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    Apply the animation of dragging someone out of the car to windows and furniture, this would prevent people from hitting Jason through windows and running around tables/sofas. I'm a kiter and whilst I don't play ring-around-the-rosie, I do hit Jason through windows. His stun times are so low that it doesn't really do anything for me other than regen stamina (which I can get via hitting him when he breaks the door). I mostly just do it because... well, I can. If Jason breaks a window and a councilor is standing too close, he should get a 'grab' prompt wich allows him to drag them out car-grab style. There's already an animation for it, so why not utilise it some more? In DbD, the killer can 'catch' people climbing through windows/vaulting over pallets. Instead of having an invisible wall that prevents Jason from touching a councilor that's slowly climbing through a window, give him a prompt to grab them mid-climb. This would cause more people to jump through windows instead of leasurely crawling in as Jason watches, unable to act. Another (perhaps less viable) idea was to apply the same to furniture. instead of having Jason be able to break it, he simple drags the councilor over it if they're close enough.
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    i think the next clothing pack should be crystal lake counselor oufits
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    This is a subject that has come up a few times and one I think should merit genuine discussion. First of all I love the game and don't want this to come off as a whine or complaint, but it is something I'm hoping to see addressed but am worried that it won't be. This game is painstakingly faithful to the franchise, and that's half the reason we all love it, but the recent Halloween DLC among a few other niggling things are worrying me that this is about to change. You see the Summer Camp '84 clothing perfectly suited the franchise (Chad's tiger prints aside) and made for good aesthetic addition, then the Halloween pack came along, and now I can't play a game without all LaChappa's being dressed as Andre the Giant and Kenny in bright pink police shorts among other things. This is beginning to unravel all the hard work you guys have put into the franchise immersion. I've heard complaints about Retro Jason's inclusion, and whilst I understood them I actually didn't mind him as at least he was a faithful recreation of a piece of the franchise history, I was actually more bothered about Part 9 having a big woodman's axe when his incarnation only ever held a machete. But with Xmas around the corner I can see Chad dressed as an elf, Tiffany as a Reindeer, LaChappa as Santa or a giant Snowman or something and I'm concerned, especially when there are so many other low-key, effective, immersive options. Options like winter coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, maybe a few Xmas lights, trees or egg-nogs placed in the cabins, seeing breath leaving mouths. At a push perhaps one tacky Xmas jumper, snow if it's possible but it's probably a really big ask. It's the same for Valentines Day, etc. We don't want Chad dressed as Cupid, Tiffany in lingerie (as much as it pains me to admit that), etc. Or at least I assume we don't, I guess the replies will see. Whilst all these things make me laugh the first time I see them, it's a fleeting cheap laugh that won't last the same way that your dedication to atmosphere will. Again I'm not looking to complain, I love the game, but I hope to see more 'Camp Crystal Lake' councillor shirts from the movies, and less 'Bugsy as a giant turkey for Thanksgiving!'
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    The developers have an obligation to respond regardless of the amount of hatred & negativity. Why do you think people on this forum are so disrespectful & rude? It’s because this company is negligent & incompetent. Tho they spend ample time chatting it up on reddit discussing even the female counselors butt sizes while ignore the serious problems occurring within the game that we discuss on here. A lot of the game breaking issues would be so much more tolerable if the dev simple said “we are working on it” or “we are aware of the issue”. There customer service support is absolutely garbage. Most the problems that exist aren’t acknowledged. How painful is that as a player knowing a game breaking issue exists & the developers won’t even acknowledge they are aware of the problem. How extremely unprofessional is that? Acknowledging the issue let’s us as players be aware that the devs know there’s a problem. It provides comfort in knowing that something sometime soon may be done about it. Not speaking of it leaves us thinking it may never be fixed at all.
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    A friend of mine compared this game to a restaurant that has amazing food but really shitty service.
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    Always that one guy trying to fix a car as Tiffany and your just standing next to him as Deborah.
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    https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=hcOQbCJQmx8 Just wondering if anyone else does this with their gameplay recordings, Here's one I made recently of American Nightmare from the Misfits. Hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for helping me work out the file size goes to @pioneer67fkd
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    so let me get this straight so i understand, OK so backers disc copies were delayed so they could the slip cover, but nobody has gotten the covers or steelbooks cases yet? but its only supposedly affect a small number of people? its that right? if so, seems like the glue issue was somebody was huffing it all
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    I'e been saying this since Day 1. The 1958 Crystal Lake yellow tops and black shorts like in the prologue of Part 1. Seems a no brainer.
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    lol...nothing more disappointing than opening one of these as a kid and finding everything but cookies. My grandparents had one full of dead batteries.
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    Nope people on here fall into two catergories. They either complain about the game or they complain about the people complaining. You know why people don’t offer ideas? It’s because no ones listening. Specially not the devs. Ideas are for reddit. The forums are for bans, suspensions, & locked threads.
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    I've been excited for customization since the beta, but I've been kinda disappointed w/ the DLC outfits- I was hoping they'd include more references to the movies, but I guess that just wouldn't sell as well. As much as I love my speedo Chad, he's really only for bm and memes. Something like this for Jenny would be be different from her current outfit and still fit in the trope. And what a waste we don't have this for Vanessa it's athletic. They could've put Jones on the back. Again fits in the trope but offers a totally different silhouette. Kelly Hu as deb Eva from part 8. That outfit screams awkward nerd to me- would've been perfect for Deb. If they still wanted to go """sexy""" (sry maddy) they could've given Deb Maddy's David outfit. YOU GET THE IDEA These wouldn't have been as immersion-breaking and would have been a cool reference to the movies. I don't think you have to pay for outfits like you do an actor's likeness. But instead we have jenny in the saddest excuse for a costume ever (not wonder woman?? not something vaguely-Leia?) and stripper Kenny
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    Based on a couple of forum interactions that you did not find amicable? I've talked with @Tattooey at length ranging from F13 to his business trips. He has always, without exception, been friendly, grounded, and easy to chat with. Oh yeah, I also have logged many hours of game time playing with him. Tatt certainly cares about this game and goes out of his way to be helpful. As @TheHansonGoons noted he even helped set up the Good Sportsmanship Club to counteract the negativity people had been experiencing and offer an outlet for fun/friendly play. He is blunt and to the point. I tend to give measured responses and interject humor. We all communicate differently, but based on actually knowing where he stands and how he acts, I can tell you that your impression of him is inaccurate. He is neither toxic, nor poo-pooing the game. He is showing people his opinion on how things could be improved if we look to other examples people see as successful. If you choose not to like Tatt, that is absolutely fine, but save your warnings and let people make their own decisions. All evidence points to the contrary of your subjective assessment.
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    What a stupid post
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    There's that one guy (me) who earnestly repairs things, even playing as Vanessa, while the rest, even Deborahs, Adams, Foxes, AJs and Lachappas are doing fuck all.
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    There's always that one guy who follows you into cabins and tries to loot drawers you're going for when he could be in his own cabin right next to you.
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    Lol, or the one guy eating in his mic like a cow.
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    Still my favorite squeaker vid:
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    So playing a random quick play match I ended up in a lobby of stoners and kids. The first match was ok. Escaped via the police. I was the only survivor. The next match starts. One of the squeakers get Jason and proceeds to tunnel me the whole match. After chasing me for five minutes an argument insues between the host stoner and one of the squeakers after Jason finally leaves me alone. It is over the boat propeller. I suspect that the squeaker in question was in helping Jason because he ran the propeller from Blare's Cove to Higgins Camp. All the while the stoner in a very HIGH tone of voice keeps saying. "Gimmie the propeller man." "Gimmie the propeller." "Gimmie the propeller you dumb ass." "Why won't you drop the propeller man." "Please drop the propeller." "Fuck it." He quit and killed the lobby. I laughed my ass off.
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    Every Game I play (on PS4) it's either: -the Host is leaving after he dies and therefore ruining the fun for all the others -the Host is leaving because he is not Jason and ruining the fun for all others -2-3 other people leaving because they are not Jason and making it harder for all others -People teaming up with Jason as Counselor and ruining the fun of all others -having very bad pings to the host making it impossible to play on a good level This Game could be so good but it is actually the worst i played in a long time! Why not have Servers / Hostmigration ? Why do you allow Parties to be Jason or not having separate Session search for Jasons & Counselors ? It's not like Friday the 13th is the first asymetrical Game out there... There are lot of other Games who did at least the "how to avoid teamsters" thing right like Evolve, Dying Light, Dead by Daylight and so on. Why not learn from them? At it's current state this game is not playable (at least on ps4) except you want to be sadistic to yourself.
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    DLC I’m starting to notice that every dlc they bring out there is not much info and I feel like you guys should should update your website more often. And if you bring a dlc please atleast give us intel on when it may come out like “this fall”, or “this [month]” just something because it’s annoying checking your website everyday when you guys have not put a thing up there and you barely post on YouTube you mostly post all your stuff on Twitter. So please if you read this any staff member. . . Just answer this for me, thank you.
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    I think for the next clothing pack, they should do something a little more traditional and put the counselors in their uniforms - Yellow T-Shirts with "Crystal Lake Counselor" on the back, simple blue jeans, and tennis shoes. I think it seems like a really good idea and for customization you could change the shirt, pants, and shoe color. I think that is much more welcoming than seeing a giant bunny or fairy princess running around the map. Not that I didn't like the Halloween pack, it just kinda changed the mood for me. I know some people want to see a winter clothing pack, which seems kinda cool, but this idea just gets me excited even more. What are your thoughts? PS: I can't take credit for this idea. A Youtuber I watched the other day (can't remember his name) came up with it and I thought it was brilliant.
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    This game is the most awesome, fun, enjoyable, authentic, iconic, buggy, glitchy, broken pile of chocolate flavored shit I have ever played. I'm serious Windows 95 connects better then this game does. The server it runs on is a little better then two cups and a string. Friday the 13th The Game fucks up more then a retard trying to shit in a sink. But I fucking love it. The people in the Camp Crystal Lake Employment Agency are fun to play with. I love chasing people as Jason and being chased. I don't know man. Maybe I just love the punishment.
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    Just heard back from Randy. Just got done chatting with Randy. Here's the gist of the conversation. ME:Hey. I have never gotten a email notification about my product shipping out. This is what I am suppose to be getting. Physical Machete Steelcase Collectors Edition Rev. 2 of Friday the 13th: The Game - Xbox One Randy: Ok. I’ll check into what’s going on and I’ll ship it out personally on Wednesday if it hasn’t already been sent. Me:Will I get an email? Also, This version is the Steelbook version with the slipcover right? Randy:You should get an email as soon as it ships Yeah It will indeed have a slipcover Randy mentioned he just got back from Germany so he hasn't been able to see the posts. He said they had 12,000 backers and are packaging 1,000 a day. I mentioned for him to hit up the f13game reddit forum as some are unsure of what is going on. He mentioned that you should follow him and then tweet him so he can DM you. This is the best way to get ahold of him. I hope this helped everyone.
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    God forbid people get angry when things they have paid for aren't delivered after 3 delivery postponements.
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    Instead of labelling the concerns as negative and hateful, try debating them. If you feel they're incorrect, provide arguments and facts that support your position. Also, what @Tattooey said.
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    So if you backed at a normal physical level and have not received tracking, there is a good chance you never will. I contacted LR Games and there isn't much they can help with but she did say that they have shipped out everything except the games that require sleeves as they don't have those yet. And since we've seen the postings that regular physical backers aren't getting sleeves those must all be the steel book ones. Since we know that Gun NEVER responds to anyone, at least none of the emails I've sent have been replied to, that means we are most likely SOL and not getting what we paid for. So for the 100.00 I gave them I got the "exclusive" DLC that they leaked and a digital copy. I've got no physical to show for it, no exclusive kickstarter version of that physical and my name isn't in the credits like its supposed to be. Lesson learned I guess, I'll never buy anything from Gun or Illfonic again.
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    Do you have a screenshot of your scoreboard? The kills may have been "Versatile" kills and show up as such on your end score. We're looking into and working on the window system
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    Im confident virtual cabin 2.0 will be this month. Dont even think about delaying it a week for Europeans,haha !
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    I've been getting that one guy who says to you when you're Jason....."please don't kill me Jason...if you let me live I'll tell you where everyone else is on the map." That just makes me want to kill him more lol.
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    Like @RAGEVIRUS said, I'm not going to try and find another lobby when I'm lucky enough to find one with a decent ping. I'll look for another after someone kills the host and he leaves. Until then, hopefully some people will be able to learn a few things. When I see it's all lower levels in the lobby I try to adjust how I play. I don't need to stun Jason 20 times or loop for 15 minutes when I know it's his first time. I'll get him a few times and juke him for a while just to give him a chance to learn some techniques. If he never gets a chance to play against someone who's good at juking then he will never learn to combat it.
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    There's always that one.... You were kicked: Host left the game.
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    I like your thinking. But what would the REAL Jason do? Rather than smash it (like a video game character tends to default to), I think he'd THROW it out of the way. THAT would be very Jason, very Friday the 13th, and very awesome.
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    There is some caution being exercised I am sure. In past events, if an estimate was missed it was nothing but rage. Game development is very difficult and time tables can change drastically if something more pressing appears within that time frame. In online games like this, with AAA companies there is something called a "live team" or something to that effect. They monitor and make adjustments to the live game. That is their sole purpose which allows others in the background to work on additional content so errors that creep up so not impact the schedule. When you are dealing with a small indie group such things are not a luxury in which they are afforded. The team is what the team is. Some hires have been made since this game has first started out sure, however you look at developers in the industry putting out AAA games they have numbers in the hundreds. That's a lot of man power compared. Something can seriously creep up and alter ever thing. I'm looking at you memory leak. As I have said in the past and I will say again, a lack of news is not indicative of work not being done. I know everyone gets excited and wants more and wants it now. I would love to have all the teased stuff working and out right now but it is something that then it comes will be all that much better. I usually read these forums and see talk of "there hasn't been news in X days" I've been a part of a lot of gaming communities and there are AAA developers that talk to no one. I've always admired gun as they have made efforts to pass on information they can or tease something they are working on. This is not something you do not get most times.
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    I must agree with you it would be too OP.
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    Lmao, calm down little guy. Your “passion” is annoying. I agree with a lot of your points but you’re also clearly ignoring a lot of what makes DbD fun and not acknowledging anything that previous comments have discussed. As much fun as F13 can be, it can also be infuriating what with its glitches, trolls, connection issues, etc. One thing DbD has that F13 doesn’t is a cool system in place to keep the game fair, for example: it’s almost impossible to find a game where someone is WORKING WITH THE KILLER but in F13 it’s almost every other match where you have trolls teaming up with Jason. Needless to say this isn’t a thread about DbD fanboys and even if it was so what? You’re obviously a fanboy too, but I think it’s cool to be a fanboy. However, it’s not cool to be an ignorant, ranting, one sided fanboy. Contrary to popular belief, you ARE capable of enjoying more than ONE thing. You see, if you pay attention there is a poll at the top of the page asking which game people like better, and one if the options is BOTH. If you don’t like both that’s fine, if you like F13 that’s fine. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Just be a smart fanboy and acknowledge the competition’s positive qualities and be aware that the things you like may not be perfect. Simple really. DbD is a fun experience, and F13 is too. You should try and be more positive and less combative. I’m just a fan of the slasher 80’s movies and it’s fun to see ALL the horror icons come to life in video games. I like OG Freddy but I’m also glad he’s not gunna be in DbD cuz Freddy talks a lot and I don’t know if his usual antics would translate well in-game. Plus, 2010 Freddy wasn’t all that bad. I like Jackie Earle Haley and he was an intimidating Freddy Krueger in my opinion. 2010 Freddy was also in Mortal Kombat(2011) and I thought that was pretty cool. Too bad Jason was in Mortal Kombat X though, it woulda been cool to have a Freddy vs Jason rematch!
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    Playing in 4K doesn't provide any gameplay improvements, but the much more stable frame rate that the Xbox X provides does. Hardly worth $500 by itself, but it is something to note.
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    Even if they answer you will get one word. Soon..........
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    You actually are chosen to be Jason after about 5 to 6 matches. Shit, you should buy a lottery ticket. I’m lucky if I get him once in 3 hours or more. On topic this issue has happened to me god knows how many times. Happened two or three times in one match. Always when a counselor was attempting to climb through a window and I attacked. I would get locked in window break prompt but couldn’t do anything other than walk around and use an ability. I’d either have to be hit by a counselor or manage to grab someone for it to snap me out of it. Incredibly frustrating on top of all the other nonsense that happens.
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    The game is trash as of now. I got on last night played one game and quit. I was counceler against part 8 Jason the car started up too quick and so did the other a few mins after and this was at the beginning. Jason ended up quitting I don't blame him. Yeah this game just doesn't feel fun anymore it's to easy to get away from Jason you can literally run in circles around him.
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    Even though I have the spring break and halloween DLC's, I've been calling this since the start. As much as I love customes and the ability of changing clothes all the time, I'm hoping for clothing packs of regular, casual wear instead of more silly things. Also, I wonder what's gonna happen if we get the Grendel/Spaceship map... Will there be a pack of futuristic outfits...? And if there is, we will then see these counselors from the future at the summer camps...? That's even weirder.
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    Nah, dont see that guy very often.
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    @patrickgage27 There are multiple threads for general positivity. The search tool is your friend. Minimizing complaints and concerns because you disagree with them doesn't help anyone, including the publishers and developers.
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    There's always that one guy that gets resurrected as Tommy and ends up idle because he went for a smoke or a poop after dying.
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    There's always that one guy that runs off with the keys after I PUT THEM BY THE CAR FOR A REASON, BUGZY.
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    Just wanted to confirm again. I made a 3rd account last night and sure enough, it works perfect. So just to sum this all up. My account with all the achievements ALWAYS freezes when the end of match screen should display. But my other 2 accounts, both not having all the achievements. They both work perfect. So Rabid Anteater, I’m exactly where you are. I think the problem is most achievement/trophy hunters tend to move on to other games after 100% completion. That’s why there’s not more people posting about this. Edit: I submitted a ticked to Jason kills bugs, so I’ll report back what is said.
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    I'd rather have "premium kill packs" be included for all Jasons. Instead of $4 for one Jason, Make it $5 for all Jasons but maybe just 2 kills per Jason.
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    agreed.... i spend more on beer per day than the price of the dlc packs.... that said the host quitting has thrown me off the game. I still play it but not like before where this was the main game i play.... but yea... this games amazing and ur positive post has been acknowledged ^>^
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