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    Hey everyone The initial reaction from our Part 4 / Rain announcement has gone over very well! We are excited that the community is happy but wanted to address a concern that came up. People felt since the game is already pretty system intensive that rain would set most machines and consoles over the edge making performance a lot worse. This is a valid concern as particles can be very expensive. Most maps are CPU bound rather than GPU bound from the vast number of items, blueprints and entities that must sync across the network. We have a little more room to play with GPU and the best solution for rain, that not only looks good but is rather efficient for performance, is to use GPU particles. Initially our art lead, was having issues with GPU rain particles as they would come through the roofs of the cabins and houses. When we moved away from GPU particles we noticed a big performance hit as it was slowing down the CPU which is mostly where we are performance bound. Our initial reaction was to remove the amount of rain particles and make them bigger. This didn’t look that great and we started to think if it would be even possible to do rain at all. We knew the solution would need to be using GPU particles but we just had to figure out how to get it working. Original CPU particles with larger rain drops but less rain due to performance on the CPU. Once we had everything working the art team was very nervous about performance on consoles and the hit we would take on PC as well. We fired it up on Xbox One and PS4 to see how much more we would need to optimize to squeeze in rain on all our maps but our initial findings showed hardly any performance hit at all, which had us very excited. This allowed the art team to really start dialing the art in. Adding more wind to the trees, working with Angelo, our VFX artist, to dial in the look of the rain, cranking up the gloss maps on certain textures such as cabins and terrain textures, and even adding a wet look to the characters clothing. Oh and you can’t forget lightning too. New GPU particles with more rain. Players have noticed recently that performance on certain maps have taken a dive. We have spotted these issues and are working hard now to get performance up across all platforms which so far we have been making good strides with. We hope to have this all resolved by the time rain launches as well. So not only will performance be better across the board, you won’t see any additional hits when it comes to rain. - Gertz
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    They say at night, on Jason's birthday, a night like tonight... they say you can still hear the sounds of his machete swinging for your neck. To punish those who had murdered his beloved mother...
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    See that's the thing. You said you escape 75% of the time. You shouldn't be doing that though. I don't think anyone should escape 75% of the time. There's something wrong with that figure. I know it's an estimate and all of our findings are anecdotal in nature, but the devs should know. They should be tracking data on escape averages per game and then fine tune off of that. If they aren't, then they should! I say a good average is somewhere in the ballpark of 70% - 80% of counselor's should be killed and that's across all games. Anything outside of that average and I say the game needs tweaking.
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    It's only been released digitally so far! I bet or Guarantee when the physical release hits Walmart target GameStop about 80% of the population will be dumb founded "holy crap a jason game?" Or an older dad or mom browsing Walmart "there's a friday the 13th movie game?" Or "hey mom hey mom can You buy me the new jason game?" $$$
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    Translation: I can no longer team kill, I want to team kill, bring it back so I can troll, because I can't actually play the game right. Is exactly what I see every time someone wants team killing back.
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    I mean adding hugging teddy bears would work. Would make that grave stone useful on PS4 As for rain we all forget there might be thunder with it. Make sure to keep Tommy away from the graves, we don't need more dead bodies coming back to life
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    I believe it was stated by the devs the multiplayer portion of the game takes place at the beginning of what would be act 3 of the movies. I believe by the 3rd act of each movie it was dark out. Single player missions is somewhere I could see them using a daytime setting. I'm not opposed to a daytime setting. I just don't think the devs planned on using it. On topic. Rain looks rad.
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    Agree 100%. The last patch/lack of hotfix completely fucked over the Xbox community. Even the group we formed has basically stopped playing since then. I don't see any reason to even boot up the game (on Xbox) at this point. It's awful. I'm patient. I can wait all the reasonable amount of time it takes to release patches. But what I'm NOT ok with is when a patch goes live and breaks more than it fixes. That's completely unacceptable. When you do that, you OWE the players a fix ASAP. You also owe them a huge apology. You don't sit back and attempt to shove the next bits of DLC down our throat when the game is in the state it's in. And I don't blame Illfonic for this. Their heads are in the right place. My finger is firmly pointed at the heads of Gun - @wes @Randygbk @GunMedia_Ben The Spring Break pack better be out within the next week with how much attention they're giving it. But I personally don't wanna hear shit about new content until you can fix what's already broken. Because I don't buy DLC to attempt to save a game I'm not playing...I buy DLC for FUNCTIONAL games I'm already enjoying.
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    Jenny looks pretty fit. Those abs. I'd like for them to expand on the Bugsy attire with Crystal Lake attire for all the counselors. Hopefully down the road. Its too bad you couldn't mix and match the clothes between genders. I could totally see Deb wearing velcro shoes. AJ wearing a leather jacket. Tiffany wearing one of those button shirts with just the underneath bit of the bikini on. Sort of like the twin with Jimbo's shirt.
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    I've had half a match rage quit, on PS4, during the middle of the kill animation when I played as Jason. I don't think they liked that Part 7 Jason was actually killing them. In the films though, Jason doesn't kill everyone. So if a female counselor is the sole survivor and manages to outsmart me and escape, then I mark them down in my little black book.... I mean, I count that as a good match. I don't have a black book, SHUT UP!
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    Doors that doesn't break. People glitching avoiding traps. People hiding in spots Jason can't reach. These things makes it hard (sometime impossible) to play Jason and killing everybody. I'm had it to. Playing councelor is now much more fun. And I escape 75% of the times.
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    It's possible after the hot"fix" broke the game worse than it was prior to the patch before it (meaning before the team killing patch at all) that people gave up and are waiting for it to be acceptably playable again.
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    i know that's who i'm gonna play as...
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    True but i'm more than happy with this....
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    Well sorry, but I'd trust the developers opinion on the matter, as they have put a lot of thought, work, and tests in the whole balance of the game. Just look up old interviews of them discussing the balance. No Jason did not run faster than Trish. Trish just ran outta stamina going up the stairs, Jason grabbed at her feet, but she broke away due to her high Composure, and her high luck gave her a Stamina boost ? Ive seen the movie 21 goddamn times.
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    can't wait to see what this breaks
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    I like the idea of friendly fire being on, honestly. Unfortunately, a lot of assholes play video games.
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    Its just a pain to find a shotgun, then you find a battery and having to let go of the shotgun So you can try and repair the car for the XP. But what my logic is that We really should be able to hold a shotgun and gas/battery at the same time. It may be likely for someone to have posted a topic similar to this, The fact that this is a small Issue leaves me to believe that Some players want this to be added. Example: Your installing a battery then jason Shows up.
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    I know what outfit @Max Walker will be wearing.
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    For all those interested in seeing a video montage of Parts II, III, and IV running, never discount the youtubes, hehe. Actual examples begin around the 33 second mark (I did not make this video): According to some measures: Jason Part II Sprints, not Jogs, at 33 seconds; and again at 52 seconds; possibly again at 1:09 (arguably throughout all of that to close out Part II scenes); and then Part III fights through an injured leg around 1:34 going faster than the Jog, 1:44 Part III charges out the door at a Sprint not a Jog; and Part IV, in only the final chase scene, Jason dashes after Trish through the rain for a few seconds and, after a pause, up the stairs. Now, it's up to you whether any of that says to you that Jason Part IV requires some greater game-mechanic level of run speed than Parts II and III already have. At best, it is a subjective call. Certainly not a monumental aspect of this Jason that requires such an implementation. And, by my eyes, certainly arguable that each of the living Jasons had about equal running... possibly Part II the most. Up to each individual though. And the development team makes the decision!
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    I first heard of this game through a friend when it was still in it's early kickstarter phase. Kept a close eye on it, then watched the beta streams over the Christmas holiday. Thankfully, got on the backerkit quick enough to land a Savini Jason. Been accused of Pay-to-Win ever since lol. It's ok, though. I like my meat with a little extra salt.
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    #PartOFthePROBLEM When the solution to the problem is the root of the problem....
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    Clearly they CAN get mad at those who got it for free. This thread is 61 pages, mostly of angry backers pissed off that their exclusive Jason leaked all over the place. Repeatedly. I should add: no judgment, I get why they're so mad. But clearly 'people shouldn't get mad at those who got it for free' would have been a more accurate statement of opinion than 'people CAN'T get mad,' which is a demonstrably untrue statement of fact.
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    First off, just want to say I am loving the game, and I am anxious to see this baby completed. After putting many many days into this game, one enhancement I think it could use is a perk that increases the final girls stats, or final player. For those sticking around to watch the games play out, it would be nice to see the final person alive get a stamina/strength boost of some sort to try to battle Jason. It could fill up like a meter as counselors are killed similar to the rage meter, or it could come in the form of a perk that you equip and becomes active only if you are the final survivor. also... a small thing... it would be cool if when the Tommy Jarvis killing Jason sequence is activated and in slow motion, if the F13 machete music cue plays when Ms Voorhees is decapitated, or the when Ginny is hacking into Jasons shoulder. Just to give it that extra bit of awesome! Keep up the good work!
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    No idea what this is asking... Please be sure to post an intro and welcome to the forums.
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    Damn you re right i just noticed this in the rules.I m pretty sure tho that not everyone does this.I ve been in the forum since release and have never officially introduced myself.Well,still,good to know.
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    when I first saw this outfit I knew I wanted it so bad, it's probably one of her best looks! I went grinding hard to get to level 94...wasn't stopping till I got it, I was so happy that day I unlocked it haha. This one & the purple polka dot one are pretty looks on her, matching AJ's purplish hair highlights.
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    Please devs, bring the DLC clothes back. You can take my money
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    You do realize that once in a great while the counselors will survive right?
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    Thanks. Part 7 Jason probably deserves the title of looking the scariest. Part 4 the film though is one of the darker and scarier of the films, so I could see it work, and maybe if the developers decided to rework part 7, that would be a cool ability for him as well.
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    I'm with you on this one. It is so easy playing councelors now. Of course I get better but that is not all the truth.
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    I got trolled by a bunch of dorks last night...You know the types: That annoying group of 6 hipsterdorks at the restaurant that annoy the entire dining room...I killed 4 of them fast and they were pissed because I was using Savini and because I wasn't "role playing" (I was silent). So two of them used the Sense glitch on Higgins. Not even sure if it was intentional or not. But I couldn't find the remaining two because apparently they were camped behind some rocks somewhere. They had a good laugh after the match and called me a trash Jason. Then I told them Sense wasn't working (even with Rage) because they glitched by jumping out the windows at Higgins...they claimed that wasn't a thing. Still got 5/7. They got nothing done, no Tommy call. But I had what would have been a perfect round ruined by a glitch. To make matters worse, some dipshits got a false sense of satisfaction
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    i think the car needs its own life bar.... crash so many times it wont turn on anymore... jason smashes it so many times it wont move....
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    My definitive look for Jason Voorhees has to be part 9 Jason. I've always liked the design of Jason from Jason goes to Hell, just the way his mask has become part of him, his skin tissue overlapping parts of his mask, his bulky head, and decaying body covered in wounds from previous encounters. I was so happy when he was revealed as a playable Jason in the game, since he didn't get much screen time in the movie. He's also my favourite Kane Hodder Jason, right next to my next favourite Kane Hodder Jason part 8.
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    Afraid this is never going to happen. Friday the 13th is Friday the 13th, not IT: The Game.
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    For me, I am a fairly decent Jason so if counselors are able to get away then good on them. I average about 6 or 7 every time I'm Jason, the only thing that irks me is the people that don't have the balls to die so they rage quit like little crybabies and quit the match before I get my XP/body count.
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    The real shame is that your not alone in this mindset OP. The game is starting to belly up, we need good fixes and balancing and new content if this game is to survive. I love this game an havent played it in weeks. Its just the same match over and over. The same complaints, the same strategies, the same bad jokes. Shame.
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    There should be a 33% chance of a pocket knife, a 33% chance of healing spray and a 34% chance of fire crackers.
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    I think if Tommy spawned with a knife everytime, Jason would never grab kill him. He would always chop him to death knowing he had a knife.
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    Ya everyone is anxious because of the lack of maps, content, & game modes. If this game would of released with 4 maybe 5 or 6 maps. People would be a little more patient. People are getting weary because the lack of content & no dates given on the dlc make it feel like it could release in 1 week or 2 months. People also have lost faith in these updates because of the amount of bugs & glitches that exist. If you find a good group of people you can play with, laugh, & have fun. Then the issues become really minuscule. I really don't think Gun/Illfonic will mess up the physical release date. So much is riding on that. The entire life span of this game will be dictated by that launch. Reviews of the game will either make it one of the hottest title releases of the year or a disastrous mess. I think that's why they made the skimpy bikini for Tiffany & all the spring break clothing. You would be surprised how many people will flock to buy the game just to see her ass in game. Sex sells. They are becoming much more dynamic & versatile when it comes to releasing dlc unlike the purple NES Jason which was a face palm. Let's hope they show the same commitment to fixing these issues. Anyways if anyone is looking to play with mature, fair, & good players looking to just have fun. Then message either: Myself: Xbox @Definitelynotjason: PC @NthnButAGoodTime: PS4 We run real solid groups with lots of members. Probably the best quality collection of players on all 3 platforms. Not to say there aren't good players who are not members but everyone in the group is worth playing with. Anyone on here is welcome to join us in as many matches as possible. Don't be shy, give it a shot.
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    @Gertz maybe a long shot, but will the rain have any effect on gameplay/abilities? Like can counselors slip or will storms increase counselor fear? Maybe Jason's Sense ability will be hindered by the noise of the rain?
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    Don't worry. Since they closed the harmless countdown thread,that means Gun or illfonic is working on the second or third draft of the: 'We released the game broken so now our time and resources are focused on actually fixing the game we released before we deliver the thing we delayed the game for in the first place" post.
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    Careful. Apparently countdown threads offer no discussion and are forbidden. I'm glad this was brought to our attention now though. Countdown threads are new to this forum and there's definitely not a 22 page countdown thread that exists in limbo. *sniff* hm.. smells lIke bullshit
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    We are definitely looking at Tommy and his mechanics. Nothing specific right now, but we are looking into making him more the 'hero' character he needs to be.
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    Chad plays to the stereotypical rich, spoiled, bratty, douchey, bully everyone in the U.S. loves to hate in cinema. He is the F13 Game meme because we can't wait for him to die. "Chad" in Revenge of the Nerds. "Chad" in Up the Creek. "Chad" "Chad" in Van Wilder. "Chad" in Night of the Creeps. He's a shifty bastard. Also confused with his equally douchey brother "Chip". EDIT: "Chad" all grown up in Happy Gilmore.
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    This is common. The game needs to run on three sets of hardware, and the weakest system will always dictate the others, or you'll end up doing three sets of graphics. The 'alpha' will likely have been an ambitious tech demo running on high end PCs, which was later found in testing to be unrealistic online on consoles.
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