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    With the new patch, campsites are finally going to contain items in order to give you a reason to visit them. This is great, but I also want graveyards to get a similar treatment. On all the small maps and the Jarvis house, graveyards act as replacements for Jason's shack in the alternate spawns. As there's never anything there though, they're dead ends, provide no cover, and are off the beaten track, there's no reason to ever enter one. Only the main graveyard on Higgins contains items, and can be used en-route to somewhere else. As graveyards are awesomely atmospheric, and contain the rarest (and one of the best) environment kills in the game, this is a shame they they never get used. I'd personally love a Shovel weapon with great stats to spawn there to attract people. Maybe even a tape now and again? As they're alts to the shack, it'd be a good reward for brave explorers.
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    This is a sort of "be happy you got anything" post, right? I think you should take a moment and write a thank you post to the backers too, who made this game not only a possibility but a reality. Then pause for a moment and reflect on Gun and Illphonics responsibility to those who gave them the funds to create this game. Then come to the realization that just because the funding phase has ended, it doesn't mean backers (or anyone) should simply be content because they got something, anything. There are parts of this game that are great. There are also parts that absolutely suck. Blind admiration or adoration simply because the game exists is irresponsible for anyone with an interest in this game succeeding or growing or simply becoming better. Gun bathed in praise previous to the game's release. Praise didn't fix the issues at launch. Discussing issues and expressing discontent with portions of the game or gameplay fixes issues.
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    So, I was playing as Jason this morning and this happened.
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    Damn you threw that bitch all the way back to Friday the 13th on NES
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    http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13657-starving-for-information/ To everyone bitching, complaining, and whining about "radio silence", go read this thread. Read the whole thing, all 4 pages. @GunMedia_Ben and @ShiftySamurai attempt to answer people's questions and concerns in this thread. Yet, they are still fucking berated for no reason. I wouldn't be saying a goddamned thing at this point. It makes this community sound like a bunch of ungrateful, entitled little shitheads. And I bet 99% won't take the time to read the whole thing, because "It would take too long". But, you expect the people working on the game to read it all and answer your questions because you dropped a little cash on the project a long time ago. I am not in any way happy with the state of Jason in this game right now (as I've stated many times), but, I am appreciative of the fact that people working on it are taking time out of their busy schedules to to give detailed answers to the questions that many of us hardcore fans are asking. I am optimistic about the changes coming up. Of course, we could all be disappointed, but that is just life. I'm sorry for the rant, and I apologize to all the children I offended with it. I have no doubt that this topic will be locked, and I may get my first strike against me (Or banned, or whatever). I just call things like I see them, and I have never seen a game company that tried so hard to be interactive with the fans, and get shit on so much for it. Then, they get shit on even more because they are tired of repeating themselves, and hold out information until they have something concrete. I just hope the topic stays up long enough for some people to read through it and realize that Gun actually cares what we think about the game. Later.
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    Personally I wouldn't mind seeing graveyards being a possible (but not guaranteed) location of jerry cans. It would be a great nod to Part 6, and it would put the most versatile objective part for vehicles in places that are typically dead ends. Edit: Also, it wouldn't increase the normal number of jerry cans in a map, just that one of them could possibly spawn in a graveyard, making it more difficult for counselors to find parts.
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    I agree with everything that was said in your post except the part where you said the developers haven't cut Jason's nuts off. Two days ago all seven Councilors actively tried hunting me down when I was Jason. No one fears Jason in his current state. His "force grab" may have been overpowered but at least everyone could enjoy playing as Jason and when you heard that awesome score you mentioned you respected the fact your game could be over soon. Now players are hunting Jason for sport and the developers should be ashamed of themselves for that.
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    I'd like to point to this undead thread where @ThePunkPirate and I tested some demasking data for a few characters (not all...yet?). On the surface, 1 strength may look hopeless when trying to demask. It might as well be if you are using light attacks in or out of combat stance (you should never swing outside of combat stance, mind you), since it takes 8 swings. However, if you utilize the heavy vertical attacks in combat stance, the amount of swings it would take to demask would be a whopping 4. With 10 Strength, you can demask with 3 light attacks or 2 heavy attacks. So, 1 point in Strength can still get the job done reliably. EDIT!: Swings were done with the machete in mind! Apologies for not specifying.
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    Fantastic idea! I literally started playing a week ago, and it's so hard to even practice. I jump into a game - when I can load a game - and I often get minced in just a few minutes. Haven't had a turn as Jason yet. Still enjoying it, but the learning curve is steep. I've read that excellent thread by @Alkavian and trying to put it into practice. On the good side, I don't feel the same anger towards the game as some of the more experienced because I don't know any better :-) Apart from dedicated servers on PS4, which is really hampering my ability to get a game in. @NthnButAGoodTime can you invite PSN Roast_Potato please? Thanks!
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    A. You speak for no one but yourself. Get on social media...These comments are parroted everywhere. It's not the same handful of people who post here. B. Patience is wearing thin. "We're working on it" is cool for a couple of months. Not 6. Plus, I don't think dedicated servers are the fix people think they'll be. C. Game is terrific other than server/host issues? Are you high? Or just new? Near perfect? Fuck me... I think I know why you're smelling shit, and it has nothing to do with diapers.
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    Hey all, I’ve been with Gun for about 2 weeks now and I realized I had neglected posting a Hello/Introduction post. Let me fix that right now! My name is Daniel and I’ve been working in video games, specifically community engagement, for 7 years this coming February. I’ve worked with indie teams, mostly though it has been with much, much larger teams. I’m super stoked to be working with a smaller team where everyone is busting ass because they love what they do, they believe in it, and they want to produce something awesome. Everyone I’ve met at Gun - Wes, Ben, Ronnie, and the rest of the team that you might not know by name, and all of the awesome people at IllFonic, are constantly hard at work making Friday the 13th the best it can be. But more about me: I say things like “rad”, “stoked”, “awesome”, and even throw in an occasional “boosh”. I don’t do it to be hipster - cause it isn’t - it’s really just how I talk. I play pinball and love old arcade games. I’ve been gaming as long as I can remember and my first “favorite game” was Zaxxon in my old TRS-80. Ive had quite a few vastly different professions, but I find working with communities to be the most rewarding. Working with, and talking to, and reading what you all have to say is a major pillar of what I will be doing. Getting you information on the game as soon as possible (sometimes it isn’t possible to tell you everything) is extremely rewarding, especially when your excitement is evident in your replies. Im not sure what else to put in this post, but I can do my best to answer questions about me if you have any. PS: Part VII may be my favorite.
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    i'll be 42 in January. We grew up in such a different time, that unless you are close to our age, you don't understand. Remember when we were young playing a game like Zelda, and you were stuck on a part of the game, and you had to wait for one of your buddies to figure it out. We didn't have the luxury of the internet, but we did no how to interact with each other, face to face. That's the problem with this generation. Kids don't play outside anymore. You cant go anywhere today without seeing a kid with a phone or tablet or laptop glued to there face. We learned how to face adversity head on, now you have the freedom to say any thing you damn well please, with no consequence. Thank god we grew up in the era we did.
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    I've done it!!! and . . . (@lazerus_86, you are credited in the description in each video on YouTube.)
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    I most be the worst survivor. I get the jitterbug as soon as I hear Jason-music (part 8 gets me in the worst away, although Pt 9 music is also heart attack inducing). Yes, I sometimes stand and fight, but always while back-pedalling and/or to catch a stamina breather. And I had aggressive players back when Jason used the force. As for the OP: I agree with the general tone. There are flaws and it's great that they get discussed. But I love the game and I want to see it get better at the same time. I love the Jason designs, I love the Hodder mo-cap, I love music&sound cues, I love the maps and there details. I thank backers and I thank the devs for making it happen and I hope that upcoming patches will help restore faith and a level of satisfaction for a huge majority.
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    I love the details in the game. The music, atmosphere, and concept to be in a horror movie are great. It needs work, but I'm glad it got made.
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    Yes sir, I'll crack open a can of "poke" cola and get started.
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    Yes you are correct. Fixed it. Still thinking pre-patch sometimes and have to remind myself of all the little changes that have been made. Thanks for the catch!
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    Fantastic post, buddy! 100% agree with everything you said.
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    This is just a bunch of new players. The player base is extremely varied right now. Many people are afraid to attempt repairs, don't know the characters, etc.
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    I usually play with a group of five, and whenever this happens to us, we always just turn the tables on them and do it right back, but in larger numbers. It’s so satisfying watching two trolls drop out of a match because they can’t take their own medicine.
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    Requiem is a movie that I have no reason to ever see again, but it is a well made film. If you are interested at all in the psychosis brought about by addiction, it is worth watching. Martyrs is one that will stick with you for a while, at least it stuck with me. And I honestly do not recommend A Serbian Film. It is disturbing, but it feels like it is trying to be that way just for the sake of it. Fingernails do it for you, it's eyes being punctured that does it for me. I hate that shit! @bewareofbears You know man, that was one remake that I actually found more disturbing than the original. The first film was kind of campy, but still good. The remake was pretty damn brutal. Good call.
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    SIngle play won't kill Multiplayer. Try hards, Lack of dedicated servers and Jason Nerfs will tho. I haven't been able to finish a game in weeks now...Im getting tired of host quittings. And im rarely ever Jason. I for one can't wait to play as Jason and just murder everyone..and enjoy myself. No BS... just straight murder. Also this will help newbies actually practice with Jason.
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    Done! Welcome aboard! Maybe some time in the near future, we can get a tutorial lobby going with some members.
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    Lightning Fast? Dude, I went back in time and invited him before you could send your message!
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    I know at least one map had a med spray (which I really needed at that time) and a baseball bat in the graveyard. I assumed it would be the case for all the maps. It should be.
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    I will remember not to pick you in the car then.
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    Jake Gyllenhaal would be pretty darn interesting as Batman, if he'd be up to do it. Also, the movie is closing in on the estimated low end of what it would need to break even. $600 - $750 million and it's at $573 million. Star Wars is going to absolutely kill its chances to make more than $600 mil though, if even 6.
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    Or make there some kind of new item/interaction in the graveyard. I think if you go to a specific tombstone and read it you should make jason teleport into the graveyard with his morph put on slight cooldown so he can't just morph away again quickly.This will also create some interesting gameplay when you are trying to kill Jason and he is avoiding you because you have tommy and sweater. It will also provide some coordinated counterplay to trying to escape jason or distract him, but only can be used once per game. Jason might try and trap the tombstone as well.
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    There is already a penalty for team killing. -1000xp for every player killed. You can quit the game and find a new lobby. I don't want to allow trolls to kick me because a few in a party jumped in front of the car on purpose. I'm level 101. I don't need XP until the new 150 level cap. I watched a troll try to ruin a match working with Jason. I ran him over with the blue car and picked up 3 counselors to escape. They laughed, called me a savage and thanked me. We escaped. Troll and Jason quit.
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    so the whole time perks were suppose to be useless, it wasn't just crap coding. good to know. I guess this is a great case of be careful what you wish for, we all wanted a patch, but look at the crap we keep getting.
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    I have 720 hours played on the Xbox One digital version. I only need 2 achievements left for 100%. 500 matches as Jason for multiplayer. (67% complete) 1,000 matches as Jason for multiplayer (33% complete) The 2 achievements are a pain in the ass because we don't have dedicated servers. The host will quit on me every 3 out of 5 matches. Add in bugs and crashing too. More like the hours required to get 100% is over 9,000!
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    @americanalien I legitimately believe that they don't realize how much fun the game used to be vs. how it is now. It's literally a night and day difference.
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    I may have to. Good lord, I may HAVE to!!
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    I have seen Danny DeVito's crack far more times than I anticipated I would, at this stage of my life.
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    Never been killed before. Don't fucking plan on it either!
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    Bullshit. Read your very first sentence in this thread and then evaluate the whole purpose of this thread. It was to look down on posters who express concerns.
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    Traps under open second story windows. When it plays, it wins big.
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    A lot of the problem is timing...Like most games, they've gotten this thing on a production schedule. But we're sitting at one patch per month, at best. It's just the standard for a development/certification timeline. It's really unfortunate and untimely that the patch before Thanksgiving was the patch to "break the game". It's the worst possible time to skip a patch and leave the game in it's current state for 2+ months. Most people agree - the game has never performed worse than it does now, with the exception of maybe launch week. As soon as they patched on Oct. 25th and we played with the current Jason grab tuning, everyone knew it was off. So at that point we basically know we're stuck with it for a month...It is what it is, I guess, right? But then we find out they're skipping November because of Thanksgiving...Ok, so now we're stuck with it for 2 months, assuming they'll patch somewhere between December 18th-22nd. THEN they tell us the next patch (December) is a content and bug patch and that: "we want to make it clear that this will not be a balance focused patch. This does not mean that we won’t be making any adjustments to balance, but there certainly won’t be as many high impact changes like the previous patch. A majority of this upcoming patch will be focused on introducing new content and fixing bugs. We acknowledge that Jason currently requires some additional tuning and we will be releasing a few posts in these following weeks with information regarding some of the recent balance changes." That last bit basically says "Nothing to do with Jason's grab will be addressed in the upcoming patch" and "we'll make excuses for it later". So if you're following, that's NO Jason grab fix THROUGH the December patch...So maybe January? The game hasn't been fun to play since Oct.25th, and they want us to wait until (at least) January before Jason isn't a joke? Yeah...good luck hanging onto the player base that long. Something tells me they're scrambling to fix this in time for the upcoming patch. They'd really be stupid not to.
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    Isn't that what it's like now? Honestly, I had to read this a few times before I realized this wasn't a sarcastic topic.
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    And Jason is not chasing a ping at the shack. As a Vanessa who grabs the sweater literally every match i play. I have never, i repeat never, had a Jason preemptively target me on my way to the shack. And as Vanessa you don't have to care about alerting Jason at the shack. Grab sweater + axe and sprint out home free. Well, home free if you can handle Jason. Realistically you should not be grabbing the sweater if you can't handle Jason anyways.
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    Who are you? Developer?
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    I'm making my voice loud and clear for an issue that should've been fixed months ago! You clearly can't relate, so rest your fingers. Anyway, as I was saying, developers, hurry up! We Deserve Better! Stop taking your time and get sh*t done!
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    Hurry up, developers! Number 1 on the to-do list!
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    I've been playing since t I've been playing since day one, I've dealt with a lot issues, which I'm sure you know about. They need to prioritise this!
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    I completely agree. Beyond disappointing, words can't describe. After all of that dedication and passion, this is what happens.
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    I can't take this! It's soooooooooo unfair! People who's unlocked all of the achievements deserve better! Apparently, getting 100% was a mistake. This needs to be fixed ASAP, better be priotised.
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    I had the host of a lobby come back as Tommy last night. The four seater was fixed. I was on the other side of the map. Tommy spawns in, runs to the car, and proceeds to leave one player behind and runs me over in the middle of the road up ahead. Lol. Guess he isn't much of a hero after all. Edit:. Forgot to add this player was lvl101 so this is probably how he has fun in the game now.
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