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    So, I watched 'A New Beginning' last night and took notes throughout the film. I'm posting them here so we can debate Roy as a Jason using facts. To start, this is what I believe Roy's strengths and weaknesses should be. Strengths +Stalk +Weapon Strength +Stun Resistance Weaknesses -Sense -Can't Run -Defence Weapon Machete (plus average traps and knives) The reasons for my choices are based on Roy's actions during the film: Defense Roy fails to block all incoming attacks, except for the chainsaw. Destruction While Roy's ability to burst through a door is impressive, it is on par with the ability of all Jasons once "Rage" is activated. 59:00 - Roy smashes his hand through a window, killing Ethel with the cleaver 1:10:05 - Roy walks through a door like it's not there 1:13:10 - Roy throws a body through a window Driving The subject of Roy driving comes up often. Roy is not the driver of the ambulance. Roy's co-worker is also found dead in the driver's seat. 21:20 - Roy's a passenger in the ambulance, not the driver Grip Strength Roy has an above average grip strength, in line with other living Jasons. 1:08:00 - Roy chokes Violet against a wall and raises her up the wall, all one-handed 1:22:18 - Roy holds holds himself up using the arm lacerated by the chainsaw Less or More Hit Points Roy takes more damage during the course of the film than the average human could likely withstand and keep going. The amount of damage Roy takes is on par, and possibly more, than other Jasons. 1:14:25 - Roy is hit with a tractor 1:17:15 - Roy takes a slice from a chainsaw to his left shoulder 1:19:20 - Roy takes a knife to the inner thigh, then manages to climb a ladder 1:22:50 - Roy takes a machete chop to the wrist, possibly losing his hand Morph Roy displays 4 instances of what could be considered a "morph". Roy's ability to do so is likely on par with other Jasons, particularly living. 56:00 - Matt and George killed offscreen, presumably before or during while Reggie, Pam and Tommy were at the trailer park. Roy then appeared at the trailer park to kill Demon and Nita. 57:35 - Junior arrives at home on his motorcycle, having left the trailer park (again, on his motorcycle) before Roy (who stayed to kill Demon and Nita), Junior killed by Roy at 58:45, cleaver kill. *Roy is able to go from the trailer park to Ethel's in an impossible amount of time. 1:11:10 - Reggie and Pam ran from the house to the ambulance, Roy does not run after them. Roy appears on the opposite side of the ambulance. Roy does not appear tired or breathing heavily. Basically, an impossible scenario again which requires Roy to "Morph". When Reggie and Pam run away, Roy *walks* after them. 1:13:10 - Pam runs back to the house, stops briefly to see a dead body on the way. Pam is in the house briefly before Roy throws the body of George through the window Rage Roy displays rage in the climax of the film, bursting through a door with ease and powering through multiple stuns. Run At no point in the film does Roy ever run. Roy's fastest pace is a "fast walk" similar to undead Jasons already in-game. 1:11:10 - Roy walks after Pam and Reggie 1:13:45 - Roy "fast walks" in pursuit of Pam 1:16:00 - Roy walks to the barn Sense Roy does not appear to have any sort of extra sixth sense. Roy's attempt in example #2 highlights his inability to sense. Roy's "sense" ability is deficient compared to other Jasons. 1:18:05 - Roy does not "sense" Tommy has entered the barn until Reggie calls out Tommy's name 1:21:00 - Roy attempts to "sense" where Reggie and Pam are. Reggie reveals himself and Roy doesn't see the sneak attack coming from behind by Pam Shift Roy's ability to "shift" is average. He displays being capable of doing so twice- particularly in example #2. His ability is not above or below average. 38:51 - Roy appears on one side of the car, then the other, kills Lana, axe kill (This could easily be accomplished by walking, presented in the film as a "Shift" though.) 45:00 - Tina seen laying on blanket, wide shot, no Roy in sight, Roy appears, kills Tina, shears kill Stalk Roy is a master of "stalk". Out of Roy's 17 victims. a confirmed 11 never saw it coming. 25:40 - Roy appears behind greaser fixing car, flare kill 26:30 - Roy appears behind 2nd greaser inside car, machete kill 37:20 - Roy appears behind Billy, axe kill 43:50 - Roy appears behind drifter, knife kill 46:10 - Roy appears behind Eddie, belt kill 54:55 - Nita gasps, killed by Roy offscreen, unknown weapon kill 56:00 - Roy kills Demon, spike kill 59:00 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Ethel, cleaver kill 1:03:55 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Jake, cleaver kill 1:06:20 - Roy kills an unsuspecting Robin, machete kill 1:06:55 - One of the greatest stalks ever, Roy sneaks in on Violet dancing, machete kill Stun Resistance Roy's longest stun duration is after he is hit with a tractor. All other stuns happen after the hit from the tractor and Roy is able to recover from them in a remarkable amount of time considering the damage he's taken. 1:14:25 - Roy is stunned by a hit from a tractor 1:15:25 - Roy shakes off two kicks to the mask from Pam 1:17:55 - Roy shakes off a chainsaw thrown at him 1:19:20 - Roy is stunned by a knife to the inner thigh 1:21:30 - Roy is hit in the back with something wooden (?), not stunned 1:21:55 - Roy is knocked out of the barn but manages to hold on, apparently with the arm lacerated by the chainsaw 1:22:50 - Roy's hand is chopped with a machete causing him to lose his grip and fall to his death Traps Roy uses no form of traps throughout the film, at least not that we see. This is on par with other Jasons. Water Speed Roy is never seen swimming or in a situation that requires it. We would assume he's not above or below average. Weapon Strength Roy is an effecient killer and doesn't require more than one blow/cut/stab/etc to kill a victim. Weapons Roy's preferred weapon is the machete. Over the course of three days, Roy uses the machete on the first day and then enters the film's climax on the third day with the machete. It is the only weapon to be used on multiple days. The cleaver and machete are both used three times. The machete may have been used up to five times as two victims are found with their throats slashed. 25:40 - Flare 26:30 - Machete 37:20 - Axe 38:51 - Axe 43:50 - Knife 45:00 - Shears 46:10 - Belt 54:55 - Unknown weapon (throat slashed) 56:00 - Spike 58:45 - Cleaver 59:00 - Cleaver 1:03:55 - Cleaver 1:06:20 - Machete 1:07:55 - Machete 1:11:10 - Unknown weapon (throat slashed) 1:12:25 - Railroad spike 1:13:10 - Unknown weapon (eyes gouged, similar to shears kill) Mods- if this post is too similar in topic please merge with whichever post, as opposed to locking it. Thanks.
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    What's your gamertag Edit: just saw @lHeartBreakerl was already taking care of it. My bad! @AldermachXI had started a poll post that asked favorite moments in the game. I want to add playing with this club as one. Never have I heard so many apologetic Jasons! Hahaha it seems anytime someone got killed "Sorry bud" and "good try man, nice chase" followed. I loved it. Great playing with everyone on here so far! No rage quitters, no poor sports and had some good game conversations and laughs. People offering each other advice instead of mocking. It's a breath of fresh air in this game, so thanks @Tattooey for starting this up.
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    Some of you might not believe me but this really happened today. A nine year old kid joined the lobby and he had to take a dump real bad. He wanted to hold it in and wait to see if he was jason and he screamed to his mom for baby wipes. I am not making this shit up. I couldnt believe it but then again nothing amazes me anymore...
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    @Krystal No offense, this is a terrible idea. Imagine the articles: "Now you can sexually harrass other players in Friday the 13th: The Game!" or "How I was digitally raped in a video game". The current social climate isn't mature enough to handle something like this, nor is the majority of the current playerbase. This would just open a pandora's box of problems. Outside of that, I still think it would be a useless and creepy game mechanic that I would have no interest in. I don't see it ever happening and we're all better for it.
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    I also want this But I also want this for Jason
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    CLUB FOR PS4, PC, & XBOX I wanted to share an idea to see if people would get behind it. I want to start a club exclusively for the members of this forums & non members. However there will be slight differences in the type of players allowed to join. 1. First off to allow the members to network & quickly get into games with various other players. 2. Second is the difference between other clubs. This club will be by invitation only. This will allow us to only invite players that meet certain criteria. A. No member will cheat, glitch, mod, hack, or exploit ever or they will be removed from the group & reported if caught. B. All members are mature gamers who conduct themselves respectfully. Minor trash talk is okay but excessive raging will not be permitted. C. Members will not rage quit from a match. The members will also conduct themselves professionally during matches. The purpose of this club will exist to make meeting new players & good fair gamers easier. Finding good games with mature players will become inevitably much quicker & resulted in better quality of matches. I have a lot of friends who are great players & a blast to play with unfortunately they are not members of this forum but their ideas on how to play fairly are mutual with the people in this community. I'm sure as well that the members of this forum also have friends who are not so different. Almost every private match I play in everyone in session is a friend or a mutual friend. Very rarely do I deal with toxic players. I hope that you guys understand what I'm trying to achieve & hopefully we can get a lot of us on board to kickstart this thing. Maybe PlayStation can also create the same thing. The goal is for the players who don't have anyone to play with can use the group to find well trusted gamers who will welcome them rather then teamkill. I often at times don't have many people online or most are already in full games.
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    Ok, so this is going to be a pretty long winded post about a silly theory that came to me today watching P8. I know this is ridiculous, and I am aware they are just movies and the changes and differences between movies are about trends, new filmmakers and money. It is still fun to have these weird conversations sometimes though. This theory will deal with parts 6-10 only. Let us assume for the sake of argument, parts 1-5 happened just as we saw on screen, plot holes and all. What if…. Part 6 was a Freddy induced nightmare Tommy was having. That would explain the supernatural elements, including all of the weird morphing and what not. Jason acts just like a nightmare, impervious and relentless. What if, Freddy was trying to regenerate himself by using Tommy’s fear of Jason. It backfires in the end because Tommy was able to take control of the dream at the end and win. Freddy was just too weak to make it happen. Next we have Tina, a poor girl who witnessed the very accidental death of her father when she was young. Freddy finds her and tries to use her fears and anxieties. In her dream, as she feels responsible for her father’s death, she manifests that as powers. Once again, we have a rambling Jason who seems to be all over the map, moving in and around for no real reason other than to make things worse for Tina. In the end, she too can make it out because Freddy is weak, and he allowed her to have her dream power. Part 8. It all had to be a damn dream. That explains the dystopian New York with the toxic waste, the indifferent New Yorkers that are straight out of the mind of a small town person. This also explains how a Jason that was dissolved in a bath tub in Hell’s Kitchen can be reborn later. Plus, the girl nearly drowned as a child, coupled with the Jason myth explain the dream state where she sees child Jason and hears all the child like things from Jason. Fuck the elephant noise. So small town girl with trauma issues dreams of that trauma thanks to Freddy, yet she wins in the end. Part 9 is the fever dream of a soon to be father that freddy tries to manipulate. It has to be right? The running themes are parenthood. At the end, Freddy has had enough and pops up to end it, and this time he decides to research for ten years on how to bring Jason back from part 4’s death. This is FvJ. Of course, we also have the newly reunited couple walking off in to the sunset as well Part 10 happens after FvJ. That explains the whole Jason is a manifest body thing, and not on the turnpike between New York and New Jersey. Ok, the ties that bind them all and suggest dreams. Each Jason is vastly different from the last. This is because they are dream interpretations of the dreamer. He is the Jason they expect from whatever story they heard. Each one has an almost idyllic ending. Look at the first 4. The survivors were messed up gibbering mounds at the end. Look at the ending of 6. Tommy is better and he gets the hot babe. Part 7, dad saves the day. All is forgiven and the new loves carry on. 8, the love birds are reunited with their loyal dog. 9 isn’t idyllic per-se, but that is because we see the end from Freddy’s point of view, though there is the sunrise thing. More dream imagery. The music is all weird, even the sounds of ki ma. It is as if the people dreaming don't actually know Jason, with 6 being the closest, and 8 being the furthest off. It is like a game of telephone as each psyche puts their own spin on things. Anyway, that is my long drawn out Freddy versus Jason was 6 movies long theory. Poke thy holes… or not. Feel free to laugh at me too.
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    Players are ruining the Friday The 13th Game with this One Weird Trick!
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    Sounds like a group with its heart in the right place. My Xbox tag is the same as here, if you want to invite me, your call. I'm in the UK so time difference can restrict things with US players, though.
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    I consider this spot-on for what Roy should be. But I wonder how +Stun Resistance and -Defense work together. -Defense lowers the chance to block, and +Stun Resistance lowers the chance to be stunned, so will Roy be taking a lot of hits with the "knocked aside" animation that does not stun him? See how big this cleaver is. The cleaver might be better balanced because it would have shorter range, but they could give it swing speed on par with or slightly faster than the machete. Combined with +Weapon Damage I think would make for interesting matches.
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    No offense not trying to blatantly disregard the examples you mentioned but I must say none of those examples actually ruin or break gameplay. Aside from the obvious exploits of blocking flares, traps, firecrackers, & flying Jason. Granted it would be nice to see a purple intro/outro Jason cutscenes as well as a unique part 9 theme music. With the same voices for 3 of the characters to me isn't really a big deal considering they don't talk very much & the only chat I look forward to is my team members effectively communicating to get things done. I feel like your depriving yourself of playing this game for issues that really shouldn't be game breaking for you. I believe that playing private match & inviting the right people this game still has a ton of potential to be fun. Hell a lot of us haven't allowed that to stop us even with bigger issues at hand then the ones mentioned. I really hope you don't allow a 5 second cutscene and repetitive voices keep you from enjoying this game. Maybe you can try to look past it.
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    If I was making an emote DLC announcement it would go something like this.
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    My vote is no. Because...well...no! I think it would detract from the purpose of the game. We are here to kill counselors as Jason and escape or kill Jason as counselors. End of story. This is a horror game, not a relationship simulator. And while it is shown in the movies for characters to hook up, I really don't think it is a game mechanic that is needed. I just don't see how it could benefit the game at all. Some people may like the idea, and that is perfectly fine. I don't.
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    Actually I was not! Will be reading about that today
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    Stun and fix! It's our favorite escape tactic. When I play with my friends we always use walkie talkies and when we find all parts we rush to car and fix it asap. Because most Jasons trap the car we just trigger the traps (unless have pocket knife) and let high repair stat guy fix them while other 2 fight Jason off. Get closer to Jason together and hold block. If he grabs one the other will get easy swing. If Jason uses weapon it's the same thing but you need to be faster. Blocking reduces damage just nice. Of course good Jasons beat the shit out of us but damn it's fun.
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    I assume you're aware that Night Trap is a day away from reissue.
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    If I actually shiped to males together I would do Chad and Adam
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    The year is 2455. Humans are traveling across the galaxy in their awesome spaceships. Universal peace has been achieved. Meanwhile, on the Friday the 13th game forums, Gun Media STILL doesn't care about dedicated console servers.
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    My first system was the Atari 2600. I lived with my grandparents until I was about, I dunno, 8 or so - and they had an Atari with, like, 50 games. Weirdly, they had the, rather rare, HALLOWEEN and THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE games in that collection, so even before FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI made me into the horror junkie I remain today, I had some passing familiarity with these franchises. The Chainsaw game was especially amusing, as you would just scroll to the right, avoiding hay bales and cow skulls while precisely lining up your 4 pixel chainsaw to kill your victims (who knew the chainsaw was such a precision instrument?). Once you ran out of gas, the game would cut to this "cinematic" of one of your victims running up and kicking you in the ass, sending Leatherface sailing across the screen. HALLOWEEN I mostly remember for it's crude depiction of both the main HALLOWEEN theme and of child murder. I also played a lot of YAR'S REVENGE, this utterly surreal game where... uh... Actually, just look it up. I'm not sure how to describe what's happening in that game. There was also the mind-numbingly difficult RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK game, the weirdo versions of PAC-MAN and DONKEY KONG that the Atari got, the game ADVENTURE where you ran around as a single pixel, fighting suspiciously seahorsey-looking dragons with a suspiciously direction-arrow-looking sword. The first game I ever played for the NES, when I got one, was actually PRO WRESTLING, and not SUPER MARIO BROS./DUCK HUNT like 90% of humanity. This is because my (or more precisely, my dad's) purchase of the NES actually predated that offer, and just came with THE OFFICIAL NINTENDO PLAYER'S GUIDE instead. Fortunately, because my Dad worked at a retail store, when that system came along, he was able to trade in my system (as a "return"), pay the difference and get me that one instead (even more fortunately, no one noticed when I held onto my OFFICIAL NINTENDO PLAYER'S GUIDE ). The original Nintendo system was a goddamn treasure trove of memories for me. Games like MANIAC MANSION, DRAGON WARRIOR, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, SUPER MARIO BROS. 3, GODZILLA: MONSTER OF MONSTERS, FRIDAY THE 13TH... I could seriously go on and on about that system. And maybe I will... but not today .
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    Hey @Not Shelly Welcome to the forums. Hope you have a great time here. I am going to introduce you to our resident greeter. He should be coming by any minute to say Hi! Oh, here he is now!
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    Exactly. It's also sad when 42 year old men who trolls forums like this and live at home with their moms all while claiming to be successful use it. XD Inside joke.
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    Sadly enough, adults are mostly the issues I see in public lobbies. Some kids, but mostly if you kindly explain something to them they comprehend fairly reasonably. Adults on the other hand.....waste of time. You'll get shit talked to, called the n word (even though I'm clearly a redneck by my accent), threatened, belittled, team killed, etc. Needless to say....I desperately want single player. I'm not built for online matches. Sad world we live in these days.
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    Actually I'm pretty sure any perk you have on your main councilor also stays on Tommy
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    Psh. I'm sure we have nothing to worry abou-
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