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    Pretty sure they unbanned most, then sold them bunny and princess costumes.
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    Not going to go into a story here with play by play. Plain and simple, had an event irl the other day, came home ... shitfaced. Got onto game for first time in quite a bit. Games were horrible, freezing, not able to do anything. LOADS of issues ... So what did I do? Vented ... here and said screw this game. Well, the issues I was experiencing were due to Comcast, NOT the game. (and also that I was shitfaced but those issues are mine and I am fine with stupidly walking into walls when I am not in a state to be playing.) I didn't figure it out until much later that it was Comcast, because they've been digging/working on older equipment around here. I blamed the issues on the game and it had nothing to do with it. So I am not gonna be one to leave it like that and not admit when I was wrong. I know the kind of stuff I'll get in response and that's fine. I deserve it for irrationally jumping the gun and wigging out. Game has it's issues, but I'm sure they'll be fixed. Forum members have their issues (and I'm one of them) but I think we need to check ourselves from time to time. Eating that big ole slice of humble pie and apologizing for being a dick where there was no call for that.
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    So your play style as Jason is fine, bravo. Before Jason had a lot of options and now they're very slim with Counselors getting tweaks and buffs in their favor all the time. I don't see how anyone can play the game often and not see the big lean in counselors favor as of the last few patches.
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    Friday the 13th The Game: The Movie ACT 1: Vanessa is out jogging along the crystal lake shoreline one evening. She starts sprinting, sending sand flying behind her. She bursts into the boathouse and comes to a stop, resting one foot atop a canoe and catching her breath. Panting, she checks her watch and curses herself. Clearly she is training for one hell of a race. She strolls back outside under the moonlight. Hands on her hips, she surveys the shimmering lake. Out of focus but visible behind her, we spot a dock with some lawn chairs. Empty cans of Poke and Spike are strewn around the chairs, and there's a dumpy little motor boat tied down and gently rocking in the wind. The propeller for the boat is sitting next to it, probably one last chore Kenny had been meaning to deal with. Vanessa lets out a long breath and turns to head back towards the distant sounds of 80's pop songs and campfire chatter that are drifting into earshot from across the lake. We realize that she has run around nearly the entire body of water and we understand how fit but also how tired this young woman must be. The sound of a cola can being kicked startles her. "Oh Bugz," she accuses teasingly while rolling her eyes at the moon, "are you spying on a girl just to improve your cardio again? You know that's creepy." Clearly, she has a strong friendship with Buggzy built upon healthy competition. Vanessa turns, but it's not Buggzy or Jason... it's Eric Lachappa, who is standing sheepishly with his hands in his pockets. He frees his hands and he's got an 80's style cliff bar clasped in one sweaty palm. He is evidently not sure how far or how close he should be standing to Vanessa (we note how awful at talking to women he is because he hasn't even said hello yet). He tosses the cliff bar to her but it's a terrible toss and it plops into the sand. She bends down to grab it. Shaking it off, she tells him that she really appreciates his efforts but reminds him that she isn't looking to date anybody until after nationals. Clearly, he's been trying for a while. They begin walking back together, having an awkward but natural conversation that gets us thinking that just maybe this big nerd might one day have a chance with her. She declares her intent to rinse off in warm water and heads off to hit the showers, leaving Eric to ponder his chances and walk back to the campfire party. Before Vanessa makes it to the showers, Jason shows up and initiates a long drawn out chase sequence between the two of them that is not unlike a lion chasing a Cheetah. These creatures are both forces of nature in their own way, but Vanessa's energy has already been spent. She admirably jukes him for a while, but he's inhuman and unrelenting. Eventually Jason is able to grab her and slam her spine full force onto a tree stump, cripling her before he slices off her head with his machete. We wonder if Vanessa could have made it to the others had she not just finished a rigorous training session. Her death reminds us that no matter how resourceful these kids are... Jason. Won't. Stop. Coming. Kenny and Tiffany are walking to their cabin. Tiff is clutching the neck of a half downed bottle of wine, taking the party with her. She's already stumbling and Kenny has his arm around her to help keep her up. She isn't totally wasted, but we get the idea that Kenny likes being Mr. Reliable for her. They pass by LaChappa, who is helping Jenny and Deb clean up after the party. Kenny asks Tiff if she thinks Eric will ever have a chance with Vanessa. Tiff, catching us off guard a little, says that she really hopes so because Eric is a sweet guy. She tells Kenny she thinks Eric will have his pick of girls after he finishes college and reveals that she made out with him once when they were kids. She and Kenny arrive at the cabin and Tiffany runs onto the porch where she switches on a boombox. She's already dancing as Kenny strolls inside and pours himself a glass of Rye whisky. Tiff is still dancing on the porch sipping wine. She's got her phone out and we see that she's on tinder. She takes a selfie of herself drinking and updates her photo. We see that her previous photos were all booty shots of her in the same pair of short shorts. Kenny is telling her from inside that he wishes the weather was warmer in Canada, because he'd love to try and become a park ranger there. Tiff is only half listening though because she has a notification on tinder from Chad. She can't help herself, she's grinning with the wine bottle still touching her lips. She swipes right and skips inside the cabin, telling Kenny he'd do awesome in Canada, eh. He asks her if she'd tag along but she reminds him that she isn't ready to settle and they only ever agreed this was a "fling thing." He's bummed, but he understands. She pulls a small box out of her dresser and hands it to him. He opens it, revealing a small pocket knife, and admits that it's been a fun summer. Tiff wiggles her nose like the star of Bewitched as she drapes her arms around Kenny. "Guess what?" she says, "I got the part!" We realize that Tiff is an aspiring actress/model. She tells Kenny she's not too drunk to celebrate as they fall onto their bed for a surprisingly tender sex scene that starts with Tiff unbuttoning Kenny's plaid as she straddles him. It's clear that Tiff does this kind of thing a lot, but she isn't the kind of slutty girl who just lays there, either. She wants to show off and Kenny is happy to let her. After doing the deed they're lying in bed. Tiffany slides on her booty shorts without bothering to put her panties on. She's looking for her shirt while explaining that Jenny is probably still out there tidying up. Since Tiff isn't tired yet she's going to lend a hand. Just as Tiff slides her crop top on over her breasts, Jason smashes down their door with his machete. Tiff shrieks and attempts to put their long dining table between her and Jason, but she stumbles into it, tipping one end over. Kenny jumps out of bed. Standing in his unbuttoned plaid and his boxers, he's the only thing between Tiff and this hulking masked freak. Kenny's trying to reason with Jason, using his conflict resolution skills by asking the maniac what his parents would think of his behavior. Jason steps towards Tiffany, who is still on the ground but has found a firepoker. As Jason bends towards her, she whips him with the poker and scrambles away. Kenny grabs a block of splintered wood from the broken dining table before charging at Jason, smacking the big freak back. He's yelling for Tiff to warn Jenny and the others, but Tiff's drunk and scared so she's moving towards the other side of the cabin, tripping over herself along the way. She keeps looking over her shoulder at Kenny, wishing she didn't have to leave this stand up guy to die. Jason throws Kenny into a mounted coat rack on the wall. One of the wooden prongs has clearly split open Kenny's back, but not at the spine. He falls to the ground grunting in agony. Jason pursues Tiff, who runs into the next room and goes for the window, but she isn't calm enough to work the blinds and get them up out of her way. Jason bounds over to her and she whirls to face him. She's weeping, but still clutching the poker. She starts strafing in some kind of combat stance, refusing to go out with only a whimper. Jason swings at her and she leaps back with just enough space in the room to dodge his attack. She sprints onto their guest bed and Jason swipes his machete at her again but she vaults over that too and Jason's machete sends pillow feathers and torn sheets everywhere. As Tiff lands on the other side of the bed she stumbles and her momentum takes her into the wall instead of through the doorway. Jason steps between her and the exit, but she might be able to to squeeze past. She whips him in the head with the poker again. This time it snaps in half and Jason grabs her by the throat. She's pounding her fists onto his arm but if a firepoker to his head wasn't strong enough to stun him, her hands aren't going to cut it. Jason's machete is lodged in the mattress so he carries Tiff into the bathroom. She lifts up her hands, giving Jason two middle fingers as he slams her head right through the toilet cover and either drowns her in the water or chokes her on chunks of broken porcelain. Based on sound alone its hard to tell. Kenny's recovering from his injury. He's staring at the hallway leading into the guest rooms, hoping that Tiff will walk out of there but knowing she won't. It's up to him to warn the others now so he pulls himself together, yanks his shorts from the dining table rubble (we see a bulge from the pocket knife in one of his pockets) and jogs off into the night, still in his plain navy boxers. Kenny reaches Jenny, Deb, and LaChappa, who are done cleaning and are sitting by the fire, winding down with blankets and cups of hot chocolate. LaChappa is explaining how D & D works to the girls as Kenny stumbles onto the scene, tugging on his shorts. He tells them what's happened. LaChappa asks Kenny if he's playing drunk cop again but Jenny leaps to her feet, ready to move. She takes Deb by the hand as Kenny suggests the two of them sneak to the boat while he and LaChappa head towards the car and warn the others along the way. Deb is in shock. She isn't panicking but she hasn't said a single word. Concerned, Kenny takes his new pocket knife and hands it to her before our group of heroes disperse from the fire SECOND ACT: Five minutes later... The counsellors have all split up into mini groups or gone solo in search of safety. Isolated and cursing under his breath, Mitch is attempting a fusebox repair before Jason stalks behind him, grabs him by the back of the neck, and rips an electrical cord out of the fusebox. Screaming, Mitch's mouth is agape in the sudden awe that only death can inspire. Mitch tries to push and thrash away from the sparking cord but Jason holds him still and shoves the cord into Mitch's throat. Choking on bursts of miniature lightning, Mitch's throat melts in on itself, transforming his screams into echoing, half-mechanical gargles. Suddenly his beard erupts into a glorious blaze and he crumples to a heap appropriately fried. Kenny is standing guard while Lachappa labors inside the hood of a beat up old yellow car. There's no sign of Jason. Lachappa slams the hood down and Kenny hops in the car. For some reason, perhaps pondering whether or not any of the others are going to make it, LaChappa is standing outside the car waiting for Kenny to start it before he can get in. Kenny claims, "I can't believe it started!" and leans out the window to tell LaChappa to, "Hurry up and shove the boxes in the backseat out of the way so we can pick up the others!" We hear footsteps and are preparing for Jason's arms to reach out and grab Kenny's vulnerable neck, but all of a sudden Lachappa is thrown from off screen onto the hood of the car. Jason drags LaChappa down out of sight. Kenny's watching, unsure if he should get out and help or drive off. Fed up, Kenny tries to be a hero. He pulls the keys out of the ignition, runs up to Jason, and stabs them into Jason's throat as if they were his pocket knife. Jason merely looks at Kenny and then stomps LaChappa's face in. LaChappa is choking on his own blood, causing him to wheeze like just another nerd with asthma. He's barely alive and beyond saving, so Kenny yanks the keys from Jason's throat and ducks a deadly swipe of Jason's machete. Jason swings at Kenny again, but since Jason refuses to adjust his aim and Kenny is still crouching, Jason misses. As Jason is preparing LaChappa for an especially brutal version of the bird bath context kill, Kenny hops back in the car and reverses out of there. Unfortunately, Kenny is so revolted by Jason slamming his friend onto a bird bath and then decapitating him, he has reversed into the woods rather than driving past the preoccupied behemoth to safety. Kenny is making a valiant effort guiding their piece of junk car around rocks and between trees. With nowhere to go, Kenny forces the sputtering vehicle up a small hill, obviously preying for a clear trail on the other side. Instead, the rustbucket gains speed and zooms into a small graveyard. Kenny swerves around one gravestone but crashes into the next. "Piece of shit!" he yells, and before he can finish starting the car again Jason appears and manhandles him out of it. Jason slams a flailing Kenny onto the spiked iron fence surrounding the graveyard, impaling him in multiple places (rare context kill) as we see so much blood pour out of Kenny that his shirt isn't even plaid anymore. Clinging to each other as they stumble to a cabin, Adam and AJ are using their love for each other as a desperate source of hope. They reach a tiny cabin and barricade themselves in. Finding barely anything (such shitty luck!), Adam leaves temporarily through a window to find a weapon. Shortly after, Jason arrives. Jason is searching for AJ but she ambushes him as he walks through a doorway. She hits him in the back of the head with a wrench. He stumbles forward but soon rises again and turns towards her. Spittle flying from her mouth, full of teenaged angst and defiance she shrieks into Jason's mask, "Fuck you!" She swings the wrench again but Jason catches her arm. She drops the wrench, which somehow explodes into dust when it hits the ground. Jason twists AJ's arm behind her back and snaps it in half at the elbow before shoving her onto her knees and forcing her into the same doorway she used to trick him. He brutally slams the door into her face over and over, pulvarizing her skull into a shattered ornament of smeared eye shadow and blood just as Adam has hopped back through the window, machete in hand. Adam witnesses AJ's head caving in and rushes at Jason, who casually discards AJ's corpse to the floor. Adam gets some good whacks on Jason with the machete but it breaks before he can do any significant damage. Adam drives the shattered half into Jason's heart, forcing Jason back, providing Adam with a potential moment to flee, but he looks down at his broken beloved and still can't leave her. He grabs some fireworks that had fallen from a pocket in her skirt, lights them and shoves them in Jason's face. A few of the firecrackers are stuck in Jason's mask. Adam wrestles with the hulking butcher, managing to force Jason to drop his machete, but Jason overpowers the young biker and heaves him through the same open window Adam entered through. Somehow bloodied and covered in shredded leather despite not hitting any glass, Adam is crawling in the dirt outside. He pulls himself to his feet and limps towards an axe stuck in a stump. Adam is barely moving, using all his will just to stay upright. Jason descends upon him and shoves him back onto the ground before dragging him over to the stump and yanking open his legs. Mentally already reunited with AJ, Adam stares lifelessly into the stars as Jason takes hold of his ankles and pulls his groin into the axe, splitting Adam in two (in the DLC kill it's the pig splitter). THIRD ACT: Buggzy, Jenny, and Deb are isolated in a cabin along the fringes of the camp. Jenny is sitting with Deb by the fire, consoling her as they try to come up with a plan, while Buggzy is pacing to psyche himself up for his inevitable confrontation with Jason, who bursts through the door rage style, scattering the two women. Buggzy does battle with Jason, ducking blows, sidestepping Jason's machete, and finally knocking Jason's mask off with nothing but a cooking pot. Jason's ugly mug is illuminated in the light of the fireplace and an enraged Jason finally burries his machete into Buggzy's chest. Buggzy drops to his knees, telling Jason that at least the others are going to make it. Joining the Jason bashing session, Tommy takes a running leap into the cabin, dusts himself off, and calls Jason "Maggot Breath!" Then, instead of aiding Buggzy, Tommy runs back into the woods never to be heard from again. Buggzy spits a wad of blood onto the ground like a defeated boxer after going nine rounds. With two brutal strokes Jason hacks off Buggzy's arms and shoves him headfirst into the fireplace. Buggzy's forehead slams into a charred log, which bursts into black ash that rains over the chaos. As Buggzy gags on the flames, Jason pins him down with one massive boot, effectively making Buggzy's corpse even uglier than Jason's. Much like the scripts for the remake and the cancelled new film, Jenny is the calm one who the audience trusts. Jenny and Deb slip out through the back window and head towards the boat, but Jason tracks them down in the woods. Before Jason can swing his machete, Jenny nails him quickdraw style with a flare gun she's had stashed in her back pocket and instructs Deb how to reach the beach. Jenny leads Jason in the opposite direction, holding him off by breaking tree branch after tree branch on his gargantuan shoulders before finally running out of resources and ducking into his shack. Jason follows behind her and she screams, "Why won't you fucking die!?!?" Cornered, Jenny grabs the axe from Jason's makeshift bookshelf and as a final act of defiance, she uses it to bash Pamela's remains onto the ground. Staring Jason in the face undaunted, she stomps Pamela's skull into dust right in front of Jason. There is a brief pause as she waits for the end, and with one quick motion Jason slides his machete through her abdomen and she crumples onto Pamela's alter. Jason marches out of his shack. With one more victim left, he's all business. Deb is sprinting through the sand when suddenly she topples forward. The maniac has buried a bear trap on the beach and her pant leg is snagged in its jaws. Jason has hidden the trap with leaves, which perplexes Deb and us because it would have looked more camouflaged under the sand. Still, Deb was expecting him to have put this kind of effort into protecting the car and now she's caught. She slips out Kenny's pocket knife and slices through the fabric just as Jason breaks the tree-line behind her. His massive feet practically leave craters in the sand as he closes the distance to his prey. Frantic, Deb springs up and uses the last of her energy to reach the boat. Kneeling on the dock and holding back sobs, Deb fixes the boat and narrowly escapes. The tears erupt from poor Deb now, and she uses one sleeve of her sweater to wipe down her glasses as she steers the boat to safety. WEB-SERIES SPINOFF Speedo Chad is the star of a web-series spinoff on the CW about a grumpy old college swim coach named Ralph who has brought his team to train at crystal lake. The opening credits are a montage of Chad on a podium receiving trophies molded after penises. After initially panicking and abandoning their opening day guest speaker Ryan Lochte to certain death, Chad actually rallies his team against Jason and manages to keep himself and one other injured swim-team member alive. As Chad helps his teammate limp out of the woods to the main road, Chad confesses that he actually didn't join the swim team to get girls or impress his mom, but rather to meet boys because he has been unsure about his sexuality. They collapse on the roadside and the other survivor calls Chad homophobic slurs as Chad attempts to bandage his team-mate's injured leg, revealing to the audience that the other survivor is the real douche, not Chad. Giving up, Chad throws his hands in the air and makes the Chad-face not out of fear, but rather in disgust at college swim team masculinity. He leaves the real douche to bandage his own wound and starts walking down the side of the road towards a pleasant pink sunset. Having accidentally dropped his bandage in the mud, the real douche is trying to hitchhike back to town. Over his shoulder we spot Ryan Lochte who isn't dead at all. Instead, Ryan has adorned Jason's mask and is creeping through the woods, making front-crawl strokes through the air with his hands.
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    "Get bent" is a idiom expressing dismissal of the listener. It is not sexual in origin. It derived from the phrase "bent out of shape" and may have original in descriptions of intoxication. Essentially, you could substitute the phrases "fuck off", "piss off" (when spoken as a command), "why don't you go play in traffic?", "eat my shorts", "scram", "beat it", "bite my shiny metal ass", etc. In this instance, as a direct response to "git gud", it was chosen specifically for the common entry word "get".
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    "Slight increase of pocket knife and medical spray" oh my god...
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    Ya but players are suffering through these updates. The radio silence is irritating. The last update was October 25th. It’s been more than a month. Everyone hates the new grab tweak & the only thing we have heard from the devs is that it’s currently working as intended. This forum has a reoccurring theme. Every time an update destroys our ability to enjoy the game & the devs go radio silent. People tend to start showing hostility towards each other when there isn’t any devs to argue or fight with. By any gaming community standards this would be completely unacceptable for the devs to leave the game in its current broken state. Not to mention offline bots still not released. Forget the summer release date there is a good chance we may not even see it this year let alone this winter. Players aren’t angry because they are ungrateful. They’re upset because of the broken promise after broken promise that this company has failed to uphold from backer exclusive copies to even the content they have been releasing. They certainly spun quite a yarn fooling everyone into believing that this would be strictly an asymmetrical multiplayer horror survival game. We are not asking them to do anything beyond what they promised to do themselves despite a “small skeleton team” working on the game. I guess it’s fair to say they went in way over they’re heads in producing this game. It’s been a rough 6 months.
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    Thank you for this write up. I just recently switched over to the Chadster for running in games, I was tired of being a fixer. I am enjoy the change, but with this little write up I can adjust my perks to fit a better play style for him and (hopefully) survive better.
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    I think some people forget that without Jason, there is no game. Having the game competitively balanced benefits all players and as it stands, the balance is heavily weighted towards counselors. Gun stated Jason is meant to be overpowered. Jason is currently underpowered. I think this whole thing stems from spectating to be honest. People hate that they have to spectate so they gave counselors more options to extend the game but in doing so, they destroyed the balance instead of fixing the actual probelm: spectating. Folks should be able to leave when they die and join a new lobby immediately without penalty.
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    well and if you have to close the door because it´s open, he has a free slash at you also and if you don´t close it he can shift after you. Knives are limited. Swings and shifts aren´t.
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    Tiffany died with a fight that’s my girl. But imo Tiffany should have survived not fucking Chad.
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    What is the max bonus that epic preparedness gives? Probably not high enough... In my opinion sense avoidance in water is useless because you have to swim out there in the first place, and that makes noise pings even with high stealth. It's only a matter of time until you're found with sense-spam, and when that happens, you're dead meat. Not to mention that people will rat you out to Jason so they don't have to spectate.
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    Did a mix of things. Had to innovate in some instances since the results were a bit surprising. I can tell you that Rage does not affect expansion as far as I can tell. It is a set rate pre-rage. Still have to test buildings too. The one set of tests ate up several hours and I spent several more normalizing the results and making calculations. Now I'm getting a sanity check from the others to make sure I didn't make a mistake or fail to account for something.
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    Good summary except I'd add Fox to the balanced list, and i'd include Chad with the part runners as well as fighters.
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    Hahahaha! Now I want Roy!
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    You’re saying, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that changing how many items spawn, and their potential spawn location, is either A. Useless, even though it will spread out items. B. Stupid, because it adds more items, or C. Terrible, as it removes some items. That’s the definition of a no-win situation for a change that could make campsites worth checking out. @bewareofbears - not trying to call you out for anything, just wanting to manage expectations for the future.
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    All good, dude. Welcome back. ?
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    YW. I do it constantly on the Ps4 when I get a little squeaker that is being a jerk (not saying all are, some are way cool)
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    Proposal #1: Cracking Open the Fuse Box. In regards to calling the police, this is objective numero uno that Jason absolutely doesn't want the counselors to fix. Henceforth why stacking 2-3 traps has been a norm for many people, and it wouldn't be a strech to say this is the reason why several people hate this patch in particular. As it stands, you need the following to call the police: a fuse. It's not carried by hand, rather it's stored in the inventory, and it's the only part necessary to call up an objective that makes it possible for everyone to escape after a few minutes have gone by (which can be lessened by a certain perk). Not being able to stack traps has made this an easier task to accomplish, and it's clear this may need some help. It's also the objective that is perhaps the easiest to "fix," and could even include some cool teamwork options to go with it. First, the fuse box would be locked up by a durable plastic security lock like what are used in today's times to lock up bicycles. Immersion wise it could be Jason who did this to make sure the fuse box couldn't be opened; he's smart enough to know how to make home made bear traps, after all, so the idea that he would take extra measures to ensure the police can't be called wouldn't be far fetched. So on top of the currently existing system of calling the police, you'd now have to find a way to get rid of the chain. My proposal is simple: using a pocket knife. Since the security lock is made of durable plastic, it can be cut. But it's tough; it would take some time...and a QTE to go with it. But unlike normal QTEs that involve the repair stat, this one would require the strength stat instead. So finding a pocket knife wouldn't be enough, and if you mess up the QTE then Jason receives the phone sound notification that someone is trying to mess with the fuse box. As a result, the fuse box has added security, and since many counselors skilled in repairs have low strength, it would make this objective more difficult to accomplish. Furthermore, using the pocket knife for this purpose also uses it up; the security lock is made out of very tough plastic designed to be cut/weather proof, so it stands to reason that using a pocket knife would probably damage the blade itself. And on top of all this you still need the phone fuse, then repair the fuse box without screwing up, then finally calling the police after a short moment of wait time. This would make it so Jason wouldn't feel the need to have to stack traps: counselors would need to burn a pocket knife first, not to mention a counselor proficient in strength would be necessary unless a player feels comfortable enough to try this anyways (albeit screwing up will warn Jason the fuse box is being tampered with; expect his company, and try to avoid using that pocket knife). Pros: New system could work in this new meta where Jason cannot put traps close to each other. Introduction of QTEs involving the strength stat, making strength a more valuable asset than just for the Killing Jason objective. Eats up a pocket knife, and when you consider Jason placing a trap on the spot you'll have to use two total pocket knives in order to silently work on this objective. Thus it's a Jason buff to help him deal with only using one trap to guard the fuse box. Tommy Jarvis spawns in-game with a pocket knife (to disarm the security lock at the cost of using it up) and a med spray (can be used to disarm a trap Jason places, albeit Jason will know someone stepped on it). Therefore counselors do have an ace up their sleeves to getting this objective going. Cons: A very dedicated team could still possibly swam the objective to get it fixed within a handful of minutes. A good fix for public matches, but coordinated groups can still call the police rather quickly if Jason isn't careful. In short, a simple fix involving another step counselors must take in order to call the police. Would also make strength counselors more useful, and this isn't the only proposal I have that will feature strength QTEs.
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    Damn you threw that bitch all the way back to Friday the 13th on NES
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    Correct. Composure and current Fear level affect if a counselor will cry out or stumble. Stealth is pings only. So I was reading and came across a thread regarding Sense. There is a lot we do not know about certain mechanics and their interplay, however I'll put my two cents in regarding Sense. Rydog demonstrated that Sense has a basic starting radius shared by all Jason's. Very useful to know. USE THE FORCE...JASON COMPOSURE: Does not directly affect Sense. Composure affects the accumulation rate of Fear on counselors. Counselors with higher Composure gain Fear at a slower rate than those with lower Composure. Composure does other things which we will not get into. FEAR: Sense detects, and is affected, by the Fear level of a counselor. Thus, it is INDIRECTLY affected by Composure which governs how fast a counselor gains Fear. Fear only affects the marking effect of Sense; his ability to track you after you've already been detected in is detection radius. It has no impact on IF you'll be detected. Testing as of 12/09/2017 Hello Campers, Some of you are probably aware that we’ve been trying to get some better information than we currently have regarding Jason’s Sense ability and how it works. This is turning into a very time consuming and tedious project, but I do hope that it will shed some light on the nature of the ability. I will continue to update this article as we get more information, but here is what I have put together so far. WARNING NOTICE: These are best estimates, since we don’t have access to the actual game code, and have been extrapolated using a combination of photogrammetry, tidbits of info, and whole lot of trial and error. Baseline information: 1. The basic measurement system used by the developers is metric. Without datamining (that is a no-no), the basic unit of measure for Sense is “3000 units” to start. One of the Devs mentioned once before a mechanic and the range in meters. It would seem the basic unit in the game is centimeters Thus, the base starting range of Sense is 3000cm or 30m. 2. Interestingly, this is the same range as Jason’s music (which the counselors can hear). 3. So to be able to define distance, that is internally consistent to the game, we had to find a moveable unit of measure which could be compared against potentially “known” dimensions in the real world. For this I settled on using Jason’s individual slow walk paces. All Jasons move at the same speed while slow walking so it is consistent, to Jason, and can translate into different locations on a map while allowing the testing of Jasons with different strengths and weaknesses. 4. Jason’s paces were compared against a few known objects that dimensions can be found for in the real world. The cars are based on the Chevette, exterior doorways typically have a limited set of dimensions to consider, and baseball bats. The length of the car is a largely fixed value so it was used to help normalize the pace length estimation. By comparing Jason’s paces to the length of the car, then exterior doorways, and finally to the bat, an approximate pace length could be determined. By comparing this estimated pace length (using pace count) to the known distance of Jason’s music (30m), the distance Jason covers in one step can be calculated, and refined, with an adequate degree of accuracy for this article. 5. Jason’s pace length (single step slow walking) is approximately: 0.75m / 2.5ft (rounded from 2.46) or 30in. Sense Range (Jason Part 2 - Sense neutral) / All tests using Jenny at 0 Fear and no perks 1. Base auto-detect radius = 30m / ~100ft (98.4ft) 2. Base auto-detect radius will illuminate a counselor with Sense provided that they have no Sense avoidance perks and are not using a hiding spot. If a counselor enters the auto-detect radius, then subsequently leaves while Sense is active, the counselor will be marked and REMAIN ILLUMINATED. If Jason deactivates Sense while the counselor is in this “continued detection” range, then re-activates Sense, he will lose them if they are at 0 Fear. 3. Base Sense detection range is “3000 units”, and continued detection range beyond the base range adds +500 units. This works out to 16.67% of whatever the current auto-detection range is for the marking effect. Again, this is provided that the counselor is at 0 Fear. As an example: When the match starts, Jason has Sense auto-detect out to a range of 30m and any counselor that enters that auto-detect range will remain illuminated by Sense if they leave the auto-detect range until they exceed 35m and assuming they are at 0 Fear. If Jason turns Sense off, then back on, while they are in that narrow window between auto-detect and breaking the marking effect, he will lose them; once again assuming they are at 0 Fear. 4. Sense continues to have the auto-detection radius expand as the match progresses. The rate of expansion works out to 7.5% of the STARTING SENSE BASE DETECTION RANGE per minute. In simplest terms, Sense expands at 1.8m / ~6ft (5.904ft) per minute of the match – Pre-Rage. 5. When Rage activates, it adds an immediate bump of 150% of the STARTING SENSE BASE DETECTION RANGE to the current expanded auto-detection range. As an example: If Jason just stands still, and takes no damage to cause Rage to build faster, Rage initiates at the 15 minute mark in a match. In this situation, Jason’s auto-detection range would be the starting value of 30m + 31.5m (for the next 14 minutes of expansion after match start; until Rage) + 45m (150% of the 30m starting value) = 106.2m / 348ft (348.33ft). It is unclear if the rate of expansion per minute increases at this point. We were unable to test it. What is clear is that Jason can see a huge distance across the map with Sense at this point AND that huge radius continues to expand (at an indeterminate rate) until the match ends. Testing 12/17/2017 Sense Range (Jason Part 8 - Sense negative) / All tests using Jenny at 0 Fear and no perks 1. Base detection range remains unchanged. 2. No discernible change in the rate of Sense expansion over time. 3. Rage bump to Sense detection range is 187.5% of the STARTING SENSE BASE DETECTION RANGE. You read that correctly. Sense negative offers a bigger bump than Sense neutral. Did an additional Test using Jason Part 4 (who is Sense neutral) and he shared the same Sense bump as Part 2 Jason. Sense Range (Jason Part 7 - Sense positive) / All tests using Jenny at 0 Fear and no perks 1. Base detection range seems to remain unchanged. 2. No discernible change in the rate of Sense expansion over tiem. 3. Rage bump to Sense detection is 200% of the STARTING SENSE BASE DETECTION RANGE. The bump is highest with Sense+ Jasons. How Fear interacts and other observations: 1. Retested Sense neutral Jason (Part 2 AND Part 4) and found a calculation error in the Rage bump. Also found a miscalculation in expansion rate after all the extensive re-testing. Fixed both values. Sense neutral Jasons have the weakest Rage bump to Sense detection range. Is this a bug? Are Sense neutral and Sense negative parameters switched in the coding? 2. Tested max Fear (Using Chad with no perks) against Sense neutral, positive, and negative Jasons. Fear only seems to affect the "marking effect" I mentioned earlier. Counselors at higher Fear remain marked at greater distances than those with low Fear. The base auto-detection range does not deviate (at least measurably with the resources we have). Max Fear and no Fear will be detected at the same range moving into the base detection range. It is when they leave the base detection range that there is a noticeable effect. Max Fear increases the marking range so far that it is actually impossible to run far enough away from Jason to break the lock. Jason's Sense always ran out before this could be achieved (even in the first 2 minutes of a match). It is a non-quantifiable maximum distance because the counselor has to start running away while detected in the base detection threshold. No counselor is fast enough to open the distance and find the edge before Jason's ability runs out. 3. Tested Kenny and Jenny as well at maximum Fear. Got the same results. Could not find the edge of maximum Fear level (no mini-map) detection once marked. Just know you are safe if Jason turns off Sense and you are outside the base detection range (even during Rage). He cannot re-acquire you unless he begins tracking you while you are in the base detection range. 4. It is practically impossible to measure the subtle grades of Fear between none and maximum. I would suspect that the Fear marking detection range scales with Fear level, but it cannot be reasonably measured. Sorry that is the best we could do in answering this. 5. I don't think maximum Fear (loss of minimap) is possible unless you are in Jason's starting base detection range of 30m. I left a wounded Chad, at maximum Fear (mini-map gone), standing alone in the dark with the power cut and no flashlight on. He still recovered his mini-map, but did not get better after that. Only inside Jason's music radius/starting Sense detection radius was loss of the mini-map possible. It could be postulated that maximum Fear only removes the mini-map and doesn't do anything else - this is an unverifiable hypothesis do to reasons I stated earlier about finding the edge of the maximum Fear detection edge after being marked. Thank you to kind folks who helped make this testing possible! If wish you discuss this please use the forum post HERE. I would appreciate keeping the help thread brief for people scrolling and reading. Thanks!
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