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    With the new patch, campsites are finally going to contain items in order to give you a reason to visit them. This is great, but I also want graveyards to get a similar treatment. On all the small maps and the Jarvis house, graveyards act as replacements for Jason's shack in the alternate spawns. As there's never anything there though, they're dead ends, provide no cover, and are off the beaten track, there's no reason to ever enter one. Only the main graveyard on Higgins contains items, and can be used en-route to somewhere else. As graveyards are awesomely atmospheric, and contain the rarest (and one of the best) environment kills in the game, this is a shame they they never get used. I'd personally love a Shovel weapon with great stats to spawn there to attract people. Maybe even a tape now and again? As they're alts to the shack, it'd be a good reward for brave explorers.
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    So, I was playing as Jason this morning and this happened.
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    The greatest satisfaction came from the fact that I'm only Level 20. Remember, I rarely get to play!! But I do have a great deal of free time at work (hence me writing this now), so I spend a healthy amount of time watching gameplay videos on Twitch and YouTube. I always watch new F13 posts by Swiftor and Ohmwrecker, and I learn strategies from them. And I haven't even mastered Morph yet! But it felt pretty darn good to go through 5-6 Jason slaughters and then to take them ALL down -- even the dancing troll at the end. That was a yummy piece of pie.
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    Damn you threw that bitch all the way back to Friday the 13th on NES
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    Hey counselors and slashers, as Courier said last week, the next update for Friday the 13th: The Game is more focused on bug fixes and content than balance, but there will be some differences that will change how you play. We have added item spawn locations to campsites. This means that you could find a Pocket Knife or Medical Spray amongst the tents. Still on the topic of defensive items, a Medical Spray dropped by a player using the Medic perk will no longer have additional uses if a counselor without the Medic Perk equipped picks the item up. We have altered the spawn parameters of the fuse required to fix the phone box. At times the fuse would spawn too close to the objective, allowing for extremely quick fixes of the phone. The fuse will no longer spawn in the same building as the phone box. The last of the balance updates is a reduced effective range of the Heavy Hitter perk. The previous value range increased Jason stun time by 10% to 40%. These range values have been decreased to 5% and 15%. You’re still knocking Jason flat for long enough to begin your escape, but the stun duration will be far shorter. We will have more information on the update, including patch notes, more in-depth looks at new features, and a release date, in the coming days.
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    http://forum.f13game.com/topic/13657-starving-for-information/ To everyone bitching, complaining, and whining about "radio silence", go read this thread. Read the whole thing, all 4 pages. @GunMedia_Ben and @ShiftySamurai attempt to answer people's questions and concerns in this thread. Yet, they are still fucking berated for no reason. I wouldn't be saying a goddamned thing at this point. It makes this community sound like a bunch of ungrateful, entitled little shitheads. And I bet 99% won't take the time to read the whole thing, because "It would take too long". But, you expect the people working on the game to read it all and answer your questions because you dropped a little cash on the project a long time ago. I am not in any way happy with the state of Jason in this game right now (as I've stated many times), but, I am appreciative of the fact that people working on it are taking time out of their busy schedules to to give detailed answers to the questions that many of us hardcore fans are asking. I am optimistic about the changes coming up. Of course, we could all be disappointed, but that is just life. I'm sorry for the rant, and I apologize to all the children I offended with it. I have no doubt that this topic will be locked, and I may get my first strike against me (Or banned, or whatever). I just call things like I see them, and I have never seen a game company that tried so hard to be interactive with the fans, and get shit on so much for it. Then, they get shit on even more because they are tired of repeating themselves, and hold out information until they have something concrete. I just hope the topic stays up long enough for some people to read through it and realize that Gun actually cares what we think about the game. Later.
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    This is going to be my last communication here. I don't give a shit what they do with new patches. I'm done. Game is too far broken for far too long. You wanna push out a counselor dance party simulator? Whatever. I'm done with this pile of shit. I regret backing it on kickstarter and I will never back another game because of it. When the game dies (and it will) you can thank the casual gamers you catered to to make things easy. I honestly hope Sean Cunningham and Horror Inc. sue the shit out of you for turning their franchise into a joke.
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    Personally I wouldn't mind seeing graveyards being a possible (but not guaranteed) location of jerry cans. It would be a great nod to Part 6, and it would put the most versatile objective part for vehicles in places that are typically dead ends. Edit: Also, it wouldn't increase the normal number of jerry cans in a map, just that one of them could possibly spawn in a graveyard, making it more difficult for counselors to find parts.
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    Those of you who know me know I'm usually limited to gameplay on weekends and holidays -- because I'm a working schmuck who commutes over two hours to work each day, and after meals, cleanup, kids to bed, and chores -- when I have to choose between F13 and sleep, guess which usually wins?? That not withstanding, I got to play a bit on Saturday. At the time, there were no friends to be had, so it was "QuickPlay or No Play" for me. So I jumped into a full room. "Hey everyone!" *silence* "Nobody else has a mic?" *silence* "Oooo-kayy, I'll shut up now before you all mute me." Game play begins. My first time playing as Deborah. Looking forward to fixing all kinds of neat $#!&. Immediately find a knife, a walkie, and the FUSE! Neat! "Hey guys! Got the fuse! Anyone seen the fusebox?" *silence* Ugh. So I run to the next cabin. Med spray. Cool! THEN -- everything instantly goes into slow motion and turns an amber hue. They're killing Jason!! What??!! But it's been less than TWO MINUTES!! Game ends. Trophies and XP awarded. Me: "Well, you guys were either incredibly coordinated, or incredibly lucky!" *silence* Game starts again. Ol' Deb beats her nerdy little tushy to the nearest cabin. AGAIN, I find the fuse almost immediately. 2-3 houses later, THERE'S the fuse box! And it's trapped, but quite poorly. I start fixing it without triggering the trap, get it done in 0.5 seconds -- embarrassing the crap out of the entire Kensington family line. I race inside and call the po-po. Timer starts. WOW! I got the cops called within the first 90 seconds of gameplay! None of the other objectives are started, so I meander to a good midway point between the two exits and wait. One minute left to go. THEN -- Slow motion and amber again. Jason dies. AGAIN. And as previously, within the first five minutes of the game. Okay, this is getting weird. It happens THREE MORE TIMES in subsequent games. EVERY Jason dies. New players are coming in, and at the end of each round, each player who played Jason comes over the mic and either congratulates the silent room or yells obscenities at them before leaving. Finally -- it's me. In all my retro 8-bit purple-and-blue glory. And I know what's coming. I grab knives, trap the fuse box, then go to trap both cars. ONE dude is standing at the first car, not doing much of anything. He takes a wimpy swipe at me, but I grab him and dispatch him quickly. Then I return to business. AS SOON as I drop the last trap: *CYMBAL CRASH!!* "They're here, Jason! Don't let them take Mommy!!" The game . . . is afoot! Rather than dropping right in on a coordinated ambush, I drop on Stalk and port about 50 feet away from the shack. I'm behind the shack, and they're all in front. So I run up to the back wall, then squeeze in around it. And there's Jarvis, machete in hand, with his back to me. Jarvis spawns with a knife now. So I drop my purple axe upon him with a satisfying crunch and a loud "NOOOOOOOO!" He whirls around and smacks me ONCE with the machete. INSTANTLY, my mask flies off. "WHAT??!!", thought I. I take another swipe at him. He limps away to spray. Then I get attacked by the others to stall for him, but I'm on Jarvis like flies on my mother-in-law's Hungarian goulash. As soon as he sprays: "Jason? Mother is talking to you. Put the knife down." I'm hitting my Resist button like crazy, and the dude with the stunner bat is approaching. I snap out of it just in time to run forward and miss his bat swing. Again I swipe Jarvis twice with the axe, and he's limping again. Another counselor runs up to him -- presumably to spray him, but I ran between them to block and swiped Jarvis again. "errrrppphhh" *dies* Someone: *every expletive you've ever heard* The other counselors instantly scatter -- their plans dashed against the walls of broken dreams. The normal hunt resumes. I get one or two rather quickly. I get another in my phone box trap. Then, it's down to just me and the room host -- who's playing Vanessa. Finally find her in a cabin standing near a window behind the couch, DANCING. I circle around the couch, and she starts playing "All Around the Mulberry Bush" with the couch. I try knives. She dodges all. I try relentless pursuit. She evades. I try stopping and waiting. She frickin' DANCES. I even try walking out of the cabin and around the corner, turning on Stalk, then Morphing over to her -- but she slipped my grab and got around the couch again. More mulberry bush. This goes on for a LONG time. Time MUST be almost expired by now. Finally, I get as CLOSE to the couch as I can and do a hard grab with her on the other side, AND I GRAB HER!! Host: "Bull $#!%!! Bull $#!%!! BULL $#!%!!" I must tell you, I've never heard a more satisfying crunch as I did with her head. "You killed 8/8." Return to lobby. "LOADING . . . " "You were kicked. Host has left the game." Salty, salty, salty. Now mind you, I was MORE than happy to collect all that yummy XP for the repeated Jason kills. However, I wasn't going to be one of those guys they just came in and trolled. Purple Retro Jason took a big, hairy dump in their punch bowl and force-fed it to them. Then. I received a friend request from the host. Heh heh heh. So. How'd you spend YOUR weekend?
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    This is feedback on my observations of how Jason is selected and a possible fix. I may be incorrect on their implementation but if I'm right maybe this could help resolve the issue with Jason's less than random selection problems. This is more of feedback for Gun than a discussion topic but if you have additional thoughts on this issue feel free to post them. Without knowing what exactly they are doing with the Jason selection code it's hard to suggest a fix. But I'm guessing they are capturing a seed for each player on game initialization and use it to feed into the RNG every time Jason is rolled. The problem is if you feed the same seed into the RNG function everytime it will always give you the exact same numbers. This actually feel like what they are doing because lobbies always alternate between the same Jason players, while others never get it. I noticed if I reinitialise game after a few rounds of no Jason I'm more likely to get him. This makes me think this is exactly what is happening. If the rolls are out of 8 this is a likely scenario: So, if your seed rolls you an 8 you will always roll an 8. They may add a +1 for Jason preference and let's say a -2 if you were Jason previous round. This would basically allow the same few people to always be Jason, the negative would be to help keep the same player from being Jason twice but this still happens probably because the other players rolls are so low. Additionally they may be rolling an array of numbers say 3 numbers. So if two different seeds always roll an 8 as first number their second or third will most likely be different, but still those few with high initial rolls will be the ones who always get Jason, this would just be to resolve ties. The simplest fix in this scenario is to update every players seed at the end of each round with some arbitrary number. It could be their score, time survived, or simply a +1. Changing the seed every round would thus produce different numbers everytime Jason is rolled and actually be fairly random compared to how it seems now. There is obviously something wrong with the selection process and it should be addressed. Hopefully, this gives some insight on the issue if not and I'm completely wrong then my thoughts will only have wasted a few minutes of their time but if it helps them it's time well spent. Edit: Alternatively, they could assign each person a number as they join lobby(1-8) and then run one RNG function that spits out 8 numbers each player gets the number from the slot assigned to them. For the seed parameter just pass system time. This would make it fairly random too. This would keep players from being stuck with the same seed for the duration of their play. The only issue with this is that the is a chance to of the numbers could be the same. But if they generate a larger array of numbers say 24 and assign them correspondingly the likelihood of being deadlocked in a tie is less like. But even if it does happen simply run RNG again with the new system time, since time has passed since first run all New numbers will be generated. Also, the preference modifiers will need to be added. If numbers are out of 8 a +1 to Jason preference and x0 to counselor preference will keep those who want to be Jason happy and more likely to get their wish and make sure counselor preference is never chosen. The links below is an examples of a RNG. You can mess around with it and notice that if you pass it the same seed you will always recieve the same numbers. https://leventozturk.com/engineering/random/ https://stattrek.com/m/statistics/random-number-generator.aspx Additionly, when Xbox version first came out the game always crashed and because of this everyone would always be getting new seeds on restarting which made the Jason selection seem more random but now that it's somewhat stable the Xbox version is now seeing a pattern in the selection process. This just furthers my idea of what I wrote above and make me think that that is what is happening.
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    Everything you need to know is here - Counselor Combat: A Comprehensive Guide to Asserting Dominance Read, watch and practice and you'll be better at it than most of the players you see.
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    I guarantee more than you think.
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    I have had approximately 15 games since the nerf. Two of those games as Jason. The first as Jason, I got 4/8 as J8, my old main. This is where my ire comes from. I used to random select Jason, but if someone pissed me off, I switch to J8. So getting 4/8 with my main was infuriating to me. People in MY lobby taunted me saying I was a bad Jason, so I switched to J3 and wiped the lobby in my next Jason turn. The problem, though, was that getting that 8/8 was a CHORE. It wasn't fun. Not like it used to be. It was Boring with a capital B. I refuse to play the game until they fix what they broke. As a side note, I always tried to host and I never quit a lobby unless someone was cheating. So PS4 lost a good host, I guess.
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    A. You speak for no one but yourself. Get on social media...These comments are parroted everywhere. It's not the same handful of people who post here. B. Patience is wearing thin. "We're working on it" is cool for a couple of months. Not 6. Plus, I don't think dedicated servers are the fix people think they'll be. C. Game is terrific other than server/host issues? Are you high? Or just new? Near perfect? Fuck me... I think I know why you're smelling shit, and it has nothing to do with diapers.
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    Good points on both sides...Some of the things said towards the devs has definitely gotten out of line. But at the same time, at this point, a lot of it isn't untrue. People often go over the top to get their point across. Especially in this industry, and F13 has the added difficulty of appeasing to not only gamers, but Friday the 13th fans as well. I don't admire the position they've gladly put themselves in. As far as communication with the devs, I'd say it was on a high level pre-launch. One could pass it off as "yeah, they wanted our money" but that WAS the idea. It was a kickstarter game, after all. But I was especially impressed at things @wes said in several interviews. He showed a level of transparency and knowledge you rarely see. I'll see if I can find a great interview re: certification process and link it at the bottom of this...Anyways, things have understandably shifted towards focus on development over communication. But it would be nice to see a little more. Especially on the issues that get repeated the most. I think that's only fair. Hopefully that's where @ShiftySamurai comes in. We need a thread to address things like "Where we're at on Jason's grab" weekly. Even if it's a simple acknowledgement of the issue. All the top issues can be discussed in a place where we know devs read/post. We could use polls to determine the top issues at a glance. All that being said, I think the devs also have to realize that entering the longest stretch without a patch in a period where the game needs it more than it ever has - due to issues brought up in the last couple - is going to cause a lot of complaining. Simply put, the game isn't fun in this state. They've made the game not fun to play. Think about that. By adding costumes that should only be available a limited time, by adding dance emotes to troll Jason, by arming Jason with T-Rex arms and a pool noodle, these were all conscious decisions, that several people worked on. No one had any foresight? Won't even get into the bugs. The intentional stuff is bad enough. Great dudes...Everyone is human and says or does stupid things at times. Everyone needs time to get their shit back together and be with their families (or their guns), take vacations, etc. I understand. But again, to ignore the issues fans and backers are bringing up and posting those things on social media instead...by posting "Come vote for us for Best Multiplayer", you're inviting the negativity, and showing a perceived lack of focus. At the very least, appreciate your own privacy, or accept the consequences. The game still has a lot of potential if they can manage to turn things around. It would be another success story they could add to their growing list of accolades. But something has to be done and it has to be done quick - and correctly. They can't afford to have the game in this state over Christmas and into the new year. I'm rooting for them. I really am. But we've done our part - as selfish and entitled as it sounds - We funded the game. We played the game through a bumpy ass launch and gave this baby bird wings. We kept playing as things got less and less fun. But it's gotten to a point that instead of progressing, we're at a stage where most people laugh at Jason and no one wants to play him. Something is wrong here. We've done our part. It's their turn, and it's make it or break it time.
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    Starve someone for a while and then hand them some food. I highly doubt they will eat it will composure or grace. They will rip into it with little tact or civility. Such is human nature. The same can be said here. Community engagement and interaction is far too inconsistent. The community is tired of being ignored for long periods of time only to be met with a trollish(regardless if it was meant or not to be trollish, it was) reply. Then to be followed up with a tone deaf reply? I don't really blame people for being upset by it especially since some have been dealing with it for 6 months now. Again, regardless of how it was intended, you can obviously see the community is at a boiling point. It isn't just one person. It's multiple people across multiple platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and even here. That is a clear sign something is extremely wrong on the communication front. This isn't anything new and it has been a constant problem since day one. Community management has been awful for a while. It sucks for the new guy because pretty much he was handed a ticking time bomb that was already at 1 second and is being asked to defuse it. Pretty shitty thing to do honestly. Ignore/Dont actively engage the community for 6 months so they are extremely frustrated and then pass it off to someone else while washing your hands clean of it.
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    That's it! I've had it! I'm never gonna dance again, these guilty feet have got no rhythm. Though it's easy to pretend, I know you're not a fool... WHAM!!!!!!
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    Welcome to the forums! Is that moustache on loan from Markiplier? Hope things are going well for you on the live streaming front. If you're interested in finding new players from here, a good start is the general Steam Id and Gamertag thread pinned to the top of this forum. There are some groups around too you might like, such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum, but the tag thread is always worth checking out.
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    There is just a wide range of people playing. We now have casuals, hardcores, newbies and vets. This kind of discrepancy isn't because of patches. The game had been out for a while and then went physical right around busy season. If I play ten games, I encounter all types of players as both Jason and counsellors. I think people like to be overdramatic when it comes to jason's nerf and the patches. Yeah, he was nerfed, and yes he didn't really need it, but we are also seeing better counsellors (and worse counsellors who are lambs for the slaughter). The player base is all over the map right now. Blaming a reduced grab range (that was necessary but overdone-causing new problems) for the state of the game is ridiculous and people need to stop. It certainly contributed to the problems, but those problems aren't the signs of doomsday. We're looking at molehills, maybe large ones, but they should not be mistaken for mountains. Noone is blind to the fact that Jason was nerfed or blind to the fact that he was nerfed too much even, but the devs didn't make him this weak dandillion (some people) are claiming. His grab and the new item icons maybe cost me 1 kill per match or less. In fact the item markers even help my Jason game in some ways, so I pretty much call that a wash. I could side with the Jason needs a buff crowd but many of them are so overdramatic I would rather side with the Jason's grab is perfect now crowd. If we are honestly and subjectively looking at the issue without overvaluing our own opinions and playstyles, we should be able to acknowledge that the truth is in the middle. Niether side is the right or wrong side. Rather the devs should learn from both arguments. If I miss a grab on a counsellor, not relying on grab as much has improved my Jason game in all other areas so I can usually still kill that counsellor. Wouldn't it be awesome if in private lobbies his grab range was on a slider? Max would be vacuum like before, low would be like it is now... And public lobbies would be auto set to the middle. If it was my game, that's how it would be.
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    Damn I'm glad I wasn't drinking hot coffee or soda when I read this or my sinuses would have been on fire from blowing that shit out my nose.
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    Traps under open second story windows. When it plays, it wins big.
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    HURRY UP, developers! Prioritise this issue! This needs to be resolved!
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    Did I ask for your backstory? I just want them to get on top of things, I paid for the game, I expect to be able to play it, but these inexperienced developers have sabotaged this... multiple times, and now, can't do anything! The last line of your message made me laugh. Good for you.
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    I can't take this! It's soooooooooo unfair! People who's unlocked all of the achievements deserve better! Apparently, getting 100% was a mistake. This needs to be fixed ASAP, better be priotised.
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    All it takes is timing. Learn how before calling for serious changes that fuck up the game.
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