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    I played during vanilla when everyone was complaining about shift grabs and how you lost knives when using them on traps and there should be more knives in the game. Basically I always viewed these people as someone who didn't know the nature of what the game is and also someone who just isn't very good at it. Well it looks like they won and dumbed the game down for the casuals. Jason is an unstoppable killing machine and teamwork should be required to make it out alive as a counselor. Now I come back and see they added more knives, med spray, nerfed shift grab, and counselors bullying Jason LOL...what a joke. When the game first came out everyone wanted to play Jason because it was fun chasing down counselors and killing them because it was easy, like it should be! Now no one wants to play Jason because you have to go into try hard sweat mode to get a decent amount of kills. They successfully unbalanced the game by trying to make it balanced. It's not suppose to be a fair situation yet now it seems like the playing field is leveled. Which is a shame because this use to be a really fun game if you got into a good lobby...fun hunting down people as Jason and fun as a counselor because you had to be lucky and play good to survive. Last time I played I had to sweat as Jason and every time I played as a counselor is was a easy win.
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    With the recent patch, extra items now spawn at campsites, including, absurdly, additional pocket knives and shotguns. Packanack used to have one Shotgun in the lodge, then gained a second by the fireplace, and can now spawn two more at campsites. With Tommy, this makes five. When the game launched, the shotgun was a coveted and powerful weapon. And one balanced by friendly-fire, making it something to be used only cautiously. Now maps have 4x as many, and they can be used with abandon. Even without taking into account the crippling nerfs to Jason from the previous patch, this is fucking absurd. It's clear to me that the game has become so far removed from the launch version as to almost have become a different game. It's no longer Friday the 13th. It's Saturday Morning Cartoon. We need a hardcore mode, and we need it now. Give us the option to play the game you originally advertised and we originally paid our money for. Not this mess. Give us a mode that restores window hits, removes item marking, gives us back a respectable grab, and takes away the additional items. I understand people are worried about splitting the playerbase, but it already is. It's now split between people who play the game and people who've largely given it up due to all the horrible changes. You'll likely see an overall increase in players if anything, due to those returning. You cannot take people's money, then dramatically change the game they paid for, and still have a sense of ethics, unless you give them the option to roll those changes back. And not just in private, but quick play too. Not everyone has 7 others to play with. Plenty of games have public hardcore lobbies. This should be no different. Playing as Jason is now just a frustrating, joyless slog. And playing as a counselor is an effortless, thoughtless, excitement-free stroll to victory. Enough. Give players back what they loved, and the product they actually paid for.
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    Going to go ahead and lock this as Courier has offered more information on game development practices and clarification on development work that was done with a ton of sleepless nights by the guys that did a lot of work to ensure bots were implemented. A lot was asked of them and they've done a job that many see as a positive looking at feedback from a lot of the community on our various social channels. Gun is proud of the work that they've done, and we look forward to more and more coming in updates! Nothing is ever perfect and we are taking your comments into account as we continue to iterate, improve and add :).
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    This. "Salty ass exploiters can't exploit anymore and complain: the thread"
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    For the love of god. No Christmas skins. No more halloween skins, no valentines skins, no more silly ass outfits.
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    Awwww. Another one of your favourite glitches has gone? Learn to play properly.
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    I think Jason's stumbled into a military barracks rather than a Summer camp
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    I miss when my survival stories were a little more in-depth than "Jason got fucked. The end."
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    Meh, there are positives and negatives of being one of the most available links between people who make games and the ones who play them. Taking the brunt of the anger/disappointment is all part of the job, and it's offset by also being the person who gets to tell everyone about all of the new stuff. You can't really work in community without developing an understanding that the people who are yelling at you to die in a fire or drown is urine wouldn't be saying that stuff if they didn't care about the game. About Part 7 Jason being "weak" - we've seen the feedback (and not just specifically for Pt 7 Jason) and we're having discussions about it. Right now, though, there isn't anything to share about it.
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    I’ve had nothing but great experiences with these bots. I feel like Jason picking them all off. I haven’t experienced any of these issues. And the offline matches run faster and smoother than online. That being said, brain dead bots running in circles are 100 times better than racist, cheating, teabagging, glitching, team killing, squeaking, shitty internet having, game leaving trolls. It’s not even close.
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    >>Plays a game that features combat(F13). >>Does not want combat to be better. >>Logic. If you don't want combat in this sort of game, go play hide and seek. If you nerf combat to the point that it is useless, that is what this game would be. Hide and seek. Yep keep nerfing combat so it's not viable, all so Jason(i.e. you, the player with a fragile ego that can't stand to lose or be outplayed in any capacity) can stroke himself and be assured that he's got mad skillz bro. I know, let's just remove combat altogether. If Jason sees you, you die instantly. That's a good indicator of skill, yep.
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    The Offline Bots and Single Player Challenges are NOT using the “AI Behavior Toolkit” in any way All of our bot AI was built from the ground up and has been in development for quite a long time. The engineers responsible for building the AI have worked incredibly hard, working nights and weekends, to get these bots out for players to enjoy and we are extremely proud of our team’s work. In the very early development stages of the Single Player Challenges, one of our designers decided to use the "AI Behavior Toolkit" as a reference when creating the early design plans for the game mode. This happened long before a full engineering team had been designated to the project and we have never had any plans on using the toolkit to develop our bots. Like any plugin or piece of middleware, it was a tool intended to assist us in getting to production development faster by enabling us to determine features, systems, and scope. The files that can be found through "data mining" are a couple of minor functions that were used in the Virtual Cabin 2.0 and are completely unrelated to the Offline Bots and Single Player Challenges. We’re not exactly sure what you mean and why you think that the bots have little “room for improvement”. In fact, there are already a ton of optimizations and improvements ready for the bots in next patch. Obviously the AI is still a work in progress (as AI will always be), but we wanted to let players experience the Offline Bots game mode as soon as possible and we’re pretty happy with the release. Using the toolkit to produce the AI would not have reduced the development time by any significant amount. AI is a huge undertaking on its own and having bots also properly interact with all the very specific features of F13 is no small task. In this instance, having to adapt the toolkit to achieve the same results would have taken just as long, and would likely have resulted in a system that didn't integrate as gracefully with the various actions and behaviors we want from our Counselors. Using assets from the marketplace is definitely not an uncommon practice and is generally used to assist in development, rather than being a core feature itself. Nothing in game development is as simple as “flipping a switch”. We didn’t use the toolkit for the Offline Bots, but there is also no reason for anyone to disregard the amount of work required for developers who are using that system.
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    I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the totally cool Virtual Cabin. Since I didn't have the PC version, I never played the original VC; I wasn't expecting much out of this, but it was way cooler than I thought it would be. The amount of detail, backstory, and Easter eggs goes to show how much love the developers have for this franchise. As someone who has loved the series for a long time, I say THANK YOU for doing justice to this property.
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    I am going to start with a rant and I apologize in advance, but bare with me and I will make my point: I am exhausted of seeing all the Jason nerf threads on here for the past two months. Don't get me wrong, the OP's have valid points and I agree with most if not all complaints on the game being unbalanced and catered to casuals. However, we the community have not helped the situation with our self inflicted rules for Jason that have become "the norm." The two biggest culprits are the "no spawn-killing" unwritten rule, and "no slashing (to death)" rule (also unwritten). I am pro-game mechanics, meaning if the developers intentionally allow it, it should and can be utilized. How can we post threads & comments on this forum criticizing Gun/Illfonic of appeasing to casual players when we ourselves conformed to their hand-holding play style?? So lets put things into perspective- Jason can't kill a counselor in the beginning of the game, because he or she are too stupid to leave the fuse house while Jason is trapping it?? So what we as a community are saying, allow counselors to find objective parts, pocket knives, and other helpful items while Jason waits for his shift ability- then turn around and complain how hard it is to be Jason?? Jason can't slash to death if he suspects a player with a pocket knife, so that player can have a chance to use it and escape?? Dafuq?? Are we as a community for real, right now?? Are we really that dense as a player base? Now obviously I am speaking to a certain demographic of the F13 community which I believe to be the majority, and that's the Private Match players- especially on consoles. F13 was pretty much founded on Private Matches due to Quick Play not working properly for months, and having a high toxic environment (trolling, team killing, Jason helpers, etc.). I am confident there are players who play Jason as how they see fit, and to them I say my plea for change is not directed towards you. I applaud you for doing you and going against the grain. I have never played Quickplay, so I assume these "rules" don't work there- and my plea also does not pertain to that group. If we removed the "rules" I mentioned above, it will be a whole different ball game. Think about it. Even if you had a pocket knife, would you be ballsy to run up on Jason as Chad or Bugsy with the bat- knowing he could hack your stupid ass to death? You would be more likely to fear/respect him, correct? Now if someone is in danger, an objective needs protecting, or your cornered- that's a different story. You do what you have to do. But actually picking a fight with Jason because you have that security blanket of a pocketknife coupled with the "no hacking" rule, is what truly nerfs Jason. And you know what? That's not Gun's fault. That was our dumbass idea. WE nerfed Jason first. Let's look at OUR pansy mechanics first, before complaining about the most recent patch. You know what kills me the most about my favorite (sarcasm) community rule of no spawn killing? The new shorter maps being introduced and Gun/Ilfonic conveyed they will speed up the gameplay yet we STILL cater to that nerf of no killing counselors before shift! Really?! On a shorter map where counselors can find objectives & pocket knives quicker?? Wow. And none of us had the common sense to say: "hey, that no spawn killing rule does not apply to short maps??" Jeez... I honestly don't know how we can put a stop to those casual rules, but can we at least refrain from making threads on how Jason is nerfed, under powered, not scary, or frustrating to play with? Can we make an effort to play the game how Gun intended, and then we can truly comment/petition for a better balanced game? What do you guys think about putting a stop to these bullshit rules? Enough is enough.
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    I've always played a girl, and for some reason the hoe or slut is usually my favorite character. Plus she's pretty, and my best counselor. I use medic, thicc skin, marathon. Allows me to distract or kite Jasons.
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    Sliding or as its known to those spectating and Jason "Teleporting" is an exploit, and if you had to rely on that to face Jason you deserve to be banned from the game for life, and are a literal piece of GARBAGE for knowingly using it. Seriously, I wish nothing but pain, and ill-will upon these glitching CHODS.
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    Dude....bull, just......Bull. ever since the Oct patch people have actually been HUNTING Jason, this latest patch just gave them more s**t to hunt him with. Agreed. Jason gets the reach of a T-rex and his traps reduced to glorified alarms that are easily tanked and healed from. Counselor homers: "Oh, such great "balance" Counselors get ONE bulls**t combat tactic removed. Counselor homers: OMG GUN WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE COUNSELORS?!? ugh.
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    Well, for jason it's already in hardcore mode. For it to be anymore hardcore they would have to completely remove his arms. Edit: Hardcore Mode Jason
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    These are probably the worst bots I've seen in a current gen since the hastily added Skirmish mode ones in Battlefront 2015. They're constantly doing brain dead things like getting stuck on the environment, jumping through windows only to turn around and jump right back into Jason's arms, hiding right in front of you, and circling back while fleeing so that you can grab them. It's hard to get any kind of real game out of them even when you handicap yourself. This feels finished in the sense they can check it off the 'stuff we promised' list, not finished in the sense they actually made it work properly.
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    I got a little bored and thought it'd be fun to create some outfit ideas for the mean girl in the sims! Nothing serious since I can't say I'm super familiar with 80s fashion. I think the farthest right is my favorite! The hair is probably too long to create in game, but it had a top/side pony and it couldn't have been more perfect. I had an Emma Roberts sim on hand so I thought it'd be cool to use her since Chanel Oberlin is queen of all mean girls. (Definitely won't happen, but imagine if the devs landed her for a character model/voice)
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    THE BASICS OF SENSE – Revised and Simplified. After doing some extensive testing (8+ hours) of Jason’s Sense ability. I decided to put together a quick article, for those not interested in the numbers, on how Sense works in-game. So here is what you need to know. 1. All Jasons share what I will refer to as a “base detection range” or “BDR”. This BDR is the same for all Jasons regardless of the strength of their Sense ability. 2. The BDR starts out at the same range as Jason’s music and continues to expand throughout the match. If you can hear Jason’s music you are in his BDR; even at the start of a match. 3. Fear has nothing to do with the BDR. It is very binary. If you are in the BDR, he WILL Sense you regardless of your Fear level. 4. If you are outside his BDR, he WILL NOT Sense you regardless of your Fear level. 5. When Rage initiates, Jason gets a one-time bump to his BDR. This is based on his Sense strength. The BDR will expand instantly to a much larger radius at Rage; then it will continue to expand as the match progresses just like it did pre-Rage. 6. Any counselor in the BDR when Jason activates Sense will be detected AND “marked”. The marked effect allows Jason to track counselors while Sense is active if they leave his BDR. How far Jason can see a “marked” counselor is dependent on their Fear level. 7. At maximum Fear, Jason can continue to track a marked counselor, who has left his BDR, no matter how far they run. A counselor physically cannot move far enough away to break the lock at maximum Fear. Jason’s Sense ability will drain before it happens. 8. If Jason turns off Sense while tracking a marked counselor, then re-activates it again, he WILL LOSE the track unless they re-enter the BDR. 9. Pre-Rage Jason WILL NOT detect a counselor hiding in a hiding spot that is inside his BDR. Post-Rage Jason WILL detect any counselor, regardless if they use a hiding spot, inside his BDR. 10. Sense avoidance perks work against Jason’s RNG while in the BDR. They are the only way to avoid Sense post-Rage. They are the only way to avoid Sense detection inside the BDR, excluding hiding spots, at any time during the match. A few notes on Composure: Many people seem to think that Composure has diminishing returns as the match progresses. This is NOT TRUE. Composure affects Fear gain/loss. At high Fear, Stamina regenerates slowly, counselors stumble more often, and cry out when Jason is nearby. Additionally, counselors with lower Fear can break out of Jason’s grab much easier than those at higher Fear levels. Strength also plays into this. In a nutshell, Composure really has nothing to do with Sense. You WILL NOT be sensed easier by having low Composure. If you are in the BDR, running no avoidance perks and not hiding, you WILL BE SEEN regardless of Composure. This is true for any time during the match and at ANY FEAR LEVEL. If you are not in the BDR you WON’T BE SEEN! When people say it has diminishing returns it makes me chuckle a bit because the mechanics at play are not fundamentally negated by any other mechanic. Composure is actually very consistently useful. Now Stealth…not so much so. Sense will undermine Stealth. As always, thanks for dropping by! Happy Holidays! I’m on vacation tomorrow so I won’t be posting any articles until I get back. I believe Adam Palomino is next up on the Counselor Overviews.
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    Wow. This explains alot. I didn't even know about that glitch. Infact, exploiting that is downright cheating. Glitching little bastards...
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    Patch gets released. Offline bots added.
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    This is really simple...let me lay out your options here: Swing at Jason; Don't. Timing, distance...all that's still very much in your control. But if you swing at Jason, you're fucking swinging at Jason.
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    Here for this. He'd be a great addition to the game and the stats in the OP really fit his character. Hopefully he responds so the Devs will be forced to reply lol His age may be a problem. They'd just have to age him a few years if it comes to that. But hopefully not. That iconic scream>>>> Good luck finding the right Black male voice actor for that high pitch scream for chase scenes
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    Oh, you want the grab back where Jason could grab you through objects and across the room? That grab. Oh yeah I remember.
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    I have an idea for a new game mode! WARNING: Long post outlining details of new game mode. Issue: I've been playing this game so long that playing as a Counselor isn't a frightening experience anymore because I know exactly what to do, how to fend off Jason effectively with strategy and tricks, how to find/repair parts efficiently, etc. Because of this, it's beginning to feel like a versus match than a "Jason's coming to hunt me, OMG, run!" kind of match. Because of this, I've been thinking of how they can bring the terror back into the game - especially for the veterans of the game that are experienced and know how to consistently survive matches (which makes you fear Jason less). True Terror (rough title). Here, I will list how this mode will differ from the standard mode: • As a Counselor, you can no longer hear Jason's music when he's nearby. Jason's music will only cue when he attempts to attack you (melee or ranged) OR if your camera is panned at him and he's within 20 feet of you. • As a Counselor, you are no longer able to kill Jasons after Part 5. • As a Counselor, if you're in a hiding spot, your fear will decrease as it does in the standard game mode. However, once you hit the lowest point of fear, your fear will actually begin to increase. This prevents Counselors from hiding for an entire match and forces them to move around more. NOTE: Why don't we a have a fear meter on our HUD yet? • As a Counselor, instead of having a 2-seater vehicle with a 4-door car, you will only have access to two 2-seater vehicles. This makes it harder for Counselors to flee in large numbers and forces Counselors to seek out more (if not, all) objectives in hopes of escaping. • As a Counselor, in order to call the cops, you will now have to (1) find the fuse and repair the fuse box, (2) find the disconnected phone line and connect the telephone line, and (3) play a minigame to ensure your Counselor is pressing the right number dials. If they mess up dialing 9-1-1 (out of fear, nervousness, hands shaking, etc) the phone will make a sound alerting Jason that someone is attempting to call the cops. Counselors with high composure will perform best at this task. • As a Counselor, the nights are very dark to the point you have to use your flashlights if you want to clearly see where you are going because Jason has cut the power. • As a Counselor, there are VERY limited Walkie-Talkies (3 total) and Maps scattered around (4 total). This makes communicating difficult and gives Counselors the feeling of relief to come across another Counselor. It's hard to be afraid if you always have access to communicate with Counselors and you can see where they are on the map. That leads me to my next bullet. • As a Counselor, you are no longer able to see the location of other Counselors on the map. Counselor location blips only show up on the mini-map radar if you are within 10 feet of that person. This gives the Counselors the feeling of isolation and desperation to find other Counselors. • As a Counselor, dropped objective items no longer show on the large map. Instead, the dropped objective items will only be displayed on the mini-map radar. This prevents it from being too easy to gather all the objective items to escape. This way, you still have to search for them a bit with only having to be in the right vicinity. • As Jason, you are not able to grab for 2 seconds out of a Shift, but you can swing out of a Shift. Because Jason will be really good a sneaking up on people in this mode, we don't want it to be too unfair to where the Counselors are sitting ducks. We want to spread fear. I'd argue that being hit by Jason out of nowhere and then going into a panic because you need to escape his sight ASAP is much more terrifying for the Counselor than being grabbed and killed out of nowhere. Again, Jason is going to be much harder to detect in this mode because (1) his music is muted until he attacks or is seen within a very close radius, (2) it's VERY dark so he can blend in well with the night and surprise you, and (3) he's Jason - if he really wants you, he's probably going to get you in this mode. This next point will make you crap your pants when Jason's around. • As Jason, you can now sprint (like he was in the remake). However, you are still slower than LaChappa (but not by much). We still have to have it where Jason isn't faster than anyone while they're sprinting because this is a game and sprinting is a Counselor's bread-and-butter tactic to get the hell out of dodge. Really hard to do that with slow characters and renders them pretty useless in the face of Jason. This will make characters think twice about being in the middle of nowhere with no cabin to hide in. NOTE: Because of this, I would say that stamina should regenerate a bit faster for Counselors as they will have to sprint A LOT more often in this mode. • As Jason, you have better vision at night than the counselors. Pretty much the same as it is in the standard game mode. The night will only appear darker to Counselors. Well, that's pretty much it for this mode. What are your thoughts? I would be excited to play F13 even more with a mode that truly terrifies me. NOTES: • Ideally, in this mode, Jason could also be turned into a Bot if you feel like players are becoming too strong against you. Still, this mode is meant to truly make you feel truly afraid, alone, and desperate.
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    "Mwhahahahah" the devs (especially the ghost that is Wes) were all about this game being hard and providing a true horror experience... At first....
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    Jason should not hear the boat- it's up to the Jason player to periodically monitor the map or visit the boat area. Once a Jason player sees the boat moving on the map, it usually ends in game over for whoever is trying to escape. Unlike the car, once Jason stops the boat counselors are certain to die. I love the high risk/high reward of opting for the boat. I rely on radio communication to ensure Jason is distracted before I leave, and cross my fingers he does not look at the map. It's one of the few mechanics left in this game that still has me on my toes.
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    I wish I created this account to participate in the community for a more positive reason.. But I have to chip into this discussion. The amount of pocket knives and guns in the game right now is ridiculous indeed. All counselor items in fact. Sure it's great being a counselor, I'm not that great at it yet anyway. But Jebus.. I'm actually rooting for Jason. He has my sympathies. I had two pocket knives in the cabin I started in, firecrackers, med spray, walkie talkie, fuse.. I already had the map as a perk but I'm sure one was in the cabin too. Another pocket knife right outside. Plenty of weapons. It's not even a challenge finding a shotgun or a flare gun. I started the game not gathering items but trying to decide what I would take from the cabin. I actually prefer the challenge as a counselor. Not the other way around. Even with the spawn preference you only get to play as Jason fairly rarely and currently it's very discouraging even for an average player. Did that add anything to the discussion? Nothing new but I don't see a poll anywhere so I'm just casting my vote. Too many item spawns. Way too many.
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    I am going to keep posting on the issue until it is fixed. So if you are "tired" of reading about it move along. Every time these companies post anything about the game it is riddled with complaints about one thing or another, but not being able to play at all I think that gives me a little more right to complain. I don't care if I don't have rain or I can't use blood on my savini skin. I want to play.
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    It’s faster because you don’t have to worry about the host rage quitting and costing you all that sweet xp.
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    Easy coming from someone that can log on the game they paid for and play it anytime. As for boosting, what people do in private matches is up to them. Its not getting old complaining about it, especially for the people who have not been able to play since SEPTEMBER.
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    so i managed to get every achievement in the game.but now i cannot play with my game stalling then crashing during every single game .nothing fixes it..and i heard among the forums this was do to the fact i have all achievements and that this was the factor on why i cannot play.Please gun media fix this and include it in the next patch i do not wanna miss out on all the new stuff coming with new level cap.this happens during any type of animation like using health spray,breaking down doors,barricading doors,fixing boxes,basically anything related to achievements progression..i can only pray that this is fixed by next patch or is currently included in the patch(please let it be) - thank you for reading(hopefully by someone at gun media or illfonic
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    Don't worry, they've nerfed Heavy Hitter.
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    This is... so crazy to me because I honest to god never see Jenny players, like ever. I'm not saying you're lying, but just shocked because I play very often and I can't think of the last time I saw a Jenny in one of my QP lobbies. What system do you play on? Also, before someone chimes in claiming bias because my username is Tiffany, I haven't mained her in months, I main Vanessa and Adam now. When I made this account, I was a Tiffany main, but like to switch it up. Same sentiment as above, I've only seen the pink latex suit Kenny once!
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    Has anyone considered that Paranoia may have the Jason worm from Jason goes to hell and no one knows who he jumped in?It is cannon to the series. Just a thought I wanted to share. But before people start with that jason worm sucks or nobody wants that, That is just your opinion I for one don't mind jason goes to hell or the jason worm.
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    I voted no, but with the way thing are going, probably yes. To be honest there shouldnt be a hardcore mode, the game should just be hard for counselors. People need to learn what asymmetrical multiplayer is SUPPOSE to be...
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    Any comment regard the "slight increase of item spawn at campfire" that turned out into a massive boost to counsellor ?
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    If you think it makes combat better you are mentally disabled and need to see a doctor.
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    Lol. People complaining About a counselor nerf. Oh well. Just whiff your attack and use one of the 90 knives left at the camps.
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    The issue with Tommy is he has no impact. In Battlefront, having a hero join the battle meant a temporary boost to your side. With Tommy, he's built to juke and last the night. There's no incentive to not play like a counselor. Tommy's weapon should have been specific to him with a special stun duration on Jason, as well as him continuing to be part of the kill condition. Increasing his speed was a bad move in my eyes. I also think the health spray he spawned with should've been a special item too, one that can only be used to heal others and not himself. Or, Tommy can't heal himself ever. Also Tommy should receive no XP for escaping. My thoughts on Tommy have changed as he has. I really think he should have a short but meaningful impact on gameplay, as in sacrificing himself for the others to live.
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    @Alkavian You did it, you figured out Sense. Awesome work. I read the full in-depth post a few pages back, very interesting results. It turns out that out of the possible scenarios I mentioned, this one proved to be somewhat correct - Except instead of Rage increasing the size to max, it increases it from 150-200% based on the Sense trait and continues growing (although -Sense having a larger bump than neutral is very odd). It is especially surprising to find that Fear manages the distance of how far Sense can track a counselor once they exit the BDR (providing it is kept active). Rather than if a counselor will be Sensed within the range or not as we speculated earlier. Anyway I'll keep this brief as I know you'd prefer to discuss it elsewhere, but I think all the questions in regards to Sense have largely been answered now. Impressive work (including the measurement system which will continue to prove useful). Happy Holidays.
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    Why are we telling computer passwords? And mine was RatchetHoe55 but I changed that password last year my new password im not telling
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    Crystal Lake 100% has an additional shotgun now. It's fucking ridiculous. What on earth were they thinking? I just played a match, couldn't grab for shit, ate 5 pocket knives and had two traps disabled by knives, making 7 total, and ate 3 Shotgun blasts (including Tommy). Still got 8/8 though, because now the game is so easy, and everyone thinks they're invlunerable, they all play loose as shit and get punished when a good Jason comes in the lobby. But playing Jason was zero fun. No surprise though. You dumb your game down, you get fucking idiots.
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    They need to also make some adjusts to the car. I'm so sick of people driving in reverse to keep Jason away from stopping them (Even had a bot do this to me last night). Maybe nerf the speed of the car when driving in reverse or add another way of stopping the car when it drives backwards.
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    I don't think feinting can be classed as an exploit. It's literally just hitting the block button while in the middle of a combat stanced attack to cancel the attack. Was it unintentional? Maybe, but something that basic can't really be classed as an exploit. Most players would discover it on their own and think of it as an innocent, intended mechanic.
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    So it "added depth" to combat...but also made a counselor who used it correctly "untouchable" as there was literally no combat counter for Jason. That's not depth, any more than roof glitching was depth. On the sliding issue, it's unfortunate the devs don't understand their own game well enough to address exploits that have been known for many months. Still, there's an easy community solution I like to employ: as Jason, if I see anyone slide during a game, it ends immediately; as a counselor, I run them over the second I get a chance. In neither case do I warn about it, which just gives morons a chance to pontificate about "advanced combat techniques."
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    Nothing like seeing an undead, supernatural behemoth consistently get the shit kicked out of him by a teenage girl with a wrench. That’s definitely the movies I grew up watching.
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    Their still learning, so far theyve got walking and drawer opening down, give them time! They're just babies lol :3
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