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    UNBROKEN door, yeah it's annoying. Partially broken door, I'd be ok with it. They need to code destructible doors/walls to act like cabin walls in which damage does not transfer through them. In the october patch it seems Jason got a "rebound" animation where if he hits an indestructible object like the car his weapon will bounce off. They could code that into the counselors so their weapons will bounce off undamaged pieces of the environment.
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    Okay mean girl, we are waiting for you. You can come now!!
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    So I've spoken to a fair number of players who want things like town maps, hospitals, police stations, more indoors areas etc. Well I think a small town map (think part 6) would be perfect after a pinehurst map! I decided to draw out an example (it's really basic I'm in no way an artistic person). It shows the sort of layout these maps could have to maintain the gameplay we already have. For the purpose of Jason's shack and making car escape difficult I included a small forest area, but in reality about 70% of the map would be town focused. You venture into the forest area to gain items from the 1 or 2 cabins or to repair the car which then requires passing the narrow forest roads onto the town roads to then proceed to escape (Makes the car escape less easy).All the buildings i.e hospital/police station would be about the size of packanack or jarvis house and maybe one could be three stories as the main hub. But it would really add some variety to the game and some new objectives could be added to escape with them in mind! So here's a basic drawing of my map idea... Don't judge my drawing skills again
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    Anything they want to try to spice up the maps is fine by me. On a different note, I’m shocked no one is in here bitching about there being no snow in the movies, and how this possibility of snow in the game has ruined the game for them.
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    I guess I’m part of the minority who isn’t excited by this. Every time I’m doing my F13 marathons I cringe when I get to “the one with the fat annoying guy” who gets way too much screen time to whine and make people tell him he does have friends after all. It was like Friday the 13th: the After-School Special. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be this character.
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    Look up alitte more on the crispin glover back to the future situation. He sued them and won for very good reason. What they did to him in part 2 made me sick to be a fan of the movie series to be honest.
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    I'm hoping we get another counselor Monday as well. I haven't really liked any of the counselors that they have released so far. I'm hoping we get the mean girl soon. ?
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    No, the only monetary value a game like Friday the 13th has is the cost of the game, and the price of any DLC. A lot of games have microtransactions that cost real life money. I don't know where you get your court ruling information from, but it is false. In other words... I think there should be a 3rd voting option. "CP has no real-life monetary value. Therefore it is not gambling, and this whole thread is pointless."
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    His alternate outfit would be very easy and not all that ridiculous compared to Halloween costumes anyway. The scuba gear.
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    This actually sounds reasonable. If it comes with the mask...with Kane Hodder in the mask...and the controller could control Kane Hodder in the mask.
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    Someone on the reddit noticed that one of the pictures of the devs with Larry Zerner has what looks to be the Higgins Haven side door area covered in snow in the background.
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    I asked the seller why he was selling it for 13k and his response was it's a functioning work of art...?
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    I’ve been playing for about an hour and a half this morning on Xbox. Here’s the summary: Game One: Connection timed out Game Two: Host quits after a min Game Three: Full game (but I died early) Game Four: Host (Jason) quits after cops called Game Five: Jason quits early Game Six: Host quits after getting killed Game Seven: Jason quits when car escapes Game Eight: Jason quits after cops called Game Nine: Connection Times out Game Ten: Full Game 2 out of 10 games were full games. That’s absolutely unacceptable. Yet they are spending time adding Shelly to the game instead of fixing Host migration and addressing Jason rage quitters.
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    HANSON, a Great Statement and Question! I hope the answer is Yes... Hopefully We'll find out tomorrow.
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    I don’t think that pocket knives would be much of an issue if Jason worked right. I’d rather see Jason’s issues addressed and then decide if there are balance problems. I think that not being able to hit or grab a character right next to you (esp. in a limping state) has made the counselor buffs seem much more “powerful” then they really are. It is hard to fix balance when parts just do not work. Just my opinion.
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    I don't think @pApA^LeGBa was riled up.He simply answered your question with "this is not an RPG or MMORPG". Your reply to it was to ask if he played "anything like Dungeons and Dragons", which is the epitome of an RPG or "Role Playing Game". I think your experience may be personal perspective. When you are playing Jason, you are anxiously awaiting the end of the cooldown period for your abilities. I believe it may just seem as if the other player's abilities are becoming available at a faster rate. Another option mentioned was that the Jason you were spectating may have been in Rage mode, which drastically reduces the cooldown period of his other abilities. Just my thoughts on it.
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    Of course I get a pass! I was wasted off my arse! And, BTW, who’s this “Jason” bloke that you speak of? Wondering, because everyone’s always so worked up about the guy. Never heard of him.
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    Nope. Just tired of Jason Voorhees being a punching bag in a game about JASON VOORHEES.
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    So you deleted a comment by me where I agreed he's a tard?
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    Why do we still need LaChappa if we're getting Shelly in the game? Do we really need two fat, annoying nerds? BTW, if all the upcoming counselors are going to be pulled from the movies, I vote for Debi Sue Voorhees (AKA Tina from Part 5) to be next:
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    Tiffany Cox – Counselor Overview What can you say? Every 80’s horror movie needs its eye candy. If her shorts were any shorter, the surprise would be out after the first window hop. Let’s look at the flirty girl. Composure: 3 Luck: 4 Repair: 1 Speed: 6 Stamina: 9 Stealth: 10 Strength: 2 Pushing Advantages: Tiffany has superior Stealth. She is good for not generating noise pings. Stealth is a marginally useful stat since it is generally only helpful in the early game before Jason’s Sense range expands and if the Stealth character can take advantage of working an objective while he is farther away. Take advantage of the first 5-8 minutes of a match to bring parts where they need to go quickly and quietly. Endurance with Tiff is not a problem. The plentiful pool of Stamina means that she can run the distance even if she won’t be doing it at Vanessa speeds. The huge Stamina pool is also good in regards to other Stamina burning actions such as combat. I also suspect that huge Stamina pool made her popular with the guys at the camp… Her Speed is slightly better than average, but more than enough to make her effective at opening up distance and bringing items where they need to go reasonably fast. Mitigating Weaknesses: Tiffany has really bad Strength, Repair, and Composure. She won’t be good for de-masking, fixing anything short of a broken nail, and she’ll panic quite quickly. Not Chad bad, but it is a concern. Focus on doing what she does best. Run parts and items where they need to go. Do this fast in the early part of the game when her Stealth is the most useful. Support fixer characters by watching their backs. Kite Jason away if need be, but like Chad, break contact fast and find a place to regain your Composure. Her Luck is not great. Bad Luck combined with bad Strength means she best leaves fighting to other characters unless she is breaking a friend out of a grab. Evade and deliver. It is what she does best. Basic Strategy: 1. Run parts where they need to go early in the match. Take advantage of Stealth while it is useful in those early minutes. 2. Mitigate her bad Composure with Sense avoidance perks. In the late game, her massive Stamina will be helpful, but even Tiff can get worn down while Jason is hot on her heels. High Fear will devastate your Stamina regeneration, so it is best to not be noticed by Sense as much as possible. Keep your flashlight on when Jason is not around to help keep Fear under control. 3. Run at least one perk to help her Stamina. It is her strongest point; despite Stealth being higher. 4. Fight if you have to, but I’d advise against it. 5. Outside your role as a FedEx driver, I’d suggest you find niche things to do to assist the team once the match progresses and your Stealth is not as useful. Make the phone call with My Dad’s a Cop. Fix (rather attempt it and fail) power generators to distract Jason. Tank traps, heal, and vanish quickly. Bring weapons/items to objectives so other characters can pick them up to fight if pushing the objective hard. Go get the sweater at an opportune time. Top 10 Suggested Perk Choices (no particular order of significance): 1. Level Headed 2. Low Profile 3. My Dad’s a Cop 4. Medic 5. Thick Skinned 6. Homebody 7. Restful 8. Marathon 9. Nerves of Steel 10. Lone Wolf **This is by no means a definitive way to play Tiffany, but it can get you started on an effective set-up and allow you to figure out your own playstyle. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck as always.
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    Exactly right. Big bad Jason typicaly can only take a single shot before getting stunned. The Councilors however need three or four shots before they are dead. So Councilor vs Jason melee combat boils down to how many light attacks Jason can land before the Councilor can land a single stunning light attack. The Councilor dosen't need to dodge or throw a heavy attack. They just need to live long enough to land that hit. And if they have a health spray they will heal and run away. Jason dosen't bother blocking or using a heavy attack either because the animation leaves him vulnerable just like @bewareofbears said. Combat stance is useless get rid of it. Bind the Block, Dodge and Heavy Attack mechanics to keys/buttons instead.
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