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    Here I’m going to simply illustrate the major difference between two companies to show you how bad we are getting the short end of the stick. Dead by Daylight is a very simplistic game but however there are several aspects about the game that over shadow F13. For starters to name a few 1. You cannot see the killer’s gamertag until the game ends (so people don’t recognize a player) 2. You can repeatedly play as the killer (be the killer every single game) 3. The killer is awarded with XP for rage quitting survivors (more XP for a rage quit then a kill) 4. Killers actually have their own unique powers & upgrades (each killer has his own gameplay style) 5. Killer’s & Survivors have their own ranking system, perks, & consumables (acquiring rare perks is simple) 6. You are free to leave the game as soon as you die or escape (you don’t have spectate) 7. Servers are far more stable (you never crash or dashboard) 8. There are several maps to play (New maps added monthly) 9. Several unique killers to choose (no two killers are alike) 10. New killers released monthly (3 horror movie icons released in 2 to 3 month period) 11. Patches take days to weeks to release & fix (very quick & no painful wait) 12. DLC actually stays relevant to the games atmosphere & immersion (content actual adds replay value & longevity) 13. New patches & content is given a date (ETA is given) This is a small sample of the superiority of DBD compared to F13. ————————————————————————— Now Friday the 13th 1. You see the killer’s name (in fact random killer is broken since launch) 2. The game will rarely pick you as killer (it may pick you every other game or never) 3. No XP or points given to players who leave mid kill or at any time during the game (devs have yet to make any statement on a simple fix) 4. All the Jasons are different reskins (just different weapons & strengths/weaknesses) 5. Ranking system is complete garbage (new Jasons & different colors for same clothing & getting rare perks is nearly impossible) 6. Your stuck spectating the entire game (you sacrifice all your XP if you leave while spectating) 7. Stability issues get fixed only to come back (crashing, lagging, imbalances) 8. Only 3 maps (took 5 months for 1 new poorly designed map to release which basically is nothing more then recycled cabins, trees, & textures) 9. Quite a few Jasons to choose (all are currently imbalanced & don’t add different playstyle either) 10. 1 new Jason released in 5 months (garbage stats & competing with part 7 for worse Jason) 11. Patches are delayed a month or two (patches break more then they fix & another month needs to be spent to fix one simple problem but introduce 5 more issues) 12. DLC adds no replay value or longevity (instead caters to twitch streamers & youtubers) 13. No date or estimate is given (instead “Soon” & then random release with no prior warning) ————————————————————————— Why are these issues not addressed properly?
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    All the players who have "Never been killed by counselors, Uber skillz 8/8 Jason here" need to seriously stop playing against random server trash in Quick Play matches. Here's some advice, please find seven other friends who are just as good at the game as you are and invite them to private matches and play them regularly. I guarantee you will die on occasion as Jason. You WILL have to fight and handle multiple objectives being pressured simultaneously by seven players who ALL have mics and coordinate together, if you get demasked, you will not know they have the sweater until perhaps it's too late or you play passively and let them get cops / car situated. So many players on these forums that think they're hot shit or brag about going "godlike" as Jason in QUICK PLAY where the competition 99% of the time consists of: 1 - Random newbs who just got the game 2 - Counselors that dont work together / lone wolf / or troll 3 - People that don't have mics or speak the same language as the main lobby 4 - People that don't pick and choose counselors based TOGETHER as a team that complement each other for in-game 5 - Terrible ping connections that drops some players or players who rage quit or leave for not being Jason 6 - Players that don't know the map layouts by heart or item spawn / phone box patterns and memorization 7 - Players that don't abuse all the broken perks or top tier combination of perks for each counselor 8 - Players that don't know how to abuse trap tanking at both objective simultaneously with counselors Get over yourselves. You're not god's gift to this game and certainly will lose when playing against players just as good as you daily. You just don't get to play against amazing teams because Quick Play is terrible in that regard and this game has no Rank feature or mode for the hardcore players that want to play with other great experienced players.
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    If folks poke their head out of the Friday the 13th game circles, they'll find that this game is viewed as a joke and all of us here are riding on a sinking ship. I know people hate hearing stuff like that after personal and financial investments but it's a reality. Our community is divided by those who want a real horror/Friday the 13th experience and those who want new hairstyles and clothes. I get there are people who love cosmetics and micro transaction DLC but when we backed this game did anyone really worry about hairstyles or emotes or were we investing in an authentic Friday the 13th, horror experience? The answer is obvious. The direction we're heading in is slowly poisoning the game. I believe folks will get new hairstyles and clothes but the game will likely die in the process.
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    I'm 101 and am still undefeated as Jason as well; only a few have tried to kill me but they failed. Here's some tips: Combat stance. If there's more than 1 counsellor attacking you, use combat stance and block. Jason attacks faster than counsellors do and he can follow up with a faster counter attack if someone hits him with a weapon. You can also toggle combat stance on to keep facing your opponents and walk backwards whilst blocking. If they swing at you, you can block or sidestep it. Throwing knives. If gangs of counsellors are on you, use shift and get a bit of distance. They get confident when they're all grouped up together, so throw knives at them to whittle down health and spray reserves. Play sneaky. If you feel you're taking too many hits, get away from the counsellors and use stalk. Stalk is an excellent ability, and it will allow you to take out a few counsellors without any warning given to them. Basically (in-case you're unaware), stalk will remove chase music, footstep sounds and VHS video effects. Counsellors won't be able to tell you're shifting or are nearby unless they can actually see you. Bring in Tommy Jarvis. This one can be a little bit risky, but it can remove Tommy from the equation completely. Use tip #3 to kill 2 counsellors who are separated from the group. This will trigger Tommy to spawn if he has been called. As soon as you see he is in play, attempt to intercept him early. Make sure you still have your mask on if you go after Tommy rather than the sweater wearer. Remove the sweater wearer from the equation. Do anything you can; use up all your throwing knives, use traps and all your abilities and stop the sweater wearer early. When a counsellor enters the shack who doesn't have your mask in their inventory, you get an audio cue. It is Pamela saying "They're back Jason, don't let them find me!". That is your cue to morph back to your shack immediately, DON'T let the sweater wearer escape. Trap them using the environment if you can, but they mustn't get away with the sweater.
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    To add to @Tattooey's comments on DLC, and more particularly paid DLC, since I own both games: Dead by Daylight - A+ Michael Myers / Laurie Strode Leatherface Freddy Krueger / Quentin Friday the 13th - F Spring Break Clothes Halloween Costumes, including Goku, a bunny, princess dress, etc. 3 Grab Kills for Part IV Jason This doesn't include free DLC, which also favours Dead by Daylight. I paid 9 dollars for a clothing pack of recolours on Backerkit also- $9 dollars. It was a rip-off. You don't have to like Dead by Daylight to see it's actually catering to horror fans, instead of pandering to streamers and a small vocal group of cosmetic fanatics.
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    I think Caine Hodder doesn't have an opinion about the game, maybe Kane Hodder does.
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    Wel, first of all: - Jason was able bo break windows from every side without having to go into combat stance, he could do damage to counsellors while they were climbing through windows with the broken glass and his weapon. This was great and helped realism, also was just like in the movies. After one patch windows were unbreakable unless you press E to destroy them. Now you cannot destroy windows without combat stance and without being pulled too close to a windows - this creates an opportunity for counsellors to stun you every time from inside of a cabin. It's cheap. Furthermore while counsellors are climbing inside a cabin through a windows there is a brief period that you cannot go close enough - Jason is blocked by an invisible bubble and you cannot deal damage to a counsellor. They are abusing windows right now like crazy. - It was not so easy to take Jason's mask off before these terrible patches. Now all you have to do is to stun Jason with a group and deal damage at the same time. Mask will just fly off in seconds. It's so easy to kill Jason now. - You cannot put multiple traps on 1 objective anymore, since the traps do not stack anymore. I don't mind this change, but it did not bother me at all to be honest. I'm fine with the change as I was fine before when Jason could stack traps. However limiting trap stacking changes gameplay and takes away you ability to decide where and how many traps would you like to put. - Combat stancing doors was way better. It makes sense - you hit something - it breaks. Before the patches you could break doors in CS or by holding E. Most people were doing CS because it was faster. You can still do it but they limited the area doors react to your hits so CS does not always work. You can hear your weapon hit something but the doors won't break. - You could attack instantly after blocking - it was prime example of fluid controls, now you can't. - After counsellor breaks free by using a pocket knife the camera is sometimes zoomed to Jason's face and you have to swing your weapon to change the view angle. This is annoying as hell. It was not like that before the patch. It only confuses you and gives counsellor more time to escape. - Grab nerf was poorly implemented. Now there is no point in buying KILL PACKS or doing any enviromental kills since most Jasons are slashing now. This game should never promote slashing - they should rework their grab nerf and make grab duration much longer so that people playing Jason could have some fun and try to do enviromental kills instead of "head punch" and "choke" all the time, because the time of the grab is so limited on some counsellors. - Recent patches made the performance of this game terrible. Constant fps drops do not serve well when you drive a car or using shift as Jason. - There is so many bugs in this game most of them affect only Jason players: a) being unable to grab throwing knives, b)being unable to do an enviromental kills, because Jason is blocked by something, c) being unable to perform a kill on uneven ground, d) being unable to do anything unless someone hits you, e) being unable to do anything unless you go to the lake, f) being unable to kill a grabbed cunsellor unless you take him/her to a lake or someone hits you, g) and many many more annoying bugs :/
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    So, obviously the blue car is a 4 seater and the yellow car is a "2 seater" even though they're the exact same car. The only reason it can only hold 2 people is because there are boxes in the back seat. Realistically the counselors would just throw the boxes out and get in the back. So why not add an actual 2 seater to not only make it more realistic but also add variety. I personally like these cars Thoughts?
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    Dead by Daylight has one epic flaw that keeps me from playing it. The so called killers don't kill anyone. The killers hang them on The Entity's hook and The Entity kills them and draws them up into the sky. That is the one perfect reason why Friday the 13th is the game I play. I want to do the killing. In Dead by Daylight your the killer's helper. Not the killer.
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    @[IllFonic]CourierDoom is on the Switch. Is that not violent enough? Can we put Jason on the Switch now? I can't see how this couldn't work, but what the hell do I know? Doesn't the Unreal Engine support the Switch? I think Nintendo would be cool with it. Japan loves Jason. Turn the blood black, who cares!?! I know plenty of adults that play the Switch, some have kids some don't. So there should be enough of a market to sell it to even if it is a kid's console. Those kids gotta go to bed, and those parents can then grab their Switch and play some Jason. However long it takes to port. I'll wait 2 years. I don't care
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    It used to be. Now it's rabbits and sexy cops beating Jason up with frying pans and dancing over his body. That's why people are pissed off. I'm glad you enjoy the atmosphere, but it used to be 10x better when Jason was actually effective, and before all the ridiculous DLC. Every update takes the game further and further away from authenticity and into cash-grab, pandering, lowest denominator bullshit.
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    They should be different colors than the cars. I can't see if a trap I laid at the car has been set off by a knife because the car icons are red too. They should change one of the colors of either the traps or the cars.
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    There's some irony to the fact this game rewards you for making it to the highest level by making you unable to play the game...
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    I just got a lighter shade of pink for tiffany's shirt. Really made the trek to 101 worth it
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    I'm almost certain the only thing you DON'T get is the 500 xp for staying til the end. All XP and CP you gain in the match is added when you leave. Unless the lobby drops or the host quits. That's a different problem. All versions.
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    YOU WOULD BE WRONG SIR!! Michael myers can do an insta kill when he has his perk at level 3. Get the ultra rare tombstone offering and he can insta kill till the end of time. If anybody on here owns both games and an Xbox system and would like to play, you can message me for my gamertag. Always looking for a few more good friends to join my ever growing army of good gamers!
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    You're an awesome friend!
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    To be fair though, looking at the paid DLC types are much different too. Where DbD is making you pay for new survivors and killers, F13 releases them for free with new updates and offers cosmetic paid DLC instead. The DLC in F13 has no impact on gameplay, whereas the DLC for DbD are new characters that affect gameplay. I find that DbD has had more "cash grabs" by releasing popular horror movie killers instead of designing their own characters. I would rather see something unique that the team designed rather than just trying to pick up as many horror franchises as they can. For F13, we all knew that supporting F13 meant we would always get Jason because the game is specific to the F13 franchise. $9 is nothing to me. I gave my money to the team to support them and I have exclusive content because of it. If you feel as though you are getting ripped-off, maybe you should think twice before you support a kickstarter game again. Look at the full list of Paid vs. Free DLC for each game and tell me the differences. You want to play a new character in DbD? You better have $7 to do so. Dead by Daylight (released June 2016) Paid DLC 80s Suitcase - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - September 2016 Halloween Chapter - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - October 2016 Bloodstained Sack - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - November 2016 Of Flesh and Mud Chapter - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - December 2016 Spark of Madness - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - May 2017 Headcase - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - June 2017 Charity Case - Cosmetic Pack $4.99 - August 2017 Leatherface - Character Pack $3.99 - September 2017 Nightmare on Elm Street Chapter - Character/Map Pack $6.99 - October 2017 Dead by Daylight Free DLC Last Breath Chapter - Character/Map Pack - August 2016 Left Behind (PC Exclusive) - Character Pack - March 2017 Lullaby for the Dark Chapter - Character/Map Pack - July 2017 F13 the Game (released May 2017) Paid DLC Savini Jason (Backer Exclusive) - Character $6.00 - May 2017 Counselor Clothing Pack (Backer Exclusive) - Cosmetic Pack $9.00 - May 2017 Spring Break Clothing Pack - Cosmetic Pack $1.99 - September 2017 Dancing Emote Pack - Cosmetic Pack $1.99 - October 2017 Halloween Costume Pack - Cosmetic Pack $1.99 - October 2017 Part IV Premium Kill Pack - Cosmetic Pack $2.99 - October 2017 F13 the Game Free DLC Retro Jason - Cosmetic Skin (Soon to be Character) - June 2017 Retro Counselor Clothing Pack - Cosmetic Pack - June 2017 Small Maps (x3) - New Maps - August 2017 Free Emote DLC - Cosmetic Pack - August 2017 Bloody Jason Skins (Retail Edition) - October 2017* Counselor Clothing Pack (Retail Edition) - October 2017* Part IV Content Update - Character/Map Pack - October 2017 Fox Counselor - Character - October 2017 (*this DLC comes free with physical copies of the game)
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    Look at the Nintendo haters coming out of the woodwork.... In all seriousness though they have done quite a bit to get rid of that whole kiddie vibe that the Wii seemed to exude with DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 coming out. They just can't shake that whole late 80's, early 90's game censoring they were notorious for. The problem they had for the last few generations is little 3rd party support. Also; how on earth is the Switch not selling well? By all accounts its doing quite well from what I read out there...
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    Couldn’t possibly agree more. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been a lifelong fan of the F13 franchise, I would have abandoned this colossal turd a long time ago. I hope that if there ever is another game Sean S. Cunningham will give the license to a developer that actually knows how to make a game. And I pray that these hacks never get their hands on another horror franchise. Besides this game, Gun Media and Illfonic will never see a cent from me again.
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    DBD has had, what, a year head start? And, as the OP said, they don't play DBD as much as F13, and the grass is always greener. Sure, some people will prefer one game over the other, and some others will enjoy both (and some neither, too!). We could make a list of positives of F13 that stack up as negatives for DBD, but... it's just silly. Both have things going for them, for what they each are. And they are truly very different games. I am not convinced that the clothing packs and emotes are truly taking away the greater focus for the game, I'm not fan of the holiday and gimmicky themes. So far, I can't say it has ruined the game though (even though Retro Jason and costume parties could easily ruin my stylistic taste, expectations, and love of this franchise - I still haven't felt the game lessened while I play it - except when it is retro Jason, that does make it far less fun for me). I just think those packs are easier, quicker things they can deliver while they're working on deeper, harder coding stuff. That being said, I dislike the idea of them wontonly adding things that will degrade the overall atmosphere. The big awesome things of F13 are the sandbox style of play - it's more of a slasher simulator than a game. And, mostly, above and beyond other games - the fucking KILLS. You have to just enjoy/accept the game for what it is. Sure, there's more it could be, and might be eventually, but it is still something special as it is right now. I, personally, do want Jason to be more devastating in average-to-lesser skilled players, but he's still pretty damn powerful. And I want less silly DLCs and more authentic and atmospheric-minded DLCs. However, the only thing I really want them to focus on is continuing to smooth the game, fix the bugs, improve the product in those ways (including things like making a proper two-seater car, and fixing a few things that would make more sense). Still, the overall game is a classic, in my opinion. I like niche games. Not sure how popular this game will remain (I hope VERY), but I like games because they're fun, different, innovative, and provide freedom to improvise and create variables within the game itself - while still providing fun action. Anyway, maybe someone else would make a list the opposite way that the OP has... regardless, I'll hold this game up for its kills above the Moris and the entity alone. I feel like DBD is like a horror-ish sports game (fix generators while the killer tries to bring you to the entity's base). While F13 is a slasher simulator (stupid people run around doing stupid thiings while a vicious killer destroys them in creative ways). DBD is boxing, while F13 is a brawl. DBD is fencing, while F13 is a sword fight. Some will like the sport more than the sim, though. And that's fine.
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    The DLC killers in DBD are basically reskins. The character specific maps are basically reskins. Freddy, Leather and Myers never sent their victims up to an outer space crab creature. Dead By Daylight is like one of those local fairgrounds Halloween haunted houses. F13 is like a haunted house on the real movie set, with the real Kane Hodder. Not some cpu generated animation. Or the generic looking remake Freddy that no one cares about. DBD might have more going for it on pure gaming level, but it doesn't hold my interest long enough for me to recognize it. Hmm I wonder if Gun/Illfonic ever considered getting the rights for Freddy. I wonder if they ever conceived of a concept for a Freddy game.
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    Taunting happens in Dead by Daylight- definitely. Are you saying it doesn't happen in Friday the 13th? We do play Dead by Daylight. We just want Friday the 13th to stop dropping the ball so fucking much so we can play Friday the 13th again (or more often). What should we compare the DLC to then?
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    How are you catering horrorfans if survivors constantly taunt the murders in DBD? that´s like the opposite of horror. Also can poeple who love dbd so much that they want f13 to be like it pls go and play dbd. Comparing the dlc´s and listing the murders is also a bit like apples and oranges.
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    I disagree. I think F13 is too shallow and completely none immersive. Atleast the MP anyways. Im sure when the offline modes kick off itll be neat experience, but lets be realistic, name one no open world RPG esked non multiplayer that has great replayability? Theres isnt many. An once the novelty of the offline modes wear off its all up to the MP to keep the ship afloat. Atleast when i play DbD i know its up to my own awareness based skills and my own hiding choices that will lead to my survival an not how many times i can jump through windows and teabag. "They do that with pallets on DbD!!!" yeah but you can destroy them. An by leading survivors back to already pallet destroyed areas will lead to there inevitable deaths. Also i noticed up there someone mentioned that you cant see the killer except a hand or so, thats for balancing so that survivors can have "omnidirectional" awareness. Seeing around corners, looking behind you, etc. I love F13, but things need a boost around here, our populations on all platforms are getting lower and lower, hell theres barely 200+ people on average watching it on Twitch, which is lower then Gears of War 4 which came out over a year ago an majority of its own fanbase have jumped ship with naught but a bad taste in there mouth. This game doesnt deserve the slow death its heading towards but i honestly have no idea what could be done without a huge over haul.
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    If the Single Player component is good, it will give this game an expanded life span. New challenges DLC people would definitely buy. Single player maps like the Lazarus would be easier to create as they wouldn't have the trickier mechanics of multiplayer with AI following a distinct path...I.e. Chad goes down to the engine room to see why the something happened...Deborah goes to the ship bridge to see why the radio isnt working...etc A town map map could also have you stalking residents in locals featured from the films. Stalk and kill the owners of a grocery store...etc There's a big scope for it...I hope they utilise that.
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    I have no doubt that the next patch will make it more difficult for counselors one way or another. I'll say it a million times...DBD is a shallow experience compared to F13. I can't bear more than 2 Freddy rounds before I lose interest and I can't remember the last time i played anyway. F13 is doing something too specific to compare it to an arcade style game like DBD I think the offline modes are gonna be fun
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    There's definitely a "Sims" fanbase amongst us. If Gun were to release a "Life of A.J. and Adam" DLC expansion pack where you could dress them, take them out on dates, go shopping, make them have sex, get married, have kids, design and build their house...I genuinely think it would sell. While the rest of the Playerbase just wants to see them murdered as quickly and horrifically as possible. ????
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    @PrestonDelRey I was just about to post something similar. I don't see any reason why one of those examples couldn't be used instead. The current "2-seater" makes no sense to stay the way it is.
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    I think leave Stalk as is. There's nothing wrong with it and it doesn't need to be improved IMO. I have matches sometimes where I Stalk-kill the majority of the lobby, whether by surprising them as they climb out of a window, or by Shift-grabbing them in Stalk as they can't see the marker, which is the best way to Shift-grab now. I especially love Stalk Shifting after them into a cabin before they manage to close the door, then wait for them to barricade it and casually grab them. Or another favourite, once I have Rage and Sense lights them up hiding in a cabin in which the door is destroyed, I'll Shift right over to the hiding spot in Stalk for a surprise kill. The amount of obscenities I hear players yelling on the mic from these tactics is amazing. Basically it's a very underrated ability which you can get really creative with. All of those proposed options, whether they are a longer lasting Stalk, more silent interaction, or being able to toggle on/off at will would give too much of an advantage I think. This is one ability that Jason really doesn't need buffed.
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    That, or they could just add hair customization.
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    The main difference for me between the two will always be that Survivors can make the killers look like a joke. Now granted with the last F13 update people are less afraid of Jason and can literally run circles around him, but that wasnt always the case. To me F13 always seemed to be the one asymmetrical multiplayer game that made the individual feel powerful instead of trying to work on "balance" since "you play more as the team". Ive tried many horror games that take the asymmetrical route as well as Evolve and DbD and so on but this was the game that stood out as having it feel right. The other problem with DbD IMHO is the fact that theres only 1 way to win/type of objective and there not variety in Killers killing people (Excluding Moris because theyre add-ons) Also the 3 horror icons werent release in a month. The period between The Shape aka Myers, and Leatherface was much longer than that. You seem to come off a lil too bias but we all have our own bias.
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    That's why this game NEEDS single player.
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    When the last road map item is released, I'll cue this up to play during my matches: Edit: No YOU'RE crying. I'm just rubbing my eyes
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    He would probably say "spell my name right" :-)
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    it would really suck if they stop supporting the game after the the roadmap was done, just because we don't have very many of the Camp counselors from the movies, and I don't think they will be able to add them all before the roadmap is up, I really hope they continue to make content for the game even if we have to pay for it, I have no issue with that
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    I did not clearly specify on players that are not really good at playing Jason, most players that I play against know what they are doing and have experience at playing with him. I do think that a player not that experience or not good at playing the killer should be able to kill 2 to 3 people while on the other side experienced players that know how to play him, it should be extremely hard to survive against and for the most part 2 to 3 people surviving/escaping means that they had to put in hard work and use some skill in order to do so. I recall a few updates ago, where Jason's stun time was finally reduced for the first time and "thick skin" no longer effected trap damage. It was honestly a breath of fresh air and made the game more challenging and enjoyable because it made fighting Jason a suicide mission and you had to think differently and be equipped properly to by pass multiple traps. Jason being given traps was added into the game after the beta feedback for a reason, along with the fuse to add that extra step to calling the police because that was always getting done within the first five minutes of the rounds once people started getting used to the game. In my personal opinion Jason should still be able to stack his traps and be able to do whatever the hell he wants to do with them. On the other hand I am fine with the trap nerf IF they revert it back so 'thick skin' no longer effects trap damage once again. I don't give a shit about luck, you tank a trap with any counselor(even Tommy) you SHOULD be crippled and forced to use a healing spray, period. In it's current state the only other option that I find would make any sense is to completely remove the pocket knives from the game beside the one that Tommy spawns with. At this rate you have zero reason to expend a pocket knife on a trap, thus leaving Jason in a situations where he can't truly maintain multiple objectives properly along with his broken hit detection for melee swings and clumsy grab(which proves that the force grab was indeed needed to make him a real threat) with almost everybody still holding onto a pocket knife because of the trap nerf and that clearly makes the counselors overpowered with this current build. So 7 overpowered counselors(especially when grouped together) against 1 weak ass so called killer that can't properly connect with his weapon nor grab counselors who are limping or jogging within five feet of him sorta like mocking him. That sounds like a fun game, right? I see a lot of people wanting to kill Jason in this current state which is sad and I didn't even mention the fact that it often times only takes two to three hits to knock his mask off... what a joke! It should at least take 15 to 20 hits before that mask comes off. Jason NEEDS to be feared and a force for this game to work as intended, your first instinct when he shows up shouldn't be "Meh! It's Jason. Oh! Well!" it should be "Ah! Fuck! Why me? I don't want to die." followed by using your head to get away from him and running for your life. I see balance between counselors and Jason being talked about a lot, which is probably one of the many reason we have what we have right now because they are trying to please both sides or possibly leaning towards the wrong side. It's already 7v1 this game should NOT be balanced nor even close. The tide needs to be heavily shifted in Jason's favor for the sake of the games longevity and it NEEDS to stay that way. Simply put in it's previous state the game was clearly at it's best and most enjoyable, it was a challenge to complete objectives with teamwork and was an even bigger challenge to survive on your own and now it's clearly at it's worst and ALOT of people are only playing because they enjoy playing with the people that they play with and friends made because of this game and are hoping for the best but that will only last so long before most start giving up, if they haven't already. I really love what this game is/was suppose to be and want it to continue to succeed for a long time and I know a lot of people do agree with most of what I have said while others won't like it at all and feel differently about it but that is fine because we all have different opinions on the matter and I genuinely believe that most are meant and geared towards improving the game for the right reason not wrong.
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    I think the whole emotes system is stupid. Totally useless.
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    Rationality is a fairly new thing for you. You've only had it for about 3 years, so you have more time to go. And you got one more year before you can start truly practicing adulthood. You all still see things like children. " Mom and dad are taking away the fun :'( " Surface-level for life, I guess. Your depth of understanding is too shallow to get it.
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    There are literally dozens of threads with these exact same suggestions. Read the forum rules and search before making new threads.
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    Let's take this one step further: graphic novels. Would be nice to see some official backstory on who these counselors were before they all got together for their first annual counselor meeting.
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