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    ....'cause you gots no periods. Edit: It's a punctuation joke...and a corny one at that, because I have no interest in getting in a pissing match with a new forum member about whose Jason is bigger.
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    This will be locked RIGHT after @JPops comes in here and tells us that dedicated servers are not an easy task and that they are on their way. Seriously, though; Gun said they'll be implemented by the end of September/beginning of October and have not said a single word about it since. JPops, I know you have faith in Gun Media (for whatever reason), but I think an update from the company is long overdue. It's weird.... It's like Gun Media doesn't give a fuck about their player base or something.................
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    they're quickly reaching the point of no return and if they keep on keepin' on, they can say buh-buy to their game. i hate to sound so negative but let's be realistic here: there's only so much players are gonna deal with before giving up for good. if it wasn't for the f13 franchise being attached, this game would have been dead after the first month. it's too bad, too, because this game is so close to being totally kickass. players taking breaks from this game until the next patch will turn in to players that never come back if the next patch doesn't address most of this stuff and address it SOON™ (and, like, ACTUALLY soon, not mythically soon.) this whole thing is only made worse by ignoring the situation. when people don't feel their voices are being heard they get even more upset. i still think most of the hate could have been avoided if they just spent a few minutes a day interacting with their audience but they're chosen to keep quiet and let people run with the anger that is created by their silence. i decided to spend my time here because it was way less negative and snarky then the other forums and now every other thread is someone complaining. it's really too bad. THE COMMUNITY IS REALLY THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME AROUND AT THIS POINT.
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    i love the seasonal clothes i love getting different clothes so you look different in your own way and not like the seven other chads that your helping bat spam jason
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    If I had to guess. Jason express pass - 5.99 a month get priority selection as Jason It's cold out here kit - 1.99 for 3x one time use of start with Pamela's sweater perk Dedicated servers - 9.99 a month, you keep xp after Jason rage quits AAA - 48.00 a year, start game with car repaired and a spare key
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    Pretty much covered everything there, although I would like to add clothing and emote settings reset to default. Otherwise, as @j03audettesaid everything else is the same.
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    I did not suffer any sorts of problems, everything transferred over properly as if it was the same game. Level(XP), CP, kills, perks, tapes and all previously bought DLC, even trophies properly connected together since I ended up getting both the trophies for playing 500 times as Jason and killing 666 counselors shortly after starting to play exclusively with the physical copy. The only thing that was reset was the Jason kill slots and perks slots for counselors. I had to re assign them. Plus the settings/options was reset to default, simply had to change those back to my liking.
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    Oh look....another self proclaimed golden video game God. Here's your golden joystick. I'd tell you what you can do with it, but I'm sure you can read my mind.
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    Yea, I wouldn't try it if I were you. It looks like you have enough trouble writing simple sentences. Go back and read your shit and maybe you'll understand why people think you're retarded.
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    I have some ideas for making jason scarier and more interesting to play and play against rather than simply reverting to the previous patch (please read all suggestions before having a tantrum) I have made these suggestions based on the fact they would be incredibly easy to implement programming wise, time wise, and money wise (pennywise?): 1.Different Jasons should have different grab distances, maybe the ones that walk can have a longer grab distance. (However probably still LONGER than the CURRENT PATCH grab distance for the runners). This makes the walkers more scary than they currently are compared to the runners, the walkers will have a big advantage INDOORS. Maybe to compensate for the runners, the cone for the runners could be slightly wider than the walkers, however grab length seems more useful than width overall. 2. Landing a throwing knife on someone should temporarily slow them based on how far away it was thrown. The throwing knife should be a GAP CLOSER and NOT just for DAMAGE. (I don't think i would be able to sprint with a knife buried in my back or ass). This will put more pressure on counselors to use med spray more often. 3. Some jasons will have +(weapon bleed) as a perk(all jasons have SOME weapon bleed), in which people who are struck by his main weapon will continuously lose blood(take damage) until they stop moving for a period of about 6 seconds. This seems to be one part of the solution for fixing part 7 jason. This creates more importance on getting to the safety of indoors quickly and makes the chase more thrilling. Movement will not be effected while bleeding out. 4.Jason during rage needs way more buffs: currently his rage just induces him getting beat down as he busts through a door: -All positive perks for that jason are increased (besides binary perks like can run). This means that part 7 can see counselors from further away with sense, and also means that jasons that CAN run receive slightly less advantage during rage. -throwing knives have a 25% chance to instant-kill on hit (like in the movies) 5. You can still die with a pocket knife based on how high your composure is. 10/10 composure and you will always survive the grab with pocket knife. Do you want to risk dancing in front of jason with that pocket knife? Now that's scary! An unused pocket knife can be salvaged by your team. 6. Each consecutive blow on the same counselor from jason will do more and more damage. Being hit will not only temporarily decrease your hp but reduce your chances for long-term survival. Being hit by jason for the 4th time will kill you instantly, regardless of your current hp. Traps, melee attacks, and throwing knives all subtract one point from your 4 lives. Climbing through or jumping through broken windows, or jumping from second story will not affect your 4 lives. 7.Jason should be able to hit people more easily who are standing close enough to the window that they can hit him. If you want to play window battle games you will risk being hit. Players who are climbing through windows will not be affected. 8. De-masking a jason will give him rage. Hurray for low hp jasons! 9.Jason should be able to choose whether he wants sense or stalk as the 2nd ability before the game starts in customization. If stalk is chosen 2nd, sense comes as 4th ability. An idea for players who are more skilled. contemplative EDIT (of more complex improvements that would require more time/money to implement): 10. Window frames will be highlighted so that jason can be prompted to "hunt" on the window. This "trap" will be activated after a couple seconds and characters that approach the window will be grabbed through it. Jason will be standing next to the window while hunting, not in front of it. Thank you for all your extra suggestions/comments below on this topic!
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    Jason's Sense Ability (as it is now) totally ruins the stealth gameplay and makes Composure,Stealth and especially Crouch walking quite useless.The biggest problem is,in my opinion,the range this ability gets during Rage.It would be great if the developers could apply one of the following suggestions: 1. The range of this ability should increase over time as normal,but in its final stage,it should only cover about 25-30% of the entire map.If the counselors are scared,the range will increase as normal(it may exceed that 20-30%) and therefore they will be detected more easily.In order to compensate,counselors will receive no Stealth bonus when Rage becomes active.During Rage,the cabin where the counselors are hiding should still glow red if Jason is close enough. This would determine Jason to rely more on noise pings and make Stealth,Composure and Crouch walking more viable. 2.Counselors will only glow red if their Fear is above a certain level,for example >30-50.In order to balance things,Jason's Sense ability should now cover the entire map since the very beginning.Also,counselors should receive no Stealth bonus during Rage.(Optional:seeing a dead body would make a counselor glow red for a while if Jason is using Sense,until their Fear decreases). This would make chiefly Composure more operable and encourage Jason to destroy the power boxes.Also,perks such as Night Owl,Nerves of Steel,etc. are now more influential. 3.Whenever Jason uses Sense,even just for a couple of seconds,it should be depleted completely. Sorry if this has already been requested before.
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    Pocketknives, we love them as councilors and hate them as Jason. I've been mulling them over recently and have come to the conclusion that they are VASTLY overrated. They are good for two things; escaping Jasons grasp and disarming traps. Lets break those down. Firstly, you have the obvious use, the get out of jail free card. People will rarely use their knives for anything other than this, but really, what's the point? People get a false sense of security from knives, it makes them cocky, comfortable, able to dance in Jason's face without a hint of regret. It plays into the 'scooby-doo' dilema. This is a horror game, it's meant to make you feel on edge, afraid, paranoid. It's meant to get the blood pumping. If all of that can be countered by a flimsy flip-knife, then there's a problem. If you're one of those people that treat a pocketknife like it's the holy grail, then let me ask you something. What happens after he grabs you? If he can grab you once, he can do it again. Without your knife, you're back to being a juicy teenage delicacy and he's still coming to carve out a slice with his machete. You're just prolonging the inevitable. There are already ways to escape his grasp, or even avoid getting grabbed in the first place. As with any horror game, the more ways you have to escape the monster, the less intimidating it becomes. Pocketknifes are a lone wolves best friend, and lone wolves should have it rough. If you want to survive, you need to work together, grab save eachother, distract him so your friend can regen stamina or heal. Allow me to shamlessly quote GOT here, "the lone wolf dies but the pack survives". Then there's the second use; disarming traps. Doubtless the devs made this only possible with a knife for balance reasons. The problem is the above, people are selfish with knives and if you're not, you'd better hope you're lucky enough to find one. I'd say that disarming is their REAL use, if you pocketknife Jason, he's back to being Jason again in 5 seconds. If you pocketknife a trap however, it stays disarmed. Yes you can disarm traps with a spray, and honestly that needs fixing somehow, but ideally you'd want to do it silently. In my opinion, Jason should be able to reset traps that were triggered by foot, this implies that you didn't see the trap and it's working as intended. Disarming a trap would be like sabotaging it, rendering it useless. Replace pocketknives with a QTE based on composure to disarm, or just a general, medium-difficulty QTE. It would also add a second layer or difficulty to the police escape, because lord knows that's technically the easiest, even without the cop perk. People would have to group up and work together to survive, lone councillors would likely die as would anyone who meets Jason in a 1v1 scenario. People would no longer stop and taunt at the exit or risk getting shift-grabbed. The knife badge could also be replaced with a 'saboteur/traps disarmed' badge. TL;DR: Removing Knives would add to the feeling of horror and helplessness, remove the false sense of security and overconfidence, reduce the amount of dance parties at the cops and encourage people to work together to survive, and to actually escape when given the chance. (Sorry if there's any grammar/spelling errors btw, I'm on mobile.)
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    In a patch not too long ago he had an even faster recovery time. There was a time where you couldnt even pick your weapon back up after using a PK because the stun times were so low. It was the same patch that made the +Stun Resistance on Pt9 really noticeable, especially when he was hit with firecrackers. They were pointless against him. On the grease monkey nerf though, I think it was kind of needed. I had a yellow one and it was stupid fast. If you would have used an epic with a high luck character, like Ive seen some streamers use, the car was almost instant. It was bordering on how ridiculous old Thick Skinned used to be when the epic was 40%. Old Thick Skin you didnt even need Medic you recover from tanking traps or jumping out of second stories. It was fun and nice while it lasted, but anyone who thinks it wasnt overpowered is lying to themselves.
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    I bought both the digital and physical versions. Upon installing the physical copy it would not allow me to join invites from friends while on the physical copy and gave me a prompt to switch to the digital version everytime. A friend of mine told me that I needed to delete the digital version for it to work. So I deleted it and it's been working perfectly fine every since.
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    Jason's grab was fine before the last patch.
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    Are you retarded?
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    Are you post-menopausal?
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    My suggestion is that if you find a duplicate tape, let the other counselors know it is there. Share the wealth. But, that is just the way I see it.
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    This is one of my favorite things to do when playing as one of the athletic counselors. One whack with the baseball bat followed by a think emote and now I've got a Jason on me for fifteen minutes.
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    Dude! Sentences! All your posts are like this garbled heap of words!
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    No it's not a bug. That's me. I was in the lobby as "hell yeah dude". I've gotten so good at the game that I count as 8 kills now.
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    i played from 8:30 pm to 12 am. almost ever match ended with a host quitting, connection to host lost or connection time outs. trolls were everywhere. it was infuriating. i don't get a lot of free time and there are a lot of things i can do with it when i have it, yet i keep coming back to this game... but i can't keep doing it if 3.5 hours of gaming is gonna equals about 40 minutes of completed games.
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    Jason 7 used to be really awesome to use. Then he started posting on the forum without using the search and they took all his abilities away.
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    Found this reply to me when the bloody skins were just announced. ALL PHYSICAL backers are owed this DLC. So they either give it to the PC backers, or they lied. Plain and simple. Here ya go.....
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    This is a subject that has come up a few times and one I think should merit genuine discussion. First of all I love the game and don't want this to come off as a whine or complaint, but it is something I'm hoping to see addressed but am worried that it won't be. This game is painstakingly faithful to the franchise, and that's half the reason we all love it, but the recent Halloween DLC among a few other niggling things are worrying me that this is about to change. You see the Summer Camp '84 clothing perfectly suited the franchise (Chad's tiger prints aside) and made for good aesthetic addition, then the Halloween pack came along, and now I can't play a game without all LaChappa's being dressed as Andre the Giant and Kenny in bright pink police shorts among other things. This is beginning to unravel all the hard work you guys have put into the franchise immersion. I've heard complaints about Retro Jason's inclusion, and whilst I understood them I actually didn't mind him as at least he was a faithful recreation of a piece of the franchise history, I was actually more bothered about Part 9 having a big woodman's axe when his incarnation only ever held a machete. But with Xmas around the corner I can see Chad dressed as an elf, Tiffany as a Reindeer, LaChappa as Santa or a giant Snowman or something and I'm concerned, especially when there are so many other low-key, effective, immersive options. Options like winter coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, maybe a few Xmas lights, trees or egg-nogs placed in the cabins, seeing breath leaving mouths. At a push perhaps one tacky Xmas jumper, snow if it's possible but it's probably a really big ask. It's the same for Valentines Day, etc. We don't want Chad dressed as Cupid, Tiffany in lingerie (as much as it pains me to admit that), etc. Or at least I assume we don't, I guess the replies will see. Whilst all these things make me laugh the first time I see them, it's a fleeting cheap laugh that won't last the same way that your dedication to atmosphere will. Again I'm not looking to complain, I love the game, but I hope to see more 'Camp Crystal Lake' councillor shirts from the movies, and less 'Bugsy as a giant turkey for Thanksgiving!'
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    I like everything that you've suggested, however, for this one specifically the part highlighted I do think that when they slowly climb through the window Jason should be able to hit them with a regular melee swing and knock them out of it just like you could before, while with the quick dive that bubble preventing Jason to break the window needs to be removed so Jason can quickly break the window while the counselor is still on the ground and deal damage from the broken glass a lot like you could before. For the first part I like it but would also like to see a grabbing system implement much like the one for pulling counselors out of the car. If they are standing right by the windows(open or closed) a prompt to reach inside and pull them out or vice versa, appears and Jason pulls them out. If the window is closed, he break through it in the process. A quick skill check mini-game with one skill check depended on the counselors composure could even be added to give counselors a chance at escaping it.
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    Jason should have the option to reverse a counselor's attack for an instant kill. It shouldn't go into a grab. It should go straight for the kill, bypassing pocket knives. You can have 3 or 4 stock reversal animations for all Jason's. Or incorporate existing quick kills like the head punch. Or Jason grabs the counselor's weapon and turns it around on them. Obviously it'll depend on the timing of the Jason player so it won't completely deter counselors from hitting him, but it'll be enough to make a counselor player think twice.
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    Mother. She just sits there in the shack cheering from the sidelines and never helping while her disabled child is physically beaten on and taunted by the camp counselors. She probably watched him drowned too out of the kitchen window and just blamed the counselors because she was too lazy to give more than just verbal encouragement.
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    Aj does it all & looks good doing it even dying. Tiffany has the most watched booty
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    This unfortunately would be abused. If I host in quickplay what is going to stop me from kicking Jason to end the match quickly? Nothing. Repeat that until I get Jason. Don't care if they quit on me. I'm the host. I get the progress towards 1,000 matches as Jason if the match ends at the start or 20 minutes later. Keep doing that and ruin the game for everyone. Vote to kick would kill off Friday The 13th on consoles. We don't have dedicated servers. It would only make sense to add that for PC only. I would be happy I don't have to deal with it on Xbox One.
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    Please refrain from posting In such a way to antagonize others. It is a violation of forum rules.
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    That's great man. I know that a lot of people play the game for achievements. My goal with this game has always been just having fun with individual matches. I don't have much time to play, so it is really just a way to have fun with the limited time I have off.
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    I found all Pamela tapes as well and been finding tapes like crazy the past few days. I let anyone on the walkie know where the tape is to loot it or if my buddies are nearby I tell them to take it. Tommy tapes I cannot seem to find, I believe yesterday was the first Tommy tape I ever found.
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    Fastest way,do a private match with 1 friend in a short map,much fast,and pray.
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    Still don’t know how all these people are finding all these tapes. I still only have one.
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    Most likely they are referring to CP for new kills or clothing. I doubt they would be so bold as to tell everyone to save up their money for DLC, that would be quite a slap to the face to many people.
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    I don't recall using the word "hate" at any time nor in any context. As for the Devs being made aware of concerns, that's 90% of the reason pissed-off players are still replying in this thread; to make sure they know how badly they fucked things up. Also, I'm not "losing my shit". The vast majority of negative comments in here probably wouldn't even have been posted if the Devs had actually bothered to touch base and let us know they're aware of the problem. Instead, they've been stone-walling us this whole time without so much as a peep, which has definitely made things worse because it gives the impression they simply just don't care. When THIS Jason..... is a bigger, scarier threat than THIS Jason, you have truly fucked things up.
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    Also I think if all 7 counselors Escape by the cops this would be a great cut scene for them to show at the end of the game
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    I understand the game's been made by a small team, which does let them off the hook a little when it comes to some of the mistakes they've made, but they have messed up quite a bit at times. Here are the lessons I hope they've learned: Never offer mechanically unique content as an exclusive - only cosmetic: The Savini uproar was less about the skin, and more about the gameplay implications. People may envy an unobtainable look, but they hate what can be percieved as an unobtainable advantage. You'd have got just as many pledges based on the skin alone - as stuff like TF2 shows, people love cosmetic-only stuff just to peacock. It didn't need to play uniquely. Stop teasing things too early: Hype can only be sustained for so long before it collapses over time, especially with open-ended dates, and just leads to annoyance. The roadmap is great - actual information with a vague timeline. The endless blue dot bullshit for Paranoia not so - no information or timeline for months on just breeds contempt. A surprise is better than a tease. The former feels like an unexpected gift. The latter an irritating taunt. Nothing should be explicitly teased more than a week or two before it drops. Test your damn updates: It's simply unforgiveable that every new update breaks something that used to work. Have some professionalism and pride in your work. Your "we're just a small studio!" goodwill that makes people willing to effectively be beta testers post-release only goes so far, especially after selling millions of copies, and your game's been out for nearly 6 months. Stop wildly tinkering with the game's mechanics and balance: Adjusting things slightly in response to feedback is fine. Drastically the nature of the game 5 months in with a feature nobody requested (item marking) at the same time as making multiple severe nerfs to Jason is not. It's too much at once, and if you screw it up, it can ruin the game for a good month before you get the next update completed. If you have a winning formula, step lightly, canvas opinion in advance, and make changes one at a time, and only in increments. People are happy with evolution. Less so sudden and unexpected revolution.
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    I expose rats in the lobby as soon as I get out of the match if I am Jason. They get embarrassed and leave. I do enjoy Jenny though and hiding when you hear Jason music is a good tactic in the early going of a match. I run Restful, Home Body and Marathon on her and she does alright. Considering strength only matters if your killing Jason Jenny's high luck makes her a decent fighter. In my opinion if you go from cabin to cabin hiding for a minute at a time she is also a great scout on a good team.
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    We're incredibly far away from anything happening in this area of the forum, but we want you guys to be aware that we're going to be doing quite a bit of things to engage with you guys; from devs vs fans to just about anything fun we can think of. Prizes, glory and lots and lots of trash-talk are going to happen here! Be on the lookout in the coming months!
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