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    (Player) last night - "what are you doing noob I already looted all 5 of them cabins hahaha" (ME level 81) - "I know troll I'm just shutting and locking all the doors you left open ... oh look I found the boat propeller hahahaha oh and shut the fucking doors next time"
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    Grab range needs to simply be buffed by a cone on his sides. As it is currently, he has to be directly on top of them and have them DIRECTLY in front of him to grab them. If they're on any angle at all, it whiffs. It's very unrealstic especially considering his grab animation swipes from the sides, not straight forward. So having no side hitbox on the grab is weird and makes him whiff all too often and lets Counselors run circles around him unafraid. The stretch armstrong grab range beong gone is fine. No one enjoyed it. But he does need a little bit of a hitbox cone to his sides. Traps need to be able to overlap tp some extent. Exploit stacking traps where 3 traps are perfectly placed in one spot and kills you if you step in one of them, that was bullshit. But being able to multi-trap an objective is not. With 7 counselors and 1 Jason, Counselors can be at all 3 objectives at once. Jason can only be at one at a time. So he NEEDS a way to be able to control objectives. Because as it is currently, a good group of counselors will consistently get objectives going through brute force and there's no deterrent preventing a group from going for phone while he's trying to stop others at the car. The only people who complained about multi-traps were bad Counselors. Everyone else dealt with them just fine. Good Counselors got through triple trapped phone boxes without issue. But the main thing was, the traps bought Jason time because Counselors needed to get PK's and Med Sprays to eat all of them, and knew it would bring Jason to them so they had to be strategic about when they set them off. They couldn't just eat the trap 2 min into the game after Jason's second morph and have cops called and cars going before Jason even had Stalk like you can now. It balanced things so Counselors could still definitely get shit done but gave Jason a level of control so he had a CHANCE to prevent multiple objectives going all at once and early. He has nothing to prevent that now. So Counselors can steam roll him. Can a good jason still clean house? Of course. But Jason has to work ten times harder than the Counselors now to do it. And in a 1v7 game, why are the 7 the OP ones with the 1 being handicapped? It should be the other way around. -Add a side cone hitbox to Jason's grab within the range of his current front cone. -Revert multi-trapping back in but remove exploit perfect trap stacking. Those 2 changes will go a long way to restoring balance for both sides.
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    I'd be willing to create a fake statistic and throw out that 3/4 of the players I encounter are obnoxious trash. If you are lucky to have anybody with a mic, this is what you encounter. Here's a typical game lobby: Guy playing music, usually hip-hop, and not actually talking Person having conversations with someone in the background Idiot talking about nothing to do with the game Person not actually talking but their mic sometimes shows up Rude person eating/chewing/breathing into the mic Little kid yelling/narrating everything they are doing Idiot cursing/yelling and talking trash Person with mic that turns it off and doesn't use It's gotten worse since the physical release to where I have to mute entire lobbies. Playing this game is not the time to chat about politics or sports. If you want to chit chat between games cool, but don't chat about random things AND THEN NOT COMMUNICATE IN GAME. Wtf is wrong with people? Besides generic trash talkers, I'm also sick of tools that want to talk trash but then that don't otherwise communicate in the game. So you want to talk big about how people play but you yourself aren't communicating with anybody? Idiots. I feel the OP
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    NEW PERK IMPLEMENTATION FOR JASON Perk abilities and unlockables now added to Jason. Jason can have a max of one perk equipped to each load out. New Perk - Hunter - Traps capture Counselors for twice as long. New Perk - Sharpshooter - Throwing knives now deal double damage. New Perk - Collector - No cinema action required for picking up a Throwing Knife. Just go near and tap action button to pick up instantly. New Perk - Unstoppable - Pocket knives stun time on Jason reduced by half. New Perk - Untamable - Counselor placed bear trap stun time on Jason reduced by half. New Perk - Fireproof - Stuns from Flare Guns and Firecrackers reduced by half. New Perk - Reckless - Windows can now be also broken by melee attacks. New Perk - Nightmare - Amplify Counselor's fear and cause their fear meters to shoot up more rapidly when you're close. New Perk - Silent but Deadly - Footsteps are now muted when Stalk is active. New Perk - For Mother - Rage meter increases 20% quicker gradually over time. New Perk - Vengeful - Morph cooldown reduced by 10%. New Perk - Stalker - Stalk is learned first instead of Sense. New Perk - Unforgiving - Jason's mask icon now appears on the map for him when he brings up the map, even if in a counselor's possession. New Perk - Keen Sense - Radios no longer creates sound pings for Jason to see. New Perk - Tyrant - Maximum health increased by 25% and mask is harder to knock off. New Perk - Enraged - Melee weapon attacks now drain 20% of stamina from counselor's per hit. New Perk - Speed Demon - Overall move and top end speed slightly increased by 10%. New Perk - Constructor - Placing a trap is quicker and faster in animation by 50%. New Perk - Terrifying - Increase counselor's overall chance to stumble by 10% when around you. New Perk - Battle Hardened - Jason moves and attacks 50% faster in combat stance only. New Perk - Folk Tale - Cop timer for counselor's increased by 50%. (7 mins and 30 seconds instead of 5 mins, if counselor has "My Dad's A Cop" perk, then it will be 5 minute timer for both). New Perk - Party Crasher - Can now break electrical generators with a simple melee attack swing instead of entering a cinema sequence. New Perk - Monster - Counselor's melee weapon break rate increased by 50% only when you guard the attack in combat stance. New Perk - Relentless - Melee weapon damage increased by 5% for each nearby counselor. New Perk - Fearless - All special ability cooldowns reduced by 4% for each nearby counselor. New Perk - Tank - Can now guard against firecrackers in combat stance only. New Perk - Ghost - Jason no longer appears on the mini-map or map for counselors. (he will only appear for a minute on map if shot with a Flare Gun.) New Perk - No Escape - Sense now shows where counselor's are inside a cabin if you are in there as Jason and only when Rage is active. New Perk - Punishment - Broken window damage for counselors is now doubled. New Perk - Glow Sticks - Jason can now see counselor's that have their flashlight turned on in the map when using Sense only when Rage is active. New Perk - Good Listener - Walkie talkies now have a bigger 30% sound radius for Jason to hear when counselors speak. New Perk - Hallucination - Counselors during their max level fear (only when the screen is dark) now have a 5% chance to trip and fall to the ground when stumbling. New Perk - Horror - When Jason knocks on a locked door, it now restores his Stalk ability if on cooldown. New Perk - Damned - When Jason smashes a car, the turn on rate timer for a counselor is now increased by 25%. New Perk - Mutilation - Dead bodies now increase the fear of counselors by an additional 50%. New Perk - Armory - Jason now starts with one additional trap and one additional throwing knife in his inventory. New Perk - Trauma - A counselor instantly enters stage four of fear when they are grabbed by Jason. New Perk - Death Watch - Jason can now see and keep track of the end timer at the top right of the screen. New Perk - Tormentor - Jason can now grab a counselor that is too close to the window from the other side. (has similar animation as dragging someone from out of the car) New Perk - Stronghold - Jason now moves 20% faster only when carrying a counselor. New Perk - Panic - When Jason is nearby it adds extra 25% time to counselors performing certain actions such as barricading a door, healing from a Med Spray, talking to cops on phone, and radioing Tommy Jarvis. New Perk - Bloody Mess - Causes Jason's melee attacks to leave a bleeding effect on a counselor for five seconds. Counselors leave a small trail of blood when they move, and they cannot use a medspray until bleeding wears off. New Perk - Huntsman - Jason can now pick up traps that did not go off. Jason can also re-activate traps that have been placed as long as they have not been triggered by a pocket knife.
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    i would say the Toxic Jason players are also the Toxic counselors. A toxic fuck is a toxic fuck.
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    Perhaps we do need a little more refinement or definition to the rules because lately I've seen threads locked for one person having a differing opinion and apparently that makes a thread hostile or off topic. Threads deleted for satire, posts deleted that were on topic but considered overly negative but not uncivil even though they are just someones opinion. Meanwhile, I see other threads with vulgar language, clear hostility, very off topic, and some with flat out lies allowed to continue. It seems like the standard is not equal among all members. I read the rules quite often to look for changes and to make sure if something I post, that might be controversial, is not breaking any rules. I'm a fairly active member and I would say fairly well liked but occasionally have opinions that differ from others and apparently a sense of humor that is not appreciated by all. I like to voice my views now and again and don't want to be punished for something that isn't clearly defined. Again. Also what do we have now like 8000 members and the rules has something like 3000 views and a fair few of those are me. Maybe you should push a mandatory read out to everyone when they sign up like you did when you updated the ToA at launch. This is just a suggestion. I like this community and have done what I can to help members out by trying to get new members, providing useful posts, providing content for members, answering questions, and participating in discussions and submitting ideas and feedback on their ideas. I want the best for this community and right now it seems like rule enforcement and interpretation is not as finite as it is currently written and could use some improvement.
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    the worst is when someone b-lines for the cabin you just entered and starts looting, leaving you to barricade the doors and walk out with nothing. in my experience, the people that leave doors open are the same ones that tend to "forget" to grab objectives - gas, battery, fuse... they're not interested in helping anyone but themselves. they expect everyone else to do the heavy lifting while they run around playing last action hero with jason... and they always end up going down in a blaze of "glory" or escaping on the backs of others.
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    Nothing annoys me more when people just want to barge into every cabin without fortifing them just to look for pocket knives and sprays and forget about the parts that are just left there.
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    I make it a habit to go through every cabin and check it even when I know someone had just been in there. I make sure to lock all the doors and check for any objective items and unopened drawers. Just the other day I did that and found car keys and the phone fuse after a Vanessa had "looted" the cabin. Bullshit! I have died many times when fleeing from Jason and diving through a cabin window only to find the the door is unlocked and Jason walks right in and kills me before I can get up and lock it! It's incredibly selfish to not provide a safe(albeit temporarily) zone for your fellow counselors.
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    Hey all! First off, here's a handy banner: You can enter here: https://www.originpc.com/promotion/2017/friday-the-13th-giveaway/ A few more details: The total prize is a PC setup with custom F13 Game logos and artwork! This is a rather high-end PC from OriginPC that comes with an ASUS Republic of Gamers monitor, HyperX Gaming keyboard and mouse, ASTRO Gaming headset and GUNNAR Optiks eyewear! We're utilizing 'Gleam' for the giveaway, so very un-intrusive. We will select two-runner up winners to win a console (either Xbox One S or PS4, their choice) 5 random winners will receive their choice of GUNNAR Optiks You have to be 18+ years of age and a legal US resident to enter, no purchase is necessary Giveaway Ends Nov. 30th, 2017. Details, terms and conditions are listed on the giveaway site (No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & DC, 18 or older. Ends 11:59 p.m. ET 11/30/17. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules for details)
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    My Roy Burns Costume is finally complete. I ordered the coveralls from Amazon, spruce green Red Kap brand. I've seen other people use navy blue for Roy, but when I looked at the film it looked like it had a green hue to it, so I chose spruce green. The latex hood comes from Dark Side Studios, a Part 4 hood specifically ordered to have no blood on it and no cut in the back. It is a real pain to get my head through the neck hole but it's gotta be realistic! The mask is a cheap-o chinese brand from ebay that I painted myself. I got the chevrons from JDF studios. The garden shears are a last-minute creation of my own. I bought two plastic machetes and a set of plastic nunchucks from a local Halloween shop. I cut the machetes to shape and used a red-hot bobby pin to melt a hole through both of them so I could put a rivet through them. Then I spray painted them silver. Then on the nunchucks I cut the plastic loops that hold the rope between them and painted them brown. I used two packs of Loctite 2 part epoxy(one for each blade and handle, yes the WHOLE thing, to ensure it stays put) to glue the blades to the handles. I added some red paint mixed with "Chocolate Bar" brown(lol) to get a blood-like color and painted it on the blades. Then I touched up the areas where the blades meet the handles and put clear coat over the whole thing. After it dried I attached the rivet and it's done. Feel free to throw me any more questions.
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    This is dumb. You're hurting your teammates way worse than Jason.
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    These are cool, but one you missed that I would PAY to have: New Perk - T-Bag Squeeze - Allows Jason to reach up and grab counselors hovering over his stunned body when he is lying prone.
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    I rarely ever run towards doors, and assume and hope they are already locked. Its also a good habit to open as many windows as you can, so you don't have to crash through a window. As Jason I've casually opened up a door while a Cousellor Jumped through a window and grabbed the person while they where getting up. Now if they locked it, they may have survived? As Jason I have the Sense ability, so I already know where people are. Keeping doors unlocked never tricks me into trying somewhere else. Open and unlocked doors gives me an advantage as Jason cause I can break the door down in only 2 hits as J4 or just open it in stalk mode, and get people by surprise. Lock the doors, except for The main lodges and that one small cabin on packinak.
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    1: but if he does come by, you have that much extra time to hide or run 2: maybe they should be going for a window then 3: not very much damage, and you're assuming Jason has broken the windows 4: no animation/knife possibility if you jump through it 5: not really a hindrance, you can easily stun him as he busts in then run 6: if threre's a window then you can obviously get back in... (I don't get this one) I'm also 101 with plenty of time logged. Barricading doors is only going to HELP you. if not, then you're doing it wrong.
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    So I think I've had enough games now to form an opinion on the grab range. I wanted to give it time to adjust, and perhaps I'm a slower learner than others, but it's been a difficult time trying to get used to it. I can catch and kill counselors in other ways that don't rely on grab range, but it doesn't change my opinion that the nerf was a negative change to Jason's gameplay that makes playing him more of a chore. I think I've realised what's wrong with it too. It makes Jason feel sluggish. That's what the real problem is, it's how he feels to play now. Probably the reason why running Jasons are getting all the attention now, because at least their mobility boost makes them feel better to play than the walking ones, like you have more of a chance of catching the counselor rather than catching thin air. Good character control is vital in games, and that's what this nerf has had the biggest negative impact on. It doesn't directly affect his success rate, but it does indirectly affect it by reducing the enjoyment of controlling Jason and feeling like you are too sluggish to effectively deal with counselors. On its own, the grab nerf wouldn't be as bad, but combined with all the constant bugs that affect his gameplay, it certainly draws attention to how lousy Jason is to control these days. He desperately needs many issues fixed if the enjoyment level of playing him is to improve. Grab range definitely needs tweaking too IMO, and grab in general should be looked at because if I am missing grabs when counselors are right next to me, then something is definitely wrong. My intuition tells me that this grab change probably didn't go through a lot of playtesting, if any. I think they have decreased the range further than necessary to see how we respond, so that if needed they can gradually increase it back again. If this is the case I am personally not a fan of that method. Everything should be tweaked with care and as best as it can be prior to releasing an update. Players do not want to be your beta testers.
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    I believe it. I played a lot of 360 COD in my day and that was some toxic stuff man haha people don’t act like that irl or at least if they did they would learn real fast. Playing behind a screen name miles apart turns pussies into bad asses.
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    This topic again..... Closing the door is required. Barricading it is not. If you barricade every door you come across, you are doing more harm than good. Also, for the love of god please please please do not lock the packanack or Higgins house doors. It takes Jason one swing if it's locked or unlocked. Locking it only leaves fellow councilors vulnerable.
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    The counselors have better melee attacks than Jason which is pretty sad It takes like 5 machete slashes to down a random teenager. . . #balance
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    CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE Jason: Morph - Ender Pearls Shift - Speed Potion Sense - (only available on PC) increased weapon strength weapons - (shovel, axe, sword, pick axe) can pick up environmental weapons Counselors: Open Chests to find items Objective - tame a horse, find saddle, fit saddle on horse, escape, survive Items - (health, food, weapons, objective items) Some windows can be used for escape Map: Day Night Cycle Dynamic Weather Explore Crystal Lake and cave Random Spawn Locations for Escape Objectives asymmetric 1v7 gameplay
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    What are your opinions about this? I hate Jasons that talk tough because they are inherently overpowered. I just had a few games where it was the same Jason 3 times in a short time frame and he always talked snarky and sarcastic. He would say things like "Ok now you're going to stun me, but you're not going to get the car started, then you're going over to that window there. Oh look I got you with a throwing knife. GG you tried but you weren't good enough." Fucking hate that. Playing an overpowered character gives you no right to act as if you are superior.
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    Being lvl 101 and thinking cabin doors should be left open proves that being max level doesn’t automatically mean you know what you’re doing in the game.
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    I actually think the rules are fine,but the mods need to get on the same page. What is acceptable to one,isn't to the other etc. One might go on a warpath over something,while the other sees the same post,shrugs and says they didn't have a problem with it. This has happened numerous times already.
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    Never been killed as Jason, but have been part of a group (wasnt tommy or sweater holder though) that has killed him. We were very organized, all 7 of us focused on it working together. Really cool. I don't even remember the Jason being mad after, but I couldn't believe the number of people in the group just harassing Jason post game that he "sucks" is a "terrible jason" or should "sell his xbox". Really? First off, that's just lame, this is a game. Second, I thought we were just good, not that the Jason sucked. He was pretty average I thought, we were just working together and focused on killing him not escaping. I guess that's just a popular game/internet mentality, when you win you harass the other side they suck to make them feel bad. I don't know. Regardless, I left the group immediately. There are better people to play with that aren't jerks.
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    Kind of remind me of the stunt man, who played Jason in Friday part IV, having issue with Corey Feldman.
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    THIS. I had this conversation this weekend: *breathing into mic* Me: "Wow. With all this breathing, it sounds like a dirty phone call." *breathing into mic* Me: "Gee, doncha hate it when someone just breathes directly into their mic?" *breathing into mic* Me: "Hey <so-and-so>, that's an awfully sensitive mic you've got there." Breather: "Hu-- what?" (He's a tween-squeaker) Me: "It sounds like you just won the Kentucky Derby without a horse." Breather: "What the hell are you talking about, dude?" Me: "I'm talking about the sound sampling for adult films you're sharing with all of us. All we can hear is your breath." Breather: "Oh. You're making fun of my weight." Me: "What??! Wait -- no! You're just panting into the microphone and it's distracting." Breather: "I can't help it! No one else has complained!" Guy 1: "Uh, yeah dude. It's pretty loud." Guy 2: "Yeah." Girl 1: "I'm still laughing about the Kentucky Derby!" Guy 1: "Can you just move your mic a bit?" Breather: "You guys suck." <leaves> Now I'm left feeling like like a fat-shaming cyber bully. God forbid we say something. I was trying to be *amusing* to diffuse the situation. Never once did I allude to anyone's heft. But now I've caused tears of shame in a Pokemon pillowcase somewhere out there. All because of a mouth-breather.
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    I haven’t even made a single post myself yet but I have been reading this forum since the beginning and been playing since day 1 and also I’m lvl 101. But I have to say that the latest patch really screwed the balance up. I mean most of the time i would still get all councelors when playing Jason but it’s no fun being a councelor anymore. It used to be a thrill surviving a game against a good player and expecially part 4 Jason. Now everybody is trolling Jason which makes no sense. People are supposed to be scared of him. It’s not ruining the game totally cauz it’s an amazing game and one of the the most fun games out there but it used to be better pre patch for sure. I hope things change again. That grab and traps need to be fixed badly
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    Bullshit. The bottom line is the Devs have made a horrible decision and, as a direct result, have caused a huge amount of disappointment and protest. This game has lost a lot of its appeal and for what? So counselors can have training wheels? So they no longer have to bother coming up with a strategy? They never seemed to have a problem with multi-traps before, so why have one now? Do you know what this reminds me of? A father letting his 8 year old beat him at checkers just so the kid doesn't have to lose.
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    I think a skill check for disarming traps with the pocket knife is nessecary now but...not one that goes off a characters repair stat
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    I've been hacking and slashing only because I'm trying to get the badge. Other than that I find it very annoying when I get a boring slashing kill.
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    It's a rough life. Sometimes I like too, just to make me appreciate you guys and gals in the club all the more!
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    I don't like teabagging Jason when I know I'm going to live, but I do like to taunt him when I'm going to die... it's just defiance in the face of death.
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    You know, I decided to be open-minded and give it a few matches as Jason to see if maybe I was taking the trap nerf too seriously or making it out to be worse than it was. Well guess what? No, I wasn't taking it too seriously, nor was I exaggerating how bad it made things. It's fucking horrible! I worked my way all the way up to level 101 with the old traps and old grabs and never made one single complaint about anything. I started a new thread in Feedback about traps and it was closed in less than 30 minutes by an Admin who told me there's already several threads about the same subject, which says to me that the Devs know it's a problem and know they fucked-up, but don't give a shit. They could at least have the Goddamn decency to say so instead of just stonewalling us and keeping quiet.
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    Hit by a bucket loader tractor and gets up. Cut by a chainsaw. Raged through a door like Jason does in the game. Walked everywhere, never ran, and managed to get around like a boss. Lifted a girl with one hand off the ground. He was pretty much Jason until it was revealed that he wasn't.
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    "What defines a tryhard Jason?" Whiny counselors.
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    A giant killing machine with the mind of a child. It isn't that the light and the noise are stunning him, as much as confusing and scaring him. A lion could tear you limb from limb, but it would shit its pants and run for the hills if you dropped a firecracker.
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    Hey my name is Jordan Holley and earlier today before Friday the 13th dropped their Quick Fix patch I found a Tommy tape and it has it showed up for me yet and like I don't know how they get in contact with anybody on how to understand the whole situation and you can go visit my YouTube channel cuz I posted the video of me finding the tape my YouTube channel is jokerharley2 same as my PSN
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    I don't think the Savini Jason is 100% unattainable. Keep an eye out for giveaways and community events, perhaps you may win one
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    Not bad, I like it. Like a standoff, or fakeout.
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    seeing that I've always enjoyed the thrill of the chase over the catch I'm a counselor main. however, after playing multiple rounds as Jason over the past few days I definitely think they did him wrong. the grab definitely needs a buff. I still don't see the issue with traps, but that grab range is atrocious. I still think they should restrict the parts on the map to the minimap so it's your immediate surroundings, as it is now it's way too easy for experienced players. lets give Jason his range back and make things fun again damnit. Counselors for Jason.
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    Blinckx, here's my advice: "First and biggest problems are chasing running people" - Which Jason you choose to play makes this one easier or harder. One with a +shift and/or stalk will catch counsellors easier. The thing is that a lot of players these days are wise to when Jason is approaching. There are 3 indicators to watch for. The interrupted VHS video effect, which is triggered by Jason activating/deactivating shift (except when stalk is also active), morph or stalk. The VHS video effect will trigger once for the activation of any of these 3 powers, and anytime they are deactivated (minus stalk, which will wear off or deactivate without triggering the effect). The camera zooming in closer to your counsellor. If you are outdoors and your camera is zooming in to make it look like you're indoors, then Jason is nearby. Typically this is one of the best indicators that Jason is near you with shift active; you will be out doing your thing and suddenly your camera zooms in but without a VHS effect. This happens when he uses stalk combined with shift; there is no indication he's using shift when he also has stalk active so your camera zooming is one of the only two ways to know he's near, the other being spotting his icon on the mini-map and watching it move a lot quicker before vanishing. The Jason mini-map icon. He will show up on it when hit by a flare, or when your counsellor can see him. Bare these 3 things in mind when chasing someone, as they will respond to all of them if they're a decent player. They'll save their stamina until you're near and then jog to keep it as high as possible; they'll zig-zag to avoid your shift-grab; they'll jump inside cabins and start barricading them, etc etc. Shift grabbing has become more difficult for a lot of players in the newest patch, so your best bet at catching counsellors is catching them when they don't know you're there. Stalk lasts longer the less you move, so I recommend chasing a counsellor in to a cabin, then break all the windows except one and stand outside with stalk active - the fewer exits, the better. When you toggle stalk on the VHS video effect will trigger for nearby counsellors, your footsteps will become silent and players will assume that you have morphed or shifted; the wiser counsellors will suspect you're using stalk and may sit in the cabin for a few minutes. After they're trapped inside with all but one window busted and you're stood outside with stalk, simply stand close by so you can see them when they come out the window, but they can't see you by using third person to look around corners. Also bear in mind that you need to convince the player you've left and not stalked, so don't smash everything up then instantly toggle stalk on. I recommend you start whacking the door a little, then take a few steps away and then toggle stalk on to make it seem like you've morphed to defend an objective. Another viable strategy is a slight modification of the one I've just described. Instead of chasing them into an unsmashed cabin, chase them into a smashed one. Let them jump through a window whilst you're very close behind them, then turn stalk on and stand to the side of the window they jumped through. Most of them will assume you're using shift to zoom inside the cabin to grab them on the other side of the window, which will consequently prompt them to get right back out the window they just came in. Then they literally step right in to your grab and are easily killed. Stalk can also be used to hide inside cabins. A good way to catch unsuspecting counsellors is to find a way into an empty cabin without breaking too much stuff, then stand inside and out of sight (on the other side of a door or door frame works well) until they come over looking for loot. Then another easy grab. This method can be quite time consuming though as they may or may not come to the cabin you're standing in. It works best when you use sense to predict which one they're going to, then morph ahead of them and get in position. The last thing to do is keep the relentless pressure on. Never stop moving towards them and give them as little time to regenerate their stamina as you possibly can. They will eventually run their stamina out. When you're using knives, you need to either aim carefully or hardly aim at all. I find that if I'm chasing a counsellor and I pull out a knife to aim, they will dodge it as they see you aiming the knife. However, after a little practice you can place the counsellor in the centre of your screen, tap the throw knife button and hit them with no wind-up.
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    Just played as Jason again. After giving it a few days, I can say with 100% certainty that I FUCKING HATE THE JASON GRAB NERF WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK NOW. COUNSELORS NO LONGER RUN FROM JASON BECAUSE HE'S NO LONGER A THREAT. THIS IS NOT WHAT AN F13 GAME SHOULD BE. Thank you for your time.
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    Getting killed as Jason is heart breaking. I've done it with friends to newbie jasons and i felt bad about it. Wonder if they quit playing because of it.. I tend to not want to do it anymore. Because of that im now paranoid of it happening to me. So i always check players in lobbies.. Check their ranks and check their friends list. If i notice a few friends playing in the same lobby and i can't hear them in public chat i assume they are in party chat. So if i do get Jason i put one trap right at the entrance to Mommas House. And all my Jasons have the head punch kill (Even tho i rarely use that kill) If they do manage to get the sweater i wait for Stalk.. Then i shift grab and head punch the camper wearing it ASAP. I've had people message me calling me a pussy for doing that because i 'ruined' their chance to kill me and used a head punch. As if im supposed to care.
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    When Jason slashes you and you have a knife.... It's annoying. Annoying and good play. Not "tryhard". When you plan to use the phone box and see multiple traps... It's annoying. Annoying and it's good play. Not "tryhard". When Jason uses the same kill multiple times it really doesn't affect me in the slightest. When Jason combines his abilities to catch you in any way he desires.... It's good play. Not "tryhard". You'd usually find those using the word "tryhard" aren't saying it because they've just had a successful match as a counselor, Q. Who the fuck complains about a player playing the game in whatever way he feels like within the rules? A. Bitches.
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    None of you made any valid point. All you did is come in here and complain, and whine about nothing. But nice try living in your delusional space. You know nothing of Twitch and you're making it so evidently obvious. You're just kinda digging your own grave.
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    No, Thank *YOU* guys for making this 25 year long wait, a reality finally! All of you have my support to the max!
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