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    The amount of venom spewed towards shiftysamurai in this thread is ridiculous. This was a good post that did not need to be made, but in the interest of honesty and being up front with the community, he still made it. Whether people are still peeved at the Devs or not, we ought to be mature about this and perhaps lay off the one person on the dev team who is actually trying to communicate with us on a semi-regular basis.
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    Hey counselors and slashers, We’ve just finished launching the most recent update to Friday the 13th: The Game on all platforms. You probably also noticed that Xbox One and Steam players received it a day later than PS4 users. To be transparent with our community, I would like to let you guys know what happened. When planning for the launch of this update, we had every intention of it releasing simultaneously on every platform. That launch would have put the release date as 12/18 for everyone, and it would have been ideal. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the Xbox One version that pushed it out of the 12/18 release window. We decided to put the update out on PS4 and Steam on schedule, with Xbox One having a one to two-day delay. While preparing to push the update live on Steam, we realized that there were some minor server issues. The awesome folks at IllFonic spent most of Monday, and a good chunk of today, getting the Steam update good to play. While this was happening the Xbox build was also given the greenlight. There is always a chance that things can go wrong, so we waited until we were sure that the update would be available on Steam and Xbox before announcing it.
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    Hey you guys, everyone is being real mean. It's a really small company and their job is hard. Just give them a chance. They haven't let us down before.
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    Number of bots that have blasted loud music or obnoxious chewing over the mic - zero. I'll keep track of this.
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    You posted this same thing in two other threads. It wasn’t funny then, and it’s not funny now, let it go. Stop trying to make your flop joke happen. Pathetic.
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    This is unbelievable but it will be my final rant. So a full day of playing the new balance and big update with my group of friends today. Lot of these guys stopped playing during week one of the last patch with Part 3 Jason release because of the countless nerfs to Jason and how boring and repetitive playing counselors has become... Well today being patch day created a big reunion of players on my list that I haven't seen on in months. Today was the day. We were going to finally try and have fun as counselors hoping it'd be "challenging" and that playing Jason would feel like playing a supernatural undead serial killer... We played for about eight hours straight (literally just got done playing as I'm typing this) and Jason still gets bullied by groups of counselors who have half a brain, common sense, or more than 100 hours into the game. Are windows fixed? Nope. Still invinicble-shield havens for counselors to slowly crawl back and fourth through. Windows are still a nightmare for Jason to break properly without wasting valuable time. Is Jason's melee hit detection fixed? Nope. Horrendous weapon hitboxes that whiff half of the time and atrocious tracking. God forbid there's a door frame or a wall a foot away and WELP, there goes your weapon magically swinging through a counselor for no damage! Don't forget the added penalty of Jason's weapon randomly getting stuck into a door or wall for 10 seconds, but a counselor can swing an axe into a wall and recovery almost instantly! Is Morph fixed? Nope. Morph still has terrible pin-point detection and not enough accurate point markers. As Jason today, I morphed about half a map length in front of a car, clicking directly in the MIDDLE of the road only for the game to redirect my morph far left close by to the woods. WTF?! Speaking of cars, did developers finally add a manual "Smash Button" action prompt for when Jason touches behind the car? Nope. Back pedaling in car and reverse juking through woods with car is still overly difficult to stop if counselors knows how to tap the breaks to counter-trigger Jason being able to smash the car from behind. How about Jason Part 7. He was finally fixed, right...? You know, the coolest Jason with his iconic machete? Nope. Part 7 is still a complete pile of garbage that is only usable against random pub search games and NOT against real teams of counselors that work together, fully communicate, and know how to play. Was overpowered Hypochondriac and Medic perks finally fixed and brought down to Earth with the other perks? Nope. These two perks are still broken and STILL make Jason's traps completely useless since tanking a trap and healing is so easy that even a cave man can do it! At least counselors can't block against Jason's throwing knives... Oh, oops, devs still didn't fix that issue with throwing knives. Maybe they forgot... Just kidding. They don't care. You know what's even worse with this patch aside from all of the integral issues to Jason's core design? The new addition of camp fire SPAWNS for counselors. Literally it was like Christmas today when playing as a counselor and going to a campfire. There was countless shotguns, med sprays, pocket knives, etc. My last match playing as Deborah today I spawned by a campfire and I immediately found a shotgun, a pocket knife, and a medspray... Why is this even a thing? Do the developers even care about the balance of the game anymore? This game is becoming more and more like Left 4 Dead shoot 'em up and pinata brawl than an actual horror survival game that's supposed to be "based on the films". Virtual Cabin was fun but it's not as important or will keep the game alive as the multiplayer for me... Oh, well. At least we will be able to see the mighty uber Jason X get stunned and dropped to his ass by a Deborah with a frying pan soon! LOL!
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    For some reason, this made me think of My Cousin Vinny. "No self respectin' southerner makes instant grits!".
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    Every counselor starts off with a flashlight. It helps with visibility obviously, fear management and apparently with stamina regeneration. I thought it might be interesting if you didn't start out with a flashlight but rather had to find one from a drawer or something. This could have a side effect of diversifying the items a little bit (and maybe even reduce the amount of other items a bit). Just a random though.
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    I honestly don't think the devs know how to program much at all when it comes to AI, which isn't surprising considering they seem to only focus on multiplayer. The red light for me was their excuse for not doing a Jason AI. Yes that would be a challenge but some competent devs could pull it off, which these guys clearly aren't in that area. Not sure why they refuse to hire on some help to program better offline AI (Jason included).
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    They should have called this the "What Multiplayer?" patch since they clearly want us to forget about MP and focus on VC/bots instead. Once again, a PATCH takes the game a few steps back. Make Jason great again? Fuck no. Just give the counselors 3 times more items!
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    Well.. I warned everyone that the bots were going to be a train wreck and I was correct as always. Sure, some people enjoy playing casual games where you can't possibly lose unless you die in your chair but that's just not for me man.. My only question is why did it take so long? Most toolkits are simply plug and play with simple alterations if you are using models or animations outside of said toolkit.. My best guess is that they tried and failed to make a competent ai so they had to settle with this. Considering i'll only ever touch this mode if I am completely bored out of my mind and just want to see some gore, i'm fine with the retarded ai.
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    Yes, let's blame others for knowing how to put up a fight because you are too stubborn to learn from your mistakes. I understand that you are venting, but come on. Don't you think you're being just a bit ridiculous? If you keep getting stunned from the same method over and over again, maybe your plan of action isn't the most reliable. If you wanted to keep pursuing him, blocking attacks would have depleted his durability. He cannot attack you without a weapon. Knives could have made him wary of attacking head on. Spacing could have helped, too. Go for a few whiff attacks with swings and grabs, so when he thinks he can stun you, he is just out of range and misses. Then you can counter with a swing, throwing knife or a grab. You could have also tried morphing ahead, out of sight, and then reinitiate the fight with your shift ability. Stalk helps with this technique because it hides your red icon when line of sight is broken. The tempo of combat can be decided by Jason and his abilities. Use this to your advantage.
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    And what do we do on the forums, when someone finds value in an underloved part of the game?
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    No actually, I'm not mad that they use the Unreal Engine. In fact, I'm not mad at all. They made a shi* ton of money and can't even hire some real developers to program the AI? As TestedTwice mentions, they delayed single player to "work on it"... Clearly, not much work has gone into it considering it's not THEIR script. Seriously, take your head out of their asses. I already mentioned in the thread that I'm still having fun with bots, I just want a reason from the developers as to why they may have used a pre-built AI script especially when they have delayed Offline mode for the past 6 months. It happens all the time in game development? No, it really doesn't. "Asset-Flips" are used by very few developers who can't program themselves. Could you imagine if EA or Ubisoft used assets that wasn't created by them? Never did I say it can't be adjusted with, I simply said I don't think they'll be able to adjust it much. If they can't create AI in the first place, then they clearly can't adjust it 100% to their standards, can they?
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    I'm at a loss. Making Jason into joke seemed like the one thing they wouldn't do. I haven't played a multiplayer match in a while. I got frustrated and immediately realized I wasn't having any fun so I stopped playing- I didn't want to shit on anyone else's fun. Our group's skill level is way above mine and playing as Jason is an exercise in futility for me, with the current state. I refuse to adapt to broken mechanics.
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    I'm not too mad about the fact they didn't make it, just mad the devs never told us and took all credit.
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    Fucking hell is that it? Looks like he pricked his finger.
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    The balance turns me off from playing with our usual group. Either that or set my preference to counselor before joining in. What the fuck happened to "he's supposed to be OP"?
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    Agreed, stop titling threads with spoilers! I mean for fucks sake we like surprises too.
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    Yep, used to be that finding 3 pocket knifes in a match was a huge rarity, like seeing Halley's Comet. Now, thanks to the item increase, it's common. Combine all this extra stuff the counselors get (and perks) with Jason's lousy grab range and an absolute garbage melee and I imagine you're going to be seeing a LOT more scared Jasons. Very sad indeed.
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    Just finished a few offline matches. Absolutely loving it. The AI is schetchy at times, but it is fun. The gameplay is smooth, nobody rage quits or uses the “N” word. Multiplayer will mostly be for counselor play.
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    I just recently began posting on the forums but have been playing since day 1 on PS4. What most people will fail to realize is that the entire gaming world isn't going to be happy, no matter how much work or improvements are implemented. Some love it, some hate it... but atleast your team has taken initiative to address issues like real men for one... you didn't give us half ass excuses on any issues to this point... Secondly, most people can't respect the work put into this project when they can't comprehend what it took to build this game! The entire team's work has been appreciated and I've put hundreds of hours of my life into playing and have a ton of fun. The main thing with getting a game, does someone get their money's worth?... I've far exceeded mine and I'm thankful for any work or progress the game takes. Thanks for all you guys attempt to do.
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    We wanted everyone to be able to experience this game mode as soon as it was in a playable state and there are a quite lot of optimizations that we have already made to the bots for the upcoming patch. The AI is something that we are constantly going to be working to improve upon and all the community feedback is, as always, greatly appreciated.
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    Maybe you could use some practice against the bots...
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