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    On a side note, I did some calculations based on the duration of Shift (5 seconds) and figured out how fast and far Jason moves (+Shift and - Shift). Shift negative - covers ~30m in 5 seconds; 6m per second = 21.6kph / 13.42mph Shift positive - covers ~60m in 5 seconds; 12m per second = 43.2kph / ~27mph (26.84) I didn't test Shift neutral, but I'd surmise it is the median of the two (45m covered; 9m per second). Just thought I'd share because why not...
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    EDIT: While the DLC is installed the patch is not out yet and these new kills are not showing up in game. The title update is likely required. EDIT 2: Installing the Part 7 Machete Kills causes an issue with the Retail Disc Clothing DLC. The Retailer Exclusive Disc Clothing pack clothes do not show up in game on Xbox One anymore if the Part 7 kills are installed. After having downloaded the title update this issue persists. It keeps happening. The only way to keep the disc clothing DLC is to uninstall the Part 7 Machete Kills and keep that uninstalled. You cannot have both installed. It's already available to purchase early on Xbox One, region wide. I don't see any other new DLC yet. $2.99 USD Experience three all new grab kills for Part 7 Jason Voorhees with his Machete. Kills included are the; 'Mother's Favorite,' 'Candy Dispenser,' 'Fish Gut!' These kills are exclusive to Jason Part 7. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/jason-part-7-machete-kill-pack/c4x59s0hcpn8 * Change the Xbbox region en-us to your own or use the link on the bottom of the Microsoft site to change it to your local region. It may already show up in the Add Ons store on your console.
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    Anything they want to try to spice up the maps is fine by me. On a different note, I’m shocked no one is in here bitching about there being no snow in the movies, and how this possibility of snow in the game has ruined the game for them.
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    No, the only monetary value a game like Friday the 13th has is the cost of the game, and the price of any DLC. A lot of games have microtransactions that cost real life money. I don't know where you get your court ruling information from, but it is false. In other words... I think there should be a 3rd voting option. "CP has no real-life monetary value. Therefore it is not gambling, and this whole thread is pointless."
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    This actually sounds reasonable. If it comes with the mask...with Kane Hodder in the mask...and the controller could control Kane Hodder in the mask.
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    Hey guys, Please incorporate this into the game. Ok, so create a crazy ralph NPC that randomly appears. He will only appear(like 20% chance) if at least 3 counselors are near each other and Jason is so far away from them. Ralph would spawn and say, "You are all doomed!". Jason would get the notification in like 5-15 secs (random). This would give the counselors a chance to scatter. Additionally, Ralph would start walking away and Jason would have x amount of minutes to kill him for extra points. Edit: the player would get a bonus if ralph survived, this would work best if scripted to apply only if they protected him.
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    Okay I’ve been noticing a lot of people complaining in regards to the amount of pocketknives available to counselors( Which is understandable considering Jason’s recent nerfs) I’ve also noticed on discord and here on the forums a desire to buff high luck characters such as Jenny or Chad. Mostly because luck is seen as useless. So I thought of a new(ish) mechanic that will make both high luck characters a more attractive choice while also forcing players to choose the use of their pocketknives wisely. I’m not exactly sure how many pocketknives are in game but if I were to estimate I’d say 8. Instead of having 8 pocketknives available to counselors the number should be split in half. The missing knives should be replaced with switch blades. For this mechanic to work switch blades would act as regular pocketknives, meaning you could escape Jason’s grab and disarm traps; However this will be based on luck. Meaning if you try to disarm a trap as Aj with a 1 luck there’s a large chance you might get trapped in doing so. On the flip side someone like Chad would have a significantly higher chance in disarming a trap withought getting caught. These same rules apply to getting grabbed by Jason. I think something along these lines can make luck build characters a more viable option. An addition like this could also up the tension and not make players so rely so much on a pocketknife.
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    It's more of a problem that people leave when they are Jason right now. At least until the new patch comes out and hopefully fixes some of the melee and grabbing issues. I did read the entire conversation. I'll be honest, the only person who continuously makes a fool of themselves on this forum seems to be you. I've read quite a few of your posts and replies, and you are quite inconsistent.
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    HAHAHAHAHA! hehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's the best one I've heard.
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    Yeah he was trying like hell. I loved the moment he realized that he was going to get slashed to death on the boat only to end up limping after jumping into the window trying to get away. He thought he was playing great but without the pocket knives he would have been dead mid-game.
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    I wonder how long until someone makes a gif of you grabbing at the Mitch and complaining about grab range when there is very clearly a bug occurring. When you said exploiting I was expecting Combat warping which seems to be extremely prevalent on PC all of a sudden.
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    Ben replys only if the thread has 4 pages or more.
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    @JAYBONEJBNE__1 Why did you post the same video twice? I get that you're boasting, but you really only need to put it up once.
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    There is a pocket knife problem?
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    Are you serious? This argument doesn't hold water. I could reverse it just the same and say any competent counselor will make Jason whiff his attacks and punish them. If you want to take it that far you might as well say that Jason's grab negates any counselor attacks at all, in theory. In practice, it simply comes down to skill, and that's what decides the outcome of good Jason vs good counselor in combat. I will also mention that no Jason player should be relying on block right now due to the combat stance bug which randomly delays execution of attack after block. Hits on Jason are also best done when he is not anticipating them, and does not have the chance to defend/counter. This is because Jason's start-up frames are faster than counselors, so he will always win in a direct exchange of attacks. Back to Luck - it is literally the ability to maintain combat, and how fast your weapon breaks in any given situation. Combat is extremely important in this game and by being proficient at it, you are able to handle anything the game throws at you providing you have the ability to defend yourself. Whether it's contesting objectives in group combat, or fending off Jason 1v1. The difference between 2 Baseball bat hits and 5, for example, is a big one with real impacts. Saying weapon durability is low on the totem pole completely ignores the way the game has actually progressed. This is something I would've expected to read 6 months ago, not now.
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    I don't wanna go to flavor town.....
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    Haha I laughed watching Pamela do this in the movie
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    Someone on the reddit noticed that one of the pictures of the devs with Larry Zerner has what looks to be the Higgins Haven side door area covered in snow in the background.
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    Snow could really bring some variety to the game. The rain has been a nice addition, but I want to see even more weather possibilities!
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    While I agree luck isn’t completely useless given your aforementioned reasons. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst or best stat. While yes its nice to have the few extra hits on a weapon it might as well be useless if your facing against a fairly competent Jason. Especially since combat is all wonky on both Jason and the counselor sides.
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    Posted an update regarding this topic. Sense + Sense - How Fear affects Sense. Thank you @bewareofbearsfor the 4 hours of your time last night. Couldn't have done it without you!
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    Weird,because this picture is from the days of the unplayable demo video,according to Larry.
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    I asked the seller why he was selling it for 13k and his response was it's a functioning work of art...?
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    How about the possibility to spawn counselors with a grenade launcher with which you can kill Jason with a single shot?
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    I’ve been playing for about an hour and a half this morning on Xbox. Here’s the summary: Game One: Connection timed out Game Two: Host quits after a min Game Three: Full game (but I died early) Game Four: Host (Jason) quits after cops called Game Five: Jason quits early Game Six: Host quits after getting killed Game Seven: Jason quits when car escapes Game Eight: Jason quits after cops called Game Nine: Connection Times out Game Ten: Full Game 2 out of 10 games were full games. That’s absolutely unacceptable. Yet they are spending time adding Shelly to the game instead of fixing Host migration and addressing Jason rage quitters.
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    HANSON, a Great Statement and Question! I hope the answer is Yes... Hopefully We'll find out tomorrow.
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    I don’t think that pocket knives would be much of an issue if Jason worked right. I’d rather see Jason’s issues addressed and then decide if there are balance problems. I think that not being able to hit or grab a character right next to you (esp. in a limping state) has made the counselor buffs seem much more “powerful” then they really are. It is hard to fix balance when parts just do not work. Just my opinion.
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    Yeah that Jpops guy and all the moderators really are all over the place when it comes to “laying down the law”. Sometimes they do the right thing and delete things that make sense but then other times they don’t “lift a finger” wen they should. It’s just like anyone with “authority”. Since they have that “power” it can go to their head. It can be annoying wen ppl like that will crack down on certain topics and comments but then let others get away with murder.
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    I am all for more kills. That shit would be funny too. Dave thought he was safe to thump his nuts against Jason mask not knowing the doom that awaited him. His friend Ed however knew what had been added in the last patch. "Daaaaaavvveee nooooooooo" Ed yelled into his mic as Jason reached up and tore his Dave's sack from his body. Dave screamed in suprise at the new change in the mechanics. His ability to bag now gone forever. @GunMedia_Ben @Redrum138
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    I don't think @pApA^LeGBa was riled up.He simply answered your question with "this is not an RPG or MMORPG". Your reply to it was to ask if he played "anything like Dungeons and Dragons", which is the epitome of an RPG or "Role Playing Game". I think your experience may be personal perspective. When you are playing Jason, you are anxiously awaiting the end of the cooldown period for your abilities. I believe it may just seem as if the other player's abilities are becoming available at a faster rate. Another option mentioned was that the Jason you were spectating may have been in Rage mode, which drastically reduces the cooldown period of his other abilities. Just my thoughts on it.
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    Quickplay is great because the lobbies you can get are filled with all the tropes from the films. Hahaha! Every ridiculous type of person seems to be in there. The serious dude, the dude clearly on weed or drunk, the gurl gamer usually playing with a male friend who white knights her around the map, etc. It makes the game hilarious. One of my favorite games was when me and another random talked throughout a bunch of matches in a 1970’s New Jersey housewife accent the entire time. He knew how to play the game, was good at it, and we worked together escaping each match and annoyed/entertained everyone else with our slapstick conversations. Best fun I’ve had on the game in Quickplay yet! Also, I switched to Part II Jason because, as Chace said, the friend requests from every squeaker when they see the Savini icon in the lobby was getting out-of-hand.
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    Of course I get a pass! I was wasted off my arse! And, BTW, who’s this “Jason” bloke that you speak of? Wondering, because everyone’s always so worked up about the guy. Never heard of him.
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    The game originally was going to give each character a unique ability or bonus but the idea was scrapped months before release.
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    "Jason went too far this time." while knocking his mask off
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    Crazy Ralph was a big part of the vibe of the original film (and to a lesser extent Part 2)- seen as a nuisance by the police and his fellow townsfolk, and as some oddball drunk by the counselors - he totally deserves an appearance in the game at some point - stepping out of a pantry, or from the woods - riding to an exit after the Police arrive and have them leave because "It's only Ralph" if a counselor doesn't get there quick enough (or just has Jason on his tail at the time) - there's a few things that could be done here. Even an animation where he suddenly turns up at the campfire doing his whole death curse spiel - and then getting wiped by Jason - or Rob gets killed and he just gets on his bike and rides like the wind would be a nice touch and a great tribute to Walt Gorney. I also wonder at the graveyard now, if Martin the gravedigger from Jason Lives should turn up at random intervals - if he sees people rummaging around the graveyard he could shake his head and call everyone fartheads - or if he sees people getting chased by Jason, chasing Jason as a pack, or similar stuff he can shake his head and give us the "some people have strange ideas about entertainment" and that's about all his involvement.
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    Love this, good response. Personally, I don't teabag Jason. But I'm glad to see that opinion, I didn't start this to make people feel they couldn't say exactly what you said right there. Sorry about that, after the fact I see what you mean and I will try to keep the polls more unbiased in the future. I was playing quickplay earlier with some good players mixed in with new players to fill out the lobby, we were up against a good Jason. I had a shadow who was kind of running around me while I was getting things done, not really doing anything. I put the gas in the boat (with Vanessa, no miscues) Lost my shadow and noticed my friend coming towards me with the propeller, followed him and escaped on the boat. I got Tommy, and my shadow returned. I was escorting survivors to the police, my shadow was one of them. Jason shows up, I noticed a machete by the exit so I turn around and blast Jason with my gun and quick turn back and run for the new weapon. My shadow had run over to teabag Jason while he was down, he was not happy. The Jason player pointed out that I had shot him, not my shadow. He then told the guy if he wants to do that he should be the one pulling the trigger, instead of trolling someone else's achievement. That's why I'm saying I wish Jason could ground kill, I know I would have laughed hysterically if my shadow was being emasculated for pushing his luck way beyond his skill level in that situation.
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    @Alkavian Great idea. I miss that part of friendly fire being on, the unpredictable scenarios created.
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    Yep, this is part of the problem around here. Do we really need a direct answer for this trivial question?
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    I wish we didn't have any original characters at all if we are just going to get more movie imports from now on. I don't mean/want to sound disappointed, but the perfectionist in me isn't at all happy about the ever growing mismatch of originals and imports. I'd prefer to only have originals. Otherwise, I'm glad it's Shelly. He was a memorable character and gave Jason his mask, after all.
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    Hot damn!! The most I can draw is stick figures.
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    Yep. I have to agree with this. I play Part 9 Jason, who only power walks and should I get a player that enjoys ring around the long table or tent, I can basically just write them off as an escape or survive. I will not play the ring around game. I will follow them a bit and attempt to use stalk and shift, but normally these players are spot on with this "feature" of the game. So I just leave them alone. Enjoy your escape points I tell them. I wont rage quit, I'll finish the game. Back to the lobby, if they stay in there, I leave for another game. No need for my fun to be soured by someone that always uses this "feature". I use the word "feature" because its not an exploit or a bug/glitch, its part of the game the devs didn't think about, or if they did, they need to be punched in the face. What really kills me and makes me laugh, if I stay and watch these people use this method in every match.....but the MOMENT they are caught.. you see the disconnect show up as they are getting killed.
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    I also hate how many 10 year olds play this game ... it's a f**king 18 game. Who let's their 10 year old child play a game that opens their eyes to sex, gore and killing people??
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    The most annoying thing that people do is betray you. It is done lots of times when a counsellor is friends with Jason and tells him exactly where each cousoller is on the map and helping him kill them. Then we have to sit and wait for 15 minutes while the last cousoller and Jason do a circus act and play around with each other. It is very very annoying and very very selfish to other gamers. Please stop doing this to us!!
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    I wonder why people are complaining so much about pocket knifes. Sometimes I spend 3 or 4 matches without finding one. The idea of balance for some people here is 0 chances of survive for counselors and an easy-peasy match as Jason. Thank God developers never listen completely.
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    Most annoyingly over-used expression ever. Everyone stop using this shit pls, kthx.
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    @GunMedia_Ben MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE! Two birds, one stone: Mean Girl archetype and a blonde female counselor.
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    Please use the search function before you post. This topic has been brought up a number of times already. Thank you
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    Oh yeah $13k let me just grab that out of top pocket
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