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    Awwww. Another one of your favourite glitches has gone? Learn to play properly.
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    I’ve had nothing but great experiences with these bots. I feel like Jason picking them all off. I haven’t experienced any of these issues. And the offline matches run faster and smoother than online. That being said, brain dead bots running in circles are 100 times better than racist, cheating, teabagging, glitching, team killing, squeaking, shitty internet having, game leaving trolls. It’s not even close.
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    The Offline Bots and Single Player Challenges are NOT using the “AI Behavior Toolkit” in any way All of our bot AI was built from the ground up and has been in development for quite a long time. The engineers responsible for building the AI have worked incredibly hard, working nights and weekends, to get these bots out for players to enjoy and we are extremely proud of our team’s work. In the very early development stages of the Single Player Challenges, one of our designers decided to use the "AI Behavior Toolkit" as a reference when creating the early design plans for the game mode. This happened long before a full engineering team had been designated to the project and we have never had any plans on using the toolkit to develop our bots. Like any plugin or piece of middleware, it was a tool intended to assist us in getting to production development faster by enabling us to determine features, systems, and scope. The files that can be found through "data mining" are a couple of minor functions that were used in the Virtual Cabin 2.0 and are completely unrelated to the Offline Bots and Single Player Challenges. We’re not exactly sure what you mean and why you think that the bots have little “room for improvement”. In fact, there are already a ton of optimizations and improvements ready for the bots in next patch. Obviously the AI is still a work in progress (as AI will always be), but we wanted to let players experience the Offline Bots game mode as soon as possible and we’re pretty happy with the release. Using the toolkit to produce the AI would not have reduced the development time by any significant amount. AI is a huge undertaking on its own and having bots also properly interact with all the very specific features of F13 is no small task. In this instance, having to adapt the toolkit to achieve the same results would have taken just as long, and would likely have resulted in a system that didn't integrate as gracefully with the various actions and behaviors we want from our Counselors. Using assets from the marketplace is definitely not an uncommon practice and is generally used to assist in development, rather than being a core feature itself. Nothing in game development is as simple as “flipping a switch”. We didn’t use the toolkit for the Offline Bots, but there is also no reason for anyone to disregard the amount of work required for developers who are using that system.
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    Well, for jason it's already in hardcore mode. For it to be anymore hardcore they would have to completely remove his arms. Edit: Hardcore Mode Jason
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    Wow. This explains alot. I didn't even know about that glitch. Infact, exploiting that is downright cheating. Glitching little bastards...
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    Jason should not hear the boat- it's up to the Jason player to periodically monitor the map or visit the boat area. Once a Jason player sees the boat moving on the map, it usually ends in game over for whoever is trying to escape. Unlike the car, once Jason stops the boat counselors are certain to die. I love the high risk/high reward of opting for the boat. I rely on radio communication to ensure Jason is distracted before I leave, and cross my fingers he does not look at the map. It's one of the few mechanics left in this game that still has me on my toes.
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    I am going to keep posting on the issue until it is fixed. So if you are "tired" of reading about it move along. Every time these companies post anything about the game it is riddled with complaints about one thing or another, but not being able to play at all I think that gives me a little more right to complain. I don't care if I don't have rain or I can't use blood on my savini skin. I want to play.
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    It’s faster because you don’t have to worry about the host rage quitting and costing you all that sweet xp.
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    If you think it makes combat better you are mentally disabled and need to see a doctor.
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    They need to also make some adjusts to the car. I'm so sick of people driving in reverse to keep Jason away from stopping them (Even had a bot do this to me last night). Maybe nerf the speed of the car when driving in reverse or add another way of stopping the car when it drives backwards.
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    Repair Part Icons were introduced in order to combat how awful it was when a single objective item was lost in a random location and an entire win condition would become permanently inaccessible as a result. These occurrences encouraged players to adapt to a playstyle where they felt it was necessary to search aimlessly through the empty woods, scavenged cabins, and borders of the map for a small chance at finding an item that may or may not even be obtainable. This scenario would occur frequently and due to a number of different circumstances: A new player is lost with no idea where to go and is killed in some random part of the woods A griefer decides to hide an item in an out of the way location or drop it in the water and have the item respawn system do their work for them A player disconnects and drops their items in a remote location A player does not realize that the room they are in can become inaccessible and swaps out a repair part for another item Jason finds a part on the ground and covers it with a trap, effectively making smaller parts like car keys invisible There are many other similar situations that are not listed here, but the result remains the same regardless of the player's intent. Spending half the game searching through the woods with the slim hopes of finding your only chance of escaping is admittedly a scenario that was able to bring tension and a sense of urgency for some players, but that quickly loses its appeal and ultimately becomes a chore. We recognize that immersion is a very important element and our goals to create a proper atmosphere for the game have not changed. At the end of the day, the fact remains that this is a multiplayer game and should be balanced and designed as such. We introduced the Repair Part Icons as a Quality of Life change, and we were very aware that it would affect balance. However, we believed the change was important for the state of the game and the impact it would have on balance (on its own) would be minor and manageable. We still stand by this belief and currently have no plans to remove the Repair Part Icons from the game. Whether it’s something that could be toggleable in the future for private matches or not is still unknown at this time, but we are looking into it. -------------------------------------------------------------- But griefers never bothered to hide items before the change because they got zero satisfaction when no one would even know they were doing it! Nothing is ever as black and white as the statement above. The line of thought that believes every griefer has the same intent and requires the same result for gratification is flawed. Griefers may refer to a number of different types of players. Some players may engage in the activity as retaliation against another player for whatever reason. Other griefers may be playing the game with the intent to ruin the gaming experience of others for their own satisfaction. There are some that simply like watching other players become frustrated, feeling content with the knowledge that they caused it from behind the scenes. Anyone who has engaged in any activity that we define as griefing, regardless of frequency, is a griefer for that match. TL;DR - It did happen and often enough that it needed to be addressed. Griefers are still able to hide items in rooms that could become inaccessible We’re looking into a few possible solutions (such as terrain changes, remapping problematic buildings, etc.) that would resolve this issue. It’s a simple problem, but a proper fix that does not negatively affect balance is much more complicated. Did the introduction of the Repair Part Icons cause teamplay to be less important? Do we believe that Repair Part Icons are causing players to disregard teamwork in favor of solo play? The short answer is no. We do not currently believe that Repair Part Icons reduced the overall amount of teamplay. We agree that teamwork is important and is a staple for a game where one player is significantly stronger than the seven other players on their own. That said, we believe that Repair Part Icons actually encourage teamplay for the same reason that the map and objectives display interface were originally designed for. With these systems, players are able to clearly figure out their goals for the match and how to achieve them with other players. Repair Part Icons improves the state of the game for those who do not own microphones and for those who have to communicate with them. We do not agree with the belief that players should be punished for not owning an optional peripheral to communicate. However, communication is something we would like to encourage and we are looking into ways to incentivise it The topic for the next dev “balance” post will be about the recent removal of “trap stacking”
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    - Jason should be able to destroy couches and table. Jason should be able to flip the table over to stun the teen and for the couch I was thinking Jason should be able to destroy the couch with his weapon. - Jason's grab animation should be faster so if the teen tries to juke by running towards you then Jason quick or wider animation might grab them. - Jason's stun resistance, some times it works and some times it works. I say they need to make it so Jasons with stun resistance can get out of stuns fast and lower chance to get stunned (like Chad will have a harder time stunning Jason with stun resistance). Jasons with weak stun resistance would able to get stun by weak strengths characters. - Jason's Defense, his speed to enter/out combat stance is either faster/slower and same with attack/blocking. - Car gas tank would be open if gas isn't in the car. Not much but it will help low trap Jasons to either trap the gas or the hood. -All Jasons in Rage should get destruction so you don't have to walk through doors and get stunned. - Jasons can pick up his thrown knives on dead bodies and on walls. - Jasons in rage can counter pocket knifes with quick time events, Jason would grab the knife and jim the knife into their throat. Tell me what you think?
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    Yep...this guy definitely watches ol' Pappus. Trash.
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    So @GunMedia_Ben what do you have to say man? Is Jason going to get the buff he needs or what? Your players want it. They have voiced the feedback. When will we see it? It's nice to get new Councilors and AI bots for free. But at this point a would PAY for Jason to get buffed. You should know something is wrong by now when people are requesting NOT to be Jason and you have to implement a system to give Jason to those players with enough skill and patience to volunteer as a punching bag. This is Jason's game and right now he needs a buff. Everyone knows it. Time to admit it and get to adjusting grab like you said you would in the patch notes when you nerfed it. Jason is extremely frustrating to play even for good players especially now when you can pick up a Jason ass kicking kit at a campsite. Fix it.
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    I don't follow any of those two "unwritten" rules. If I come to trap the Fuse Box, and you are dumb enough to let me catch you in the first 1-2 minutes of the game, that is YOUR fault. You should have been better prepared or just ran away. As far as slashing. Jason is called a Slasher, if I suspect you have a knife, or you are playing Tommy Jarvis, I will slash you to death, no questions asked. If I see you pick up a pocket knife, I will slash you. If you annoy me in general...I will slash you. This is a game of Life and Death, and if I am playing Jason so long as you die I win. Scream, cry, bitch about it all you like. If the Dev's didn't intend for such things to happen...those things being Killing someone early, or slashing them to death..then it literally wouldn't be in the game. With the upsurge in knives, and sprays...look to see alot more slashing. Did Jason ever back off of someone in the movie, because they got caught off guard? No. Should you? No.
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    Tiffany, nice view, great stamina and speed, nice view, and can be decent at being a distraction. I usually run her with Marathon, Restful, and Sucker Punch.
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    @GunMedia_Ben @Gertz @wes We gave you eight pages of inspiration and we have flooded countless threads. And we aren't going to stop!
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    You’re Jason. Walking around killing teenagers that make REALLY stupid decisions. You can go full force. Or stalk them slowly. That sounds like the movies to me. Offline bots are the closest thing to playing a Jason sim as we’ve ever had. It’s fun as hell. Multiplayer doesn’t have that movie feeling at all.
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    Agreed! Plz only add outfits that make sense for the setting and atmosphere of the game.
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    Also, if you place the head back on the pedestal, you can go back to the display near the dock and pick the Pamela head patch back up. Not sure what to do with it after that though.
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    I think they should make it where you can customize Tommy in the customization menus. You wouldn't be able to pick him as a playable counselor, but you would have your own loadout for Tommy so that he looks a certain way whenever you are picked to come back as him. Within this would be the ability to switch his outfit to a Part V outfit, and they could also put out a "throwback outfit" DLC where he's dressed as his childhood self. That would be pretty funny
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    Devs make a game based on movies about a dude with supernatural strength killing off dumb stock characters who make bad decisions. People are complaining because you can play as a dude with supernatural strength killing off dumb stock characters who make bad decisions. Wow. As a lifelong, hardcore F13 fan, this game is a dream come true...offline bots provide for an authentic Jason experience in every way. I wonder if the complainers watch the movies and whine about how easy it is for Jason to kill the characters and why they're so stupid. It's fun. Go with it.
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    I know some of the devs have even said that perks are supposed to be a minor benefit and nothing game changing, and that's why the already useless Heavy Hitter was nerfed into the ground. Yet nothing is done about the meta perks.
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    I'm laughing and disgusted at the same time. I woulda killed him anyways as Jason, don't need to hear that nasty stuff over the mic.
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    You get xp and cp from offline bots but you still have to be connected to the server for it to register to your account. Killing councelors offline also counts towards the trophies.
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    I'll forward this to one of our network engineers to give it a look. Bump: can you email your logs to the email you originally sent? These are your local files under your steam folder within Summer Camp.
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    Jenny & Kenny aren't unpopular nor popular. Tbh, I like it that way. Jenny has so much potential, but the Devs really need to help make the luck stat more clear in what it does, because I swear it breaks sometimes.
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    When people are that divided on a counsellor, and that any people love them, they aren't unpopular. Divisive? Sure. Unpopular? No. On console I actually see more Jenny's than Tiffany's btw. But that's just me. I am pretty sure they are used about equally. And fyi, Jenny can get the sweater just as well as Tiffany can. That is not really an argument. Again, I am not saying Jenny is better, but getting the sweater is an arbitrary objective. It is not a stat. It's circumstantial. Under some circumstances Jenny would be better to grab the sweater, others Tiffany. It also depends on playstyle. Neither one of these ladies is better than the other. You might think Tiffany is better, just as I think Jenny is better. If we can recognize that this is simply our own bias talking, the truth is that they are just different not better/worse.
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    I agree, also trust ole combat stance and block. If he stuns you once with that little technique odds are he will try it Everytime you approach bait him into swinging combat stance real fast and block then he's yours to grab
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    I agree with decrease n of items and may agree with a more powerful grab, but remove item marks? Too much whining. Before the update, people dropping parts everywhere was a pain in the ***. The other problem in a new mode is that will split the base of players. I think the base is not big enough for another mode, specially without dedicated servers.
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    Also it says that Chili was Ali's girlfriend when she was Chuck's gf, and the jeeps in the original are CJ-7s when they are supposed to be CJ-5s. There are a lot of trivia mistakes in this cabin.
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    No matter what anyone says. It's a waste of time, effort and money. Especially when there are more pressing game breaking needs in this game that need to be fixed. Priorities.
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    Yeah, this is a thread about Virtual Cabin spoilers, not Virtual Cabin opinions. I know you kids have a massive boner for shitting all over game devs no matter how much they cater to you, but there are plenty of other places to do that...
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    All nerfs of counselors hare welcome right now.
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    In the Botmode i noticed it to be super easy. Like actually beeing dragged to the hood, stopping it without any effort (might also be a bug tough). Didn´t manage to hunt a car in MP since patch.
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    Yes, but also fuck no, I want my full 150xp for that bot!
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    Faking an attack is a time tested technique used throughout history, it creates an opening for an alternative attack that is revealed after the "feint". Any Martial artist, warrior, or soldier has used this technique to their advantage. When faking an attack in reality you would begin your strike, then pull it back almost instantly to bring your opponent off balance, which in turn will reveal the opening for your REAL strike. That's the way I used the "feint" (or fake) in this game. You used to be able to go almost entirely through the strike, then press block to cancel when the weapon was past your hips. Try that in real life! Lol, good luck! From what I've seen since the new patch they got rid of the feint, that sucks.... It should have stayed. Just not in it's old form, and not as exploitable as Pappus showed on his videos. Fainting is a real combat technique that DEFINITELY should stay, exploits are bullshit that the weak employ to "git gud"
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    Please read the highlighted text. Take what you will from that.
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    I think the challenge is the company probably looks at Total Games and looks at Jasons Kill rate, and I assume it is still fairly High. Private games, or games where groups work together are outnumbered vs the random public groups where no one plays together. I have seen every Jason get 7/8 or 8/8 kills in public open games because of lack of teamwork. I can see the developers finding it hard to want to make Jason More powerful when they can see people get crushed so easily, but I think many of us feel these are skew the numbers. Watching 4+ players work together and bully Jason is really annoying. Players working together should have a higher success rate, and I think games should have a better chance of at least a couple people escaping. I think some general melee abities for Jason could probably slow down the bully effect. If Jason could defend himself better from 4+ counslours with weapons to avoid being Stun Chained. Many threads have brought up ideas. Better combat attacks, (aoe attacks) stun effects have reduced effected over short period of times. I think Undead Jasons should have rage trigger much earlier. Lots of simple things to make the bully effect go away.
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    We wanted everyone to be able to experience this game mode as soon as it was in a playable state and there are a quite lot of optimizations that we have already made to the bots for the upcoming patch. The AI is something that we are constantly going to be working to improve upon and all the community feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.
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    Campfires are gold mines I tell you. You don't even need to do any searching to find a shotgun, med spray and pocket knive there. Its fucking outlandish that they would lie to us again. This isnt a slight increase. This is a huge increase.
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    I hate when they do that here. I've seen plenty of topics closed because "some" other thread exists, but the moment you drag it back to life, they get mad about that and close it. I think they might do that just to humor themselves though, which is really the only reason I imagine they do that. I do think because as a player Jason can slaughter 7 random people that don't work together, the numbers probably show Jason gets tons of kills, but they don't really factor in all the games with just a bit of teamwork that starts to really crush Jason.
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    Ok, so your telling us what a complete mess this game is, but you played for 8 straight hours? I don't know about you guys, but if my girlfriend is giving me a blow job and scraping my head with her teeth, I'm not gonna keep letting her do it for 8 hours!
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    "And all of my friends who have long abandoned Friday The 13th The Game and condemned me to the foaming filth of quickplay lobbies will all show up on update day and look up and say PLAY WITH US NOW! And I will look down and whisper No."
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    Both Part 4 and Part 9, who share the -Traps weakness, have an advantage that helps offset the lack of objective control. Destruction for Part 4 and +Shift for Part 9, more specifically. If we are to consider that, then wouldn't it be cool if Part 7 had +Morph? Drop the -Shift weakness for something else and then you'd not only make Part 7 much more viable, but also give him more of a personality (aside from being "Hard Mode" Jason) as the undead Jason with the most map presence.
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    You know what works better than that? Going into the audio settings and turning voice volume all the way down. But better than THAT...is this Monday's Offline Bots. Coming to a platform near you. Except for u Xbox losers ( oops I meant "users")
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    Devs, does the backdoor in virtual cabin open or not? I want to know whether I'm wasting my time or not, if there's more to discover after the 3 endings
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