinely loved it. For a bunch of jaded gamers in their late 30s, it was a rare experience that brought back the magic of online gaming for us. This isn't a simple balance change. It changes the entire dynamic of how the game plays. Communication and teamwork simply don't matter anymore. You turned a tactical game into an arcade action game. And for us, you ruined it. It's simply really unprofessional behaviour to impose this on your audience instead of giving them the choice of how they want to play the game, especially when they only dropped money on it due to how it existed in its previous state. It's arguably an immoral business practice. I genuinely couldn't in good conscience buy another product from Gun again, or recommend one to friends, if the option to toggle marking isn't implemented in quick match as well as private. I'd have no confidence you wouldn't render my purchase obsolete with this kind of ridiculous unilateral decision making, as the game I spent £30 on simply doesn't exist anymore. You may as well have just deleted it from my hard drive.
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